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This video provides a step-by-step guide to removing hard inquiries from your credit report within 10 days, with some people seeing results in just hours. The process involves using a software called My Credit Approved, sending an inquiry removal request letter, and filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
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Having too many inquiries on your credit report can bring your score down and prevent you from getting approved for major credit cards.
Each inquiry can lower your score by 2-3 points.
This video will provide a step-by-step solution to remove all inquiries within 10 days.
Many people have successfully used this hack to remove inquiries on the same day.
The video discusses the importance of removing inquiries from your credit report and provides a step-by-step tutorial using a software called "My Credit Repair".
Having derogatory items on your credit report can impact your creditworthiness.
Major brands like Capital One, Chase, and Discover may deny your application if you have more than two to three inquiries within a certain time frame.
The video introduces the "My Credit Repair" software and demonstrates how to remove inquiries using an identity theft letter.
The generated letter can be used to request the removal of inquiries, such as the one from Capital One.
The next step is to go to the Federal Trade Commission's website,, and send a request for your identity theft.
If you have a lot of inquiries on your credit report from non-approved applications, you have a higher chance of getting them removed.
By not getting approved for the inquiry, they cannot prove that you were the one who applied.
Fill out the necessary information on the website and confirm your identity with a code.
This section discusses adding inquiries to the personal statement and finalizing the report.
Add all the inquiries to the personal statement section.
Copy and save all the information for later use.
Print out the finalized report and send it along with the letter from the previous step to the credit bureaus.
File a claim with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to address any issues with the credit report.
To remove hard inquiries from your credit report, list all the inquiries and dates, use a template letter, and submit individual disputes for each company.
List all the names and dates of the inquiries and copy them into the identity theft section.
Use the template letter to request the deletion of hard inquiries.
Submit disputes for each company by providing their information and continue until all desired companies are disputed.
After finalizing, the item should be removed in less than 10 to 15 days, sometimes even in hours.
00:00guys did you know that a inquiry can
00:02bring your score down between two to
00:04three points I'm not kidding so that
00:06means that if you had 10 inquiries that
00:09can bring your score down 30 points guys
00:11so I know a lot of people that have a
00:15great credit score good credit score but
00:17still can't get approved for major
00:19credit cards or high limit credit cards
00:22and that is a majority of the reason
00:24because of inquiries if you have too
00:26many inquiries you can get automatically
00:28denied if you have too many inquiries it
00:31can possibly bring your score down like
00:34I said two to three points and
00:35ultimately not put you in the potential
00:37that you need to be well today's video
00:39guys I'm going to show you a
00:40step-by-step solution for you to remove
00:43all of your increase I mean all of them
00:45I'm going to give you a solution where
00:46you can remove inquiries in less than 10
00:49days and as a matter of fact most of the
00:51people that have been using this hack
00:53has been removing their increase within
00:54the same day seriously this hack is very
00:57powerful and I'm going to show you guys
00:59step by step up on how to use it
01:01successfully so you can remove all of
01:03your increase so you can start getting
01:05those high limit credit cards that you
01:06deserve guys stay tuned
01:25guys from YouTube channel I'm credit
01:27coach security the first cloud-based
01:29software that allows you to put your
01:31credit repair experience into your own
01:32and if you're new to the channel super
01:34super excited because I have a banger in
01:36today's video we're going to talk about
01:37how to remove all those inquiries I mean
01:40all of them but before we get into the
01:41video guys please like And subscribe to
01:42the channel it allows YouTube to push
01:44this content to a wider audience and
01:46also allows YouTube to push this within
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01:51these lights on guys please like And
01:52subscribe to the channel if you have
01:54anything derogatory on your credit
01:55report I mean anything negative charge
01:58offs late payments bankruptcies medical
02:00bills guys you name it please go over to it's the website
02:04and the software that I was telling them
02:06telling you about that allows you to put
02:08the full experience to your own hands
02:09guys people are removing thousands of
02:12dollars worth of debt by themselves they
02:14are no longer using credit repair
02:15companies that are putting this
02:16information in this experience into
02:18their own hands in appreciating on a
02:21deeper level guys please go to my credit check out the software and
02:25start moving these items guys if you
02:27have anything derogatory on your credit
02:29report now let's dive straight into the
02:32meat and potatoes of this video guys I'm
02:34super excited about this video because I
02:36want to give you guys the recipe I know
02:38a lot of people think that all you need
02:40is a certain score to get anything you
