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A sister grapples with the shocking realization that her brother, Kevin Davis, murdered their mother in a brutal and gruesome manner. Davis confesses to the murder and exhibits disturbing behavior and lack of remorse during police interrogations, suggesting a potential antisocial personality disorder. The case unfolds like a horror movie, leaving the sister in distress and struggling to comprehend her brother's heinous actions.
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A hospice nurse's mysterious disappearance leads to a gruesome discovery.
Celeste, the executive director of Girling hospice, receives a call that her employee Kimberly Hill hadn't arrived at work.
Celeste and the director of patient care drive to Kimberly's apartment to investigate, only to find police cars outside.
The police apologize and tell Celeste that an incident had occurred but couldn't give further details at the time.
The police find evidence of a brutal murder in Kimberly Hill's apartment, including blood-stained clothes, a trail of blood, a hammer, a knife, and taunting notes.
The living room couch is covered in evidence of a sickening event.
A trail of blood and drag marks lead from the couch to the bedroom where Kimberly's body is found with 18 lacerations to the head.
A hammer, covered in red, is found on the carpet next to Kimberly.
A knife is found on the couch where the initial attack took place, and the bathroom contains the young man's clothes with traces of blood.
The sister reveals that her brother has severe ADHD, social issues, and no friends, and that their mother cared for him despite his behavior.
The brother has severe ADHD and social issues.
He doesn't have any friends.
The mother cared for him and bought him a jacket, even though he would throw it on the floor.
The brother would say crazy and hurtful things to their mother, which would upset her.
Desiree reveals that Kevin had exhibited violent behavior towards their mother before and had no prior history of criminal violence, making it unexpected for her to believe that he was capable of gruesomely murdering their mother.
Kevin had exhibited behaviors beyond verbal abuse that made Desiree believe he was capable of violence.
Kevin had no prior history of criminal violence.
Kevin had been acting cruelly towards their mother for some time before the murder.
The brother wrote a disturbing note revealing his plan to murder his mother and sister, and he also confessed to killing a cat out of boredom.
The note was titled "A Life Resignation Notice" and was found at the crime scene.
The brother expressed his change of heart and his intention to stick to his word.
He mentioned fantasizing about murdering his family members.
The sister discovered the note and confronted the brother about it.
Kevin's lack of empathy and emotional detachment make it challenging for him to describe the emotional effect of killing his mother, but he acknowledges that the emotional high will fade.
Kevin admits to killing his mother and dragging her by her clothes.
He claims to have always loved his mother, but in the wrong way.
Kevin has had thoughts of killing since his preteens and has never sought medical or psychological help.
He wrote three notes, one of which was addressed to his sister.
The brother reveals that he may not be grieving his mother's death, but rather mourning the loss of her financial support.
He expresses that he was financially dependent on his mother.
He considers living on the streets or hiding in the woods as worse alternatives than turning himself in.
The brother admits to feeling sorry for what he did to his mother but doesn't regret his actions.
The detective asks if books, movies, or video games influenced his decision, and the brother denies that they planted the idea but admits they egged him on.
Kevin reveals his interest in dressing up dead women and sees them as nothing but a piece of meat.
Kevin admits to sneaking into a girl's house, disabling her boyfriend, dressing her up, and then killing her.
He discloses that he prefers his women dead and would stitch them up before going to town.
Kevin's nonchalant attitude towards his confession and disregard for all life suggests he may have antisocial personality disorder.
