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Ethical hacker Ryan Montgomery exposes child predators and their online activities to save children, with the help of thousands of names he has gathered. The video discusses his background in hacking, encounters with hackers and the dark side of the internet, as well as his involvement with Project Veritas in bringing these predators to light.
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Ryan Montgomery, the number one ethical hacker, exposes child predators and their names to save children.
Ryan Montgomery is a top-ranked ethical hacker dedicated to hacking into websites and exposing child predators.
He has thousands of names of predators that he is releasing to the public.
The purpose is to inform and save children by making parents and kids aware of the prevalence of online predators.
The video has been demonetized and censored to avoid censorship and ensure that it reaches as many people as possible.
The speaker talks about his early fascination with computers and how he got involved in the hacking community.
At a young age, the speaker became obsessed with understanding how computers work.
He joined a marketing community where he encountered hackers and learned about automation tools and exploits.
The speaker mentions a hacker named Robert Moore who stole millions of dollars worth of prepaid minutes.
Edwin, Robert's partner, resold the stolen credits at a cheaper price.
The speaker shares a story about a friend who successfully got the Panthers to sponsor a hockey team for wounded veterans, but tragically passed away from addiction before hearing the news.
The friend was determined to get the Panthers to sponsor a hockey team for wounded veterans.
The Panthers eventually agreed to sponsor the team, making them the first NHL team to do so.
Unfortunately, the friend passed away from addiction before he could hear the news of the sponsorship.
The speaker discusses the capabilities of their database for breach and leak protection and offers to demonstrate facial recognition technology to find images of a person on the internet.
The speaker claims to have more records than anyone else on the internet.
They mention that some competition websites may not have a database as big as theirs.
The speaker offers to use facial recognition technology to find images of a person on the internet.
The speaker discusses the potential security risks of devices connected to a Chinese server.
Any device with Wi-Fi capability can be vulnerable to attacks.
The speaker mentions examples such as washing machines and refrigerators.
Chinese servers may collect data for targeted advertising purposes.
The speaker sent evidence of child predators to various media outlets, but no one took any action, including both conservative and liberal media.
None of the media outlets were willing to get involved in saving children.
Law enforcement also did not want to get involved.
The speaker contacted lawyers in Virginia and Florida, but they were unsure how to handle the situation.
Despite being aware of the website owner's activities, including running for Congress, news stations and law enforcement ignored the issue.
Project Veritas collaborated with Ryan Montgomery after seeing his viral podcast, offering their support and resources to expose child predators.
Project Veritas expressed interest in helping Ryan bring justice to the issue that other stations and the FBI had failed to address.
They flew Ryan out to New York for an interview and showed him compassion and support.
Ryan is providing Project Veritas with the information he has already uncovered, particularly focusing on the website
The speaker discusses a man who showed up to meet a decoy and was later caught, revealing that he has a teaching degree and taught at two different schools.
The man had a teaching degree and taught at two different schools.
He showed up to meet a decoy after talking sexually to them.
The man has two properties, one in Massachusetts and one in Florida.
00:00this is the most evil the most
00:05in the darkest episode we have ever
00:08released on the Sean Ryan Show
00:12it has to do with
00:16Predators who are praying sexually on
00:23Ryan Montgomery the number one ranked
00:27ethical hacker in the world has
00:29dedicated his life
00:31to hacking into these websites and
00:34exposing the Predators who are preying
00:37on our children
00:39to the world and he has thousands and
00:43thousands of names now
00:45that he's releasing
00:49this is going to save a lot of kids and
00:54I want you to share this with everybody
00:56you know
00:58the public needs to be informed of this
01:01and here's how the kids are going to be
01:03saved because everybody says oh share my
01:04stuff right here's how they'll be saved
01:06every parent that watches this
01:10smarten up on what their kids doing on
01:13the internet
01:14every kid that watches this
01:16is going to smarten up
01:18and become aware of how prevalent this
01:21stuff is on the internet and every one
01:24of you predators
01:26that's watching this
01:27it's going to put the fear of God into
01:29you because when you're caught
01:32you will be humiliated
01:36and hopefully in prison
01:39that's how this is going to save these
01:42people are going to smarten up they're
01:43going to realize this is everywhere this
01:45is on every social media platform every
01:47chat room everywhere you go
01:50on the internet these people are hanging
01:54and unfortunately we have to fight
01:56censorship here because here's one thing
01:59these Predators have a lot of powerful
02:04throughout the world
02:06and government in Hollywood all over the
02:11that are sticking up for this community
02:14so we've done everything we possibly can
02:17to avoid censorship we have demonetized
02:21it ourselves this isn't about money this
02:24isn't about advertising this is about
02:26saving kids and that's it so we've
02:29demonetized the video ourself we've
02:32pulled footage we've bleeped every bad
02:38on this video
02:40in hopes that it does not get censored
02:43because the masses and the people need
02:46to watch this now
02:50this is a battle between good and evil
02:52and I can tell you right now
02:54good is losing
02:57unless people like you start to stand up
03:00and get loud about this subject this
03:02isn't about politics
03:04this isn't even about the country this
03:07is about kids all over the world this is
03:11please pay attention
03:14and share this with everyone you know if
03:16you want to see the unedited stuff
03:19it'll be on my patreon
03:21and it will be on Rumble in a few days
03:27in patreon
03:29like I said we demonetize this one you
03:32you alone
03:34or who's making this possible so thank
03:37you for the support because if it wasn't
03:39for you this wouldn't be happening
03:44with that being said
03:46I want to just say Ryan Montgomery
03:53I'm real proud to know you man and it
03:56was a real honor to have you in here and
03:59get this interview and educate the world
04:01on what you're doing and how these
04:04predators are reaching our kids
04:06and it's an honor to be your friend
04:09thank you one last thing
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04:36thank you
05:43Montgomery welcome to the Sean Ryan Show
05:46van thank you for having me it's an
05:49honor to have you so I found you I found
05:52a a
05:54maybe a 30-second short on Instagram and
05:58we'll get into that later of you
06:00exposing I believe it was a father
06:03who was exploiting his daughter in a
06:06bathtub you would hacked in and
06:08exploited that and so I reached out
06:11thinking there's no way in hell this
06:13guy's gonna give me the time of day
06:14because it doesn't look like you're very
06:16active on the on the gram and then yeah
06:18and then I got you yeah so I'm like I'm
06:23just super excited to be here uh
06:25interviewing you right now dude you are
06:27just you are doing amazing things
06:31saving who knows how many kids you know
06:34I mean if you think of the impact of
06:36what you're doing you know we'll get
06:37into it
06:39you'll never know the full impact of how
06:42many kids that you've saved by kids
06:44smartening up about what they're doing
06:46online parents smartening up about what
06:48their kids are doing online and
06:52these pedophiles you're going to put the
06:54fear of God in them oh for sure and so
06:56that's the goal there's going to be less
06:58of them preying on on on these kids so
07:03anyways we'll get into all that stuff I
07:06just wanted to say I'm how excited I am
07:09likewise I'm very excited to be here and
07:11uh it means the world to me and and uh
07:14especially that the the reach that you
07:17have the amount of parents that will be
07:19educated based on some of the stuff that
07:22we talk about here even if we save one
07:24kid it's worth it yes so let me give you
07:27a little bit of an intro here you're the
07:29number one ranked ethical hacker in the
07:31world you're a Serial entrepreneur cyber
07:34security professional and now a child
07:37safety warrior with your company 561 PC
07:41uh not my com 561 PC is not a company my
07:45company is actually pen tester which is
07:47a cyber security 561 PC is an organization
07:52that that I created with my friend
07:54Dustin labros or Scrappy's a
07:56professional MMA fighter we'll get into
07:58that soon and your goal protecting
08:02children and trying to make South
08:04Florida and the world a better place by
08:06catching one child predator at a time
08:10that's a damn good goal uh you go by
08:14zero day on Instagram you're like a
08:16modern day vigilante uh just some stuff
08:19about your hacking life zero day code
08:21for discovered
08:23security vulnerable vulnerability with
08:26zero days to fix the flaw that's the
08:28meaning of it 19 plus years hacking
08:31you're self-taught no college no formal
08:36you claim to have imposter syndrome
08:39uh you mentor and teach others on how to
08:42learn this trade you've made money from
08:45working with Amazon PayPal and Facebook
08:47and you say that hacking is the best
08:50decision you've ever made in your life
08:53sometimes you hack up to 10 hours a day
08:55yeah yeah or more but uh you know
08:57working with some of those big companies
08:59there would be through bug Bounty
09:00programs I don't know if you're familiar
09:02with them I'm not uh that was prior to
09:05to uh us starting which is
09:08a cyber security platform for small
09:11medium-sized businesses at the moment to
09:13make sure that they're safe online to
09:15check for data leaks to to check you
09:17know wear your face where your identity
09:19is being broadcasted all over the
09:21Internet which goes you know hand in
09:23hand with what we're we're doing with
09:26um and
09:30I'm sorry um got mixed up there
09:33it's all good while you're thinking
09:36every guest that comes on the show gets
09:38a gift
09:43oh wow there you go go ahead open it up
09:46got vigilance or no vigilance Elite
09:50gummy bears that's right made in the USA
09:53legal in all 50 states
09:56Gummy Bear right now
10:00and wow how did you find out about this
10:04we researched you well I know you love
10:07Rich cheese crackers you eat what is
10:10chicken tenders every day at noon at
10:12Burger King and uh Campbell Soup every
10:15night I quit the I quit the um I quit
10:19the the uh Burger King
10:21um and now I'm on the Chick-fil-A
10:24at 12 30. I do eat Ritz Ritz Bits cheese
10:30um every single day Campbell's chicken
10:32noodle soup actually I walked two miles
10:34last night to Walmart I could have
10:36ubered but I walked two miles last night
10:37to Walmart to get uh to get one single
10:40can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup
10:42and uh didn't realize there was a
10:44microwave in the hotel room so I even
10:46contemplated putting the metal can on
10:48the iron to heat it up so that something
10:51I could eat it last night you want two
10:54miles for a can of Campbell Soup yeah
10:56for a 99 cent can of Campbell's Soup yep
10:59incredible well if you come here again
11:02I'll have that weight in your hotel room
11:04for you yeah it's all right but uh
11:08so moving on in the interview you have a
11:12interesting childhood it sounds like
11:13overcoming addiction uh I want to get
11:17into your childhood how you got into
11:20um some of the stuff we can do to
11:22protect ourselves from hackers what
11:24hackers are capable of and and then the
11:27second half of the interview I want to
11:29get into all the stuff you're doing
11:30catching these Predators okay that's
11:34very interesting this is going to be one
11:35of the most informative interviews I've
11:37ever done but um
11:40keeping it light right off the bat how
11:43did you get
11:44how did you get involved with Facebook
11:45and Amazon and who is Paypal okay so
11:48that was actually what I was thinking
11:49about prior to you giving me the awesome
11:52um what a bug Bounty program is so I
11:55don't personally own a bug Bounty
11:56program but I work with you know a team
11:59I have a team of hackers that we we all
12:02work together on projects uh we and to
12:05do that legally there's things called
12:07Bug bounties so companies like Amazon
12:10Facebook YouTube Netflix all the huge
12:13companies out there they offer they
12:15offer a monetary uh value for a bug or a
12:21vulnerability that's found in their site
12:22so what I mean by help protect these
12:26large organizations it is through their
12:28bug Bounty program they may not be a
12:31direct client of the company or some of
12:33them maybe you know but uh can't really
12:35talk about that publicly but yes uh I've
12:39helped protect all of the all of the
12:41above so basically this is like some
12:43type of a red adult program where you
12:45try to penetrate these these big tech
12:47companies and then they they basically
12:50give you they give you a reward if you
12:53reveal how you did it right so you you
12:55have to reward how I'm sorry you have to
12:58reveal how you did it so they'll let's
13:01say it's a informational bug an
13:03informational bug could be you forgot
13:05that a page exists and it shows some
13:08some uh some of your employees
13:10information so that may be informational
13:12if it doesn't impact anything further
13:14than that whereas something very
13:16critical like I could get access to your
13:19server or all the credit cards or all
13:20your clients attached to your company
13:23that would be a critical vulnerability
13:25um and these companies are willing to
13:27pay depending on the severity of that
13:29vulnerability so Apple for example if
13:31you were able to take over an iPhone
13:33they'll pay you a million dollars for
13:35something like that they'll pay you a
13:36million dollars yeah a million dollars
13:38for it with they call it a zero click
13:41exploit meaning I can send you something
13:43that you won't even know happened and I
13:45have full access to your phone million
13:46bug bounty have you done that before no
13:50no I haven't uh I haven't personally
13:52found any any uh bugs in the new iPhones
13:55um but uh if if I did I'd be sure to
13:57report it to Apple so what if you don't
14:00mind me asking what's the biggest Bounty
14:01you've collected and what was it for
14:04um I can't tell you what it was for uh
14:06but I could tell you how because there's
14:08a disclosures and there's
14:10non-disclosures so I can't I can't
14:12disclose the the company or what what
14:14the vulnerability was but it was for
14:17over uh it was 128 000 in credit on a
14:21platform I chose that over the cash
14:24really so these are these are good sized
14:27bounties yeah how many how many bounties
14:29have you collected
14:32I don't know I quite quite a bit 100 200
14:36uh if you combine my team hundreds
14:39hundreds yeah but that isn't what I
14:42focus on anymore uh it's I focus on the
14:45cyber security business which is all
14:46software and uh and that's you know a
14:49lot a lot more guaranteed whereas bug
14:52Bounty not there's nothing nothing
14:54against people that do bug bounties but
14:56it's not guaranteed uh revenue or income
14:58that's you you have to just keep taking
15:01shots at companies trying to find
15:03something and hope that you get paid
15:05where there's there's no stability in
15:08that oh yeah there's there's bug bounty
15:10hunters that make a million dollars two
15:11million dollars a year but then the next
15:13year maybe they make 10 grand or less so
15:15they make or they spend you know six
15:18months on one project and they make zero
15:21um it's just not it's the same it's not
15:23sustainable for me so I started a
15:26company with my business partners Rick
15:28Sean and Dan and uh like I said it's
15:30called it's very simple
15:32you just go to the site you put in the
15:34name of your website you press scan and
15:36it does a preliminary scan tells you
15:39what you know basically
15:40if you're if you if you have any like
15:43low hanging fruit vulnerabilities uh and
15:46leaks you know like passwords associated
15:48with your emails or your employees and
15:51um you can sign up for an account and
15:54do a more invasive scan that will give
15:56you a lot more information interesting
15:58interesting well let's let's dive into
16:01your childhood sure where'd you grow up
16:04I grew up outside of right outside of
16:07West Philadelphia in Delaware County
16:12uh I yeah I lived there most of my life
16:15what were you into as a kid
16:18um for the most for the most part I was
16:20a normal kid but after eighth grade or
16:24so or starting eighth grade I started to
16:26meet the wrong people and I was in the
16:28wrong places doing the wrong things and
16:31I met some people that were on drugs
16:34that were a little older than me
16:36and I started to uh started to adapt and
16:39I started to go to these at that time
16:42there was a rave scene in Philadelphia
16:43and I really liked that I loved going to
16:46the Raves and uh doing doing drugs you
16:49know and and acting acting like a nut
16:52you know and I I was just a young kid
16:54that nobody knew that out and I never
16:56told anybody my age back then I to be
16:59honest with you I I was lying to people
17:01about my age back then
17:03and uh those Raves turned into getting
17:07you know doing ecstasy and other types
17:09of drugs at the Raves and I found out
17:12over time that uh I didn't really like
17:16the Raves as much as I like the drugs
17:18and then I figured out that when I took
17:21when I took something to come down from
17:24the Ecstasy that I actually liked when I
17:26was coming down from the Ecstasy with
17:28more than I like the ecstasy really yeah
17:30which was uh opiates
17:33and uh that turned into a bigger problem
17:36yeah that can turn into a massive
17:38problem did you did you think you were a
17:41full-on addict
17:43um at the time yeah I was I was in full
17:45belief that I was a drug addict you know
17:49I was physically withdrawing from
17:51opiates at one point in my life so yeah
17:53I had every reason to believe that I was
17:55um and I don't know how far you want to
17:58go into it at this point but there was
18:00there was a time where I realized that I
18:02went through a bad phase as a child but
18:05I do know that addiction exists I have a
18:07lot of it in my family
18:09um especially my dad's side and um
18:12and I did some things to combat that uh
18:14you know because of those reasons but uh
18:16me personally I haven't used drugs or
18:18alcohol in a very long time since I was
18:20a child pretty much and um no drugs just
18:24uh but I wouldn't say that I'm in
18:26recovery either I just I kind of moved
18:29away from that
18:31what was the family life like good
18:33family life you close with your parents
18:35so I I was I'm very close with my mom my
18:39grandfather passed away a few years ago
18:41and he was like a father to me he he uh
18:44he raised me
18:45you know the best father I could have
18:47asked for
18:49um I wouldn't know what a father's like
18:50without him and he passed a few years
18:53and it was very rough but I was blessed
18:56to be there I was with him uh when he
18:59passed and he had a great life and it
19:01was a great man my mom my mom is
19:04absolutely fantastic has been supportive
19:06with me even at my absolute worst and um
19:10I put her through hell
19:13um and uh as for my dad he's been he's
19:16been in and out of my life uh
19:19during this interview while we speak
19:21right now he is currently uh in jail for
19:25uh for something something stupid this
19:27time it was you know drinking I think he
19:30had an open container of alcohol and he
19:32stole some stuff from Kohl's but uh you
19:35know my dad and I you know I have some
19:38step brothers and sisters that I love
19:40and and he
19:41when he's when he's messed up on drugs
19:43and alcohol he's not the best dad so we
19:46you know we go on and off talking to
19:48each other
19:50so from what I understand you're a high
19:52school dropout I am yeah what grade did
19:56you drop out going into 10th grade going
19:58into 10th grade so you have up to a
20:00ninth grade education yeah technically
20:02yeah and you are the number one ethical
20:04hacker in the world how did you get into
20:08um it kind of It kind of just happened
20:11because I was very young and it didn't
