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This video discusses nine signs that indicate a woman may be promiscuous, including admitting to cheating, having a lot of one-night stands, and not being selective about her partners. It also emphasizes the importance of paying attention to her behavior and clothing choices and mentions that a woman who talks about sex a lot or has provocative social media posts may still be promiscuous. Ultimately, it suggests that men should be cautious when dating a woman who exhibits these signs.
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Signs to identify a promiscuous woman and how to know if she has reformed
Clothing, behavior, and sexual activity are not always signs of promiscuity
If she admits to cheating but always blames the guy, it might be a sign of promiscuity
Look for signs that she has taken responsibility for her actions and has reformed
Signs of dating a promiscuous woman
Not ready to settle down or incapable of long-term relationship
Brags about her body count
Not selective about her partners
Talks about sex a lot, especially early on in the relationship
Signs of dating a promiscuous woman include lack of commitment, hiding phone, provocative social media, and flirting with others.
She may have a string of other guys she's flirting with on the side.
Hiding her phone or having it locked, especially as the relationship progresses, could be a sign of hiding indiscretions.
If her social media is filled with half-naked or provocative pictures, she may be seeking attention from other men.
Posting a lot of provocative photos, even from date nights, may indicate a lack of commitment.
If a woman has been celibate by choice for at least a year, she might be ready for a committed relationship
The longer a woman needs to stay celibate, the more men she has slept with
She needs to get to know you to ensure true compatibility before great sex clouds her judgment
If she's been celibate by choice for at least a year, she might be ready to settle down
If she's doing some or all of the things in the list of warning signs, she might be ready to cheat on you soon or maybe already is.
00:00Hey guys, so we're going to look at nine signs
00:02for how to know you are dating a promiscuous woman
00:05and the one sign she's really and truly reformed
00:09and you don't have anything to worry about.
00:11Because the reality is
00:14she may seem sweet and even wholesome
00:16but that's not always an indicator
00:20of angelic behavior.
00:22And if she's spent a lot of time in hoe ville
00:24there's a much greater chance
00:25that she will cheat on you, leave you, or level up
00:28and crush your soul like an evil demon.
00:32The fact is *** clothing,
00:34provocative behavior,
00:36and even sexual activity
00:39is not always a sure sign
00:41of active ***.
00:43And you need to pay attention for the signs
00:45that she might still be a member of the in and out club.
00:48And what to look for to know for sure
00:52she's packed her bags on tramp town
00:54and is actually worth the effort.
00:57If you're new to my channel welcome.
00:59I help men decode modern women
01:01so you can find attract and keep your keeper.
01:04My videos are for you
01:05if you know that while women
01:07do need to learn how to understand
01:10and appreciate men better
01:12for sure there's only so much you can do.
01:15So, my videos focus on what you can do.
01:18Welcome to just the tip.
01:19It can be difficult to know
01:22if she's actually a promiscuous woman
01:24based on her behavior
01:26or her clothing or her appearance
01:29especially if she tries to hide things from you.
01:31So, the more of these signs you see
01:34the more likely she is still
01:37a promiscuous woman or wants to be.
01:39She admits to cheating
01:42but blames the guy.
01:44If she's been unfaithful in the past
01:46in her relationships
01:48and always blames the guy
01:50even if he was a real jerk
01:52and doesn't take responsibility
01:54for any part herself
01:56then yes, that might be a sign
01:57that she's actually a promiscuous woman.
01:59At minimum she should be able to own up
02:03to her choice in cheating
02:04rather than working on the relationship
02:07or leaving first and this makes her
02:10at high risk to potentially
02:12cheat on the next guy she dates
02:14if he does something "wrong" in her eyes.
02:17This one may seem obvious,
02:18she has or has had
02:21a lot of one-night stands
02:23I'm going to tie this one into the sign
02:25she might be reformed,
02:28but I'll explain that a bit later.
02:30Now, it's one thing
02:31if she's been in
02:33some "semi-long-term" relationships with guys
02:37and then had a break in between those relationships
02:40before bumping over to the next guy
02:42without cheating but
02:44a string of one-night stands that she's told you about
02:48or that you know about from
02:50whatever sources you have
02:52actually shows a woman who's either not ready to settle down
02:55or incapable of settling into
02:57a long-term relationship at this time
02:59and she might still be a promiscuous woman.
03:02Or she's indoctrinated into
03:05pro *** feminism
03:07and is emotionally damaged to goods
03:11something that is a common trait
03:13amongst modern feminists,
03:14third and fourth wave, wave those girls bye-bye.
03:17And if she brags about her body count
03:19you can count on not being her last conquest.
03:24And this brings us to number three,
03:26she's not as selective about
03:28her partners as she should be.
03:29Okay, so let's say she has
03:31had a string of "shorter-term" relationships
