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The video is about the story of Ronnie Coleman, a world champion bodybuilder who won Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row but is now almost paralyzed due to multiple injuries and surgeries. It highlights his legendary career, work ethic, and the irony of his current health condition.
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The section discusses the legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman's achievements and his current physical condition, serving as a cautionary tale for bodybuilders.
Ronnie Coleman is an iconic figure in the world of bodybuilding, having won Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row.
Despite his incredible success, he now faces challenges with walking and paralysis.
The video highlights his journey as a cautionary tale for bodybuilders to be careful and mindful of their physical health.
Ronnie Coleman's interest in weightlifting started in his school days due to his good physique, and he chose powerlifting over bodybuilding as it focuses on being as strong as possible rather than shaping the body aesthetically.
Coleman had a good physique from a young age and participated in sports activities in school despite working while studying.
Powerlifting is not as aesthetically pleasing as bodybuilding, but focuses on being as strong as possible.
Coleman received a scholarship for accounting in college despite his athletic background in powerlifting and American football.
Ronnie Coleman's bodybuilding career started when he joined the Anglington Police Department and was invited by his fellow police officers to practice at the Metroflex gym, where he caught the attention of the gym owner, Bryan Dopsen.
Ronnie's career journey started when he joined the Anglington Police Department and practiced at the Metroflex gym.
The gym owner, Bryan Dopsen, noticed his potential and offered him a chance to compete in a bodybuilding competition.
Ronnie won an amateur competition called Mister Texas in 1990, which was his stepping stone to enter professional competitions.
Ronnie Coleman won the Mr. Olympia competition 8 times consecutively, but his victory in 1999 was controversial.
In 1998, Ronnie Coleman won the Mr. Olympia competition for the first time.
After winning in 1999, his consecutive victories in the competition were considered controversial.
Ronnie Coleman continued to work as a police officer until 2000.
The controversy surrounding his victories may be due to suspicions of him being paid for his success.
Ronnie Coleman suffered a serious injury during a squat exercise with a 600-pound load, resulting in a herniation and potential paralysis.
Ronnie was doing squats with a 600-pound load when he heard a popping sound and felt pain in his back.
The injury was diagnosed as a herniation, causing pain and potential paralysis.
Despite the seriousness of the injury, Ronnie initially chose not to have surgery and rested for two weeks before returning to training.
00:00Hello everyone, guys, back again with me
00:01here, in a new setup, which
00:06hopefully is sweet for your eyes,
00:08right? And today I want to tell you
00:10the story of another human being, a human
00:13who according to me is very accomplished,
00:16namely Roni Callment, aka The
00:19King. who is the originator of
00:21this iconic slogan,
00:30well, for those of you who like fitness or
00:34follow the professional body building scene, you
00:37should really know this man, bro.
00:39Or maybe at least know the name
00:41Roni, why should you know this call
00:43because he is truly a legend
00:46in the world of body building guys and
00:48he himself has also won the
00:50biggest bodybuilding competition on earth, aka Mr
00:53Olympia with a total of 8 wins in a
00:57row, 8 years in
00:59a row, so 8 times in 8
01:01years, so this achievement is that guy is
01:04that crazy and he has become
01:06He's really a legend, like Arnold, yes, but
01:09what makes me want to tell you about his journey is
01:10not just from the inscription
01:13because you're looking for easy compensation,
01:14but from the problems that caused this, the person
01:16who was able to win Mister
01:18Olympia 8 times in a row and had a
01:20really big monster body.
01:22Until finally now I end up
01:24being an old man who finds it
01:27difficult to walk and becomes paralyzed.
01:30What's the story? Well, this could be a
01:32lesson for body builders
01:34who now like to wear bras
01:36when they're going to the gym in malls. So, I'm
01:38afraid it's like that, right? So you have to be
01:40careful. -Be careful, guys. Yes, what's the
01:42ironic story of this ironicalluman? Let's
01:45speak in the video, Guys, hello
02:06a man who is very, very legendary
02:09and also iconic in the world of
02:12international bodybuilding, he himself was born
