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The video discusses five typical Sissy fantasies that men often have about feeling like a woman during sex, including a preference for pink items, a fascination with the male genitalia, a desire for chastity control, and fantasies about gender role reversal. The speaker emphasizes the importance of individuality and offers a consultation for those looking to explore their submissive desires.
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Five typical Sissy fantasies include pink everything and a preference for male genitalia.
Pink is associated with a girly feel and everything should be typically pink.
Sissies have a preference for male genitalia, particularly the penis.
Most of the time, heterosexual men have fantasies of putting a penis in their mouth or being taken by one.
The speaker talks about three common Sissy-Fantasies
Sissy-fantasy is mainly focused on the penis due to porn
Sissy-fantasy involves giving oral sex to a man but not being attracted to men
Chastity is an important aspect of Sissy-fantasy, where a woman takes over sexual control and uses a chastity cage.
One of the Sissy-Fantasies is to only have anal climaxes and not use the penis for sex or masturbation.
This fantasy is about assigning the penis to the female gender.
The focus is on anal climaxes instead of using the penis.
Lady Penelope offers a free consultation for those who want to live out their submissive fantasies.
00:00five typical Sissi fantasies If you
00:03as a man like to
00:07feel like a woman during sex then there are five
00:10topics that I come across again and again in everyday life.
00:14Number 5 is that somehow everything
00:16should be pink, so people associate
00:19pink and red with a particularly girly feel
00:22just the female
00:25gender and everything should
00:26be somehow typically pink, best of all,
00:32I always say [ __ ] and as pink as
00:35possible. Lace maid costume
00:39in pink. I often see
00:41short dresses in pink. Everything should
00:45be pink and yes, I don't know why that is It's
00:50probably because it's the
00:52first thing you somehow
00:54associate the female gender with, but
00:56everything should be in pink, at least for
00:58many. Second place is a preference for
01:01the male genitalia for the
01:05penis. Most of the time it's
01:08heterosexual men, but at least they are I
01:11have fantasies of putting a
01:14penis in my mouth, of being taken
01:17by one, so it
01:21all revolves around this penis. It's very
01:23important that the men are not homosexual because of that,
01:25but by the way the man is
01:28also decoupled from the penis, that it's
01:31really only about this
01:33[ __ ] and not about it I also hear the man himself
01:37quite often. Yes, I think it's really
01:38great to fantasize about giving a [ __ ],
01:40but I'm not at all into
01:41men. I don't think that's good at all. I do
01:43n't want to kiss him either, or anything like that. I
01:45just want this penis,
01:47I think that's it It just has a lot
01:49to do with porn, that it's associated with it
01:51and that I've
01:53developed this preference for it and it's
01:55becoming more and more so to speak, especially
01:57because you often see it in porn too,
01:59that the woman just blows the man
02:02and that's all Focused on this penis,
02:05yes, when someone is being
02:09taken sexually, then you see
02:12the penis most often because porn is
02:15mostly made for men
02:16by men. So
02:19somehow everything revolves around this penis and
02:21I notice that very much in the [ __ ] education
02:23A lot that men
02:25are so into this thing, um, that's
02:29number two. Number three is the
02:30chastity attitude,
02:32so the taking of control by a
02:35woman who
02:37takes over sexual control does
02:39n't mean that someone
02:41gets a chastity cage and no
02:44longer has an orgasm, but rather that they use it plays
02:45that you make the Sissi aware that
02:48she no longer has any control over it, that
02:51her sexuality no longer
02:55belongs to her but is an important point for me.
02:59chastity is always there.
03:02Number 4 is that it is
03:07either the focus of your own penis So it means
03:09that it is on
03:13display, that it is very important
03:14or that the penis no longer
03:17exists, that we see them as a clitoris,
03:20they are no longer allowed to touch it,
03:21it no longer plays a role and
03:24it is really only
03:27assigned to the female gender We would
03:29then already be at number five
03:30that she is only allowed to have female
03:34climaxes in
03:36quotation marks yesterday, that means
03:38anal climaxes, she is
03:41no longer allowed to use her penis to have sex, she
03:43is no longer allowed to masturbate but she is
03:46only allowed to be taken anally and
03:48As a result, feeling pleasure and the other thing
03:51no longer plays a role is a
03:53fantasy that a lot of people have
03:56and yes, there are the points where everyone
04:02agrees with each other, let's just say it's
04:06natural, it's always extremely
04:08individual, I've said it quite often
04:10people and you
04:12always have to look for you, you are
04:14unique, what is it, what do you need, what do you
04:16want? If you would like to
04:18live it out with me then please contact us
04:20at and then we will take a look
04:25at a free one
04:26Consultation on how I
04:27can help you live out your submissive [ __ ] soul
04:31with this in mind, dominant
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are five typical Sissy fantasies that men often have about feeling like a woman during sex?

The five typical Sissy fantasies that men often have about feeling like a woman during sex include a preference for pink items, a fascination with the male genitalia, a desire for chastity control, and fantasies about gender role reversal. These fantasies are common among individuals exploring their submissive desires.

2. Why is individuality emphasized in the exploration of Sissy fantasies?

Individuality is emphasized in the exploration of Sissy fantasies to highlight the unique and personal nature of these desires. Each individual may have their own specific fantasies and preferences, and it is important to respect and explore these desires in a way that is authentic and fulfilling for the person involved.

3. How can men explore their submissive desires related to Sissy fantasies?

Men can explore their submissive desires related to Sissy fantasies by seeking a consultation. A consultation can provide guidance and support for individuals looking to understand and explore their desires in a safe and respectful manner. It can also help in finding ways to incorporate these fantasies into consensual and fulfilling experiences.

4. What is the significance of the preference for pink items in Sissy fantasies?

The preference for pink items in Sissy fantasies holds significance as it represents a visual and symbolic connection to femininity. It can be a way for individuals to express and explore their feelings of femininity, and it may serve as a form of empowerment and validation for their desires and identities.

5. Why are Sissy fantasies involving gender role reversal common?

Sissy fantasies involving gender role reversal are common as they provide a way for individuals to explore and experience a different gender identity and role during sexual encounters. It allows for the expression of desires related to femininity and submission, and it can be a source of fulfillment and excitement for those with these fantasies.

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