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The video offers self-training tasks for individuals who want to engage in sissy training, including shaving their entire body, wearing lingerie to work, using lip gloss, doing household chores in a submissive manner, and creating a new Instagram account to post sexy pictures.
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The section discusses two sissy tasks: shaving body hair and wearing lingerie to work.
Body hair on the chest, armpits, belly, butt, and legs should be shaved.
Lingerie set, specifically panties, should be worn to work for a day to feel sexy.
The task can be fun and interesting, especially in public toilets.
The third task is to get a lip gloss and moisturize your lips with it, preferably in cherry or strawberry flavor.
You need to grab your lip gloss and apply it.
The lip gloss should be in cherry or strawberry flavor.
Moisturizing your lips is important.
It is recommended to wear the lip gloss at all times.
The video suggests performing five sissy tasks at home.
Shave your body before performing the tasks.
Clean the windows, either in your own house or on the street where people can see you.
Create a new Instagram account and post sexy pictures of yourself in lingerie and favorite clothes.
Make the Instagram account private if you're not ready to expose yourself, or add hashtags to attract attention.
Choose at least one task to perform and share it in the comments.
00:00hello beautiful my name is Bella welcome
00:03back to my channel and your favorite
00:05 training mistress and in this
00:08video I'm going to give you five
00:10humiliating tasks to train yourself as a
00:14system where you can do completely on
00:17your own you don't need a mistress for
00:19that you can literally self-train
00:21yourself with these specifically picked
00:25tasks that I hand pick for you okay so
00:30I'm basically your mistress now so it's
00:32not completely like mistressless but
00:35without further Ado let's get started
00:38with the first task which is you're
00:40going to do a shaving ritual and what I
00:45mean by that you're going to pick a day
00:48in the week nicely in the evening we are
00:51going to
00:52fill your bathtub with hot water with
00:56some Bubbles and you're going to grab a
00:59razor and you're going to shave your
01:01entire body from eyebrows down
01:05okay and I recommend even like plucking
01:09your eyebrows a little bit to make the
01:12whole look complete I want you
01:14completely hairless you're gonna start
01:16with the eyebrows then you're gonna go
01:18with your entire face everywhere even
01:22like here in the middle
01:24everywhere whatever you have a little
01:26bit of hair that has to go your chest
01:30your armpits your kind of tail area even
01:34a belly if you have some hair on there
01:36which I suppose sometimes this is Doom
01:40um and your butt your body's a must that
01:42thing must be clean that I think must be
01:45hairless okay inside too
01:48and then your legs
01:50your legs have to be completely clean as
01:52well and even feet if you if there's
01:55some hair growing on your feet then like
01:57from the bottom but like from from the
01:59from up you know
02:01that has to go too so make a nice
02:04shaving Rich wall one day of the week
02:06you're going to grab a razor and you're
02:09going to do exactly as I instructed you
02:12okay next task I got for you guys is
02:16that you are going to wear a lingerie
02:19set to work
02:21Yes you heard that right no boxers none
02:25of that you're going to put on panties
02:27in a bra if you're just beginning just
02:31to the paint is because the bra might
02:32show you know
02:33the bra my show behind uh behind the
02:37top so
02:38panties at first
02:41and you're going to feel sexy your
02:44entire day at work and I think it is
02:45going to be so fun especially when you
02:47just have to go to the public toilet and
02:51somebody's gonna join and see what you
02:54got there
02:56but anyways yes this is my second task
02:59for you my third task for you is to get
03:03a lip gloss
03:06please yes every citizen needs a lip
03:08gloss if it's like a cherry or
03:10strawberry flavor that's the best and
03:13you need to moisturize your lips like
03:16yes you need that and especially I'm
03:18going to show you how you need to do
03:19that so you're gonna grab your lipstick
03:22I mean lip gloss
03:25like that and
03:30you know
03:31you really have to feel yourself into
03:38you get the idea so
03:40do it you need a lip gloss
03:43Cherry one cherry strawberry
03:47that's your colors to go and wear it at
03:49all times right like you don't want
03:51chipped lips
03:53next task I got for you guys is doing
03:57household chores
04:01and especially ones I don't really mean
04:03like cooking and stuff like that
04:05especially ones that I really like
04:09start humiliating in a way which is for
04:12example cleaning the windows
04:14I want you to get out there and clean
04:16the windows so that everybody can see oh
04:21make sure to wear something nice and
04:24submissive while you do that too make
04:26sure you're shaved of course
04:28and that's how you're gonna clean the
04:32if you want you can do that also
04:34um for your mistress but as I said this
04:37video is a self training so you can do
04:39it in your own house and also clean the
04:42Windows like go to the street you know
04:44so the windows were
04:46people can see you
04:49yes you're gonna do that
04:51next task I got for you
04:55is this the fifth one and this one is
04:58really fun actually you are going to
05:00make a new Instagram account
05:03and you're gonna take some really sexy
05:05pictures of yourself in lingerie and in
05:08your favorite clothes and you're going
05:10to post all of these pictures on this
05:13Instagram account if you're not ready to
05:15expose yourself yet make it private if
05:18you are maybe add some hashtags to it so
05:21you are discovered by some people
05:25you add some friends with that too so
05:27they can always
05:30um get curious and go check out who
05:32these nice looking hot looking sexy
05:35 is
05:38that's it from you guys today let me
05:40know in the comments which one of these
05:43tasks you're doing because all of y'all
05:46should do at least one okay if not all
05:50and I will see you in the next video bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I start sissy training at home?

You can start sissy training at home by following simple self-training tasks, including shaving your entire body, wearing lingerie, using lip gloss, performing household chores in a submissive manner, and creating a new Instagram account to post sexy pictures.

2. What are some self-training tasks for sissy training?

Self-training tasks for sissy training include shaving your entire body, wearing lingerie to work, using lip gloss, doing household chores in a submissive manner, and creating a new Instagram account to post sexy pictures.

3. Why is sissy training becoming popular?

Sissy training is becoming popular due to its empowering nature and the freedom it offers individuals to express themselves. It also allows individuals to explore their feminine side and engage in a supportive community.

4. How can sissy training help in building confidence?

Sissy training can help in building confidence by encouraging individuals to embrace their true selves, overcome societal stereotypes, and develop a strong sense of self-expression and empowerment.

5. What are the benefits of sissy training for personal growth?

The benefits of sissy training for personal growth include increased self-awareness, enhanced self-expression, improved confidence, and a sense of belonging to a supportive community that encourages individuality and self-acceptance.

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