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This video discusses nine shoe brands from nine different countries that offer affordable options under €400, providing a selection of quality and stylish shoes. The brands mentioned include Myr, German Brown, Velasca, Sun Glass Hut, Satiam Largé, Correll Union, Carlos Santos, and Squat Borge. It highlights the increasing interest in quality shoes among a new generation of gentlemen.
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This section introduces the topic of affordable shoe brands and the criteria for selection.
The previous episodes on the best shoes for 2019 received close to a million views.
The selection is not a definitive list of the best shoes, but rather based on personal taste, location, means, and style.
The upcoming section will focus on nine affordable shoe brands from nine different countries, priced under 400 euros or dollars.
Berman shoes are highly valued for their quality and success, especially among the younger generation, but they may be difficult to break in.
Berman shoes are considered the most amazing shoes in the world.
They are highly successful and popular among the younger generation.
Berman recently opened a successful brick and mortar shop in Paris.
The downside of Berman shoes is that they can be hard to break in.
The video discusses two shoe brands, one from Vietnam and one from France, and their interesting features and affordable prices.
The first brand mentioned is a Vietnamese brand called "CNES" which offers various models priced around 250 euros.
The second brand mentioned is a French brand called "Satyam Largerset M" which offers classic models as well as unique designs like the "initially oppressed whole" Oxford model.
Satyam Largerset M offers good quality shoes at a price range of 275 euros or less, making them affordable options.
The video also mentions that if viewers have more information or personal experience with these brands, they are encouraged to share their feedback in the comment section.
This section discusses the Goodyear universe and the brand Choral Union.
Goodyear universe is known for its excellent quality and values.
Choral Union, located in Atlanta, Georgia, was discovered by the speaker in its first week of creation.
The speaker discovered Choral Union on a French forum dedicated to shoe enthusiasts.
Choral Union's shoes were praised for their quality and design, particularly for American buyers.
The speaker has a personal connection to Choral Union as his wife is American and they spend time in Atlanta.
The speaker discusses the tradition of shoemaking in Portugal and recommends buying Carlos Santos shoes from Portugal.
Portugal is known for its tradition of shoemaking.
The speaker recommends buying Carlos Santos shoes from Portugal.
The speaker also mentions the attractiveness of Portugal as a retirement destination for French people.
The video then transitions to discussing a shoe company from Sweden.
The speaker discusses the importance of quality shoes and introduces a shoe brand from Scandinavia.
Emphasizes the importance of quality shoes for health and style.
Introduces a shoe brand from Scandinavia with a price of $350.
Mentions the growing market for quality shoe companies around the world.
Highlights the attraction of the new generation of gentlemen to quality shoes for health and style reasons.
00:00hello my friends and welcome to this new
00:02episode of Soto talks today once again
00:04we're going to speak about shoes and we
00:07speak about shoes because you will have
00:08this subject I don't know if you
00:10remember one year and a half ago we
00:13released two episodes on our selection
00:16of the best shoes for 2019 and guess
00:19what these two episodes have been
00:22watched by you I think more than 750,000
00:26times in English and more than 150,000
00:29times in frame that makes we close to a
00:31million views can you believe that we
00:33close to a million views of this
00:35specific video dedicated to our
00:38selection of shoes so once again
00:40remember one thing very important it's
00:42not a list of the best shoes in the
00:45world because speaking about best shoes
00:47doesn't mean much you know it depends on
00:49your taste it depends on where you live
00:51it depends on which country you live it
00:53depends on your means it depends on what
00:57kind of what is your style if you are
00:59extremely formal if you want casual so
01:01let's say roughly it's a selection that
01:05we have been making with Sonja because
01:09as you know we travel the planet will be
01:11many many shoemakers or soil tailors and
01:14short makers and tie maker so that's how
01:16I drove it out of this every year we
01:18make the effort to try to select brands
01:21that match our criteria of quality and
