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The video discusses a review of the Red Panda Stock Club, concluding that it is not recommended for paying customers and lacks value. The program offers little educational content and primarily consists of 10-minute Zoom sessions, which are frequently canceled. There are also concerns raised about the high prices and lack of unique content for the amount paid.
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The reviewer discusses their experience with the Red Panda Stock Club, stating that they cannot recommend it to paying customers.
If you got in through a scholarship, you are likely satisfied with the program.
The reviewer mentions that there is nothing special about the program on Kajabi.
The program does not teach fundamentals, technicals, price action, supply and demand, option pricing, or other important concepts.
The reviewer suggests that learning about supply and demand would be surprising.
The Red Panda Stock Club is described as a club for like-minded people who want to receive text messages from Ian and have a chance to speak to him on Zoom.
The Red Panda Stock Club is not really a course or training group, but a club.
Some people complain about the high prices of the program.
Ian mentions that you can get the same information for free by watching Market Mondays.
Ian uses marketing tactics to create a sense of exclusivity and limited time opportunity.
The video discusses the premium price of the Red Panda Stock Club and how it mainly focuses on the 10-minute zoom sessions.
The Red Panda Stock Club charges a high price for access to the 10-minute zoom sessions.
The cancellation of zoom sessions has caused frustration among members.
Other similar groups offer more value at a lower price, leading to dissatisfaction with Red Panda.
The cancellation of zoom sessions while appearing on Market Mondays for free has caused further frustration.
The speaker is discussing a person who is not respecting paying customers and making excuses, leading to frustration and angry reactions from customers.
The person's lack of respect for paying customers is evident by their excuses and behavior.
Customers get aggravated and express their frustration through angry messages and tweets.
The person is bothered by the fact that people are remixing their content, but it is unclear what exactly is being referred to.
The speaker discusses the consistency of the Red Panda Stock Club's investment strategy and the influence of the club's founder, Dunlap.
Dunlap has been consistent in advising to buy two indexes and two stocks.
Dunlap has gained a celebrity-like status in the investment community with a large following.
He emphasizes patience, reading, and education in the stock market.
Dunlap has provided free scholarships for people to join the Red Panda Stock Club.
The speaker mentions a conflicting advertisement by another person associated with the club.
00:00some viewers may find the following video  disturbing viewer discretion is advised
00:09you're watching part two so if you want to  watch part one click this card right here  
00:22another one in the house y'all  because this is for my thoughts  
00:27as mentioned in the beginning of my video i got  into the stock club for free three scholarship  
00:32now if you got in through the scholarship  you are probably satisfied with the program  
00:35because you did not have to make an investment  so there really isn't anything to complain about  
00:39right you got it for free now if you're a  paying customer you're probably irritated  
00:44you feel like it was a complete scam or  you don't find value in it and possibly  
00:48out of a good amount of money you could have used  to invest into the market instead you will likely  
00:53fall into those categories the free or the paid  the million dollar question is could i actually  
01:01recommend red panda stock club to a paying  customer and the answer is this is the worst
01:14no i could not now could i recommend  it on the 300 monthly plan no i cannot  
01:23you are so [ __ ] pathetic look i'm just being  honest uh because about two years ago i was about  
01:29to drop 2k for the program during the pandemic but  i got really lucky because i got into the program  
01:34for free through a scholarship like i said ian did  me solid he put me in a club what you're really  
01:39paying for isn't the program on kajabi because  there really isn't anything special there you  
01:43don't learn anything about fundamentals you don't  learn anything about technicals you don't learn  
01:48what's price action supply and demand gap fill  option pricing how to read earning transcripts  
01:54how to find inside information on stocks and  so on you don't even learn what the crystal  
01:58ball is that ian uses but like i said you will be  surprised if you simply learn supply and demand  
02:05and throw in the hikashi candles go on the one  day chart and you find the nearest demand level  
02:11it's very eerie how close those  prices are is all i'm saying
02:17why are you the way that you are  honestly every time i try to do something  
02:22fun or exciting you make it not that way it's not  really a course it's not really a training group  
02:30it's a club with like-minded people who want  to receive text messages from ian and have  
02:36a chance to speak to him on zoom so yeah  it's it's a club i it just clicked with me  
02:41red panda stock club it's a freaking  club there you go yep it's a club
02:50okay let's ride yep that's about it but you know  what now i will defend in on one thing because  
02:57i do see a lot of complaints about the high  prices and it definitely rubs him the wrong way  
03:01about people complaining but i totally get it i  would be pissed if i paid ten thousand dollars  
03:05for the program and then the following  week it went down to 2500 and then three  
03:09months later went down to 300 a month i would  also argue that what's definitely irritating  
03:14is that you don't get anything special for ten  thousand dollars you get exactly the same stuff  
03:19that you will get for free if you just watch  market mondays now on ian's defense i will say  
03:26i've heard him say this plenty of times don't  pay for it if you don't got it just watch  
03:32market mondays and he gives you everything  there for free for free and he ain't lying
03:46it can't be somewhat confusing because  in one breath he's sitting there saying  
