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d4vd explains the background behind his song "Romantic Homicide" and how he uses poetry to convey deep emotions and multiple interpretations, with the lyrics reflecting personal growth and overcoming inner struggles. He details how the storytelling aspect of the song leads to a powerful moment where he conveys the idea of killing a past self and finding inner peace. His inspiration is drawn from everyday life, including stories, movies, cars, and observing people to capture diverse emotions.
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David, a gamer from Queens, was pushed into music after getting copyright strikes on YouTube and created "Romantic Homicide" using Apple earbuds and the app called Bandlab.
David is a gamer from Queens who loves video games.
He was pushed into music after getting copyright strikes on YouTube.
He created "Romantic Homicide" using Apple earbuds and the app called Bandlab.
David writes to contextualize the stories that he tells in his music.
The artist discusses the poetry aspect of their songs and the storytelling behind the lyrics.
The artist finds inspiration in graphic novels and Japanese manga.
The hook in the song refers to the death of a character in the artist's mind.
Different interpretations of the lyrics are possible, such as the idea of personal growth and not mourning one's past self.
The artist explains the meaning behind the lyrics and how it conveys the idea of killing someone figuratively in the back of their mind.
The lyrics express the artist's strong emotions towards someone they hate.
The phrase "I killed you" is used to emphasize that it was a decision made by the artist, not something the other person did.
The artist emphasizes that it is a figurative killing, happening in the back of their mind.
The artist believes that expelling negative thoughts from the mind is crucial for everything else to fall into place.
00:00hello my name is David
00:02um pronounced David not d4vd I'm from
00:04Queens New York I'm in Houston now I am
00:07a gamer
00:09um I love video games I want to be a
00:10professional gamer before music that's
00:12actually what pushed me into music was
00:14getting copyright strikes on YouTube and
00:16I kind of just um use my own music and
00:19my montages after my mom told me to
00:21because I was crying to her about it and
00:23now we're here
00:28thank you
00:30so how I created romantic homicide is
00:32basically like every other song In My
00:34Sister's Closet with the Apple earbuds
00:37an app called bandlab on my phone um
00:39just going through instrumentals and
00:40letting them tell me what needs to be
00:42said on them and basically just going
00:44from there and then I write to
00:45contextualize the stories that I tell
00:48I'm scared
00:51it feels like you don't care
00:54enlighten me my dear
00:58why am I still here
01:01I don't mean to be complacent with the
01:07decisions you mean but why
01:13so enlighten me my dear is my favorite
01:16line because you can take so many
01:17different meanings out of it and it's an
01:19emotion in itself everything has a
01:21meaning behind it I think that's what
01:22poetry is it's like an interpretation
01:24and another person can read the same
01:26thing and take something else out of it
01:27and find new things every time so I
01:29think that's an important part of my
01:31process is definitely the Poetry aspect
01:33of it and all of my songs I think are
01:36um I started writing as long as I can
01:38remember like seeing graphic novels and
01:40Japanese manga and like taking those
01:42stories I mean like imagine if this
01:45in the back of my mind
01:48you died
01:50and I did anything cry
01:54no not a single tear
01:57and I'm sick of waiting pay shortly for
02:03someone that won't even arrive
02:14whoa foreign
02:24the hook in the back of my mind you died
02:27it's kind of like the storytelling
02:28aspect of the lyrics that came before it
02:30in a way that it builds up to the big
02:32moment where she died in the back of my
02:34mind I didn't kill her physically in the
02:37back of my mind she died and I didn't
02:40even cry not a single tear I've seen
02:42people online take different meanings
02:43and interpretations from that one part
02:46of the song where it's like it's their
02:47past selves that's dying and they're not
02:50even crying about it because they're
02:51evolved they become better people or
02:53have killed addictions and other
02:55different stuff like that so I think
02:57it's very powerful in that way too
03:00in the back of my mind
03:04I killed you
03:06and I didn't even regret it
03:11I can't believe I said it
03:14but it's true
03:19I hate you I wanted you to feel the
03:23emotion in this part of the song not
03:25just to repeat the hook but to say it in
03:28a different manner with the same feeling
03:29that the first part of it conveyed which
03:32was in the back of my mind but then you
03:34think that I'm gonna say you died but I
03:36say I killed you so it's not like the
03:38thought of her has gone by itself was
03:40something that she did it was something
03:41that I decided to do and I killed her in
03:44the back of my mind but it's really more
03:45of a figurative I killed you especially
03:47in the back of my mind I try to stress
03:48that in the back of my mind so I say it
03:51so loud in the back of my mind you die
03:52in the back of my mind I killed you so
03:54it's all in the mind because that's the
03:56the most secure place you can be is in
03:58your mind so if you can expel that
04:00thought from your mind then everything
04:01else will just
04:03come together the puzzle pieces with
04:05just a line
04:07what inspires me I think everyday life a
04:10little bit of everything stories movies
04:12moving cars people I think I'm a people
04:14Watcher so I can pick up on emotions I
04:17think everything life life inspires me
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the inspiration behind the song 'Romantic Homicide'?

The inspiration behind the song 'Romantic Homicide' is drawn from everyday life, including stories, movies, cars, and observing people to capture diverse emotions.

2. How does the song reflect personal growth and inner struggles?

The song reflects personal growth and inner struggles through the lyrics, conveying deep emotions and multiple interpretations, leading to a powerful moment where the artist conveys the idea of killing a past self and finding inner peace.

3. What is the significance of using poetry to convey deep emotions in the song?

The use of poetry in the song adds a layer of depth and emotional resonance, allowing for multiple interpretations and a more profound connection with the audience.

4. How does the artist use the storytelling aspect of the song to create a powerful moment?

The artist utilizes the storytelling aspect of the song to create a powerful moment where he conveys the idea of killing a past self and finding inner peace, leading to a deeply impactful and emotional experience for the audience.

5. What role does everyday life play in inspiring the artist's music?

Everyday life plays a significant role in inspiring the artist's music, incorporating stories, movies, cars, and observing people to capture diverse emotions and create a rich and relatable musical experience.

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