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In this video, Derek from reacts to Joe Rogan discussing his HGH use, head growth, and banned peptides on a podcast with Andrew Schulz. Derek explains the potential benefits and applications of peptides, including enhancing healing and promoting gut health. He also highlights the morphological changes that can occur with HGH use, such as facial growth, and discusses the dosage and potential risks associated with exogenous hormone use.
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Joe Rogan mentions his HGH dosage and elaborates on peptides, including BPC157, which is known for its healing properties.
Joe Rogan discusses his HGH dosage and admits to using peptides.
Peptides have various applications, including enhancing melanin production and promoting healing.
BPC157 is a notable peptide known for its healing properties.
BPC157 can promote tissue repair and accelerate healing, especially in areas with insufficient blood flow like tendons, but it can also promote cancer growth if injected into a tumor.
BPC157 has an interplay with the brain gut axis, regulating neurotransmitter production and promoting gut health.
Some peptides, like those that increase growth hormone secretions, are banned, but BPC157 is not.
Chad Mendes got in trouble for using a banned peptide, possibly not knowing it was banned.
Joe Rogan discusses the effects of HGH use, including potential morphological changes and water retention.
HGH use at a normal dose does not lead to significant insulin resistance or diabetic neuropathy.
Lifting weights while using HGH can result in increased size in the face and shoulders.
Initial HGH use may cause water retention, giving a fuller appearance, but can also lead to bloating in certain areas.
Bodybuilders often stop using HGH before competitions to prevent water retention that blurs their muscle definition.
Joe Rogan discusses the effects of exogenous hormones on facial appearance and body shape.
The face can have a harder time achieving a lean and chiseled look due to the amount of muscle and tissue.
Exogenous hormones can cause changes in facial tissue and even lead to the growth of the head.
During teenage years, growth hormone production plays a role in differentiating from a child to an adult.
Introducing a super physiological amount of growth hormone as an adult can result in connective tissue and bone growth.
The video section discusses the facial changes in bodybuilders due to muscle growth and the use of growth hormones.
Some bodybuilders who use high doses of growth hormone have experienced massive facial changes.
The use of growth hormone and exogenous hormones can have risks and side effects.
Responsible and reasonable doses of growth hormone are less likely to cause significant problems.
Chad Mendez tested positive for ghrp6, a potent appetite-stimulating peptide.
00:00i'm down to start like cycling or
00:01something like that or hgh or whatever
00:03i heard if you do a little bit of the
00:05hch it's kind of fine yes
00:07that's exactly what you want
00:18what's up guys derek for today we're going to
00:21reacting to the joe rogan podcast with
00:24schulz so um a bunch of people are dming
00:28talking about how joe rogan mentioned
00:30his uh hgh dosage
00:32in the podcast um i've discussed his hrt
00:37before and uh he had admitted many times
00:40he was on thyroid replacement hgh
00:44and for some reason no one like i guess
00:46he does so many podcasts that if you
00:49if you missed it you know like he might
00:50only mention it once every like [ __ ]
00:52100 episodes or something so in this one
00:54he actually mentions his current
00:56dosage as well as elaporates on some
00:58peptides that i thought were uh
01:01of note so basically going to be uh
01:04digging into it a bit and kind of like
01:06giving my stance on it
01:07my doctor actually told me about
01:09peptides a long time ago yeah
01:11they accentuate healing there's a lot of
01:13articles about them like
01:14athletes swear by them yes particularly
01:18yeah so bpc157 and yeah peptides are
01:22some of them a lot more useful than
01:23others some of them have very
01:24interesting applications from
01:27artificially enhancing uh melanin
01:29production in the body you can literally
01:31make yourself
01:32uh tanned even if you are normally an
01:35if you saw my video on uh what was her
01:37name martina
01:38blank or whatever i forgot what her name
01:40was but she basically turned herself
01:42from white into
01:43literally black um just by using a ton
01:46of milano tan too
01:47um and i've actually used milano town a