02:42want in credit and that's not the case
02:44you have to have the report that fits
02:47the algorithm that you're applying for
02:48so I know a lot of the major brands like
02:51Capital One Chase discover if you have
02:55more than two to three increase within a
02:57certain time frame you're going to get
02:59automatically denied even if you make
03:00the income even if you have the score if
03:03you have inquiries it can automatically
03:04put you in the category that eliminate
03:07any possibility for high Tier credit so
03:10today I'm going to dive into my back
03:12office and give you guys a step-by-step
03:14tutorial on how to remove these increase
03:17in less than 10 days and like I said
03:19some people have been removing them
03:20hours the same day so guys let me go
03:23into my back office and show you guys
03:24step by step on how to do it and
03:26hopefully you guys can be successful
03:28guys stay tuned welcome back to the
03:29channel guys so this is the website my
03:32creditor proof that I was talking to you
03:33about the software that I was telling
03:35you guys about to remove every and
03:37anything from your credit report in this
03:39video we're going to remove all of your
03:41increase right so you want to look for
03:43everything and anything that's in blue
03:45blue is going to be where your inquiries
03:47are and these in this case on this dummy
03:50demo account this is all of the
03:52inquiries you want to scroll down to
03:53create letter okay now you want to go to
03:56round two all of their letters now you
03:58want to look for a identity theft letter
04:02right so it's going to be credit entry
04:05removal request credit inquiry removal
04:08requests that's what it's going to be
04:09called and we're going to select one
04:12inquiry right Capital One let's get that
04:14Capital One out of here so guys this is
04:16the letter once it gets fully generated
04:19this is what it's going to look like all
04:21of the verbiage everything all of your
04:23information automatic populated and this
04:25this case this letter was only going to
04:27be sent to Equifax and Experian and you
04:30want to print it out sign it and get it
04:32notarized if you can if you can go to a
04:34bank get it notarized it will do wonders
04:37for this now guys you have to remember
04:38the burden of proof is not in your court
04:41isn't there so they have to prove
04:43everything regarding the debt that's I
04:46mean at the debt but the inquiry is on
04:48your credit report they have to prove
04:49all of it so yeah you want to print this
04:51out notarize it and send it off right
04:54okay let's go to the next step the next
04:56step is going to the Federal Trade
04:58Commission identity the name
05:01of the website is identity and
05:04you're basically going to send out a
05:07request for your identity theft now the
05:10reason you're going to do this is
05:11because if you do not get approved for
05:14the inquiry and they have it on your
05:15credit report they cannot prove that you
05:19actually were the person that applied
05:21because you didn't get uh the approved
05:24so if you have a lot of inquiry is on
05:26your credit report from non-approvals
05:28applications then you have a lot of
05:31gateway to get the items removed because
05:33they have no proof that it was you that
05:35applied it could have been anyone and
05:37because you didn't actually get the good
05:38or Services they can't prove that you
05:42are actually operating a relationship
05:44with them right so let's get started so
05:47the first thing you want to do is go to
05:49I want to report another type of
05:52identity theft right okay and this is
05:54going to be credit cards you want to
05:57select credit cards and you want to
05:59scroll down and go to continue you want
06:01to click to open a project credit card
06:04account and then you want to want to
06:07click continue now you're going to want
06:09to fill out all this information as well
06:11but right now to for timing purpose
06:14we're going to continue now you're going
06:16to want to put your information in here
06:19right and we're going to do a John Doe
06:23and you want to put your correct
06:25telephone number in here and they're
06:27going to do a confirmation code I'm not
06:29going to put them real for information
06:31in here for uh obviously obvious
06:33purposes but you can see that this is
06:36going to send you a code you want to
06:38scroll down from here okay go to the
06:41next so and once you do that you want to
06:43click continue do you know anything of
06:46the person no not at this time bro okay
06:49once you get here have you reviewed a
06:51copy of a credit report you want to say
06:53yes okay were there any fraudulent
06:56accounts including including uh in your
06:58credit report you want to click yes then
07:01you scroll down and this is where you're
07:03going to put the information so this is
07:05where you want to put the name of the
07:07company that um has the inquiry on your
07:10credit report so in this case we're
07:11going to do Capital One and then you
07:13also want to put the date so let's put
07:17the day 2 23 23 and you add the company
07:21now you want to add as many inquiries
07:24that you have on boom I think you're
07:26going to put a list up to three but I am
07:29going to show you how to add all of it
07:31now once you add all of your inquiries
07:33you are going to want to copy and paste
07:36so we're going to talk about that soon
07:37as well like okay let's go down now your
07:41personal statement is where you're going
07:43to put all of the rest of the inquiry so
07:45if you have more than three inquiries
07:47then you're gonna have to put the rest
07:49in this section right here so you're
07:51going to put Capital One Two twenty
07:54three twenty three and then you'll put
07:58then you're gonna put a cap one