01:24of course of style but today what we're
01:28going to do I'm not gonna replace the
01:30selection of 2019 and just on trying to
01:34refine it and today I'm gonna speak to
01:37you about nine brands from nine
01:39different countries which are all of
01:43them under 400 euro or also 400 dollars
01:47that is to say what the segment of
01:50affordable shoes well I know that 400
01:53euro can be quite an amount for
01:56specifically the youngest among you but
01:58is still in this bracket of the market
02:02which which we consider affordable from
02:04160 euro up to 400 but a little bit less
02:08than 400 so let's go for the nine hours
02:12section of nine runs from nine different
02:14countries under 400 ohms you notice nine
02:17different countries and that's a very
02:19interesting point until very fairly
02:22recently everybody thought that the
02:25Manchu market and the men shoemakers and
02:27dementia designers were pretty much
02:30group in the UK for the English style in
02:34Italy for of course a little bit more
02:36elongated shoes more I will not say
02:40extravagant no more ball bolder shoes in
02:43Italy and also in Spain because Spain
02:45has been developing a lot this last
02:48decade for men shoes but pretty much
02:51this is the seventh a little bit of few
02:53makers in the USA and in Portugal but
02:56now today we you're gonna discover that
02:58we had shoemakers not pretty much all
03:00around the world because there's a
03:02revival of interest of the gentlemen for
03:06the men's shoes quality men's shoes I'm
03:08not talking here about sneakers I'm not
03:10talking here about cheap shoes I'm
03:12talking about real leather shoes that we
03:15can rely on and we'll really amp up your
03:17style and your elegance and so let's
03:20start with one brand that we already
03:23included in our first list last year
03:26which is called Merman and why do we
03:29continue to include marine so Merman is
03:31made in China but originally from Spain
03:34so it's a Spanish brand from Palma de
03:39but which is crafted in China and mermen
03:43well we've been supporting Merman since
03:46the beginning why because for us it
03:48represents one of the best entry door in
03:51this mesmerizing hypnotizing addictive
03:55world of men's shoes Merman is offering
03:59I think they started 160 euro that will
04:02make 170 dollars with good Europe
04:08quality shoes so this is quite a
04:09performance of course it's made in China
04:11but it's managed by your Spanish team
04:15from Palma de Majorca and I can tell you
04:17that the value of Berman
04:20of course is that the most amazing shoes
04:22in the world but for the value I think
04:24they're pretty much without competition
04:26because they are so successful by the
04:29way specifically towards the young the
04:31young generation of sartorial is that I
04:33just open a brick and mortar shop in
04:36Paris I think it's six months ago and
04:38it's extremely successful so Mirman
04:40remain for us a very safe bet if you are
04:45on a budget you want some serious shoes
04:47or a little bit of a downside of Myr
04:49means that by experience
04:52there are ghujiya welted and made with
04:55good quality leather they can be a
04:59little bit hard to break in I think the
05:02opportunity to give you a little trick
05:03and I think Sonia spoke about this a few
05:07episodes ago it's it's always been a
05:10mystery for me why some shoes are hurt
05:13when they first tried them on of the
05:15first few hours or days and some don't
05:19and believe me it's not a matter of
05:21being this coconut bespoke hug honestly
05:24I can tell you I had some very high
05:25level miss Ballou that were hurting a
05:27little bit at the beginning and I had
05:29some ready-to-wear shoes were not
05:31hurting at all no breaking time so once
05:34again so tourism is not a science
05:36there's nothing extremely precise we are
05:38not scientists
05:39we are searchers for style but we asked
05:43our friend Paris cavora
05:45you know the great palace cavora company
05:47in napoli italy and we're asking because
05:50he is very well known for crafting
05:53Norwegian stitch should a very sturdy
05:55shoes and very when you take them in
05:58your hand you said oh wow that looks
05:59really really strong and I have a pair
06:01of pants Khafre be wearing before any
06:05resulting 500 tons maybe and their
06:07impeccable and he answered us that it's
06:10been measuring after many many years and
06:12decades of experience and all his family
06:14I think is all his brothers I think is
06:16six or seven brothers are awesome
06:18because it's a real shoe making family
06:21power told us that according to his
06:23experience the time to breaking a shoe
06:26is exactly 24 hours or around 24 hours