01:50lot in the past and it is something that
01:52is uh you can literally like change your
01:54race essentially
01:55with this stuff not like actually but
01:57like visually so
01:58like there's a lot of interesting
02:00applications with peptides some more
02:02than others and bpt157 in particular
02:06is one of the uh premier healing
02:09that uh works exceptionally well like my
02:11mom for example had a chronic
02:13shoulder injury for years like over a
02:17decade from tennis
02:18and within literally two weeks of using
02:21bpc157 in her shoulder she started to
02:24pain relief and improvement in range of
02:26motion and power and all that kind of
02:28stuff so
02:29definitely has a very interesting uh
02:32interplay and there are
02:33a lot of peptides that i have great
02:35interest in too um
02:36ghk copper epithelium um tb500 bpc157
02:41milano 10 2
02:42um pt141 you know other ones that are
02:45of note 2 but anyways okay there's a lot
02:50evidence that it accelerates healing
02:51from injuries and a lot of like elite
02:54swear by it i just started asada has
02:57banned them
02:58so usada has banned some
03:02but bpc157 in particular is not banned
03:06and it is one of the most effective if
03:09not the most effective for healing so
03:11they've banned tb 500
03:13they haven't banned bpc157 and i suppose
03:16that's because it doesn't necessarily
03:18their criteria of a performance
03:20enhancing drug necessarily
03:23but you know it's very potent at
03:24promoting uh
03:26angiogenesis um tissue repair
03:29like uh um tendon healing like a lot of
03:32things even that are chronic it can help
03:34accelerate just even instigate the
03:36healing in an area that would otherwise
03:38insufficient blood flow essentially it
03:40can be problematic too though it should
03:42be noted in terms of
03:44cancer cell development so if you inject
03:46an area
03:47or just inject it at all and you promote
03:49angiogenesis and you basically encourage
03:52rapid spread of cancer growth if you
03:54have a tumor
03:55and you introduce bpc157 into the mix
03:58not a good combo as you would imagine
04:00in especially in body parts that are
04:02like you know hard to get
04:04blood to necessarily they're not as like
04:07uh you know vascular
04:08and things of this nature it's uh
04:10tendons in particular are an
04:11area that bpc157 really excels
04:15in uh dramatically increasing the
04:18healing rate it also has a
04:20very interesting interplay with the
04:22brain gut
04:23axis so it's sort of like the
04:25hypothalamus pituitary gonadal axis or
04:28um except the h g a
04:31or the brain gut axis it's something
04:34that can regulate uh
04:36neurotransmitter production as well as
04:38just like overall gut health so it has a
04:40lot of interplay with
04:41autoimmune issues inflammatory
04:45things just overall like if you've
04:46looked into gut health at all in the
04:48past few years it's like a
04:50exploding industry right now and it is
04:52widely misunderstood
04:54but bpc157 seems to have a very potent
04:57interplay with uh promoting gut health
04:59so that's uh of note too
05:01i don't think see if that's true because
05:04i think
05:05chad mendes was using uh was using it
05:09he got in trouble yeah so some of these
05:11peptides you know ones that you can
05:13like increase growth hormone secretions
05:16which is otherwise seen as a
05:17performance enhancing element those are
05:21but bpc157 not banned at all
05:24i think that was one of the things he
05:25got in trouble with i don't think he
05:26knew they were banned
05:27i'm about it i was telling you earlier
05:29like i'm down to start like cycling or
05:31something like that or hgh or whatever
05:33i heard if you do a little bit of the
05:34hch it's kind of fine yeah i guess uh
05:37a little bit of the hgh can be kind of
05:39fine depending on
05:40what your goals are you know what uh how
05:43old you are
05:44yeah but um you know a lot of these uh
05:46like that mentioning the athlete getting
05:48busted for
05:49pepsides without knowing it's banned
05:51it's like
05:52these guys must be looking like very
05:54in-depth at what is banned before they
05:56inject themselves with something like gh
05:58rp's for example which i'm pretty sure
06:00what that guy got busted for
06:02you literally have to pin it like
06:03literally inject it into your body it's
06:05not something you just like a pill you
06:06took and you thought it might have been
06:07a supplement
06:08you literally have to inject it into
06:09yourself so what is the likelihood that
06:11you took it without thinking it was
