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The video showcases real stories of infidelity, including a wife who convinces her husband to have an open marriage, a husband who discovers his wife cheating in their own bed, and a man seeking revenge on his wife's lover.
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Maddie wants to cheat on her husband to avoid having kids, and her friend Lori is skeptical but reluctantly agrees to support her.
Maddie believes cheating will strengthen her marriage with Jack.
Maddie's husband wants kids, but she doesn't.
Lori thinks Maddie needs therapy but agrees to support her.
Maddie plans to have a threesome with Lori and her husband.
Madison's friend Lori reveals her affair with Madison's husband and serves her divorce papers, leaving Madison devastated.
Lori confesses to being involved with Madison's husband and suggests they go to the bedroom to explain her position.
Madison receives divorce papers from her husband and realizes that Lori is happy about it.
Madison calls her friend Shell to share the news and expresses her desire to be with Shell now that she is getting divorced.
A man catches his wife cheating with another man in their bed, but remains unfazed and confronts them calmly.
The husband arrives home early and finds his wife sleeping with someone upstairs.
The wife tries to explain that it doesn't mean anything and it's just a physical thing.
The husband remains calm and asks the other man to leave.
The wife apologizes and reassures her husband that their family is the most important thing to her.
A woman catches her husband cheating on her, while another man discovers his wife's infidelity and contemplates revenge.
Maggie walks in on her husband having sex with another woman in their bedroom.
Eugene receives a private investigator's report confirming his suspicions of his wife's affair.
Eugene contemplates revenge while drinking scotch, feeling the consequences but not drunk enough to kill.
Eugene is interrupted by a loud knock on the door, which turns out to be the police pointing guns at him.
Detective Springfield confronts Mr. Medford about his knowledge of Donald Gram and suspects him in the murder of his wife.
Mr. Medford admits to knowing Donald Gram.
Detective Springfield accuses Mr. Medford of being the prime suspect in his wife's murder.
A photograph is shown to Detective Springfield, revealing his wife sleeping with Gresham.
Detective Springfield reacts with shock and vomits on the carpet.
00:00story # one that's life Maddie honey I'm
00:05your best friend I love you to death but
00:07I think you're crazy if you want to
00:08cheat on him Jackson is the sweetest man
00:10I know Laurel Richland was clearly
00:13annoyed damn it Lori if you would just
00:16listen to me for a minute for her part
00:19Maddie was frustrated that Lori couldn't
00:20see how this would strengthen her in
00:22Jack's marriage and the best part was
00:25that if her plan worked Jack would be so
00:27fat dumb and happy that he wouldn't
00:30pester her about having kids anymore
00:32Madison Meridian didn't want kids and
00:34her husband desperately did it wouldn't
00:37be cheating girlfriend because he'd know
00:39about it and he'd get you he thinks
00:40you're hot honey I think you need
00:43therapy but we're friends if sex with
00:45your husband is the price I have to pay
00:47to support you well I guess I can live
00:49with that but seriously I'll be there to
00:52tell you I told you so when it blows up
00:54in your face I have a better idea we
00:57could have a threesome ew
01:00don't Madison waved it away I know what
01:03I'm doing and I know my husband better
01:05than you do just remember be at my house
01:08at 8:00
01:10sharp she didn't see Lori shake her head
01:13incredulously that same night at
01:15meridian's house you're out of your mind
01:18Jackson stared wildly at his obviously
01:20deranged wife let's see if I've got this
01:23right you have a boyfriend who gives you
01:25something I can't do you really have to
01:27be so rude yeah
01:30saliva was flying out of his mouth so
01:33for my understanding of your need to
01:35expand your horizons in return we're
01:37going to open up our marriage Jack
01:39that's just disgusting we're not opening
01:42up our marriage at all you know we don't
01:43live in a trailer park we're
01:45strengthening our marriage and for your
01:47understanding you get Lori and I get
01:48shell to heal me it's a mutual Victory
01:52Madison couldn't understand why this
01:53concept was so difficult for everyone to
01:55grasp she quickly glanced at her watch
01:58it was 2 minutes to 8 I have to go Jack
02:02I promise you I'll be back later and
02:03trust me it'll be great for us she
02:06practically flew out the door Jack was
02:09in a State of Shock and froze in place
02:11when he heard a knock he slowly opened
02:13the door there stood Lori he started to
02:16say something but Lori quickly raised
02:17her hand and walked past him damn she
02:20really looks good don't say a word Jack
02:23just listen to me we can both agree that
02:26your wife should be institutionalized
02:28but I have to tell you
02:30she paused to take a deep breath and
02:32gather her wits she slowly closed her
02:34eyes and let her dress fall to the floor
02:37and there she stood naked as the day she
02:39was born take off your pants Jack and
02:42lead me to the bedroom and I'll explain
02:44my position she offered hely 5 months
02:48later Madison was waiting for her friend
