💫 Summary
The video explores rumors and legends surrounding Corvus Corax, the Primarch of the Raven Guard in Warhammer 40k. There are disturbing rumors that he has mutated into a terrifying crow-like demon with supernatural abilities. However, the story "Shadow of the Past" reveals that while Corax has evolved into an Avatar of Darkness, he is not a demon but has gained shadow-based powers.
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There are rumors that Corvus Corax, the Primarch of the Raven Guard, has mutated into a crowlike demon with supernatural abilities.
Corvus Corax is rumored to be active within the Eye of Terror.
He is said to be hunting down the Traitor Primarchs.
The rumors suggest that Corvus Corax has become a warp spawn Abomination, capable of harnessing the power of Darkness.
The slaves of the 17th legion in the T cities are broken and devoid of emotion, used as sacrifices in the word bearers' rituals to generate energy for the ruinous Powers.
The slaves are described as a broken people, lacking will to live and emotion.
The word bearers mention that killing the slaves in their rituals doesn't generate much energy.
The word bearers sacrifice more slaves at once to increase the value of the sacrifice.
The rituals serve the purpose of keeping Soul Wards functioning and controlling the demonic entities on the planet.
A dark Apostle of the Word Bearers is shocked by the gruesome sight of a dismembered and decapitated legionnaire, leading to a debate among the word bearers about whether it was a demon or something summoned by the slaves.
The victim had been dismembered and decapitated, with the rest of the remains shredded.
The dark Apostle is unnerved by the sight and demands to know what happened.
There is a debate among the word bearers about whether it was a demon or something summoned by the slaves.
The theory that the slaves had summoned something holds weight, as they believed it would save them.
The Word Bearers are being hunted by a powerful demon, forcing them to consider their options and escape to a safer location.
The demon is attacking in multiple locations simultaneously and displaying horrific abilities.
CTA R suggests that the demon may not be as powerful as it appears and proposes the idea of banishing or binding it.
The Word Bearers realize that they are in danger and need to escape, but they are reluctant to abandon the facility.
They plan to make it to the portal bridge on top of a hill outside the temple to regroup with their brothers and Primarch Lorgar.
They are concerned about the potential revolt of the human slaves who may have summoned the demon.
After escaping the boundary Wards, the protagonist sees that only a few of his brothers have survived and followed him through, and they encounter a demon.
The slaves continue their tasks as if nothing happened.
The word bearers regroup and move up onto the hill where the portal gate is located.
They meet another group of legionnaires, including Marduk, who questions why they led the demon there.
The ground beneath a word bearer's feet darkens, and a demon emerges, taking on a humanoid form with black wings and spear-like talons.
The dark Apostle explains that they had no choice but to summon the demon to save themselves.
Corvus Corax, the primarch of the Raven Guard, confronts Lorgar Ailanthus Kar and engages in a fierce battle.
Corvus Corax is described as having wings and an ornate backpack resembling metal Raven feathers.
Corvus Corax proclaims himself as Vengeance and Justice, and vows to destroy all chaos in the galaxy.
Corvus Corax and Lorgar Ailanthus Kar engage in a powerful battle, with Corvus Corax wreathed in white lightning and the clash causing destruction around them.
Corvus Corax has evolved into an Avatar of Darkness, gaining the ability to disappear into shadows, transform into a swarm of crows, manipulate lightning, and weaponize darkness itself.
Evidence of his powers can be seen in the recent return of Lionel Johnson, who gained the ability to Forest walk.
Corvus Corax has been training and honing his abilities since his disappearance, potentially reaching even greater heights than Lionel.
Time is perceived differently in the warp, so it is unclear how long Corvus Corax has been training.
