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This video tutorial explains how to make money on the video sharing platform Rumble, including different account types, licensing options, and referral earnings. It also highlights the potential for viral content and the ability to connect your Rumble Channel with your YouTube channel for increased views and earnings. Overall, it encourages viewers to explore Rumble as a potentially profitable platform.
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Rumble is a growing video sharing platform that allows users to upload content, refer other creators, and earn income.
Rumble is considered a competitor to YouTube but is still behind in terms of traffic.
YouTube has 32.7 billion total visits in the last month, with an average visit duration of 20 minutes and 25 seconds.
Rumble has 181.7 million total visits, with an average visit duration of three minutes and 10 seconds.
Rumble rewards its content creators, and users can sign up for a free account to watch videos or choose a monetized license to upload and earn.
Rumble offers different account types for content creators and businesses, with features like unlimited video uploads, advanced analytics, and custom branding options.
Publisher accounts are for content creators who want to monetize their videos on and other platforms.
Business accounts are designed for brands, agencies, and other businesses, with additional features and a cost.
The exclusive video management license allows Rumble to distribute your video on other platforms, including YouTube, and counts views on both platforms for earnings.
The second option is the video management license, which excludes YouTube but still includes third-party partners.
The video discusses the different licensing options on Rumble and how to upload videos to the platform.
Rumble offers four licensing options, including the Rumble player license and personal use license.
You can create a channel on Rumble by going to the "Channels" section and selecting a name, adding a thumbnail, and links to your social media.
It is recommended to link your YouTube channel with Rumble for increased exposure and potential income.
Rumble has a viral category where funny, cute animals, children, and heartwarming content tend to go viral.
The video discusses the different ways to make money on Rumble.
You can upload videos of pets or funny videos.
There are different licensing options available for video management.
You can earn by referring potential content creators to Rumble.
Once you have enough money in your account, you can cash out through PayPal.
00:00if you've heard of YouTube and I'm
00:02assuming you have since you're here you
00:05probably heard of Rumble as well it's a
00:07growing video sharing platform that
00:09allows you to upload content refer other
00:12creators to it and earn some income
00:15let's get into it so some say rumble is
00:18a growing competitor to YouTube but it
00:21is still very much behind the giant
00:24let's check out a similar web that can
00:26give us interesting information on
00:29YouTube's traffic so total visits in the
00:31last month on desktop and mobile were
00:3532.7 billion and average visit duration
00:38was 20 minutes and 25 seconds and if we
00:41look at the ranking category rank is uh
00:44streaming and online TV in United States
00:47it holds the birthplace above Netflix
00:51and globally it is on the second spot
00:53behind Google so let's compare it to and it has total visits of
01:02181.7 million and the average visit
01:05duration is much shorter than uh YouTube
01:08three minutes and 10 seconds but it
01:10isn't doing uh bad in its category rank
01:13which is arts and entertainment in the
01:15United States it holds the second place
01:19and and it isn't doing a bad globally as
01:23you can see it does keep growing now
01:25just like YouTube Rumble also rewards
01:28their content creators that's why so
01:30many people decided to give it a try so
01:33first things first sign up and make an
01:35account as you can see my account
01:37overview and my earnings are 0.0 dollars
01:42because uh I just signed up a moment ago
01:46and right away as you sign up it will
01:48give you the free account option but you
01:51can later change that so free accounts
01:54are designed for casual users who want
01:56to watch but it also gives you a chance
01:58to upload and earn provided you choose a
02:01monetized license and will also talk
02:03about the license Rumble offers
02:07publisher accounts are designed for
02:09Content creators who want to monetize
02:11their videos on and other
02:13platforms including websites you own or
02:17manage with a publisher account you can
02:19upload an unlimited number of videos
02:21same goes for a free account and you'll
02:24also get access to Advanced analytics Uh
02:27custom branding options and other
02:29features business accounts are designed
02:32for Brands agencies and other businesses
02:34and it is something you must pay for now
02:37you can just click here on help and look
02:41for a change of your account plan this
02:45is the plan I chose you also have the
02:48basic package of ten dollars a month the
02:52starter package the team package small
02:54business package large business package
02:57now let's talk about licensing options
02:59on a rumble the license that has the
03:02potential to bring in the most revenue
03:04for the Creator is the exclusive video
03:07management license but that does it
03:09allows a rumble to distribute your video
03:12on other platforms including YouTube and
03:15that's a cool feature that Rumble allows
03:18you to do it allows you to connect your
03:21Rumble Channel and YouTube channel and
03:23any view you get on YouTube on your
03:26video that was uploaded from Rumble also
03:29counts as a view on Rumble and gets paid
03:32by Rumble so it kind of doubles your