20:14just happen I mean there was a lot of
20:15stuff that happened in between it but
20:17when I was very young my grandparents
20:19had a computer at the house and I don't
20:22know if you remember this but back in
20:23the day AOL I used to send floppy disks
20:25in the mail and they give you a trial
20:27and um
20:29I remember the shape of the floppy disk
20:31and I remember seeing the front of this
20:33desktop that my grandpa I think he
20:35brought it home from work or something
20:36back then and I remember seeing the
20:38shape of the floggy disc and there was a
20:40little icon of it on the desktop
20:42computer and
20:44I was like I wonder what would happen if
20:46I put this uh this floppy disk in the
20:49computer and I saw the AOL logo from the
20:53mail show up on the computer screen and
20:55it blew my mind as a kid it blew my mind
20:59I was like how did that just happen you
21:01know how old are you I'm 29. no I mean
21:03how old are you at this time I had to
21:06have been like eight nine years old at
21:07that time maybe
21:10and uh and that blew my mind and I want
21:14to know how it worked you know from that
21:15point on I just had this obsession with
21:17how how do computers work why did that
21:20just come from a piece of cardboard and
21:22show up on the screen and uh you know I
21:25just kept learning and learning about
21:27computers and learning you know fixing
21:29computers and meeting people you know
21:32that on the internet through AOL instant
21:34messenger and other other apps and then
21:36I found
21:38um it actually started with a marketing
21:40marketing community at first
21:43um people that were doing digital
21:44marketing back in the AOL days so just
21:47spamming out massive amount of emails
21:49like millions and millions of emails but
21:52then in that Community there were some
21:54hackers you know people that were
21:55writing automation tools and finding
21:57exploits and finding ways to convert on
22:00ads better and this and that and I ran
22:03across this one guy who ended up going
22:05to prison later for for hacking uh I
22:08believe it was at T and A few other
22:10major cellular carriers he was he he
22:13stole some prepaid minutes and back then
22:16prepaid minutes were a big deal so he
22:18stole millions of dollars worth of
22:19prepaid minutes with his partner in
22:22crime Edwin was Edwin was his partner
22:24and the guy that I'm talking about is
22:26Robert Moore and his hacker name he went
22:28by more ER more R and uh
22:31he ended up uh he ended up stealing
22:33these credits and Edwin would go to
22:36these places all over the the malls and
22:39the small cell phone stores and it would
22:41resell these credits for a cheaper price
22:43than the carriers would sell them for
22:45so they sold like I said a ton of those
22:48and uh Edwin decided to leave the
22:51country he left the country he's doing
22:52all this fancy stuff private jets Yachts
22:55hotels girls cars doing it all well Rob
22:58was sitting at home you know hacking for
23:02this guy this guy wasn't doing anything
23:03but selling the minutes
23:06and then rob you know gets a knock on
23:07the door to the FBI and they they come
23:10in they seize everything he has Rob ends
23:13up out of all of this out of millions of
23:15dollars worth of sold minutes Rob ends
23:17up with like 20 grand in profit and two
23:20years in federal prison and uh They
23:23confiscated all of his stuff everything
23:25that he had and he gets out of prison
23:28they uh and Edwin's On The Run they
23:30finally get Edwin I believe Edwin got
23:31like 10 years or something which he
23:33deserves it honestly because he took
23:35advantage of Rob in a week weak point in
23:38Rob's life he took advantage and Rob is
23:40not meant for federal prison he and you
23:43know he ended up there but yeah Rob is
23:46the person that uh from the like I was
23:48saying with the instant messenger chats
23:49Rob's the person that motivated me to
23:52learn about hacking and spent the time
23:54with me and showed me some things that
23:56because there weren't there weren't
23:57learning sites like try hack new or or
24:00uh you know or any or stack
24:05Overflow or Google there wasn't none of
24:07that existed back then so you couldn't
24:08look up uh you know certain
24:10methodologies or hacking or how to do
24:12reconnaissance there was another world
24:14there it didn't exist
24:17so Rob gave me gave me some pointers uh
24:20it's not a cookie cutter thing hacking
24:22is very broad so let's let's backtrack
24:26real quick
24:27how will so you're I believe you said
24:30you started hacking at 10 years old 11
24:32yeah about 11. at what point are you
24:38conversing with with more
24:40probably when I was 11 he might not have
24:42known August 11 but how did you guys
24:44like how did you find them uh group
24:46chats you know back in the aim days how
24:49does that I mean how does that
24:51conversation go hey I'm looking for some
24:54hackers to teach me a couple things no
24:56no I just I was doing I was marketing
24:59and uh and interested in obviously
25:02active in the communities and I knew
25:04what Rob was capable of he could do some
25:06really cool stuff with a computer and it
25:08was really just asking questions you
25:09know and Rob and I got along so well and
25:12uh you know I actually flew out to see
25:14him later in life to Washington State I
25:17stayed with him for a week but uh you
25:19know some we kicked it off for some
25:20reason I don't know what that reason was
25:22I can't remember that far back but uh
25:24Rob was Rob was the person that helped
25:27me at least get started and what I what
25:29I do today what were you one to hacking
25:31at 11
25:33I think it was more interested in just
25:34shutting people's internet connections
25:36off like simple stuff you know nothing
25:38nothing crazy and making money marketing
25:40you know it's
25:42you know a lot of 11 year olds would
25:43probably not think about selling things
25:45on the internet but I wasn't making a
25:47ton of money as a kid I didn't have Rich
25:49parents or anything like that and I
25:51wanted to make money ASAP and I knew
25:54that digital marketing at like the
25:56groups that I was in I was seeing all
25:57these people making fortunes selling you
25:59know one example we uh we we were
26:02selling acai weight loss berries and it
26:05was a huge thing back in the day
26:08um and there was some affiliate
26:09marketers making 30 grand a day doing
26:11AOL spams making millions millions of uh
26:13millions of emails per day making 30
26:16grand a day on average it would blow my
26:18mind and I I don't remember every
26:20specific about names and what programs
26:22they were on uh like affiliate programs
26:25they were on back then but I knew I
26:27wanted to be involved in that
26:29and I thought that automating it and
26:33finding exploits and you know
26:36in I guess websites or people's people's
26:39computers uh would enhance my my profits
26:43and uh it did it
26:48but then all the money that I made there
26:51uh all the money it made you know it all
26:54went to drugs and and doing dumb stuff
26:56but you know I wouldn't take it back
26:58because I learned a lot I grew up quick
27:00and uh and there's some benefits there
27:02and some things that aren't so good
27:04there but
27:05well let's let's keep let's stick with
27:07childhood hacking so at what point in
27:11your childhood did you start making
27:12money doing this
27:13no I probably probably 12 years 11 12
27:16years old I was already I was right into
27:18it I mean how much money are we talking
27:20a couple Grand here and there which is a
27:22lot for a kid that's a lot for a 12 year
27:25old it felt like a billion dollars to me
27:28and um so were you always an ethical
27:31hacker no what are some of the things
27:34that you've done that you've hacked into
27:36what what's one of the
27:39give us some examples so uh I guess
27:42depends on what you want to know like
27:44people or organizations or both let's go
27:48into all of it oh my gosh yeah I mean
27:51there's I'm limited I'm limited by what
27:53I could say here I know there's a
27:55statute of limitations I'm sure I'd be
27:56fine but there's some things that I
27:58would I regret that I would take back um
28:00but uh there is one thing out there
28:02that's public there's a rap song that
28:04mentions me uh about you know are you
28:07familiar with crypto mining
28:09yes okay so uh I packed a ton of
28:13computers uh I had a method I won't
28:16explain the method because it still
28:17could work today
28:19um where I could infect computers with
28:20malware and a lot of people that infect
28:22computers with malware which is just
28:24people you know if you don't know what
28:26malware is it comes in various forms but
28:29the type that I'm talking about it's
28:30called a remote access Trojan and that's
28:33like the equivalent of me standing in
28:35front of your computer uh with full
28:38access to it and I can you know I can
28:39look through your webcam I could control
28:40your keyboard your mouse look at your
28:42screen do anything I want without you
28:44knowing that I'm there and um
28:47I infected a ton of computers and
28:50instead of having the remote access
28:51Trojan functionality where I could do
28:54you know I could take control of these
28:55computers I decided to do crypto mining
28:59um so at that time it was just Bitcoin
29:01and uh Litecoin and um you know I had
29:05quite quite a bit of uh infected
29:08computers mining at all times the thing
29:10that I did that was if you could say
29:12nice uh was that when the computer was
29:15idle it would use a hundred percent of
29:16the the processor and the graphics card
29:19to mine the coins
29:21um and when the computer was in use it
29:23would only use 20 so they wouldn't you
29:26know have a horrible experience with
29:28their computer just being bogged down
29:29the entire time but uh that was a I
29:34started around now you had hacked into
29:37how many computers 100 thousands
29:40thousands of thousands yeah probably
29:42tens of thousands and so all of these
29:45these tens of thousands computers
29:47are mining cryptocurrency and going into
29:51your account
29:53they were going into a pool so uh pooled
29:57mining is a lot of people mining
29:59together and then all of the uh
30:02whoever's putting in the most like I
30:04guess the reward is split based upon the
30:07um the contribution so if you're
30:09contributing twice as much as me you'll
30:11get twice as much of a profit
30:14um so it was all being sent to a
30:16specific pool offshores why did that
30:22I I have morals you know and uh
30:26there was there was there was a
30:28situation that came up where obviously
30:30the Bots you know if let's say I had to
30:32change a pool or something went wrong
30:34they had to be updated across the board
30:37you know every single bot would have to
30:39be updated to be pointed at a different
30:42um I still had access to be able to do
30:44and I was in in a community at that time
30:48with some bad people who wanted to you
30:51know kind of buy access to my Bots and I
30:56wasn't okay with that and um it kind of
30:59lined up perfectly with another business
31:01opportunity that I had in life where I
31:03kind of just said you know what screw
31:04this I'm done not taking the risk you
31:06know if I get in trouble with what they
31:08call a botnet if I get in trouble with
31:10this bot that I'm doing a long time in
31:12prison and it's just it's not worth it
31:14to me I I can't get in trouble and uh I
31:18stopped I stopped on my own will I
31:19didn't get caught
31:21um there was people that knew about it
31:23you know hackers they may not have known
31:24it was me now now they know it's me but
31:27at the time they didn't know that it was
31:28me but no I didn't get caught and I'm
31:31past the statute of limitations I didn't
31:33hurt anybody maybe maybe your power bill
31:35went up a couple cents but that's about
31:38um but uh yeah that's that was the
31:40extent of that specific uh hack was that
31:43was that the one that
31:45was that the the hack that changed you
31:48that turned you into ethical or or was
31:51there oh I would say yeah I would say
31:53yeah yeah because
31:55um around that time I switched to doing
31:57cyber security and and uh starting the
32:00other businesses that that you know
32:02we're going to talk about it's so yeah I
32:04would say yeah yeah I never really
32:06thought of it till now but that's when
32:07that's yeah I would say that's when I
32:09became an ethical hacker rather than a
32:11gray hat or a black hat hacker well what
32:14is a gray hat hacker gray hat is in
32:16between so somebody that like uh for
32:18example if I went to your website I
32:20hacked your website and I sent you an
32:21email and said hey I found a
32:22vulnerability on your site you could
32:24call you know the FBI and say hey this
32:26guy just hacked my site and I didn't
32:27give him permission or you could say
32:28thank you that was a gray hat hacker and
32:31a black hat black hat just you know
32:33takes over your website tells you hey
32:36you better pay me or I'm releasing all
32:37your information or deleting your site
32:39and uh here's all the information about
32:41you and your wife and your family and
32:43everything blah blah blah
32:45the black hat hackers are you know they
32:48they're kind of ruthless
32:51you're in the cryptocurrency business
32:53being a hacker or you were would is this
32:57the way of the future are we going to
32:58what do you think what's your opinion on
33:00this yeah yeah I mean cyber security and
33:03keeping yourself protected on the
33:05Internet is the future if you're not
33:06paying attention to that now uh you I
33:10mean and you're not seeing your browser
33:11that's warning you the TV that's warning
33:13you the constant news the constant
33:15ransomware notices I mean if you haven't
33:18heard about the active breaches right
33:21now on all of these major websites and
33:23you're not doing anything about it you
33:25really should start because it is the
33:26future and it's only going to get more
33:28uh intense and it's only going to get
33:30more dangerous and everything that you
33:33have like you know is attached to the
33:35internet everything I mean unless you
33:37live out in the middle of nowhere with
33:39no internet connection any even even the
33:42power in your house is controlled by a
33:45remote switch you know like what if I
33:47turned off your power for a week and you
33:49live out in the middle of nowhere you
33:50just you really have to take your
33:52security seriously
33:53that's just a random thought but it's a
33:56possibility I meant I actually I'm glad
33:58you brought that up but I actually meant
33:59cryptocurrency what's your opinion on
34:01cryptocurrency is it here to stay it's
34:04very volatile
34:06very volatile uh
34:09I think the bitcoin's here to stay yeah
34:11yeah are you all in on bitcoin
34:14um can't confirm or deny
34:19would you like to see Bitcoin I would
34:21love to see Bitcoin hit the Moon I mean
34:23it's still well at this moment it's
34:24around 30 grand but uh I would love to
34:27see what it was projected to be at in
34:29the hundred thousands possibly a million
34:31a coin you think that's possible
34:33absolutely I mean it was when I started
34:35it was only you know maybe a couple
34:38dollars at the most per coin damn well
34:42what brought you to South Florida
34:45I I got so I started a marketing company
34:49for uh to help people get into drug and
34:51alcohol rehab and uh for anyone that's
34:54familiar with that topic they're gonna
34:56think okay we had a marketing company he
34:58was doing a thing called patient
34:59brokering which is a felony I was not
35:01doing that I didn't even know what that
35:02was at the time I just knew I could
35:03generate leads from the internet and I
35:06started this company called the
35:07treatment source which was just a
35:09website that they filled out a survey
35:11and the survey would bring them to a
35:131-800 number if they had mental health
35:15or substance abuse they changed the term
35:17substance use issues
35:20um and I would send then send those
35:23patients or clients to a drug and
35:25alcohol rehab in South Florida
35:28and I was generating a ton of clients
35:30and doing really well with the internet
35:32marketing campaigns and one day I got a
35:35call from a guy
35:37who says to you know he was like Hey you
35:39won't come to Fort Lauderdale airport
35:41right now and this is like you know
35:44right when I'm waking up and I was like
35:47yeah I will like I was just you know he
35:49thought I was joking I called him a
35:50couple hours later I booked my flight
35:52and I was like hey I'm at the Fort
35:54Lauderdale airport he didn't believe me
35:55and he picks me up at the airport and um
35:59you know he was blown away that I even
36:00showed up there but you know I had just
36:02like a week's worth of stuff packed with
36:03me and when I got back to his house we
36:06were talking about you know like the
36:08rehab business and you know the
36:09marketing and all the the intricacies of
36:12the industry and we became good friends
36:15at that point and um
36:18I I uh you know I was thinking well why
36:22don't I start a rehab you know like
36:24maybe maybe I could do this myself if I
36:27can generate the business for a rehab
36:29maybe we can we could do it together so
36:31he was like yo I own one now obviously
36:33because he was one of my my customers at
36:35that time and he decided to sell his
36:38shares in his rehab and use that to buy
36:41or I'm sorry to invest into one with me
36:44and uh we started a treatment center
36:48and I decided to move to Florida so I
36:50went back to PA I put my car on the back
36:52of a U-Haul filled it up with all my
36:54stuff drove down to Florida from
36:56Pennsylvania and never looked back and
36:58started a drug and alcohol and mental
37:01health facility how old were you at this
37:0322 you started
37:06a rehab at age 22. yeah I think I was
37:09the youngest owners in the treatment
37:11world at that time yeah wow what so what
37:15was your motivation for this
37:19from one from our research you are all
37:22about helping humans yeah yeah so my
37:25motivation was
37:27you know I like I said earlier that you
37:29know in my family you know my dad's side
37:32specifically had some serious drug
37:33issues still still dealing with them I
37:36went through some serious drug issues uh
37:38I you know a lot of friends of mine have
37:41gone through drug issues are still going
37:42through drug issues
37:44um and I just you know maybe I got this
37:47from my mom my grandma my grandpa but I
37:50just love to help people I don't know
37:51what it is it makes me happy and uh I
37:55guess would that be Hospitality
37:57Hospitality has always just been
37:58something that makes me happy well you
38:00had some pretty tragic experiences as
38:04if I remember correctly do you want to
38:06go into any of those uh well there's a
38:08lot of them so are you talking more of
38:10the addiction side of things or yeah you
38:12had a couple friends die so
38:16I've had a lot of friends die due to uh
38:19to heroin overdose or car fat no fat no
38:22butro fat no acetyl Fentanyl and all of
38:24the different fentanyls that are getting
38:25over here and being you know put in this
38:28in heroin and I understand that they
38:30chose to use drugs regardless of what
38:32was in it but they definitely weren't
38:35planning on dying
38:37um I'll tell you uh I mean I lost
38:39tonight my uncle Richie to an overdose I
38:42lost my best friend Ricky Rivas to an
38:46overdose and
38:49I was you know I'll tell you that story
38:51because this is this is how something
38:53else happened but
38:55I got a call from uh from Ricky's
38:57parents uh
38:59a couple years back and uh and they were
39:02like you know I haven't heard from Ricky
39:03since this morning and uh do you mind
39:06going over there and checking on them
39:07and it was about a 15 minute drive for
39:09me and he wasn't answering my phone
39:11calls and at this time he wasn't on
39:12drugs he wasn't messing up or anything
39:14he worked for me at the rehab and we
39:16spent every day together
39:19so I go to his I go to his uh condo I
39:23walk in the door and uh
39:26you know I look to my left and I see him
39:28in the bathroom and he had his face up
39:29against the uh the vanity and you know
39:33he was wearing his wearing his shorts
39:34and I saw that he had a needle and a
39:36spoon and
39:37just you know it didn't look good so I
39:39ran over and I tried to wake him up and
39:41he wasn't waking up so I called 9-1-1
39:42and I'm running down through the
39:45elevator to go to get I didn't even I
39:46didn't think anything was wrong with him
39:47so I didn't bring Narcan upstairs or
39:49anything like narcan's but saves opiate
39:52addicts from overdosing so I ran to my
39:53car I grabbed that 9-1-1 is telling me
39:56what to do I get back to the room
39:59and uh
40:01you know they told me to take him off
40:02the toilet and put them on the floor and
40:04his body was still in the position that
40:06it was in when I saw him sitting there
40:08and his face was Sideways from being on