00:00in the war torn galaxy of the 42nd
00:02Millennium the ancient Imperial Heroes
00:03of the past have begun to reawaken once
00:06again the primarch the emperor's demigod
00:08sons are one by one beginning to return
00:11to the setting most prominently as of
00:13the time of this recording we've seen
00:14route Gillan Lionel Johnson angron
00:18mortarion and Magnus the red return in
00:20full force there are however scattered
00:23rumors sightings and legends centered
00:25around many more of them heralding their
00:27inevitable return and one of the most
00:29interesting of these rumors centers
00:31around corvis corx Primark of the
00:33ravengard if said rumors are to be
00:35believed then he's active within the eye
00:37of Terror hellbent on a singular mission
00:40of hunting down each and every one of
00:41the Traer primarchs but there are a few
00:44more extra details to these rumors that
00:46are admittedly a little bit disturbing
00:49and this may not be the corvis corx that
00:51we remember from the great Crusade if
00:53said rumors are to be believed then the
00:55Primark has seemingly mutated into a
00:58terrifying crowlike demon capable of
01:00harnessing the power of Darkness itself
01:02to unleash all manner of bizarre and
01:05terrifying supernatural abilities but is
01:07this actually true has one of the
01:09loyalist primarch somehow become a demon
01:11of order a warp spawn Abomination not in
01:15service of the ruinous Powers but one
01:17that fights in the name of mankind to
01:19get to the bottom of this we're going to
01:20track those rumors right to the source
01:22and examine a short story known as
01:24shadow of the past written by gav Thorp
01:26and published in 2018 a story that most
01:29of the community loves to quote into
01:31Infinity but most of us haven't actually
01:34read it not only is this story
01:35absolutely incredible super dark and
01:38admittedly kind of terrifying but even
01:41more so it contains some absolutely wild
01:43implications about the true nature of
01:45the primarch and what they're actually
01:47capable of also fair warning this is a
01:50word Bearer story first and foremost
01:52which means it's going to contain a lot
01:53of uncomfortable subject matter so just
01:56know that going in so is corvis corx
01:58actually a giant Crow demon and if he's
02:01not then what the hell is he well in
02:04this video we're going to be getting to
02:05the bottom of that and a whole lot more
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03:37geology for partnering with me to
03:39sponsor this video Our Story begins
03:42within the eye of Terror on the Demon
03:43World of sarus the new capital planet of
03:46the dreaded word bearers Legion it is a
03:48hellish domain built upon a foundation
03:50of slave labor ritualistic sacrifice and
03:53sustained human suffering multiple
03:56garrisons have been raised as well as
03:57several Blasphemous chapels constructed
03:59in honor of the ruinous Powers
04:01surrounding the 17th legion's ghoulish
04:03temples are miles of T cities that house
04:06tens of thousands of human slaves the
04:08scene is set against a sunless sky that
04:10is said to be so unnerving to look at
04:12that it seemingly saps The Souls of all
04:14of the Mortal slaves that toil away
04:17under its vast emptiness everywhere you
04:19look here slaves are crawling climbing
04:21and laboring on every surface like
04:23writhing ants constructing great and
04:25terrible works with no real sense of
04:28purpose or self they are a broken people
04:31miserable wretches that have had their
04:33will to live and all semblance of
04:35emotion seemingly ripped out of them
04:37through a combination of exposure to the
04:39warp's horrors and the word bearer's
04:41infinite capacity for cruelty these
04:43individuals have been so broken in fact
04:45that at one point in the story one of
04:47the word bearers mentions that they may
04:49have gone a bit overboard as killing
04:51them in their rituals doesn't generate
04:53much energy at all the gods demand
04:56particularly brutal sacrifices and the
04:58more pain suffering misery and
05:00heightened emotions of all kinds
05:01involved in the ACT exponentially
05:03increases the value of the sacrifice the
05:06word bearers being the monsters that
05:08they are though it work around this by
05:10simply sacrificing more of them at once
05:12to get the desired results their rituals
05:14serve all manner of dark purpose but the
05:17major one is keeping a series of Soul
05:19Wards around the fortresses functioning
05:21this is of critical importance to their
05:22operation as it's the only thing that
05:25keeps the Demonic entities prowling the
05:26planet's surface and the adjacent void
05:29at bed
05:30it's important to remember that even
05:31though chaos Space Marines frequently
05:33summon demons to assist them in battle
05:35the word bearers possibly being most
05:37famous for this they are under no false
05:39pretenses that demons are actually their
05:41allies demons are evil Twisted
05:44manipulative and above all else
05:47incredibly dangerous entities a demon
05:49can never be truly trusted and the only
05:51way it can be used properly is if it has
05:53been bound to the will of a powerful
05:55Summoner and thus only Shackled demons
05:57are permitted to exist within the
05:58boundary of the the wards the main
06:00character of the story is a word Bearer