06:30it doesn't mean one day is mean if
06:3224 hours of actual where if after 24
06:37hours of actual where your feet still
06:40hurt in in your shoes then you'd better
06:43take some disposition and try to go to a
06:47convener maybe to you know to release
06:49them and it will be to extend them a
06:51little bit but 24 hours is the time to
06:53break in so back to Merman we know they
06:56can be a little bit hard to break in but
06:58the quality is here and honnestly my
07:00friends for the price 160 euro some
07:03bottles are 200 euro it's almost the
07:06steel so mer mean from Spain made in
07:10China now we move to I know our friend
07:14from Germany will be very happy because
07:16we receive messages of during the last
07:19elections and why did you didn't you
07:20include shoe passion true passion which
07:23is a German brown they have numerous
07:27stores in Germany they have an Easter
07:29which is extremely efficient and and we
07:32have been supporting them because on
07:35Parisian documents as early as 2015 or
07:3816 I think at the very beginning of true
07:40passion we've been among the first if
07:43not the first to speak about them very
07:46serious companies starting from 169 and
07:50up I would say that the Goodyear welted
07:52is more around 239 260 so same thing
07:57what is very interesting in soot passion
08:00is the the range they have it's
08:01extremely large you have the choice they
08:05carry pretty much all the styles it's
08:07very well made it's made in Spain it's a
08:09German company but pretty much all their
08:12shoes maybe not all there but the vast
08:15majority of those who are crafted in
08:16Spain which is quite them you know today
08:19the region of Almanza which is around
08:22alba city in Spain Eastern is the travel
08:26of gucchy making and since a decade this
08:29region who is historically
08:32chronologically shoemaking has been
08:34really booming and
08:36many many many many shoemakers new
08:38shoemakers and people who are selling on
08:42the internet specifically crafting in
08:45Spain because the numerous excellent
08:47factories there so German Brown crafted
08:50in Spain extremely serious a wide range
08:54of styles and different levels and
08:56different colors it's a very safe bet
08:58and and there's something very special
09:01about that is the quality of their
09:02service we used to say in front when
09:05something is really really good in terms
09:08of service and durability and
09:09reliability we call it it's Dutch
09:12qualitative qualitative action is thus a
09:15very safe bet and I really invite you to
09:18visit their website good people good bra
09:20now we move to Italy and there's one
09:23brand that I did not include in the last
09:26selection that I want to include now
09:29it's called velasca so velasca has been
09:32gaining quite a momentum this like three
09:34or four years it's a it's an interesting
09:36Brown which is located in Montenegrin ro
09:39which is in the March region which is
09:41the travel of Italy for for quality
09:45issues our friends from BOM Tony and you
09:47know that I love them to me there are
09:49located also in Montegrappa the last gap
09:52has been created by two and I would say
09:55probably seven years ago eight years ago
09:57and they offer some very interesting
10:00shoes wide range same thing is true
10:04passion you can find pretty much
10:06everything and but there are Italian and
10:09they are crafted in Italy and they start
10:11a little bit under 200 years so you see
10:13we're still in a very quote/unquote
10:15affordable if you are interested in
10:17quiet issues so why do we like velasca
10:20for different reasons first of all
10:22velasca is made in Italy in multitrader
10:24also it's so well you can still take
10:28this as a sign of quality it's made in
10:31the one of the cradle of shoemaking in
10:33Italy so there are Italian and a crafts
10:36in Italy and the second point is that
10:38there are edge is extremely large you
10:41can have things from everything pretty
10:45much all the styles from the boots and
10:47the Oxford and derbies everything pretty
10:51much and we are around 200 year a little
10:54bit less 195 euro depending on where you
10:57live on the planet two hundred dollars
10:59two hundred and ten dollars well it's a
11:01very reliable brown it's a brown that we
11:04didn't include at first but now we
11:06decide to include them because it's a
11:09great Italian touch in this affordable
11:12segment of the market
11:13velasca in Montague Romero I invite you
11:16all so strongly to try this Brown the
11:18construction here is not good Yura is
11:20most of their model is in black rapid
11:23but it's still a very interesting and
11:25quality issues for the price great value