02:14with the full name Ronald on
02:17May 13, 1964 in Monroe
02:23how big in the world of bodybuilding, maybe the
02:26equivalent is like Mike Tyson in
02:28professional boxing or Muhammad Ali like that?
02:30And indeed, that's how big and influential
02:33his name is in the world of bodybuilding. OK, I
02:37'll start from
02:40Roni Komen's youth, well, Roni's callmen has
02:42grown up. grew up in a family that could be
02:43said to be a broken home because his mother
02:45and father separated when he was
02:47little and his mother was also quite struggling
02:49to meet their needs,
02:51namely Roni and his two younger siblings,
02:53so Roni himself had also started
02:55doing things to supplement his
02:57income. his family from a
02:58very small age. Even when he was still
03:00at school, he worked, but
03:03even so, this person's mentality
03:05has been very strong, since he was small, he
03:06often stopped picking up. Just kidding,
03:09and he too. Indeed, in
03:12his childhood, he didn't mind his
03:14difficult situation, that's the point. he really
03:16tries like that, so even though he has to go to
03:18school while working, he can still
03:20take part in sports activities at school
03:22because since his school days he
03:24already has a really good physique
03:26for sports, the ideal body and you
03:28could say he's a genetic
03:30freak too. And I already have a good physique
03:32from God, that's why it's not surprising
03:34that the sport that he finally
03:36chose from a young age
03:39was weightlifting or more specifically, power
03:41lifting and a little information also, power
03:44listing and body building are different. So
03:46if body building is trying
03:47to shape the body so as good as possible
03:50with low fat levels,
03:52that's the definition, eee, one like him. Well,
03:55power lifting is simply trying
03:57to be as strong as possible like Aji
03:59Suganda, yes, and from an aesthetic point of view, it's also
04:02clear that it's not as cool as a body builder's physique
04:04if you take off your clothes, because if you have
04:06fat levels they are low so they won't be able to
04:08lift heavy weights and you can also
04:10see the muscles on the beaches when
04:13you bump into them. Eh, why is that?
04:16But only a few, but the point is that the
04:19power lifting sport didn't
04:21last long, so it was an option for
04:23Roni, comment. Because after graduating from high school
04:25In 1982 he didn't play
04:29that sport for quite a long time and at night he entered
04:31another sport, namely
04:33American football, so after graduating from high school,
04:37unexpectedly received a scholarship to
04:39go to college in a major that wasn't
04:41athletic at all, namely
04:43accounting. at Grambling State University
04:46or abbreviated as JSQ, maybe this person wants
04:49to be the strongest transport on the face of the earth,
04:52I don't know, well, in Jesus, he is quite
04:54performing, also on his football team, GSQ
04:56Tigers, and his position is as a middle
04:58line backer, which is quite ideal for
05:01his body. athletic because he can't stand it,
05:02right? And when he was studying at JSU, he
05:05was not only serious about sports,
05:07but also in the academic field, he didn't
05:09play anything else because he
05:11didn't drop out of his studies midway and
05:13finally he was able to get a bachelor's degree in accounting
05:14from there. Well, but after graduated with a
05:18degree in accounting which was the problem
05:20when Roni moved from studying
05:23to text to look for work because in terms of
05:25work and so on in
05:26Texas everything is more advanced and faster,
05:28maybe you can
05:30compare it like Bandung and Jakarta. the
05:31situation is one is really fast, the
05:34other is a bit slow, yes, but
05:36even though in Texas the job
05:37and other things are more advanced, the work
05:40there is also much more difficult for him
05:41to get more competitively and in the end
05:43Roni doesn't get a job as an
05:45accountant, even though he Finally
05:47he was able to get a job in Texas and
05:49with a bachelor's degree in accounting, you
05:51can guess what he became, he became an employee
05:54at Domino's Pizza making pizza and he
05:57even had to eat pizza every
06:00day because he didn't have enough money and
06:02leftovers were eaten by him. So you can
06:04imagine that, right? Roni commented, who has
06:06become a living legend now, apparently he
06:08used to work at Domino's Pizza,
06:10so his life wasn't easy,
06:12even though he already had a
06:14bachelor's degree at that time,
06:16but luckily in 1989
06:19he got information about new job vacancies
06:22from the newspaper to make it happen. member of the police
06:24at Arlink Tenteks and this is where the
06:27bodybuilding or body building career journey of
06:29Sironicallument started