03:35earnings with this license includes
03:38sharing your video on YouTube Rumble
03:40Zone website as well as their 30 third
03:43party Partners if you pick this option
03:45you're giving get them exclusive rights
03:48to represent you to promote you to bring
03:51more views to you now if you have a
03:53really good video that you believe has
03:55the potential of becoming viral then
03:57this is a very good option for you the
03:59second option is the video management
04:01excluding just YouTube but still
04:04includes their third-party partners and
04:06rubble's own website the third licensing
04:09option is the rumble player license this
04:12excludes a YouTube and all third party
04:14Partners outside rumble's platform but
04:17you can still manage your content on
04:19other media platforms on your own the
04:22fourth option is personal use with this
04:24license you retain a full control and
04:27All rights Rumble will not partake in
04:30any monetization not just because we
04:33have an account that doesn't
04:34automatically mean you have a channel so
04:36you can create one by going uh here
04:39channels create channel and you pick out
04:42a name you can also add a thumbnail and
04:45some backsplash and put some links to
04:48your socials uploading your video only
04:51to a rumble might not be the best idea
04:55if you're looking for some income you
04:58can also link the YouTube channel and
05:01the rumble Channel by going to videos
05:03Auto syndication and linking your
05:06YouTube and Rumble channel here now to
05:09upload your video to rumble you go here
05:13now as I said allowing Rumble to promote
05:16you is a good idea if you believe you
05:19have something that could go viral and
05:21what goes viral on Rumble let's check
05:23that out okay Rumble also has their own
05:27YouTube channel called Rumble viral some
05:30of the most popular videos have 52
05:34million views 46 million views and think
05:38about it if you let Rumble distribute
05:40your content on its YouTube channel
05:43think about how much you can earn with
05:46them because that's like getting shouted
05:47out by a famous YouTuber and we'll get
05:51you more views on your YouTube and on
05:54your Rumble so we have a viral category
05:56over here on Rumble and let's check that
05:59out So Weird Mysteries funny and weird
06:02now funny and cute animals and children
06:05is usually what goes viral here or
06:08something heartwarming such as this
06:10video over here or even extreme weather
06:13now I'm sure you have some cute videos
06:16of your pet your friend's pets or some
06:19funny videos you can upload here so I
06:22decided to upload a video of a pony it
06:25lets you pick out your thumbnails and
06:28here it gets you all your licensing
06:31options that we talked about just
06:33earlier so there's video management
06:35exclusive that lets a rumble promote you
06:38video management that excludes YouTube
06:40Rumble only and personal use so the
06:43choice is yours there's also earning by
06:46referring on a rumble check it out here
06:49you have referrals option now if I
06:53shared this link with some a potentially
06:56good creators on a rumble I can get five
07:00percent of my referrals earnings
07:03generated by ads in their videos so make
07:06sure you're sending it to someone who is
07:09a potentially good uh content creator
07:12for rumble because YouTube is so popular
07:15they don't actually need referrals and
07:18Rumble is still a growing platform that
07:21can benefit a lot from other people
07:24coming in making content uploading it
07:27and allowing them to uh promote
07:29themselves and their content creators on
07:33other platforms such as YouTube and
07:35their third-party Partners so earning by
07:38referring is a great a source of passive
07:41income on Rumble now once you see enough
07:43money in your account overview you can
07:46choose to cash out by PayPal easily
07:49since I said this is a growing a
07:51platform that updates its features and
07:55the ways it offers earnings to their
07:58contributors their creators make sure to
08:00check it out and explore more I believe
08:03it's worth taking a closer look and just
08:06trying it out make sure to subscribe to
08:08Mr money for more tips and advices on
08:11making money online thanks for watching
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I make money on Rumble?

You can make money on Rumble through different account types, licensing options, and referral earnings. The platform also offers the potential for viral content and the ability to connect your Rumble Channel with your YouTube channel for increased views and earnings.

2. What are the different account types on Rumble?

Rumble offers different account types such as Content Creators, Community Members, and Brands & Marketers. Each account type has its own features and benefits, catering to different user needs and goals.

3. How does licensing work on Rumble?

Licensing on Rumble allows you to earn money by granting permission for others to use your videos. This can include licensing to media outlets, brands, and other platforms, providing an additional stream of revenue for your content.

4. Is there a potential for viral content on Rumble?

Yes, Rumble provides opportunities for viral content, where engaging and shareable videos have the potential to reach a wide audience and generate significant earnings. Creating compelling content is key to tapping into the platform's viral potential.

5. How can I increase views and earnings on Rumble?

You can increase views and earnings on Rumble by connecting your Rumble Channel with your YouTube channel, leveraging cross-platform promotion and audience engagement. Additionally, creating high-quality and engaging content that resonates with the Rumble audience can lead to increased views and earnings.

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