11:28velasca in Italy now we move to a
11:31country we never visited at well you
11:35know that with Sonia we travel a lot so
11:38we've been visiting a lot of conclude
11:40that this one I don't know why we've
11:42never been there and secondly we never
11:44spoke about this country in terms of
11:47shoe so it's a total newcomer and I
11:49discovered this brand through my good
11:50friend Justine Fitzpatrick this very
11:53interesting Vietnamese Brown core I
11:56don't know if I pronounced it well
11:57actually it's called les Oh C n es and
12:02they're I think that Instagram is C and
12:04es shoemakers or something like that and
12:07as you can see on the screen this is
12:10kind of a bold shoe these people are
12:12extremely creative extremely interesting
12:15in terms of last they're totally free
12:17that have some kind of freedom of speech
12:19in terms of of design of the uppers it's
12:22extremely bold and interesting I don't
12:24even know at the moment that if they're
12:27available outside of Vietnam that you
12:29can order them online I don't know for
12:31the moment but my I was definitely
12:33caught by these people and if Justin
12:37Fitzpatrick was a druid professional in
12:39shoemaking say that these people are
12:40good and interesting
12:42I trust him is a very reliable source
12:45for that so yes I don't know how to
12:47pronounce it if if the people from
12:49Vietnam there they hear me please
12:52explain to me how to pronounce your name
12:54is is it CNES is its class but in any
12:56case this is very interesting
12:58syndrome from Vietnam Brown from jet Nam
13:01and crafted in Vietnam and the price is
13:03around 250 euro for any kind of model so
13:07very interesting to follow up once again
13:10if among you some of you have
13:13information more precise information on
13:15this company or even better
13:18I've tried shoes from this company will
13:20be very very thankful if you can write
13:25down here in the comment section some
13:28feedback about this company yes
13:30Vietnam then well let's come back to
13:34from a little bit just for a little
13:36moment you know I'm not that patriotic
13:38in terms of shoes but we have some good
13:41shoe makers in France and the one are
13:43already selected in in our first
13:47selection last year then they still
13:48confirmed in this election is Satyam
13:50larger set M larger means literally
13:53seventh with set M larger is a company
13:58which is very interesting because they
14:00do classic model but also I like they're
14:03a delight for example I think they're
14:04very good at this exercise another lie
14:07it is called initially oppressed whole
14:09in French it's a model it's an Oxford
14:11generally with a kept oh and idolized
14:14it's this stitching just around the the
14:17laces which gives it a very interesting
14:20business feeling so but they do
14:22everything from boots to lovers to
14:24Oxford to derbies good quality extremely
14:27good value we are 275 year or so we
14:30still under 300 euro for practically
14:33older model is very very decent presence
14:36as you can see there are some very
14:38interesting model more classic of course
14:41than the class from Vietnam a little bit
14:44more business but if you want some
14:45beautiful short for an affordable price
14:48and if you live in from the have a
14:49boutique in France you you have to try
14:52setting another very good company now
14:55let's move to the UK and well you know
14:59Ukraine's kind of an important country
15:03for shoe making for men and once again
15:05we couldn't avoid including in our list
15:08hearing so to make things clear
15:11a little bit confused about this company
15:13hearing first of all is not only a
15:16shoemaker but is a shoe distributor if
15:18you go to UK I don't
15:21know exactly the address but having
15:23shoes on the internet you will see that
15:26these people are carrying very famous
15:29brands not only English bronze by the
15:31way also Italian and Portuguese born etc
15:34so it's more like um it's a gigantic
15:36warehouse and they are very well known
15:38these people for their love of men's
15:42shoes and quality men shoes but also for
15:44their stellar customer service very very
15:47nice people very involved people herring
15:50is an extremely segment and I know that
15:52their price range starts around 280
15:56euros hour for 280 I'm pretty sure it
16:00still made in the UK and if you reach
16:03300 because I have anything from 208
16:05year up to a thousand and more but most
16:08of the shoes are still crafted in the
16:10Northington Chivers to Seder cradle of
16:13UK shoe making so herring
16:16they also carry their own brown because
16:18this kind of people are so important in
16:21the shoe industry that they can little
