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The video compares the performance of the Nvidia RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti GPUs in various games and workloads, and concludes that the Ti version offers a slight performance boost, especially in ray tracing. However, whether it's worth paying more for the Ti depends on the specific laptop and the price difference between the two models.
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The RTX 3050 Ti is only slightly faster than the non-Ti version in most games, with the difference being less than 5% at low settings.
In Watch Dogs Legion, the Ti version is around 9% faster at max settings, but the difference is less than 3 FPS.
Control shows a 7% higher average FPS for the Ti at max settings without ray tracing, and a 38% higher average FPS with ray tracing enabled.
DLSS is required for ray tracing on both the 3050 and 3050 Ti, with the Ti still having a 22% higher average FPS at max settings.
Red Dead Redemption 2 shows a 7% faster performance with the Ti at high settings, but neither GPU can handle ultra settings due to limited VRAM.
Microsoft Flight Simulator demonstrates a 15% higher performance for the Ti at max settings, but the actual FPS difference is only 3 to 4 FPS.
The Ti version of the RTX 3050 shows a small performance boost compared to the non-Ti version in terms of average FPS, ranging from 5% to 16% in different games.
The difference between the Ti and non-Ti versions is around 5% in terms of average FPS.
The Ti version shows a 13% boost at minimum settings in one game, but the results may be influenced by other players.
In Fortnite, the Ti version is 6% ahead of the non-Ti version at max settings, but the frame rates are still above 100 FPS for both.
Metro Exodus shows a 16% boost in average FPS at ultra settings, but the actual difference is less than 4 FPS.
The Witcher 3 sees a 12% higher average FPS for the Ti version at max settings, but the difference may not be noticeable in a side-by-side comparison.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider reaches 9% higher average FPS with the highest setting preset for the Ti version, but the non-Ti version still surpasses 60 FPS.
Battlefield V shows a 7% higher average FPS for the Ti version at max settings, but the difference is around 3 to 4 FPS.
The RTX 3050 Ti is about 9% faster than the RTX 3050, but the performance difference varies depending on the game.
The Ti version showed an 18% gain in Cyberpunk, while there was no change in Assassin's Creed Valhalla due to a VRAM bottleneck.
Lower settings result in an average 8% boost with the Ti GPU.
Both the RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti laptops had similar thermals and battery life, with only a small difference in temperature and a few minutes longer battery life for the Ti.
The RTX 3050 Ti offers a slight performance boost compared to the RTX 3050, but the price difference and specific laptop model should be considered.
The longer Classroom test in Blender was around 8% faster with the Ti.
The V-Ray test showed a slightly larger 10% gain with the Ti.
The 3050 Ti costs about 21% more money compared to the 3050, but the price increase somewhat scales with the performance boost.
Results could vary based on power limits and the specific laptop model.
00:00Nvidia RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti gaming laptops are here, but what are the actual differences
00:05in games, and is it worth paying more money for the Ti?
00:07I’ve compared both in 15 different games at all setting levels as well as thermals,
00:12battery life, content creator workloads and more to show you the differences.
00:15These are the differences in specs between these two GPUs.
00:18Both have 4 gigs of GDDR6 memory with the same speed, but the Ti has 25% more CUDA cores
00:23and 25% more RT cores.
00:25Both have the same power limit range of 35 to 80 watts, so performance will vary significantly
00:31based on this, but even with the same power limit the Ti doesn’t clock as high as the
00:35non Ti, presumably because the Ti has more CUDA cores to power.
00:38I’m using the Core 17 from XMG to do all of this testing fairly.
00:42I've got the exact same Tongfang chassis with the same specs including CPU and memory, same
00:47cooling design, same battery, same everything, the only difference is one has the 3050 while
00:52the other has the 3050 Ti.
00:54Both laptops are able to run the GPU up to 80 watts plus 15 watts with dynamic boost,
00:59so 95 watts best case on the GPU, but it will depend on the workload.
01:03Unfortunately neither laptop lets us disable optimus, however that feature usually costs
01:06more money, and given the 3050 is probably going to be found in cheaper laptops that
01:10kind of makes sense.
01:11That said this should still be a fair comparison, as both of these laptops force optimus, otherwise
01:15both laptops were tested with the same version of Windows and same Nvidia drivers, so let’s
01:20start out by comparing 15 different games followed by things like thermals afterwards.
01:24If you get sick of me talking about games then just use those timestamps below.
01:27Cyberpunk 2077 was tested with the exact same run through the game on both laptops.
01:32I’ve got the 3050 results shown by the red bars and the 3050 Ti results shown by the
01:36purple bars, along with all setting presets the game offers with lowest down the bottom
01:41and highest up the top.
