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The video features an interview with Wandi Ndlovu discussing topics such as relationships, body count, and the sex industry, with explicit content and sexual references.
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The video section is about a special announcement for a 1 million subscribers event and a discussion about a threesome video.
The hosts announce their goal of filling up a stadium for a 1 million subscribers event.
They talk about a guy who almost died two weeks ago and discuss the cost of giving him a certain item.
They introduce a guest who is a popular sex worker in South Africa and discuss her threesome video.
The discussion is about hierarchy and respect among different professions, including prostitutes and slay queens.
There is a hierarchy, with prostitutes at the bottom and sex workers at the top.
Politicians and influential people may approach slay queens for services.
The speaker respects prostitutes and acknowledges their choice.
The conversation briefly touches on how pimps recruit girls into their agency.
The discussion revolves around the topics of sex, soul ties, and religion.
Prophet confesses to sleeping with someone without permission, which is considered rape.
The concept of soul ties is mentioned, suggesting that the energy between sexual partners remains strong regardless of protection.
The conversation touches on the intersection of religion and sex work, with a mention of praying for forgiveness.
The speaker discusses the emotional challenges of relying on a man for financial support and reminisces about past relationships.
Started working at 18 due to financial reasons.
Reflects on the lingering emotions from past relationships.
Mentions specific scents that trigger memories.
Asks about the emotional experience of a sex worker.
The conversation in this section is about body count, sexual acts, and the relationship with one's father.
The discussion includes talking about the number of sexual partners someone has had.
They mention pornography and watching explicit content.
The conversation also touches on the topic of performing sexual acts for money.
There is a brief mention of having "daddy issues" and the absence of a father figure.
The speaker discusses a conflict with someone and feeling unappreciated for promoting them.
The speaker felt like they were a fan and not a friend to the person they had a conflict with.
They mentioned that they promoted the person and spoke positively about them, but never received the same support in return.
The speaker also talks about a situation involving "shamex" where they were not acknowledged or given credit.
They mention that people recognized the person before the show, but after the show, the speaker became more popular.
This section of the video is a conversation about a specific incident involving the speaker and some sexual activities.
The speaker mentions a slow start but then something happened halfway through the incident.
There is a discussion about touching and where the speaker ejaculated.
The speaker is asked to give advice to young girls.
00:00Panda you're now entering the space for
00:03black history welcome to Black
00:06Excellence do not fear for if you do
00:10just sip on some Grandeur we've got 150
00:25we got a special announcement to make
00:28today 7th of November 2020. give it up
00:31for the Wanna Know Me song
00:39so the next Milestone sorry ready for
00:41this we trying to fill up a sunpet arena
00:44in Pretoria for our 1 million
00:45subscribers event one million one
01:09what's up guys hold up guys how does a
01:12whole food fit inside every JJ it's a
01:15whole foot literally
01:22almost died two weeks ago yeah so he
01:25hasn't released since oh yeah so how
01:29much would it cost for you to give him a
01:30[ __ ]
01:57every Thursday because lady is happy
02:00because she doesn't have to read
02:01anything yay
02:08okay can you read that we had mashabala
02:11Studios at least but I don't have the
02:13the the you've done the show a million
02:15times don't remember I can't remember
02:18the email address ah come on take a
02:21okay it's podcast
02:31Studios and if you want the studio make
02:34sure you email podcast
02:39like that ladies and Gentlemen please
02:41welcome my friend of the show she's sa's
02:44favorite sex worker
02:51she surpassed uh
02:57and so I'm surprised because I've got a
02:59threesome video no two uh
03:03lesbian video rather
03:05do you have a threesome with her yeah
03:09with a guy no it's a girl all three
03:13girls okay oh and what happens in that
03:16video uh that three girls it's pouring
03:20against terrible why why don't give me
03:23the vibe that I want what's your VIP
03:25that's so lazy
03:28I'm the only one who's doing like
03:30um you know like crazy thing like with
03:33Summer daughter it's like oh wow that's
03:37just quiet about doing a normal thing
03:38when like I'll put my Whole Foods inside
03:40their [ __ ]
03:43inside their [ __ ] yes that's what I was
03:46doing but they're just doing a normal
03:48pod and then I'm doing something when
03:50you put your foot inside a girl's [ __ ]
03:52how does that work yeah like do you
03:55start with one toe or yes
04:01one two
04:06two one two
04:08is is that testing testing
04:12no because
04:23so if she falls pregnant from you
04:25inserting your feet no she wants yeah
04:34if he just [ __ ] love it tell you guys
04:38a funny story yeah yeah so my son comes
04:40up to me he's like um six years old
04:42right yeah so you just learned at school
04:44I don't know maybe from one of his
04:45friends that the middle middle finger
04:48means [ __ ] you right so he comes to me
04:51he's like Dad if I put up a middle
04:54uh can I do that like what does it mean
04:56is it a bad word I'm like hey you can't
04:58do that that means [ __ ] you so like