06:32in earnest, a little reminder
06:34also that at the beginning when he was at school, he
06:36didn't focus on body building but on
06:38power lifting, so those are two sports
06:41whose focus is quite different. So, so
06:43what? This journey can begin
06:45when a person joins the Anglington Police Department, this
06:47is his body building journey and the
06:49answer is because while he was on duty
06:50there, he was invited by his fellow
06:52police officers to practice at the Metroflex game
06:54which was close to their office because the
06:56average American police officer
06:59and at that time was Rony. This is actually
07:01just normal exercise for an
07:03exercise routine outside of working hours when he
07:05was a policeman or on patrol, right?
07:07But at that time he was glanced at by the
07:09owner of the gym, who was Bryan
07:12Dopsen, so at that time he was able to
07:14attract Bryan's attention. It really
07:16looked like this. Young people have the
07:18potential to become professional body builders,
07:21that's why at that time Roni
07:23was offered to take part in a competition with a
07:25free gym membership fee every
07:27month and he was only 24
07:29years old and had just got a job. OK,
07:31I'll definitely do it like that, right? If
07:33the payment can reduce
07:35monthly expenses That's why he didn't do that, right?
07:36That's why at that time he started to
07:39enter local body building competitions
07:41and was able to win an amateur competition
07:43called Mister Texas fried chicken. Yes,
07:46in class in 1990, the Mr
07:51Texas competition could also be said to be
07:53Roni's stepping stone because From there he
07:55started to enter
07:57professional competitions such as the World
07:59Amacher Championships in Poland in
08:021991 and the Chicago Pro
08:04Championship in 1992 and he also
08:07took part in power
08:08lifting competitions in 1994 when he was
08:11still an option or again. Taking a break is
08:13really crazy, isn't it? Yes, this person has
08:15taken part in building in between
08:17competitions, he can still take part in
08:19power lifting competitions, the focus of
08:21which is much different now,
08:23even though he often takes part in
08:25competitions here and there and even goes
08:27abroad. country, but in terms of achievements, he
08:29doesn't always win, so most of the time
08:31he's there. He's ranked in the top ten because his
08:32opponents also have
08:34crazy bodies. He's not the only one who's
08:38good. Moreover, Americans have really big bodies, right? But
08:40because this is someone yes, because
08:43mentally he is already strong and doesn't
08:45give up easily, in the end, by
08:47taking part in many competitions like that,
08:49he was finally able to win
08:50another competition in 95, namely in the Canada
08:53Pro Cup competition and this victory
08:55also gave him a ticket to compete in the
08:59Mr Olympia which was held. where is Mister Olympia, the
09:04biggest and most
09:06prestigious international body building competition that exists to this day
09:10and everyone who is a participant in Mr
09:12Olympia is already crazy,
09:14their bodies are really crazy, especially those in the
09:17heavyweight class like Roni Callment, they
09:18are definitely even crazier and At the Mister
09:21Olympics in 95, Roni was able to
09:23finish in 11th position compared to the
09:25previous one in 94, he finished
09:27in 15th position, so even though winning
09:29at the Canada Pro Cup gave him a
09:31ticket to the Mister Olympics in 95,
09:33actually it wasn't the first time. he
09:35competes in the Mystery, even though
09:37his position is still in the top ten. I think I
09:39said that before, but even though he has never
09:41won the Mr. Olympia, Roni is still
09:43trying to win the Mr. Olympia, that's because
09:45I really want to, because that's the
09:48way to do body building,
09:49in my opinion, that's the way to win. Mr.
09:51Olympia, like I'm going to take part in 2 years,
09:55And finally, in 98, Roni was
09:58finally able to win the Mr. Olympia, which
10:00was held in New York at that time, and from
10:02this victory, your career could be said to
10:04have exploded because in 99, he
10:08started the year with The Arnold
10:11classic hole competition is one of the competitions which is
10:12also crazy in my opinion, that's it, he
10:14could also be a back to back winner at Mr.
10:16Olympia and after winning again
10:19that year, even though it was busy at that time,
10:20this victory was because it was considered a
10:21controversial decision, yes,
10:23why is it controversial? Yes, because Indeed,
10:25since his second victory at Mister
10:27Olimpia, Roni has been called a
10:29regular winner at Mister Olympiad
10:31until 2005. So you can imagine
10:32someone doing bodybuilding 8 times, right, like that in a
10:35row, no skipping