06:02known as CTA R A recently appointed dark
06:05Apostle and him and the legionaries that
06:07follow him are overseeing the
06:08construction of a massive Temple known
06:10as the beneficia diabola the dark
06:12Apostle in his second in command arula
06:14are looking over one of the balconies
06:16watching the slaves work when they're
06:18approached by another word Bearer The
06:20legionaire informs the two that another
06:22one of their brothers has gone missing
06:24and wasn't answering the calms this is
06:26the force such disappearance that has
06:28occurred within the last 12 hours
06:30which is alarming to say the least
06:32certainly the slaves couldn't have had
06:33anything to do with it as they were far
06:35too broken to mount any form of actual
06:37resistance and even if they did they
06:40presented little threat to a legionaire
06:41in full power armor the most likely
06:43culprit is that one of the wards had
06:45failed and a demon had gotten in when
06:47they go to inspect the wards however
06:49they can't find any fault with them the
06:51barrier is maintaining and nothing seems
06:52to be out of the ordinary they had no
06:54idea what was causing the disappearances
06:57but based on the energy within the runes
06:59they could safely rule out that it was a
07:00demon just to be sure however the dark
07:03Apostle commits to another ritualistic
07:05sacrifice wherein he murders 50 slaves
07:08no matter how many he kills though the
07:10wards don't noticeably appear to change
07:12right before he can go to sacrifice
07:14another slave the ritual is suddenly
07:16interrupted by a scream cutting across
07:18the Vox a drawn out agonizing sound that
07:21the dark Apostle had never expected to
07:23hear from a legionaire it lasted for
07:25what seemed like an eternity before
07:27abruptly cutting out only death silence
07:30following the Vox signal had originated
07:32from brother kyck so the dark Apostle
07:34sends the legionaires in the room to
07:35investigate they close in on his
07:37position approximately 30 seconds later
07:39and inform him that they had found him
07:42or at least what was left of him he
07:45asked them for clarification and they
07:46respond that he needed to come down and
07:48see this for himself when he gets there
07:51his eyes are immediately drawn to a
07:52group of seven slaves standing near the
07:54body with their heads bowed and eyes
07:56fixed on the remains if this had been a
07:58demon attack then why were they still
08:00alive and why weren't they terrified
08:03when he shifts his gaze over to the Dead
08:04legionaire He's greeted with such a
08:06Grizzly sight that it manages to unnerve
08:09even a dark Apostle of the word bearers
08:11not only had the victim been dismembered
08:13and decapitated but the rest of the
08:15remains had been utterly shredded worse
08:18yet judging by the length of time of the
08:19screams on the Vox and a thorough
08:21inspection of the murder scene whatever
08:24did this had kept him alive severing the
08:27limbs to incapacitate the prey before
08:29for moving up and saving the head for
08:31last making sure that he had felt every
08:34agonizing cut the dark Apostle swings
08:36around and grabs one of the Slaves by
08:37the face demanding to know what did this
08:40and what they saw the slave without any
08:42shred of emotion tells him that it was a
08:44shadow a shadow had picked him up and
08:46cut him to pieces the word bearers argue
08:49back and forth with each other briefly
08:51one stating that it had to have been a
08:52demon there was nothing else that could
08:54do something like this whereas kelal R
08:56reminds them that the wards were sound
08:59it it wasn't possible for a demon to
09:00walk into this area from outside so they
09:03believed that it must have been the
09:05slaves that had summoned something
09:06before the wards went up something that
09:08had been lurking in the darkness and
09:10waiting for the opportunity to strike as
09:12illogical as it sounds the theory holds
09:15some weight perhaps the slaves had put
09:17all of their belief into this singular
09:19demonic entity and truly believed that
09:21it would save them thus when it attacked
09:24they had been spared Furious over this
09:26realization the Apostle spins back
09:28around to the the slaves advancing with
09:30murderous intent what have you done what
09:35have you Unleashed you God's damned
09:36Clans he holds up his ritual blade to
09:39the group you are going to confess your
09:41wrongs or you will know pain greater
09:43than anything you have lived through
09:44thus far I know nothing Lord of lords
09:48said the slave and backed away a step
09:50holding up a hand I tell you what
09:55I up and him to
09:59enough of your lies scum said arula he
10:02slapped a hand back across the face of
10:04the nearest slave slamming it into a
10:06rough wall the skull cracked hard
10:08leaving Blood on the pale plaster kelto
10:10R had expected an outburst cries of
10:13Anger of pain not one of the slaves even
10:16moved towards their injured companion he
10:18saw that their attention was fixed not
10:20on the wounded slave nor arula nor the
10:22dark Apostle they looked at something
10:24behind and above him with a mixture of
10:27growing horror and disturbing Smiles he
10:30turned around quickly pulling free his
10:32crus the other Legionnaire responded
10:34with him bolters raised a thing like a
10:36shadow weighted on top of the wall it
