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The video analyzes potential plastic surgery procedures done by SZA throughout the years, including a rhinoplasty, chin implant, and lateral brow lift. The estimated total cost of these procedures is $75,000. SZA also admitted to getting body plastic surgery in 2022.
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SZA may have undergone rhinoplasty and/or eyelid surgery to narrow and project her nose, and she may have had a chin implant which was later removed.
SZA lost about 50 pounds in 2017.
It appears that she had a rhinoplasty and/or eyelid surgery to alter the shape of her nose.
The purpose of the surgery was to project the bridge, narrow the tip and base of the nose.
Ethnic rhinoplasty typically involves augmenting the bridge using the person's own cartilage or synthetic materials.
SZA's chin also seems to have been enhanced, possibly through a chin implant or chin filler.
The chin implant was likely removed in 2018, resulting in a reversal of her chin's appearance.
The video discusses chin implants and possible plastic surgery procedures SZA may have had.
Chin implants can be placed either inside the lower lip or underneath the chin.
Placing the incision underneath the chin reduces the risk of infection.
It is suggested that SZA may have had a lateral brow lift, as her brows appear higher and there is more space between the upper eyelid and the eyebrow.
It is also suggested that she may have had buccal fat removal, as her cheeks appear more sunken.
SZA admitted to getting body plastic surgery and discussed the stigmatization around it, while celebrities are more likely to talk about bodywork than facial work.
SZA mentioned getting her body done and expressed no guilt about it.
Celebrities tend to be more open about body plastic surgery compared to facial work.
The total cost of SZA's potential procedures is $75,000.
00:00let's take a look at sizza and see if
00:02she's had any potential facial plastic
00:03surgery procedures throughout the years
00:05all estimated costs and a before and
00:07after are revealed later on so stay
00:09tuned in 2013 at the age of 24 I can see
00:13that sizza has a rounded well-positioned
00:16hairline she has good facial proportions
00:18with about equal horizontal thirds she
00:21has nice full eyebrows a youthful
00:24lateral candle position to her eye and
00:26she has a beautiful classic ethnic nose
00:29also sizza has nice full upper and lower
00:32lips with full tooth show on smile in
00:352014 at the age of 25 she has a unique
00:38birthmark or Freckle pattern across her
00:41midface and lower face also sizza
00:44appears to have a short philtrum in 2015
00:48at the age of 26 I see no additional
00:51changes in 2016 at the age of 27 to me
00:55it looks like sizza has a reduction of
00:57these birth marks both in the mid phase
00:59and and the lower cutaneous lip and now
01:02it appears that some of them might not
01:04be real because over time they appear
01:08and disappear in different locations the
01:11only one to me that looks like her
01:13actual birthmark is the one on her left
01:16upper lip she also appears to have
01:19increased facial bony definition and
01:22this is likely tied to the weight loss
01:24that she's described in the past
01:26reportedly she lost about 50 pounds
01:28around that time in 2017 at the age of
01:3228 it looks to me like sizza may have
01:35had a rhinoplasty and or an aylerplasty
01:39and this was done to project the bridge
01:41more to narrow the tip of the nose and
01:44also to narrow the base in ethnic
01:46rhinoplasty in order to project the
01:49bridge you need to augment the bridge so
01:51you need to bring in some cartilage into
01:54the area that can be done through the
01:56person's own cartilage it can be done
01:58through caterveric rip cartilage or some
02:01sort of synthetic material like Silicon
02:03it works differently from a Caucasian
02:06nose where you would need to break the
02:08bones in order to project the bridge
02:10more it also looks like sizza may have
02:13had a chin implant around this time
02:16there's just a narrowing and a
02:18projection to the chin area that I see I
02:22considered a v-line jaw reduction
02:24surgery but it seems like later on the
02:27effect of this kind of sharper chin gets
02:30reversed and that would have been
02:31difficult to do had she had the jaw
02:33reduction surgery so I'm thinking that
02:36it was likely more of a chin implant or
02:39possibly some chin filler but more
02:41likely a chin implant that was later
02:43removed in 2018 at the age of 29 there
02:46is a reversal of her pointier chin so
02:50likely the chin implant was removed some
02:53patients want to project their chin to
02:56change the overall facial architecture
02:59especially to the lower face to give it
03:01a different type of shape than they were
03:04originally born with as far as incisions
03:06for a chin implant they would either be
03:09placed on the inside of the lower lip or
03:13underneath the chin the most common area
03:15is underneath the chin because as the
03:18incision is made here and the implant
03:20placed over the bone you don't risk
03:22going through the mouth and dragging
03:25some of the bacteria from the inside of
03:27the mouth into the area where the
03:29incision is and where the implant will
03:31be so your risk of complications with
03:33infection are lower using this incision
03:36from the outside rather than from the
03:38inside of the mouth in 2019 at the age
03:41of 30 I see no further changes in 2020
03:44at the age of 31 it looks to me like
03:47sizza may have had a lateral brow lift
03:50you can observe the impact on the super
03:52tarsal crease especially on the right
03:55side it looks like her brows are now
03:57positioned higher and it looks like
03:59there's more space space between the
04:01upper eyelid and the eyebrow also it
04:04appears that scissor may have had a
04:06buccal fat removal and we've covered
04:09this topic at length in many of our
04:11other videos and you can see what the
04:13buccal fat removal did to her cheek area
04:17it looks like the cheeks are more sunken
04:19in as if she's like sucking her lips in
04:22but in a more permanent way and what
04:25this does is that it actually makes her
04:27cheekbone appear more prominent because
04:30the area underneath it is now more
04:32hollowed make sure to subscribe to the
04:34channel and turn on all notifications in
04:372021 at the age of 32 the only change
04:41that I'm seeing is that she has gained
04:44weight and that of course has changed
04:46the architecture of the face yet again
04:49and in 2022 at the age of 33 sza
04:53actually admitted to getting some body
04:56plastic surgery in conceited she says I
04:59don't like no nobody I don't feel guilty
05:01about it I just got my body done ain't
05:03got no guilt about it I just heard your
05:05opinion I could have did without it and
05:08what we do on this channel is to try to
05:10destigmatize people getting plastic
05:12surgery whether that's a celebrity or
05:15anybody else and what we find is that
05:18celebrities are often more likely to
05:20admit to some body plastic surgery than
05:23they are to any facial work and that's
05:25been a common observation why do you
05:27guys think that is why do celebrities
05:29talk more about Bodywork than they do
05:32about their facial work let us know in
05:34the comments below the total cost of
05:36these potential procedures is 75 000 and
05:40here's a before and after since you like
05:43this video on sizza click on our video
05:45on cardi B
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What plastic surgery procedures did SZA have?