03:34but they've been monogamous
03:35and she has had breaks in between them
03:38AKA no cheating.
03:39So, she picks up a guy and dates him for a few weeks
03:42or maybe even a few months
03:43but after a short time
03:45then she ditches him and moves on to the next guy.
03:47If she never really takes into consideration
03:50who she selects,
03:52takes home allows into her body.
03:55This could be another indication that
03:57she's a sloppy seconds.
04:00You are dating a promiscuous woman
04:02who will punt you soon,
04:03which kind of ties into this next one,
04:05which is going to disappoint you a little bit.
04:07Four, she talks about *** a lot.
04:11Now, while talking about ***
04:13isn't bad in fact,
04:14in some cases it's really good.
04:16Open communication is good in a relationship.
04:18But if she talks about it an awful lot
04:21and especially early on
04:23it could be that she's reeling you in
04:26or it could also be that
04:27she's just promiscuous gentlemen.
04:29I've got news for you.
04:31Whatever she said to you
04:33guaranteed it's not the first guy
04:35she said those words to.
04:36Letting women know
04:38that men who like ***
04:40also like to talk about ***.
04:42Now, of course every new courtship
04:45needs some sexual tension
04:47and innuendo at the beginning
04:48that's called flirting.
04:50You got to have that to build attraction.
04:52But if she skips straight ahead
04:54to explicit conversations
04:56and sharing pictures she wouldn't want her parents to see
04:59that might be a sign that she's actually
05:01still a promiscuous woman
05:02and not ready for something more
05:04emotionally "deep" and fulfilling.
05:09Yeah, you know what I mean.
05:12Okay, now let's look at
05:13one of the most insidious ways
05:15of knowing you are dating a promiscuous woman
05:18and this one actually ties into
05:20the one way to know if she's actually reformed.
05:22Five, she hooks up with you on the first date.
05:26I know. Hooking up first
05:28without actually getting to know the person
05:30is way more common nowadays
05:32especially with younger generation,
05:34but it's still an indication of someone
05:36who places little importance
05:38on actually getting to know someone
05:39before offering up their body parts.
05:43And once again if she's done it with you
05:46guaranteed she's done it with others
05:49no matter what she tells you.
05:50Okay, I retract that.
05:52Very occasionally you are that special guy
05:55but if your relationship starts between the sheets
05:58you won't really know for sure
05:59especially if six,
06:02she don't care if people think she a ***.
06:05She doesn't care if people think she's promiscuous.
06:07Even though modern feminism
06:09will tell you there's nothing wrong with promiscuity
06:12well some women still feel embarrassed
06:15and ashamed by that kind of behavior.
06:17Probably in large part because a lot of men
06:20don't want hoe women
06:22as long-term partners.
06:24They are not the keepers in men's eyes
06:26most of the time.
06:27Being highly promiscuous with other men
06:31is not a quality or character trait
06:34men have high on their list for wife material
06:37or even girlfriend material.
06:39So, if she outright takes pride in it
06:42then she might be someone
06:44who has a more sexually active lifestyle.
06:47Now, she actually has hung up her hoe shoes
06:49this might not bother you more on that in a minute.
06:52How to know if she's hung up her hoe shoes
06:55if she's really hung up her hoe shoes
06:57coming up just in a moment.
06:59But if not and you are ready to settle down
07:02then you could be in for a world of hurt.
07:05So, this next one is kind of sneaky seven,
07:08she dresses *** sometimes.
07:11Now, this one may seem obvious
07:13but it's not always that obvious.
07:15Maybe she dresses rather conservatively
07:18most of the time
07:19but then really sexy and provocative
07:21when she goes out on dates with you.
07:23But how she chooses to dress
07:26can play a part in how much attention she's seeking
07:29from other men
07:30not just how good she wants the look for you.
07:33If she's a slob at home when she's with you
07:36but sexually maxed out fashion wise when you go out
07:40where there's going to be other guys
07:43or when she goes out with her girlfriends
07:45that might be a sign that she's promiscuous.
07:49Or at the minimum still looking for validation
07:52and sexual attention from other men.
07:54Either way, red flag especially if
07:58you've suggested you actually prefer
08:01a more subtle and classy look
08:04and if she's doing that for other guys
08:06then she's probably doing this next one.
08:07She flirts with other men in front of you,
08:10but says she's just bubbly and friendly.
08:18Or maybe she's so subtle about it
08:20she just tries to catch other men's gaze
08:23and make eye contact
08:24without actually saying anything
08:26but you know in your gut
08:28some something's going on.
08:30Trust your gut flirting with other men
08:33is not only disrespectful but it's a sure sign
08:36that you are dating a promiscuous woman.
08:38She either can't or won't commit to you
08:41romantically and sexually
08:43even if she says otherwise.
08:45And it's entirely possible
08:47that she's got a string of other guys
08:49that she's flirting with on the side
08:51as her backup plan
08:52or maybe her next plan.
08:54On that note and then a bonus sign
08:56to know she's still *** nine,
08:58she hides her phone from you or has it locked.
09:02Of course, it's natural in the early stages of dating