10:39was impossible to make out its actual
10:40shape though there seemed something
10:43vaguely humanoid about it before any
10:45command could leave the dark Apostles
10:46lips it sprang upwards silhouetted
10:49against the Ruddy Sky the shadow
10:51fragmented with an earsplitting Screech
10:53dozens of winged shapes fell upon the
10:55word bearers beaks like plasti blades
10:58slashing at their their armor hor went
11:00down under the first flurry losing an
11:02arm as he toppled his War plates
11:04scattering like pieces of torn paper
11:06fall back barked arula his Commander's
11:08instincts taking over in the face of the
11:10unnatural Apparition his tone broke no
11:12argument even calar found himself
11:15responding retreating swiftly through
11:16the door the word Bears retreated inside
11:18of their Fortress leaving their comrades
11:20to their fate the survivors gathered
11:22around the dark Apostle looking to him
11:24for guidance but before they could make
11:26the next move they heard a shout from
11:28Over the Vox it was hasta a legionary
11:31that was stationed on the other side of
11:32the Fortress over a mile away he yelled
11:34that something was in the Eastern
11:35repository more screams over the box
11:38then another Channel opened a word
11:40Bearer shouting on the other end that
11:41there was something moving through the
11:42vaults his voice was suddenly cut short
11:44and another link opened shouting that
11:46some kind of black pool had appeared and
11:48swallowed up one of his brothers another
11:50link opens reporting that some kind of
11:52black ooze was bleeding out of the walls
11:55suddenly the sound of Bolter fire and
11:57screams erupted over the Box cutting out
11:59with an eerie static having no real idea
12:02what was going on the word bearers
12:03listened to the Vox helplessly as the
12:05creature began to hunt down and
12:07systematically Slaughter each and every
12:09one of their brothers whatever this
12:11monster was it was attacking in multiple
12:13locations simultaneously each
12:15manifestation displaying even more
12:17horrific abilities trying to regain some
12:19form of composure in the group CTA R
12:21thinks logically about the situation
12:24this thing couldn't possibly be as
12:25powerful as it appeared demons were
12:27known for their trickery and if this was
12:29some Invincible monstrosity it wouldn't
12:31be trying to pick them off one by one
12:33bols weren't going to do them any good
12:35the only way to deal with a demon like
12:37this was to banish it or better yet bind
12:40it to their will and turn it back
12:42against the miserable slaves that
12:43thought to trouble them with the
12:44detritus of their worthless prayers they
12:47realize that the location that they are
12:48in is not safe but they don't want to
12:50abandon this facility as it's far too
12:53important to them first and foremost
12:54they have the demon to worry about but
12:56if their theory is correct and it was
12:58summoned by the human slaves then a
13:00Revolt was sure to be coming these were
13:03trained to starties and oneon-one an
13:05unarmed mortal posed zero threat to them
13:08however there were only a handful of
13:10them stationed within the Benicia
13:12diabola and they were potentially
13:14outnumbered a thousand to one they do
13:16not have the Manpower or the ammunition
13:18here to deal with both that many slaves
13:20and a demon of Unknown Origin their best
13:22bet was to make it to the portal bridge
13:24on top of a hill in the waist just
13:26outside of the temple on the other side
13:28of the room barrier if they could make
13:30it there they could meet up with their
13:31brothers as well as their Primark lorgar
13:34if the threat proved to be too much for
13:36the combined Force to handle they ran
13:38towards the north gate no sign of the
13:40demon or slaves marking their path an
13:42ominous silence filled the air
13:44accentuated only by the percussion of
13:46their boots and distant tortured screams
13:49eventually they rounded a corner into a
13:50large antichamber and came into contact
13:53with a horde of slaves their glossy eyed
13:55demeanor from before replaced with
13:57twisted and desperate anger
13:59the dark Apostle pulled out his Plasma
14:01Pistol and launched a ball of searing
14:03energy into the closest slave's chest
14:05instantaneously incinerating him the
14:07other word bearers followed suit pulling
14:09out their chainswords before slamming
14:10into the frenzy mob although the slaves
14:13were fighting with the Furious
14:14desperation of those who have for the
14:16first time in decades tasted hope they
14:18were getting slaughtered chainswords
14:20ripping and tearing while armored fists
14:22dashed heads against walls suddenly the
14:25melee was interrupted by a vast dark
14:27shadow that swept through the
14:29antichamber causing all of the slaves
14:31eyes to Twitch with its passage with no
14:34hesitation the shadow launched itself at
14:36the word bearers Mouse with dozens of
14:38lightning fangs opened in a cloud as it
14:40fell upon aoli it seemed as though an
14:42invisible blade punctured the word
14:43bearer's gut and lifted him erupting
14:46through his backpack in a shower of
14:47ceramite splinters shattered bone and
14:49blood spray armor plates fractured as M
14:52sank their insubstantial teeth into the
14:54legionaire snapping Limbs and rending
14:56bloody welts into the flesh within his