10:36and that's it, he's still working
10:38as a police officer until In 2000,
10:40this guy was really boxed and that's why it became
10:42controversial, but if that's the case then what's the
10:45irony of Babang Ronin,
10:47after his achievements went crazy like that,
10:51his decision was even controversial, because maybe he just got paid
10:53or something like that, even though he actually has a
10:54really good body in my opinion and The
10:56answer is in his life
10:59after retiring from the bodybuilding scene.
11:03Because after retiring in 2007,
11:05this person's health became the
11:07main problem he faced every day. Maybe
11:10some of you are guessing that
11:11these are problems that may be
11:13due to steroids and probation.
11:15But the answer is not. In fact, it
11:17turns out that a Roni comment who is
11:20famous for his super heavy training
11:23has a spinal problem, which is a
11:27hernia problem, a problem in the
11:29spinal column, so this all started to become
11:32known to the public after Roni suddenly called Roni,
11:34who is known to be very strong as a body
11:36builder. I had to have surgery in
11:382007, yes, that was the year of his
11:40last competition. Also, the cause of
11:43the injury apparently was
11:45n't because of new incidents or
11:47suddenly happened, wasn't
11:53football on campus because
11:56you know American football is a
11:57really tough and hard hitting sport
11:59so injuries are almost
12:02unavoidable for
12:03this sport and since his
12:06college days he has suffered from
12:08neck and back injuries which hurt
12:10constantly and It has become a routine
12:12every day to be able to endure the
12:13pain, that's why he has to go to Curug
12:16Practer at least once a week to get
12:18therapy and check the condition of his injury.
12:21But it wasn't until his college days that
12:22Roni also experienced an
12:24even more serious injury, which ironically
12:26happened. When his body building career
12:28started to take off in 1997, from the interview
12:31he explained in
12:32great detail what happened in 1997,
12:35Roni was doing a squad with a
12:37super heavy load, namely 600
12:39pounds or around 272 kg,
12:43how much does that mean? That means around maybe 5 times
12:47I was stacked like that and like that. So if
12:50you were confused about how heavy
12:51this person's training was, the answer is 272 kilos, the same as
12:55this person under squatting, you can imagine
12:57and in his training he said that
12:59his training sets at that time should
13:0211 to 13 repetitions. aka 12-13 times
13:06but when he was on the 8th repetition or the
13:098th time he suddenly heard a
13:11popping sound from behind which at first
13:14he thought was just his friend maybe
13:16hitting his back to encourage him
13:18because someone was hitting
13:19his back. Yes, so that I can get emotional and lift it
13:21like that. But when asked by the person
13:24looking after him, he was also doing something like that
13:25and he didn't know what that sound was
13:27and it turned out that what happened was
13:30his herniation or a situation where the
13:33cushion between
13:35the vertebrae was protruding or was damaged. The
13:38side effect is that it hurts down
13:40to the legs and can even make
13:44you paralyzed, so from the usual injury, it
13:46only hurts 12 hours after
13:48training, but this time the injury didn't
13:50go away and after being examined by a doctor and an
13:52MRI, he was recommended to
13:54have surgery because it was as serious as possible.
13:57That was the condition until it sounded, but
14:00because at that time the career and body
14:02building industry was on the rise in
14:03western countries, that's why he
14:06didn't want to do the operation and in the end
14:07he just rested for 2 weeks and
14:10after the two weeks' rest, what was the
14:12first exercise he did? As strong as ever, the
14:14boss brought the barbell to squat again and this
14:18rich man is too strong
14:19mentally, to the point that
14:21even that injury didn't deter him and yes,
14:24but you could say that his mentality is
14:25also what made him ultimately
14:27successful and a legend to
14:29this day because after him He didn't
14:30give up, he was finally able to
14:31win 8 times from Mr. Olympia,
14:34even though his injury was getting
14:36worse, of course. Well, that's why after
14:39retiring in 2007, Roni Callman
14:41finally had surgery for the first time
14:43for this disease in the hope that
14:45his health would return to
14:47normal. The point is. He got rid of the pain
14:49in his back, but
14:51unfortunately, after the first operation,
14:53he still felt pain and his legs
14:56almost gave up to the point that
14:58he had to walk using
15:00a cane. So you can imagine how much pain
15:02and agony this feeling is for someone who was
