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Santiago the Apostle was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, and he is the patron saint of Spain. He was the first to evangelize the territory of the Hispanic peninsula and received an apparition of the Virgin Mary, resulting in the construction of the first temple dedicated to her. The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela became a significant spiritual center in Hispanic Christianity and played a crucial role in the reconquest of Spain.
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Santiago the Apostle, also known as Santiago the Great, was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, and is considered the patron saint of Spain.
Santiago was the first apostle martyr and the first to evangelize the territory of the Hispanic peninsula.
He received an apparition of the blessed virgin mary and built a temple to Our Lady.
Santiago was the brother of Saint John the Evangelist and they were both sons of Zebedee.
Along with Peter, Santiago and John formed the group of the three favorite apostles of Jesus.
Santiago Apóstol was visited by the Holy Virgin Mary, who asked him to build a temple in her honor, and a chapel called Santamaría del Pilar was built around the pillar she stood on.
Santiago Apóstol heard heavenly voices and saw the Holy Virgin Mary standing on a pillar accompanied by a choir of angels.
The Holy Virgin Mary asked Santiago to build a temple in that place, which would remain until the end of the world.
The angels lifted the pillar into the heavens and took it back to Jerusalem.
Santiago and his disciples built a chapel around the pillar and named it Santamaría del Pilar, the first temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
The tomb of the apostle Santiago was found in Compostela, leading to the construction of a temple and the growth of the city around it.
The tomb was discovered after witnessing flashing lights and hearing angelic voices.
King Alfonso the Second and Bishop Teodomiro ordered the construction of a temple at the site.
The temple in Santiago de Compostela became the third most important pilgrimage site in Christianity.
The pilgrimage attracted people from remote places, including Scandinavia and the Eastern Christians.
A second, larger temple was built by Alphonse the Third, becoming the spiritual center of Hispanic Christianity.
The pilgrimage grew in popularity, leading to the development of new roads, bridges, and lodgings for the pilgrims.
The military order of Santiago was founded by 13 knights-errant to defend pilgrims and the weak, with the famous cross of Santiago as their insignia.
The cross of Santiago is a red cross in the shape of a sword with a wide and short blade.
King Ferdinand the Second of León emphasized the importance of Santiago as a patron saint of Spain.
The faith in Santiago Apostol was crucial for the victory of the Christian soldiers during the Hispanic reconquest.
The faith in Santiago was also significant for the conquerors during the conquests of America and other territories.
Santiago Apóstol is the patron saint of Spain and Hispanics, and the relics of the apostle are confirmed to be authentic.
The relics of Santiago Apóstol preserved in the temple of Compostela are confirmed to be authentic by Pope Leo 13 in 1884.
The basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar has survived wars and attacks, including three bombs thrown during the Spanish Civil War.
The bombs thrown at the basilica did not explode and are now exhibited as a testimony of a miracle.
A prayer is offered to Our Lady of the Pillar and Santiago Apóstol, recognizing their constant protection and seeking strength, hope, and love.
00:03Santiago the Apostle also known as
00:06Santiago the Great
00:08or Jacob the CBT or he was one of the twelve
00:11apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ
00:15Santiago is the patron saint of Spain the
00:18first apostle martyr the first to
00:21evangelize the territory of the
00:23Hispanic peninsula the first in
00:26receive an apparition of the blessed
00:28virgin mary and the first to build
00:31a temple to our lady'
00:34james was the brother of saint john the
00:37evangelist and both were sons of
00:39zebedee his family had some degree of
00:43consanguinity with the virgin mary so
00:46it is believed that They could have been
00:47cousins ​​of Jesus.
00:50James and John were fishermen in the
00:53Sea of ​​Galilee. They lived in Betsaida, very
00:56close to two other brothers who
00:58were also fishermen. Simon, later called
01:02Peter by our Lord, and his brother,
01:07Santiago, his brother, John and Peter,
01:10formed the group of The three
01:12favorite apostles of Jesus,
01:16after the ascension of our Lord
01:18and the descent of the Holy Spirit on the
01:21day of Pentecost, the apostles and
01:24other disciples traveled in different
01:26directions to preach the gospel
01:32around the year 40. James traveled to the
01:35Roman province of Hispania.
01:38night Santiago and his disciples
01:40were praying in a lonely place
01:43next to the Ebro River near the city of
01:46Caesaraugusta, present-day Zaragoza.
01:50Santiago was saddened because his
01:53preaching had been listened to with great
01:55indifference by the pagans. Only
01:58eight men had followed him, they had been
02:01baptized and They had accepted Jesus Christ
02:04as Lord and Savior
02:06that night, after praying they all
02:10went to sleep together, but James
02:12remained praying in vigil
02:15at midnight. He heard heavenly voices
02:18and suddenly saw the Holy Virgin
02:21Mary standing on a pillar accompanied
02:24by a choir. of angels at that time the
02:29virgin mary still lived on earth but she
02:31was transferred by god to that place
02:36the virgin asked santiago to
02:38build a temple there and told him
02:41these words this pillar will remain in
02:45this place until the end of the world so
02:48that The virtue of God works portents and
02:50wonders through my intercession with
02:53those who implore my help in their
02:55needs and there will never be a lack of
02:58worshipers of Christ in this city.
03:02Afterwards, the angels lifted it up into the
03:05heavens and took it back to
03:09Santiago and his disciples built it
03:12in the place a little chapel around the
03:15pillar which they gave the name of
03:17santamaría del pilar
03:19this was the first temple in the world
03:22dedicated to the virgin mary
03:25shortly after santiago returned to
03:27jerusalem before leaving he left one of
