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The video discusses the decline of the popular YouTube channel Nigahiga, highlighting factors such as the departure of key member Sean Fujiyoshi, the controversy surrounding member Paco, and Ryan Higa's own desire to move on from his traditional content. The pandemic and the resulting production restrictions also contributed to the channel's hiatus and eventual end.
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Nigahiga is a legendary creator who never had controversies, maintained content quality, and stayed genuine, but fell off the face of YouTube in early 2020.
Nigahiga is known for nostalgic and important content for kids who grew up in the 2000s.
Ryan Higa and his team started with humble beginnings and consistently produced content.
Nigahiga never had any controversies, maintained content quality, and remained genuine throughout his 16 years on YouTube.
Nigahiga became the most subscribed channel on YouTube for a total of 12 days in 2008 and 617 days in 2009, with his content consistently surpassing expectations.
Introduced the famous series "Dear Ryan" in 2010.
Started uploading to his second channel, Higa TV, in 2011.
Even in mid-2018, Nigahiga was still making impressive videos like the Nintendo paper.
The beginning of the end for Nigahiga was set in motion in September 2018.
The decline of Nigahiga was accelerated by the departure of Sean and the introduction of Paco.
Sean moved away to pursue his passion in engineering.
Sean's absence was noticeable and he brought a lot of life and love to the videos.
Paco became the de facto number two after Sean left.
There was a certain energy Paco gave off that didn't mesh well with the rest of RHPC.
The end of Nigahiga was not only due to the Paco incident, but also because Ryan was outgrowing his channel and lacked motivation after Sean left.
The Paco incident damaged the reputation of Nigahiga and was a deterrent for Ryan to continue on YouTube.
Ryan, the creator of Nigahiga, started the channel as a teenager and no longer found the same content funny or enjoyable.
The decline in traditional content and the focus on more mature topics in Ryan's podcast, "Off the Pill," marked his outgrowing of the channel.
Sean's departure from Nigahiga was another significant factor that made Ryan realize he was outgrowing his channel.
00:02in the course of the last 17 and a half
00:04years YouTube has been around the
00:06platform has seen the rise and fall of
00:08countless creators from the earliest
00:10days of the website with the likes of
00:12Smosh Fred and Ray William Johnson to
00:15the rise of gaming channels in the early
00:16and mid-2010s with Pewdiepie Tobuscus
00:19Markiplier and more the landscape of
00:22YouTube has always been evolving and
00:24very few are able to keep their content
00:26or brand the same as the years progress
00:28of the YouTubers just mentioned most
00:31have either fallen into the realm of
00:32complete irrelevance had controversy
00:34force them to more or less stop creating
00:36or have just been lost to time even
00:39PewDiePie the current most subscribed
00:41solo Creator on the platform has changed
00:43what his primary content is I'd say only
00:46Markiplier through the years has managed
00:48to keep his content generally consistent
00:50the downfall of channels such as Smosh
00:53or Tobuscus are for the most part easy
00:55to understand and can be summed up more
00:57or less in a single sentence for most
00:59Smosh died when Anthony left and for
01:02Tobuscus after the allegations many of
01:04his ex-girlfriends levied toward him his
01:06channel and bran never really recovered
01:08however there is a legendary Creator who
01:11over the span of his now 16 years on the
01:14website never once had any kind of
01:16controversy never had the quality of his
01:18content dip and never stopped giving it
01:20his all in everything he did and in my
01:23opinion is still one of the most genuine
01:25and influential creators the site has
01:27ever seen and will ever see and yet in
01:30early 2020 seemingly fell off the face
01:33of the Earth that being the one and only
01:46oh hello there I didn't see you come in
01:48my name is Ryan Higa also known as Ryan
01:50but you can call me Ryan Higa for sure
01:52to many kids who grew up in the 2000s
01:55Nigahiga is likely one of the most
01:57nostalgic and important channels from
01:58their youth and it's easy to see why
02:00Ryan and his team from their humble
02:03beginnings of just him and sometimes his
02:05friend Sean were frequently putting out
02:07fast-paced and genuinely funny parody
02:09content and how-to videos such as the
02:12famous how to be ninja how to be
02:13gangster and how to be Emo as well as
02:16the big bouncing inflatable green ball
02:17and my personal favorite from that era
02:19the Sham woo-hoo
02:22say it like that as his popularity
02:25boomed Ryan was able to quickly amass a
02:27large audience and the wealth needed to
02:29move to the Las Vegas area and grow his
02:31team to a much larger size this in turn
02:34meant that the quality and consistency
02:35of his videos only continued to improve
02:38for a brief period in 2008 Nigahiga
02:41became the most subscribed to channel on
02:43YouTube for a total of 12 days then in
02:46August of 2009 he would once again
02:48achieve that top spot and this time hold
02:50on to it for 617 days 2010 saw the
02:54introduction of dear Ryan easily one of
02:57his most famous series on the channel
02:58around 2011 Ryan started uploading to
03:01his second Channel Higa TV a Channel
03:03with nearly 5 million subscribers in its
03:05own right to many the content on Higa TV
