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Ratan Tata gives a motivational speech urging individuals to challenge the notion that something can't be done and to make a difference in the world through ethical practices and humility. He emphasizes the importance of giving back to society and encourages graduates to make difficult decisions for the greater good.
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Ratan Tata encourages the audience to challenge the notion that things cannot be done and emphasizes the importance of learning, listening, and humility.
Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook all started from humble beginnings.
Ratan Tata urges individuals to remove the myth that certain things cannot be achieved and take action.
He highlights the need to learn and listen, as it is crucial for success.
Ratan Tata expresses concern about the lack of progress in the country due to the belief that certain things cannot be done or vested interests preventing progress.
Ratan Tata encourages the audience to believe that they can make a difference and emphasizes the importance of ethics and humility.
Successful companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook started from ideas that people believed in.
Ratan Tata encourages the audience to hold ethical values and contribute to the betterment of the country.
He reassures that individuals can make a difference if they desire and remain humble.
Ratan Tata emphasizes the importance of humility, giving back to society, and making a difference.
Humility should be your best defense.
Give back to society and make a difference.
Success should not only be measured by personal prosperity.
Real learning starts once you enter the real world.
Ratan Tata encourages the audience to make the right decisions in life and be grateful for the opportunities they have.
Emphasizes that what one makes in life is determined by the decisions made after graduation.
Advises to always ask oneself if they are doing the right thing and make the difficult but right decisions.
Urges the audience to consider themselves fortunate and to make a difference in the world.
Expresses envy towards the graduating students and their potential to contribute to the future of India.
00:00where did microsoft where did apple
00:03where did amazon where did
00:05facebook come from
00:07where individuals started in garages
00:10where ideas were born
00:13do not grow with a view that something
00:16can't be done and so should not be done
00:25how many times have you
00:27heard people say
00:28this can't be done
00:32your job
00:34to remove those myths
00:36and to get things done
00:39learn and listen because your whole
00:41world is going to be
00:43learning and listening
00:45your success is going to be
00:47your humility
00:51in many ways we have
00:53been critical of
00:55and saddened by
00:57what has or has not happened in our
01:01to a great extent
01:02this has been
01:04a function of
01:06we can't do this or it can't be done
01:10or vested interest saying it shouldn't
01:12be done
01:15ethical practices being thrown to the
01:18wind and
01:20and subjective issues being brought to
01:22the table
01:25in the years ahead
01:27are going to be leaders of this country
01:29and shaping the destiny of this country
01:34do not let
01:38do not grow with a view that something
01:40can't be done and so should not be done
01:45let me just take a minute and
01:49you look at the world around you
01:53is the are the great successes the large
01:56of this world then there are many and
01:58many successful
02:02or are they the companies that
02:05took chances
02:07where individuals started in garages
02:11where ideas were born
02:15where did microsoft where did apple
02:18where did amazon
02:20where did google where did
02:22facebook come from
02:25they came from ideas that people felt
02:28something could be done
02:31and that they could make a difference
02:34so as you go out into this world
02:38i would hope that you
02:40a would
02:42look at being ethical
02:44and holding the value systems which you
02:46want this country to have
02:50if you think you cannot make a
02:53i'd say you very well can make a
02:55difference if you so desire
02:59that you
03:01are humble as you look forward
03:03if you
03:04if you speak or sit next to a nobel
03:08he never tells you that he
03:10won a nobel prize
03:12other people tell you so
03:15let humility be
03:17your your best
03:23and i would say that
03:26you always need to take a view that
03:29you have had the privilege of a good
03:33you need to get give back to society
03:36some of the learning you have done to do
03:39for your country and for society
03:43and you shouldn't
03:45merely consider yourself successful
03:48based on the prosperity you gain for
03:52but you should go home at night feeling
03:56if you have made a difference that
03:59is something each one of us can make
04:02we'll have we'll have
04:05failures and we've had frustrations
04:08but it's a continued commitment that we
04:12to the world around us to ourselves and
04:14to the people of india
04:16this is the
04:18time that you have
04:20used your
04:22innovativeness and your creativity and
04:24your diligence
04:27complete a curriculum
04:30your real learning starts now as you go
04:33into the
04:34real world
04:36the tools have been given to you the
04:39experience and exposure has been given
04:41to you
04:44but what you make in life
04:48is what you do after you graduate
04:51there will be thousands of
04:53locations when you have to make
04:57difficult decisions
05:00you need to
05:01at all times
05:03ask yourself if you are doing the right
05:06thing and take the decision that's the
05:08right thing however
05:11difficult or unpopular that may be
05:16think of yourself as being
05:19one of the more fortunate people in in
05:22this world than that there are millions
05:24who are less fortunate and don't ever
05:27forget that because
05:29you need to look at your life
05:32as one where you can make a difference
05:36so i wish you well and
05:42very envious of you
05:44coming out into the india of today and
05:48which is going to be a great country
05:51play your role and hopefully many of you
05:53will be leaders in the in the india of
05:57congratulations again
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the key message in Ratan Tata's motivational speech?

Ratan Tata delivers a motivational speech urging individuals to challenge the notion that something can't be done and to strive for greatness, citing examples of successful companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

2. How does Ratan Tata emphasize the importance of ethics?

Ratan Tata emphasizes the importance of ethics by highlighting the impact of ethical decision-making on individuals and businesses, urging the audience to consider ethics as a crucial factor in achieving success.

3. Why does Ratan Tata stress the significance of giving back to society?

Ratan Tata stresses the significance of giving back to society by emphasizing the positive impact of contributing to the community, encouraging individuals to make a difference in the world and create a better future for all.

4. How does Ratan Tata inspire individuals to challenge the status quo?

Ratan Tata inspires individuals to challenge the status quo by sharing examples of revolutionary companies and their impact, urging the audience to believe in their potential to make a difference and strive for greatness.

5. What are the key elements of Ratan Tata's motivational speech?

The key elements of Ratan Tata's motivational speech include challenging the notion that something can't be done, emphasizing the importance of ethics, humility, giving back to society, and making a difference in the world, and citing examples of successful companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

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