00:00until tomorrow
00:07this was the exact moment that Kevin
00:09Davis's sister realized her own brother
00:12had done the unthinkable
00:14he said he just murdered someone I'm
00:17scared I'd always loved my mother I
00:20guess in the wrong sort of way terrible
00:22disgusting person many documentaries and
00:24news sources haven't dared to disclose
00:26the brutal details of his crimes when it
00:29isn't the murder itself that's the most
00:31gruesome thing about a case you know
00:33you're dealing with an especially
00:35Twisted individual one who even left
00:37taunting notes behind for the police on
00:40March 27 2014 the executive director of
00:44Girling hospice Celeste McGraw received
00:47a call that made her uneasy her employee
00:50Kimberly Hill hadn't arrived at the
00:51nursing home where she was scheduled to
00:53care for patients that afternoon
00:55Kimberly was noted to be a devoted
00:58loving hospice nurse who would never
01:00abandon her patients and rarely missed
01:02work immediately Celeste suspected
01:05something was deeply wrong she dialed
01:07Kimberly's number hoping to hear her
01:10voice on the other end but the call went
01:12unanswered when a fellow employee told
01:15Celeste that the police had called to
01:17see if Kimberly was at work during a
01:18wellness check of her Celeste decided
01:21she couldn't dangerously wait by the
01:23phone for answers any longer
01:25she and the director of patient care
01:27drove to Kimberly's home located at the
01:29Windrush Apartments in Corpus Christi
01:31Texas to try and get to the bottom of
01:33her unsettling and mysterious absence
01:36but to their horror when they arrived at
01:39Kimberly's apartment they founded a wash
01:41in the red and blue lights of police
01:43cars outside the doors
01:45Celeste pulled a police officer aside to
01:48ask questions only to have them
01:50apologize and tell her that an incident
01:52had occurred but they could not give
01:54further details at the time
01:56Celeste had just spoken to Kimberly the
01:58day before on March 26th Kimberly seemed
02:01to be in good spirits and nothing was
02:03out of the ordinary now things were
02:06wildly different the next day Kimberly's
02:0951st birthday was meant to be a day of
02:11Celebration a day to honor everything
02:14that Kimberly was and indeed there was a
02:17lot to honor she was a devoted hospice
02:20worker and mother and during the Gulf
02:22War Kimberly was a marine Corporal who
02:24served as the only woman in her Saudi
02:26Arabian work sector
02:28but instead of celebrating all that
02:31Kimberly was on that day it will forever
02:33be marred by the horrific reality of
02:36what happened to her less than 48 hours
02:38before at the hands of a killer that no
02:40one could have ever suspected
02:43the nightmarish unbelievable story began
02:45around 10 a.m on March 27th just hours
02:49before Celeste even realized Kimberly
02:51was missing when Lawanda and her husband
02:53Timothy were surprised by a knock at
02:55their door in Robstown Texas about 15
02:58miles away from Kimberly's home in
03:00Corpus Christi usually Timothy would
03:03have been at work by that time of the
03:04morning but that day he decided to take
03:07time off and stay home had he not
03:09Lawanda would have had to face the
03:11murderer on her front steps all alone
03:14outside a young man stood on their Front
03:17Porch Looking calm but rather withdrawn
03:20and serious threw a crack in the door
03:22Luanda asked what he needed in response
03:25he asked her to come closer not yet
03:28wholly alarmed Lawanda opened the door
03:30what he said next would change the
03:33peaceful day she had planned with
03:34Timothy entirely and chill her to the
03:48okay and he's there right now
03:52and he said he murdered someone yes
03:55saying is there any way that maybe I can
03:57speak to him would you like support to a
03:599-1-1 on the phone sure hello what's
04:03going on Sir so as I said I've murdered
04:06someone actually after being asked for
04:08details about the murder the man
04:10nonchalantly told Timothy that he had
04:12killed Kimberly Hill with a hammer
04:15Timothy asked why to which the man would
04:17only eerily respond with lots of reasons
04:21the man refused eye contact with both
04:23Timothy and Lawanda and fixed his Gaze
04:26on the road throughout their interaction
04:28police took quite some time to arrive so
04:31long in fact that Lawanda called the
04:33police a second time asking when they
04:35would arrive while they anxiously waited
04:38unsure of who exactly was standing at
04:40their doorstep Lawanda offered the man a
04:43drink in response he told the couple
04:45that their kindness made him nervous
04:47because according to him no one had ever
04:50been nice to him before
04:52when the police finally did arrive the
04:54young man put his hands up surrendering
04:56he confessed once more to the deputy on
04:59the scene that he had murdered Kimberly
05:01with a hammer of course that wasn't even
05:03half of the horrific truth of what he
05:07with his confession the police took him
05:09in for questioning soon after they
05:11reported to Kimberly Hill's apartment
05:12they found the door locked so they
05:15contacted a maintenance person to give
05:17them a key that would give them access
05:18to the apartment what awaited the police