02:50at the local Starbucks Lori was late
02:52again when she arrived Maddie had to
02:55admit that Lori had never looked better
02:57even though she'd put on a few pounds I
03:00told you things would turn out for the
03:01best I knew what I was talking about so
03:04admit you were wrong just as Lori was
03:07about to respond they were interrupted
03:10Madison Meridian you have been served
03:13the older gentleman handed her a large
03:15envelope and left she opened it divorce
03:18heun's divorcing me Maddie began to
03:21breathe rapidly she didn't immediately
03:23noticed Lori standing next to her with a
03:25big smile on her face Maddie have I ever
03:28told you how much I want kids you [ __ ]
03:31oh no that's not going to happen I'm
03:33going to fight you both with every penny
03:35I have oh grow up Maddy this is the 21st
03:39century when it comes to divorce no one
03:41gives a [ __ ] what you want Lori floated
03:44out of the coffee shop a sniffling
03:46Madison called Shell Shell he's
03:49divorcing me now we can be together what
03:52you're married you have three kids
03:54you're a [ __ ] [ __ ] story
03:57hash2 reality
04:0044-year-old Grady Gallup walked tiredly
04:03up the cracked concrete steps of his
04:05home another week of hell at the job he
04:08hated was finally over it was a pleasant
04:11late spring Friday evening in Alamagordo
04:13New Mexico Alamagordo was a small town
04:16of about 10,000 people Grady was a
04:19military contractor at nearby Hollman
04:21Air Force Base Alam mago's claim to fame
04:24is that it was the epicenter of the end
04:26of the world now only Grady and his wife
04:28Magdalena were there all three children
04:31had grown up and left their small town
04:33as fast as they could as soon as he
04:35stepped over the threshold of his home
04:37an atomic bomb exploded in his head
04:40shaking him to the core oh my God yes
04:43she was practically growling whatever it
04:46was he had never heard Maggie scream
04:47like that before Grady looked at his
04:50watch an old military habit hell it was
04:526:30 he hadn't even gotten home early
04:54and she was sleeping with someone
04:56upstairs he froze in place how the hell
04:59am I supposed to act somehow yelling
05:01honey I'm home seemed out of place it
05:04got quiet for a moment and then oh baby
05:07this was the fifth time for me and it
05:09was the best God I love you maybe she's
05:13playing with a giant vibrator that's it
05:16that's the one I have to see Grady was
05:19shocked at the sight of a child probably
05:21younger than their oldest in a sweaty
05:23naked Embrace after intercourse on their
05:25bed with his wife Maggie looked at her
05:28watch oh [ __ ] honey you have to get out
05:30of here right now I've lost track of
05:32time and hubby will be home any minute
05:34now go it's too late I'm already home
05:37Grady was unfazed two things happened at
05:40once Maggie fainted and the baby cried
05:43what the [ __ ] you're man enough to have
05:44another man's wife in the family bed and
05:47when you get caught you cry today's
05:49younger generation is a waste of time
05:52just leave son now wait how old are you
05:55anyway 19 sir Grady just shook his head
05:58and sighed anyway thank goodness for
06:00that at
06:01least go on he pointed to the door the
06:06guy grabbed his clothes and was gone in
06:07a Flash Grady went downstairs grabbed a
06:11beer and sipped it slowly at the kitchen
06:12table waiting for his wife to come to
06:14her senses 10 minutes later his wife
06:17dressed only in a robe sat down next to
06:20him she gently held out her hand Grady
06:23honey I'm sorry you saw that but you
06:25don't regret [ __ ] him why Maggie look
06:29honey it doesn't mean anything baby all
06:31he's got is that he works for hours it's
06:33just a purely physical thing and we only
06:35do it once a week he gets me where you
06:38can't you understand right I love you to
06:41death honey our family is the most
06:43important thing to me forever do you
06:45understand Grady stared at Maggie
06:48incomprehensibly it was making her
06:50nervous say something
06:53baby actually Maggie I do understand I'm
06:56going to sleep in Anthony's old room
06:57good night and grd went up upstairs
06:59without looking at Maggie Maggie left
07:02early Saturday morning for her usual
07:04golf date with the ladies but before she
07:06left she had thoroughly cleaned up the
07:08master bedroom she didn't want to rub it
07:10in Grady's face when she got home she
07:13put her clubs in the hall closet and was
07:15about to call out to Grady when she
07:16heard strange noises coming from
07:18upstairs oh yeah Grady Baby Take Me
07:20Harder oh my God that feels so good when
07:24Maggie peaked into their bedroom her
07:26husband was there pouncing doggy style
07:28on the barely aged petite blonde she had
07:31large firm breasts that swiveled wildly
07:34as Grady thrust violently into her from
07:36behind sweat streaming down his
07:38contorted face what the [ __ ] Grady
07:42without stopping Grady looked up oh hey
07:45sweetheart look this doesn't mean
07:46anything I mean if you could shrink your
07:48vagina I wouldn't need it at all you
07:51understand me right story hash 3
07:55op Eugene Medford was not a happy man in
07:58fact he was was Furious and could barely
08:00contain his anger he paced around the
08:03room furiously rereading the private
08:05investigator report he had just received
08:08fortunately his two teenage daughters
08:10were not home this Thursday night his