14:58agonized Bellows blanketed the box for a
15:00second until calar cut the link arula
15:03threw himself at the demon chainsword
15:04snarling a bladed limb snapped out
15:07taking off his head with an almost
15:08contemptuous swipe the dark Apostle
15:10cried out for his brothers to follow and
15:12the survivors turned and ran barreling
15:14through the narrow passages that led to
15:16the northern wall he believed that if
15:17the demon had truly been summoned within
15:19the ward Circle then it might not be
15:21able to pass through all they had to do
15:23was make it to the other side this would
15:25of course leave them open to the
15:26hungering demons on the other side of
15:28the protective field but in this
15:30particular Circumstance the unknown
15:32enemy was certainly preferable to what
15:34was hunting them they ran as fast as
15:36they could the dark Apostle hearing the
15:38guttural wet noises from several of his
15:39battle brothers succumbing to the
15:41pursuing demon just meters behind him he
15:43didn't look back as he ran and
15:45eventually sensing that at any moment he
15:47would feel the sharp stabbing pain of a
15:49taloned limb burst through his chest he
15:51leapt out of a stained glass window into
15:53the open gloomy expanse of the planet's
15:55surface below he got to his feet and
15:57continued to run suddenly he felt a
15:59fizzy static pass through his body a
16:02sign that he had escaped and passed
16:04through the boundary Wards he finally
16:06turned back around and saw only a
16:07handful of his brothers had survived and
16:09followed him through of the demon though
16:11there was no sign there were however
16:13slaves laboring all over the place out
16:15here attending to their tasks as if
16:17nothing had happened after they regroup
16:20the word bearers moved up onto the hill
16:21that the portal gate was on and looked
16:23out over the expanse there was another
16:25group of legionnaires here one in
16:27Terminator armor that the AR Apostle
16:29recognized as Marduk a first acolyte
16:31appointed by Master jarik in arabus CTO
16:33AR demands to know where the primarch is
16:35and mardock tells him to calm himself
16:37and explain what this is all about
16:39irritated by the first acolytes tone as
16:42it lacked any form of respect for one's
16:43superiors the dark Apostle informs him
16:46that they believed the slaves had
16:47summoned a demon and it had already
16:49slain half his company Marduk looked at
16:51him quizzically and asks him if that's
16:54true why the hell he would lead it here
16:57they look back out over the expansion
16:58towards the inside of the Rune Circle
17:00and see another word Bearer rushing to
17:02meet them on the hilltop when suddenly
17:04the ground beneath his feet begins to
17:06darkened like tar bubbling up from a pit
17:09the Blackness sweeping up his legs and
17:11swiftly engulfing him at the waist the
17:13Black Mass swept upwards lifting the
17:15helpless Space Marine into the air
17:16before twisting and turning his body
17:18into disturbing unnatural angles to the
17:21point of almost tying the warrior into a
17:23knot the demon shape dropped the remains
17:26and descended to the ground taking on a
17:28vaguely humanoid form it stood twice as
17:30tall as a legionaire and shadowy black
17:32wings flowed from its back its arms
17:35ending in spear-like Talons what have
17:37you brought upon us said the Terminator
17:40I had no choice said the dark Apostle it
17:43would have slain us all and come for you
17:45without warning ah so it was for our
17:48well-being was it look at it brother
17:50this is beyond us we need the urin to
17:53face such a creature you must call him
17:56despite the dark Apostles demands The
17:57Terminator says that the primarch has
17:59far more pressing concerns than their
18:01well-being the sound of concentrated
18:03Bolter fire Drew their attention back to
18:05the Ward Ring wherein the legionnaires
18:07on the hill had opened fire on the
18:09creature bolt rounds detonating across
18:11its form but their Fury disappearing
18:13into its Darkness its Advance never
18:16halted the creature fluctuated its dark
18:18shadowy form suddenly switching to Snow
18:21White and two dark black eyes opened in
18:23the middle of its face it lifted its arm
18:26and forks of black lightning leapt from
18:28outstretched hand ripping through the
18:30body of a nearby word Bearer CTO R
18:32turned back to the Terminator and told
18:34them that they had to fall back to the
18:35portal bridge that they had to fetch
18:37lorgar they then Heard a Voice as pure
18:39as molten gold fetch it said the voice
18:43was like honey and instantly lifted the
18:45dark Apostle Spirits filling his soul
18:47with warmth they turn and look and see
18:50that the portal had activated shimmering
18:52with the image of a grand Cathedral on
18:54the other side with a towering golden
18:56skinned entity three times the height of
18:58of an nardis wielding a wickedly spiked
19:00mace standing directly in front of it
19:03lorgar aurelion the arch priest of the
19:05primordial truth the primarch of the
19:0817th Legion stood before them lorgar
19:11tells the dark apostle that he had heard
19:13his woes and came to assist kalar begs
19:16his forgiveness and pointed back at the
19:18word Circle a demon had come to disrupt
19:20their great work lorgar looks out at the
19:22creature and tells his son that that was