09:05to expect privacy
09:07but if you're heading towards exclusivity
09:09and there's a lot of these other signs present
09:11then this is one you definitely want to pay attention to.
09:13It can also be a sign
09:15of trying to cover up or hide
09:17previous indiscretions
09:19or potentially future indiscretions.
09:22Whereas of course,
09:23if she never hides her phone from you and never locks it
09:26then there's probably nothing on there for her to hide from you.
09:28Okay, now here's a sneaky one that
09:31might be kind of hard to clamp down
09:33because she says it's part of her career building strategy
09:37and then the surest way to know
09:39if she actually is reformed.
09:40Bonus, her social media is filled with half naked pictures.
09:44Whether or not she's trying to use social media
09:48as a platform to gain followers
09:50and sponsors and whatever else.
09:52If she's got a lot of half-naked pictures
09:54or very provocative photos on there,
09:56then at the very minimum
09:58she's looking for attention from other men.
10:00Now, to be fair
10:02not every sexy girl on Instagram is promiscuous
10:05but the reality is we do tend to show off our best side
10:10on social media
10:12when she's trying to show off
10:13her backside on social media
10:15well, she might not be ready to commit to just you.
10:18So, she posts a lot of provocative photos
10:20even if they're from your date night
10:22well that might be a sign that she's
10:24still being promiscuous or wants to be.
10:26And if you're actually cut out of all of the photos
10:30because "business"
10:31that's a pretty major sign that
10:33you're not her primary exclusive
10:36I'm proud to be with
10:38please know that I have a boyfriend thing.
10:42So again, the more of these signs you see
10:45the more likely you are dating a promiscuous woman.
10:47But what's the one major sign
10:49that really shows that she's reformed
10:52from her "open door" policy?
10:54Voluntary celibacy.
10:56Okay, you're not going to love this very much
10:58but it's the surest way to know
11:01that she is reformed from her *** days.
11:04If she hasn't slept around
11:06with someone for a long time
11:08I'll give you a general
11:09recommendation in just a minute.
11:11then it probably means
11:13she's put those days behind her
11:16and she's ready for
11:18something more meaningful.
11:20Okay, major key point,
11:23if she's ready for a relationship
11:25in order for a woman
11:26to trust herself in the selection process
11:29the more men she's slept with
11:31the longer she needs to stay celibate
11:34to be able to trust herself
11:36and for you to trust her value.
11:39Okay, so that bears repeating
11:40I'm going to say that in a different way.
11:41If she's ready to settle down
11:43and be monogamous
11:45forever after or at least once to be
11:49she knows she needs to get to know you
11:51to ensure true compatibility
11:54not just based on attraction
11:57and sexual chemistry
11:58before great sex with you
12:02clouds her judgment.
12:04So, what's the right amount of time to wait?
12:06It depends on how old she is
12:09how many guys she's slept with
12:11and how long she's already been celibate voluntarily.
12:14Key point, if she's out there looking for it
12:16but just not getting any she's not ready,
12:18but if she's like nope, not doing it
12:20because I'm going to this time
12:22choose the one I should really be with
12:23then yeah, she might be worthwhile might be.
12:27This is not a guarantee
12:29that you're compatible or that she's ready
12:31or that she's emotionally healthy
12:32but it's the first sign you need to look for.
12:34Rule of thumb and this is actually supported by
12:37more recent studies
12:39if she's been celibate by choice,
12:41very key point there by choice,
12:43for at least a year
12:45then she might actually be
12:47ready, willing, and able
12:49to settle down into
12:50a monogamous committed relationship.
12:53And how do you know
12:54if she's been honest about
12:56her sexual history over the last year or so?
12:58Well, that one's easy.
12:59She's not doing any of the things in this list
13:02including sleeping with you right away.
13:05Now, if she's doing some
13:07or all of the things in this list
13:09then yeah, she might be actually ready to cheat on you soon
13:11or maybe already is.
13:13If you want to know what those signs are
13:15then you're going to want to watch my video
13:1612 urgent warning signs she will cheat on you soon.
13:19And if that's the case that sucks my friend that sucks
13:22and she probably is too.
13:26Thanks for being here, God bless.
13:27Hey guys,
13:29so down by the river.
13:32Yeah, so also note
13:36if she's got
13:37you know one or two of these signs
13:39it doesn't necessarily mean she's promiscuous.
13:41I know someone who
13:43oh, there goes the short bus.
13:46I know someone...
13:47I know I'm getting in trouble for that one.
13:49Who was dating a woman
13:51who really dressed very promiscuously
13:53so you know lots of cleavage tight dresses
13:57short like the whole works
13:59and that was her daily thing
14:00even going to the grocery store.
14:02But she grew up in a community
14:04where that was more common
14:06and she actually wasn't promiscuous
14:08and she was loyal to him for a long, long time.
14:10Well, forever but she eventually died that's sad.
14:13But... So yeah, so one of these
14:15one or two of these signs isn't necessarily
14:17indicative that she's promiscuous.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the signs that indicate a woman may be promiscuous?