03:08may have been the primary way they
03:10watched Ryan with series exclusive to
03:12that channel such as parkhorse cooking
03:14but not really te time and a lot of
03:16other Vlog or behind the scenes content
03:18that showed us more of the day-to-day
03:19life of Ryan as the years progressed and
03:22channels from the early mid-2000s began
03:24to lose Steam and Fade Away both of
03:26Ryan's channels were still going quite
03:28strong as his team grew and content only
03:30got better comparing some of his
03:32earliest videos to what he and rhpc the
03:36Ryan Higa production company were making
03:38come the mid-2010s is truly staggering
03:40even in mid-2018 just before things
03:43started to slow down for Nigahiga they
03:45were still making the videos like the
03:46Nintendo paper if there's one thing that
03:49Ryan never failed at it was surpassing
03:51expectations as he and his crew
03:53consistently put in more work than was
03:55ever expected or needed to deliver
03:57content above and beyond anything else
04:00on the platform at the time but nothing
04:02lasts forever and comes September of
04:042018 I think the beginning of the end of
04:07Nigahiga was properly set in motion
04:14but there's one last thing I need to
04:17know before
04:29I said earlier that it's generally easy
04:32to explain why some creators lose their
04:34steam or genuinely lose their relevance
04:37and honestly that's a bit of an
04:38exaggeration Anthony leaving Smosh for
04:41instance wasn't all it took to bring
04:42Smosh to the state it's in today a lot
04:45of other stuff was going on that didn't
04:46help matters and the same goes for
04:48Nigahiga it wasn't one thing but there
04:51is a pretty noticeable event that marks
04:53the beginning of the Slowdown and
04:55burnout Nigahiga faced and in my eyes
04:58that was the departure of Sean fujiyoshi
05:00to many myself included outside of Ryan
05:03Sean was the most important aspect of
05:05Nigahiga and was generally kinda like
05:08the other half of the same coin when it
05:10came to the channel so when in 2018 Sean
05:13suddenly announced that he'd be moving
05:15to LA and leaving our HPC behind it came
05:18as a shock to many I'd like to say right
05:20away that I don't think Sean should
05:22deserve any of the blame for Nigahiga
05:24essentially ending Sean simply moved
05:26away to live with his now wife and
05:27pursue his true passion of engineering
05:29which is command and I think more than
05:31anything we should be happy for him it's
05:33just unfortunate that a potential side
05:34effect of his departure was the hastened
05:37death of Nigahiga as a channel on both
05:39Nigahiga and Higa TV Sean brought a lot
05:42of life and love to any video he was in
05:44and his absence was very noticeable I
05:47don't want to take away any credit from
05:49the other members of RHP when I say that
05:51they all did amazing work on both
05:53channels and deserve immense respect for
05:55what they did but there's no denying
05:57that to many Sean was just kind of
05:59Irreplaceable which leads me to the next
06:01step in the decline of Nigahiga that
06:03being Paco
06:07because we don't know like did he get
06:09naked in front of you we don't know like
06:11who knows what he's doing
06:13unpredictable yeah yeah I do a lot of
06:15dumb things but usually
06:18it the situation is Right I'd say within
06:20was it within the past year I'm a lot
06:22better but in the past you have a lot
06:26that one didn't age quite so well
06:30as the late 2010s were wrapping up Paco
06:32the newest addition to rhpc started to
06:35become more and more prevalent in videos
06:37and once Sean left essentially became
06:40the de facto number two in terms of
06:41videos roles you would typically find
06:44Sean in were now being filled by Paco
06:46now I don't want to discredit the good
06:48work Paco actually did while working for
06:50our HPC as it's clear he was genuinely
06:52giving it his all however there was just
06:55a certain energy Paco gave off that I
06:57feel didn't really mesh well with the
06:59general Vibe the rest of our HPC had
07:01however that certainly wasn't it around
07:04mid-2020 allegations and screenshots
07:07regarding Paco came to light showing
07:09that he had pressured someone into sex
07:11as well as a few other things this
07:13didn't shine the best light on Ryan and
07:15the rest of our HBC especially
07:16considering how prominent Paco had
07:18become within the team and in general it
07:21just kind of created a lot of issues and
07:22controversy for Ryan it's kind of crazy
07:25to me how in all the years Ryan had been
07:27on YouTube not once had he gotten into
07:29any real trouble and just a couple years
07:31after getting Paco on the channel
07:33something like this happened I didn't
07:35yell but I was very upset I was like you
07:37need to say something dude like you have
07:40put a statement out you gotta tell me if
07:42this is not true I can get behind you
07:44like I if this is not true you need to
07:45deny it and I I will support you 100 but
07:49he said you know there's some stuff
07:51that's not true and some stuff is and I
07:54can't and I told him well I can't
07:56support you bro like this is disgusting
07:58like this is not what I'm for now in the
08:01defense of Paco well what he did was
08:03quite wrong and it did not only damage
08:05the lives of the people involved as well
08:07as the reputation of our HPC to an
08:09extent he still isn't exactly the
08:11Catalyst for what sparked the end of
08:13Nigahiga as there are still two other
08:15big things that would lead to the
08:17Channel's end and in fact the Paco
08:19incident more so cemented the end as
08:22Nigahiga had already gone on Hiatus at