40:10the vanity and I'm still in denial at
40:12this point I gave him the Narcan in his
40:14leg I was uh you know giving him CPR
40:16like they said to do and um
40:19I just uh
40:21I remember when the the cops showed up
40:24and the ambulance showed up they they uh
40:27they didn't talk to his parents I did I
40:29told his parents that their son was gone
40:32and uh which I thought was a little bit
40:34ridiculous I thought that the detective
40:36should be the one handling that
40:37especially with how I was you know I
40:39wasn't I was crying my eyes out like
40:42lost my best friend you know
40:48I lost my best friend to addiction too
40:50yeah yep
41:05so sorry yeah my best friend uh he was a
41:10seal I worked with him at the agency
41:13uh he experienced a lot of trauma
41:17became addicted to opiates uh for
41:20injuries and that just became a you know
41:22straight addiction they cut the pills
41:26he went to heroin and um
41:33he I spent a lot of time
41:36trying to get him better moved him with
41:38me got him back on his feet got his
41:41family involved got him into therapy
41:45I mean it was
41:46I love this you know we'd
41:48been through a lot of together
41:50and um
41:52he he was a phenomenal hockey player and
41:58you know I used to live in Boca Raton
42:00too and and so he would
42:02he lived uh right by me
42:05and he kept telling me he wanted to
42:07start this hockey non-profit for Wounded
42:11and that he was going to get the
42:12Panthers to sponsor it now
42:15he wasn't he's one of the smartest human
42:18beings I've ever met in my life even
42:20when he was high
42:24as it got worse and worse he I mean you
42:27didn't even just his appearance she
42:29didn't want to be around him he just
42:31looked sick and I was in the back of my
42:33head I was like yeah okay you're gonna
42:35get the Panthers on board we'll all be
42:38damned because the son of a got
42:40the Panthers on board and um he
42:44I think it was the the first NHL team to
42:49um a wounded War you had to be a
42:51disabled veteran to play on the hockey
42:53team okay
42:54they he had somebody helping him the
42:57Panthers called the guy that was helping
42:59them to tell him hey
43:03we're gonna do it we're going to sponsor
43:05the team you got the NHL sponsor we're
43:07going to sponsor the team that guy went
43:09over to tell him hey dude you did it
43:13and uh nobody answered the door
43:17and uh
43:20trying to keep my together here but
43:22um I understand
43:25you didn't answer the door
43:28got on a stool to see you know the top
43:31part and
43:33and there he was
43:35laying on the floor you know and um
43:37sorry to hear that man yeah I know I
43:40didn't know what it feels like I just
43:41want to want you to know I can relate
43:43and I've lost a lot of a lot of friends
43:46to addiction likewise that was the first
43:48one obviously that happened to me and uh
43:51and I you know I found them and uh it's
43:54I can't explain that and you know I
43:56can't bring them back but all you can do
43:58is educate people and try to help more
44:00people so that doesn't happen to them
44:02and you can't fix everybody you know you
44:04can't get it through everybody's head
44:06that they need to stop and it's
44:07dangerous and it's not just heroin and
44:09opiates like it used to be it's a
44:12you know it's Coke it's meth it's uh
44:15it's painkillers that are pressed it's
44:18Xanax it's they all are being cut with
44:20fentanyl this isn't a conspiracy theory
44:22in fact I mean the number one leading
44:24cause of death 18 to 49 right now is
44:28um that's more than car accidents more
44:30than anything else 18 to 49 years old
44:32fentanyl so any drug that you're doing
44:35you have to be careful that you know and
44:37not be careful you have to you have to
44:38just try to get away from it or get a
44:40testing kit if you if you refuse to stop
44:42doing drugs get testing kits because
44:44fentanyl will kill you yeah and uh
44:48yeah yeah it's it's pretty rough but
44:51with the rehab uh program around that
44:55time not not long before I lost Ricky I
44:57lost another friend Drew and uh and my
45:00business partner at that time you know
45:02him and I we both you know were friends
45:04with Drew and I was always closer with
45:06uh with Ricky and um we decided to start
45:10a scholarship program and it was called
45:12we named it the Drew Drew badgery
45:14scholarship program which was to help
45:17people get into drug rehab that didn't
45:19have the financial means to to pay and
45:21the reason you know that's important is
45:24because when I was a kid I didn't have
45:25Private health insurance or money so
45:27there was no way I was going to a nice
45:29facility like one I had or other ones in
45:31Florida or other states that are private
45:33the the
45:36um the government facilities you know
45:38they take Medicare Medicaid but some of
45:40them have two three months waiting lists
45:42addicts can't wait two three months you
45:44know they die and you know as you know
45:47it could take it could take one bad
45:48those they're dead so having a private
45:51facility and somebody that really wants
45:53to get clean uh it's if they don't have
45:57the right insurance or the right money
45:58you have to turn them down and it just
46:01bothered me so much that you can't help
46:03somebody that I was in their shoes you
46:05know I wanted help or or people in my
46:07family wanted help them couldn't get it
46:10and I started that scholarship program
46:12with my old business partner and we
46:14brought a ton of people in probably over
46:16a hundred and the seven years seven or
46:18so years that I was there
46:20um and maybe even more than that but at
46:23least at least a hundred and um you know
46:26full scholarship no not they didn't
46:29spend a dollar and a lot of them did
46:31well some of them relapsed you know you
46:33can't fix everybody but uh
46:36you know it we turned that after after
46:39you know time went on WE adapted to hell
46:41you know the scholarship program we
46:44built programs around that we built
46:46programs around trauma we built programs
46:48around you know specifically mental
46:50health specifically uh co-occurring
46:52mental health and substance use disorder
46:54all kinds of different things and then
46:56we branched out until we opened a detox
46:58which was another facility uh because at
47:02that point we had partial
47:03hospitalization intensive outpatient and
47:05outpatient but we didn't have detox so
47:07we were sending them to other facilities
47:09and then we would take them so then we
47:11had two facilities and then we realized
47:12okay well a lot of our people we were
47:14getting are coming from New Jersey or
47:15Pennsylvania New York Virginia
47:17Massachusetts up in that area so we
47:20decided to start another facility in New
47:22Jersey and we started uh it was called
47:25the shore detox but it got changed again
47:27the name of it got changed and um
47:30I sold my shares in in the rehab about
47:33two and a half two and a half three
47:35years ago right around the time that uh
47:38that I started to you know catch the
47:41um and I got into the software as a
47:43service world and buying software
47:45companies and operating them and selling
47:48so you are
47:50an amazing human being man thanks to to
47:55do something
47:57that has that amount of impact at that
48:00young age
48:01I mean that's just just to do it in
48:03general is amazing you know and you did
48:04it at what what'd you say 22. yeah
48:07that's incredible you realize that I I
48:10appreciate it you're welcome I'm still
48:13on it I'm still on the mission It's Not
48:14Over You know good for you it's uh
48:16there's so much more to come and and one
48:18spot that I forgot there was the
48:20electronic medical record system that we
48:22use like the same thing you would see at
48:24your doctor when they put in notes about
48:25you being you know at the your visit
48:28um we used one called uh I will say the
48:31name but we used one and uh and I got
48:34involved with those guys afterwards and
48:37uh like after I sold my shares I went
48:39right to their office and I set up one
48:40of those plastic tables put my computer
48:42in there even though I wasn't involved
48:44at that time in that business
48:47um I wanted to work out of their office
48:48because I liked the software world and
48:51uh at that point I wasn't sure if I was
48:52going to do digital marketing or I was
48:54going to do cyber security or both but
48:56being around them every day I was like
48:58yeah I gotta do it with them so I got
49:00involved with their business is and then
49:02we decided together we're going to do a
49:04ton of a ton of software companies and
49:06uh that's where we're at now like I said
49:08with pen and and many more
49:10but that's the one that makes the most
49:11sense to talk about here today well
49:14let's uh let's take a quick break and
49:15when we come back we'll dive into that
49:17okay cool
49:21I want to tell you all about this new
49:22meat delivery service I found called
49:24moink what I really really like about
49:27moink is they are from a small
49:30rural Farm Town in Missouri LaBelle
49:34right by where I grew up and I love
49:37supporting small town business USA now
49:42when I started looking into moink they
49:44educated me on the meat industry and I
49:46want to share with you all a couple of
49:48facts according to moink magazine sixty
49:52percent of all pork is produced by one
49:54company in the U.S and that is 100 owned
49:59by the Chinese four companies control
50:01over 80 percent of the meat industry in
50:04the United States more than ten thousand
50:07different additives are allowed
50:10in the U.S food supply 99 of chicken 95
50:13percent of hogs 78 of cattle in the U.S
50:17are raised in confinement buildings or
50:20feedlots means they're not moving around
50:22freely eighty percent of the antibiotics
50:25consumed in the U.S are fed to animals
50:27here's a stat in 2016
50:3018.4 million pounds of antibiotics were
50:34sold for livestock
50:36and that's what you're eating suicide
50:39rates amongst farmers are the highest
50:41than any other profession and that
50:45includes veterans believe it or not I
50:48found that alarming now here's what
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50:53stuff which I really appreciate their
50:56livestock is 100 born and raised and
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51:02of America their Farms practice were
51:04genitive agricultural methods they are
51:08free of GMOs antibiotics and all
51:12hormones their Alaska salmon is wild
51:15caught their beef and lamb are grass-fed
51:17and grass-finished their boxes ship from
51:22rural America right in Small Town
51:24Missouri love it they're chicken and
51:28are pasture raised so
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53:37all right Ryan we're back from the break
53:39we're getting ready to dive into your
53:41company pen tester
53:43so what is pen tester
53:46pen tester is a software solution for
53:49cyber security and protection so we it
53:53you know there's a pen test a manual pen
53:55test where somebody would go on into
53:57your company or a group of people where
53:59they would check down a list of boxes of
54:01things for your compliance look for
54:03vulnerabilities based upon your platform
54:05and give you a report of findings uh you
54:08know vulnerabilities it can get confusing
54:12because pen testing and Pen
54:14are like pen testing is a term pen is the name of my company
54:21um and uh you know what we do is we try
54:24to automate as much of what a pen test
54:27uh a pen tester would do uh digitally so is an automated web
54:34scanning framework as of right now we're
54:36building it out to be more of a more
54:39than than just a web scanner and
54:43sorry I'm getting mixed up no it's fine
54:46so let me let me just ask this then so
54:48it's hard to explain so I'm trying to
54:50make everybody understand let me yeah I
54:52get it because I'm a dummy with this
54:56um so let me ask you a question then so
54:58if I go to and I type in
55:01Sean yeah what kind of
55:04vulnerabilities might I have here's my
55:06website I basically I saw gummy bears on
55:10it and uh we post upcoming episodes your
55:14episodes gonna be on there uh we collect
55:16email addresses
55:19um for a database to to uh we send out a
55:22free newsletter all the time right and
55:24then we got like some if you want to if
55:27you wanna apply for a job here every
55:30once in a while we'll post that they can
55:31run their resumes we just did a thing
55:34where we're looking for a new
55:36video editor for shorts and they're
55:39sending in a bunch of um
55:41we're having a competition for it but
55:43for so for a website like and we have
55:46advertising inquiries for a website like
55:48that it's run off Shopify Shopify what
55:53kind of vulnerabilities would I be
55:54looking at so you're the there's many
55:58things the first thing that came to mind
55:59was uh was email breaches so if you have
56:03like contact Sean is that your
56:06website Sean Sean Ryan
56:09Sean Ryan so uh contact Sean
56:12Ryan or you know Sean Ryan at
56:16the website or anyone that works here I
56:18can I can look up that domain with pen
56:20tester and see if it's been involved in
56:22any breaches or if it's been involved in
56:25any uh botnet traffic where it's scraped
56:27all of the cookies and passwords from
56:29people's browsers okay hold on what is
56:32bot botnet what tracking traffic botnet
56:36traffic right so let's say you were
56:39infected with some type of malware there
56:41and that person grabbed from your your
56:45Chrome or your Safari all of the saved
56:47passwords and all of the the sessions
56:49like a website to be signed into a
56:51website you have to have a session so if
56:53I took that session and replaced mine
56:55with yours now on mute without a
56:58so some of that stuff gets released on
57:00the dark web or or you know
57:03uh it's a tour I like to call it tour
57:06tlr the onion router that's what the
57:08dark web is
57:10um but it gets released there and
57:11sometimes on the publicly facing web
57:14and uh a lot of people aren't aware of
57:17what information is actually out there
57:19so when you put your website into pen
57:21tester you get a preliminary report that
57:24shows all of that data that has been
57:26exposed related to your domain name well
57:28it goes a little further than that
57:30because let's say it doesn't find
57:31anything maybe you're a brand new
57:33website and you know shopify's is doing
57:36a good job with all of the plugins
57:37you're using because remember each one
57:40of those plugins is by an individual
57:41creator that could have messed up at any
57:43point in their code so you're only as
57:45strong as your your strongest plugin
57:48um so that's one thing there Shopify has
57:51their own security and then you have
57:52your own Security based on your plugins
57:54uh as for the emails let's say I get
57:57nothing with the Sean
57:59now I'm going to start looking into the
58:01Gmail accounts of into Gmail Hotmail AOL
58:04Yahoo whatever of all of your employees
58:07your family and then I'm going to see
58:08breaches associated with them which I
58:11guarantee you that there is like I I'm
58:13so sure that if I pulled my laptop out
58:15and I put in one of your personal emails
58:17that I'll have at least one of your
58:19passwords and that password could be
58:21reused for Shopify or maybe it's used to
58:24access that list of data with your
58:26customers that you were saying you have
58:28a The Client List the newsletters the
58:30the applicants for you know the jobs uh
58:33it maybe it's the same password you use
58:35for that and now I have access to that
58:37data that I could either Ransom you with
58:39I could escalate my permissions on
58:42Shopify with and take over your entire
58:44site maybe it's the credentials to your
58:46social media platform uh like YouTube
58:50Instagram Tick Tock whatever you
58:52whatever you're on you know those
58:53credentials could be reused so it is
58:55important like as you said using a
58:57password manager because all takes is
59:00someone like me with a bad you know bad
59:03moral compass to take advantage of
59:06everything that you that you have could
59:08you could you demonstrate that right now
59:10yeah just type it in my email yeah for
59:14I'll try the Sean Ryan Show first
59:20dot com right yeah
59:31okay so we have
59:39there is some some sensitive information
59:41but nothing uh nothing that would be a
59:44big deal I can show you I could show it
59:46to you actually if you want it's not
59:47going to hurt anything yeah let's see it
59:48so it's not this isn't specifically
59:50passwords there
59:52um but uh it is what came from you know
59:56leaks on the internet this isn't you
59:58know it isn't anything other than uh
01:00:00leaked data so nothing there is
01:00:03sensitive to my to my eyes so we're
01:00:06doing a good job for the Sean Ryan show
01:00:07but if you throw in one of your gmails
01:00:09there or something any other email that
01:00:11you may be using for a long period of
01:00:16just type it in here yep
01:00:30you take a second to load it's it loads
01:00:32over 140 billion records
01:00:45nothing nothing on that website there's
01:00:48two e's supposed to be there yeah I
01:00:50would assume so
01:00:51no there's I don't all right my it
01:00:54guy's gonna uh live to see another
01:00:56paycheck well it's not it's not your I.T
01:00:58guy though even uh that one just doesn't
01:01:01seem to be registered with a bunch of
01:01:03accounts like for example if you were in
01:01:052019 LinkedIn breach for or like or a
01:01:08Dropbox if you use any of that like
01:01:15vigilance Elite
01:01:17um I do have
01:01:19his password
01:01:21and I do have the address whose address
01:01:25and uh I have a apartment and
01:01:29interesting I have uh an IP address for
01:01:34I have an address in
01:01:37where we're at right now with the ZIP
01:01:40code ending in six four and a phone
01:01:42number and then
01:01:45all that shit's on there yeah
01:01:48and I have a lot more than that if you
01:01:50want to look take a look yourself oh
01:01:52yeah let me take a look yeah this I'm
01:01:54halfway through if you could scroll up
01:01:56and down how do we clean this up you
01:01:57can't you just gotta change you got to
01:01:59change the information if you don't want
01:02:01it there there is no way to get rid of
01:02:05okay so what oh my gosh
01:02:10so that's why small and medium-sized
01:02:12businesses that don't realize that
01:02:13they're a Target they're more of a
01:02:15Target than they think uh they get
01:02:19um because they either have exposed
01:02:21credentials out there or they're using
01:02:22old technology and they just get grouped
01:02:24in with a ton of other people that are
01:02:27you know similar targets uh a lot of
01:02:29them don't realize they need to take
01:02:30their cyber security more seriously and
01:02:32Pen tester like you know this is kind of
01:02:34like a Shameless plug but like for 50
01:02:36bucks a month it's it's worth the money
01:02:38you know we're the cheapest to my
01:02:40knowledge in the cyber security world
01:02:42and we're not only giving you a software
01:02:45solution but we're giving you a Hands-On
01:02:46you know manual confirmation for
01:02:49anything that we're not sure of So for
01:02:5150 bucks like
01:02:53someone would have offered that to me uh
01:02:56prior to being a hacker myself I was a
01:02:58little kid but let's just say I wasn't
01:03:00ever you know I would I'd be more than
01:03:02happy to pay 50 a month or something
01:03:04like this this is just one of the one of
01:03:06many things we offer okay
01:03:08so is
01:03:10my website's safe for customers that's
01:03:13up to you to decide I mean I haven't run
01:03:15a scan this is just a breach oh that's
01:03:17just a breach chat yeah
01:03:19yeah and this is we have more records
01:03:21than literally anyone else on the
01:03:23internet so we we're going to be able to
01:03:25tell you more than than uh than most you
01:03:28know most people some people are going
01:03:30to have access to these private
01:03:31databases that we have as well as the
01:03:33public ones
01:03:34um but if you download certain other
01:03:36competition websites that say or I'm
01:03:38sorry sign up for other competition
01:03:39websites that say that they offer breach
01:03:43protection or the leak leak uh
01:03:45protection breach or leak protection is
01:03:48what they'll say
01:03:50they don't have a database as big as
01:03:52ours I'm sure of it I mean I'm very
01:03:54confident in that
01:03:57and this is without running like I said
01:03:59this is without running a scan so you
01:04:02know like I'll keep it I'll keep the
01:04:03computer ready for when you want to see
01:04:05a face but I'll show you how Wild that
01:04:06can get let's do that oh you want to see
01:04:09it yeah let's do it
01:04:11so describe what you're gonna do so I'm
01:04:13gonna do you want I could do my face
01:04:15your face anyone's face that you want to
01:04:17do does it you just tell me who's that
01:04:19you can do my face okay
01:04:22it's going to be a lot of pictures of