SZA analyzed potential plastic surgery procedures, including a rhinoplasty, chin implant, and lateral brow lift. The estimated total cost of these procedures is $75,000. SZA also admitted to getting body plastic surgery in 2022.

2. How much did SZA's plastic surgery procedures cost?

The estimated total cost of SZA's plastic surgery procedures, including rhinoplasty, chin implant, and lateral brow lift, is $75,000. In addition, SZA also admitted to getting body plastic surgery in 2022.

3. When did SZA get body plastic surgery?

SZA admitted to getting body plastic surgery in 2022, in addition to the potential plastic surgery procedures she analyzed, including a rhinoplasty, chin implant, and lateral brow lift. The estimated total cost of these procedures is $75,000.

4. What are the potential plastic surgery procedures analyzed for SZA?

The potential plastic surgery procedures analyzed for SZA include a rhinoplasty, a chin implant, and a lateral brow lift. The estimated total cost of these procedures is $75,000. SZA also admitted to getting body plastic surgery in 2022.

5. How did SZA's appearance change after the plastic surgery procedures?

After undergoing potential plastic surgery procedures, including a rhinoplasty, chin implant, and lateral brow lift, SZA's appearance may have changed. The estimated total cost of these procedures is $75,000. SZA also admitted to getting body plastic surgery in 2022.

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