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The video discusses various predictions made by The Simpsons for the year 2025, including environmental disasters, colonization of Mars, mind control through music, virtual reality addiction, a female president, hologram communication, mass automation, and Ivanka Trump running for president. It also highlights the show's track record of accurately predicting real-life events and phenomena.
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The Simpsons movie from 2007 predicts a massive environmental disaster that could occur in 2025.
The movie talks about numerous strange things that could be predictions of future events.
The central theme of the movie is a massive environmental disaster.
Homer dumps pig feces in the already polluted lake to fix the disaster.
The Simpsons predicted environmental disasters and the possibility of hovercars and colonization of Mars in the future.
The episode shows Homer and Bart being passed by hovercars, suggesting that hovercars will be a normal mode of transportation in the future.
Lisa and Marge are sent on a mission to build a habitat on Mars, indicating the concept of colonization of Mars.
The episode also highlights the issue of environmental disasters caused by human activities.
The Simpsons predicted the colonization of Mars before 2026, Lisa wanting to move to Venus, and the dangers of overusing virtual reality technology.
Lisa and Marge make it to Mars in 2051 after a failed takeoff.
Lisa announces she wants to move to Venus.
The episode "New Kids on the Block" features a plot about a boy band that is actually a psyop scheme by the US Navy.
The Simpsons predicted the dangers of overusing virtual reality technology in the episode "Friends and Family" set in 2030.
The Simpsons predicted a female president, hologram messages, and the suppression of green energy by corporate interests.
The episode predicted that Lisa Simpson would become the president of the United States.
The show also predicted the use of hologram messages for communication.
The episode depicted the suppression of green energy by a corporate entity, symbolized by Duff Beer.
The Simpsons predicted mass automation with robots taking over jobs, as well as a theme park full of sentient robots going against humans, and the idea of AI triggering technological growth and changes in civilization.
In 2012, The Simpsons predicted mass automation with robots replacing humans in jobs.
In a 1994 episode, The Simpsons predicted a theme park staffed by robots that go off the rails and kill everyone.
The Simpsons also predicted the idea of AI superintelligence triggering technological growth and changes in civilization.
The Simpsons previously predicted Donald Trump as the president of the United States and implied that Ivanka Trump would run for the highest office in the land.
00:08you've got to listen to me
00:10people have been trying to foretell the
00:11future for as long as we've been around
00:13as a species
00:14but perhaps they've been looking in the
00:15wrong places listening to nostradamus or
00:17the mayans
00:18because if any one entity is going to
00:20forecast our demise correctly it's
00:22likely going to be the simpsons spider
00:25spider pig does whatever a spider pig
00:28during its 30 successful years the fans
00:30have learned to dismiss the simpsons
00:32simply as a cartoon for kids
00:33while serving as the basis of modern
00:35comedy across more than 600 episodes
00:38fox's cartoon has had many moments that
00:40have manifested themselves in real life
00:42matt groening's hit animated sitcom has
00:44delivered countless storylines over 27
00:46seasons and one movie
00:47and nestled among the anarchic tales of
00:49america's premier nuclear family have
00:51been some weirdly prescient predictions
00:53about the near future
00:54from the 9 11 tragedy to donald trump's
00:56shocking presidency
00:58the show's writers have created scenes
00:59in the show that spookily go on to
01:01mirror real life
01:02i don't want to go this is the stupidest
01:05idea we ever had
01:06the spookiest thing is that they might
01:08have even predicted the current global
01:09health situation 27 years ago when a
01:11deadly virus came over to springfield
01:13from asia
01:14although many of the writers claimed
01:16it's mainly coincidence because the
01:17episodes are so old that history repeats
01:20that hasn't stopped viewers from fearing
01:21that some other worrying predictions
01:23that they've made are still yet to come
01:25with that said let's take a look at 10
01:27simpsons predictions for 2025
01:32this prediction occurred in the simpsons
01:34movie from 2007 which talked about
01:36numerous pretty strange things
01:37many of which could be predictions of
01:39future events one thing in particular
01:41stands out
01:41as the movie's central theme and it's a
01:43massive environmental disaster that most
01:45definitely could happen
01:46but fixes it in a genuinely implausible
01:49way homer dumps pig feces in the already
01:51dangerously polluted springfield lake
01:53causing an environmental crisis that
01:55forces the country to quarantine