01:04:23you obviously because of your podcast
01:04:26so basically what you're doing is you're
01:04:28taking a photo of me it's gonna do the
01:04:31facial recognition and find every image
01:04:33on the internet that has my face in it
01:04:35yeah whether I'm tagged in it or not
01:04:38yeah like it's strict you could find my
01:04:40face in the middle of uh the Super Bowl
01:04:44Stadium as long as it's on the internet
01:04:47so yeah let me take a picture and send
01:04:49it to myself
01:05:00so I took a picture of your face
01:05:04you can see it's just a picture that
01:05:06this has never been on the internet
01:05:08right that is a really good looking man
01:05:10right there amazing
01:05:13so I uploaded that to uh to here so you
01:05:17took a picture
01:05:19yep no no you can go through these and
01:05:22see if there's anything that's not not I
01:05:24don't know if there's going to be
01:05:25anything that you don't want on there or
01:05:26not but if you click them it will give
01:05:29you a link to where uh where that
01:05:30picture's hosted at
01:05:33but remember I used a picture that was
01:05:35never on the internet
01:05:36to find those photos of you
01:05:39so it measured your face measured 120
01:05:42points on your face Associated a picture
01:05:44that's never touched the internet with
01:05:48and uh for somebody that doesn't have as
01:05:51big of a following or as many photos out
01:05:53there there may be less results but you
01:05:55could be in a photo that you're not
01:05:57aware of or uh or there could be some
01:05:59stuff out there that you would want to
01:06:00be aware of
01:06:03oh wow this is really this is like
01:06:05everything yeah it just keeps going
01:06:14cool stuff
01:06:16that's insane like most people you'd be
01:06:20crazy not to pay 50 for that as a
01:06:22business it's just that getting that
01:06:24messaging in somebody's in somebody's
01:06:26hands uh and I'm sorry in somebody's
01:06:29brain when they look at the website or
01:06:30they they see an ad for hey are you
01:06:32taking your cyber security seriously
01:06:35um and then they run their website
01:06:37through a light Scan they see here's
01:06:39some breach credentials here's some
01:06:40pictures that we found on your site
01:06:42here's some vulnerabilities and you have
01:06:45an option to sign up for free which you
01:06:46get your preliminary report for free and
01:06:49then you have your option for fifty
01:06:50dollars for a small business and you
01:06:53just say you know what screw it I don't
01:06:54need that I just I can't comprehend why
01:06:56you wouldn't want that
01:06:58so yeah damn let's talk about the dark
01:07:01web so I hear a lot about the dark web
01:07:04oh yeah the buzzword
01:07:06drugs on it you can find child
01:07:09pornography on it you can you it sounds
01:07:12like it's just the the black market the
01:07:14New Black Market correct yeah so what
01:07:18I've heard about it I know about it I
01:07:21know it's all stuff you shouldn't be
01:07:22doing what how do you get on it where is
01:07:26it okay so the dark web itself isn't a
01:07:30Marketplace like what you're thinking
01:07:32all right so the so the black market or
01:07:35whatever you want to call it once you're
01:07:36connected to the dark web tour the onion
01:07:39router what I was explaining before you
01:07:42still need to know where to go to visit
01:07:44these horrible websites and they're like
01:07:47you know imagine a very long string of
01:07:49letters and numbers and the website
01:07:51instead it'd be dot onion you
01:07:53can't visit those websites in a regular
01:07:55browser you have to do that while you're
01:07:57connected to the onion router which you
01:08:00can download at the Tour tor's website
01:08:03and then you could go to a thing called
01:08:05like the hidden wiki and the hidden wiki
01:08:07will show you all different categories
01:08:09of these websites with a link to them
01:08:12and uh and there's marketplaces there's
01:08:16horrible things on there like you said
01:08:17for kids and uh and even like murder For
01:08:20Hire there's there's counterfeit money
01:08:22there's fake IDs you know they're all
01:08:24all kinds of different websites that do
01:08:26horrible things what is the onion router
01:08:28so the onion router is a um is a tool an
01:08:33open source uh project that was created
01:08:35to anonymize your traffic on the
01:08:39internet and it decentralizes I think I
01:08:42believe decentralized would be the word
01:08:43for it your internet traffic it keeps
01:08:45you Anonymous Beyond a VPN I would still
01:08:49recommend that you use a virtual private
01:08:50Network on top of tour if you want to be
01:08:53anonymous but uh it's just a layer of
01:08:56security that's free and it keeps it
01:08:59it's like for example let's say you use
01:09:02uh Comcast for your internet service
01:09:05um they could see that you're using
01:09:06using tour but they can't see what
01:09:09you're looking at
01:09:11um if you use a VPN and then you use
01:09:13tour they can they they can only tell
01:09:16you're using a VPN but they can't tell
01:09:17you're using tor so it's you know it's a
01:09:21just an internet within an internet so
01:09:23can I get on can I check my email
01:09:25through the dark web yes would you go to
01:09:27any website would you recommend using
01:09:29the dark web to just do regular it's
01:09:32slow as hell internet stuff it's very
01:09:34slow yeah yeah I mean it you could but
01:09:37and it would it would keep you safer but
01:09:39it's it's not gonna it's not a foolproof
01:09:41way to keep yourself safe and it's
01:09:43painstakingly slow oh God
01:09:46do you use the dark web oh for
01:09:49investigations yeah
01:09:51what kind of Investigations
01:09:53um for like the predator predator and
01:09:56pedophile cases yeah so are you able to
01:09:58track these guys down from the dark web
01:10:01even though they're technically
01:10:04um a lot of times it doesn't need to go
01:10:05that far A lot of times these guys will
01:10:08use their regular emails or they'll use
01:10:10an IP address that's been you know
01:10:13they'll reuse for multiple emails or
01:10:16their face that they're using as their
01:10:18profile picture I can you know find them
01:10:20from the same way I just found your face
01:10:22or they're using a phone number that
01:10:25traces right back to them uh the dark
01:10:27web you know it's it's not really a huge
01:10:29part of uh catching predators and
01:10:32pedophiles um
01:10:34uh one one thing I I guess the only
01:10:36thing on the dark web quote unquote I
01:10:38hate that word but the dark web quote
01:10:40unquote that I had access to was when I
01:10:43originally hacked the website that we're
01:10:45going to talk about they branched out to
01:10:48have not only a website on the clarinet
01:10:50on the regular internet but their
01:10:52website was mirrored on the dark web and
01:10:55I had three back doors in their system
01:10:58and uh and it branched out over to the
01:11:02dark web so I had a back door on the
01:11:04dark web too which was kind of a cool
01:11:05thing to have so I needed to be
01:11:07connected to tour the onion router to
01:11:11connect to my back door but that was uh
01:11:14I was only using that back door to
01:11:15exfiltrate data every single day which
01:11:18was just user information because I
01:11:20didn't want to get their posts or
01:11:21anything I didn't want to be in
01:11:22possession of anything horrible that
01:11:24they were sending each other but their
01:11:26user info was enough for us as I'm sure
01:11:29you'll learn shortly yeah
01:11:32what are some things that people can do
01:11:36to protect themselves from from hackers
01:11:39what let's actually let me rephrase this
01:11:41quote let me back up what are some
01:11:45just let's go through all the things
01:11:47that you personally could hack if you
01:11:49wanted to
01:11:51um I mean there's it's countless but I
01:11:53could give you some major daily things
01:11:55uh absolutely let's talk about some of
01:11:58the devices those devices you have right
01:12:00here let's talk about all the stuff you
01:12:02can hack into sure and then and then
01:12:05we'll get into maybe how we can prevent
01:12:08that a little bit so I guess we'll just
01:12:09start with a daily routine you know if
01:12:11you wake up in the morning you uh you
01:12:13make your coffee or maybe you take your
01:12:16phone off the charger and you um you
01:12:19check your phone in the morning you
01:12:20might you might check your email you
01:12:22might have you got to make sure you
01:12:23every email that you have while you're
01:12:25half asleep is coming from a real person
01:12:28it's not a phishing email someone
01:12:29pretending to be a company that they're
01:12:31not stealing your credentials then you
01:12:33go outside to your garage you get in
01:12:35your car and you have to make sure that
01:12:37there's nobody out there listening for
01:12:39your you know your car key frequency
01:12:41while jamming your car so that they
01:12:43could steal your car later or access
01:12:45your car later and then when you go hit
01:12:47your garage door button that somebody
01:12:48doesn't capture that frequency on 4 33
01:12:51megahertz and uh and you know and those
01:12:55rolling codes have already been broken
01:12:56for most of the models
01:12:58um so then you get in your car and
01:12:59you're driving to uh to to your office
01:13:02or to to your kids school doing whatever
01:13:04you want and um
01:13:06you know you could get out you let your
01:13:08kid out to school and now somebody as
01:13:10you walk into school just skimmed your
01:13:12back pocket and stole your credit card
01:13:16so I mean all of that plus you know any
01:13:18anything remote infrared like a TV
01:13:21remote that goes for projectors uh audio
01:13:24devices ceiling fans I mean very simple
01:13:27stuff uh along with Access Control
01:13:30badges so anything sub gigahertz like
01:13:33like key fobs or remote controls for
01:13:37um parking Gates
01:13:39so much everything everything I mean
01:13:42everything anything with a battery and a
01:13:44connection a remote connection in any
01:13:46type of way where it reaches the outside
01:13:49of that device is hackable or has been
01:13:54what are these devices here this is a
01:13:56water bottle
01:14:01uh so this right here is a this is a
01:14:04flipper zero with some custom
01:14:09and uh it does a lot so this is just a
01:14:12proof of concept device but when you
01:14:14start to add your own little additions
01:14:16onto it like this
01:14:19let me uh let me enable for example
01:14:22Wi-Fi I'm not gonna hack your Wi-Fi but
01:14:25I'll give you a little example of what I
01:14:27could do
01:14:28I'll just do something stupid but
01:14:39okay and then we'll do I'm not gonna
01:14:41shut your network down
01:14:46okay so now if you if
01:14:49I can show you on my phone or you could
01:14:50look at your phone but you'll see that
01:14:53instead of me mirroring your network I
01:14:56just created a bunch of fake Networks
01:15:03so all of these networks here
01:15:06they probably appear to be
01:15:08legitimate right
01:15:11but they're not these are all fake
01:15:13networks they're all powered by me so as
01:15:16soon as you connect to any of those I
01:15:18have your password I have anything in
01:15:23so that's that's one thing that's just
01:15:25Wi-Fi and you just
01:15:27oh man so this is so this is is this how
01:15:31people are
01:15:33stealing information
01:15:34this is one of them anyways in in an
01:15:38in an airport oh yeah I mean airport
01:15:42um when you uh it's called a man in the
01:15:44middle attack so if I'm on the same
01:15:46network as you I can essentially control
01:15:49the traffic
01:15:50uh you know as if I was the modem or
01:15:53router so instead of when you type instead of your computer
01:15:57telling the router you want
01:15:59you're telling my computer you want and I'm giving you what I
01:16:03what I'm telling you is
01:16:05so it would be called a DNS DNS attack
01:16:09so is this what people are using in the
01:16:11airports when there's I'm not the
01:16:13specific device this is just something
01:16:15that I concocted together but the
01:16:17flipper you can buy this thing on the
01:16:19top here is is uh custom
01:16:22I guess what I'm asking is this the
01:16:24method they throw so could you can so
01:16:27let's what is um put like Wi-Fi flight
01:16:30or uh Gogo Gogo inflate yes they're
01:16:35actually I mean you can obviously you
01:16:37can hack anything but GoGo inflate they
01:16:39they have a pretty good segment on their
01:16:41Network so you're pretty safe with GoGo
01:16:43uh you there's a chance of getting
01:16:46hacked but not the same as like a
01:16:47Starbucks or a or here like you know
01:16:51your network has to be segmented into
01:16:52chunks okay and uh go go segments it
01:16:56pretty well okay I guess what I'm saying
01:16:58is could you create a fake Wi-Fi network
01:17:00with that thing that says
01:17:02go go
01:17:04in Flight one yeah that must be it I can
01:17:09do that here I mean it's I can make any
01:17:11any they're called as bssids ssids the
01:17:15name of a network
01:17:16you could do that with any name but
01:17:18instead of that what you do is you just
01:17:19scan the local area
01:17:21and then you know I know all the
01:17:23networks names around here and then I'll
01:17:25Target all of them at the same time so
01:17:27that that way anyone in this complex or
01:17:29where we're at
01:17:31um you know anyone that connects to a
01:17:33network is going to you know think it's
01:17:35their Network and they're going to
01:17:37connect to me instead
01:17:39holy that's just one of many Wi-Fi
01:17:41attacks so there's many ways yeah what
01:17:44else can this thing do oh this thing's
01:17:46like the size of the palm of your hand
01:17:47yeah well with this with this little you
01:17:50know custom extension especially when I
01:17:51have my big these aren't the big
01:17:52antennas but I got big antennas because
01:17:55you know I want to get long range but uh
01:17:57you know that's Wi-Fi this this side of
01:18:00things is also Wi-Fi but uh also it's an
01:18:03NRF uh 24 so it does Wireless mice and
01:18:07keyboards so if you use a wireless mouse
01:18:09and keyboard not every single one of
01:18:11them is vulnerable a lot but a lot of
01:18:13them are I'd highly recommend you go
01:18:14back to wired even though it sounds old
01:18:17school that's what you should do because
01:18:18I could control your mouse and keyboard
01:18:21with this device and send keystrokes way
01:18:24faster than you can type them and uh
01:18:26take over your computer without even
01:18:27having to see you or it so I could do
01:18:30that through the wall
01:18:33this is scaring the out of me
01:18:37um and then I you know I the sub
01:18:39gigahertz stuff with bigger antennas of
01:18:41course I can go further away so with the
01:18:44car car keys garages Gates anything
01:18:47that's on radio frequency I could do
01:18:49with this
01:18:52um RFID that's Access Control badges for
01:18:55doors and and pool Keys you know
01:18:57anything that has like a little beeper
01:18:58where you beep into the the door yeah
01:19:01and NFC is credit cards and access
01:19:03control and it does also some more
01:19:05things too you could also like I could
01:19:07tap your phone and give you my Instagram
01:19:09or tap your phone and give you my
01:19:11business card so NFC is a little more uh
01:19:14versatile than RFID but they both
01:19:17essentially are uh I believe it's called
01:19:20passive devices they're powered by the
01:19:23uh the receiver
01:19:25they don't have a battery in them so
01:19:27what let's just run through just a list
01:19:30of all the things you can hack with that
01:19:32one little device
01:19:33I mean I don't want to make it into an
01:19:35ad about flipper because it's not
01:19:36flipper itself like I'll tell you but
01:19:39I'm just saying that flipper itself if
01:19:40you're going to go online and buy one of
01:19:42these and expect to be able to do
01:19:43everything that I'm talking about you
01:19:46need to have custom firmware or software
01:19:49whatever you want to call it
01:19:50um that allows you to do that and you
01:19:52need to know how to modify it so don't
01:19:54go out spending 180 on this device
01:19:56thinking you're gonna hack somebody's
01:19:57car or steal their credit card because
01:19:59that's not going to happen
01:20:01um but if I if you want to go down the
01:20:03I mean there's a ton of things there's
01:20:05like you know all the radio things I
01:20:08just told you about
01:20:09um the RFID stuff the NFC which is the
01:20:13credit cards and and more infrared which
01:20:16is TVs projectors and many other devices
01:20:18gpio which is just anything that
01:20:21connects to the outside of this device
01:20:22so I can make devices work and this be
01:20:25the controller for it uh I button which
01:20:28is a form of authentication that uses
01:20:32um these things these little metal
01:20:33prongs as a key
01:20:35a bad USB which emulates a keyboard
01:20:38types like you know a couple thousand
01:20:40words a second wow or I'm sorry a minute
01:20:42I'm sorry a thousand words and a couple
01:20:43thousand words a minute
01:20:45uh and then it also has some use cases
01:20:48that aren't hacking like uh two-factor
01:20:50authentication this is a you know
01:20:52offline device where you can generate
01:20:54your two Factor without needing a device
01:20:56that's connected to the internet
01:20:58so it does that too and then there's a
01:21:00ton of other sub applications that are
01:21:02on here like hundreds of them that do
01:21:04little little things so a lot just with
01:21:07this one device this thing
01:21:09you know it it does just radio but it
01:21:12does a lot more than this thing really
01:21:14yeah what does that one do this one you
01:21:17can hack airplanes with I mean that I
01:21:20mean that's an extreme but that's
01:21:22something that you can actually
01:21:22accomplish with this using adsb
01:21:25um you can choose to either receive or
01:21:29um so you can choose either receive or
01:21:31transmit adsb with this device and
01:21:35that's the frequency to tell a plane you
01:21:37know this call sign position and and
01:21:39more and um it's very illegal to do that
01:21:43of course but uh if I wanted to go
01:21:45outside right now I could even
01:21:47demonstrate later for you like you know
01:21:49I pull this antenna out this is just a
01:21:51small antenna
01:21:52um and we could receive airplanes see
01:21:54where they're at there's nothing illegal
01:21:56about receiving them
01:21:58um transmitting is where it gets a
01:22:01little bit funky you know uh but yeah
01:22:03adsb this one does a lot I
01:22:06something like a joke for example Touch
01:22:08Tunes they're at a bar their little
01:22:10jukebox machine Duke box machines that
01:22:12you pay for yeah this device uh Brute
01:22:16Forces them meaning goes through zero
01:22:18zero zero to nine nine nine nine looking
01:22:19for a PIN code
01:22:21and once it gets it I can fully control
01:22:23that jukebox like like I have like I'm
01:22:25the owner of it so you know just just
01:22:27for fun or Subaru cars some some years
01:22:30of Subaru I have this pre-programmed
01:22:32that can unlock and unlock unlock and
01:22:34lock a Subaru no problem
01:22:37um I could do that with this as well but
01:22:39this thing way stronger bigger range way
01:22:42more support way more programs out there
01:22:45this device is a lot more dangerous in
01:22:47my eyes than that device really yep
01:22:51man you are a I think if this is the
01:22:54fifth time I've said it I think you are
01:22:56a dangerous man but well I'm safe safe
01:22:59you know yeah ethical you could be if
01:23:02you wanted to be I'm trying to go into
01:23:04detail about these things just for the
01:23:05just for the Nerds out there like me
01:23:07that are listening I'm not going into
01:23:10exhaustive detail about these devices
01:23:12because most people are not going to
01:23:14care so I'm just giving the general
01:23:16overview oh I think I think they're
01:23:18gonna care when they realize how
01:23:20vulnerable they are no I don't mean they
01:23:21don't care about what what they can do
01:23:22but they care about the technical
01:23:24specifics yeah
01:23:26we get a lot of our we pretty much
01:23:29everything that we have is from China
01:23:31okay you know all of our Electronics
01:23:34everything it all what do you say 90 of
01:23:39it probably comes from China do you
01:23:42we need to worry about what they're
01:23:43putting in our Electronics
01:23:46uh yeah yeah I mean I'll give you one
01:23:49example I bought this awesome vacuum and
01:23:52mop that's in one All-in-One Vacuum out
01:23:55called tinaco and uh it completely
01:23:58connects to a Chinese server to uh to
01:24:01transmit and receive information like I
01:24:03made it I made a joke out of I actually
01:24:04have a video of it where you could turn
01:24:07the audio on for it like when you plug
01:24:08it in it says charging started charging
01:24:10stopped like when you put it on and off
01:24:12I can control that with my computer