03:50hey just watch market mondays and the next  breath he's kind of advertising red panda  
03:54but in reality it's a sales tactic you got to  remember his background is marketing part of good  
03:59marketing is ability to create the notion of you  missing out exclusivity limited time opportunity  
04:05premium equals hidden unknown secrets and  he is very good at being mysterious about  
04:12everything you are paying a premium price to hear  the same stuff you hear for free on market mondays
04:36so before you get on the comments and you're like  yeah i hate you little ball your memes suck you  
04:42you this you're just being me and you how  could you backstab in just think about that  
04:46for a second even the telegram group is 98  three posts of free content it's honestly  
04:56a genius sales tactic so what are you really  paying for that's a good question and i came  
05:02to this conclusion you're paying for the 10  minute zoom sessions so if you break it down to  
05:08the lowest price charge of 300 a month you're  paying 75 per 10 minute weekly zoom sessions  
05:15if you pay 10 000 for the program you're paying  208 dollars per zoom session the big issue is  
05:21that unfortunately in my opinion he cancels way  too many zoom sessions especially since october
05:31unfortunately he got into the financial  literacy space subscription business model  
05:35at a very high premium price and other people who  have similar knowledge began to also start their  
05:40groups at a significantly lower price with a lot  more value than you get with red panda because of  
05:46this i think he put himself in a place to track a  lot of hate because people don't play with their  
05:52hard-earned money that they're coughing up to  receive a certain service if it's not delivered  
05:56or if it's not what they expect it begins to  build animosity i think i want my money back
06:04what are you gonna do strong army for example he  cancelled his 10-minute zoom session but showed up  
06:12the very next day on market mondays for free for  one hour he said he had covet i don't think it  
06:18would have been a big problem for many people but  he did the same thing the following week and now  
06:23it's become a problem because he's using the same  excuses kind of showing a lack of respect for the  
06:28paying customers because the very next day he has  a suit and tie on he shows up at market mondays  
06:33but you can't show up for a 10-minute zoom session  with the people who paid you [ __ ] people out of  
06:37money and get away with it hey you fat irish prick  you put my [ __ ] money to sleep you go get my  
06:42money or i'll put your [ __ ] brain to sleep it  would be things similar to that and it happens  
06:46often enough that sometimes people get really  aggravated and then he goes off on his little  
06:51angry tweets his threatening telegram messages  subliminal ig posts talks about quitting teaching  
06:57or not using smart cell phones anymore and so on  it also seems to really bug him that apparently  
07:02people are out there remixing his stuff that's the  part i'm a bit confused about is he referring to  
07:10his statement of buying two indexes and  two stocks and you can sleep at night  
07:14i'm gonna be honest i i don't know exactly what  he's referring to with people remixing their  
07:20stuff now if they're actually taking like verbatim  everything that he has in the red panda program  
07:26and using our slideshows in his voice yeah you're  definitely remixing stuff but there really is no  
07:30intellectual property when it comes to trading and  the stock market everything is out there for free  
07:37you using an ema line or you saying buy two stocks  and two indexes there's really no intellectual  
07:43property there so i don't understand exactly  who's being sued and what are they stealing  
07:50honestly i i don't i don't understand because  again it's the stock market everything i heard him  
07:56say i've learned through books that were published  way before he came onto the scene i haven't seen  
08:02any intellectual property stuff i don't see any  algorithms that was created that only he uses so  
08:08i am not sure what these constant threats about yo  if you're gonna remix my [ __ ] i'm gonna sue you  
08:13please comment below tell me is there something  that i'm unaware of that people are remixing  
08:18i will say this he has been really consistent  with saying buy two indexes buy two stocks for  
08:22the past three years prior to that he was  saying something different i think it was  
08:26buy two indexes in one stock or two stocks one  index something similar to that but he has been  
08:31pretty damn consistent with that with that being  said in dunlap has become somewhat of a celebrity  
08:36in this arena with a lot of followers and a lot  of fans i am aware of the effect i have on women  
08:42all with honesty well deserved he seems to be  knowledgeable he has several years underneath  
08:48his belt and he shows up every single monday  on youtube and he gives some pointers and  
08:52opinions on the stock market he is huge on  being patient and waiting for your entry  
08:57he pushes reading and educating yourself he has  given a ton of free scholarships out there for  
09:03people to get into a red pattern for completely  free probably one in two thousand people have  
09:08gotten a free scholarship out of nine thousand  people in the group and it definitely inspires  
09:12people to partake in the market to create wealth  by simply buying and holding stocks and indexes  
09:18and he doesn't push a narrative that the day  training is the key to wealth but then again  
09:23there was the pocket watcher with jt the forty  thousand dollar program that he was advertising  
09:29that jt called a scam so yeah there's that allow  you to be profitable in a month if you do the work  
09:37or would you rather do it and take years to be  able to make money so are you a red panda member  
09:43are you enjoying a club did you pay to get  in or did you get in through the scholarship  
09:48do you think the price is worth it comment  below let me know what you think and as  
09:52always i hope you enjoy this content i know i'm  probably gonna get a lot of hate on this one
10:02but i hope you enjoyed this video i hope  i was transparent as much as possible  
10:06so until the next video y'all i  see you on the next round peace out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is the Red Panda Stock Club worth the investment?