01:56springfield by placing a giant bubble on
01:58the town
02:07although the bubble thing is a bit
02:08outrageous and would probably never
02:10the part about the environmental
02:12disaster might just be a significant
02:14warning to us in the future
02:15by now those of us who aren't
02:17brainwashed are aware of global warming
02:19and the gravity of the issue caused by
02:21companies are getting more and more
02:22careless in the way they do business
02:24which has a major effect on our lives
02:26and our environment
02:30back in 2005 professor frank invented
02:33the machine that allowed bart and lisa
02:34to see into their future
02:36as in 2013 marge left homer because he
02:38blew through their savings on an
02:40underwater house and spent what he had
02:42left over on a hover car
02:43sometimes people just grow apart like me
02:46and your mom
02:47no mom dumped you cause you blew all our
02:49money on this underwater house
02:52although the car is the prototype and
02:54the ride is a bit bumpy
02:55it does get them through a quantum
02:57tunnel the 1992 episode itchy and
02:59scratchy the movie finishes with a scene
03:0140 years into the future
03:03one senior citizen and one chief justice
03:05of the supreme court
03:07i'll get it son that'll be 650
03:12the scene shows a much aged homer and
03:14bart being passed by a star trek style
03:16hovercars they walk to a cinema
03:18while walking down the street hover cars
03:19seem to be complete normalcy
03:21the fact that we all know hovercars have
03:22been in the making for a while suggests
03:24that the concept
03:25won't be implausible by this point in
03:31one of the main talking points in recent
03:32years is the colonization of mars
03:34numerous people have already applied to
03:36go and live on mars to help turn the
03:38planet into a human colony
03:40although this hasn't happened yet one
03:42episode of the simpsons shows a world
03:43where lisa and marge are sent to mars on
03:45a mission to build a habitat there
03:46marge is not excited when lisa signs as
03:48a volunteer for a future one-way trip to
03:51mars which is why she suggests going
03:53with her
03:53in fact hoping to prevent lisa the whole
03:55family signs up
03:56the concept behind exploration
03:58incorporated's expedition is to colonize
04:00the red planet before
04:012026 although the takeoff fails lisa and
04:04marge make it to mars in 2051
04:06only for lisa to announce she wants to
04:08move to venus
04:09if we ask elon musk about this it would
04:11definitely happen in the near future
04:16some people have claimed that the
04:18episode featuring mind control through
04:19music was one of the scariest they have
04:21ever seen
04:22and it indeed gives you shivers
04:34the episode in question is new kids on
04:36the block from 2001 featuring the plot
04:39that shows bart
04:40milhouse nelson and ralph becoming
04:42members of a boy band named the party
04:44but the band is actually a psyop scheme
04:46by the us navy to bombard children with
04:48subliminal messages
04:50their hit song drop the bomb features
04:52the chorus yvonne
04:53et niosh which is of course joined the
04:55navy spelled backwards
04:57the entry may be making it into the
04:59simpsons predictions that have come
05:00true list sooner rather than later as
05:02some people believe that hip-hop lyrics
05:04brainwashed listeners
05:06people even like to think that led
05:07zeppelin had been telling them to
05:09worship satan since the release of
05:10stairway to heaven
05:11and a variety of people have pointed the
05:13finger at judas priests since
05:17another eerie episode from the animated
05:19series tackled the issue of virtual
05:21although the simpsons might not have
05:23predicted the actual rise of virtual
05:25they did predict the dangers that
05:26overusing virtual reality technology
05:28could cause
05:29the episode friends and family takes
05:31place in 2030 showing homer in marge
05:33using virtual fudge
05:34via vr glasses and feeding tubes
05:36although you'd think the
05:38whole virtual no calories thing would
05:39have cut down the junk food junkie
05:42it didn't in the meantime royal
05:44caribbean is looking into giving their
05:46cruise line guests a vr
05:47dining experience in the real world with
05:49every bite of food you are transported
05:51to a new setting
05:52however bad things start to happen due
05:53to this including cars hitting people
05:55because they're walking around with
05:56their headsets on the street
05:58soon people become so fascinated by the
06:00fake reality that they lose touch with
06:01the real world
06:02becoming wholly disconnected from what's
06:04around them
06:08the following prediction is probably
06:09going to happen at some point although
06:11it didn't happen with hillary clinton
06:12america will eventually get a female
06:15the simpsons seemed to agree and in the
06:16episode the fans saw a future where lisa
06:19simpson became president of the united
06:21the episode already guessed that trump
06:23would become president so this could
06:24easily come true
06:25aired in 2000 the episode called bart to
06:27the future featured bart traveling
06:29through time to see what his future self