16:23better it happens also to other people
16:25who are distributors of shoes carrying
16:28other brand and decide to to carry their
16:30own brown because they know where to
16:32make the shoes they know how to monitor
16:34to monitor great great factories so
16:37herring has launched its own brown under
16:40its own name herring shoes and this is
16:43very interesting so Harry its its vast
16:46choice of shoes stellar customer service
16:49and the you care seriousness you know we
16:52are in the Goodyear universe here not
16:55the most let's say refined should not
16:58the most extravagant truth rather
16:59understated but excellent quality and of
17:02course excellent values Harry in the
17:05United Kingdom then we move to the USA
17:09so choral Union they are located in
17:11Atlanta Georgia we know we have a
17:14special relationship with these people
17:15for different reasons but the main
17:17reason being that we discovered them the
17:20first week can you believe that the
17:22first week of their creation
17:25as to say imagine you create a company
17:27and then you have a blog called Parisian
17:30gentleman or whatever at the other on
17:32the other side of the Atlantic Ocean
17:35who is speaking about your brand and
17:37showing your shoes
17:38four days after you creation that's the
17:41story we have discovery Union and that's
17:43an interesting story because I remember
17:45I discovered color Union on the French
17:49I think it's called own home pump which
17:51is a French for people who are we call
17:54you can see or feel people who are
17:55totally addicted by shoe they can spend
17:58hours and hours and hours every night to
18:01literally add facts about the quality of
18:03the leather of the the shape of the last
18:07etcetera etcetera and I remember very
18:09clearly one of this guy received a pair
18:11of a probably Union put it on this farm
18:13and I said wow that looks good
18:14specifically for an American runner
18:16believe me I have nothing against
18:18American brown I've been we didn't
18:22include Allen Edmonds in our first
18:24selection and we received probably two
18:25hundred males and two hundred comments
18:26from American people because this is the
18:28major brown in your country but it
18:30shouldn't now the price bracket anyway
18:32and the second reason why we are close
18:34to them is that you know my wife is
18:36American and she's she's from Atlanta
18:38and so of course we spend four month per
18:43year in Atlanta and so we all the time
18:45we are very close to these people
18:46because we know them we know that all
18:49we've been accompanying their
18:51progression and there are crafting very
18:53interesting to around
18:54I think in dollars is three hundred and
18:56ninety dollars some meaning in Euro 350
19:00beautiful it's crafted in Spain one more
19:03time but their range is expanding more
19:08and more even now they are created
19:10something called the union market which
19:13is at their place you can not only buy
19:15shoes but they source also some
19:17accessories ties and suspenders and
19:20umbrellas and socks and stuff a very
19:23interesting company very serious people
19:25and there
19:27very very interesting customer service
19:29well one of the most reactive and
19:34stellar customer service on the market
19:36in my opinion we've been doing with the
19:39many many special edition many special
19:42operation campaigns because we really
19:44believe in what they do and in my
19:46opinion on these price buckets in the
19:49they're pretty much without any
19:51competitor but you can also receive that
19:53is reaching live in France or in Germany
19:56or in the UK or in Europe in general or
19:58anywhere else in the world because they
19:59have a warehouse now in Spain so this
20:01company is developing quite fast and we
20:04are very very happy to be to have been
20:06among the first to speak about them
20:07cobra union in the u.s. a very reliable
20:10that most of the model I would say 80%
20:13is Goodyear welted
20:14so this is very serious product cover
20:17union in Atlanta USA let's move now
20:20south and let's go and visit carlos
20:24santos in Portugal ok Kalyn Santos is a
20:29weird company oh not a weird company
20:32fantastic company but is oh we are brown
20:34because I had an impression I've been
20:36speaking about Carlos something since a
20:38decade now I remember my friend Mario
20:40introduced me to Carlo Santos and said
20:43to me these people are incredible they
20:45do the magnificent work and Portuguese
20:48shoemaker a little bit you know they
20:52don't have I don't have the recognition
20:55they deserve and Carlo Santos for 350
20:58euro in my opinion you jump now almost
21:02in the next level of shoes very
