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Former high school classmate of Malika Andrews reveals her history of drama and questionable behavior, including the recent incident with Jalen Rose, suggesting she may not be trustworthy or worth keeping at ESPN. He confirms suspicions about her through personal stories and warns about the potential negative consequences of working with her.
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The speaker discusses a report about Malika Andrews and her history of drama, including the incident with Jalen Rose allegedly putting his finger on her arm on air.
Malika Andrews has been with ESPN since 2018 and has a history of drama.
The most recent story surrounding her is the incident with Jalen Rose.
When watching the viral clip, it is clear that Jalen Rose's fingers were not on her armpit.
A former high school classmate of Malika Andrews claims that her controversial behavior in the basketball and sports world predates her time at ESPN.
The classmate, Eli Rogers, alleges that Andrews' antics have been going on for a long time.
Rogers expresses a lack of trust in Andrews and questions her credibility as a sports journalist.
The specifics of Andrews' alleged behavior are not mentioned in the subtitles.
Former classmates describe Malika Andrews as someone who had a history of drama and questionable behavior.
One classmate claims she encouraged him to do certain things.
There are stories of her being drunk on hand sanitizer.
She had a colorful background and spent time in a "crazy house" during high school.
The classmate suggests that working with her could lead to financial and reputation loss.
The speaker expresses suspicions about Malika Andrews and questions why she is still at ESPN.
The speaker believes that many color commentators who contributed to ESPN are no longer there, except for Stephen A Smith.
The speaker does not find Molly Qerim attractive and does not pay much attention to her.
The speaker mentions some past incidents involving Molly Qerim, such as her exchange with LaVar Ball and her situation with Stephen A Smith and Jalen Rose.
The speaker suggests that if ESPN was truly in tune with their target audience, they would have kept commentators like Jeff Van Gundy and Jalen Rose.
00:00what's good Josh your boy Tony the
00:02Savant back with another one uh let's
00:04get the intro out the way shout out to
00:06the BCE the SCE my boy Melo that's the
00:08praise shout out to my boy Jeezy that's
00:09the manager shout out to my cousin Hulk
00:11been support since Dave one I love that
00:13I love you g let's get into the meat and
00:14potatoes so uh there's a report out
00:19right now or a story if you want to call
00:21it that or whatever
00:22um about
00:23When Miss Malika Andrews the the
00:28um and so I mean
00:31how can I get into this story I'm going
00:33to get into this story because it's like
00:36it's like I don't even know how to get
00:38into it Malika Andrews I'm like let's
00:40get into it I ain't gonna go PC I'm
00:42gonna go be professional all that
00:44Michael Andrews is a clown is a clown in
00:48our in my opinion I'm not the only one
00:50that was said this
00:52um I think if you are in the sports
00:53communities and definitely the
00:54basketball communities uh you've heard
00:57of Malik Andrews and you you've heard
00:59about some of her uh drama and so uh you
01:03know without going through her long
01:04history because she's been with ESPN
01:06since 2018 so we're looking at five
01:08years of just you know drama field you
01:11know stuff surrounding this young lady
01:14the more the most popular and probably
01:16the most recent uh story surrounding her
01:19is that uh Jalen Rose was allegedly
01:22fired for you know
01:25putting his finger in her arm on air she
01:28made a big deal about that although when
01:31you look at the the rerun you know the
01:33viral clip
01:35um you can't you can see you can count
01:37all the Jalen Rose's fingers you know
01:39they're like in the thumb it's like you
01:41can count all his fingers and at the
01:43time when she says get your finger on my
01:45armpit or something like that it's like
01:46bro we looking at all five of his
01:48fingers wow and this was even crazier
01:51than that is how the mainstream media is
01:53just you know purposely going out of
01:55their way to ignore that the fact that
01:57you can count this man's all five of his
01:59fingers in the clip
02:01and that they still run with the you
02:03know kind of like how the story is told
02:05when I'm reading about it is like oh
02:07yeah he did it and you know but we're
02:10gonna say allegation or accusation for
02:12the sake of you know whatever you know
02:14out of the mainstream media manipulation
02:17um you know when I read the story does
02:19it never really come off like Jalen Rose