06:13when it's right there on the banned list
06:14like i would say pretty [ __ ] low
06:16unless you like thought you were getting
06:17bpc and you got like
06:19accidentally got like tainted ghrp or
06:21something yes
06:22that's exactly what you want you want
06:23like one unit that's what i take i take
06:26one unit a day and it doesn't change the
06:28way you look or anything like that
06:29well you get big if you get bigger
06:31that's gonna change the way you look
06:32okay so that is joe's uh current
06:34protocol supposedly one iu
06:37gh so is that a potent dose no in fact
06:40you could argue that is just therapeutic
06:41replacement because that is barely going
06:43to put you to the top of the reference
06:45range for igf-1 so
06:47um that is a very normal dose a very
06:49reasonable dose it's not going to lead
06:51hyperglycemia it's not going to lead to
06:53significant insulin resistance down the
06:55line it's not going to lead to
06:57diabetic neuropathy or any of the things
06:59that um are commonly associated with
07:02uh you know gh abuse or uh you know the
07:05negative deleterious outcomes of uh
07:08like what you would see in like
07:09acromegalic patients and whatnot who
07:12have uh
07:13like igf-1xs caused by a condition
07:16um that is a very normal dose so it
07:18sounds like he's about to get into
07:20uh what kind of morphological changes
07:22you can sort of expect
07:24like craniofacial development stuff like
07:27and uh let's see what he says fell out
07:29your neck would be bigger yeah you know
07:31your shoulders will be bigger you're
07:32going to get bigger if you lift weights
07:34but if you don't lift weights and you
07:36take that stuff and you keep your body
07:37fairly lean you know okay so he's
07:41basically saying
07:42if you lift weights and you use a unit
07:44of gh
07:45your face and everything will get bigger
07:46and it's like
07:49that's a really low dose like you might
07:50get some like intracellular like
07:53fullness in certain areas just from the
07:55gh like
07:56hyper saturating your entire like being
07:59essentially like just when you start gh
08:01and one of the first things you notice
08:02you pack on a little bit of uh
08:04a film of water and it looks uh it looks
08:07good though like it's like i am weight
08:09like intramuscular weight that looks uh
08:11gives you that pop and that kind of a
08:12bit more of a 3d
08:13look but it can also bloat your face
08:16bloat a bunch of areas of your body that
08:18would otherwise look more chiseled
08:19leaned out etc without it
08:22and this is why bodybuilders were cut
08:23out will often cut out gh before the
08:25competition because it can lead to a
08:28film of water that is uh blurring their
08:31as far as the statement of your face
08:33will not grow if you're not lifting and
08:34it will grow if you are lifting
08:36like i don't know how accurate that
08:38really is like what i can say though is
08:40i've done videos in the past on how your
08:42face will change when you gain muscle or
08:44lose muscle and this is uh
08:46the most recent video i did discussing
08:48this was talking about uh
08:49vigorous steve and his uh facial changes
08:52after he stopped taking gear and he went
08:53on pct
08:54recently and his face you know like
08:56essentially d aged
08:57like 10 years uh not actually but like
09:00you know
09:01objectively to a lot of people it looks
09:02like he you know shaved at least a
09:04handful of years off of his age
09:06just by losing the massive amount of
09:09temporary weight he was holding as well
09:11as stripping some muscle off to be
09:13and this sort of harks back to my first
09:15video i did on it i think it was called
09:17um the fat head effect and bodybuilding
09:20or something like that and you see
09:21often with these guys not just from the
09:23gh abuse but also
09:25from just sheer holding more muscle the
09:27amount of
09:28fullness you get everywhere the look in
09:31the face like you see the top
09:32guys on the olympia stage with the most
09:34muscle mass they all have giant heads
09:36and it's not like even though they're
09:38literally like five percent body fat on
09:40stage their heads do not look
09:41lean whatsoever and a lot of it boils
09:44down to the amount of tissue on your
09:45body it gets distributed evenly
09:47like it's not like you will not gain
09:50size on your face that has muscles in it
09:52when you're getting muscle everywhere
09:54else so you have these guys like like
09:55kai green for example one of the most
09:57jack guys you know crazy
09:58crazy physique you know one of the uh