01:24:14through a Chinese Cloud Server there's
01:24:17no reason that that vacuum and MOB
01:24:19should connect to a Chinese cloud
01:24:22uh Cloud infrastructure whatsoever but
01:24:25uh it does and at any point they could
01:24:27change the way that functionality works
01:24:29and take over my home network with this
01:24:32vacuum mop
01:24:33so are you serious with a vacuum mop yep
01:24:36how many devices do you think has have
01:24:39these things in them
01:24:40anything with a Wi-Fi connection that's
01:24:42you know not ever not everything's going
01:24:45to be
01:24:46China beaconing back and forth but
01:24:48anything with the Wi-Fi you know
01:24:50anything with Wi-Fi capability is going
01:24:52to open up you know an attack vector
01:24:56washing machines refrigerators just oh
01:24:59yeah why does a vacuum mop I don't know
01:25:01Wi-Fi capability
01:25:03I'd love to tell you that it's uh I have
01:25:06I have the video I could show you I
01:25:07could find it sometime but it's uh I
01:25:09have that and then I have the app I
01:25:11could show you I can adjust the volume I
01:25:13can check when the last time I used it
01:25:14doesn't need to be cleaned does it you
01:25:16know it tells you all that stuff but
01:25:18it's using a Chinese server that I can
01:25:21control from my computer now that I've
01:25:22captured the traffic between the mop and
01:25:25the server
01:25:27how many devices do you think we have
01:25:29that are connected to a Chinese
01:25:32server and what would they be getting
01:25:34out of it
01:25:35I mean it's all about data nowadays so I
01:25:38mean I think the data is the most
01:25:40important thing to them because it's
01:25:41worth money and uh advertising dollars
01:25:45or or would be spent better for you know
01:25:48with targeted demographics so I think
01:25:51that they're using that information to
01:25:53Target you on the stuff that they that
01:25:56you need you know if you or someone that
01:25:58you love is looking up something
01:26:00obviously Google's going to figure out
01:26:02uh how to Target you on that on that
01:26:05thing and then sell that data to other
01:26:06people and they go they call it
01:26:08retargeting whereas if they have access
01:26:10to your direct Network and they can see
01:26:13you know things that you didn't even
01:26:15fully search out or you're typing on a
01:26:18different application like a chat
01:26:20application where you're not even
01:26:21searching about you're just talking
01:26:22about it that data is very valuable
01:26:24because they know about something before
01:26:26Google does or somebody some other large
01:26:28data broker
01:26:32what are what are five simple things
01:26:36that people can do to protect themselves
01:26:38from from hackers
01:26:40who's the password manager
01:26:43um install an antivirus or consult with
01:26:47an I.T company that has cyber security
01:26:50expertise or a cyber security company uh
01:26:53one of one of those many options but
01:26:55talk to somebody unless you're an expert
01:26:58uh use an RFID blocking wallet uh and
01:27:03potentially if you want to be extra safe
01:27:05use a key fob that has an RFID shield on
01:27:08it that way your key fob doesn't work
01:27:10outside of that Shield can't be cloned
01:27:12some cars require you know top to start
01:27:14so you know use something like that uh
01:27:18be careful with the websites that you're
01:27:20visiting if the browser is telling you
01:27:21the site looks unsafe then it's probably
01:27:23unsafe and if uh you know if you're told
01:27:27otherwise make sure who who's telling
01:27:29you otherwise is legitimate
01:27:33you know just be careful I mean just use
01:27:36your common sense if something looks too
01:27:37good to be true it probably is okay what
01:27:40about we're we live in a day and age
01:27:42where you're getting spam calls every
01:27:44five minutes you're getting spam text
01:27:46every five minutes and a new marketing
01:27:49emails coming in every two minutes it's
01:27:52I mean it's ridiculous
01:27:55do we need do we need to worry about
01:27:57that stuff if I open a text
01:28:00could I be hacked just from opening the
01:28:02text technically yes I mean like I said
01:28:04earlier the zero click attacks that
01:28:07they're willing to pay a ton of money
01:28:08for there's government agencies that
01:28:10already have them you know that there
01:28:12was one going around for uh quite a long
01:28:15uh there was one going around for quite
01:28:17a long time called Pegasus I don't know
01:28:19there's another one called Pegasus 2.0
01:28:21and it didn't require any user
01:28:24interaction from you know from anyone
01:28:26you would just send to a phone number
01:28:28they'd have full remote access to your
01:28:30phone even without opening the text
01:28:32without opening anything
01:28:35holy how do you defend against
01:28:37something like that yeah you can't
01:28:38there's no there's no way to Defenders
01:28:41that's why they're so valuable because
01:28:42there's nothing you can do
01:28:46how do most hackers get in do you have
01:28:49to click a link
01:28:50yeah yeah I mean sometimes it's a link
01:28:53sometimes it's a file sometimes it's a
01:28:55photo sometimes it's a chain of exploits
01:28:58of multiple things that turn into it it
01:29:00could be a Word document it could be
01:29:03um when it comes to zero days and zero
01:29:06click exploits it's uh it doesn't
01:29:09require any user interaction and you
01:29:11will not know that your phone's infected
01:29:14yeah so I can't even give you a good
01:29:16answer for it this is scary stuff I
01:29:19could I could I might as well have it on
01:29:21my phone right now I have no clue I mean
01:29:22I'd likely see the traffic going in and
01:29:24out of it but uh there is still the
01:29:27chance that it could have it
01:29:28all right let's take a quick break and
01:29:31when we come back we'll get into what
01:29:32you're doing now
01:29:36the US dollar how many of you out there
01:29:39still have any confidence whatsoever in
01:29:42the US dollar
01:29:43probably not very many I don't either
01:29:46you see there's a growing concern on the
01:29:49devaluation of the US dollar right now
01:29:53and rightly so here's why inflation we
01:29:57are at an all-time high right now on
01:29:59inflation it will now cost you 12
01:30:02dollars to buy one carton of eggs that
01:30:06is absolutely absurd let's talk about
01:30:09interest rates interest rates through
01:30:11the roof if you're in the market to buy
01:30:13a house right now you're going to get
01:30:15roughly 50 percent less house
01:30:18because they've raised the interest
01:30:20rates so high let's talk about the stock
01:30:23way down especially the tech stocks
01:30:28way down Congress spending more money
01:30:33than you or I or anyone else we know can
01:30:37even fathom counting and the FEDS what
01:30:39are they doing they're just printing
01:30:42money like it's nobody's business
01:30:44devaluing our dollar meanwhile
01:30:48is running around the globe right now
01:30:50striking deals latest one Saudi Arabia
01:30:53and Iran
01:30:55new oil deals trying to turn the yen
01:30:59into the new Reserve currency which in
01:31:04will devalue our dollar
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01:32:41the benefits that came from doing it one
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01:33:56we're back from the break
01:33:59we just got a whole class on hacking and
01:34:01all the stuff that you're capable of and
01:34:04all the things we need to be worried
01:34:05about but let's talk about why you came
01:34:07here and that's what you're doing now
01:34:10you're basically
01:34:12hunting down these people that are
01:34:15exploiting children sexually on the
01:34:18internet and
01:34:20in person yeah I know you have a couple
01:34:24of horrific stories one guy that was I
01:34:27think it was his daughter in the bathtub
01:34:29yeah yeah so I'll start you know kind of
01:34:32where that all uh came from
01:34:35um I was at a friend's a friend's house
01:34:37and I got a text message from my
01:34:39friend's wife and it uh it was multiple
01:34:43photos of screenshots of this website
01:34:45that was uh it was clear from the
01:34:48screenshots that the website was on the
01:34:50regular internet anyone could access it
01:34:52and um should I name the website yeah it
01:34:56was uh it's no longer up but it was dot
01:34:59Co so
01:35:01uh dot Co the night website went down
01:35:04that it ended up being t-o like t as in
01:35:07Thomas I was an Oscar so I see this
01:35:09website and I see the content uh in
01:35:12these screenshots that my friend's wife
01:35:14sent me she doesn't know anything about
01:35:16computers but she has kids herself and
01:35:18she was like can you do something about
01:35:21I read this content and uh one of them
01:35:24was was uh was talking about a mother
01:35:27that wanted to have have kids and then
01:35:31have the kids be
01:35:33so that that when the kids grew up that
01:35:35they could you know have
01:35:38and go even further I mean I'll pull up
01:35:40the screenshots because I'd like to
01:35:41explain like where my head was at that
01:35:43time but as soon as I read these
01:35:47I uh I like I guess a switch flipped in
01:35:51my brain and I left my friend's house
01:35:53immediately as I got the text and I was
01:35:55I went home I didn't know for sure that
01:35:57I was going to be able to get into this
01:35:59website I just knew I wanted to do
01:36:00something about it and uh I found the
01:36:03vulnerability in their platform I got in
01:36:06uh and from that point on I started to
01:36:09uh to exfiltrate the data every single
01:36:12day all the users
01:36:13um I noticed that that a lot of people
01:36:16were soliciting
01:36:17on the site so I uh I didn't want to
01:36:22download those messages in case of the
01:36:24fact that I pull in some images that I'm
01:36:26not allowed to have and nor do I want so
01:36:29I made sure to only download the
01:36:31publicly facing stuff which didn't
01:36:34it had some very graphic text but it
01:36:36didn't include anything illegal which I
01:36:38think it should be illegal to talk that
01:36:39way but it was it was horrible stuff
01:36:43what what were some of the so you
01:36:45started this basically from a text
01:36:47conversation with a concerned Mom that's
01:36:50what got you into it yeah what's some of
01:36:52the text
01:36:54that you saw
01:36:57I'd like to read them too if you want I
01:37:00still have them read them so this is
01:37:02before I was before I ever caught a
01:37:05single predator in my life this was this
01:37:07was the beginning and what set my set my
01:37:11brain off um
01:37:13to uh to want to help
01:37:15but this is before I even heard of this
01:37:17website before I heard of anything and
01:37:19anything to do with it
01:37:22okay here they are
01:37:26so the title should I read these like
01:37:29they're graphic yeah breed them so the
01:37:32title of this post is who wants
01:37:36these little
01:37:38um and then somebody replied underneath
01:37:40I've got first dibs on them
01:37:44uh Joseph fritzel Maximilian uh which is
01:37:48there's two different users there pick
01:37:50for yourselves
01:37:52um and this was the photo that they used
01:37:58oh my God
01:38:00that's just one of three
01:38:06three texts these girls look like
01:38:08they're six very young yeah
01:38:10and then there was that one story where
01:38:12I told you about the
01:38:15I can't see it but the the story I told
01:38:17you about the bathtub situation where
01:38:19there was a father who posted their
01:38:22child in the bathtub and uh they it said
01:38:25underneath of it um they have no idea
01:38:27what's going to happen to them tonight
01:38:28and then underneath that there were
01:38:30people that were part of this website
01:38:31who were saying what they were going to
01:38:33do to this child and this wasn't just
01:38:35some fantasy that this guy was talking
01:38:37about this was a you know a guy posting
01:38:40his child in the bathtub like for real
01:38:43like it really was his child
01:38:46um I assume he was a man but it was a
01:38:51you know so that really got to me and
01:38:54then uh I got another part of this text
01:38:56message I'll just read one more of the
01:38:57three and this one says that they are a
01:39:0116 year old
01:39:04a lot of these people were role-playing
01:39:05to be children and in our investigations
01:39:08we found out there was a lot of actual
01:39:09kids on this website real kids they were
01:39:12under 18 at the time of uh this this
01:39:15when I hacked the site what are they
01:39:17doing on there they're selling their
01:39:18bodies for money kids two of these
01:39:21people yeah it's kids prostituting
01:39:23themselves yes yes so one of them I
01:39:26don't know if this is a real 16 year old
01:39:28or not but what was said was pretty
01:39:29disturbing regardless uh it said God I
01:39:33really want to be a mom I need someone
01:39:35who wants to
01:39:3716 year old when I have our daughter I'd
01:39:40let you do whatever you wanted from
01:39:42whatever age make me watch as you
01:39:48teaching her how to lovingly
01:39:51don't worry if it's a boy you can watch
01:39:56teaching them how to properly woman
01:39:58teaching them how to slap and hurt me to
01:40:01he'd be so cute trying to
01:40:06a little
01:40:09God so when I got these text messages
01:40:12and reading them even current day right
01:40:17it it makes me sick to my stomach to
01:40:19even think about and uh and I know
01:40:21they're gone
01:40:22so you know I mean not all these people
01:40:25are still out there but the website's
01:40:27down how many how many people are on
01:40:29this website at first I thought it was a
01:40:31couple thousand when I uh cleaned up the
01:40:34database and and figured it out there's
01:40:37about 7 000 people and just this one
01:40:39website and uh we have a total of five
01:40:42you have seven thousand people on one
01:40:45website you've mm-hmm and you couldn't
01:40:48you couldn't become a member of this
01:40:49website unless you answered uh an
01:40:52application where you you you had to
01:40:54answer a question that was something
01:40:55like are you okay with uh you know doing
01:41:00something horrible with the
01:41:01three-year-old and in all of their holes
01:41:03you had to answer that question in
01:41:05detail I forget the exact verbiage of
01:41:07the question it's it's a it's posted
01:41:11um in regards to this interview or or
01:41:14project Veritas one or the other uh but
01:41:16you had to fill that out to become a
01:41:18member of the website you just saw and
01:41:21which would tell me that either you're
01:41:23an undercover cop or you're an actual
01:41:25predator on the site I mean who would
01:41:28answer a question like that even if they
01:41:29were just curious is there multiple so
01:41:32it's a whole questionnaire you have to
01:41:33do to get into the site there was a few
01:41:35questions I think two or three they were
01:41:37really horrible but you had to answer
01:41:38them or they were not would not approve
01:41:40you to join the site is there any other
01:41:43prerequisites to
01:41:45get on sites like these
01:41:48um yes so so what I learned in this
01:41:50process during the investigation and
01:41:52exporting you know everything that I
01:41:54could legally export uh I found that
01:41:57they used a chat app called Telegram and
01:42:00they were going back and forth talking
01:42:02about uh about you know they would call
01:42:05it cheese pizza and use all the time to
01:42:07all kinds of different phrases for it
01:42:10and I realized there was these
01:42:12moderators in the chat rooms outside of
01:42:14the website
01:42:16um where if you would send them
01:42:19they would let you into another group
01:42:21which was full
01:42:23but of course I couldn't do that so I
01:42:25never got to see past that part but I do
01:42:28have evidence of that being a thing when
01:42:30I have because I exported all the chat
01:42:32logs so I can it shows that if I were to
01:42:36send something horrible to one of those
01:42:38moderators I would have seen something
01:42:39even worse which is hard to imagine than
01:42:42you know we are already seeing here
01:42:45what did you what did you do with that
01:42:47information it helped actually let me
01:42:50backtrack I'm sorry how how long did it
01:42:52take you to crack into that website and
01:42:55get this information
01:42:57um I I wasn't sure like I said when I
01:42:58got the text messages and I wanted to
01:43:01try to take my goal was to just take the
01:43:03site down and I knew I could make that
01:43:05happen because it was on the clear net
01:43:07uh regular internet for anyone to visit
01:43:09I knew I could do that but I didn't know
01:43:11if I could actually get access to their
01:43:13server once I found the vulnerability uh
01:43:17maybe an hour two hours at the most if I
01:43:20could remember correctly it wasn't long
01:43:21and they never found out they were
01:43:23hacked so to this day
01:43:26um they they never found out and they
01:43:29will never find out
01:43:31I mean unless unless somebody in that
01:43:33database is watching this uh now you
01:43:35know you're on you're I have your data
01:43:38and uh we will find you so I actually
01:43:41recommend you come forward so we don't
01:43:43have to make the story up for you
01:43:45what did you do with this information
01:43:49as soon as I got the information I would
01:43:51I thought it was slam dunk I thought
01:43:54like these people were going to jail you
01:43:55know I thought maybe I solved something
01:43:57that that the FBI or somebody was you
01:44:00know working on
01:44:01for a long time and uh I instantly went
01:44:05to the exploited children uh tip line
01:44:08and I uh I submitted you know saying who
01:44:12the owner of the website was that I had
01:44:14access to all the data and uh and that
01:44:17they were welcome to have it basically
01:44:19um then I reached out to a bunch of news
01:44:21articles or I'm sorry news stations and
01:44:23to talk to a ton of reporters and all of
01:44:26them were super excited to talk to me
01:44:28what news stations
01:44:30Sun Sentinel daily mail Business Insider
01:44:34Fox Summit some influencers Ronan Farrow
01:44:37Candice Owens they both didn't read my
01:44:40but as for the news stations
01:44:43they you know I had full conversations
01:44:46with the reporters they knew what they
01:44:47were getting themselves into they were
01:44:48very excited about reporting on it and
01:44:51once it got back from legal they weren't
01:44:54allowed to report on it
01:44:57um I said well okay if you're not
01:44:58allowed to report on the illegally
01:44:59obtained material that I have just let
01:45:02parents know that this website exists
01:45:04and who you know what you know whatever
01:45:06you want but just keep whatever illegal
01:45:08out of it you know I just want them to
01:45:09parents to know that this website exists
01:45:12you don't need to put my name you don't
01:45:13need to put the material that I obtained
01:45:15nothing uh every single one of them
01:45:18completely disregarded me I you know I
01:45:21sent a lot of those notes over to
01:45:22project Veritas with some evidence of
01:45:24that but uh not a single person until
01:45:28now has done anything about this not one
01:45:31not any conservative media not any
01:45:35liberal media because unfortunately
01:45:37that's the day and age we live in now
01:45:41um none of them none of them would touch
01:45:44this no none of them want to be involved
01:45:47in Saving kids when I say I tried I
01:45:49tried so hard and nobody wanted to do
01:45:54so what wound up happening with the
01:46:00law enforcement didn't want to get
01:46:02involved either no so I called my
01:46:04attorney uh locally and I called an
01:46:07attorney in Virginia
01:46:09because the owner of the website
01:46:10happened to be a democratic politician
01:46:13and ran for congress two times his name
01:46:17is Nathan Larson and I'll explain more
01:46:19about him in a second but I talked to a
01:46:21lawyer in Virginia because I knew that's
01:46:23where he lived and I wanted to see what
01:46:24I could do from there so the lawyer in
01:46:27Virginia basically told me she didn't
01:46:28know what to say she never heard of
01:46:30anything like this
01:46:31um the lawyer in Florida reached out to
01:46:34the local task force let them know that
01:46:37I had access to the information
01:46:39and then as well as you know doing that
01:46:41tip line so from that point on uh you
01:46:45know all of these news stations and all
01:46:47the law enforcement connections whatever
01:46:49you want to call them they all were
01:46:51fully aware that Nathan Larson was
01:46:52running this website that he was you
01:46:55know he ran for congress twice that uh
01:46:57that he was an extremist he did crazy
01:47:00um but he he did run for Congress two
01:47:03different times at Virginia so I thought
01:47:06that they would take that seriously well
01:47:07completely ignored
01:47:09completely ignored it
01:47:11project Veritas gave me access to some
01:47:14of the stuff you guys are working on
01:47:15together and in one of those videos