05:21behind the locked door would not only
05:23horrify them it would weave a tail so
05:26tragic so unbelievable that it would
05:28appear like something straight out of a
05:30horror movie
05:32upon entering the home a little after 10
05:34a.m on the 27th police were instantly
05:37met with a disturbing scene the couch in
05:40the living room appeared to be covered
05:41in evidence of a sickening event next to
05:44it some of Kimberly's blood-stained
05:46clothes lay in a pile a trail of the red
05:48substance and what appeared to be drag
05:50marks LED from the couch all the way
05:52down the hallway one that was adorned
05:55with family photos of The Smiling Happy
05:57Family the trail led into the bedroom
06:00where officers found the body of
06:02Kimberly Hill on the bed she had 18
06:04lacerations to the Head beside Kimberly
06:08on the carpet was a hammer also covered
06:10in red consistent with the young man's
06:12story but that wasn't the only weapon
06:15found at the scene
06:16police also discovered a knife on the
06:19couch where the initial attack looked to
06:20have taken place in the bathroom police
06:23discovered what appeared to be the young
06:24man's clothes in a heat next to the bath
06:27his shoes were covered in long blonde
06:30hair that looked to be Kimberly's the
06:32socks and his pants were speckled with
06:35along with all of this there was a smear
06:37in the bath as if someone had tried to
06:39wash off there
06:40woven throughout the Cozy family home
06:43turned crime scene the police found that
06:45the murderer had not only left evidence
06:47of the brutal attack but also taunting
06:50notes seemingly addressed the police and
06:53to the innocent people who lived inside
06:54the home
06:56one was addressed to Desiree Kimberly's
06:58daughter the Twisted letter had been
07:00purposely left on top of the trail by
07:02the couch
07:03its demented message read don't lose
07:07your head she may yet live although I
07:09doubt it hurry Desiree sincerely your
07:14the person whom police already had in
07:16custody the young man who would
07:18confessed the murdering Kimberly with a
07:20hammer was none other than her 18 year
07:22old son Kevin jazzrael Davis and not
07:26only had he murdered his mother but he
07:28left the cruel note taunting his
07:32at the time of the murder Desiree lived
07:35in a separate apartment in Corpus
07:36Christi with her boyfriend after the
07:39discovery of her mother's body Desiree
07:41came to speak with police her boyfriend
07:43was also present though off-screen for
07:46most of the interview the following
07:48interrogations have been analyzed by a
07:51qualified team including an individual
07:53with a masters of social work a licensed
07:56clinical psychologist a former licensed
07:58professional counselor and a licensed
08:00professional counselor
08:30understandably Desiree is heartbroken
08:32after finding out that her half-brother
08:34killed her mother it's hard to imagine
08:37the pain she's experiencing and even
08:39with that she's able to compose herself
08:42as police begin to question her about
08:44her brother
08:47the phone
08:49he's a police officer in New Jersey also
08:55talk to me last night but what time
08:59she told me I didn't get it got in a
09:01fight and he was just being
09:04I'm just saying real purple thing she
09:06called me she said she caught me when
09:08she felt stronger okay Panda oh oh who
09:12got in a fight with me Kevin so Kevin
09:15was just being disrespectful or
09:17something and uh
09:22something as simple as like this
09:25this commercial came on for uh like the
09:28harmony or some dating side or something
09:30and he and he just out of a blue said
09:33yay mom you gave up on love
09:36and uh
09:37and then
09:40she said no Kevin I didn't I didn't give
09:42up on love but even if I wanted to find
09:45love and and I couldn't have anybody
09:48over because you're here
09:51and I mean that's my mom really
09:54she loves this kid you know she was just
09:57it's not like they had it
10:00a horrible like relationship he just
10:05he just he really
10:09he really uh
10:11he can't be Greyhound
10:14somebody really has social issues he's
10:16kind of born
10:18just different like he had severe ADHD
10:22um he really doesn't have any friends
10:27his dad is no good you know
10:30he came to live with me for a little bit
10:32and she wanted him back you know for one
10:35last chance like we can make this right
10:37to start going to school and stuff
10:39she just bought him a hundred dollar
10:41jacket and she knew he'd just throw in
10:43the floor just because she thought he'd
10:44like it you know she cared about him she
10:46didn't just she my mom's not cruel no
10:50he would pop off at the mouth and tell
10:53her crazy stuff you know like you know
10:55[ __ ] fast
10:58just like that and she would just like
11:00let it eat her alive you know like
11:01yesterday she was just
11:04she's really upset and I was just trying
11:06to calm her down and she said yeah you
11:09all right when's the last time you saw
11:16uh Fisher your face right now
11:24the last time I saw Kevin is whenever we
11:27went out to eat
11:30and her and my brother picked me up and
11:32what day was that
11:34oh no I have to look back on my phone or
11:36something but was he acting just like
11:38yeah with that or was he acting