The review of the Red Panda Stock Club concludes that it is not recommended for paying customers and lacks value. The program offers little educational content and primarily consists of 10-minute Zoom sessions, which are frequently canceled. There are also concerns raised about the high prices and lack of unique content for the amount paid.

2. What kind of content does the Red Panda Stock Club offer?

The Red Panda Stock Club primarily consists of 10-minute Zoom sessions, which are frequently canceled, and offers little educational content. This raises concerns for paying customers who expect more value for their investment.

3. What are the main drawbacks of the Red Panda Stock Club?

The main drawbacks of the Red Panda Stock Club include the lack of educational content, frequent cancellation of the 10-minute Zoom sessions, high prices, and the absence of unique content for the amount paid. These factors contribute to the overall conclusion that it is not recommended for paying customers.

4. How does the Red Panda Stock Club compare to other investment programs?

In comparison to other investment programs, the Red Panda Stock Club falls short in terms of educational content, session reliability, pricing, and the value offered for the investment. This comparison highlights the concerns raised in the review and supports the conclusion that it is not recommended for paying customers.

5. What are the specific concerns raised in the review of the Red Panda Stock Club?

The specific concerns raised in the review of the Red Panda Stock Club include lack of value for paying customers, little educational content, frequent cancellation of 10-minute Zoom sessions, high prices, and the absence of unique content for the amount paid. These concerns are important factors to consider before investing in the program.

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