10:01you know legendary bodybuilders
10:02his face from start to finish is like
10:04unrecognizable like the guy's face now
10:07even if he's
10:07single digit body fat percentage his
10:09face resembles what a natural guy would
10:11look like at like 30
10:12body fat in his face and that's just you
10:15know some people are
10:16you know more fortunate than others i
10:17can get that kind of like death face
10:19even with a ton of muscle on the frame
10:21but often you see in a linear fashion
10:23the face has a harder time
10:25getting that lean chiseled look just by
10:26the sheer amount of tissue
10:28sitting on there and how much you know
10:31mineral retention water retention you
10:32know glycogen nitrogen blah blah blah
10:34that everything can hold around your
10:37in unison when it comes to using these
10:38exogenous hormones on top of one another
10:41and when you hold that super
10:42physiological amount of muscle it is
10:44also going to be reflected in your
10:46face tissue i'm just trying to find the
10:47balance where i don't like change the
10:49shape of my body
10:50because what you just said to me was so
10:52normal like wait you said it was really
10:54normal you were like
10:55yeah like your head will grow so yeah gh
10:58that's literally what it does though too
10:59you have to understand when you're a
11:02what is it that's going to propel you
11:04into like from
11:05a boy to a man it's going to be driven
11:07through like androgen exposure to
11:09develop uh
11:11like differentiate you from a [ __ ]
11:12child and grow your penis and [ __ ] like
11:15but also it's going to be your growth
11:17hormone production
11:18and the interplay with your estrogen
11:20levels and whatnot too but it's
11:22it's largely boiling down to your gh
11:24igf-1 axis and how it's being regulated
11:26in your teenage years
11:27so expecting you to not have
11:30you know connective tissue growth bone
11:32growth etc when you're
11:34introducing a super physiological amount
11:36of gh and consequently igf-1 into your
11:38system as an adult
11:39you know it's silly you're going to have
11:41you know your nose is going to get
11:42bigger things are going to get bigger
11:44it's not going to be dramatic at 1 iu it
11:46may be unnoticeable for years and years
11:48and years
11:49may go unnoticeable entirely if you are
11:51a guy who otherwise like you said is not
11:53going to be lifting and packing on
11:54weight because
11:55like i said the more tissue you
11:58physically accrue
11:59the more temporary weight you then hold
12:02via you know glycogen
12:03water blah blah blah so yeah like
12:06it's not like you're gonna just like
12:07wake up one day and have a giant [ __ ]
12:09head but like
12:10for joe rogan in particular like i would
12:12not be surprised if the gh use over the
12:15years has cumulatively
12:16increased his head size to some extent
12:19and i've talked about this before
12:21in the past about the changes that have
12:23been uh noted in the past
12:2430 years on his uh nose just the skin on
12:27the face etc but he's
12:28way more jacked than he used to be too
12:31so you have to keep in mind
12:32a lot of this comes down to his body
12:34weight and the muscle weight on his
12:36and you know obviously diet practices
12:38how carb dense is your diet how much
12:40water are you holding blah blah blah
12:42so it's not all attributed straight to
12:44gh but it certainly
12:45contributes to that overall accrued
12:48on the skull and the kind of like
12:50hyperinflated look
12:52that you get from gh one iu again though
12:54is a very normal dose
12:56physiologic amount with pharma grade gh
12:58that one iu like
13:00is that going to be higher or lower than
13:01what your endogenous levels would be as
13:03a natural at
13:0440 plus years old like i guess it
13:06depends on the person but it is actually
13:08like a reasonable dose has he been on
13:09one iu
13:10for 20 plus years though or has he like
13:13pushed the limit a handful of times or
13:15what like i don't really know that's
13:16just speculation at the end of the day
13:18but what we can see
13:19is his facial changes over the years and
13:21then you know we speculate from what uh
13:24from what information we're given and
13:26here andrew schulz is kind of trying to
13:28dig into it i don't know how uh careful
13:30he's trying to be around the subject
13:31because i think you know
13:32he knows as well as joe that like some
13:35you know craniofacial changes have
13:36occurred and whether joe gives a [ __ ] or
13:38i think it's like a pretty common
13:39occurrence like you see in bodybuilders