11:39different he was acting normal I'm
11:41pretty sure that this is just a
11:44spur of the moment or a type of thing
11:50he's always had a few issues yeah and
11:53like when I was little out of nowhere
11:54like he would just draw [ __ ] that was
11:58people getting shot
12:00stuff like that for no reason have you
12:02ever threatened to kill you or your mom
12:04no never wrong we're going to tell you
12:07this we haven't told anybody else but he
12:09did make him he wrote some notes before
12:11he did what he did and we're worried
12:13about you because you were on the list
12:16but note that police are referring to
12:18here is one of the many that Kevin
12:19arranged at the crime scene left on his
12:22desk this note detailed his step-by-step
12:25plan for murdering not just his mother
12:27but his sister too the disturbing Clan
12:31read kill mother with garat afterwards
12:34prepare to leave for good tie up any
12:36Loose Ends buy Ax from Hardware storm
12:39return ASAP and wait until Nightfall go
12:42to Sis's apartment and kill her anyone
12:44else in the way leave for the Greyhound
12:47bus ASAP pack lightly laptop and bag
12:50carry on then in big celebratory letters
12:54he wrote and underlined a single word
12:59he was planning on killing your mommy
13:01and killing you and then leaving town
13:15he says
13:20never you were on the list in less than
13:2315 minutes the detective has pointed out
13:25to Desiree twice that she was on the
13:27list it's possible that he's emphasizing
13:30this to dislodge any remaining familial
13:32loyalty she may feel toward her brother
13:35this may encourage her to be completely
13:37honest with him about any warning signs
13:40Kevin displayed or any problems he had
13:42in his relationship with his mother
13:44that's why I was worried about you
13:46wanted to make sure you're okay
13:48and he said he had hurt you yet
13:53my mom did not deserve this no I was
13:56tell her last night
14:00and she was just like yeah I know I
14:02really don't okay
14:06the uh medical examiner your information
14:25it was my mom
14:28anything you want to ask
14:32would you think we might have a nursery
14:33two one how is she no I don't want to
14:36hear that right now
14:39it's all that matter for now she's
14:42I'm pretty sure you probably put it in
14:44the worst way with a hammer a stopper
14:47there's a race comment here about how
14:49Kevin probably did it in the worst way
14:51is unsettling and unexpected
14:54she claimed that she never saw Kevin
14:56being physical toward their mother which
14:59makes it surprising that she is so
15:00certain that he was unusually cruel or
15:03violent in the way he killed her it's
15:05likely that Kevin exhibited behaviors
15:07beyond verbalips that made Desiree
15:09believe he was capable of violence that
15:12was my brother during honest
15:19okay all right sometimes for doing him
15:22so he had my story if you teach captain
15:28I'll find out now right how she died or
15:31or whatever
15:33if you're ready for it okay
15:37if you're ready for it if not we can
15:39hold on oh my God I just like get it out
15:41I can't just promise now you know
15:50all right
15:52it's all right now to show you
15:55so much Daddy and that's where I said
16:03so he's saying how he was going to kill
16:05me in the letter probably the same way
16:12can I see your face no
16:15keep in mind that Kevin would sometimes
16:17stay at Desiree's apartment which made
16:19the news of this plan all the more
16:22disturbing following this the detective
16:24takes Desiree across the hall to fill
16:26out forms for the funeral and
16:29Desiree's interview painted a helpful
16:31though Grim picture for the police of
16:34Kevin's relationship with his mother it
16:36seemed that Kevin had gotten into an
16:38argument with her prior to murdering her
16:40and that he'd been acting cruelly toward
16:42her for some time even so it was clear
16:45to the detectives that because Kevin had
16:47absolutely no prior history of criminal
16:49violence that anyone was aware of
16:51Desiree never could have expected that
16:54Kevin was capable of gruesomely
16:55murdering their mother and planning to
16:58do the same to her as Kevin waits in the
17:01room for detectives to arrive he sits
17:03almost motionless for a full minute
17:06the officer in the blue shirt presents
17:08Kevin with his written Miranda rides and
17:10walks him through them having him signed
17:12the document to ensure he understands
17:14what is about to take place
17:16though it would seem like the killer
17:18confessing and writing his plan out on a
17:20piece of paper would give the police all
17:22the information they needed the crime
17:24scene and confession brought about more
17:26questions than answers
17:28fortunately law enforcement wouldn't
17:30have to dig to get the details of what
17:32happened the night that Kimberly was
17:33killed he confessed to every minute
17:36detail of his heinous crime
17:39earlier you've talked to some people you
17:41want to get some stuff off your chest uh
17:43you know we're here to listen to you
17:45before you hear what happened tell us
17:46what you know what happened
17:52have you has anybody gone to the house
17:55yet do you really we have but we want to
17:58hear from you or we have an idea you're
18:00the only look at this