05:00middle finger normal that's a no-go area
05:03he's like what about the b word I'm like
05:05hey no no you can't say this the b word
05:07you can't say those things
05:09then he comes up to me five minutes
05:11he's like Dad if I may if I lift up my
05:15middle toe does that mean the same thing
05:20so Kelly if what in this world it means
05:23the same thing because she [ __ ] you
05:25with that
05:33which one so who's who's whose person
05:36did you put the feet in
05:38or your foot in my ex-friend holy yes
05:42and how far in did it go uh
05:46in Fireball into like half I didn't put
05:48like my whole leg half of the half of
05:50the leg or the foot the foods okay half
05:53of the
05:58forget it
06:15and porn viewers at times hate lazy
06:18girls some girls even internationally
06:21they've got the ass and stuff but
06:22they're just lazy performers they think
06:24the body will work for them hold up guys
06:26hold up guys how does a whole foot fit
06:30inside of a JJ it's a whole foot
06:45the pregnancy the contractions for it
06:48otherwise the baby will just be dropping
06:50out at eight months right
06:54when you finger okay
06:58no no my woman had a C-section she had a
07:10oh yeah
07:16three poison I was seven four
07:20oh okay
07:22and you've got small hands bro what do
07:24you mean
07:26what else have you tried to fit in a
07:28[ __ ]
07:30nah nothing else oh on my it could come
07:34and carrots
07:36cucumber cucumbers or old schools and
07:38carols they did that on Big Brother once
07:40eh the Indian lady
07:42she had a big Scandal because she was uh
07:45giving uh cucumber a [ __ ] on on Big
07:47Brother if you remember I said I don't
07:49remember that yeah it was a big thing
07:51back in the days wow yeah so did that go
07:54down well with the rest of the ladies
07:55were they like okay I've never done it
07:58through anyone I've done it to my own
08:00[ __ ] oh the cucumber in the carrots I
08:05want to understand please tell me when
08:06you live what's the difference between a
08:09uh slay Queen a sex worker what else am
08:13I missing so okay
08:28as a prostitute yes ladies of the night
08:31on the street okay and then you said um
08:35uh slicky slay Queen and someone who
08:38sells private
08:39they pimp hair someone who's well known
08:43like you know
08:46okay okay yeah like they pimp you you
08:50know to bigger like politicians or
08:54and you hide good thing
08:57um I'm a content creator I do huge I'm a
09:00YouTuber life
09:06sex worker sex worker is someone
09:17Instagram also and Snapchats
09:21porn stars fall under that I'm sure yes
09:24okay strippers they just strip no
09:27they're also do take clients okay
09:30every child I'm a Pakistan
09:36[ __ ]
09:59but that's the [ __ ] that's the [ __ ]
10:01that's the [ __ ] that's the [ __ ]
10:06[ __ ] a station are you ready yes to
10:09selling [ __ ]
10:18thank you
10:21yes USC
11:14two South Africans Batman politicians
11:16like people are high oh wow
11:22so I want to know who looks down on who
11:25so it seems like there's a hierarchy at
11:27the bottom for me according to what
11:29you're saying is the prostitutes right
11:31and then comes the
11:33strippers peace and then comes the slay
11:37queens and then the sex workers are at
11:39the top of the food chain it's just the
11:41same thing man because you're selling
11:42our [ __ ] guys even if like you are a
11:46bigger influence
11:48and you trade clients as well like I've
12:00has it like a sleigh Queen come to you
12:03and said Hey Joe blind
12:06or like yeah or vice versa yeah it's
12:10that's it's called pimping right so
12:12you're picking me yeah they do pimples
12:14but what I'm saying is that you guys
12:16look I'm sure by yourself like bigger
12:18people like politicians or anyone else
12:20speakable does get to approach because
12:22they know when you can screenshots and
12:24post or sell their blog on my blogs so
12:27they send someone they'll do it by a
12:29girl they try yeah obviously and say hey
12:33Wendy so I have a client for you can you
12:35attend him he wants to give you 5K for a
12:38short time or nights wait wait but what
12:41I'm saying is you it seems like you guys
12:43look down on prostitutes no I don't look
12:45down on them okay I respect them shout
12:48outs why why do you respect them because
12:51they know what they're doing like
12:52they're doing that for uh
12:55yeah and at the end of the day I don't
12:57judge them
13:00but I can't be on the streets and be
13:02like okay
13:05it's so private parts but I'm not scared
13:09to say it I own my [ __ ]
13:11so a pimp how does a pimp solicit the
13:16do they go to a club and be like Wendy I
13:19want you to be under my agency like I
13:23can't imagine okay I mean they were just
13:25like DM you on Instagram yeah and say I
13:29I wanna promote you like a gig sometimes
13:32a guy like we are born on social media
13:37so who are these girls who would be do
13:40we know any of the girls that should be
13:42in the business of pimping out other
13:44girls or not necessarily pimping but
13:45maybe referring other girls it's a gig
13:48it's a booking agent yeah
14:15if I'm going to DM that girl you need to
14:18pay me like 2K or what does the money
14:21come to you or the booking agent no it
14:31the first time what like
15:09and then in nights
15:11like you are his chicken
15:15and what are your red cards like how do
15:17the root cards work
15:20is it based per experience okay
15:26match the time is 3K and then you only
15:30come once I don't do [ __ ]
15:33yeah and then in nights I do blow job I
15:38charge 10K now no why because I'm on TV
15:46that was working one more time
15:49short time is how long 30 minutes 30
15:52minutes so now what if I'm able to come
15:5510 times in the 30 minutes it's okay as
15:58long as we take the minutes I can come