The signs that indicate a woman may be promiscuous include admitting to cheating, having a lot of one-night stands, and not being selective about her partners. It is important to pay attention to her behavior and clothing choices, as well as to consider if she talks about sex a lot or has provocative social media posts.

2. How can one identify if a woman is promiscuous?

Identifying if a woman is promiscuous involves paying attention to signs such as admitting to cheating, having multiple one-night stands, and not being selective about her partners. Additionally, her behavior, clothing choices, and conversations about sex or provocative social media posts may also indicate promiscuity.

3. What are some behaviors that may suggest a woman is promiscuous?

Behaviors that may suggest a woman is promiscuous include admitting to cheating, having numerous one-night stands, not being selective about partners, talking about sex frequently, and posting provocative content on social media. These behaviors can serve as indicators for men to be cautious when dating.

4. Why should one be cautious when dating a woman showing signs of promiscuity?

Being cautious when dating a woman showing signs of promiscuity is important to avoid potential issues. Signs such as admitting to cheating, having many one-night stands, and not being selective about partners, along with behaviors like talking about sex frequently or posting provocative content on social media, should raise awareness for men to carefully consider the situation.

5. What should men pay attention to when dating a woman to avoid potential issues?

When dating a woman, men should pay attention to signs such as admitting to cheating, having numerous one-night stands, and not being selective about partners. Additionally, her behavior, clothing choices, and conversations about sex or provocative social media posts may also serve as important points to consider to avoid potential issues.

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