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SSSniperwolf may be banned from YouTube after doxing another YouTuber and recording their home address, sparking outrage and calls for deplatforming.
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SS Sniper Wolf is facing potential ban from YouTube for doxing Jack's films and showing up at his home.
Jack's films called for SS Sniper Wolf to be deplatformed after she recorded a video of his home and posted it on Instagram.
SS Sniper Wolf's actions put Jack's films and his family in danger.
It is mentioned that if anyone else had done this, they would be banned from the platform.
SSSniperwolf is accused of doxing someone and is outside their house, causing a violation of privacy.
SSSniperwolf is accused of knowing someone's address and being outside their house.
The person is shocked and calls for the police.
SSSniperwolf has a history of dangerous behavior, including armed robbery.
SSSniperwolf previously doxed someone in front of millions of people.
The video discusses an incident where someone leaked Jack's films' address, and SSSniperwolf's sister defended the action, leading to a discussion about SSSniperwolf's past incidents of being stalked.
SSSniperwolf's sister leaked Jack's films' address, causing negative consequences.
SSSniperwolf found the situation amusing and posted dog stories on Instagram.
SSSniperwolf's sister defended the doxing incident on Twitter.
SSSniperwolf has had similar incidents of being stalked in the past.
SSSniperwolf is facing backlash and potential deplatforming for doxing and stalking another YouTuber, putting his family in danger.
SSSniperwolf recorded someone's address and posted it to millions of people.
She has lost support from G Fuel and is no longer listed as an ambassador.
Viewers are calling for her removal from the platform and legal consequences for her actions.
YouTube is conducting a thorough review of SSSniperwolf's actions after she went to someone's house with the intent of confrontation and posted their location online.
YouTube has acknowledged the incident and is taking action.
The review is scheduled to start on Monday, October 16th.
YouTube's commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful platform is emphasized.
The YouTube community and supporters of Jack films are eagerly waiting for a decisive stance from the platform.
00:00are YouTube about to ban SS snip wolf
00:03for what she did to Jack's film we're
00:05going to go over some insane new update
00:08since my last video covering the initial
00:11doxing of Jack's films there's so much
00:14you guys have to see please respect my
00:16privacy respect any any other YouTuber's
00:18privacy cuz we it's hard it's hard to
00:21believe but you know we're people just
00:22like you like exactly like you we're
00:24we're not special or anything like I'm a
00:26person too you wouldn't like it if
00:28somebody followed you home or came up to
00:30your house so you know just like respect
00:33other people respect respect their
00:39privacy since my last video covering the
00:42whole doc thing that happened on
00:43Instagram the disgrace that is SS Sniper
00:47Wolf herself Jax films actually made a
00:49video calling for her to be deplatformed
00:52Sniper Wolf a massive YouTuber showed up
00:55outside of our home recorded a video of
00:58our home and then then posted it to her
01:015.6 million Instagram followers goting
01:04me with the line let's talk like adults
01:08in my 17 years on YouTube I've never
01:11once had someone come to my home and
01:14vaguely threaten me Sniper Wolf needs to
01:18be deplatformed I completely agree
01:21Sniper Wolf put a Creator and their
01:24family in Fu danger if anyone else but
01:28YouTube's Golden Girl
01:30did this they would be banned they
01:32wouldn't have a platform to use we are
01:35going to get on to what you two are
01:36doing in a minute but just absolute
01:38Insanity that she thought this was okay
01:41and I didn't even know this and I found
01:42this really interesting that while snip
01:45wolf was doxing in real time Jack's
01:47films was actually streaming from his
01:49house and this was his live reaction to
01:52it all happening before his eyes is she
01:54like trying to do you I don't know but
01:57that's yeah that's that's not good
01:59really sketchy that's like so sketchy
02:03[ __ ] that how would she know where how
02:05the [ __ ] does she know where we live
02:06leave me alone in your house right now
02:10Jack 5 minutes ago post wait what she's
02:13literally right outside your house oh my
02:15God this is happening right [ __ ] now
02:19call the [ __ ] police [ __ ] wait
02:22what like call the police no there's a
02:24she's outside your house right now what
02:26the [ __ ] holy [ __ ] she literally a video
02:28on her story 5 minutes ago I'm oh my God
02:31she is she's outside our house [ __ ]
02:34record this right now she's [ __ ]
02:35doxing you yeah that's yeah no this is
02:38[ __ ] [ __ ] oh my God that's horrible no