16:00as many times not more than 30 minutes
16:04give me my money brother home
16:08so man Jay um
16:12or the booking agent and then finish
16:15your time steady minutes
16:22so obvious sometimes
16:26what happens in that situation we watch
16:28porn if I vote okay yes
16:38have you ever gotten like a weird
16:40request like stick your finger up my
16:43nostrils yeah some guy was like oh
16:52like pee foreign
17:11so okay how much is that we'll come in
17:14like 20K so 30k then I can just piss on
17:17your face yes damn
17:21and [ __ ] this was a black [ __ ] [ __ ]
17:23black [ __ ] yeah South African no oh I
17:28think and
17:30what ended up happening did you do it
17:34for the money so yeah so you place on
17:37your face yeah for money yeah wow man
17:40did you have to open your mouth or it's
17:43just no like oh okay
17:46even know my hair everywhere okay no man
17:50one day
18:00I just want to understand why wouldn't I
18:02want to do that like I'm not judging I'm
18:04just I just I don't know when you think
18:07about it like what is it maybe he's
18:09doing rituals I don't know
18:13how do you do you find ways of
18:15protecting yourself from that because
18:20they need to let go of the whatever
18:24things it requires them to have sex with
18:27a random person and then they use your
18:30guys as that okay before I didn't know
18:32about this like being here in Italy but
18:35not like are you iPad with like sea
18:37salts and then I pray
18:41and then I go to the guy
18:43but before like I had a problem like I
18:45couldn't sleep at night I felt like
18:50so there was a time
18:52no I like I feel like
18:56I do something and I'm a sleepless
18:59nights I can't sleep but I did nothing
19:01wrong yeah come to Suicide again I don't
19:04know and I will hear like I'm a noise on
19:06my ears
19:09so there are some prophets
19:13so I just go up I think I just go up oh
19:17move the chair because I feel like
19:19you're down I'm heaving yeah
19:30it's too much
19:33it's too much
19:35yeah much better yeah you're saying yes
19:39so yeah like
20:19sometimes like I dream about weird
20:21things and she I feel like um
20:29so we needed to get a help for you yeah
20:32so we totally helped my profits then
20:36Prophet was like I slept with someone
20:38bigger permission and then
20:41um to have to sleep with anyone a
20:44prostitute a sex with anyone that thing
20:46is rape
21:09how do you think that's transferred if
21:11you are using protection even if you are
21:14not choosing one sometimes even if like
21:17you're not a sex work now oh yeah yeah
21:20now before you sleep with someone
21:24you need to cleanse
21:26so you call it what soul ties soul ties
21:29so what you're saying is that regardless
21:32of condom or shyness that energy is
21:36still strong
21:39that's insane I like the fact that you
21:42pray what does the like
21:45sound like
21:57yeah yeah you know what I mean
22:01give us our daily come
22:04and forgive those who didn't pay us as
22:07we [ __ ] others who are gonna pay us
22:11this day amen all four if the price is
22:19[ __ ] do you want to come first
22:24but I'm really not and it's not I've
22:27always been curious even about like one
22:29day we want to have an assassin and I
22:31want to ask them the same question
22:32because it's fascinating because as
22:34Christians God is for us all God
22:36forgives so it is good and it's right
22:39for you to pray but what do you say when
22:41you know you're with God and you're from
22:44or about to go to work
23:02I'm not doing it for social media or for
23:06me it's basically no I have a family to
23:08take care of you have a bottom line yeah
23:12are you a Christian or uh interesting
23:15and then ancestors and whatnot I don't
23:18believe all ancestors
23:35you want to go tell Jesus
23:37so explain to me right here you are you
23:41grew up in a good family yes
23:44parents took care of you we're not a
23:47problem child no comes matric he's still
23:50a virgin
23:51you break your virginity you make this
23:54your love guy
23:55and then it sounds like yeah we have
23:58more shake what happened
24:00ah yeah I mean I was a good child I used
24:03to be a tomboy
24:06and they never complained about one I
24:08was just in German rights I've never
24:10smoked or drink alcohol commercial
24:15that's when I met my Nigerian men
24:19and I was like oh when you said what
24:23does that mean like he used to give me
24:25like 300 at that time but it's like a
24:27lot of money you know yeah
24:31was it a boyfriend oh I mean I took him
24:34first I took him as my boyfriend but he
24:36was married
24:38I was crossing the streets and then he
24:40was driving like give me so this also
25:29and then that's when he gives you the
25:31300 that same day yes for nothing
25:34nothing and I was like
25:37so you call him now no he called me but
25:40are you home let's say I'm home safe
25:42hello it's okay we should see tomorrow
25:44that's okay same time same place and
25:47then what transpires after that yeah we
25:50had sex and then yeah you give me about
25:52300 500 Rand after the sexual oh after
25:56lap like
25:59and that's how it happened
26:02so another friend I started calling you
26:04for the same thing and giving you money
26:11oh wow
26:17I have to choose one which I chose about
26:20your love did he break your virginity
26:26was it a good experience for you yeah
26:37well like when you meet a guy right
26:40let's say
26:42you know but obviously you're a sex
26:45worker but meaning
26:47out right do you tell them what you do
26:51or would you still date them but back at
26:54the ranch you're still taking cash from
26:56uh for sex sometimes I hired with some
26:59sex work on how to pass the um
27:14but now that I'm on TV like if you can't
27:17my life you know so I know bad I don't
27:21need to explain myself the crazy thing