08:24the time if anything it was kind of just
08:26a deterrent to ever go back
08:31YouTube well I didn't actually say that
08:33I was gonna quit but you know having the
08:35words quit and YouTube in the title it
08:37kind of you know it's kind of clickbaity
08:38but it's not I promise and at the same
08:40time it's still not completely untrue
08:41let me explain now this may come as a
08:43shock to some but most creative people
08:45don't like making the same kind of
08:47content forever and it was pretty clear
08:49in the last couple years for Nigahiga
08:51that the same applied to Ryan Ryan
08:53started Nigahiga as a young teenager and
08:55he is now in his 30s he said himself
08:58that the kind of things he found funny
09:00as a kid and the things he enjoyed doing
09:02for the most part he simply doesn't
09:04anymore that's pretty obvious to see
09:06based on when he started his now defunct
09:08podcast off the pill as it marked an
09:10extreme decline in his traditional
09:12content and it focused on far more
09:14mature topics and themes sadly much like
09:17the rest of Nigahiga Paco was a huge
09:19part of that podcast so when he had to
09:21go the podcast more or less had to go as
09:24well this kind of left Ryan with not a
09:26whole lot of drive for what he could
09:27still make as at the time it seemed kind
09:30of clear that that was kind of the only
09:31thing Ryan enjoyed creating I'm speaking
09:34from my own opinion here but I think the
09:36sudden realization that maybe he was
09:38outgrowing his channel came when Sean
09:40left Sean was a big part of Nigahiga as
09:42it blew up and became what it was as
09:44well as a big part of Ryan's life and
09:46childhood so I personally feel it's very
09:48possible that when Sean left to pursue
09:50his own career and life that Ryan
09:51realized he too was outgrowing the
09:53YouTube scene Ryan really describes It
09:56Best in his video my midlife crisis when
09:59he ironically states he wasn't going to
10:01quit Nigahiga so I suggest that you give
10:03that video a watch as much of what I
10:05would say here would just be
10:06paraphrasing him that now leaves the
10:09final push Ryan needed to Simply put
10:11nigahika to rest so what was it
10:17uh would you make a film for like a
10:18festival potentially I mean there's
10:21there it's it's hard to say
10:23because only recently within like the
10:26past what half year since people got
10:28vaccinated and things are starting to
10:29normalize that's even possible to start
10:33like like going into production safely
10:37now some of you may recall in 2020 that
10:41whole Global pandemic thing that was
10:42kicking around well much like the
10:45production of movies television and more
10:47the restrictions and health concerns
10:49also put a damper on the production for
10:51Nigahiga in fact the last video ever
10:53posted on tanikihiga was at the start of
10:56the pandemic and since then nothing has
10:58come since Higa TV had some virtual
11:01games with all of our HPC being played
11:04but after the Paco incident rhpc has
11:07never come back together again being
11:09confined at home having restrictions on
11:11where they could and couldn't film and
11:12just having to generally be very careful
11:14about seeing too many people especially
11:16during the early days of the pandemic
11:18meant that production essentially had to
11:20stop altogether and for rhpc no work
11:23means no money so while Nigahiga was on
11:26Hiatus they had no real source of income
11:29meaning they had no real option but to
11:31move on Ryan obviously couldn't make
11:33Nigahiga videos alone again as the whole
11:35brand had become pretty reliant on the
11:37extended cast and crew and frankly
11:39that's if he even wanted to at that
11:41point it really seems to me that the
11:43events of 2018 through 2020 was just a
11:46perfect storm needed to end Nigahiga I
11:49know blaming the final straw in kovid
11:51might seem like a bit of a cop-out as a
11:53bunch of other creators kept working
11:54during that time but there's a
11:56difference I find that the general
11:58quality and drive in most of those kinds
12:00of videos were just nothing compared to
12:03what the creators were doing beforehand
12:04and while the way Nigahiga came to a
12:07close was seemingly anti-class macdick
12:09I'm honestly kind of happy it just
12:11stopped while it was still doing very
12:12well we all know how horrible it is to
12:15see beloved things in our lives slowly
12:17get worse and worse such as SpongeBob or
12:20The Simpsons and frankly I'm just happy
12:22we didn't have to see that with Nigahiga
12:26now some of you may not know this as I
12:29know I didn't but Ryan still actually
12:31uploads on Higa TV typically highlights
12:33from his twitch streams it's pretty odd
12:36seeing Ryan a YouTuber who is amassed
12:37over 5 billion views on the platform
12:40pulling only a few dozen thousand per
12:42video now but honestly as long as he's
12:44happy that really doesn't matter I do of
12:47course one day hope to see The Return of
12:49Nigahiga and rhpc but I'm not holding my
12:52breath whatever Ryan chooses to do in
12:54the future if he chooses to make us a
12:56part of it I will gladly come along for
12:57the journey but for now it's safe to say
13:00that the days of Nigahiga have come to
13:02an end which sadly marks the end of a
13:04glorious age for YouTube as a whole and
13:06leaves a huge hole in the platform I
13:09truly feel there will never be a Creator
13:11like Nigahiga again and he will be very
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What factors contributed to the decline of the Nigahiga YouTube channel?

