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Cristiano Ronaldo's short biography reveals his challenging upbringing in poverty and his struggles with a lack of emotional connection from his father, which drove his ambition to succeed in football. Despite facing hardships, he overcame a heart defect and ultimately caught the attention of Manchester United, showcasing his incredible talent and determination. Ronaldo's journey from adversity to success sheds light on the insecurities behind his public confidence.
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Cristiano Ronaldo grew up in poverty on the Portuguese island of Madeira, with his overwhelmed mother initially not wanting to have him.
Cristiano Ronaldo was born into abject poverty and his mother initially tried to abort him.
His family lived in a run-down working-class area and had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.
Cristiano's father, José Dinis, paid little attention to him and turned to alcohol after returning from the colonial war.
Cristiano Ronaldo's father introduces him to football at a young age, which becomes his passion and a way to seek recognition and overcome his emotional nature.
Cristiano's father brings him into a small amateur team where he works as a kit manager.
Cristiano trains extensively and proves to be a football prodigy.
He faces mockery from other children due to his emotional nature, which fuels his ambition to be the best.
Cristiano Ronaldo struggles with separation from family, lives in hostel and faces harassment due to Madeira accent, but perseveres to succeed in football despite heart defect.
Separation from family is difficult for young Cristiano who moves from island to mainland.
Lives in hostel and faces harassment due to Madeira accent.
Begs for dinner with classmates after training.
Despite heart defect and financial struggles, succeeds in football.
Cristiano Ronaldo's improved heart health allows him to run faster and impresses the opposing team in a friendly match against Manchester United.
Ronaldo's improved heart efficiency enables him to run faster.
He impresses the opposing coach and English players with his talent.
Ronaldo's father passed away in 2005, and he was unable to emotionally connect with him before his death.
Despite his self-confident demeanor, Ronaldo's arrogance may stem from childhood insecurities.
00:00He is a record footballer.
00:02But when most people hear the name Christiano Ronaldo, what
00:04comes to mind is his proud grin
00:06and arrogant demeanor .
00:09But what story lies behind this arrogant appearance?
00:13(popping noises, pen scribbling)
00:19Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro - that's his full name -
00:24grew up on the Portuguese island of Madeira.
00:27What initially sounds like paradise
00:29turns out to be anything but.
00:32Christiano was born into abject poverty.
00:36His overwhelmed mother Maria Dolores does
00:40n't want to have him at first.
00:42But the doctor encourages her.
00:45At home, she tries to abort
00:48the unborn child with warm beer on her own initiative.
00:52Today she says: "God didn't want it to happen."
00:55And blessed her with a son.
00:58The family of five lived
01:00in a run-down working-class area at the time.
01:03Parents have to spend every penny twice
01:06and work multiple jobs to provide for everyone.
01:09As the chick of the family,
01:11Christiano is still doing comparatively well.
01:13Because he is cared for by everyone.
01:16Well, all but one.
01:19His father, José Dinis, hardly pays any attention to him or the other children
01:25He turned to alcohol
01:26after returning traumatized from the colonial war
01:29in Angola.
01:31Although he is never violent towards his family ,
01:35 there was never any real closeness.
01:38To this day, Christiano is burdened by his father's lack of affection,
01:42as he once tearfully revealed in an interview .
01:47But there is one thing
01:49that connects the boy to José.
01:52It is Christiano's father who brings the eight-year-old
01:55into the small amateur team,
01:57where he works as a kit manager.
02:00From then on, Christiano's life revolves
02:03around football.
02:04He probably wants to impress his father with his skills.
02:09And he always manages it.
02:11Christiano trains day and night
02:13and proves to be a real football prodigy.
02:17From then on he becomes crazy about tricking and kicking with the ball at his feet
02:22But despite his talent,
02:24he always has to prove himself to the other children .
02:28Because they like to make fun of his emotional nature
02:32Probably one more reason for Christiano to
02:35simply want to be the best.
02:37So that no one laughs at him anymore.
02:39And to receive the recognition from others
02:43that he otherwise lacked.
02:44(Dynamic music)
02:45Great ambition and hard training will soon pay off.
02:49When he was just twelve years old, Christiano was discovered by a talent scout from
02:53the Sporting Lisbon football academy.
02:56(Dynamic music)
02:57However, this results in a move from the island to the mainland.
03:02The separation from his family is very hard for young Christiano
03:07The twelve-year-old, who was always the center of attention as the youngest in the family
03:12is now on his own.
03:14So he initially lives in a hostel,
03:17and even in the academy itself
03:18his family cannot support him
03:21when he is harassed because of his Madeira accent .
03:24In order not to let all the negative feelings get to him,
03:27he often played the hero back then , says his mother.
03:31(Music: "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg)
03:34Because behind the cool facade there is a gentle boy.
03:37Like himself, some of his classmates at the time also came
03:41from poor backgrounds.
03:43Together with them, Christiano begs for his dinner almost every day
03:46 after strenuous training.
03:49But Christiano was the shyest of all the boys ,
03:53remembers an employee at a fast food restaurant.
03:57It was all the more important for him to earn
03:59the respect of his team
04:02and prove himself on the pitch.
04:04With success.
04:05In no time, Christiano switches to adults.
04:09But just as he's about to hit the ground running,
04:12fate strikes.
04:14Christiano has a heart defect.
04:17But how should someone who ca n't even afford a burger
04:21pay for an expensive operation?
04:23Luckily, the academy covers the treatment costs,
04:27saving not only Christiano's health
04:30but also his football future.
04:32Because the heart is now more efficient,
04:34he can now run even faster.
04:38Which he proves in a friendly against Manchester United.
04:42The opposing coach and the English players
04:45are so fascinated by the Portuguese's talent
04:48that they want to win him over.
04:51So much encouragement at such a young age,
04:53the self-confident flights of fancy are probably no coincidence.
04:58But his bitter past always catches up with him. In
05:022005, Christiano's beloved father died of liver failure.
05:07He was never able to persuade his dad to withdraw.
05:10The tragic thing about it:
05:12Christiano was unable to reach his father emotionally until the end.
05:18Professionally, CR7 has still proven it to everyone.
05:21And he celebrates this with his well-known
05:24self-confident demeanor.
05:27But it is not for nothing that it is said: "Behind great arrogance
05:30there is often insecurity."
05:32And Christiano knows them all too well from his childhood. Manu Thiele will tell you
05:39why CR7 went back to Manchester United
05:44And another exciting biography is also linked here.
05:49Until the next inspiration,
05:51“The Biographer.”
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What challenges did Cristiano Ronaldo face in his upbringing?

Cristiano Ronaldo faced challenges in his upbringing such as poverty, emotional neglect from his father, and overcoming a heart defect.

2. How did Cristiano Ronaldo's upbringing influence his ambition in football?

Cristiano Ronaldo's challenging upbringing and lack of emotional connection from his father drove his ambition to succeed in football, pushing him to overcome hardships and obstacles.

3. What caught the attention of Manchester United in Cristiano Ronaldo's journey?

Manchester United was captivated by Cristiano Ronaldo's incredible talent and determination, which ultimately led to his recognition and opportunity in the football world.

4. What does Cristiano Ronaldo's journey from adversity to success reveal?

Cristiano Ronaldo's journey from adversity to success sheds light on the insecurities behind his public confidence, showcasing the resilience and determination that propelled him to achieve greatness.

5. How did Cristiano Ronaldo's struggles shape his path to success?

Cristiano Ronaldo's struggles with poverty, emotional neglect, and a heart defect shaped his path to success, highlighting his ability to overcome adversity and emerge as a football icon.

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