21:04interesting very well made good you're
21:07wealthy look at these styles beautifully
21:09made there's a tradition in Portugal
21:11about shoemaking they are very very it's
21:14a good country for that Spain is very
21:16important as you know Italy still
21:18important Portugal they do beautiful
21:21true they do beautiful wine those who by
21:23the way and it's a very agreeable
21:25country did you know that is one of the
21:27most attractive country for French
21:29people who wants to retire probably for
21:32tax reasons but not only is because the
21:35region of Lisbon and Porto and all this
21:37region is it's a beautiful country and
21:40Santos I repeat again and again if you
21:43have the opportunity to buy Carlo Santos
21:45shoes whether directly on their website
21:49or through a retailer you have around
21:52the corner in your town in your country
21:54please take a look because these are
21:56very interesting through current Santos
21:58in Portugal and to finish this little
22:03tour so I remind you it's not the huge
22:05selection as usual it's a more refined
22:07selection on the first price bracket
22:09from 160 to 350 let's go to Sweden now
22:15so we went very sounds in Portugal and
22:18now we go up to Sweden and we even meet
22:23our friend I'm so sorry
22:24I'll have to look at my paper I have
22:27five notes on my paper which is just
22:29under the camera but this time I had to
22:32look at it because the name of the
22:34company is pretty much unpronounceable
22:36for a French man like like me trying on
22:40top of that to speak in English so I'm
22:41gonna do it with my best Swedish accent
22:43the company's name is squat t Bora get o
22:48squat table again I don't know how to
22:50say that so the hello my friend from
22:52squat table again if you know how to
22:54pronounce it send me a message so that
22:56next time I speak about you I can
22:58pronounce your name in the good way yt
23:02bowlegged is is an Easter oh and the
23:05hamster or maybe a few stores in in
23:08Scandinavia but the main thing there
23:10been very becoming very famous with
23:13their Easter because they carry bronze
23:15that are quite rare like Enzo Donnelly
23:18for instance you can buy Enzo beneficial
23:21everybody asked where to buy Enzo
23:23banoffee shoes because Enzo buffets a
23:25fantastic actually of it's not the same
23:27price brackets is more expensive of
23:28course ends up on a fiber and so is a
23:30bonifay and his family they're located
23:33in bologna hello and so and and all the
23:35family we love these people great people
23:38we put up on our YouTube channel
23:42this little theme of shoe crafting it's
23:44it's all filmed and advocacy I tell you
23:47great people so for example bonifay
23:50there are very picky on who can
23:52distribute them they're really
23:54hand-picked all very Taylor because this
23:56is the kind of actually there are they
23:58are overloaded by work that's too much
24:00work so they don't take all the
24:02retailers and they have really to set
24:05selling them and they selected squat
24:08t-ball I get so I still have to look at
24:10my paper because there were very
24:13interesting people and seeing that
24:14they've been creating these people from
24:17Sweden and Easter with more and more
24:18reference and and I would say two years
24:22ago one year and a half ago they decided
24:25to create their own brand that is to say
24:27with all the knowledge they've been
24:29achieve a ting distributing other brand
24:31on their website and on their Easter
24:34they started to be extremely first of
24:37all they're very engaged people very
24:39passionate about shoes and so they
24:41started to have this idea and said why
24:44don't we put our knowledge now and our
24:47firepower to produce more reasonably
24:51priced line of shoes but we get that we
24:54can source in Italy or Portugal or Spain
24:56this is what they did with a new brand
24:59called left and - once again I'm sorry
25:02if my pronunciation because there's an
25:04unload so umlaut so they don't laugh and
25:07- probably this is the right way to
25:10pronounce it as you can see very
25:11interesting through very classic shoe
25:13sturdy shoes of course we in Scandinavia
25:16so this is not software that you can
25:19wear without socks like in Napoli we're
25:22more in something classic of course you
25:25can find all the styles but this is
25:27beautiful shoe than the price 350 it's a
25:30very interesting price so remember this
25:32name what I say and you wrong I'm sorry
25:34guys you I know you're on the market
25:35since five six years and probably the
25:38brown since - three years but that's the
25:40first time I've seen your shoes and this
25:42is a very very decent work for the
25:45people specifically who live in