27:22is the way you got recruited the same
27:24way fat Checker almost got recruited
27:26she's got a story give that money give
27:29me money remember the first Checker
27:30story room in the vault hey wow man in
27:33fact Checkers lived so many lives yeah
27:35give her a market so she can explain
27:36because it's pretty much it's similar
27:38right it's not similar it's very similar
27:41these [ __ ] recruit they recruit young
27:43girls yes but but with Wendy it doesn't
27:46sound like the guy was recruiting it's
27:48just I know look look remember I've
27:50lived in hillbrow and I know Nigerians
27:52have The Stereotype the South African
27:55woman uh prostitutional if there's such
27:57a word yeah to get me a lot of them
27:59won't say that and this is Nigeria's
28:01Hollywood think they they won't say that
28:05a lot of the girls won't say that I want
28:07sex I want money but they expect it so
28:11maybe the guy was just thinking oh it's
28:13another girl this is how things are done
28:15in joburg so I don't think he was
28:17recruiting in a sense of I'm gonna pimp
28:19your own you but it was just a matter of
28:21listen I want to smash the quickest way
28:24is give the girl money because she'll
28:27think there's more that came from and
28:28then after the sex gets the money then
28:31pass the number on to say yo bro if you
28:33really like something nice here but you
28:35know you gotta so it's not like
28:37recruiting in a sense of
28:39he was thinking she did it the other day
28:41and the other day with somebody else
28:43that's those [ __ ] think like that
28:45would you agree with what he's saying
28:46yes 100 yeah
28:48how how will Mr sex worker I was never
28:52gonna be a sex worker I don't think I'd
28:55be a sex worker but I just wanted to ask
28:57a quick question first
29:02the story she just mentioned how how can
29:07you relate to it
29:08and hence I was gonna ask the question
29:10because in a way I can relate like
29:14how did she handle it emotionally
29:16because I don't think I handled it well
29:18what happened with your situation you
29:20give context to the chillers because
29:21they don't know
29:22I met a man at going out with my friends
29:26how old are you must explain all of you
29:28I'm 16 16. and I was in grade 11 yay
29:32hasn't isn't little as in grade 11 it's
29:35just that the age I was 16. and yeah he
29:40he lured me and basically he started
29:42fetching me from school and taking me
29:45home and taking me out paying and giving
29:48me cash basically but I did not go to
29:52the extent of actually sleeping with him
29:54yeah he sucked his dick though
29:55yes I mean he understood
30:00how old was he anyway
30:03he was around my father's age but I
30:07can't disclose much I mean people could
30:09be watching sure sure yeah but anyway
30:12with that being said obviously I did not
30:15give him we didn't get to that poor part
30:17because we ended it before it got there
30:21but yeah he taught me basically how to
30:23foreplay and what to do how to do it and
30:28Etc and I started learning tricks I
30:31but how did you deal with it emotionally
30:34like the dependency because I know
30:36sometimes it does have to go to you know
30:39what we shot that with this much and I
30:42mean I started working at the age of 18
30:43because of finances right and you do
30:47feel that thing off okay I need some
30:49more money if only I had that one man in
30:53my life so how did you deal with it
30:55emotionally that's why I'm willing I'll
30:56continue I'm not doing that because I
30:58needed money already
31:00because I understand continuing with
31:02another person I mean
31:06sometimes even more right and treats you
31:09better but that heart it still lingers
31:11to the past that person that you know he
31:14was your first first everything first
31:16experiences I know that there's specific
31:19perfumes that I'd smell and it's like
31:21hmm once upon a time in a car you get me
31:25so how how did she handle that yeah
31:49tell me something right when like a sex
31:52worker has sex
31:55do you guys block out the experience or
31:58do you enjoy the sex I'm Nash I might
32:01enjoy the sex I love sex so much jeez
32:04Man All The Strokes Oh Daddy so you're
32:08not the type of person who who needs to
32:10be connected like I need to have chilled
32:14with you and I Now understand our you
32:17know our we see our connector even
32:19action now anytime okay
32:32oh my God I would understand uh what's
32:36the difference between cholof [ __ ] and
32:39they say [ __ ] because your love [ __ ]
32:41they have the money they know how to
32:43treat a girl storefinder will give you
32:45the soft life you don't need to work you
32:47guys were saying
32:48me to have a 50 50 with nature no it's
32:52like everything in the house I don't
32:54know you just wait stay home girlfriend
32:56and take off the kids or your wife and
33:00in bed how how different are they from
33:02us generally of course
33:04they have the big dicks you guys
33:15describe to me described him please one
33:17day going out to a club with a South
33:20African guy and going out to the club
33:22with the jollof guy no no describe the
33:26experience like what happens
33:33this one
33:40at least
33:46on the table
33:49oh my God
33:58the South Africans
34:06continue and then houses the rest in
34:08that music I love that music
34:16thank you
34:17our song oh all right bike all right
34:25baby please pop for me but no baby think
34:29of the future
34:32though just pop you um
34:36do you think they introduced the whole
34:39slay Queen uh uh that's them
34:41give them the cup because I remember
34:44Paducah when we started DJing back in
34:47the days you could go to a club there
34:49wasn't that many Nigerians there right
34:51and you could buy a six pack of hunters
34:54Drive yeah Heineken and that was it for