18:02start at the beginning man what what
18:03caused all this I'm bored with life I
18:06don't like life I don't like people I
18:08don't like living it basically Kevin's
18:10comment is a clear red flag for other
18:12mental health disorders as well such as
18:15anti-social personality disorder
18:17those with extreme antisocial
18:19personality disorder may be classified
18:22as Psychopaths psychopathy is associated
18:25with abnormalities and the brain's
18:27reward systems including the prefrontal
18:29cortex and the limbic system
18:32these regions play a crucial role in
18:34experiencing pleasure and motivation
18:37Psychopaths may have a reduced
18:39sensitivity to reward leading to a
18:41diminished ability to experience
18:43pleasure from ordinary or mundane
18:45activities as a result they may seek out
18:48Intense or risky experiences to
18:50compensate for this deficit
18:52they also tend to have difficulties with
18:55emotional processing and empathy the
18:57emotional circuits in their brains leave
18:59them with a reduced capacity to
19:01experience emotions on any deep level
19:04this blunted emotional experience may
19:07also contribute to their constant search
19:08for stimulation and excitement in order
19:11to Garner an emotional response
19:14but it's not just the diminished ability
19:16to experience positive emotions that
19:18lead to these risk-seeking behaviors
19:21Psychopaths often exhibit reduced fear
19:23and anxiety responses compared to the
19:26general population
19:28research suggests that this could be due
19:30to differences in the amygdala a brain
19:33region involved in processing emotions
19:35and detecting threats
19:37this diminished fear response may
19:39contribute to their willingness to
19:40engage in high-risk activities that
19:42would normally elicit anxiety in others
19:45there's really nothing anything
19:47depressing about it
19:50and so
19:52I wrote the note
19:54the note that Kevin is referring to here
19:56was one of the most disturbing to be
19:58found at the crime scene this note
20:01titled A Life resignation notice soon
20:04after finishing the node Kevin flipped
20:06the page over and wrote out the murder
20:08plan referenced earlier
20:10the life resignation notice is dated
20:12March 26 2014 at 6 51 pm and reads as
20:19I had a change of heart I said I was
20:22going to do it and so now I need to
20:24stick to my word I am a man after all
20:26albeit a hilarious one too much damn
20:29work so many obligations seriously
20:32people but most of all me by the way
20:36I've always fantasized about murdering
20:39you too it's kind of funny how you never
20:42really know someone not even your own
20:44son or brother
20:45sorry for the bathroom mess mother good
20:48luck recovering from the shock you two
20:50sincerely or not Kevin jazzrile Davis
20:54P.S I killed that stupid gray cat
20:57because I was bored one day sorry
21:00I did where'd you write the note
21:05it there yesterday
21:07okay Sunday afternoon
21:11you know what happened
21:16and then
21:18should be the president
21:20kind well now actually I molded over and
21:25then on a whim actually I turn it over
21:27go to plan to kill both my mother and my
21:30sister you can quite frankly that's
21:32always been a thing of mine is it like a
21:34fantasy thing it is actually so that's
21:40the best laid plans never work out
21:42apparently release the one scribble on a
21:44piece of paper because she had decided
21:46she was sick of this stuff she was going
21:48to go send me my sister again
21:51and so I kind of
21:53left off in a fury and just did it right
21:56then and there you did what well
22:02ripped cord from a video game fossil
22:05controller that didn't work huh your
22:09brother's finger she was sitting on the
22:10couch crying okay
22:13that didn't work out too well he started
22:15screaming and so
22:18I went to her room opened a drawer at
22:20the very bottom to the right I pulled
22:23out a hammer I went back into the living
22:25room and well you kind of get the gist
22:27from there
22:28and uh
22:30she was out pretty quickly kind of tried
22:32to play dead at first but then
22:34I finished it so you hit her with a
22:36hammer when she was saying that and
22:38they're so far in the living room no
22:40first I tried to strangle her and that
22:42didn't work for the graphic cord so I
22:44raced back into her room grabbed the
22:47hammer came back out and then did it how
22:50many times
22:53at least 20. Kevin reported that his
22:56mother was out pretty quickly after he
22:58hit her with the hammer yet he also
23:01admitted that he hit her at least 20
23:02times this is what is referred to as
23:05Overkill this may be indicative of
23:08pent-up rage although cases of a child
23:10killing a parent are rare the use of
23:13Overkill in those cases is common and
23:16she was still alive I dragged her into
23:18the room and he'd probably clearly saw
23:20uh did you use a knife on her
23:23actually I was going to but no I didn't
23:25get to do that well did you I guess
23:29you'd never get to Scrabble with a knife
23:30no it was always a hammer there's all
23:33the hammer in my hand so where did you
23:34hit her with a hammer the head on the on
23:37the head area oh man I believe I may
23:39have gotten her hand because she was
23:41covering herself
23:43in the front of the part of the back of
