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The video discusses whether it is worth buying Premium on Roblox, weighing the benefits against the cost of purchasing Robux. The narrator concludes that buying Premium is a better option as it provides additional benefits and the same amount of Robux for a similar price. Ultimately, it is a personal decision based on individual preferences and needs.
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This section discusses whether it is worth buying Premium on Roblox
Premium on Roblox is a paid monthly subscription that offers benefits and Robux in exchange for payment
The video aims to help players decide whether or not to purchase Premium
The video will be divided into several categories, including a complete opinion about the price category.
Buying Premium on Roblox is more worth it than buying Robux separately.
Buying Premium for the same price as 400 Robux gives you an additional 50 Robux.
Premium also includes several additional benefits.
The decision of whether to buy Premium or Robux depends on personal preference and usage frequency.
Premium membership on Roblox provides exclusive items, discounts, 10% more robux on purchase, and access to limited items.
Exclusive detailed items and discounts are available in the catalog.
10% more robux is received on purchase with Premium.
Premium members can access limited items like Dominus.
Premium membership is worth it for those who want these benefits.
Premium on Roblox is worth buying for its benefits and instant access to robots.
Premium offers more benefits than the regular version.
Subscription lasts for 30 days.
Instant access to robots upon purchase.
The speaker encourages viewers to share their opinions on whether Premium is worth buying.
00:00It's good if you play Roblox for a while and
00:02stuff, you probably have a lot of
00:05questions about Roblox, okay, is it
00:07worth buying Robux on Roblox? Is it
00:09worth buying on a
00:11Blocks node, mom, well, after you asked a
00:14lot for I'm going to record a video
00:15about this today guys, I'm going to record
00:18a video for you, bro, commenting
00:20on Premium on Roblox, okay, here for those of
00:22you who don't know, the premiums are
00:24basically a paid monthly subscription that
00:27you pay for Roblox, okay, you
00:29pay me an amount of money and such
00:31for Roblox that receives something in
00:33exchange for the robux and many other
00:36benefits and in this video here guys I
00:39'm going to record it for you and whether
00:40or not it's really worth it to be purchasing by
00:43email on Roblox And man, this is
00:46definitely going to help you a lot, bro,
00:48and so on, if you're in doubt, it's good.
00:50Because bro, without a shadow of a doubt, many
00:53players have doubts about the first one and
00:55so on, and I'll be trying to help
00:57you in this video, ok, in
00:58these matters. OK, so before I
01:01start this video, guys, I wanted to
01:03ask for your support here on the channel,
01:05okay, guys, if you're going home or
01:07arriving by parachute and you're not yet
01:09subscribed to the channel, take advantage guys and
01:11subscribe and leave your cell phone here to
01:13support us, beauty and guys, the
01:16goal of likes for this video here is
01:181,500 likes Okay, so from this screen guys
01:21and leave your cell phone here, it's old and
01:23also guys, when you buy both the
01:25prize, don't forget to
01:26use it my bag of who in the purchase
01:29that then you will help me a lot,
01:31okay guys So guys, this video
01:33here will be divided into several
01:35categories, okay, for example,
01:38man, I'm going to take the price category
01:40of first and such and I'm going to I'm giving my
01:42complete opinion about it and so on and
01:44then I'll take another expensive category like
01:46for example the benefits and give my
01:49opinion on the benefits Okay then
01:51guys, let's start at the beginning of everything,
01:53okay the prisoners
01:56the BO the cousin it's divided in three
01:59categories Okay, but man, I'm going to
02:01start by evaluating the cheapest category,
02:03which basically gives you 450
02:06robots and costs 25 reais, okay, and man,
02:10this first one is a lot compared
02:12to even buying robots, which we
02:14have new ones, which in this case That's the one
02:16you see on the screen, you pay R$ 25, I
02:20send you for 400 robux, it's fine in a certain
02:22way, man, if you happen to be in
02:25doubt, and so on, if you buy 400 robux or
02:28if you buy the Premium of 450 robux, it's
02:31worth more It's worth buying the first one, it's
02:33good because man you'll pay the same
02:35price and you'll also get 50
02:38more robux and some more benefits included
02:40in Premium because man if you buy
02:42400 robux on Roblox you pay R$ 25 and for the
02:46first one you pay R$ 25 and you still get a
02:49good deal of 450 robux, that is, man,
02:53you just won 50 robux, that's
02:55more. So guys, in the hospital part,
02:57I honestly think, bro, that buying
03:00from me on Roblox is more worth it
03:02than the theft is. good, but man, that
03:04depends a lot on personal opinion, ok,
03:06because man, let's assume that I send
03:08old King, I buy the bug, bro, once
03:11a month, ok, I basically buy 400
03:13or volts every month, so man, instead of
03:16me just buying robots and honestly,
03:18old man, it's more worth it for me to buy the
03:20cousin, okay, because I'm going to pay the same
03:22prisoner, I'm going to get 50 or more bugs and
03:25I'm going to get several benefits
03:27included in the prize, okay, so the
03:29answer to this question and so on about the
03:31prices guys It's just that it's more worth
03:33buying for Emil on ROblocks than
03:35stealing, okay, being honest man,
03:38so guys, now let's move on to the
03:40next part of the video, okay, the
03:42benefits of the Nobel Prize Blocks,
03:46good man, we have three categories of
03:49Nobel Prize blog, but bro, the three
03:51award categories have the same
03:53benefits, okay, the only change that