01:47:18you're reading a quote from Nathan
01:47:21Larson I'm going to read it right now
01:47:25this is from Nathan Larson Democratic
01:47:29politician the RAM for cubic Congress
01:47:31multiple times ran a website for pedos
01:47:34to discuss their dark intentions and
01:47:37here's the quote it's not enough kids
01:47:40and take their innocence you also need
01:47:43to reproduce the Next Generation with
01:47:46let them see that you prefer to
01:47:49The Offspring you have with them
01:47:52than to continue to have with a woman
01:47:55who is no longer jailbait
01:47:58the quote continues
01:48:00but you can still sometimes just let her
01:48:04know though that
01:48:06what you love her for the most is
01:48:09producing with you
01:48:11is producing with you a fresh new young
01:48:16and that this is her main value and
01:48:19contribution hat you think fondly of her
01:48:25this is disgusting I'm sorry you think
01:48:28fondly of her for because that beautiful
01:48:30daughter reminds you of her
01:48:38it's unimaginable
01:48:40it's like how how do people think this
01:48:42way but there's so many people that
01:48:46think this way that it's alarming
01:48:49is the word for it I don't know how how
01:48:52else to put it it's way more people than
01:48:54you'd think than you'd like to believe
01:48:57code words pizza and cooking
01:49:00and cheese pizza
01:49:03stands for
01:49:12Yep this is disgusting yeah I think it's
01:49:15only worse than that you know it's it's
01:49:17really bad
01:49:20how much worse does it get
01:49:22worse I mean people if this this is a
01:49:25person talking about it and it makes me
01:49:27uncomfortable it just as much as much as
01:49:29it makes you uncomfortable but uh you
01:49:31know these people what they're talking
01:49:33about they're they're doing you know
01:49:35this guy isn't some guy with a bunch of
01:49:37fantasies this guy got arrested six
01:49:39months after nobody did anything about
01:49:41it and uh you know like I said I try my
01:49:44best he gets arrested six months later
01:49:46with a 12 year old in uh at a layover at
01:49:49an airport after he kidnapped her so not
01:49:52only did he uh talk about it he did it
01:49:55and he he got caught you know as for
01:49:58some other people I don't know how much
01:50:00more I can go into it but one guy we're
01:50:03um as of 2020 which is after I submitted
01:50:06the data he got in trouble for doing
01:50:09something horrible to a child as well
01:50:10became a fugitive and I think they
01:50:12eventually got him but you know we're
01:50:14we're not even close to through the list
01:50:16yet and uh you know we got a lot more
01:50:18people to expose and
01:50:21they're not just talking about it
01:50:23they're doing it let's backtrack real
01:50:24quick because you kind of breezed over
01:50:26what happened
01:50:28so the guy
01:50:30with the pit with the daughter in the
01:50:32bathtub yeah what happened
01:50:35that guy with the daughter in the
01:50:37bathtub I don't know where he went he's
01:50:39part of the database I'm talking about
01:50:40the guy that got arrested in Denver oh
01:50:42that's that's uh Nathan Larson okay so
01:50:45Nathan Larson he got arrested six months
01:50:48after the fact
01:50:50um after I hacked his site after I
01:50:52submitted it to the authorities to all
01:50:54the news stations he gets arrested with
01:50:56the 12 year old girl and gets arrested
01:50:58for kidnapping and I don't think he got
01:51:00charged with rape but he got the
01:51:02kidnapped in charge
01:51:04um Nathan Larson then went to federal
01:51:06prison for that
01:51:08and um you know the website went down
01:51:11and uh
01:51:13you know he just he sat in prison for I
01:51:16forget forget what the sentence was but
01:51:18it was quite a long time and to my
01:51:22knowledge when you're when you're a
01:51:24person like him you are going to be put
01:51:26except you're going to be separated in a
01:51:28federal prison from the regular inmates
01:51:31you know spoiler alert but Nathan
01:51:33Larson's dead and uh the reason why he's
01:51:36dead is due to starvation the news says
01:51:39that it's suicide
01:51:42if I had to guess the inmates that were
01:51:44you know responsible for feeding him
01:51:46just let him you know starve to death
01:51:48and I I believe he deserved every second
01:51:51of that pain you and me both
01:51:53so there's been there's been five
01:51:56I'm sorry there's been five other sites
01:51:58that you've cracked into so when when I
01:52:02hacked uh rapey it uh Nathan left back
01:52:05up so this previous websites on the same
01:52:07server so it really only took one site
01:52:09to get all five
01:52:11how many names all together
01:52:14um I'm not I can't give you an exact
01:52:16number I'm not sure I bet it's tens of
01:52:18thousands tens of thousands of people
01:52:21and are these people all in
01:52:24we're at work do you know where they're
01:52:26all at um all over the country all uh
01:52:29summer some are international but most
01:52:31of them you know are in the country so
01:52:33when did 561 PC start
01:52:37so 561 PC
01:52:40is an organization that
01:52:43um I created with a friend uh Scrappy
01:52:45he's an MMA fighter
01:52:47um it started because of the frustration
01:52:49that nothing happened from this original
01:52:51uh this this whole ordeal you know I'm
01:52:54this we're talking two and a half years
01:52:55after the fact I've been you know
01:52:57looking into information on Predators
01:52:59for organizations on YouTube
01:53:02um anonymously with my name not attached
01:53:03whatsoever just finding information and
01:53:07uh sending it over to the organizations
01:53:10um and then they would go and confront
01:53:11them theirselves and I did that for many
01:53:13organizations like I said completely
01:53:16anonymously I wasn't looking for
01:53:17recognition or my name to be attached to
01:53:20um I meet Scrappy that's the Lamppost
01:53:23whatever you want to call them he uh he
01:53:26he's a really good dude and hold on
01:53:28Scrappy is a professional MMA fighter in
01:53:31the UFC correct well he did not he
01:53:32didn't he didn't get his call for the
01:53:34UFC yet but uh he's you know 8-0
01:53:36undefeated seven Knockouts he's he's
01:53:38likely gonna get the call he's on the
01:53:40way yeah yeah and um even Dana White
01:53:42knows who he is I believe
01:53:45it's uh it's it's you know he's a good
01:53:48dude outside of fighting he's a very
01:53:50nice guy gentle heart you know religious
01:53:52guy you know great great person in my
01:53:54eyes so he was a good partner to pick
01:53:56for this upcoming project and I brought
01:53:59up I was like hey man
01:54:01um you know do you know how bad it is on
01:54:03the internet like I told him the story
01:54:04that I just told you he was blown away
01:54:07by the fact that nothing happened and I
01:54:09told him I said like you know let me
01:54:12show you let me show you how bad it is
01:54:13not just tell you so I was like Google
01:54:16search uh teen chat room Florida or you
01:54:19know it was something of that something
01:54:21similar to that so he Googled it I told
01:54:22him click any chat room I don't care
01:54:24which one it is he clicks the chat room
01:54:26he click guess you click guess that you
01:54:28know you didn't have to make an account
01:54:29made his name Ashley 13 female Florida
01:54:33something like that and just said hi in
01:54:36the chat room and within five minutes he
01:54:38must have got 40 50 60 messages from
01:54:42grown men some naked some been trying to
01:54:44video chat so I'm saying that you know
01:54:46they want to meet up and a very horrible
01:54:48things that grown men hanging out in
01:54:50these teen chat rooms
01:54:52from that point on he realized how
01:54:54serious this actually was and I was like
01:54:56hey well you know that it's not just
01:54:58these chat rooms it's most of the time
01:54:59it's social media apps like so like
01:55:02Facebook Snapchat Instagram Twitter Tick
01:55:05Tock Tinder
01:55:07um oh you know all of them it's anywhere
01:55:09a kid has access to Roblox Minecraft
01:55:11their Xbox when they're talking to their
01:55:14um these predators are on everything so
01:55:16I said to them hey if we get some decoys
01:55:19in there and they you know grown women
01:55:21or grown men they pretend to be children
01:55:24we can go and try to catch these people
01:55:26and expose them in real life just the
01:55:28same way I've been helping organizations
01:55:30for two and a half years do it except
01:55:31instead of me sending it to them we'll
01:55:34do it ourselves we'll clean up our you
01:55:36know at least try our best to clean up
01:55:37our our whole our town in South Florida
01:55:40and he was like yeah man I'm definitely
01:55:42down to do it
01:55:43and of course you know at first you
01:55:44think when somebody says they're down to
01:55:45do something like that it's a hit or
01:55:47miss but he was like he was on point
01:55:49ready to go and uh you know we've caught
01:55:5314 people now in a couple months of of
01:55:56doing it and you know local law
01:55:59enforcement Delray Beach police have
01:56:01been incredible
01:56:03and we're just going to continue to grow
01:56:05you know if anybody's interested in
01:56:07checking that out it's at 561 PC like
01:56:10561 Predator catchers on Instagram same
01:56:13as for YouTube
01:56:15and uh
01:56:16yeah you'll find me there and you'll
01:56:18also find uh Scrappy there let's rewind
01:56:21what what is what was your first
01:56:22operation like
01:56:24my first what your first operation
01:56:26what's the the first guy you guys caught
01:56:28together as a team how did that go down
01:56:31so the first guy we caught as a team was
01:56:33just a complete test
01:56:35uh Scrappy and I used an app called
01:56:38Grindr which is a gay dating app for the
01:56:41most part not only gay but mostly gay
01:56:43and um
01:56:45we both use the filter to make ourselves
01:56:48look younger and uh we just started
01:56:51talking to any guy that messaged us we
01:56:53didn't message anybody first we waited
01:56:54for people to message us and uh one guy
01:56:57eventually within an hour decided to
01:56:59talk to us and we went out met him
01:57:02called the cops and a guy the guy ran to
01:57:05the bathroom we couldn't film in the
01:57:07bathroom where'd you meet him uh right
01:57:09on Atlantic Ave in Delray in front of a
01:57:11million people and uh you know I
01:57:13embarrassed I screamed at the top of my
01:57:15lungs at what he was there to do and uh
01:57:17you know I don't do that anymore because
01:57:19you can get it disorderly conduct for
01:57:21that I didn't know that at the time but
01:57:23uh that was my first encounter guy just
01:57:25ran into the bathroom no one hid until
01:57:26the cops got there and at that time the
01:57:28cops had no clue what was going on so
01:57:30they just let him go
01:57:34have you gotten anybody arrested yeah
01:57:36multiple people how many uh three so far
01:57:40let's go over the first one that you got
01:57:42arrested what did that operation look
01:57:45um our one is actually
01:57:49no actually I think do you mind if I go
01:57:52over the guy that I know uh the full
01:57:55story of right now because some of them
01:57:57are active
01:58:01so the one guy we have a YouTube video
01:58:05and uh we we made him you know I did
01:58:07pull up I'm sorry uh we're gonna do
01:58:10push-ups and sit-ups you know to
01:58:13distract them well the cops were on
01:58:15their way and uh he said that you know
01:58:18that the girl had breeding hips and I
01:58:21believe he said something about uh
01:58:22wanting to take a shower with her or
01:58:24something like that
01:58:25um and how Florida works is they have
01:58:28the police station and then they have
01:58:30the state attorney some states have
01:58:32District Attorneys some states have
01:58:33state attorneys I think they're the same
01:58:35thing but they're just named differently
01:58:36but the state attorney is the one that
01:58:38ultimately makes a decision on the if
01:58:40the person is going to be convicted or
01:58:42charged with the with these charges but
01:58:45the cops make the decision on what
01:58:47they're being charged with so
01:58:49who meet the guy he admits to everything
01:58:52you know that he said in the chat logs
01:58:54he admits that maybe even a little bit
01:58:55more then he admits it again to the
01:58:57police officers he goes in the
01:58:59interrogation room I send the chat logs
01:59:01and the video to them while they're
01:59:05um he admits everything to them because
01:59:06it's not evidence until the Predator
01:59:08says it like our evidence isn't isn't
01:59:10valuable because we're Vigilantes so you
01:59:13know it's not technically evidence
01:59:15unless the police obtain it
01:59:17so uh all that went well the cops spent
01:59:21Delray police spent a ton of time
01:59:24building the report out for this guy
01:59:26State Attorney you know was kind of iffy
01:59:29about it it seemed and the entirety of
01:59:31the case was thrown out because uh there
01:59:35was no shower inside of Walmart so
01:59:38there's no way he could have showered
01:59:40you've got to be me yeah yeah
01:59:42so it's it's a little bit rough we had a
01:59:45meeting who's responsible for that case
01:59:47getting dropped
01:59:50I don't I know it's the state attorney
01:59:52for whoever Palm Beach County for Palm
01:59:54Beach County but yeah it's I don't know
01:59:56the exact name is that an elected slot I
01:59:59believe so
02:00:01uh we should look that name up and post
02:00:03it right here it's wild to me but but
02:00:06the one thing that I can say is that
02:00:08this one of the sergeants who used to be
02:00:09a detective did have a meeting with us
02:00:11right after that and told us what the
02:00:13state attorney would be looking for to
02:00:15secure a conviction so we are trying to
02:00:18fall within those guidelines now like we
02:00:20call the cops regardless every time but
02:00:22we're not sure if we're going to get an
02:00:23arrest or not unless it falls within the
02:00:26guidelines that we're told Ryan do you
02:00:29think you could demonstrate right here
02:00:31right now how fast these sexual
02:00:33predators predators will show up in a
02:00:35chat room yeah fire your computer up
02:00:38let's do it all right I'm recording so
02:00:40now I'm just gonna say
02:00:44wants to chat
02:00:48and I named myself Ashley female New
02:00:50Jersey 13 female New Jersey
02:00:53let's see how many private messages come
02:00:57two already
02:01:01it's been like 10 seconds yep hey you
02:01:03want to fool around Hey how
02:01:08old are you
02:01:10let me just copy that and send that to
02:01:12everybody because we've got other
02:01:13messages coming in
02:01:15what chat room are you in
02:01:17just a teen chat hey you want to cuddle
02:01:20a bit I didn't I I mean I'm taking I'm
02:01:23giving them the benefit of the doubt
02:01:24right now that uh that they didn't read
02:01:26the oh he's 47. 47 years old in a teen
02:01:30chat room you got him in what five
02:01:33seconds he's already messaging in oh
02:01:36yeah there's a Tony there's I can't even
02:01:37keep up with them here because every
02:01:39time I click one there's more on the
02:01:44uh he says I said are you okay with my
02:01:46age he says yes age
02:01:4813 like my profile says
02:01:55I got two more messages so now we're at
02:01:57one two three four five
02:02:02I'm 19. Let's ignore the 19 year old
02:02:05even though it's disgusting
02:02:07it hasn't even been 60 seconds yet
02:02:13there's another guy here's the other guy
02:02:15this guy's 15 ignore him that is a real
02:02:18teenager in a teen chat
02:02:22uh the 47 year old
02:02:25says he said age I said 13 like my
02:02:29profile says he said name
02:02:35and then another guy just messaged
02:02:39how old are you okay this person is a
02:02:42child too so out of all of these there's
02:02:44one guy here who is 47 years old less
02:02:48than a minute who wants to talk to a
02:02:50child in a teen chat and I only said hi
02:02:52in the chat room nothing else holy
02:02:56dude you you jumped in a chat room you
02:02:58called yourself Ashley 13 New Jersey
02:03:03literally less than 10 seconds we have a
02:03:0647 year old
02:03:07one to one to have sex with a with a 13
02:03:11year old girl yeah
02:03:13yeah that's how quick it is like I
02:03:15Googled team chat uh I'm in a different
02:03:18state so I get different results here
02:03:20for you know the local teen chats
02:03:23there's no way for me to set it up you
02:03:25know all I did was say hi in the chat
02:03:26room and press enter
02:03:28and you know a bunch of messages came in
02:03:31some were from actual teenagers as it
02:03:33should be in a teen chat and uh one of
02:03:35the guys which you know who knows if
02:03:37they really are teenagers that's another
02:03:38thing but one guy was open about that he
02:03:41was 47 years old and
02:03:43he was completely fine with the age
02:03:45where where all is this happening is
02:03:47this happening just list off
02:03:50where this is happening that's that that
02:03:52everyday people use all the time uh
02:03:56Facebook Instagram Tick Tock Snapchat
02:03:59Kik what's up uh Roblox Minecraft Xbox
02:04:04Playstation Xbox and Playstation yeah
02:04:08because you can chat with random people
02:04:09in games
02:04:11um they could represent themselves as
02:04:12whoever they want
02:04:14um yeah yeah I mean it's just the list
02:04:17goes on anywhere where a human can
02:04:19communicate with another human
02:04:21the child is not safe so parents need to
02:04:24be watching that and not just assuming
02:04:27like you know if you're if your kid says
02:04:29hey I'm on the phone with my friend
02:04:30which friend is it you know is it is it
02:04:33one that I know
02:04:34um like you can't be scared of being a
02:04:37helicopter parent because if your kid's
02:04:38aggravated at you for a couple of
02:04:40minutes for you know being
02:04:41overprotective in these scenarios I
02:04:44think it's worth it's not your fault
02:04:46regardless of what happens but to save
02:04:49them from a life of trauma I think it
02:04:51might be worth the extra couple minutes
02:04:53or aggravating your kid to see who
02:04:56they're actually talking to see which
02:04:58who their friends really are and uh just
02:05:02spend that extra time because it could
02:05:03it could save a lifelong battle with
02:05:06trauma this happened to somebody I know
02:05:08in in Parkland you know remember I used
02:05:11to live in Boca so I got a lot of
02:05:13friends down there have it in Parkland
02:05:15he's got
02:05:17a daughter couple daughters and she was
02:05:22she was blackmailed by somebody and had
02:05:26taken pictures and
02:05:28it's it's it's everywhere just as you
02:05:30just demonstrated it I mean 10 10
02:05:32seconds less than 10 seconds and he and
02:05:35he's on there yeah is this is this the
02:05:37case every single time uh yeah yeah some
02:05:41of the guys want to chat for longer
02:05:43before they meet up in person but uh
02:05:45yeah it's it's that easy
02:05:47no it's it's not good that it's easy but
02:05:50it is that easy to to find them they're
02:05:52out there and they are
02:05:54they're they're being predatory like you
02:05:58know like the name States
02:06:01I don't I didn't I don't know what to
02:06:03call it I don't want to call it a
02:06:05success rate but
02:06:08what is the percentage of
02:06:11people that you're talking to on here
02:06:12that will come and meet
02:06:17depends on how long you talk to them and
02:06:19if you can convince them that you're not
02:06:20a police officer would you say the
02:06:22majority of them way more than the
02:06:24majority yeah 90 yeah
02:06:27over 90 percent
02:06:31um it depends if they ask to meet or not
02:06:33yet because sometimes it takes a while
02:06:35for them to chat so I would say yeah
02:06:37like if they if they ask to meet 90 95
02:06:40plus if they are asked to meet up
02:06:4395 you think yeah
02:06:49how did how did project Veritas get
02:06:52involved with it
02:06:53um they saw the a viral podcast and me
02:06:55talking about the website and they were
02:06:57interested and they said well I want to
02:06:59help you bring Justice to this uh to to
02:07:02what the other stations failed to to
02:07:04bring Justice to and the FBI even failed
02:07:08to or all everybody everybody failed me
02:07:11I felt like they failed me and project
02:07:13Veritas said hey we will do something
02:07:15about this we'll put our whole team on
02:07:17it we're going to we're gonna we're
02:07:19gonna bring light to this we're gonna
02:07:21bring these people out of the dark
02:07:23corners of the earth and uh and it made
02:07:27me feel like okay I have I have a team
02:07:29here you know I have people that are
02:07:31willing to
02:07:32you know fly across the country and meet
02:07:34me in a 24-hour notice which they did to
02:07:37have a conversation
02:07:38they they flew me out to New York to to
02:07:41do an interview
02:07:43um you know just off my word you know I
02:07:45could have been lying I could have been
02:07:46a member that's who knows what they what