19:26no demon the shadowy figure had stepped
19:28across the ward barrier as if it didn't
19:30even exist and at this point had made
19:33its way all the way up to the top of the
19:35hill striding through a storm of Bolter
19:37fire with relative calmness It cast
19:40aside legionnaires with sweeps of its
19:41glittering claws leaving tattered
19:43remains draped across the stone workor
19:45lorgar pointed his mace out at the
19:47creature and says come to me brother The
19:50Apparition coalesced into a recognizable
19:52figure it was of equal height to the
19:54demon Primark clad in Black battle plate
19:56with long talented gauntlet
19:58a pair of wings stretched from its
20:00ornate backpack fashioned as intricate
20:02metal Raven feathers the face was as
20:05pale as snow gaunt with eyes as dark as
20:08coal framed by shoulder-length black
20:10hair CTA R felt his breath dying in his
20:13lungs as he looked up at the
20:15unmistakable features of corvis korax
20:18the primarch of the Raven guard a flurry
20:21of questions flooded his thoughts but
20:23all remained unanswered as corx spoke
20:26what has happened to you brother I I
20:28have ascended said lurar he indicated
20:31corx with the twitch of his Rod I might
20:33ask the same of you the Raven Lord stroe
20:36forwards intent on lorgar ailan Kar and
20:39his Warriors scattered before him
20:41grateful to be free of his wrath mardock
20:43and his cortier closed upon their
20:45primarch but a look sent them away I am
20:48what I have always been said korax I am
20:51Vengeance in Conant I am Justice
20:54delivered I'm Batman this place beond on
20:58the veil has revealed what we are
21:00underneath the veneer of humanity Our
21:02Father crafted for us we are of the warp
21:06have you come to make oath to the powers
21:08that are your true creator no I swore to
21:12destroy all chaos tank from the Galaxy
21:14you will be the first Fallen brother to
21:16die beneath my blades I am not the
21:19creature you fought at istvan said lar
21:22raising his mace nor am I ctaar barely
21:26followed the lunge of corx so Swift was
21:28a black wind threw him aside as dark
21:31fire crackled from the rod of lorgar
21:32with a thunderous shock wave that hurled
21:34the word bearers to the ground the two
21:36demigods clashed after a long life of
21:38Bloodshed and Devotion to the true Gods
21:41there was a little that odd kto R the
21:43sight of the two primarch battling
21:45within the imperian sphere left him
21:47shocked and breathless infused with the
21:49raw primordial Force the combatants were
21:51ablazed with power korax seemed a
21:53towering storm wreathed in White
21:55Lightning the clouds formed a mulud
21:57inous r Ravens their C was deafening the
22:00flash of their talents and beaks the
22:02spark of the Tempest into the shadow
22:04lorgar Rose like a fireball a lighting
22:06with a tornado of burning Rune shapes
22:09meteoric sigils rained down on the Raven
22:11Tempest cleaving Ember edged furrows
22:13through the dense Mass they slammed into
22:15the buildings around the bridge Arc
22:16shattering masonary and inating the
22:18corpses of corax's victims the Raven
22:21Lord struck back hails of flaring claws
22:23ripping the air itself leaving Rin
22:25through the Rune robe of the arisian
22:28each stroke left a shriek in its
22:29aftermath that shredded the nerves as
22:31much as the talent shredded lorgar's
22:33immaterial form ctaar flinched when the
22:35sweeping head of the word bearer's mace
22:37slammed into the chest of the storm
22:39wreathed foe the impact was greater than
22:41any Thunderclap leveling the walls
22:43around them rolling to his back
22:45shattered Stone pouring from his armor
22:47the dark Apostle watched the Titanic
22:49combatant soar past korax was a quartet
22:52of gleaming spear Talons driven through
22:54lorgar's throat the urian tried to lash
22:56out with his mace but was held close by
22:58The Raven Lord's inhuman grip together
23:01they crashed to the ground their impact
23:03flattening again the few word bearers
23:05that had regained their feet it's then
23:07that the dark Apostle realizes that the
23:08wards are flickering a bad Omen of what
23:10was to come as they were directly tied
23:12to the primark's will he was losing the
23:15two demigods were standing in the crater
23:17their Landing had made lorgar clearly
23:19badly wounded and panting for breath
23:22corx flexed his claw like blades his
23:24expression pitiless he took a step
23:26towards his brother and desperation the
23:29remaining word bearers opened up with
23:30their bolters and plasma pistols lorgar
23:32summoned a nimbus of roing
23:34hurricane-like energy that knocked korax
23:36into the air who then morphed into a
23:38flock of firey black birds that
23:40scattered in every direction to dodge
23:42any further attacks this gave the word
23:44bearers Precious Moments to escape and
23:46they used them to run to their Lord's
23:47Side and help him through the portal on
23:49the other side they found themselves
23:51inside lorgar's private sanctum the
23:53group looked back at the portal and saw
23:55the Raven flock furiously scratching and
23:57pecking at the barrier but no matter how
23:59hard the frenzy swarm of birds attacked
24:01it they were not able to pass lurar
24:04stared back as his brother once again
24:06assumed his humanoid form his cheeks
24:08were bloodied and bruised and one of his
24:10eyes was swollen shut there were huge