06:31looks like
06:32interestingly lisa simpson makes passive
06:34remarks about inheriting a budget crunch
06:36from president trump
06:37the previous commander-in-chief
06:42another look into the future had a
06:44loafer bart getting a hologram message
06:46hiring his band for a club gig
06:48in bart to the future the skater kid
06:50himself gets a glimpse into his life
06:52down the line
06:53which while not the prettiest featured a
06:55mailman stopping by his house to give
06:56him a virtual letter in the form of a
06:59the booking signed off with the smelly
07:00later which replaced the customary
07:03i can't believe smell you later replace
07:05goodbye hd3 holograms are already
07:08available for use in stores and
07:09installed in more than 500 best buy
07:11but we should wait and see if these
07:13could become normal in reality
07:15technology is constantly advancing
07:17especially when it comes to the way we
07:22the 582nd episode paths to glory
07:25features lisa inventing the car powered
07:27by solar energy to enter the race in the
07:29alternative energy derby
07:31however duff decided to block out the
07:33sun making her vehicle stop a couple of
07:35inches from the finish line
07:36the people gathered around the
07:37frustrated girl pointing and laughing at
07:39her absolute failure
07:40but it appears as though there is a
07:41darker more complex theme at play here
07:44what we are seeing is the success of an
07:45alternate green and renewable form of
07:47energy being sabotaged by a blimp
07:49belonging to a huge corporate entity
07:51duff beer which could symbolize the
07:53advanced suppression of green energy by
07:55corporate interests in the past
07:56and continuing into the future in our
08:02the following prediction is something
08:03that we all presume would happen in the
08:05near future but it is pretty certain to
08:07happen when the simpsons predicted as
08:09in 2012 they predicted mass automation
08:12with robots taking over the jobs of many
08:14although a robot revolution was
08:15discussed long before that in a 1994
08:18episode of itchy and scratchy land
08:20the whole family decided to visit a
08:21theme park staffed by robots that go off
08:24the rails and kill everyone
08:25they managed to both predict the very
08:27existence of westworld and the upheaval
08:29of robots simultaneously
08:30westworld already exists and carries the
08:32idea of a theme park full of almost
08:34sentient robots who decide to go against
08:36their humanity equivalents one day
08:38the father of artificial intelligence
08:40jurgen schmidteber believes that ai
08:42superintelligence will trigger runaway
08:43technological growth and severe changes
08:45to civilization in just
08:4630 years
08:50since the simpsons already managed to
08:52predict donald trump as the president of
08:53the united states
08:54it's hard not to suspect that their next
08:56prediction won't come true as well
08:58in the 2016 episode they made a
08:59relatively straightforward point of
09:01implying that trump's daughter
09:02ivanka would run for the highest office
09:04in the land when homer wore an ivanka
09:062028 campaign button
09:08then in 2017 they again threw shade on
09:11ivanka by marking her father's 100th day
09:13in office with an episode that showed
09:15her substituting ruth
09:16bader ginsburg on the supreme court
09:18while fashioning a robe
09:19and earrings from her collection that
09:21you could buy for 1 000 rubles
09:25be sure to comment down below and let us
09:27know if we've missed something
09:28hit that subscribe button and turn on
09:30the bell to never miss an upload
09:31thank you very much for watching
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the predictions made by The Simpsons for the year 2025?

The predictions made by The Simpsons for the year 2025 include environmental disasters, colonization of Mars, mind control through music, virtual reality addiction, a female president, hologram communication, mass automation, and Ivanka Trump running for president.

2. How accurate have The Simpsons been in predicting real-life events and phenomena?

The Simpsons have a track record of accurately predicting real-life events and phenomena, which has gained attention and fascination from the audience.

3. What environmental disasters are predicted by The Simpsons for 2025?

The Simpsons predict environmental disasters for 2025, indicating a concern towards the impact of climate change and the need for raising awareness about environmental issues.

4. What is the significance of The Simpsons' predictions for the year 2025?

The predictions made by The Simpsons for 2025 hold significance as they reflect societal concerns, technological advancements, and political developments, sparking discussions and curiosity among viewers.

5. How does The Simpsons portrayal of 2025 relate to current trends and concerns?

The portrayal of 2025 by The Simpsons relates to current trends and concerns such as environmental awareness, advancements in technology, and the changing political landscape, creating thought-provoking content for the audience.

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