02:07:48they didn't know who I was so they just
02:07:50took my word for it and they gave me the
02:07:53most compassion and love that more
02:07:55compassionate love than I would have
02:07:57ever expected and still are to this day
02:07:59what is this collaboration between
02:08:03mu and them look like how are they are
02:08:06you you're obviously feeding them all
02:08:08the information that you've uncovered so
02:08:09far you're still getting more
02:08:13um so no so right now we're going off
02:08:15the data that I already have which is so
02:08:19um especially with Nathan Larson's
02:08:21websites you know right the one we're
02:08:23focusing on at the moment is
02:08:25and Dot t-o so anyone that was on that
02:08:28list is going to be investigated we have
02:08:30all of their information or ways to find
02:08:33it so we're just going to go down that
02:08:35list keep exposing them in person
02:08:38um and uh we've found quite a few
02:08:40already so it's it's only going to get
02:08:43more extreme especially as the team gets
02:08:46and hopefully we do some justice put
02:08:49some more in prison uh uncover some
02:08:54how are you getting how are you guys so
02:08:56they sent me so this interview is timed
02:08:59perfectly we when project Veritas starts
02:09:01to release this information we're right
02:09:04behind them we've talked to them we're
02:09:05collaborating with them we want to just
02:09:09dump gas
02:09:11and amplify what you guys are doing to
02:09:14get this word out so what does this
02:09:16collaboration look like between you and
02:09:18them you're feeding them the information
02:09:19and then how are they reaching out to
02:09:21these guys and and
02:09:23how are they getting to them to come in
02:09:25and and
02:09:26confess to this stuff
02:09:30um they so they have their own ways of
02:09:32dealing with undercover uh operations
02:09:34and and like filming Undercover uh but
02:09:38when we find the information on the
02:09:40people you know we're going off the
02:09:41database we're taking the information
02:09:43per user we're tying that to what we you
02:09:47know we have some some archived images
02:09:49of when the website did exist so we
02:09:51could say this user said this at this
02:09:53time or replied to this at that time
02:09:55figure out who that user is and then
02:09:58organize a team to go out there and meet
02:10:01them but the process of finding out who
02:10:03they are is called ocent or open source
02:10:05intelligence and project Veritas has
02:10:08been doing that already for years as
02:10:10well as me as I specialize in in Ocean
02:10:13and and obviously being a hacker it just
02:10:16comes with the comes with the territory
02:10:18um so working together as a team finding
02:10:21these people has been you know no
02:10:23different than what I would do on a
02:10:24daily basis except it's just making a
02:10:27bigger impact how many guys have you
02:10:29guys put in prison so far
02:10:31um I don't think I can talk about that
02:10:33part yet okay yeah we'll wait
02:10:36let's talk about
02:10:38the John Lewis confrontation yep
02:10:43he was on website with his
02:10:46email link to it he says he found the
02:10:49website through a telegram group yeah
02:10:51first he admits to having a fetish to
02:10:55young children went to therapy for help
02:10:58with that addiction has gone has been
02:11:00going for many years and has made a
02:11:01little progress with his addiction
02:11:05addiction to porn right yeah yeah
02:11:09do you want to talk about that interview
02:11:10at all have you seen that yeah I watched
02:11:12the interview and uh the guy is in a
02:11:15facility for his addiction to porn but
02:11:17was completely cognizant and coherent or
02:11:20you know he's not he wasn't like a
02:11:22mental health case to like where he
02:11:24couldn't he didn't know right from wrong
02:11:26he definitely was fully aware of what he
02:11:28was doing
02:11:29um he like I said he's one of seven
02:11:32thousand on that list but he did admit
02:11:34on an undercover camera that um that you
02:11:38know he was
02:11:39to child he was soliciting and that he
02:11:43was a member of not only but those
02:11:46telegram groups I mentioned earlier that
02:11:48were you know trading and soliciting
02:11:51admit all of that clear as day on camera
02:11:54so that will be forwarded forwarded
02:11:56along to the police and uh we'll see
02:11:59what happens from there but that was
02:12:00very recent his confrontation
02:12:03the application question to join the
02:12:05group we've already gone over this if a
02:12:08man wants his three-year-old daughter in
02:12:11while she is
02:12:13do you have a problem with that please
02:12:15elaborate on your thought process so we
02:12:18can better judge your suitability for
02:12:20this site
02:12:21John Lewis's response I do have a
02:12:25problem with that that's disgusting
02:12:29then they expose the conversation make a
02:12:35in the school basement
02:12:37denied it it was a lie denied received
02:12:40past he only admits to having seen
02:12:44but did not distribute it and then
02:12:51and then confessed who have looked or
02:12:54seen images never physically acting on
02:12:57those urges and then later confessed
02:13:06and and says that he never did any of
02:13:09that uh and if what he says that he did
02:13:11on the Forum he legitimately says that
02:13:13he's a kid in the basement across from
02:13:15the school and just by chance that's
02:13:18where he lives across from a school
02:13:19where his parents live so you know he
02:13:23could he could say he didn't or he did
02:13:25but the fact that he admitted to
02:13:28like I've been in some very very tough
02:13:31spots in my life but I've never thought
02:13:33about a child ever that's and I I doubt
02:13:36you have either it's it's a
02:13:42I don't trust anything you say yeah you
02:13:44know so if you tell me on a forum the
02:13:47kid in the basement you probably in the
02:13:49basement that's that's what I'm gonna
02:13:51safely assume
02:13:55do you know what happened to this guy
02:13:58that's like I said so that one's so new
02:14:00that I'm not sure what's gonna happen to
02:14:02him but hopefully he's still out there
02:14:04right now though yeah
02:14:10yeah how do we solve this man
02:14:13there's no way to solve it for sure like
02:14:15you know it's never going to go away and
02:14:18unfortunately we have some states that
02:14:19are trying to normalize it we have to
02:14:21stay sort of trying to make it a sexual
02:14:24um and then we have other states what
02:14:25states uh California being the main one
02:14:28that I know of what are they doing
02:14:29they're trying to make it a sexual
02:14:31orientation I think they're calling it
02:14:35something attracted minors or something
02:14:37or uh
02:14:40they're making it okay we need to accept
02:14:42so now we need to accept
02:14:45people who are
02:14:48little kids yes that's what they're
02:14:51trying to do accept that now yeah
02:14:53California is one state that they're
02:14:55trying to make it part of a sexuality to
02:14:58be attracted to children it's just it's
02:15:00a sexuality to be attracted to Children
02:15:02you know any other states that are doing
02:15:04this I could Google it but in California
02:15:06is uh is the main one that I know of not
02:15:10surprising yeah not surprising not
02:15:12surprising at all yeah so that's that
02:15:15blows my mind that that's even a thought
02:15:16and then there's people that defend
02:15:18these guys it's a mental illness it's a
02:15:20sickness it's this it's that I don't
02:15:22care what it is because it affects
02:15:24somebody else you know it's gonna ruin
02:15:26somebody's life forever
02:15:29why do you think these states are
02:15:31pushing the ship I don't know I don't
02:15:33know but Florida I'll give you a good
02:15:35example I mean descent this is trying to
02:15:36pass a bill to uh to issue the death
02:15:39penalty for for the sex crimes against
02:15:42children from what I understand that's
02:15:44in place is that in place is it locked
02:15:46in I mean it must have been recent if so
02:15:49but I don't want to misspeak but the way
02:15:51I understood it is that it is in there
02:15:54now and that if you're doing this
02:15:56and you get caught
02:15:58they're going to kill you I love
02:16:03why why is it
02:16:05that should be the case everywhere my
02:16:07opinion why are all the Democrat States
02:16:10trying to legalize this and make
02:16:12this normal I don't understand
02:16:15that I don't know I don't know how you
02:16:18can vote for that I don't know how
02:16:20you can affiliate with that I don't
02:16:22know how you can think it's okay it's
02:16:24 disgusting yeah
02:16:27yeah I agree with you I agree with you
02:16:29it's like you know
02:16:32kids yeah they're creating people and
02:16:35people voting this in yeah
02:16:39Newsome Gavin Newsom got recalled and
02:16:42they voted him in again and look at this
02:16:44 now he's making this normal
02:16:46I mean I hate to get political
02:16:48but what the is wrong with these
02:16:50people I agree with you
02:16:52very it's uh I I can't explain I wish I
02:16:56could I wish I could explain why we just
02:16:58got a message in 10 seconds in a random
02:17:00chat room from a 47 year old man wanting
02:17:05but uh I can't I I have no explanation
02:17:07and all I know is that we need to find a
02:17:10way for parents to be educated and for
02:17:13kids when they get old enough to be
02:17:16um so that this doesn't happen to them
02:17:19now that's that's all I know that I
02:17:21could do and uh the only other thing I
02:17:23know I could do outside of educating
02:17:25parents schools uh children is uh is you
02:17:29know help some some you know
02:17:30organizations out that the human
02:17:32trafficking and you know victims of any
02:17:35type of sexual assault whether they're
02:17:36children or adults like uh I have the
02:17:38resources and the team and the the skill
02:17:41set to be able to help people I just
02:17:43need those people to be put in place as
02:17:45well as let's say parents monitoring
02:17:48their child on an app you know I have
02:17:50some ideas in my head for apps but I
02:17:52don't want to plug a specific app if I
02:17:54don't know if it's great or if I can
02:17:56trust them so you know even if you don't
02:17:58plug even if you don't plug an app rhyme
02:18:00what do these apps do like so if I put
02:18:03this app on my son's phone what do I get
02:18:06so you're gonna know where he's at at
02:18:08all times you'll be able to read his
02:18:10text messages you'll be able to check
02:18:11his app usage he'd be able to you know
02:18:14lock down certain parts of the phone
02:18:16that you don't want them to to be on
02:18:19um and you know just basically as if you
02:18:21have access to the phone but you have
02:18:23more access than him
02:18:25it's it's really more I think it's more
02:18:28important to do that
02:18:29and have your kid aggravated at you then
02:18:32like I said the the latter yeah I mean I
02:18:35would 100 agree with you so basically
02:18:37the statistics with the like the the one
02:18:40in ten people before the age of 18 are
02:18:42are sexually assaulted and 40 are 12
02:18:46years old or under I didn't know that
02:18:48yeah I mean that's 40 40 or under 12.
02:18:53so it's important to do this stuff you
02:18:59so with these apps so the way I'm
02:19:02understanding what you're saying is if I
02:19:04put one of these apps on
02:19:07anybody's phone I basically get control
02:19:10just like you were talking about earlier
02:19:11people's computer I can control
02:19:13everything they're doing it's like a
02:19:15commercial remote access Trojan how easy
02:19:18is it to
02:19:19to manipulate the app I mean because
02:19:22here's my concern I'm getting old
02:19:24and my son's gonna be a lot more tech
02:19:27savvy than I am right so he's going to
02:19:30learn how to defeat that yeah for sure
02:19:32so I don't think that it's going to be
02:19:34easy as of right now I know it's not
02:19:36easy I know of one that my uh my uncle
02:19:39is using and it hasn't been beaten by uh
02:19:42by his daughter
02:19:44so uh you know I I don't think it'll be
02:19:47that easy nothing's impossible but uh
02:19:49you know they could always get on a
02:19:50computer which is other ways to protect
02:19:52the computer
02:19:53if it was me as a kid maybe I'd get a
02:19:56little more crafty because you know
02:19:57that's what I like to do I like to hack
02:20:01but I don't know it would it would stop
02:20:03me and make me second guess what I was
02:20:05doing if I knew my parents or a parent
02:20:08was watching everything that I was doing
02:20:11online I would second guess my
02:20:13conversations and who I talked to
02:20:16damn man this is because like I'll
02:20:19give you one example um a guy uh a guy
02:20:23was talking to our decoy this is like
02:20:25the second or third person that we
02:20:27caught talking to our decoy in a normal
02:20:29chat room not like that like a like you
02:20:31know regular social media site and was
02:20:33using a photo of some guy that was in a
02:20:35band as a profile photo using a fake
02:20:37phone number fake age and a fake name
02:20:42we were like we can't find information
02:20:43on them like we can meet up with them
02:20:45but we're not gonna know anything about
02:20:46the guy so we eventually got the decoy
02:20:49to get the guy to send pictures of his
02:20:52face and um you send some real pictures
02:20:55of his face I was able to find him on
02:20:57the internet found a real name found you
02:20:59know that he was not the age that he
02:21:00said not the name that he said that he
02:21:02wasn't even using his real photos he
02:21:04booked a hotel room
02:21:06um a hotel room he ordered I even
02:21:09actually ordered pizza to the hotel room
02:21:11thinking that he was meeting with an 11
02:21:12year old at that time and uh it's you
02:21:17know you gotta remember that the 11 year
02:21:19old he thought he was talking to
02:21:21was under the assumption they were
02:21:22meeting some guy from a band that was
02:21:25younger that got a hotel for the night
02:21:27that just ordered pizza when in reality
02:21:30it's some guy in his mid-40s
02:21:38it's it's an unbelievably messed up
02:21:41let's take a break I need a break
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02:23:57understand wanted to cool off for a
02:23:59minute but while we were on the break I
02:24:01want to clear a couple things up we were
02:24:03talking about the
02:24:06California law and the Florida law so we
02:24:09printed some stuff up this is from the
02:24:11Liberty Champion I didn't realize this
02:24:13got this got this stuff in California
02:24:15got signed into law
02:24:18in 2020. right yeah I don't know you
02:24:22know God knows what more they've done
02:24:23since then yeah who knows I know the
02:24:26lgbtq plus Community from what it says
02:24:29in one of those articles they were not
02:24:31happy at all about this decision so it
02:24:34seems they're not in support of uh or at
02:24:36least the lgbtq movement is not in
02:24:38support of the sexual or uh sexually
02:24:41attracted to minors or men I can't I
02:24:45can't remember plus is that what this is
02:24:47I believe so but I don't want to I don't
02:24:49want to be wrong yeah let's let's just
02:24:51stick to what we know so I'm just going
02:24:52to read this this is uh a report from
02:24:55the Liberty Champion it is an opinion
02:24:59I think this uh portion is factual you
02:25:02can look it up uh we're on a time crunch
02:25:04so whatever look it up but according to
02:25:08this a couple weeks ago this is dated
02:25:10October 12 2020. a couple weeks ago
02:25:12California governor Gavin Newsom signed
02:25:15a law that would allow judges to decide
02:25:17whether or not to list someone as a sex
02:25:21offender for having
02:25:25with a minor
02:25:27according to the bill it only applies to
02:25:30consensual sex whether it be
02:25:35between a minor 14 years old or or older
02:25:43so as long as they're 14 you're good in
02:25:47California well I guess I guess it's up
02:25:50to the judge it's up to the judge and
02:25:52they believe that children can consent
02:25:54at that age
02:25:55um and then from just you know from what
02:25:57I know just hearing things or reading
02:25:59things that there is a stick they want
02:26:01to make it a sexuality in certain States
02:26:04one being California that you're
02:26:06attracted to minors overall
02:26:09um and I don't believe kids can consent
02:26:11personally not in the slightest this
02:26:15this goes on to say yeah it looks like
02:26:17this is an opinion poll so I don't want
02:26:19to get too but far in the weeds but yeah
02:26:20it looks like they're adding it to the
02:26:23lgbtq plus community
02:26:28miners deserve the right to consensual
02:26:31sex too no it's ridiculous that's not
02:26:34for me that's from this right I totally
02:26:37disagree with this I agree somebody
02:26:39tries to make a weird sound yeah I don't
02:26:41agree with it either but uh then we go
02:26:43and then the Florida thing this is April
02:26:4620th 2023
02:26:50this is from ABC News they're really
02:26:53upset about this uh if you read the
02:26:55whole article but Florida Governor Ron
02:26:57DeSantis on Thursday signed a bill that
02:27:00will allow juries to impose the death
02:27:04even if all 12 jurors do not agree he is
02:27:08also likely to approve a second bill
02:27:10passed by the lawmakers on Tuesday next
02:27:14Tuesday that would make sexual battery
02:27:16of a 12 year old of I'm sorry sexual
02:27:19battery of a child under the age of 12 a
02:27:22death penalty offense
02:27:24it's quite the difference between the uh
02:27:26two states there I agreed I know where
02:27:28I'd want to live yeah I and I do live in
02:27:31Florida and and totally agree with uh
02:27:33what he's what he's trying to do I still
02:27:35I just can't believe people are into
02:27:37this you know yeah I do it I do it
02:27:39every day and uh I still can't believe
02:27:42it but um so we're gonna kind of wrap
02:27:46things up here there's a couple of
02:27:47things that we haven't talked about yet
02:27:49I know you got a couple of facts uh
02:27:51statistics that you want to Rattle off
02:27:53before we get to that real quick let's
02:27:56go over a couple of examples on our
02:27:58break you were talking about uh
02:28:00confronting a man in Delray Beach yes
02:28:04who then was later caught
02:28:05and then we also talked about a letter
02:28:09that you got from a
02:28:11I don't want to say a gentleman's
02:28:13attorney a pedophiles attorney right uh
02:28:16basically standing up for him trying to
02:28:18pay you I'll I'll leave it to you from
02:28:20here let's start with let's start with
02:28:22the guy
02:28:25the the video as of this as of recording
02:28:27now isn't isn't on our YouTube channel
02:28:29but um by the time this this is released
02:28:31people will be able to watch this this
02:28:33man's video
02:28:35um he showed up after talking to our
02:28:37decoy and you know talking sexually
02:28:41um he was fully aware of the age uh and
02:28:44he he I looked you know I looked into
02:28:46the guy the guy went to school to be a
02:28:48teacher he has a bachelor's in in
02:28:51teaching a a teaching to some degree I
02:28:55don't know what specific topic or if
02:28:56teaching is just a degree but he is a
02:28:59teacher he taught at two different
02:29:00schools what schools
02:29:03um I have them uh on my computer I don't
02:29:05have them off top of my head local
02:29:07Florida schools uh one is an online
02:29:09tutor school and another one's not so uh
02:29:12but he has two two properties one in
02:29:15Massachusetts and one in Florida
02:29:16uh he showed up to meet
02:29:19um his name was Brent and
02:29:21um I walked up to him with the camera uh
02:29:23Scrappy behind me and we called his name
02:29:26and uh the guy just starts walking away
02:29:28while he's on the phone with our decoy
02:29:30and um we're like hey we have all your
02:29:34information we know where you live we
02:29:35know you're like we uh you know instead
02:29:36of just saying we know where you live or
02:29:38giving them the address we're telling
02:29:40them what you know his name we're
02:29:41telling him where he's worked we tell
02:29:43him the age like this guy knew that we
02:29:45knew who he was and he kept walking and
02:29:47kept walking then he goes into a full
02:29:49Sprint he's full sprinting through the
02:29:51Walmart and you know I'm not a big
02:29:53Runner so I just start chasing after him
02:29:56you know I'm running as fast as I can to
02:29:59uh to catch up with him I got the camera
02:30:01in my hand and I'm screaming at the guy
02:30:03saying you know what are you what are
02:30:05you doing here like what's going through
02:30:06your head guy gets in his car he drives
02:30:09didn't get a word out of the guy so we
02:30:11thought okay let's just report it to the
02:30:13police we'll put the video up it'll just
02:30:15be a short video we'll attach some of
02:30:17the chat logs so people see he was a
02:30:18teacher and um I thought that was the
02:30:21end of it a couple days later uh I get a
02:30:24text message from a friend that says hey
