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The video provides a simple tutorial on how to locate and backup save files for the PC version of Elden Ring on Steam, with step-by-step instructions. The backup is important to prevent any potential issues with game progress, especially in cases of corruption or hardware failure. The tutorial also emphasizes the importance of regularly backing up game saves to avoid losing progress.
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This section explains the location of the Elden Ring save file on PC and how to make a backup.
The save file location for the extinct version of Elden Ring on PC is shown.
To access the save file, press the Windows key + R and type "%AppData%".
Open the "el dengue" folder and locate the save file, which may have a different number.
To make a backup, right-click on the save file and select "Copy".
This section explains how to make a backup of the Elden Ring save file and where to store it.
Cut the save file and paste it wherever desired.
The backup can be saved to the cloud or a pen drive.
The video demonstrates how to delete a character in the game.
It is unclear if the save file can be obtained from other people.
00:00Hey guys, I'm going to give you a simple,
00:02practical and quick tip on where
00:04the location of Hélder Wing's Save is
00:07on your PC and this is for the
00:09extinct version guys, I don't know if it works
00:11with the other versions, okay, you want to see if it's
00:13ok? Playing there, you want to make a backup
00:15so as not to cause any problems, I have to
00:16roll it, you
00:27press the Windows window. I'm going to do it here, I'm
00:28going to hold it here, I'm going to press the r ready
00:31April You see what they're going to type
00:33This command, I'm going to believe it here with
00:35you here, o percent
00:38App Data percent and I'm going to press enter, it
00:43didn't open here, you're seeing this
00:46part here o el dengue Let's open it
00:48this one here which is the save the number on
00:51yours may be different than mine
00:52here is So this part of serving
00:56you can see by the date the last time I
00:58arrived today was half past five or
00:59so look and 14 of the three that today's date
01:02table 1423 we think that no one says
01:04that I know most recent copyist here,
01:07copy, planet 11 is different here,
01:10you click with the right button, copy
01:12this part, don't cut it guys, if it's not going to
01:14give you a kiss in the center, okay and
01:16paste it wherever you want to paste it I'll
01:18put it more finished just doing a test
01:19just look at my part here it is this one is
01:22the backup of my save You can send it
01:24to the cloud leave it somewhere or
01:26keep the other one HB the pen drive that you
01:28think is best So what I'm doing
01:30here to see if you want to know how to
01:31do it, if I want to pay, let's go, I
01:33don't want to be that character anymore, I
01:34right click here and click
01:37to be able to delete but options here now it
01:40seems like oh, beauty, I exclude it, this
01:43idea is my PC screen, OK, now I do
01:45n't know guys, can you get it
01:47from other people and like,
01:49sometimes I download it, I don't know, I saw it on the internet, I take
01:51you as a friend and say I don't know If that's
01:52right, fine, because generally, for
01:55example, it's not possible because
01:57where you stay is tied to what to
02:00buy for yourself.
02:05the turn of the PC stops
02:08the light is missing and corrupting
02:10Interesting servitude and the backups like I have
02:12more than 100 hours of game so I said I
02:14'm going to make a backup here leave it saved and I'm
02:17going to record it to show it to everyone I hope I
02:19helped you, God bless you, hug
02:20Don't forget to like, I bring tips from
02:22someone who practically every day for
02:23you Thanks guys, I went even more thanks
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is it important to locate and backup save files for the PC version of Elden Ring on Steam?

It is important to backup save files for Elden Ring on Steam to prevent potential issues with game progress, especially in cases of corruption or hardware failure. Regularly backing up game saves can avoid losing progress and keep the player's achievements secure.

2. What are the potential risks of not backing up save files for Elden Ring on Steam?

The potential risks of not backing up save files include the loss of game progress in case of corruption or hardware failure. Without backups, players may have to start the game from scratch, leading to frustration and disappointment.

3. How can I locate and backup save files for Elden Ring on Steam?

You can locate and backup save files for Elden Ring on Steam by following a simple tutorial that provides step-by-step instructions. This tutorial demonstrates the process and emphasizes the importance of regularly backing up save files to prevent any potential issues.

4. What are the benefits of regularly backing up save files for Elden Ring on Steam?

Regularly backing up save files for Elden Ring on Steam can prevent the loss of game progress in case of corruption or hardware failure. It also provides a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that the player's achievements are safe and can be restored if needed.

5. How can I ensure the security of my game progress for Elden Ring on Steam?

You can ensure the security of your game progress for Elden Ring on Steam by regularly backing up save files and following the tutorial to locate and backup the files. This proactive approach protects your achievements and prevents potential issues, providing a seamless gaming experience.

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