08:00this is for example purposes right so
08:03you'll go 1 4 12 33 and they just gonna
08:07list and once you do that you're going
08:08to copy all of these and you want to
08:11save it for later I'm explaining why in
08:13a bit but yeah you want to put all of
08:14your information on
08:17um the personal statement every single
08:19last one of the entries that you want to
08:21get removed and then you want to click
08:23next and this is the finalization of
08:27what you just uh reported you're going
08:29to want to keep this and also you want
08:32to want to print it out once you print
08:34it out you want to send this
08:35um along with the letter from the last
08:37screen from my credit approved you want
08:40to send that letter with all of that
08:41verbiage along with this over to the
08:44credit bureaus right okay now we're
08:46gonna go to the last but not least step
08:49and that is to file a claim with the
08:52cfpb so the cfpb is the Consumer
08:55Financial Protection Bureau this is the
08:58governing factors over your credit
09:00report or in the credit bureau so you
09:03want to click submit a complaint and
09:06then it's gonna once you log in and
09:07create the account it's going to bring
09:08you here and this is where you're going
09:12to select the option that you want to go
09:15to from here so you want to scroll down
09:18and go to credit reporting and services
09:21then you're going to scroll down from
09:23there and go to credit reporting and
09:25then you want to click next okay then
09:27you want to go and proper use of your
09:30credit report right then you're going to
09:32scroll down from there and go to credit
09:36increase on your report that you don't
09:39recognize right so they can't if you
09:41don't recognize it and they and they
09:43don't have an active account they have
09:45to remove you because they can't prove
09:46that it's yours right so there you want
09:49to say have you tried to fix it
09:50absolutely yes and this is where you're
09:53going to put all of the rest of those
09:55items that you um copied and paste right
09:58I thought I copied it but I didn't
10:00obviously but you all of the um
10:02inquiries and the dates the name of the
10:04companies and the dates is going to be
10:06listed back in here so you want to list
10:09all of the names the dates of all of the
10:11inquiries that you uh put on the
10:13identity theft and you want to copy and
10:15paste them here so you want to go
10:17through it again right once you do that
10:20you said what would you will be a fair
10:22solution you want to put delete hard
10:24increase right and then once you do that
10:28you're going to scroll down and right
10:31here you're going to put the letter that
10:34um gotten from my credit approved you
10:37want to put this letter and you're going
10:39to send off this letter as well you're
10:41going to put this letter in this letter
10:44inside of the attachment file here and
10:47once you do that you want to scroll and
10:51you want to scroll and then you're going
10:53to put the company name Capital One
10:55you're going to put the last four the
10:58social name and the date of birth you
11:00want to put all of that information here
11:02and then you're going to do that you
11:04complain about another company yes and
11:06you want to continue to do this until
11:07you have done all the companies that you
11:09want to dispute then you want to click
11:11next it's going to give you the
11:12finalization like the other company
11:14identity theft did it's going to give
11:16you a a view of what you are complaining
11:20about and it's going to let you edit if
11:22you want and that's it guys once you do
11:25that you should be able to get the item
11:27removed in less than 15 to 10 days guys
11:30I've seen this happen in hours literally
11:33hours everyone will move literally 23 15
11:3716 9 7 increase all in hours so 11 15
11:43days should be more than enough time for
11:45the cfpb and identity to
11:48handle the case and remove it guys if
11:50you have any questions let us know
11:53um in the comment section or you can go
11:55to my credit schedule a
11:58consultation with me personally and
12:00we'll go over everything together until
12:01next time guys take care of your credit
12:03take care of yourself credit coach queue
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I remove hard inquiries from my credit report?

You can remove hard inquiries from your credit report by using the My Credit Approved software, sending an inquiry removal request letter, and filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This video provides a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

2. Is it possible to remove hard inquiries from my credit report within 10 days?

Yes, it is possible to remove hard inquiries from your credit report within 10 days, with some people even seeing results in just hours. The process detailed in the video can help you achieve this goal.

3. What software can I use to remove hard inquiries from my credit report?

You can use the My Credit Approved software to remove hard inquiries from your credit report. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this software effectively.

4. What is the process for removing hard inquiries from a credit report?

The process involves using the My Credit Approved software, sending an inquiry removal request letter, and filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This video provides a detailed step-by-step guide for each of these steps.

5. How long does it take to see results from removing hard inquiries from a credit report?

Some people have reported seeing results in just hours, while others have seen complete removal within 10 days. The video outlines the process that can help you achieve similar results.

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