25:46Scandinavia you can visit you this is a
25:48great rental Murph and
25:50to distribute it by our friends at squad
25:53t-bo lat yet I hope I get it right this
25:57so we've been in Spain we've been in
26:02Germany in Italy in Vietnam in the
26:04United Kingdom in France in the USA in
26:06Portugal and even in Sweden nine brands
26:10nine countries and believe me when I
26:12draw this list yesterday I was reviewing
26:14my notes and I said how bad strange
26:16because the Nile brand I selected in
26:18this price bracket from 160 to 350 there
26:22from 9 different countries so it shows
26:24us what it shows us one simple thing is
26:26that despite all you can hear but you
26:29know the young people they don't like to
26:31wear little shoes anymore they prefer to
26:33have sneakers the industry is difficult
26:36and people are moving away from quality
26:38no sir no if so many companies who
26:42company of quality shoe companies are
26:44created around the world these days it's
26:47not because there are some passionate
26:49people who want to create shoes for the
26:51sake of gratitude is because the market
26:53is very dynamic and there's a new
26:55generation of gentlemen who are more and
26:57more attracted to quality shoe and this
27:00new generation of gentlemen is attracted
27:03to quality shoes for two reasons because
27:05first of all it's good for your health
27:07when you have good shoes you have a
27:09better posture you more comfortable
27:10you're less tired and believe me you
27:12really feel a different person and
27:14second about the style of course because
27:16shoes are such an important settle in
27:19any outfit major step of course the only
27:23thing which is a little bit annoying and
27:26it's becoming very addictive I think
27:28shoes may be a little bit more addictive
27:31than shoes you know why because the most
27:33beautiful suit on your hunger is just a
27:35beautiful suitable hunger but a shoe is
27:38a 3d object and when you look at it it's
27:41my last book with auntie julia we we
27:44read its current you know this it's like
27:46sculpture literally when you really take
27:48the time to focus on a beautiful pair of
27:50shoe the object can leave by itself
27:52there's even some shoemakers I think
27:55about my friend I've attended Consuela
27:57so this is not in this price bracket
27:59this is bespoke shoes Christophe
28:01the brother of Pierre Corneille and
28:03they're working Paris and they do
28:05traditional bespoke IKEA was by hand and
28:08you know what they do now it's time they
28:10deliver a pair of shoe they deliver a
28:13big national show with it so the same
28:15shoe but in miniature why because it's
28:17Mohammed of to the craft itself and even
28:20if you use your shoes and you wear them
28:23and little by little they go you know
28:25they're gonna need to be resold you have
28:28the original shoe on your fireplace and
28:30I love this idea because it's we are
28:33coming back to the essence of this of
28:35this job which is close to sculpture
28:39working with the leather it's very cozy
28:41so I hope this episode was interesting I
28:44hope it would be useful for you I hope
28:46it will open new opportunities I will it
28:48will give you more options in this price
28:51bracket for choosing your first or your
28:53next pair of shoes and I wish you a lot
28:56of success don't forget to come and to
28:59share your experience your feedback on
29:01the grounds and eyes spoke about on
29:03other brands that you like and I give
29:06you an appointment for the next episode
29:07of so to talk she's my friend cheese
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the nine shoe brands mentioned in the video summary?

The nine shoe brands mentioned in the video summary include Myr, German Brown, Velasca, Sun Glass Hut, Satiam Largé, Correll Union, Carlos Santos, and Squat Borge.

2. What is the price range for the affordable options mentioned in the video?

The video discusses affordable options under €400, providing a selection of quality and stylish shoes within this price range.

3. What does the video highlight about the new generation of gentlemen?

The video highlights the increasing interest in quality shoes among a new generation of gentlemen.

4. Why are the mentioned shoe brands considered worth exploring?

The mentioned shoe brands offer a selection of quality and stylish shoes, making them worth exploring for anyone looking for affordable and fashionable footwear.

5. How does the video reflect the global diversity in the shoe industry?

The video reflects the global diversity in the shoe industry by featuring brands from nine different countries, providing a diverse perspective on affordable and quality shoes.

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