02:30:26didn't you just catch this guy uh her
02:30:28name's Courtney Elizabeth she's a
02:30:30predator catcher she uh
02:30:32she texted me a screenshot from another
02:30:36Predator catcher 1200 miles away in
02:30:39Pennsylvania so we're in Florida
02:30:40originally this guy is drove to
02:30:43Pennsylvania for whatever reason I don't
02:30:44know why he was there if he was on his
02:30:46way to Massachusetts I don't know what
02:30:47he was doing there but got caught again
02:30:49by another Predator catching group and
02:30:52um and I I reached out to that that
02:30:55Predator catcher uh Luzerne County
02:30:57Predator catcher he just he does his
02:30:59County and is known in that specific
02:31:01area and he sent me all the chat logs
02:31:04one of the chat logs said that he was
02:31:06chased out of Walmart by two police
02:31:08officers and the guy has no idea who we
02:31:11were because we didn't get a chance to
02:31:13say you know we didn't get to get a
02:31:15chance to even tell them what we were
02:31:16doing tell them what we were doing
02:31:18um so just you know the point of the
02:31:22matter is he didn't get the point the
02:31:23first time he likely ran from Florida
02:31:26because he thought he was being
02:31:27investigated or wanted by the police and
02:31:30then you also have to think if he got
02:31:32caught twice by two uh Predator catchers
02:31:35which is not the most common you know
02:31:38profession or niche in the world
02:31:40um how many times this man hasn't been
02:31:42has not been caught
02:31:44so it's disgusting you know that he's a
02:31:46teacher and discussing that he'd do it
02:31:48twice but just think of the amount of
02:31:49times this man has probably not been
02:31:52so that was that was one thing and then
02:31:55we caught another guy that I wanted to I
02:31:57wanted to reference um we caught another
02:32:00um named Stephen who he went to his job
02:32:02we asked for him what was his job uh he
02:32:06was uh he's a manager at a seafood
02:32:09restaurant and
02:32:11we showed up there we sat at the table
02:32:13he was supposed to meet with with our
02:32:15decoy at that point uh it was 13 or 14
02:32:19years old uh my memory serves me
02:32:23um and uh he bailed last second that day
02:32:25a lot of times these guys will Bell and
02:32:27then they'll come back or you know it
02:32:30they never really disappear because they
02:32:31can't they can't control themselves this
02:32:33guy was very sexual he said that he
02:32:35wanted uh he wanted our decoy to sit on
02:32:37his face he wanted her to come back to
02:32:39his house horrible things so we were
02:32:41like you know what we're not gonna let
02:32:42this guy just bail and disappear we know
02:32:44where he works we have his information
02:32:46let's just go there order two glasses of
02:32:49water we know he's the manager so he'll
02:32:51come up after we request the manager and
02:32:53we'll bring him outside and have a
02:32:54conversation so we did that he was fully
02:32:57aware that he was being recorded and uh
02:32:59everything that uh everything you know
02:33:01was it was very transparent what was
02:33:03going on you know we asked questions he
02:33:05told us the answers to them he knew we
02:33:07weren't police he knew he was free to go
02:33:09at any time and he offered a ton of info
02:33:11nation that was up to him
02:33:15so uh you know that gets over with
02:33:18police come we give the police all the
02:33:19information that we have and some time
02:33:22goes by and I get a an email which the
02:33:25original email was uh you know saying to
02:33:28take the video down off of the off of
02:33:31the internet and uh it went originally
02:33:33that went to Scrappy's cell phone
02:33:35um and he didn't see it at first but
02:33:37then when he did he saw he sent it to me
02:33:39and then I replied to it but the first
02:33:40email was straight to the point like
02:33:42take this video down uh it's in a
02:33:45violation of this statute of the privacy
02:33:47laws of Florida and last time I checked
02:33:49you can record in public
02:33:51um you know it's you have no expectation
02:33:54of privacy in a public place uh audio or
02:33:57video and uh so I wasn't too concerned
02:34:00about the threat from the law firm who's
02:34:03representing our Predator
02:34:05um so I sent the reply back and I said
02:34:07take a look at the person that you are
02:34:09representing here are the chat logs if
02:34:11you want if you want to be clear
02:34:13um because I didn't release them with
02:34:15video so the attorney could read all of
02:34:17the horrible things that the guy not
02:34:18only admitted in the video but uh but
02:34:21that he said himself in the chats with
02:34:22pictures of his face then they reply a
02:34:24few days later and I'll read you their
02:34:26reply they said thank you for your
02:34:29response in accordance with Florida
02:34:31statute 934.03
02:34:34we are requesting that you remove the
02:34:36video as stated in my previous email
02:34:38this video is exposing Mr blank to an
02:34:41increased risk of physical harm in the
02:34:44video you have exposed this face and
02:34:46full name without his consent which is a
02:34:48violation of privacy laws see below and
02:34:51then this is from the statute in Florida
02:34:53it's illegal to record an in-person or
02:34:55telephone conversation without the
02:34:57consent of all parties violating this
02:34:59law constitutes either a misdemeanor or
02:35:01third degree felony depending on the
02:35:03offender's intent and conviction history
02:35:05can also subject subject the offender to
02:35:08civil damages
02:35:10and then at the bottom this is the
02:35:13we respect everything that you do and
02:35:16acknowledge your mission of doing what
02:35:18is right and protecting the public in
02:35:20fact we would like to offer you one
02:35:22thousand dollars to support your cause
02:35:24and for the administrative costs for the
02:35:26removal I will also be at your service
02:35:29if you need our help in the future if
02:35:31you face any legal issues with your
02:35:33channel again we're not looking for a
02:35:35battle we're looking for your help
02:35:37respectfully blank so I will not release
02:35:41their firm's name uh I don't respect the
02:35:44fact that they're representing a
02:35:45predator but uh they haven't filed a
02:35:48lawsuit against me at this point if they
02:35:50do this email is is in my possession it
02:35:53was sent to me I can release this email
02:35:55it's not a threat by any means but I
02:35:56will release it to let the public know
02:35:58that you know somebody's representing a
02:36:00predator and trying to make my life and
02:36:02Scrappy's life more difficult
02:36:05um you know about exposing a local
02:36:06predator and then number two the fact
02:36:09that they said that they would want to
02:36:11represent us
02:36:13why would we ever want legal advice from
02:36:16somebody that would take prob most
02:36:18likely 500 bucks from a predator to take
02:36:20down a video that is educating the
02:36:22people in the area who's dangerous why
02:36:24would we want to be represented by
02:36:26somebody that's okay with that yeah so
02:36:29um I just wanted to like let you know
02:36:31that one I blew my mind
02:36:34this stuff just goes on and on and on
02:36:36and and
02:36:37run I want to get you back here again to
02:36:40dive into this more maybe in six months
02:36:42or so because I know there's going to be
02:36:44a bunch of stuff that develops but yeah
02:36:45so I know you have a couple of
02:36:47Statistics you want to Rattle off and um
02:36:50let's rattle those off and then let's
02:36:52try to end this with some with something
02:36:54positive okay yeah agreed
02:36:58so these are just uh you know just some
02:37:01some uh statistics about human
02:37:03trafficking which goes you know is goes
02:37:05it coincides with exactly what we're
02:37:07doing catching predators and and these
02:37:09pedophile ring websites um
02:37:12one in five uh uh us teenagers who have
02:37:16received an unwanted sexual solicitation
02:37:18online that's crimes against children
02:37:20Research Center
02:37:22um uh 13 year old 13 years old is the
02:37:25average age at which a child first
02:37:27encounters an explicit uh website which
02:37:31comes from guard child
02:37:3375 percent of children are willing to
02:37:36share personal information with
02:37:37strangers that comes from e-safety
02:37:39commissioner 75 75 percent
02:37:43fifty percent of sexual exploitation
02:37:45incidents involving children that begin
02:37:47to begin on social media platforms what
02:37:50was that percentage 50 they begin which
02:37:53I believe is higher yeah um
02:37:5627 of online child exploitation cases
02:37:59involving a perpetrator who is a family
02:38:01member or acquaintance
02:38:05Source National Center for missing
02:38:07exploited children the people that
02:38:08ignored me
02:38:10um but yeah 27 of people uh are cases
02:38:14involving family members and
02:38:17which I think that number's higher too
02:38:19so they're just statistics they're not
02:38:21always accurate um but either way
02:38:24they're still horrible regardless of
02:38:25which way you look at it yeah you know
02:38:27it's it's something to try to wrap your
02:38:29head around and and and
02:38:33understand the severity and how much
02:38:37this happens but
02:38:39moving on let's get into some good news
02:38:43let's talk about how we solve this thing
02:38:45which seems when you look at it and and
02:38:49you see you can enter just any chat room
02:38:52and somebody shows up in five seconds to
02:38:54literally within 10 seconds we had that
02:38:56message or it might have been five yeah
02:38:58we'll find out and um yeah we'll find
02:39:01out when the video uh when we edit but
02:39:04but you know they're
02:39:06just to bring some hope to people you
02:39:08know we we actually
02:39:11videographer came up with a
02:39:14with a grade
02:39:15option at least a start and um he was
02:39:20you make a database you know we pull all
02:39:23of your
02:39:25information intelligence that you've
02:39:27yanked out of these out of these sites
02:39:29and hopefully you'll continue to exploit
02:39:33these sites uh with that information and
02:39:36make a database a public database that
02:39:38has all the people that are associated
02:39:41with these sites names addresses
02:39:43pictures if we can get them all of it
02:39:46and then people schools
02:39:50um businesses people that are looking to
02:39:53parents anybody can just go under this
02:39:56database type in a name see if it pops
02:39:58up or a face or a face yeah or both
02:40:03um I think I think that's a
02:40:06phenomenal idea yeah of course I mean
02:40:08like we were saying on the Break
02:40:11um you know it's not like these people
02:40:12are are Innocent by like there's no
02:40:14there's no possible chance of them being
02:40:16innocent there's chat logs of them
02:40:19talking sexually to what they believe is
02:40:21a minor and then there's video evidence
02:40:23of them showing up there at the time
02:40:25they say they're going to be there most
02:40:27of the time on the phone with what they
02:40:29think as a child while they're walking
02:40:31through the store or through a public
02:40:33place to meet who they think is a kid so
02:40:35the the database of you know if a cop
02:40:38can't you know if a cop can't get a
02:40:41charge to stick where the state attorney
02:40:43doesn't want to go go through with the
02:40:45case uh well then the public should know
02:40:48regardless because then they can make
02:40:50their decision based on the evidence
02:40:52that was gathered by the public
02:40:55you know I I don't know what the
02:40:57legalities would be either but if you
02:40:59are an attorney
02:41:01who knows this subject and you want to
02:41:04help reach out to zero day reach out to
02:41:07project Veritas reach out to us
02:41:10yeah uh all those links will be in the
02:41:12description but yeah I think that would
02:41:14be you know what else I think we should
02:41:16shame the attorneys
02:41:19who are representing Predators yeah yeah
02:41:23I think it's ridiculous I mean there's
02:41:25no money in the world that you could pay
02:41:27me to get rid of this information to
02:41:30stop the journey that I'm on right now I
02:41:32don't care what you offered me it's not
02:41:34happening it's it's not worth it there's
02:41:36I care too much about kids I don't even
02:41:38have a kid and you know again off the
02:41:40break I said I can't you know I don't
02:41:43know how I'm gonna act when I have a kid
02:41:45I'm already crazy and you know it's
02:41:47about my friend's kids you know like I'm
02:41:49I'm gonna be I need to find a balance
02:41:52between being a crazy parent and uh and
02:41:55you know and letting my kid have their
02:41:57own space because I I'm just I'm
02:41:59terrified yeah me too you know
02:42:05I don't I just I don't even
02:42:08the stuff really gets to me and and when
02:42:10we connected I told you my goal this
02:42:12year is to dive into this subject and
02:42:13bring a lot of awareness to it
02:42:17and man this eats me alive you know
02:42:19but and then you read stuff like what
02:42:22California's doing and then and it's
02:42:24it's I mean they're they're making this
02:42:28we're trying to normalize it so if
02:42:30you're a pedo
02:42:31moved to California right yeah you're
02:42:34not down with that move out of
02:42:37it's getting to be that simple you know
02:42:40they're gonna
02:42:41look what's going on there you know yeah
02:42:44everything the whole anyways whatever
02:42:46but um you know I wanna
02:42:50I really want your word to get out and I
02:42:53want to I want to connect you with some
02:42:54people I want to connect you with my
02:42:56friend Matt Murphy uh who's doing
02:42:58operation light shine he's making a huge
02:43:01dent in this stuff I think I think How
02:43:04This Ends obviously government's not
02:43:06going to get involved right uh
02:43:08especially in
02:43:10particular States I guess uh Florida is
02:43:13getting involved Florida might yeah but
02:43:16um but whatever government moves as slow
02:43:19as a snail so I think what it's going to
02:43:20be is it's going to be this
02:43:21collaborative effort from citizens
02:43:23people like you people like Matt Murphy
02:43:26um going after these guys there's other
02:43:28organizations out there and it's this
02:43:31big collapse turning into this big
02:43:33collaborative effort you know to get rid
02:43:37of these people and expose what they're
02:43:39doing and educate the public on how to
02:43:41keep your kids safe and just Ryan just
02:43:44with what you're doing I think I may
02:43:46have brought this up at the beginning
02:43:48but I mean if you think about the impact
02:43:51that you're having you know you're
02:43:53educating kids
02:43:54kids are going to wise up to this stuff
02:43:56that's going to drop the numbers parents
02:43:59are going to be listening to this
02:44:00they're going to wise up to this that's
02:44:02going to drop numbers
02:44:05predators are going to watch this and
02:44:08realize we're coming for them and they
02:44:10are heavily and they're going to get
02:44:12scared and some of them are going to
02:44:14stop so just by doing this show this one
02:44:20it's gonna stop it's gonna stop a
02:44:23handful it's gonna It's Gonna Save at
02:44:25least one kid okay one kid is good with
02:44:28me I want to also actually I already
02:44:31sent the text but I want to introduce
02:44:33you to a podcast that's
02:44:37um they do phenomenal work it's called
02:44:40concrete uh it's run uh their host is a
02:44:43guy named Danny Jones I think he's
02:44:45somewhere in the Tampa area okay I'd
02:44:47love to connect you with him I haven't I
02:44:49haven't even met him in person but I'm a
02:44:50huge fan of their podcast that's one
02:44:52that I watched I think I've actually
02:44:53seen stuff I've seen it with uh I met
02:44:55one of the uh one of the guys oh good
02:44:58yeah I didn't meet any of the uh any of
02:45:01the I'm sorry the uh producers of the
02:45:03show somebody that was interviewed
02:45:05um he was a fraud guy but oh yeah well
02:45:09I'd like to introduce you to them
02:45:10because I think they'll I think they
02:45:12will have the courage to help you get
02:45:13the word out and there's another guy uh
02:45:17Julian Dorian who
02:45:21I'm actually going on his show here
02:45:23pretty soon and I want to make that
02:45:25connection too because that guy he does
02:45:27some really really really good work and
02:45:30uh I'd love to I'd love to
02:45:33make all three of those connections with
02:45:34Matt uh concrete guys and Julian Dorian
02:45:38so I really appreciate that very much
02:45:40and and uh yeah the more the more we can
02:45:43make the more noise we make the better
02:45:44and uh like I said the resources that I
02:45:46have and the abilities that I have and
02:45:48the abilities my team has you know
02:45:50especially with the cyber security
02:45:52company and and my hacking team combined
02:45:57the more resource like the more
02:45:59resources the more we can do I mean it's
02:46:01very simple it's I just if I don't have
02:46:04access to these missions or I don't have
02:46:06access to some tips or what and I I
02:46:09can't do anything yeah so yeah what I
02:46:12want to end this
02:46:15I want to say if you have fallen victim
02:46:19to this
02:46:20or you know somebody that's Fallen
02:46:22victim to this speak up about it
02:46:25get in touch with Ryan Montgomery all
02:46:29your links are going to be in the
02:46:30description zero day your Instagram
02:46:34um with a zero not spelled zero
02:46:38561 PC that'll be linked project Veritas
02:46:42and everything that they're doing all
02:46:44that stuff's going to be linked in the
02:46:45description and and if you don't want to
02:46:49reach out to them you can reach out to
02:46:50us and we'll put you in contact with
02:46:52them because they're the ones doing the
02:46:53real work and um this is how we battle
02:46:56this you gotta speak up you've got
02:46:59to get to people that can that can lead
02:47:01you to the right people and and we got
02:47:04to expose these people you know the the
02:47:07the the
02:47:08the Predators
02:47:12man what a heavy subject yeah
02:47:16what do you got coming up
02:47:18uh well hopefully you know this release
02:47:21comes out and uh and you know I have
02:47:24some people reaching out and you know
02:47:26not not entirely sure I want to do them
02:47:28based on some some things we just
02:47:30researched but uh yeah yeah more to come
02:47:33more to come it's
02:47:35I think that uh we'll I'll start with
02:47:37your connections right on man well Ryan
02:47:40I just want to say man it's it's
02:47:44you're just a great human help in
02:47:46addiction helping people that are
02:47:48addicts out and then it morphed into
02:47:50this and uh you obviously have a a heart
02:47:54of gold than it shows and and I'm just
02:47:56proud to know likewise man likewise I
02:47:59appreciate you all right brother best of
02:48:01luck and I'll see you soon see you soon
02:48:11thank you
02:48:15hey everybody I'm Sean Ryan click here
02:48:18to subscribe to the Sean Ryan Show
02:48:19YouTube channel for the hottest and most
02:48:22compelling interviews that you will not
02:48:24see anywhere else I've also made a
02:48:27playlist of all the previous SRS
02:48:29episodes so they're easy to find you can
02:48:31find that
02:48:33right here
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Ryan Montgomery and what is his role in exposing child predators online?

Ryan Montgomery is an ethical hacker who exposes child predators and their online activities to save children. His role involves gathering thousands of names of predators and bringing them to light with the help of Project Veritas.

2. What is the background of Ryan Montgomery in hacking?

Ryan Montgomery has a background in ethical hacking, which he utilizes to expose child predators and their online activities. His expertise in hacking allows him to navigate the dark side of the internet and gather information to protect children.

3. How has Ryan Montgomery encountered hackers in his mission to expose child predators?

Ryan Montgomery has encountered hackers in his mission to expose child predators, as he navigates through the dark side of the internet. Despite facing challenges from hackers, he continues to gather crucial information to save children.

4. What is Project Veritas and how does Ryan Montgomery contribute to it in exposing predators?

Project Veritas is an organization that works to expose corruption and misconduct. Ryan Montgomery contributes to Project Veritas by utilizing his skills in ethical hacking to gather and expose the names and activities of child predators to protect children.

5. How does Ryan Montgomery's work help in saving children from online predators?

Ryan Montgomery's work involves exposing the online activities of child predators and gathering their names to bring them to light. By doing so, he plays a crucial role in saving children from potential harm and exploitation online.

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