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Satisfactory Update 8 brings a host of new features including a move to Unreal Engine 5, improved visuals and lighting, enhanced blueprints, advanced game settings, and additions to power infrastructure. The update also introduces new creatures, collectibles, and changes to gameplay mechanics such as jetpacks and the parachute. Overall, it's a substantial update that enhances the game experience.
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Satisfactory Update 8 includes improvements in lighting and reflections, blueprint enhancements, and visual updates to certain biomes.
Lumen lighting system enhances visual quality and realism.
Blueprint dismantle feature allows for easy dismantling of entire blueprints.
Blueprints now have directional arrows and nudge mode for easier building.
Some biomes, including Titan forest and red jungle, have received visual updates.
In the Satisfactory Update 8, there are new creatures and collectibles, advanced game settings, and new power infrastructure options.
New creatures and collectibles have been polished.
Advanced game settings allow players to customize their gameplay experience.
New power infrastructure options include the Power Tower and priority power switch.
In Satisfactory Update 8, the power switch can now turn off sections of your factory to save power, and you can also use it to remotely turn sections on and off.
Gas billers and fart rocks are now destructible with explosives.
Jetpacks now support different types of fuel, each with different properties.
The parachute has been changed to an equipment item that won't be consumed when used, and it has improved maneuverability and a Sprint mode.
The dismantle tool now has a dismantle filter that allows you to select specific types of buildings to dismantle.
The default upon death and respawn is to lose items but keep equipment, making it easier to reclaim your death box.
More details can be found in the patch notes for new creatures and gameplay options.
00:00hey everyone welcome to satisfactory
00:02news satisfactory update 8 has
00:04officially come out on the experimental
00:06branch of the game and it brings a ton
00:08of new features both large and small in
00:11this video I'm going to try to go
00:12through them all as best as I can
00:13without taking up too much of your time
00:15first before you play make sure you back
00:18up your save files here is the location
00:21of your saves which is also where your
00:23blueprints live copy this folder to
00:25somewhere else on your computer before
00:26you start playing so that you have a
00:28backup copy of your saved games also be
00:31sure you're using the experimental
00:33version of the game this update is not
00:35on the Early Access Branch yet only the
00:37experimental if you're not sure how to
00:39find this version on your game launcher
00:41the answer is a simple Google search
00:44Unreal Engine 5. the first major change
00:47and the reason this update took a long
00:49time is that the game has moved from
00:51Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. this
00:54game engine upgrade can be felt the most
00:56in the visuals of the game and
00:57specifically the light in if your
01:00computer is strong enough to handle it I
01:02strongly recommend that you turn on
01:03global illumination because it's really
01:05beautiful but that's not the only thing
01:07Unreal Engine 5 added it comes with the
01:10world partition system which changes the
01:12way the world is loaded and so will
01:14reduce hitches when Crossing between
01:16there are new vehicle physics and sounds
01:18bringing some changes to how Vehicles
01:20handle when you drive them
01:22the enhanced input system allows for
01:24more granular key inputs based on
01:26context meaning there's more
01:27customization available when changing
01:29your controls and keybinds
01:32two new anti-aliasing options have been
01:34added to the graphics settings FXAA
01:36allows for better performance while TSR
01:39is an upscaling technology that utilizes
01:41anti-aliasing you can experiment with
01:43the different options to see what looks
01:45and feels best to you because it's not
01:47necessarily that one is better than the
01:49nanite and Lumen are two of the most
01:51high profile Unreal Engine 5 features
01:53that were added Nana has allowed rocks
01:55Cliffs and conveyor items to be rendered
01:57differently in order to provide higher
01:59visual quality Lumen is a lighting
02:01system that improves how lighting and
02:02Reflections look in the game this new
02:04system makes everything look a bit more
02:06realistic and gives more depth to the
02:08world the patch notes specifically
02:10recommend running Lumen at medium or
02:12high since there isn't much of a visual
02:14difference and running TSR on the
02:16performance level at the same time this
02:18should result in a game that performs
02:20well and looks good without sacrificing
02:22too much in either performance or in
02:24visuals blueprints blueprints are
02:27getting quite a lot of love in update 8.
02:29the big one is blueprint dismantle which
02:31allows you to toggle on a specific
02:33dismantle mode that will dismantle an
02:35entire blueprint in one click press the
02:37r Key by default to switch to this mode
02:39while already in dismantle mode the best
02:42part is already existing blueprints know
02:44that they are Blueprints and you'll be
02:46able to dismantle them even if you place
02:48them during update 7. building with
02:50blueprints is now easier as well they
02:52feature a directional arrow in their
02:54hologram so you know which side is the
02:56quick switch now works with blueprints
02:58you can quickly change over to a
03:00blueprint that's in the same subcategory
03:02Blueprints and normal buildables now
03:05have nudge mode which lets you lock the
03:06Hologram in place then move around it
03:09with your character freely to make sure
03:10you set it in the right spot then you
03:12can nudge the blueprint one meter at a
03:14time before placing it this is nice for
03:17large buildings and huge blueprints but
03:19it's useful for everything landscape
03:21some biomes got a visual update but no
03:23resource nodes were changed and there
03:25were no major updates to the terrain so
03:27most factories should be fine the Titan
03:30forest and the red jungle had overhauls
03:31for foliage visuals sound effects and
03:34lighting the abyss Cliffs Rocky desert