24:12amounts of damage to his armor but
24:14despite his injuries he leaned close to
24:16the portal his one open eye boring
24:18through the Divide I have your scent now
24:21lorgar growled the Raven Lord his face
24:23contorted with monstrous rage I will
24:26find you I will destroy you and every
24:30vessel you have filled with your tank
24:32having seen enough lorgar closed the
24:33portal and staggered Away the Dark
24:35Apostle tells his Primark that all
24:37wasn't lost that they could rebuild but
24:40lorgar doesn't answer as the group
24:42begins to walk through a large Open Door
24:44it suddenly slammed shut behind lorgar
24:46leaving the group behind there was no
24:48visible Keyhole or any way to open it
24:50but there was however a single glowing
24:52csian Rune that translated to the phrase
24:55deny fate CTA R asked mardock what it
24:58means and the Terminator says simply we
25:01wait for his return until then the great
25:03work must continue and that was shadow
25:07of the past so what can we take away
25:09from this story well first and foremost
25:11we can certainly put to rest the idea
25:12that korax is a demon as lorgar directly
25:15states that he isn't and if anyone can
25:18claim to be an authority on demons it
25:19would certainly be the Primark of the
25:21word bearers but if he isn't a demon
25:23then what exactly is he as in this story
25:26he's demonstrating some pretty
25:27remarkable powers that we would commonly
25:29associate with those who have risen to
25:30demon hood or at the very least somebody
25:33who has given their soul over to the
25:34ruinous powers in order to pursue the
25:36dark path of sorcery I'm just going to
25:38go out on a limb here and say that I'm
25:40pretty confident this isn't what
25:41happened as out of all of the primar
25:44considering that what happened to korax
25:45in his Legion on istvan he is
25:47potentially one of the least likely to
25:49commit such a heresy I would put forth
25:52that what we are seeing is something
25:53indicative of what all of the primarch
25:55are capable of but korax is just the
25:57first of his kind I believe that the
26:00Raven Lord has become an ascended
26:02primarch the true nature of what the
26:04primarchs actually are has yet to be
26:06revealed and is left intentionally murky
26:08we do know that they are a fusion of
26:10components from the physical and
26:11immaterial universe we know that the god
26:13Emperor entered into some kind of
26:15agreement with the chaos Gods on moak
26:17one in which he never intended on
26:18following through with regardless of
26:20what he promised the gods what they
26:22provided in return was access to the raw
26:24energy of the warp as well as the
26:26knowledge to Bine it with his Gene
26:28crafting to create his demigod Sons I've
26:30seen a lot of people in the community
26:32say that the primarchs are essentially
26:33warp entities wrapped up in human flesh
26:36and although that is quite the mental
26:38image and not literally true it's still
26:40a pretty great analogy for what they
26:42actually are they're like the half angel
26:44half demon Nephilim of ancient Teran
26:46myth the primarch are entities of both
26:48the material and immaterial universe
26:50each capable of remarkable abilities
26:52derived from both sources their
26:54abilities from the physical Universe are
26:56represented through their enormous
26:57strength speed resilience healing
26:59ability and mental acuity whereas their
27:01warporn nature is reflective of certain
27:03powers that each of the primarchs are
27:05able to manifest when it comes to korax
27:07his signature ability was known as
27:09wraith slipping and when utilized it
27:11allowed him to erase all perception of
27:13his physical body from the minds of
27:14anyone around him not literally
27:17rendering him invisible as he could
27:18still be perceived by artificial
27:20constructs but when fighting Flesh and
27:22Blood opponents it was as if he was able
27:24to disappear at will it made him one
27:26with the Shadows and a remarkably deadly
27:28fighter that could vanish Into Thin Air
27:31and then strike again from any direction
27:33bear in mind that this is what he was
27:34capable of 12,000 years ago during the
27:36Great Crusade but considering that by
27:39all accounts he has been in the eye of
27:40terror since then hunting down the other
27:42traiter primarchs and has been active
27:44the entire time it's reasonable to
27:46believe that he's been honing that
27:48ability to the point of perfection where
27:50it has now evolved into something far
27:52more terrifying whereas before korax was
27:55just a Shadows appreciator he is evolved
27:58into a full-fledged Avatar of Darkness
28:00evolving his ability to Simply disappear
28:02into the Shadows into a whole swath of
28:05Shadow based Powers he can turn himself
28:07into a swarm of murderous crows to
28:09attack groups of enemies or avoid
28:10incoming attacks strike in multiple
28:13locations simultaneously assume a form
28:15of Shadow or light send crackling waves
28:17of lightning out of his fingertips and
28:20even create and weaponize the Darkness
28:22itself turning Shadows into Living
28:24Weapons that can consume and tear apart
28:26enemies at range but what evidence do we
28:28have that this is actually true well we
28:31can look no further than the recent
28:32return of Lionel Johnson as in his novel