13:41all the time their faces do not even
13:42resemble when they started
13:44and it's more dramatic the more muscle
13:45they gain typically
13:47and occasionally with the amount of
13:49growth hormone they're using too like
13:50we've seen
13:51some bodybuilders historically have had
13:53massive facial changes and those are the
13:55guys who
13:56famously use like [ __ ] 15 ius plus
13:59for a long period of time so
14:00hopefully joe does not fall in the camp
14:02of like abuse for several years and this
14:04is more so
14:05a you know reversible thing if he just
14:06wanted to uh i'm not saying it's bad or
14:08anything i'm just saying like
14:10there's definitely like some difference
14:12and it's not
14:13risk-free if that's something you
14:15actually care about when it comes to
14:17adding body weight adding lean body mass
14:19and introducing exogenous hormones into
14:21the mix
14:21but again when i use a very responsible
14:23and reasonable dose that is likely not
14:25going to be problematic in any aspect
14:27really at all
14:28you know like your igf-1 will be within
14:30physiologic levels
14:32you're going to have good glucose
14:33control if you otherwise would have with
14:35a good diet
14:36and lifestyle it's not going to be like
14:38significantly enhancing
14:39the development of like acromegalic like
14:42features at that dose probably
14:44um and it's uh not going to be that
14:46extreme in terms of the bloat
14:47you know potential carpal tunnel type
14:49symptoms stuff like that it's a very
14:51normal physiologic amount
14:52that's the same head's growing but if
14:55you get to the actual skull itself it's
14:57basically the same
14:58size chad mendez did have a peptide but
15:01it was
15:01something called ghrp6 okay so yeah chad
15:05man has got pop for ghrp6 which is a
15:08ghrelin receptor agonist and growth
15:10hormone releasing peptide and it is the
15:12most potent
15:13appetite stimulating peptide of them all
15:15and it's [ __ ] horrible if you're
15:17trying to uh
15:18diet down it's like if you are trying to
15:20stick to a good
15:21calorie amount per day like a reasonable
15:23amount either maintenance or in a
15:26do not touch the stuff it'll literally
15:28if i was ever to do
15:29a 10 or 20 000 calorie challenge
15:33actually i could probably do a 10 000
15:34calorie challenge pretty easily even
15:36without it
15:36but if i was to actually try and kill
15:39like a 20 000 calorie challenge
15:41all i would need is some ghrp6 and i'd
15:44be fine
15:44you know it's that dramatic and how much
15:46it increases your appetite
15:47it's also very dramatic in how much it
15:49[ __ ] up your insulin sensitivity though
15:51too unfortunately and cranks your blood
15:53glucose up
15:54and mk677 realistically is basically
15:57like the oral equivalent of
15:59jabbing ghr p6 like six times a day
16:02so is that a compound that's worth using
16:04in the ufc like [ __ ] no dude it's a
16:06synthetic agent it's easy to detect
16:08whoever was guiding him on that
16:10was uh i don't know just uh
16:13completely absent-minded in the fact
16:16that it is tested for and it
16:17is not bio-identical and the
16:20performance-enhancing benefit it would
16:21yield it's so negligible it's just like
16:23a horrible compound to use especially
16:24for somebody
16:25who's probably trying to make weight for
16:27a weight class
16:28like why would you ever use ghrp6 in the
16:30ufc in my opinion it would be a
16:32like i would be leveraging real gh if
16:34i'm going to try and circumvent and
16:35squirt around the testing
16:37way easier to get away with something
16:38bioidentical than it is to get away with
16:40something synthetic that
16:41increases the bioidentical hormone to a
16:43negligible amount in contrast
16:45okay so it's another peptide there's
16:46thymoisin there's a few different
16:49peptides but all of them
16:51athletes like to use because it
16:52accelerates healing do you do anything
16:54any sports or anything
16:55yeah so um bpc157 i wouldn't be
16:58surprised if it's heavily abused
17:00not abused heavily used in the ufc
17:03you know it's uh i thank you santa put
17:05out a like warning
17:06earlier this year saying it's untested
17:08and blah blah blah i'm trying to like i
17:10don't know if they're just trying to
17:11actually keep people safe or if they're
17:13just trying to discourage its use but it
17:15is they've even stated themselves it's
17:17not banned i don't even think it was
17:18added to their watch list either like
17:20they are aware of it because they've
17:21talked about it but they