34:57the night and then Nigeria started
34:59coming with the flashlights
35:02made it [ __ ] up so you think they
35:05introduced the slay Queen yes it's them
35:07why do you say that why do you say that
35:10because now you just explained it it's
35:11before it was six packs foreign
35:30no it's from Nigeria no for the sake of
35:33the podcast is fine it's foreign
35:45what's the most you've made in a night
35:49I slept with two [ __ ] it was 50k each
35:54no 25 25 years and I was in um was it at
36:00the same time together or just separate
36:02sometime whoa so that was to be some and
36:06I was pimped
36:08but you knew right yeah I knew I didn't
36:11know what I'll get 50k she said to me
36:13when 20K yeah but and if I send back
36:18phone I need to charge them each so it
36:21and there are a lot of [ __ ] and there
36:24are a lot of girls
36:44like have you ever gotten like a weird
36:46request way
36:48they tell you do some weird [ __ ] that
36:51you'll never ever do apart from the
36:52pissing obviously yes
36:56okay and and now
36:59yeah I heard you on all right all right
37:03I heard you want to show that she
37:04doesn't like anal no but you on the show
37:08that you don't know there's a true porn
37:13rights if you are a biggest porn star
37:15you need to do everything that's true
37:18all the biggest porn stars like you need
37:20to know all the tricks like everything
37:28yeah why don't you like that
37:50why don't you like anal yeah I was
38:00but you just do clearly for not doing it
38:02because she's a porn star she's bleach
38:04number one yeah you need to like you
38:07know what's okay when you're with a man
38:09and that's what they expect from you and
38:11therefore Quincy Garland are you
38:13accepting less money because you're not
38:15gonna go that way yes it's okay okay so
38:18much negative twenty thousand I have
38:21friends who have like myself
38:25oh my God I was like oh no cheers
38:29so so according to you
38:34do they take friends well tight friends
38:40so we're not doing anal Titan Beach you
38:43can't caca on me what else
38:46yeah what's out of bounds like what's
38:49off limits
38:51that's those two just those two yeah
38:54would you [ __ ] your brothers
38:58I mean your boyfriend's brother
39:01I've done that so I didn't know but oh I
39:06met Simon Cinder and then we went to buy
39:08wheat and then the guy was like wandy
39:10what are you doing here the boyfriend I
39:13said he knows you I like you
39:23what about uh sex during your periods
39:35so your boyfriend I got candy crave no
39:38nature and they don't like they don't
39:39want like no they don't do that it's
39:41like this it's abomination in their
39:45so you've never done it but what if
39:46you're poked and you happen to be on
39:48your period oh okay no it's like okay
39:53like I put um yeah
39:58you put wipe you try one of my wipes
40:00yeah I try and then you put them two of
40:03the inside because that block on my
40:05period and then you go have sex with the
40:06client send
40:08it's true they know how they know this
40:11one they know some more people the wives
40:13because the blood would have accumulated
40:18blood clots
40:26whoa it's true okay what's the highest
40:29number uh the most number of guys have
40:31had it once
40:33nice two just two oh no train like four
40:36guys and how would you say how how much
40:39what's the amount of dicks you've seen
40:42in my life yeah like what do you think
40:45of them like for the cancer yeah not
40:47that body count like
40:48if you sleep how many dicks have you
40:50seen nice maybe one million one million
40:56I think pornography you can't sing the
40:58ones you've seen a lot of dicks watching
41:03on the job my man like how many body
41:06count down because no if she sees a dick
41:09she'll have to [ __ ] a dick I don't think
41:11oh she got to see my dick yeah it's 10
41:13years I'm going now right it's a thing
41:16that you prepared to [ __ ] in wheelchair
41:18chance I will [ __ ] no bro there's
41:20chances there's times where you see a
41:22dick and you either suck it or you [ __ ]
41:33listen how often does a guy just want
41:35you to suck his dick and not [ __ ] um
41:45what's this
42:01just I want you to suck me only during
42:04Ramadan yes but they're not allowed I
42:08don't know but I suck you pay me I go
42:12and how much is that oh to just do it
42:15[ __ ] it's 1.5 okay do you think you
42:19have daddy issues uh do you think you
42:21have dirty issues am I dead no do you
42:24think you have daddy issues I don't
42:26understand like you did you have a
42:27problem relationship with your dad did
42:29you have a healthy relationship with
42:31your father
42:32uh my dad is in prison now three days
42:37so so you got that issues do you have a
42:40father for you guys well maybe that's
42:42what no it's just my mom yeah
42:51so do you think you're not having your
42:53your dad
42:54um when you see these jollof guys and
42:57you know you're doing all the stuff it's
43:00because if you're trying to fill that
43:01void no I'm not gonna blame anyone I
43:05know what I'm doing it's my choice I'm
43:07gonna play my mama
43:11it's my choice yes what why was your
43:15father arrested for what let's talk
43:18about it okay it's fine you're here for
43:19yourself he was against Angie okay did
43:23you know skim GP that's
43:26so used to rob you know
43:29it was it was it
43:32so easy serving life is he serving life
43:36damn what's he saying no I don't know if
43:39young has uh they watch a lot of
44:08so please explain to me um the story
44:11about uh you having sex while there was
44:15a pregnant woman there
44:17what was going on there oh that's fun
44:30the pregnant girl was sucking me
44:32remembering him suck then I [ __ ] the
44:38pregnant wife
44:41isn't that weird for you no pay me let
44:45me go home