28:35son of the forest he gains the ability
28:37to Forest walk wherein he can enter the
28:39Ethereal ghost of caliban's woods and by
28:42journeying through the forest he can
28:43reemerge from it any distance away
28:46whether that be directly Behind Enemy
28:47Lines or halfway across the Galaxy this
28:50is not a power that he had during the
28:51Great Crusade it's something that had
28:53awakened in him over time and in the
28:55beginning of the novel he has barely any
28:58control over it he has to dedicate a lot
29:00of time and mental energy in order to
29:01master it and by the end of the book
29:03he's able to utilize it at will even
29:05taking groups of Marines with him I
29:07firmly believe that what we witnessed
29:09with corvis corx is something very
29:11similar to what we see with the lion
29:13however considering that the lion was
29:15asleep for an enormous amount of time
29:17and corvis has been training and honing
29:18his abilities ever since his
29:20disappearance I believe that the Raven
29:22lord's powers have had far more time to
29:24reach even greater Heights it's
29:26important to know that time does get a
29:27little weird in the warp some of the
29:29chaos Space Marines that were alive
29:30during the siege of Terra 12,000 years
29:32ago only believe a couple of hundred or
29:34maybe a thousand years of past hell some
29:37of them feel like it only happened a few
29:38weeks ago we don't really know what his
29:40perception of time is and so maybe he's
29:42been training for a few years centuries
29:44or even Millennia but it is worth noting
29:47that when he reveals himself in the
29:48story lorgar doesn't make any kind of
29:50mention of him looking like an old man
29:52like what happened with Lionel Johnson
29:54but I feel this could also easily be
29:56dismissed considering that he's a being
29:58of living Shadow with swords for fingers
30:01the other possibility is that his
30:02Evolution came from the mutating powers
30:04of the warp and that very well may have
30:06played a role in his Advanced
30:07development though we don't exactly know
30:09what prolonged exposure to the warp does
30:11to a Primark but considering their
30:13nature as a half warp entity it's
30:16probably not as dramatic as what we've
30:17seen with chaos Space Marines we don't
30:19see demons and other warp entities
30:21consistently evolving into more powerful
30:23forms just by existing within the
30:26immaterium of really admit that a lot of
30:28this is just me thinking out loud and
30:29trying to put the pieces together but
30:31there are a considerable amount of
30:32unknowns still I believe that when
30:34corvis corx inevitably returns to the
30:36tabletop game gamees Workshop will give
30:38us a novel that makes a lot of this more
30:40clear considering that bringing back all
30:42of the primarch seems to be games
30:44workshop's current Mo what's truly the
30:46most interesting part of all this to me
30:47though is the implication that all of
30:49the primarchs are capable of something
30:51similar to what corx managed to
30:53accomplish that the path to demon hood
30:55that the Traders chose was only a short
30:57shortcut that the Loyalists are capable
30:59of reaching equal Heights of power what
31:01does this mean for the loyalist
31:02primarchs that have yet to return what
31:04would an ascended con Leman Vulcan Dorne
31:07or even Gillan look like what would they
31:09be capable of let me know all your
31:11thoughts in the comment section below as
31:13I'm always curious to hear what you all
31:14think anyways that's really all I had to
31:16say on this one I'm planning on making a
31:18lot more videos like this where I take a
31:19common misconception within the
31:21community and clear it up while also
31:23talking specifically about how the
31:25reality of said misconception is
31:27actually way more interesting than the
31:29misconception itself corvus corx for
31:31some reason becoming a giant Crow demon
31:33is definitely interesting but the idea
31:36that he turned into the Avatar of
31:38Darkness itself through dedication
31:40discipline and an unquenchable thirst
31:42for vengeance is so much more badass to
31:45me than him just being a demon for some
31:47reason anyways again that's all I had to
31:49say big thanks to everyone who supports
31:50the work that I do and I will catch you
31:52all in the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Corvus Corax the Primarch of the Raven Guard in Warhammer 40k?

Yes, Corvus Corax is indeed the Primarch of the Raven Guard in the Warhammer 40k universe.

2. What are the rumors and legends surrounding Corvus Corax?

There are disturbing rumors that Corvus Corax has mutated into a terrifying crow-like demon with supernatural abilities.

3. What does the story 'Shadow of the Past' reveal about Corvus Corax?

The story 'Shadow of the Past' reveals that while Corax has evolved into an Avatar of Darkness, he is not a demon but has gained shadow-based powers.

4. What are the supernatural abilities associated with Corvus Corax?

There are supernatural abilities associated with Corvus Corax, including shadow-based powers and the transformation into an Avatar of Darkness.

5. How has Corvus Corax evolved in the Warhammer 40k lore?

In the Warhammer 40k lore, Corvus Corax has evolved into an Avatar of Darkness with shadow-based powers, dispelling the rumors of him being a demon.

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