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The video explores the experience of renting a girlfriend in Japan, revealing that it is a government authorized service aimed at forming human relationships. It follows Joe as he meets his rental girlfriend, Minami, at Disney sea and learns about her job, family support, and the benefits of the service for her. The video emphasizes the importance of communication in relationships and highlights that the service is not sexual in nature.
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In Japan, there is a service where you can rent a girlfriend for a certain amount of time.
The service is authorized by the government and people pay taxes for it.
The rental girlfriend in this video is named Karajo Shihomi.
The cost to rent a girlfriend is 6000 Yen an hour.
The video shows the YouTuber meeting a rented girlfriend in Japan and preparing for their outing.
The YouTuber asks the rented girlfriend questions about his appearance.
They discuss the possibility of using the service again if they like it.
The YouTuber expresses excitement and nervousness about meeting the rented girlfriend.
The YouTuber's friend will help with communication as he doesn't speak Japanese.
The girl renting herself as a girlfriend in Japan enjoys the job and finds it beneficial for networking and inspiration.
She has been working as a rental girlfriend for two years.
She will continue until she finds love.
She doesn't have a real boyfriend.
She may leave the job if she finds a boyfriend.
Her family may not know about her job, but she believes they would support her.
She has about 30 boyfriends through the service, with 5 to 10 regular ones.
The section discusses various aspects of renting a girlfriend in Japan.
Some people rent the girlfriend's service for purposes other than hanging out.
Sometimes parents rent the girlfriend as a daughter for taking pictures, etc.
The girlfriend plans to create her own app soon.
They go on a ride called Aquatopia together.
The video discusses the experience of renting a girlfriend in Japan and emphasizes the importance of communication in relationships.
Renting a girlfriend is not a sexual service, but rather focuses on forming human relationships and learning how to treat a girlfriend in real life.
The rented girlfriend can provide advice on how to improve as a boyfriend and as a person.
Communication is highlighted as the key to a successful relationship.
The video concludes with the idea that nobody does something without a reason behind it, emphasizing the importance of understanding and continuing to live together.
00:04Stories, fairytales and movies
00:06and a novel after another
00:08some of them are fictional
00:12and some
00:15exists in real life
00:20And we are now arriving at Tokyo Disneyland station
00:24please exit to the left
00:28Human love Guys
00:29exist in so many societies
00:31but not in Japan
00:33in Japan it's forgotten ... that's why
00:35Today ... shyness takes a big part in the Japanese society
00:38but in order to break it
00:40this is the best day of my life with Joe
00:42there's so many odd things
00:44happens in Japan
00:46her name is Karajo Shihomi
00:48Tickets are right here
01:03It's basically, hey we can find a perfect match for you ... here Joe
01:09I'm very proud of Joe right now
01:11He's doing great
01:12So different from China
01:13We did it last time in China
01:15but now, here's a peculiar one from Japan
01:17This is the number one rental girlfriend site in Tokyo
01:21Some of the top eight girlfriends here
01:23You can rent
01:25Can you guess why it's so different from china?
01:26because back in China
01:28we rented a girl ... but the term " rent " is a little peculiar
01:31in fact, it is a real rent because you can pay for one, two or three hours
01:34but what's the reason behind it?
01:36Now, this service is authorized by the government
01:39and even people pay taxes for it
01:40it's not a kind of game
01:42you can't say that we have this in our countries but it's just hidden
01:45no, there's not ... because this is official
01:47so you can forget to hurt the girl
01:49Karajo Shihomi
01:51she looks pretty pretty
01:53and It says she's a designer very nice smile
01:58... her height 166 centimeters
02:01Helping us in this video our friend ...
02:04His name is Max
02:08Did you bring her any gift or anything?
02:11like a first-time date gift
02:156000 Yen💴 an hour .... and
02:17You ... basically you're paying for her time
02:20and have a date with Shihomi...
02:22So ... can we see her picture?