44:48do you have a friend
44:53I always worry about like safety with
44:55your kind of work because oh yeah here's
44:57a guy you meet him online
45:00um or through or whatever you book a
45:02hotel or you or you even works you go to
45:04his house do you have a plan if you get
45:08there and things aren't as you expect
45:10for example she tries
45:14to hurt you or or you're getting gang
45:18raped do you have a plan like because
45:19you guys are exposed to so much danger
45:21no I don't have a plan
45:24you don't even have a young gun nice
45:33I don't have any plan or anything but
45:36that's why I was first like robbed
45:39remember yes
45:42that guy was a catfish but one day you
45:45can do things like okay if you're going
45:46on a hookup out I'll think maybe you
45:49tell someone who's staying like maybe
45:50even share your life locations
45:54if by something by let's say certain
45:57hours do you share your live location
45:58when you come to the podcast for work
46:01well I'm coming today
46:07no no but it has all your numbers
46:22that's funny
46:27everyone he's got everyone's number here
46:29but I'm just saying for you sharing your
46:32life location with someone who's staying
46:34they say oh Evo shall I they know where
46:36you are and all that all time I'm
46:37against what you are doing and what
46:39she's doing this is more dangerous I'm
46:41against it
46:44yeah do that
46:46I'm trying to pick you up here no no I'm
46:49right no you're right
47:02anything can happen when we leave the
47:10tonight that you don't know I've never
47:12met you don't know where he's from you
47:14don't know what he does for a living and
47:16it's just the two of you bro that's like
47:18saying to some people after we landed
47:19from Dubai at the airport he should have
47:21shared your location it's not what
47:22you're saying it is bro no one knows
47:24what's going to happen no one knows
47:25what's gonna happen but you know when
47:27you're going into an unknown environment
47:29with danger yes possible danger how's it
47:34possible danger when the clients that
47:36you're working with are of a certain
47:38caliber so are you saying our
47:40politicians are dangerous they are they
47:42still yeah they they steal yes they
47:45steal they kill yes how many
47:47whistleblowers have died
47:50because of blowing a whistles
48:00let me not speak for you but do you
48:02agree with what he's saying yeah
48:04protect yourself somehow they get
48:06and something because you can get your
48:16okay let me ask you this what's the most
48:18dangerous uh situation you've been in
48:21I'm like I'm not what happened to um
48:25next to Mall of African noodles nice
48:28houses there yeah when I get there the
48:30guy was like oh he offered me keep on
48:34offering me I'll call I'll call it drink
48:35one do you smoke weed double in in in
48:37and then I need someone why are you not
48:40drinking about you know what I'm not
48:41gonna drink it I just drink I want you
48:42to if I want you to give it all to me
48:44ever then it was time to sleep now oh
48:47and then he showed me a room to sleep
48:48alone I was like why am I sleeping alone
48:51because I came here to [ __ ] you and have
48:53and you give me my money in the morning
48:54I was like no no uh we can't [ __ ] you
48:57know in but I have someone who can thank
48:59you I was like who who is the someone
49:02he's like no you're gonna see you're
49:04gonna see him that's someone about just
49:06tuna get in the room be naked and just
49:08sleep and oh okay I mean I thought it's
49:11a brother maybe yeah yeah or a friend
49:16and I mean I don't know if I was
49:18streaming or what but I saw a snake one
49:20thing to sleep with me and like I
49:22quickly like ran off I was like no I
49:24can't sleep with the snake but no no no
49:26no I can't do this okay okay take your
49:29things and go request go back home and
49:30give you money to go because I was like
49:32no it's okay
49:33and describe your snake was the snake as
49:35we know it what size was it I've always
49:37been fascinated by sneakers not a giant
49:40it smells snake a black snake and normal
49:43energy so what was it gonna do I don't
49:46know because not like no no no oh my
49:50are you kidding right no I'm not I saw
49:53it so cold
50:06okay wait explain man what's the snake
50:08there to do no it's what the way it
50:10gains is uh uh um or whatever yeah the
50:16snake will take my leg Yeah
50:24Whoa man this is crazy guys
50:27how did you see the snake was it still
50:30on the floor or was it on top of it
50:38oh it was up um
50:43[ __ ] right I swear I don't know if I
50:45was streaming girl or what
50:48yo this is what happens bro in midrand
50:52yes hey who do you guys knows
51:02is the guy famous
51:04no all right okay but yes so after that
51:08you still do what you do like like hey
51:14have you not put maybe on your profile
51:16okay no snakes no snakes
51:27yes and they don't do kissing foreign
52:00and then we thought and then I told you
52:02it's okay since what did you guys fight
52:05because like okay I felt like I was a
52:08group to her I'm a fan she never took me
52:11as a friend I'll be the one posting her
52:13you know talking good about her and I
52:15should never do that
52:17I won did you watch the episode we did
52:20with her yes I did did you ever mention
52:22my name oh you guys were ready now I'm
52:25mentioning her name is
52:29even with this uh shamex thing she never
52:32plugged me I'm the one who told her she
52:35knows because I'll show you about they
52:37need um I'm a porn stars three parts a
52:40man Jama sex workers
52:42and she was like oh I want to go for it
52:44so I mean when I was going there for to
52:47tell them which one I'll be bringing on
52:49the table I saw her
52:51I was like and then she was like yeah
52:57she knows
53:06this body works for me and I think