17:22do not find it problematic enough to add
17:24to their list yet so this is a compound
17:26especially if you're a fighter like a
17:28[ __ ] no-brainer to be including like
17:29it's very very good at what it does
17:31especially for guys who are you know
17:33very prone to injury
17:34or experience injury often it can
17:36expedite your healing by
17:38months potentially you play basketball i
17:40was playing ball and then i kind of
17:42stopped playing ball
17:43and then um i uh like box kickbox a
17:46little bit that's what i do for like uh
17:47exercise yeah oh that's good
17:49yeah okay so now they're just talking
17:50about hobbies and whatnot presumably uh
17:53i'll be honest it's kind of hard to get
17:54around and interject every like 10 to 11
17:57seconds when these guys are talking to
17:58not get hit with a
18:00copyright thing so i don't have a lot
18:03more to add i'm at the 20 minute mark
18:05here so there's uh
18:06i'm gonna cut it off otherwise this
18:07video is gonna get ridiculously long if
18:09i go through the whole podcast but i
18:10think that was the bulk of it in terms
18:11of the peptides
18:12the hgh head growth etc so hopefully you
18:15guys you guys enjoyed that a lot of you
18:17guys sent it to me
18:18and i appreciate it you know it's a car
18:21topic i talked about a while ago it's
18:23kind of uh
18:24um cool to see the actual like dosages
18:27brought up
18:28that he's currently using he's pretty
18:29transparent about his hrt regimen so
18:31it's nice to see him uh break that down
18:33and uh andrew to just like you know flat
18:36out ask
18:37you know a very potentially uh i don't
18:39know a question that maybe some people
18:41will be uneasy to answer
18:42who are uh on the stuff you know it's uh
18:45like i don't know how many bodybuilders
18:47would care to even answer that question
18:49openly and even say they're using gh let
18:51alone if it if they think it impacted
18:53the head size that they have and have
18:55developed over the years so
18:56you know good on joe he's uh always been
18:58pretty open about that kind of [ __ ]
19:00and cool to hear on the bpc157 and in
19:02case you guys didn't know
19:03not being tested for in any professional
19:05leagues as far as i know right now so
19:07something to uh keep in mind if you are
19:10who is injured or otherwise could
19:13benefit from having something on hand to
19:14help you with injury
19:16it's not something proactively you
19:17should just use by the way necessarily
19:19it is something that should be uh
19:21reserved because it is again very pro
19:24angiogenesis producing new like literal
19:28increasing circulation to something you
19:30may otherwise not need
19:31like cancer cells is uh not going to be
19:34good obviously so if you don't need it
19:36don't just like
19:37don't just use it you know like some
19:38people use this stuff just randomly
19:40throughout the year because they think
19:41oh it's going to help me prevent
19:43injuries and it's like be sparing with
19:44its use you know it's one of those
19:46things it's like cartering you don't
19:47just like randomly use it
19:49for no [ __ ] reason if you've seen all
19:51the cancer data like you would know if
19:52you were going to use it was going to be
19:53for a very specific
19:55application for a very specific
19:57performance enhancing outcome
19:58rather than just year round because it's
20:00fun to have a bit more endurance
20:02in bed or some [ __ ] so anyways take from
20:04that way you will let me know
20:06what you guys think in the comments down
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Derek reacting to in the video?

Derek from is reacting to Joe Rogan discussing his HGH use, head growth, and banned peptides on a podcast with Andrew Schulz.

2. What are the potential benefits and applications of peptides discussed in the video?

The video highlights the potential benefits and applications of peptides, including enhancing healing and promoting gut health.

3. What morphological changes can occur with HGH use as explained in the video?

The video discusses the morphological changes that can occur with HGH use, such as facial growth.

4. What dosage and potential risks associated with exogenous hormone use are mentioned in the video?

The video covers the dosage and potential risks associated with exogenous hormone use.

5. What does Derek explain about the benefits of peptides in the video?

Derek explains the potential benefits of peptides in the video, including enhancing healing and promoting gut health.

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