03:55tends to be my own and is basically the
03:58amount of robots that you will receive
04:01Okay, so man, the first benefit of the
04:03award is that you get some
04:04benefits within of some
04:06Roblox games that basically we have some
04:08Roblox games that give benefits to
04:10those who are even less leaflets Like for example
04:12the guy they give money in the game for
04:15a piece of equipment I don't know Man it depends
04:17a lot from game to game the second
04:19benefit is that you can buy
04:22exclusive detailed items, blog, okay,
04:24and also with some discounts, and man,
04:27basically within the Roblox catalog,
04:28we have several Roblox items that
04:31are only sold to cousins, okay, if
04:33by chance you don't have them around,
04:35old man, you don't you can buy it, okay, and
04:38the third benefit is that basically
04:40when you have Premium and go to buy
04:42robux on Roblox you receive 10 percent
04:45more robberies, that is, if you
04:47happen to buy, for example, 400
04:50robux on Roblox, you will receive 440 which
04:53It's basically 10 percent more, okay,
04:56and also the benefit of the prize is that
04:58you can exchange new limited items
05:01that have limits and such for those of you
05:03who don't know, Old They are items that you
05:05can sell on Roblox or you can
05:07exchange, okay, Dominus Man, for example,
05:10it's a Limited item on Roblox So man,
05:13this is a very good benefit, man,
05:15without a shadow of a doubt, one of the
05:17best benefits of Premium and Man,
05:19honestly, guys, there are
05:21Premium benefits that are very good and so on, man,
05:23but they're not surprising. Okay,
05:26quite the opposite Okay, so the
05:28benefits are a bit silly But okay, man, they
05:30're benefits, so the ones
05:33I told you about, now they're
05:34all the benefits and so on, old man and
05:37honestly guys, my opinion is the
05:39same as before, it's okay if If you're in
05:41doubt and such between buying steals or
05:43buying Premium, man, if it's the same
05:45amount of robots, old man, for example,
05:47400 robux, it's more worth
05:50buying, but man, it's good, because it comes with
05:52a lot of benefits included, so man,
05:55now we're going to stop and in the end, it's
05:58really worth it or not to buy via
06:01email from ROblocks
06:03and well, to be honest guys,
06:06basically one, no, if you have
06:08money and such, you want to buy robux
06:10on Roblox, it's worth it, man, to consider
06:13buying it first, okay, because bro
06:15really, man, there are a lot of benefits, so it
06:17's a price guys, a lot compared
06:19to robux, it's really good, the prices of the
06:21robots and the cousin go side by side, ok, they
06:24're practically the same thing,
06:26ok, the only difference, man, is that
06:28basically the Premium of more benefits
06:31and such, there are a lot of things included, okay,
06:33in the meantime, the guy uses his pocket, okay,
06:35they're just robots, understand, you
06:37earn currency and such and that's it man, so
06:39honestly guys, it's worth it, yes, it's
06:42good to buy prizes on Roblox and such, old man without
06:44shadows of doubt, old man, it's
06:45very good to buy cousin, okay, I'm
06:48four benefits plus the symbol, etc.,
06:51okay, but the issue with
06:52his first one was that cousin, he's not
06:54eternal, it's not good, you buy him and it's a
06:57whole month with This one is good for me,
06:59basically you get the subscription and
07:01stuff for 30 days and after that it comes out,
07:04ok And even best of all guys is
07:06that as soon as you buy the first
07:08Robloxs you already receive The Robots, ok, back
07:10in the day, it was for you who didn't You know, there
07:12was the Builders Club, which
07:14was basically Premium, but in the
07:17past, it's good, and man, this Builders
07:19Club, you paid and received 15 robots a
07:22day, ok, that's right, so you can
07:24receive the full amount of the Builders Club,
07:26and so on, you I had to wait 30 days,
07:29okay, but now guys, in this new
07:31Roblox prize it's instantaneous, okay,
07:33so there's no more worrying about the
07:35old times So guys, I
07:37really hope I helped you and stuff. In this
07:40regard, it wasn't about whether it's really worth it
07:42or not. be buying by email
07:44on Roblox And bro, I want you to
07:46comment in the comments,
07:48your opinion about it, ok Really man, is it
07:50worth it or not buying it, comment there
07:52guys, I really want to know and
07:54remember if you are not yet subscribed
07:56to channel Good evening guys and subscribe
07:58and leave your like to support
08:01us, beauty and that's it guys,
08:03two videos will appear on the screen so you will
08:04be clicking and watching so
08:06select which video you are
08:08watching and see you later
08:16[ Music]
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is it worth buying Premium on Roblox?

Yes, buying Premium on Roblox is definitely worth it. The additional benefits and the same amount of Robux for a similar price make it a great option.

2. What are the benefits of buying Premium on Roblox?

The benefits of buying Premium on Roblox include receiving a monthly Robux allowance, accessing the premium marketplace, and the ability to create and join more groups.

3. How does buying Premium on Roblox compare to purchasing Robux?

Buying Premium on Roblox is a better option compared to purchasing Robux. It provides additional benefits along with the same amount of Robux for a similar price.

4. What factors should I consider before buying Premium on Roblox?

Before buying Premium on Roblox, consider your individual preferences and needs. Assess how much you play the game and how much value you would get from the additional benefits.

5. What makes buying Premium on Roblox a personal decision?

Buying Premium on Roblox is a personal decision as it depends on individual preferences and needs. It's essential to weigh the benefits against the cost and determine what suits you best.

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