The decline of the Nigahiga YouTube channel can be attributed to various factors such as the departure of key member Sean Fujiyoshi, the controversy surrounding member Paco, and Ryan Higa's own desire to move on from his traditional content. The pandemic and resulting production restrictions also contributed to the channel's hiatus and eventual end.

2. How did the departure of Sean Fujiyoshi impact the Nigahiga YouTube channel?

The departure of Sean Fujiyoshi, a key member of the Nigahiga YouTube channel, had a significant impact on the channel's decline. Sean's absence affected the dynamic of the content and the overall appeal of the channel to the audience.

3. What role did the controversy surrounding Paco play in the decline of the Nigahiga YouTube channel?

The controversy surrounding Paco, a member of the Nigahiga YouTube channel, added to the challenges faced by the channel. It led to a loss of support from some viewers and affected the overall reputation of the channel.

4. How did Ryan Higa's desire to move on from traditional content contribute to the decline of the Nigahiga YouTube channel?

Ryan Higa's own desire to move on from his traditional content played a significant role in the decline of the Nigahiga YouTube channel. This shift in content direction may have led to a loss of interest from the existing audience and a failure to attract new viewers.

5. What impact did the pandemic and production restrictions have on the Nigahiga YouTube channel?

The pandemic and resulting production restrictions posed significant challenges to the Nigahiga YouTube channel. It resulted in a hiatus and eventual end of the channel, as the team faced difficulties in creating content and maintaining the quality that their audience had come to expect.

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