08:12wife his only source of Joy was
08:15presumably on her usual bachelorette
08:18party but as the report he'd read
08:20confirmed what he'd long suspected
08:22Ashland was actually at the Starlight
08:24motel with her shitty lover Donald
08:27Gresham various plans for Revenge ran
08:29through his head as he drank his fourth
08:31glass of scotch he was feeling the
08:33consequences but he wasn't drunk yet at
08:36least not drunk enough not to kill both
08:38of these [ __ ] with his bare hands
08:41emotion took over and he threw his glass
08:43at the fireplace the glass shattering
08:45into a thousand shards it sounded like a
08:48gunshot bastards there was a knock on
08:51the door it was actually a loud knock
08:53police open up Eugene was angry enough
08:57as it was and he needed someone to vent
08:59his his anger on and the police would be
09:00a good Target some traffic cop wrote him
09:03a ticket tonight right around the corner
09:04of his house he claimed that Eugene had
09:07failed to come to a complete
09:09stop this is just what I need he walked
09:13over swung open the front door and was
09:15about ready to tell those cops
09:17everything on his mind when he realized
09:18he was looking at three barrels pointed
09:20straight at his heart what the hell does
09:23that mean oh [ __ ] the next thing Eugene
09:26realized was that he was lying on the
09:27floor let me up you bastards I didn't do
09:31anything when the dust settled he was
09:34sitting on the couch rubbing his sore
09:35wrists but the officers apologized for
09:38their actions because they thought they
09:39heard a gunshot there were two men in
09:42uniform and detective Sergeant Mitchell
09:44Springfield in his old crumpled
09:46polyester suit that he had apparently
09:48bought at three-day suits Mr Medford do
09:51you know Donald gram yeah he's a piece
09:54of [ __ ] who has my wife detective
09:56Springfield was surprised that Medford
09:58admitted to knowing gram well Mr Gresham
10:01was killed about an hour ago leaving a
10:03motel room with your wife too bad I
10:06thought only the good ones died young
10:08did whoever did this kill my wife too
10:10please tell me the answer is yes Eugene
10:13smiled at the detective it's no laughing
10:16matter Mr Medford you're the prime
10:18suspect in his murder where were you an
10:20hour ago one of your [ __ ] traffic
10:22cops was riding me a ticket on the
10:24street now get out of my house look Mr
10:26Medford we're just doing our job surely
10:29you realize that when a wife's lover is
10:31murdered the husband is certainly a
10:33suspect well but isn't that true for all
10:36the husbands whose wives the bastard
10:38slept with well yes I'm sure you're
10:41right replied a flabbergasted detective
10:44Springfield well detective Mitchell
10:46Springfield your wife Victoria residing
10:49at 123 Ashland Avenue you must be a
10:52suspect because Gresham had your wife
10:54too Eugene tossed a photograph that
10:57clearly showed Springfield's wife
10:59sleeping with Gresham in a bed that the
11:01detective thought was his exclusive
11:04Springfield stared at the photograph
11:05turned green and vomited right onto the
11:08carpet in Eugene's living room he
11:10slumped to the floor in a days the two
11:12uniformed police officers didn't know
11:14what to do and just stood there with
11:15their mouths open in
11:17Shock by the way where is my loving wife
11:20Springfield didn't react one of the
11:23policemen spoke up she's in our patrol
11:26car waiting to get some of her things
11:28safely away she's going to be staying at
11:31her parents house for a while maybe it
11:33would be better if we just take her
11:34there now Eugene nodded that's
11:38definitely a good idea why don't you
11:40help the detective to his feet and take
11:42him outside don't bother I'll clean up
11:45the mess and he let them go with a wave
11:47of his hand they helped the half com
11:50Springfield to his feet and out the door
11:53Medford closed it behind them pH I guess
11:56getting that fine was lucky for me after
11:59he started looking for some Rags
12:01whistling to
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1. What are some real stories of infidelity showcased in the video?

The video showcases real stories of infidelity, including a wife who convinces her husband to have an open marriage, a husband who discovers his wife cheating in their own bed, and a man seeking revenge on his wife's lover.

2. What are the consequences of having an open marriage as seen in the video?

The consequences of having an open marriage are explored in the video, shedding light on the emotional impact and complications that arise from such arrangements.

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The video delves into the emotional turmoil caused by infidelity, capturing the pain, betrayal, and heartbreak experienced by those involved in the real stories of infidelity.

4. What are the different perspectives on infidelity presented in the video?

The video presents different perspectives on infidelity, including the motivations behind open marriages, the devastating impact of betrayal, and the desire for revenge.

5. How does the video shed light on the complexities of modern relationships?

The video sheds light on the complexities of modern relationships by portraying the struggles, conflicts, and challenges faced by individuals dealing with infidelity in the context of evolving relationship dynamics.

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