01:42This game actually saw the biggest difference out of all 15 titles tested, with the Ti reaching
01:4718% higher average FPS at ultra settings.
01:49Although both can run ray tracing, even with DLSS enabled the results aren’t too impressive
01:54in this game, but as you’ll see soon the Ti can offer bigger gains in ray tracing.
01:58It’s not all big gains for the Ti though, take Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for instance.
02:03This game gets limited harshly by the 4 gig VRAM and as a result ultra high and very high
02:07settings are bottlenecked and scoring the same unplayable results with either GPU.
02:12Even in the best case at low settings the Ti is only around 5% faster than the non Ti.
02:17Let’s look at Watch Dogs Legion next, because it’s a more average result compared to the
02:21previous two extremes.
02:22At max settings the Ti was around 9% faster than the non Ti, though this only equates
02:26to a less than 3 FPS difference, not really something you’re likely to notice, though
02:31the frame rate difference was more than double this with lower setting levels.
02:34Control was tested with and without ray tracing, let’s start with ray tracing off results.
02:38The Ti was just 7% higher in average FPS at max settings, though this is just 3 FPS.
02:44Either GPU was able to run the game at above 60 FPS with medium settings.
02:48Performance drops back significantly with ray tracing enabled, however the Ti was now
02:5338% higher in average FPS at max settings, quite a big difference, so it seems like for
02:57ray tracing the Ti has quite an advantage, but that said these results aren’t really
03:02playable so it hardly matters.
03:04This is where DLSS comes in, it’s required if you want to use ray tracing on either the
03:083050 or 3050 Ti in this game.
03:10The Ti still had a massive 22% higher average FPS at max settings here, even the 1% lows
03:15from the Ti were ahead of the averages from the non Ti.
03:18Red Dead Redemption 2 illustrated another example of where the 4 gigs of VRAM is a limit,
03:22neither laptop GPU is able to run ultra settings because there’s not enough.
03:26That said, high settings was about 7% faster with the Ti, which was only just below that
03:3160 FPS sweet spot.
03:32The differences in Microsoft Flight Simulator were much higher than expected, as I generally
03:36consider this test to depend more on the processor, however at max settings the Ti was 15% ahead,
03:42though again like previously, this is just a 3 to 4 FPS difference so nothing major when
03:47looking at the actual results compared to percentage values.
03:50Death standing only had minor differences for the 1% lows, while average FPS was 6%
03:55higher at max settings with the Ti, or about 5 FPS or so.
03:58Call of Duty Warzone on the other hand had one of the smallest differences at max settings,
04:02the Ti was just 5% faster in terms of average FPS.
04:06There was a larger 13% boost at minimum settings, but this game is harder to accurately compare
04:10as the results may be skewed by the actions of other players, the fun of testing battle
04:14royale style games I guess.
04:16Fortnite on the other hand was tested using the same replay on both laptops, so directly
04:22The Ti was just 6% ahead of the non Ti at max settings in this one, but considering
04:25the frame rates are so close together and still above 100 FPS from either GPU I doubt
04:29this is a difference you’d be likely to notice when playing, plus you could always
04:33enable dlss for a boost.
04:34Metro Exodus had a well above average 16% boost to average FPS at ultra settings, but
04:39we’ve got to be careful of these vanity numbers, because again it’s less than 4
04:42FPS and nothing major, perhaps these frame rates aren’t even what you’d want to play
04:44at and that’s exactly why I’ve spent the extra time showing the lower settings too.
04:48Unlike the big differences we saw in control with ray tracing, the ray tracing preset didn’t
04:52see big differences with the Ti.
04:54The Witcher 3 also saw above average gains for the Ti, reaching 12% higher average FPS
04:59at max settings here, slightly under 10 FPS difference or so, so again perhaps not something
05:04you’d really notice in a side by side comparison but at least it’s more of a change compared
05:08to some of the other games.
05:09Shadow of the Tomb Raider was reaching 9% higher average FPS with the highest setting
05:13preset, but the 3050 non Ti was still easily surpassing 60 FPS in this test at max settings,
05:18perhaps as it’s an older title and we’re dealing with modern hardware.
05:22While we’re looking at the older games, Battlefield V was reaching 7% higher average
05:25FPS with the Ti at max settings, but again like a lot of the others, this is just a 3
05:30to 4 FPS difference, though the gap widens at lower setting presets.
05:34Medium settings for example was 10% faster on the Ti, granted 1% lows hardly differ.
05:38I figured I’d throw in a racing game because some people have been asking for that.
05:42F1 2020 was similar with an 8% boost to average FPS with the highest setting preset, though
05:47either GPU is still easily surpassing 100 FPS in this test even maxed out.
05:51Rainbow Six Siege was similar again, with a 7% boost to average FPS at max settings
05:56on the Ti, but again with such high frame rates it’s not like you’re going to struggle
05:59playing with the cheaper non Ti.
06:01On average over all 15 games tested at 1080p with the highest setting preset, the RTX 3050