03:31his disciples in charge of the small
03:33community of Christians in Hispania that
03:36disciple was Saint Peter of Rat, he is the
03:39first bishop of Braga.
03:42Santiago took a ship in the port of
03:45Tarragona and returned to Jerusalem where he
03:48was martyred by order of Herod
03:50Agrippa around the year 44. His body
03:55was taken back to Spain by some of
03:57his disciples who had
03:59accompanied him who buried him
04:02in the lands of Galicia.
04:06In the ninth century, the
04:08tomb of the apostle was found in a place
04:11known as Compostela, which means
04:14starry field, since on the place of
04:16the grave before it was
04:18discovered They saw many
04:21flashing lights day and night and
04:23angelic voices were heard.
04:27King Alfonso the Second and Bishop
04:30Teodomiro ordered the construction of a
04:32temple there, which over time grew
04:35with successive renovations and
04:37a city grew around it.
04:40Santiago de Compostela.
04:43The pilgrimage to This temple
04:46became the third most important
04:48in Christianity after the
04:50pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Rome.
04:53Pilgrims came from places
04:56as remote as the kingdoms of
04:58Scandinavia and the inhospitable lands of
05:01the Eastern Christians.
05:03Alphonse the Third ordered the construction
05:06of a second A larger and more
05:08beautiful temple than the one built by Alfonso
05:11the Second, this temple became for
05:14a long time the spiritual center of
05:16Hispanic Christianity that, thanks to its
05:19immense faith, remained persevering in the
05:22immense task of reconquering the
05:24peninsula from the hands of the Muslims.
05:28A knight who fell into the sea of ​​Galicia
05:30when he was about to drown,
05:33entrusted himself to the apostle Saint James and
05:35immediately afloat on the waves
05:38covered in sea shells, hence
05:41the custom of
05:43pilgrims adorning their costume with a
05:45sea shell.
05:47As time went by, the pilgrimage
05:50to Santiago de Compostela became
05:52more and more crowded to the point
05:55that new
05:57roads, bridges and lodgings had to be opened because at
06:00first the pilgrims had to
06:02cross goat paths infested
06:05with thieves and everything. type of dangers,
06:09this is how the Camino de Santiago would be formed little by little,
06:14as bandits and thieves were very
06:17abundant on that road. A group of
06:2013 knights-errant devoted to
06:23Santiago the Apostle decided to found the
06:25glorious military order of Santiago to
06:28defend the pilgrims and the weak.
06:31and for the helpless,
06:33the insignia of the order was the famous
06:36cross of Santiago, a red cross in the shape
06:40of a sword with a wide and short blade.
06:44In cycle 13, King Ferdinand the Second
06:47of León wrote the following
06:50who wanted to preserve the kingdom of
06:53Spain and expand it. The advice must be
06:56followed to ensure that the
06:59blessed Santiago is favored by a certain and special
07:02patron saint of Spain, I Ferdinando through
07:06the mercy of God, King of the Center
07:09of León, Alférez de Santiago
07:12in times of the Hispanic reconquest,
07:15faith in Santiago Apostol was decisive
07:18in achieving victory. On several
07:21occasions the saint appeared before the
07:24troops mounted on a white steed with
07:27a flag in one hand and a sword in
07:29the other. The Christian soldiers
07:35Santiago and Close Spain as their war cry.
07:38The perseverance of the Hispanics
07:41finally achieved victory after 800
07:44years of Muslim domination
07:47during the conquests of America and
07:50other territories on other continents
07:52was also the faith in Santiago of
07:55transcendental importance for the
07:57conquerors who in
07:59inhospitable places and facing all kinds of
08:02dangers managed to spread the faith of
08:04Jesus Christ
08:07in 1739 Pope Clement 12 established
08:12the date of October 12 for the
08:14festival of the Virgin of Pilar', queen
08:17and patron saint of Spain and all
08:21in 1884, Pope Leo 13 confirmed
08:26through a bull that the relics of the
08:28apostle Santiago that are preserved in the
08:30temple of compostela are really
08:35the basilica of our lady of the pillar'
08:38has resisted several wars, invasions and
08:41attacks during the spanish civil war
08:44for example three bombs were
08:47thrown by the anti catholic army
08:49on the temple
08:51the bombs went through the roof and
08:53fell to the ground without
08:56currently explode those bombs remain
08:58exhibited in the basilica as a testimony
09:01of the miracle
09:04prayer to our lady of the pilar and to
09:07santiago apostle
09:09or virgin of the pilar queen and mother of
09:12Spain and of all the Hispanic nations
09:15that gratefully recognize your
09:18constant protection and hope to continue counting on
09:21it obtain your child's strength in
09:25faith security in hope and
09:27perseverance in love blessed and praised
09:31be the hour in which the most holy Mary came
09:34in mortal flesh to Zaragoza forever
09:37be blessed and praised
09:40almighty and merciful God who
09:43chose twelve apostles to
09:45evangelize The entire world, among them
09:49three, were favored in a
09:51special way by your son Jesus Christ who
09:54deigned to count on the apostle James
09:56in this select number that through his
10:00intercession we may be worthy of obtaining the
10:02glory of heaven where you live and reign
10:06forever. centuries
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who was Santiago the Apostle?

Santiago the Apostle was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, and he is the patron saint of Spain.

2. What was Santiago the Apostle's role in evangelism?

Santiago the Apostle was the first to evangelize the territory of the Hispanic peninsula and played a crucial role in the reconquest of Spain.

3. What led to the construction of the first temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary?

Santiago the Apostle received an apparition of the Virgin Mary, resulting in the construction of the first temple dedicated to her.

4. What significance did the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela hold?

The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela became a significant spiritual center in Hispanic Christianity.

5. How did Santiago the Apostle's influence impact the history of Spain?

Santiago the Apostle's influence and evangelization played a crucial role in the reconquest of Spain, shaping the country's history.

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