02:41that that is huge violation privacy and
02:45so much else there's so much wrong with
02:47that no I'm not getting out dude [ __ ]
02:49that stay inside absolutely call the
02:52cops and show them the Instagram story
02:55hold on I'm going to go out
03:00don't don't don't please don't all right
03:02hold on should we I'm going to end this
03:04definitely did the right thing like
03:06seeing someone outside your house
03:08violating you and your family you could
03:10easily lose your [ __ ] storm outside and
03:14just start berating them start asking
03:16what the hell they're even doing outside
03:18your house and you know what considering
03:20sniper Wolf's dangerous past you know
03:21she's been charged for armed robbery
03:24wouldn't be a great idea someone who
03:25could take lessons from Jack's films and
03:27how to handle situations is Snip wolf
03:29because she's handling this like an
03:31absolute bellend after all the backlash
03:33she has got from doxing Jack's films in
03:36front of millions her original excuse
03:38was this accused me of doxing his
03:40defamation I have no idea how to dox he
03:44literally posted his address on Google
03:45and said I threatened him and doxed him
03:48so many things wrong with this
03:50moronic story it doesn't matter if you
03:53don't know how to dock someone you just
03:55did it you literally docked Jack film's
03:58address to million you have not only
04:01docked him yourself but also decided to
04:03inform everyone that you can actually
04:07guys if you want to as well find his
04:09address on Google which in turn had a
04:12very negative effect and led to the
04:15leading search results for Jack's films
04:17on Google being people looking his
04:18address up what an absolute scumbag and
04:22guess what the morning after she showed
04:24absolutely fuckle remorse in fact she
04:28found the whole situation amusing
04:30posting dog stories on her Instagram
04:33like this with her sister the day after
04:36we show up to your house what you doing
04:39what the [ __ ] are you joking about do
04:41you have any idea how serious what you
04:43did is you crazy psycho you leaked
04:46someone's address the excuse oh it's on
04:48Google no no one knew Jack's film's
04:51address until you leaked it and now so
04:54many people do my Wolf's sister proves
04:56to be just as much of an unbearable PR
04:59on Twitter this is her response to the
05:02doxing incident not you defending doxing
05:04that's just sad she didn't dox anyone
05:06dumbass Google Jack film's address LW
05:09anyone can see it again promoting Jack's
05:12film's address on Google for everyone to
05:14go look her sister then quoted Jack's
05:16film saying damn does he not know how to
05:18fight or something what the sh you
05:20talking about imagine imagine if the
05:23roles were reversed actually no we don't
05:25have to imagine because believe it or
05:26not snip wolf has had similar incidents
05:30happened to her in the past uploading
05:32two videos about incidents that happened
05:34to her someone stalked me a fan followed
05:37me home I could play many clips from
05:40both these videos that would prove what
05:42a massive [ __ ] hypocrite Sniper Wolf
05:45is but there's only one clip from them
05:46videos that you need to hear aome like I
05:48love meeting you guys but just this
05:51person that took it a step too far to
05:55follow me home like don't do that don't
05:57follow people home like please respect
05:59my privacy respect any any other
06:01YouTuber's privacy cuz we it's hard it's
06:04hard to believe but you know we're
06:05people just like you like exactly like
06:07you we're we're not special or anything
06:10like I'm a person too you wouldn't like
06:11it if somebody followed you home or came
06:13up to your house so you know just like
06:16respect other people respect respect
06:19their privacy that all came out of the
06:21mouth of the person who thought it was
06:24okay to go to someone's house record
06:27their address and post it to Millions
06:30she has lost the fck plot putting Jack's
06:33films and his family potentially in
06:35danger because she couldn't stand making
06:38absolute Millions being YouTube's golden
06:40girl had all of this going through her
06:43while one guy was criticizing her for
06:45making lazy reaction content like life
06:48was good you had backing from the [ __ ]
06:50platform but her ego clearly just
06:53couldn't handle it and now she could be
06:55rightfully getting deplatformed by
06:58YouTube also just got to point out I
07:00love Community notes under YouTube's
07:02tweet praising Sniper Wolf Sniper Wolf
07:04is a creator of our dreams YouTube post
07:06that June 23rd Sniper Wolf recently
07:08docks Jack Douglas which is in clear
07:10violation of YouTube's Community
07:12guidelines so let's get on to the good
07:14news sniperwolf used to be a huge
07:17Ambassador for gfuel go to or
07:20get it at a store near you well it seems
07:23as if they've dropped her rightfully so
07:25following this psychotic incident as she