15:04previously able to The 200 kilo squad did more than 8
15:07to 12 repetitions until finally he
15:09became limp and couldn't walk
15:11normally anymore, even in 2014 he
15:14had to have surgery to replace
15:16his pelvic bone and in 2018 he
15:19had to have
15:213 operations. This is
15:23his 8th, 9th and 10th surgery
15:26and it doesn't stop there. In
15:282020 he had to have another operation to
15:30replace his pelvic bone again and
15:33even now he still has to
15:34use a cane if he wants to walk
15:36quite a long distance overall.
15:39The total number of operations he has done
15:41is 13 times, including
15:44twice on the pelvis, twice
15:46on the neck and also 9 times on the
15:48back, where
15:50all kinds of iron posts and bolts have been installed,
15:52like Jackie Chan, this person and the total
15:54price What he had to pay for
15:56the operation was almost 2
15:58million USD or maybe around
16:0120 billion,
16:04but this person could be called a
16:06legend, not just because he won the
16:08competition, but because
16:10his work ethic was crazy and he
16:11didn't know such a thing as failure because of
16:14time. in the interview about his regrets
16:16from all his experiences, the
16:18regret is not because of the
16:20permanent injury he has now, but
16:22instead, he regrets because in the past he could only
16:24get 2 reps when he was 800
16:26Pounds or 362 kg.
16:30If we were doing a squad, we would definitely
16:32die, so that's it. Even though he can't even walk,
16:35this person can still be that strong in his
16:37love for the world of body
16:40building, so it's ironic and a pity
16:42because even though he's
16:44still financially okay with
16:46all his business and sponsorship, you
16:48have to remember that he also does all this.
16:51because of his love for lifting
16:52weights, so even though
16:54financially he is okay, at the
16:57same time he can't move and
16:58train like a normal person, there
17:01's even a video of him lifting a 3
17:02kilo barbell and it's already hard to lift, so
17:05this is a real legend.
17:06According to me, people start from his work ethic,
17:07his enthusiasm for difficult times and
17:10even his love
17:11for bodybuilding, even though he has
17:13experienced an injury that really makes him
17:16sick every day, especially when he is
17:17training, and now he has even ended up
17:19paralyzed, so let's just pray for Roni for
17:22that call. can be healthy again and next time
17:24he makes a comeback and wins Mr
17:26Olympia again, guys. Because even now
17:27his body is still a bit big, but it's
17:30a shame if you look at the
17:31videos of him lifting 3
17:33kilo barbells for chest presses in the hospital bed and it's
17:35also a bit broken, right?
17:37but that's the person who
17:39really loves his field and wins
17:41various awards. Maybe that's
17:43also the determination and persistence that
17:45we need for us to be
17:47extraordinary in our respective careers.
17:49If you have extraordinary,
17:53great people out there, you're finally
17:55experiencing Roni in his life, please
17:57drop it in the comments column. Later we will discuss it
17:59together, guys. It can be a
18:00life lesson for all of us.
18:02Thank you for watching until the end.
18:04Don't forget to like and subscribe. If you
18:05like this video, for example,
18:07see you in heroes and legends.
18:09others on this earth
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the story of Ronnie Coleman?

The story of Ronnie Coleman revolves around his legendary career as a world champion bodybuilder who won Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row. It also highlights his incredible work ethic and the dedication he displayed throughout his career.

2. How many times did Ronnie Coleman win Mr. Olympia?

Ronnie Coleman won Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row, establishing himself as one of the most successful bodybuilders in the history of the sport.

3. What led to Ronnie Coleman's current health condition?

Ronnie Coleman's current health condition, which has left him almost paralyzed, is a result of multiple injuries and surgeries that he underwent during his career as a professional bodybuilder.

4. What is the irony of Ronnie Coleman's current situation?

The irony of Ronnie Coleman's current situation lies in the contrast between his incredible achievements as a bodybuilder and his current health struggles. It serves as a powerful reminder of the physical toll that professional sports can take on athletes.

5. What can we learn from Ronnie Coleman's story?

Ronnie Coleman's story serves as a testament to the highs and lows of a professional athlete's journey. It emphasizes the importance of balancing dedication to one's craft with prioritizing long-term health and well-being.

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