06:07Ti was almost 9% faster than the RTX 3050.
06:10As we can clearly see, results could vary significantly based on the particular game.
06:14Worst case there was no change in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla due to a VRAM bottleneck, while
06:18others like Cyberpunk in the best case had 18% gains, though in many cases once we actually
06:24consider the differences in FPS it’s often not much.
06:26Here’s what the differences look like if we instead use the minimum setting preset
06:30rather than maximum.
06:32Generally lower settings are less GPU bound, so the average difference is a little lower,
06:35but still close to an 8% boost on average with the Ti.
06:39Given many of the resource heavy games weren’t necessarily running at playable levels at
06:42max settings, these results could be more practical.
06:45Now let’s check out thermals and battery life.
06:47The interior of both laptops is the same, same 62Wh battery and the cooling solution
06:51is the same and both have the same i7-11800H with same power limits, only the GPU is different.
06:57For these upcoming tests I’ve capped both laptops to 80 watts on the GPU so there’s
07:02no dynamic boost here which was the case previously.
07:05These are the clock speeds that were reported by hardware info by running the Heaven GPU
07:08benchmark at max settings at 1440p for 30 minutes, and as per the specs shown at the
07:13start the 3050 is able to clock higher.
07:15The temperature results were interesting, both laptops were tested at the same time
07:19in the same workload and the 3050 was slightly warmer.
07:22Now it’s only a small difference, but I was still going into this expecting the higher
07:26tier Ti GPU to run warmer.
07:28It might be because the 3050 clocks higher or maybe its fewer CUDA cores are in a smaller
07:32hot spot, but that’s just speculation.
07:34Either way the difference is small and I wouldn’t pick one or the other based on this.
07:37I’ve compared battery life in gaming, and the Ti was actually lasting a few minutes
07:41longer, though it’s an extremely small amount and realistically I’d say within margin
07:45of error, again I’d consider them the same here.
07:47I’ve also tested some content creator workloads to see if there’s any difference compared
07:51to the games just covered.
07:52Adobe Premiere was tested with Puget systems benchmark, and no real difference here, the
07:56GPU hardly seems to matter, the score is more based on the processor and both laptops have
08:01the same one.
08:02I’d expect DaVinci resolve to show a larger difference on the Ti but unfortunately the
08:05Puget test kept failing due to the 4 gigabyte VRAM limit.
08:09Blender was tested with the Open Data benchmark using CUDA, and the longer Classroom test
08:13was around 8% faster with the Ti here, so quite similar to the average difference seen
08:17in the games despite the Ti having 25% more CUDA cores than the non Ti.
08:21The V-Ray test showed a slightly larger 10% gain with the Ti, but again given this is
08:25a CUDA test I was expecting to see bigger differences owing to the 25% higher CUDA core
08:30count that the Ti offers.
08:32Now for price differences, XMG advised me that the 3050 Ti costs about 21% more money
08:37compared to the 3050, but that’s in the context of the GPU alone, which you can’t
08:42When you go to buy a laptop you buy the whole laptop with the GPU already included.
08:45If a 3050 laptop was about $800 in this example then a 3050 Ti laptop would be about 6% more
08:51money, but that’s just going on the raw cost of the GPUs, it’s likely that the OEM
08:55would probably want to take some profit going to the higher model.
08:57It’s worth noting that XMG offers the Core 17 with RTX 3060 graphics rather than the
09:02two 3050 configurations I’ve got here, they just provided me with these models so I could
09:06make this comparison.
09:07You can check out the Core 17 with the links down in the description.
09:10So yeah at the end of the day the 3050 Ti isn’t amazing or anything, and it’s going
09:13to come down to the price difference, but if you’re in a situation where the 3050
09:17Ti is say 10% more money compared to the 3050 then it could be worth it.
09:21At least the price increase somewhat scales with the performance boost on offer, but yeah
09:24again it just comes down to the price difference of the specific laptop as well as your performance
09:29As we saw in many of the games often there wasn’t too much of a difference.
09:32Results could also of course vary based on power limits, I’ve basically tested the
09:35best case 3050 and 3050 Ti here with maximum power limit.
09:39According to the Nvidia spec you can get either with as low as a 35 watt limit, so with a
09:43laptop that runs the GPU at 35 watts I would expect significantly lower results compared
09:48to what I’ve shown here.
09:49So which of these two laptop GPUs would you pick in your next laptop, the 3050 or would
09:52you spend extra for the 3050 Ti?
09:54Let me know down in the comments, and get subscribed for future laptop comparisons like
09:58this one one.
09:59Come and join me in Discord and get behind the scenes videos by supporting the channel
10:02on Patreon, and check out some of these videos when you’re done, I’ll see you in one
10:05of those next!
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key differences between Nvidia RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti GPUs?

The Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti offers a slight performance boost compared to the RTX 3050, especially in ray tracing. However, the exact difference in performance varies depending on the specific laptop and the price difference between the two models.

2. Which GPU is better for gaming, Nvidia RTX 3050 or 3050 Ti?

For gaming, the Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti is a better choice due to its enhanced performance, particularly in ray tracing. It delivers a slightly improved gaming experience compared to the RTX 3050, but the decision ultimately depends on the individual's preferences and budget.

3. What are the advantages of the Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti over the RTX 3050?

The advantages of the Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti over the RTX 3050 include better performance, especially in ray tracing, and potentially smoother gameplay in demanding titles. The Ti version offers a notable enhancement in graphical capabilities that could be beneficial for gamers and content creators.

4. How does the price difference between Nvidia RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti impact the decision-making process?

The price difference between the Nvidia RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti models plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. If the price gap is reasonable and the performance boost in the Ti version aligns with the user's requirements, opting for the 3050 Ti could be justified. However, buyers should evaluate the value proposition based on their specific needs and budget.

5. Which GPU is more suitable for content creation, Nvidia RTX 3050 or 3050 Ti?

For content creation, the Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti's enhanced performance, particularly in tasks utilizing ray tracing, makes it a more suitable choice compared to the RTX 3050. The Ti version's improved graphical capabilities can contribute to faster rendering and better productivity, making it a preferred option for content creators.

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