02:24Yeah, she's number one ... So
02:26Had you use this service before?
02:28I used it ... yeah ... I used it before
02:30There's basically number One ... number Two ... number Three
02:33The highest ranked girl in this App
02:35that's make them proud to be on the highest levels
02:41We're gonna go to Disney sea
02:44Disney sea is the japan-only Disney's
02:47more water ... more water ... Okay
02:49and more romances
02:51good ... You might need to cut your hair here
02:59But it's okay
03:01I have so many question for her
03:03do you like my beard? ... do you like my clothes?
03:05I need I need to make her review my look
03:08She's a she's a designer
03:10So she's a designer
03:11pointing out some things
03:13So, if I like the service, I can use it again and again, right?
03:16this is a point ... Yeah, that's the point
03:17She'll probably
03:18I think she like ... you look pretty sharp right now
03:21Yeah ... I prepared myself
03:24For this
03:25I've been waiting for this day for a long time ago
03:29so we took her for three hours rental?
03:32Three to four hours
03:34We're going to go to Disney sea to meet her for first time
03:37Today we're going to discover the truth behind this
03:39We couldn't find it back in China
03:41Today, we're going to unveil the secret of this Japanese App
03:45But of course before starting Give us Thumbs👍Up and Subs🔔cribe to our channel
03:47But before judging this video, watch it until the end
03:49Let's go
03:51Where's the human rights?
04:00All right, so
04:02Joe is a little bit nervous
04:03so he's in the bathroom peeing
04:07I'm trying to make him a little bit easy about this, but I can tell
04:11He's actually excited about this
04:13This is good
04:14This is gonna be a good practice for him
04:17Well I was practicing "smiling😁"
04:33My friend will be kind of adviser for me
04:35He will help me communicate with her when she talk Japanese
04:43it's Okay
04:44ready ... her name is Minami
04:50Hi ... nice to meet you 🙏
04:54sorry, I'm late, right?
04:57So, my name is Joe ... what's your name?
04:59My name is Minami, nice to meet you
05:02Tell her if she can go with you for some snacks
05:05Okay, so how about snacks
05:10You hungry?
05:11how do you feel?
05:12little bit
05:13I'm doing good? ... you're doing good
05:16Thank you. Very nice to meet you
05:21I'm Arabic
05:23You can say Marhaba " Hello "
05:24Marhaba ... Yalla .... Let's go
05:35Exciting ... exciting in Arabic?...
05:37It's an Arabic means Hamas ... Hamas
05:47Good ... Thank you thank you
05:50I'm having a nice day with you
05:53- Really, are you enjoying your time? - Yeah
05:56Nice you really make me feel like I know you since little time
06:01So are you number one on the website?
06:03Thank you. You checked that
06:07You're the number one, right?
06:09So what's the reason?
06:10I don't know
06:12I know the reason now
06:19She's becoming more comfortable around
06:24Good job Joe
06:25Yeah, for how long have you been working like this?
06:28Do this for?
06:30two years
06:31Two years ...
06:32So are you gonna continue doing this for more long
06:35or you don't have time?
06:36You just gonna continue until when you get bored
06:39I will continue
06:41- until you find love? - Emmm
06:43- Right? - Yes
06:44so you don't have a real boyfriend
06:48if you find ... you're gonna leave this job?
06:51do you have sisters and brothers?
06:54no, I'm an only child
07:02is your family knows that you are working on this application?
07:06maybe not
07:07If they know ... will they be sad?
07:10I don't think so
07:12they would support you
07:15What the supportive family?
07:16Can I meet your family?
07:22I just asked her like you know, why
07:24why are you doing this job if you also are a designer and she said
07:29Mostly it's a good opportunity for her to do both
07:32because she also meets a lot of people
07:34It's like good networking
07:35and it kind of inspires her when she meets other people
07:39rental ... where the boyfriends
07:41that are renting her
07:42that can give her inspiration just through whatever they're doing in their lives
07:46So it's beneficial to her
07:48I also asked her how many boyfriends
07:51She said through this service
07:53she said maybe about thirty
07:55thirty or so
07:56and she has about five to ten regular
07:59boyfriends that she ... lend her services to ... so
08:02And you .. like they are pretty good guys right? nice guys
08:06yeah, so
08:08Very polite
08:09very polite ...
08:10do they take you to Disneyland or Disney? Sea? like Joe
08:15It's the first time to ...