07:28no longer appears is on g fuel's website
07:31that's a huge [ __ ] W Sniper Wolf right
07:34now is trying to live life as usual
07:37continuing to plunder the internet for
07:39Content she can steal but the comment
07:41section of her videos it's just a
07:43glorious sight to behold snip wolf don't
07:45act like we've forgotten what you've
07:46done she needs to be removed from the
07:48platform and Fa legal consequences for
07:49stalking and doxing the fact she put out
07:52a new video acting like nothing happened
07:53is insane sends 5 million people in
07:55man's home location because of criticism
07:57let's give a round of applause to stle
07:59for not addressing the fact she
08:00committed a crime and won't apologize
08:03and we appreciate how bro thinks it's
08:04all just going to blow over if she keeps
08:06posting like normal love seeing the
08:09internet holding her accountable YouTube
08:11have actually acknowledged the incident
08:14now fully underneath Jax film's wife's
08:17tweet the initial tweet was dear YouTube
08:19YouTube creators team YouTube I'm not a
08:21Creator but my husband is tonight
08:22sniperwolf came to my home posted on
08:24Instagram for all to see and tried to
08:26instigate a confrontation someone tagged
08:28YouTube again saying get on this for the
08:30love of God I appreciate this report
08:32we're passing this along right now and
08:35one article has actually stated that
08:38YouTube are really looking in and will
08:40take action YouTube will take action in
08:43a recent development sources close to
08:44the matter have disclose that YouTube's
08:46internal team is gearing up for a
08:48thorough review of the accusations
08:50against sniperwolf slated for Monday
08:52October the 16th reviews set to commence
08:55of the start of the working week aligned
08:57with the operational hours of Google's
08:58headquarters in Mountain View California
09:00where you policies enforcement team are
09:02coordinated although the exact hour of
09:04review commencement remained undisclosed
09:06it's anticipated that any results and
09:08action against sn's account could unfold
09:10during the standard working hours
09:12reflecting YouTube's ongoing commitment
09:14to maintaining a safe and respectful
09:16platform environment for all creators
09:17and users alike the YouTube Community
09:19along with Jack films and his supporters
09:21are eyeing this review of a mixture of
09:22Hope and skepticism keenly awaiting a
09:24decisive stance from the platform
09:26against behavior that starkly violates
09:28community guidelines and personal
09:30boundaries [ __ ] yeah that is what
09:33everyone's waiting to see subscribe the
09:35minute that comes out I will make sure
09:36to update you guys like the video If you
09:38think she shouldn't have a platform
09:40after this if it was any other Creator
09:42you know for a fact they would be banned
09:44it wasn't as if she made a mistake she
09:47went to someone's house with the intent
09:49of confronting them recorded and posted
09:51their location online for Millions takes
09:54accountability laughs about the
09:56situation and on YouTube there should be
09:58Absolut Ely no [ __ ] place for that
10:00subscribe if you're new leave a comment
10:02what you think and until next time [ __ ]
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is SSSniperwolf may be banned from YouTube?

SSSniperwolf may be banned from YouTube after doxing another YouTuber and recording their home address, sparking outrage and calls for deplatforming. This controversial action has led to a potential ban from YouTube.

2. What is the reason behind the outrage and calls for deplatforming against SSSniperwolf?

The outrage and calls for deplatforming against SSSniperwolf stem from her doxing another YouTuber and recording their home address. This unethical behavior has sparked widespread anger and resulted in demands for her removal from the platform.

3. How has SSSniperwolf's actions affected the YouTube community?

SSSniperwolf's actions, particularly her doxing of another YouTuber and recording their home address, have caused significant unrest within the YouTube community. Many are expressing outrage and calling for consequences, which could lead to a major impact on her reputation and channel.

4. What are the potential consequences for SSSniperwolf's actions on YouTube?

The potential consequences for SSSniperwolf's actions on YouTube could include a ban from the platform due to her unethical behavior of doxing another YouTuber and recording their home address. Additionally, her channel may face severe penalties and loss of viewership.

5. What is the response to SSSniperwolf's behavior on YouTube?

The response to SSSniperwolf's behavior on YouTube has been overwhelmingly negative, with widespread condemnation and calls for her to be held accountable. Many in the YouTube community are expressing dismay and demanding appropriate action in light of her actions.

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