53:08you're right fits
53:15and then people were like
53:17I was like where when I saw when I shot
53:21upon with night and I was still staying
53:23in Castle home in like a sponge in with
53:25like nothing
53:27it's horny man
53:30did you know me no you know me after the
53:32show right yes people were busy saying
53:34uh we're going inside are wearing a
53:36ginger Nina she is big I wouldn't like
53:38she is people like knew her before the
53:39show I mean
53:41after the show people could not laugh
53:43they should like not lie they should
53:45give the flowers to the production
53:47because you were the star of the show
53:48yeah yeah and again so I'm not stop the
53:52show I am the stuff no that's why you're
53:55here yes so people are saying to me oh
53:59wandy um the same people that made you
54:02the stuff they show it's the same people
54:03that would destroy you how because on
54:06the show
54:08to destroy me how so I shouldn't agree
54:11to people when they call me um they
54:12started I'm the stuff they should be
54:14waiting it no I know the staff of the
54:16show if I'm if people are saying I'm the
54:18stuff they show I will say yeah I am but
54:20I didn't know what I would get loved me
54:22not like people shame me and hates me I
54:24was shocked when I got left and I
54:26thought olympica before they saw a puma
54:31like I made you you made me because I'm
54:35now on the show I'm bigger than you now
54:37you're saying to people I made you
54:39people who should say I major about this
54:43no I'm just making an example people who
54:47like should say like like I made you but
54:52then she doesn't have a right to say
54:53that why would Melinda have the right no
54:55she's saying like I'm making examples
55:00she's not her Lindo oh yes
55:08production made me and I'm always
55:10grateful to those people they made me
55:12tense I'm here it's because of the
55:14Productions because of this body works
55:16for me because of Shafta that I'm here
55:18shout out to Jeff there's the production
55:21guys yes
55:25Olympia friends okay I'm people wanna
55:28keep on saying why do we know you
55:33of olive oil
55:37after the show season one thank God yes
55:41because we liked you exactly
55:44honest like I bought only fans earnings
55:47I feel like a lot of girls
55:49and honest and you're so real like I
55:52know prices vary or incomes vary but how
55:57at your Prime is like you you're very
56:00famous right or even before the show how
56:04do girls make on that platform I mean at
56:06the highest money and I request I will
56:08only face like 23k before like anytime
56:12maybe a request 4K 8K 10K at the highest
56:17is 23k and that was not like on a
56:19monthly basis right or anytime
56:22because of ipeteambe says someone to
56:25take to spoil myself hence
56:31speaking about requests we've got a
56:32request for you okay so [ __ ] here the
56:34Sun Goes Imperial he almost died two
56:36weeks ago yeah so he hasn't released
56:39since oh yeah so how much would it cost
56:42for you to give him a [ __ ] now
56:54but it can be on on camera because
56:57obviously yeah
56:58but you guys can go in that room there
57:01yeah and then you guys will take the the
57:051.5 or after no match assistant
57:10as he said as he said
57:18let me log in South African so you don't
57:21have to worry about a thing yeah
57:56what happens
58:00how true is this
58:03is it true yeah it's true
58:24he only gave you 200 yes it's not him
58:28who gave me it's I think I'm a secret to
58:30like oh people are working with him like
58:32cause he's high this is afterwards after
58:36you guys were together before uh after
59:57my friends knows is he pecking John like
01:00:00does he have a big dick yeah
01:00:11what do you mean
01:00:14no fact Checker says oh I see
01:00:18like that thank you and keep on saying
01:00:22for me it's okay
01:00:25vomit yeah four minutes
01:00:37did he what else did he do
01:00:51please this one yes okay it's instantly
01:00:54you are late
01:01:09they need like five girls in Cape Town
01:01:11or they need five girls or ten girls
01:01:51I heard you can make him come in 60
01:01:55that's my brother
01:01:56six is too much it's too long it's like
01:02:00wow it's actually happening
01:02:02and it's good plug in the mic my dog
01:02:06I'm an antibiotic
01:02:14this pure it's about to get a bloated
01:02:18and this one the The Keeper of the
01:02:21[ __ ] you guys can quit
01:02:24and organizer of the [ __ ] there we go
01:02:28and then there's the rest of us
01:02:30non-receivers let's hear some people say
01:02:32something yo yo yeah
01:02:36race or something all right there we go
01:02:44yeah foreign
01:03:02okay it looks so nice I love it
01:03:19oh God damn
01:04:46ah oh
01:05:26hey my man you want to commentate on
01:05:29the sound is
01:05:39I needed to really say because at least
01:05:42you almost died
01:05:44we look bad for each other we look after
01:05:46each other we're fancy you know
01:06:41sounds like it I heard a piece I had no
01:06:44a basement yeah
01:06:48I'll be killing her face
01:06:54oh it says it's about to come now
01:06:57oh he's about to come
01:07:00Oh I thought he came on
01:07:02I know it was taking too long
01:07:13then I'll touch them yes
01:07:45thank you
01:08:25all right
01:08:43I told you need to release this guy it's
01:08:45been too long for me
01:08:50blow job
01:09:00come on
01:09:02ah these are the [ __ ] no
01:09:05[ __ ] it they [ __ ] know broccoli
01:09:15[ __ ] still
01:09:17I'm not hearing yeah
01:09:40that's the only way down to the throne
01:09:43she's getting you damn
01:09:56yo she goes in
01:10:09is representing African men very well
01:10:12on a scale of what to take Pennsylvania
01:10:14how are we rating it
01:10:25um loud
01:10:41no [ __ ] allowed
01:10:45ah it's impure huh no but you can't he