02:21is innocent or that
02:23Bullock Andrews was crazy for
02:26you know suggest uh for saying that
02:28that's not how the articles ever come
02:30off uh it's always you know it's a
02:33possibility he did it that's the kind of
02:34vibe I get from it but nonetheless uh
02:37gentleman by the name of Eli Rogers
02:40um and I was doing my research on this
02:42dude let me let me see I think he
02:45he might be a wide receiver for
02:49the XFL I think I see I seen
02:53I don't know that's another guy I don't
02:55know because he got another Aussie Eli
02:56Roth I don't know who this guy is but uh
02:58apparently he's a form of High School uh
03:01classmate of Malika Andrews and he has
03:04come out to say that um the the the the
03:06stuff that the Antics that Malik Andrews
03:09has become you know Infamous for
03:12um in the basketball communities and
03:14just in the Sports World those Antics
03:16man have been going on long before she
03:18ever arrived at ESPN
03:21um he's saying that you know and I'm
03:23gonna try to be nice but
03:25I'm not surprisingly surprised I'm not
03:27surprised at hearing these stories and
03:30hearing his story about her because I've
03:33always got this vibe from Malika Andrews
03:35um especially since I did that Jalen
03:37Rose thing I just got this vibe from her
03:39that I don't really trust her I don't
03:41you know what I mean I don't know the
03:42young lady from a can of pink but I
03:44can't say that she comes off as the most
03:46trustworthy person I've ever
03:48seen cover Sports she does have a a bit
03:52of a
03:53okay guys I'm gonna be a honey I didn't
03:55dated some pretty ladies in my life
03:56thank God but you know sometimes those
03:58pretty the prettier ones of them all had
04:00like a mean streak and a crazy streak
04:02about them that you know they just hit
04:03very well behind a beautiful face and a
04:06you know a halfway cool demeanor uh that
04:10those are the Vibes I get from Malika
04:11Andrews and perhaps we'll start a
04:13different Series so I can tell y'all a
04:15couple of my stories but she gives me
04:16those vibes
04:18um from just a young lady that comes off
04:20you know so sweet and nice
04:22um but definitely has a a wolf you know
04:25behind that sheep
04:26um clothing
04:28so hearing this story from Eli Rogers
04:30was just like
04:32it's kind of bit of a confirmation to my
04:34vibes to The Vibes I get from this young
04:37um especially you know like seeing how
04:39what things happen with Jalen Rose
04:40although I will be of the opinion that
04:42Jalen Rose was fired because uh Disney
04:44and ESPN are losing
04:47um I don't say business but like but
04:50still they're just leaving losing
04:52hundreds and hundreds of millions of
04:53dollars uh due to their you know uh
04:56their their political stances I guess
04:59you want to say but
05:01you know hearing this story Bible
05:03Lincoln Andrews like I said just
05:04confirmed The Vibes that I got from her
05:07uh she's still at ESPN you know what I
05:09mean she is not the most
05:12informative or entertaining
05:16um of the guy the people that they could
05:17have gotten rid of
05:19um I'm sure you know if you would if
05:21they if ESPN was
05:24thinking how we was thinking he would
05:25keep a Jalen Rose and get rid of a
05:27Malika Andrews for you know back you
05:30know for per reasons
05:32um but nonetheless that's how it went
05:34down but I'm sorry I won't get back to
05:36what uh what Eli Rogers was saying about
05:40a little distracted anyway he was just
05:42saying that she had a pass to this he
05:43had a friend that she went to the movies
05:45with you know uh one one thing led to
05:48another she went Road went towed and
05:51said that uh this young man
05:54um you know trying to be PC about it but
05:56he did some things y'all put one in one
05:58together she lied and said he did
06:00something to her although Eli Rogers
06:02tells the story differently and says
06:03that she encouraged him to do some
06:06things and all that kind of stuff so
06:07it's just those kind of vibes from her
06:10um also I seen another story about her
06:12and her franking drunk on hand sanitizer
06:14like I ain't gonna lie man a long time
06:16ago a little while ago
06:18um and this was even before the NBA
06:20Draft when she she came out and I think
06:22it was Brandon Miller she did that
06:24unnecessary uh trolling trying to put
06:27the young man in a bad light
06:29um but before then I did a little
06:31research a little into her backstory and
06:32Malik Andrews man had a very colorful
06:35you know
06:37um background if you will
06:39um you know she spent some time in a
06:40crazy house and all that kind of stuff
06:42uh in high school she used to have all
06:45these kind of stories which is crazy