23:45the Hill
23:47cop back anyway but now actually the
23:50entrance wound is around Yonder
23:52somewhere here okay
23:57okay uh did you change in the bathroom
24:00did you I did I even I took a bath
24:03before then I we're like well that's a
24:06little personal but yeah I needed to
24:07clean it off and so um
24:10and then then I changed yeah okay uh
24:13what about your sister what's your
24:15sister's name uh Desiree Hill is she
24:19she was okay yeah okay
24:22at an apartment actually very near here
24:25um that big kind of Hispanic thing I
24:28mean like Spanish looking building it's
24:30an old apartment complex it's a code was
24:33it a fantasy of yours to kill her as
24:35well and would you write down that on
24:36your notes oh I did actually but
24:40I decided against it because while I had
24:44my fill of killing I didn't
24:49seemed a little much
24:52I'm too excessive yeah
24:54Kevin stating that he had his fill of
24:56killing indicates that the murder and
24:59assault of his mother may have actually
25:00had some sort of emotional effect on him
25:03however it's possible that his lack of
25:05empathy and emotional Detachment makes
25:07it challenging for him to describe the
25:09nature of the effect
25:11some studies of psychopathy suggest that
25:14rather significant events such as death
25:16allow Psychopaths to feel an emotional
25:20for now his need to experience an
25:23emotional High seems to have been met
25:25but something he says later indicates
25:27that he's insightful enough to realize
25:29that high will soon fade
25:32so uh after you uh you went in and you
25:35killed her then you took her clothes off
25:37for it or is she already actually had to
25:40drag her by her clothes to get her and
25:41they're very laborious actually
25:44it's just a pretty big will necessary
25:45yeah okay she's your natural mother
25:48biological mother yeah actually she is
25:51my natural mother okay what that's good
25:53the real this is here
25:58I'd always loved my mother I guess in
26:00the wrong sort of way but
26:03I kind of love I guess
26:06maybe some rage maybe just a little
26:09Kevin referring to his rage and then
26:11diminishing it by saying maybe just a
26:13little in such a calm way is indicative
26:15of the inner turmoil he was experiencing
26:18and his struggle to express his emotions
26:20clearly yeah
26:22all right
26:25have you killed anybody else before I
26:27have not you just fantasized about it I
26:29understand yeah how long have you had
26:31this thought she went
26:34since around my preteens actually
26:38yeah they received any kind of medical
26:41attention and psychological
26:44and feel like you can cope with that
26:48nope I never really speak Health
26:49actually I just accepted that as a part
26:52of me I wasn't really ashamed of it it
26:55just was what it was
26:56what kind of
26:58let's talk about the notes that you
26:59wrote uh how many notes did you write
27:03three three uh there was one in the
27:05living room yeah no one was addressed to
27:08who Daniel my sister because I knew she
27:11ah she's a good girl but rather sense
27:14that I knew she would lose her head if
27:15she kind of saw that you remember what
27:17the note said ah
27:19keep your head hurry she might still be
27:22alive although I highly doubt it in
27:26stomping along those lines yeah but when
27:29you wrote the note you knew your mom was
27:30already dead oh yeah I knew it and you
27:33know she's messing with with desperate
27:35like right in there that she might still
27:36be alive and my sick sense of humor I
27:39was pretty well off my rocker by then
27:41and then there's a second note in in
27:43your mom's bedroom what did that one say
27:46you remember
27:48chase me would I address to the police
27:51or or to who
27:54I I was just been I was in a very
27:56playful mood at the time okay I just
27:59well I just wanted to run just wanted to
28:02see how far I could get but yeah
28:04so what uh your plan was to leave town
28:08or what uh according to one of the notes
28:11that you wrote
28:13oh yeah
28:14the Greyhound bus I was gonna try to get
28:17out of state or anything really but I
28:20guess something else happened you ended
28:21up in somebody's house
28:23no and nothing
28:25I told you my plan was full because she
28:28talked to me she said my sister's going
28:30to come pick me up now like in a few
28:32minutes so I'll go over her and that's
28:34when I said it's time to act so we're
28:36never I see I just went over there to
28:38their house to use the phone and then
28:41they wanted I was using their phone so I
28:43thought I might as well tell them when
28:44they asked me questions I mean they had
28:46questions on using their phone and where
28:49was this at what did you end up at
28:52ultimately I ended up in the Backwoods
28:55of a ditch
28:56here in town or out of town I'm Rob
28:59Japan in Robstown how did you get over
29:01and Corpus Christi I biked halfway and
29:05then I got to the train tracks and then
29:07I ditched the bike and the thick woods
29:10and then from the train tracks I just
29:11walked to Russell yeah okay and then you
29:14came up to the was it like the first
29:17house that you saw or how did you oh I
29:19did you go to this house for two hours
29:20to use the phone okay so initially my
29:23plan was just to run run and run as far