01:10:49needs to come you can't do that we can't
01:10:53he needs to
01:11:01can we convert
01:11:04yeah that's fine that's fine
01:11:07what's wrong with the batteries I don't
01:11:10need to charge them
01:11:48all right
01:12:14hey hey hey hey hey hey
01:12:23hey hey
01:12:38my God
01:12:47thank you
01:12:50that was good
01:13:03oh my goodness
01:13:06damn it
01:13:15nah I'm good I'm good
01:13:34you say one is that made of the veg
01:13:38oh my goodness
01:13:41so Chase both watch AC
01:14:15she even lost some eyelash yeah
01:14:19how's that windy
01:14:21oh sorry one day listen
01:14:25yes yes I was there
01:14:30three percent for South African men did
01:14:33he reference
01:14:35performance size yeah his dick is good
01:14:39just give him a place
01:14:51expensive eyelash
01:14:56es oh my God oh my goodness shout out to
01:15:00you man shout out to you was he like
01:15:05all right let's find post-match um
01:15:09it was a slow start today but around you
01:15:13know the halfway mark we started hearing
01:15:16sounds in one show whether it was the
01:15:18opportunity was you please take us
01:15:21through that what was happening there
01:15:23how is it
01:15:30hey yeah no that was what dude
01:15:37men of the merchants of you boy yeah
01:16:09I'm doing this
01:16:13as soon as I took my pants down
01:16:15all right we heard you say can I touch
01:16:19what was going on there
01:16:21I'm gonna touch you know touch what oh
01:16:31did you touch the packages
01:16:39and then and then hold on hold on where
01:16:41did you come yeah did you come on her
01:16:44face did you come in your hand
01:16:46did you swallow yes they're coming where
01:16:50did the sperms end up I tell the truth
01:16:54oh okay so I don't know
01:17:07the students are good don't communicate
01:17:13faulty anyway one delay here we are so
01:17:16what do you want to say to a young girl
01:17:18out there oh
01:17:23wow after this oh my God two legs Mac
01:17:26too late oh any words of wisdom
01:17:30of wisdom at this rate to 20 year olds
01:17:33and above no not a young 20 years
01:17:47I'm just gonna say like they should do
01:17:49what they want to do yes they saw would
01:17:52say sex industry doesn't have money look
01:17:55at our biggest matter today so she
01:17:57doesn't have a license
01:18:00no never mind
01:18:04that she made 80k here right she doesn't
01:18:07have a nice sense
01:18:09um all right and she's feeling the men
01:18:11so like you should continue going to see
01:18:14the man
01:18:16so yeah they should like go to school
01:18:19sex industry is not good it has like
01:18:22traumas and everything so you would
01:18:24advise girls against actually being in
01:18:27this industry yes like go to school yeah
01:18:30it's not right if they want to be they
01:18:33can go to school but my advice is like I
01:18:36mean I wish I went I went to school go
01:18:39to school don't have sex during periods
01:19:00Wendy I love you so much man season two
01:19:03is coming out you guys are shooting
01:19:04season two now and other girls
01:19:06intimidated because now they know you're
01:19:08a star I'm a threat to them that's why
01:19:11they come for my looks anytime they be
01:19:13like you ugly have a big nose right so
01:19:15it's okay yeah and maybe like my home is
01:19:18ugly and they'll be like
01:19:40and then uh he's still busy with only
01:19:42fans right no oh yeah yeah cause I have
01:19:47a boyfriend right now hand is giving me
01:19:49the man that I want oh so there's no
01:19:51need so you're not even doing hookups no
01:19:54answer but now since
01:19:57do you know how many [ __ ] are gonna
01:19:59book you after this show okay look at
01:20:03this Manny you know and he doesn't but
01:20:05the man is on season two oh okay but
01:20:08your man doesn't mind you actually going
01:20:10for hookups
01:20:11he does mind me because when I give you
01:20:14the man that she wants what's now so you
01:20:16just go behind this bag yeah okay all
01:20:19right let's keep she loves let's keep
01:20:21this a secret okay
01:20:23no I won't see it Nigeria they don't
01:20:27know yeah they don't know
01:20:32thank you so much I don't know I keep
01:20:34calling you Wendy man's weirdest thing
01:20:43yeah picking up the episode
01:20:57do not fear
01:21:00just sip
01:21:02some Grandeur and it is still do ask
01:21:06ourselves what would
01:21:14even when they ask you
01:21:17do not fear for if you do just say
01:21:22honesty this is the medicine of
01:21:26censorship this is the pill which one is
01:21:30that one podcast and chill
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1. What are the key topics discussed in the interview with Wandi Ndlovu?

The interview with Wandi Ndlovu covers topics such as relationships, body count, and the sex industry, with explicit content and sexual references.

2. Why is the interview with Wandi Ndlovu considered controversial?

The interview with Wandi Ndlovu is considered controversial due to its explicit content and discussions about sensitive topics like relationships, body count, and the sex industry.

3. What makes the interview with Wandi Ndlovu stand out?

The interview with Wandi Ndlovu stands out due to its bold and honest conversations about relationships, body count, and the sex industry, making it a thought-provoking watch.

4. How does the interview with Wandi Ndlovu spark conversations?

The interview with Wandi Ndlovu sparks conversations by addressing taboo topics like relationships, body count, and the sex industry, creating a platform for open discussions.

5. What can viewers expect from the interview with Wandi Ndlovu?

Viewers can expect candid discussions about relationships, body count, and the sex industry in the interview with Wandi Ndlovu, offering a fresh perspective on these controversial topics.

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