06:46because Eli Rochester saying uh saying
06:48all this kind of stuff that in high
06:50school you know she was always
06:51surrounded by some kind of drama much
06:52like now
06:55just different things man just different
06:57things where if you look into this young
06:58lady's history uh it will draw some
07:01concerns if I'm working with this this
07:03young lady if I worked with Malik
07:04Andrews right now you know I would
07:06probably just give her the high-end buy
07:08kind of treatment because she seems like
07:10the kind of the young lady that will
07:11reel you in and get you in a situation
07:13where you're losing your earning your
07:16um and you're in a situation that you
07:18didn't even uh plan for uh an example
07:22given Jalen Rose because Jalen Rose you
07:24know that situation went so viral and
07:26that's so out of control that eventually
07:28he did have to say something about it
07:29and confirmed that it was all rumors uh
07:32that he wasn't terminated from ESPN
07:34because of that reason all this kind of
07:36stuff man it's just you know way she's
07:38way more trouble than she's worth
07:41um and like I said If I Was A co-worker
07:43of Malika Andrews how you doing did you
07:46you know all right bye-bye uh that's my
07:49Mo anyway when I'm in the work in the
07:52workforce uh industry
07:55but anyway that's just it's just a weird
07:59um like I say I'm I'm not so much happy
08:01that Eli Rogers came out with this story
08:04but like I said it's just a confirmation
08:06to uh some suspicions that I have about
08:09this young lady why is she still at ESPN
08:11after all of these uh uh color
08:14commentators who have been at ESPN for
08:16years have put into work essentially
08:20um the better you know the better parts
08:23of ESPN that we do enjoy uh all the
08:25people that had something to do with
08:26that with the exception of maybe like
08:28Stephen A Smith all other people that
08:30really had something to do with that are
08:33gone but but nonetheless you know you
08:35still have a Malika Andrews stucking
08:39um you still got molly Kim I thought she
08:41I I'm gonna tell you the truth I don't
08:43ever pay attention to Molly she's not
08:45very attractive to me she doesn't ever
08:47really say anything uh I know that she's
08:49had you know headlines and stories in
08:51the past honestly I'm just kind of
08:53watching it and seeing it come and go
08:54the most of ever read or or did research
08:58about Molly Kim is when her and Lavar
09:00ball at the exchanged after that I mean
09:02I know she had that situation with
09:03Stephen a divorce and Jalen wrote all
09:05this kind of stuff I don't care about
09:06Molly camera I don't care about Malik
09:08Andrews SPM was in with ESPN was tapped
09:11into their audience because I like to
09:12think I'm a representation of their
09:14target audience uh if they was really
09:17tapped in they would have got rid of
09:18these people you know and kept your Jeff
09:20Van gundies and kept your Jalen Rose you
09:22know Etc uh but nonetheless it is what
09:25it is
09:26um that's that story for that y'all look
09:29into y'all tell me what y'all think in
09:30the comment section uh please like
09:32subscribe comment share all that good
09:34stuff hit the notification Bell so you
09:35can be notified when I'm dropping
09:37content on this channel it really does
09:38help I do I do uh want to say that I am
09:41grateful and thankful for the support I
09:44um and I just love doing this man this
09:45is my my passion I'm gonna keep going
09:47keep pushing
09:49cause y'all the bosses man I want to do
09:51a good job that y'all approve of um but
09:53nonetheless I'm not a coach I'm not a
09:55player I must have Vine that's all I got
09:57for y'all on this one peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Malika Andrews trustworthy?

Former high school classmate reveals her history of drama and questionable behavior, suggesting she may not be trustworthy.

2. What is the recent incident involving Malika Andrews and Jalen Rose?

The recent incident with Jalen Rose raises questions about Malika Andrews' behavior and trustworthiness.

3. What are the potential negative consequences of working with Malika Andrews?

The personal stories and warnings from a former high school classmate highlight the potential negative consequences of working with Malika Andrews.

4. What are the concerns raised about Malika Andrews' behavior?

The concerns about Malika Andrews' behavior include a history of drama, questionable behavior, and the recent incident with Jalen Rose.

5. Should Malika Andrews be kept at ESPN?

The history of drama and questionable behavior, along with the recent incident with Jalen Rose, suggest that Malika Andrews may not be worth keeping at ESPN.

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