08:17Okay. Good job Joe
08:19its her first time
08:22Doing something ... thank you ... I hope you enjoyed this
09:06She said that sometimes people rent her service not just to hung out with her
09:10Like what we're doing right now
09:12sometimes parents rent her as a daughter
09:18They invite her at home to take some pictures with her and so on...
09:20She's gonna make her own App very soon
09:22So she's a queen ... you are Cinderella
09:25Oh thank you
09:34You like any man?
09:35what do you watch?
09:47I Gotcha ... It's just like a five minute walk
09:50You guys are gonna have a great time on this ride
09:53It's called Aquatopia
09:55You're gonna sit next to your girlfriend ... your lovely girlfriend
10:11Look where are we now on this attraction
10:13it moves by herself
10:31indeed it is so fun ... instead of playing it by yourself
10:35you can rent or bring someone with you
10:38What's your name?
10:39Indiana Jones
10:40We got a lot of equipment here
10:44What are you looking for?
10:50Nobody goes in nobody goes out. You got it.
10:52Yeah, I got it got around
10:53I'll be keeping my eyes on you
10:54can go in right ... of course
11:00Indiana Jones
11:07just slowly
11:16I feel I want to meet her again
11:18How do you feel?
11:25Having so much fun
11:27and like she also has the same feeling as you
11:29so fun
11:30That means you did a great job
11:32She thinks she can meet you again ... maybe
11:35Thank you, I'm so happy😊
11:37Did I do a good job as a date coach?
11:40let me know in the comments
11:42She's saying it's not that kind of service at all ... It's more about
11:47learning how to form human relationships ... human bonds
11:51Even though this is a service
11:53that you take for it
11:54You're also learning
11:55she can give advice, you know ... how to do how to treat a girlfriend in real life
12:00This service is not at all like a sexual thing
12:05It's not even though that does exist in Japan ... This is
12:09Very different from that ...
12:10Thank you. Can she gave me some advice for my future girlfriend?
12:14Like what should I change?
12:23She said
12:25maybe it's just Japanese people that have this problem, but you should be very
12:29Communicate and open with your partner
12:32Whoever it is ... if you have something you don't like you should tell
12:35the girlfriend
12:37Maybe she's doing something that
12:39you know that you're not used to ... and just communicate well
12:41You should also ask her like, how can I be better?
12:44How can I be a better boyfriend
12:46or how can I just be a better person?
12:48So just very good ...
12:50communication is the key
13:02You gotta keep this ...
13:03where are you going now?
13:05to a different client ... a different client is coming now?
13:25no one in life is doing something unless there's a reason behind it
13:29that nobody know it
13:31Let's excuse each other
13:33and continue living together
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the concept of renting a girlfriend in Japan?

The concept of renting a girlfriend in Japan is a government authorized service aimed at forming human relationships. It is not sexual in nature and focuses on providing companionship and communication.

2. Where does Joe meet his rental girlfriend, Minami?

Joe meets his rental girlfriend, Minami, at Disney sea. The location adds an element of fun and excitement to their interaction, emphasizing the enjoyable and casual nature of the service.

3. What are the benefits of the rental girlfriend service for Minami?

The rental girlfriend service provides benefits for Minami such as family support, financial stability, and the opportunity to form genuine connections with clients. It highlights the positive impact of the service on her personal and professional life.

4. How does the video emphasize the importance of communication in relationships?

The video highlights the importance of communication in relationships by showcasing the meaningful conversations between Joe and Minami. It emphasizes that the foundation of any relationship, including the rental girlfriend service, is built on open and honest communication.

5. What sets apart the rental girlfriend service from other similar services?

The rental girlfriend service sets itself apart by focusing on forming genuine human connections and providing companionship without a sexual component. This unique approach distinguishes it from other similar services and emphasizes the importance of emotional connections.

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