03:36Eastern Dune Forest Spire coast and mini
03:39caves also got a round of Polish
03:42the most notable thing is that there's
03:44Vistas around the edge of the map that
03:45have been updated and they make the
03:46world look a little more complete and
03:48less like you're on an island floating
03:50in the middle of nowhere
03:51there are two new variants of the hog
03:53creature that being the cliffhog and the
03:55nuclear hog creatures and collectibles
03:57around the world have been polished as
03:58well so you'll probably see a few
04:00changes when exploring
04:03Advanced game settings Advanced game
04:05settings allow players to tailor their
04:07satisfactory experience with alternate
04:09ways of playing the game while the
04:11developers would prefer you to play the
04:13game as intended these settings are
04:14great for people who have already played
04:16hundreds of hours in the game or are
04:18just annoyed by something specific
04:19here's the full list of advanced game
04:21settings that you can try out there's
04:23fly mode allowing you to fly freely god
04:26mode which makes you invincible to
04:28everything except for the world barrier
04:30no build cost which makes all buildables
04:32free give items allows you to give
04:34yourself any amount of an item in the
04:38no unlock cost means that unlocking
04:40tiers and research is free unlock all
04:43tiers is the fancier version of that
04:44instantly unlocking all research and
04:46other unlockables unlock alternate
04:49recipes gives you instant access to
04:50every alternate recipe in the game no
04:52power means that buildings don't require
04:54power however your power generators will
04:56still continue to generate power as
04:59set game phase sets the space elevator
05:01phase to a specified level respawn
05:03settings allow you to change what you
05:05keep in your inventory when you respawn
05:07finally disable arachn creatures turns
05:09off Stingers completely whether you have
05:11them as the default spiders or have
05:13Arachnophobia mode on
05:15set starting tier is a setting you can
05:17change when you start a new game that
05:18sets what tier the game begins at again
05:20it's not necessarily recommended that
05:22you use these settings if it's your
05:24first time playing the game as you won't
05:25get the full experience but it's going
05:27to be great for experienced players that
05:29want to put certain things on easy mode
05:30power infrastructure
05:33there are two cool new buildings related
05:35to power the first is the Power Tower
05:37which is a giant power pole that can
05:39bring your power grid across large
05:40distances you can string really long
05:42cables between these buildings much
05:45longer than with normal power poles the
05:47priority power switch lets you organize
05:48your power grid with power switches in
05:50the case of a power loss the priority
05:52power switch can dynamically turn off
05:54sections of your factory in order to
05:56save power
05:57you can also use them to turn sections
05:59of your factory on and off remotely now
06:01there's a few other random cool changes
06:03in this update that we'll go ahead and
06:04go through now the Highlight is that gas
06:07billers AK fart rocks are now
06:09destructible with novelists
06:11jetpacks now support different types of
06:13fuel and each one has different
06:14properties including their burn time and
06:16how fast they accelerate
06:17the parachute has been changed from a
06:19consumable to an equipment that won't be
06:21consumed when you use it it's also
06:23gotten some updates to how maneuverable
06:24it is when you use it and it has a
06:26Sprint mode
06:28dismantle filter is an update to the
06:30dismantle tool that lets you hover over
06:31a specific building select it and add
06:34that to your filter once you do so you
06:36will only select that type of building
06:37when dismantling you can also add other
06:40buildings to the filter and it's
06:41compatible with blueprint dismantle and
06:43mass dismantle
06:45the default has been changed for when
06:47you die and respawn beforehand you would
06:49lose everything upon death but now the
06:51default is to lose items but keep
06:53equipment which makes it much easier to
06:55reclaim your death box from hard to
06:56reach areas now of course there are more
06:58details in the patch notes like stats
07:00for the new creatures and more specific
07:02descriptions of some of the new gameplay
07:03options but hopefully I covered the
07:05basics here and you have a good idea of
07:07what you can expect when you get into
07:09update 8. so be sure to read those patch
07:12notes in the satisfactory Discord if you
07:13want to know everything in detail or
07:15just jump into the game and see it all
07:17for yourself
07:18and let me know in the comments what
07:19you're excited about or what your
07:21favorite feature is so far and enjoy
07:23update 8. I can't wait to see these
07:25beautiful screenshots with global
07:27illumination on
07:39thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the new features in Satisfactory Update 8?

Satisfactory Update 8 brings a host of new features including a move to Unreal Engine 5, improved visuals and lighting, enhanced blueprints, advanced game settings, and additions to power infrastructure.

2. What changes are introduced to the gameplay mechanics in the update?

The update introduces changes to gameplay mechanics such as jetpacks and the parachute, enhancing the overall game experience.

3. What additions can players expect in terms of creatures and collectibles?

The update introduces new creatures, collectibles, and changes to gameplay mechanics such as jetpacks and the parachute, providing a substantial enhancement to the game experience.

4. How does the update enhance the game experience?

This substantial update enhances the game experience through features like improved visuals and lighting, enhanced blueprints, advanced game settings, additions to power infrastructure, new creatures, collectibles, and changes to gameplay mechanics.

5. What major improvements does Satisfactory Update 8 offer?

Satisfactory Update 8 offers major improvements such as a move to Unreal Engine 5, improved visuals and lighting, enhanced blueprints, advanced game settings, additions to power infrastructure, new creatures, collectibles, and changes to gameplay mechanics like jetpacks and the parachute.

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