29:26as I can but then I ended up crying my
29:28eyes out and like the big boys like oh
29:31uh what did I do and I realized oh you
29:33don't know what you lost so you've
29:34already lost it Kevin's decision to run
29:36away was likely an impulsive act after
29:39the adrenaline wore off from the murder
29:41and the physical exhaustion set in from
29:43biking into the woods it's possible he
29:46realized that he didn't actually have a
29:48real plan in place to sustain himself
29:50for a life on the run his comment about
29:53not knowing what you have until you've
29:55lost it is a common phrase used in grief
29:58though here his lack of emotion
30:01indicates that he may not be grieving
30:03his mother but grieving what she's
30:05provided for him
30:06he was presumably dependent on his
30:08mother financially so with her gone you
30:11may have realized that Joe didn't look
30:13too bad compared to living on the
30:14streets or hiding in the woods he'd
30:17already expressed interest in ending his
30:19life so the death penalty may not have
30:21been a deterrent for him turning himself
30:24other than your life did you give up on
30:28live now you you need to tell somebody
30:30what happened
30:32I guess yeah your insights is you're
30:36you're you want to do one thing but
30:37dreams I tell you more like your heart
30:39like you're talking out of your heart
30:42you feel sorry you did this to your
30:46in a way yes but I wouldn't think back
30:51what I did
30:53it's strange really I did love her
30:58in a way
31:00uh being mean to me oh no no she's been
31:04the best mother okay so there's nothing
31:07that she did oh absolutely nothing no if
31:10I was to ask you what did she do to
31:11deserve this what would you answer
31:13absolutely nothing I'm just I'm a
31:15terrible terrible disgusting person yeah
31:18basically how'd you come up with the
31:19idea to kill her how did I come up with
31:21it yeah was it it's been a development
31:24after this the detective asks if books
31:27movies or video games sparked the idea
31:30Kevin says that the media he consumed
31:32didn't plant the seed but it did egg him
31:36I'm just interested because there's
31:38something unusual and you're telling us
31:40about it you appear to be a nice guy
31:42you're free to be a good guy
31:45I'm very rational you're right right
31:47okay just so I'm trying to figure it out
31:50that's all uh well despite how I ended
31:55her life I'm kind of more fascinated by
31:58the more artistic ways of murder and
32:02meticulous manner I mean such care such
32:05love and
32:06so where did uh where did the hammer
32:08come from that he used from her drawer
32:10okay and now after you killed her you
32:13just left it there to him I did yes
32:16that's the one you used okay and there
32:19was some blood in the knife that you
32:20said you never used it okay just blood
32:22just one more you grabbed it around yeah
32:24actually I used a knife in the living
32:25room and then I didn't I take it with me
32:28how you grabbed yesterday you wouldn't
32:31leave such a mess in the curtain
32:38it was very sloppy actually I kind of
32:41just winged it I dragged her for my
32:43shirt I dragged her by her legs I
32:45dragged her by anyway I kind of fell
32:49I don't really observe physical labor
32:51too so I'm not a very strong person
32:53yeah right you have your own bedroom
32:57there I do okay
32:59all right so the note where you wrote
33:01the plan that you were going to leave
33:02town and fill your mom to your sister
33:04that was the one that we founded we
33:06found it in one of the bedrooms not
33:08where your mom was but the other one
33:09that's your that was your room
33:15but your sister didn't live with you
33:18guys she did you ever tell anybody else
33:20what your plans were uh that you know
33:22what you want to do your mom or your
33:24sister no but over the years there were
33:28since as a younger boy I was there
33:31a lot Dumber a lot more angsty now I
33:34said things but I guess they basically
33:37brushed it off and got the hints were
33:39everywhere but they're my family family
33:42looks past that kind of stuff or they
33:44try to not look at it at this point what
33:47do you consider yourself you consider
33:49yourself I'm gonna use the dirty word
33:51okay but I don't know I don't lose good
33:53children okay so you're considering
33:54better to disturb you consider yourself
33:56crazy if you what do you consider
33:58yourself angels or you think you're okay
34:00can you just got some bad thoughts
34:03I'm not thank you sir just Disturbed I
34:06mean I'm saying I know exactly what I
34:08did I know that it's wrong the
34:11traditional sense of wrong well it was
34:13just a fantasy you had and you had to
34:15carry it out carry it out yeah yeah
34:17that's true do you still feel like they
34:20well you're done with your mom you still
34:22feel like you want to keep on killing
34:25came here to pay for my crime so I guess
34:28I should continue with the truth is it
34:29truthfully yes definitely I would kill
34:36oh no rabbit men aren't my thing
34:40women yeah okay do you have a girlfriend
34:44I don't I've never had a girlfriend
34:46but then what give me your friendship
34:48you know clothes your fancy chili would
34:50be your age killing quote something
34:55okay um
34:58I'm not surprised at what I'm gonna hear
35:00but uh you tell me
35:03maybe dressing up in the night soon
35:07sneaking into her house
35:11disabling her boyfriend
35:13you know yeah I'd bring a pretty dress
35:15with me to dress her up then
35:20I was always interested but after after
35:23that last um blunder I guess
35:26maybe something big and sharp would be
35:28more along
35:30more along my thing I prefer my women
35:33dead I dress her up I'd Stitch her up
35:36then I'd go to town and it would be a
35:38night to remember
35:39and then I kind of just burn everything
35:42and run for the Hills
35:44okay so before that you have never had
35:51wow Kevin takes a long pause here to
35:54decide how much he wants to reveal to
35:56the detectives what he's about to
35:58disclose to them takes his sickness to
36:00another level and yet he remains an
36:03nonchalant as he tells them the
36:05horrifying truth I guess since I'm being
36:08quiet about it I might as well tell you
36:10now I
36:11yeah and it's on the Note too the PS
36:14part and we used to have a gray cat
36:16named um Claire thought he's a body in
36:18in the end piece of me I guess it's hard
36:21to say but
36:22Kevin disclosing that he sees a body as
36:24nothing but a piece of meat makes the
36:26probability that he has antisocial
36:28personality disorder highly likely
36:30because of his flagrant disregard for
36:33all life
36:37but no I don't necessarily mind our
36:39faith in music whatever happens happens
36:41sure there's not a happy ending for me
36:44tell me what do you think should happen
36:46to you
36:48whatever the judge the people jury Dean
36:52said I can a lot I can suffer for years
36:55or I can give him the death penalty
36:57whatever they think I mean what do you
37:00think you deserve kill your mom
37:03and I just there to rot and suffer
37:07I mean it's just it is what it is okay I
37:10want to give you some options here okay
37:1210 years of probation
37:1420 years in Japan 100 years you're
37:18what do you prefer from those shares
37:21a hundred
37:23the maximum okay
37:25I mean
37:28I meant I admire your mind man if you
37:32don't sit here try to Baby yourself to
37:40thank you
37:45see anything else you want to add what
37:47happened that's important that we should
37:50not really if you're interested in other
37:52colorful deep have you ever heard your
37:55no I haven't no anybody else
37:59no this is my first time you've seen
38:02your knife but you killed somebody yeah
38:03a person not an animal yes do you want
38:06to know what's going to happen to you
38:07now oh sure very simple you're going to
38:11be booked 15 minutes and Counting the
38:13person that's a huge charge of murder
38:15Daniel we're being uh transferred or one
38:18in the county
38:19for of course you're going to come true
38:22they'll set a bond for you and
38:24everything else and if you can afford to
38:26get out of jail then it won't show for
38:27you and if you can't ship them to your
38:31and then there may not be two property
38:34um of course I don't expect people to
38:36think very highly of me after this
38:39I I admire your very honesty you are
38:42honest with us
38:45following Kevin's confession in his
38:47interview he was arrested though at
38:50first he pleaded not guilty to murdering
38:52his mother just as his trial began he
38:54entered a guilty plea according to his
38:57attorney he was offered a sentence of 60
38:59years in prison but Kevin refused
39:01perhaps it's because he truly thought he
39:03deserved more time or maybe it's because
39:06for some deeply misguided reason he
39:09thought he was going to escape the
39:11charges altogether
39:12at the trial the jury was shown Kevin's
39:15interview in its entirety and also heard
39:17some additional details it's no surprise
39:19that after that it only took the jury an
39:22hour to deliberate and find him guilty
39:24he was sentenced to life in prison and
39:27at the time of this video's posting he
39:29resides at the John Montford psychiatric
39:31unit in Lubbock Texas
39:33it's unknown if he received a mental
39:35health diagnosis sometime after his
39:37arrest but his placement in the
39:39psychiatric facility makes that seem
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the shocking details of the murder committed by Kevin Davis?

Kevin Davis committed a brutal and gruesome murder of their mother, leaving his sister in distress and struggling to comprehend his heinous actions.

2. What behavior did Kevin Davis exhibit during police interrogations?

During police interrogations, Kevin Davis exhibited disturbing behavior and a lack of remorse, suggesting a potential antisocial personality disorder.

3. How did the case involving Kevin Davis unfold?

The case involving Kevin Davis unfolded like a horror movie, with the sister grappling with the shocking realization of her brother's actions.

4. What psychological disorder does Kevin Davis's behavior suggest?

Kevin Davis's disturbing behavior and lack of remorse during the murder and police interrogations suggest a potential antisocial personality disorder.

5. How is the sister impacted by the horrifying actions of Kevin Davis?

The sister is left in distress and struggling to comprehend her brother's heinous actions, leading to a significant impact on her well-being.

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