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The video explores the concept of Skinwalkers, which are creatures capable of transforming into animals and humans, known for their frightening behaviors and ability to manipulate minds. Stories and encounters with Skinwalkers are shared, highlighting their dangerous nature and the importance of being cautious.
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Skin Walkers, also known as Nabal, are North American indigenous shamans with wrinkled skin, glowing eyes, sharp teeth, and animal parts on their heads.
Skin Walkers are believed to be evil creatures associated with witchcraft.
Some shamans used human and animal remains to create instruments of black magic.
These witches fed on vital energy and sought to get closer to people to harness their energy.
Skinwalkers, creatures that can transform into wolves, have a powerful ability to hunt prey and can kill anyone who is aware of their presence.
Skinwalkers are believed to be dangerous and should not be attacked or provoked.
It is considered best to avoid pronouncing their name as it may attract their attention.
A famous story involves a person encountering a neighbor who was staring at them intensely, leading to a feeling of extreme discomfort.
The young man encounters a strange person who imitates him in a clumsy way, causing him to panic and run back home.
The young man sees a person imitating him in a clumsy and misunderstood way.
The person tries to reassure the teenager but fails.
The boy panics, screams, and runs back home.
His stepfather is the one who calms him down.
00:01We often see Internet videos
00:04of pets acting in
00:05strange and unusual ways But have you
00:09ever wondered the reason behind this
00:11behavior? Maybe you've even experienced
00:14something similar to this?
00:20Some people claim that these
00:21animals are possessed while others
00:23believe that they have the ability to
00:25see things that we cannot
00:28although these theories may seem
00:30quite plausible the truth behind
00:33these phenomena may be much
00:35darker than it seems What if I didn't
00:37say that these animals are not
00:40merely normal animals but something much
00:42worse These are known as
00:49the Nabal are a
00:52North American indigenous tribe with a culture
00:53deeply linked to witchcraft, but
00:56they were a type of witch
00:58healers better known as shamans,
01:01we know that every culture has a
01:03type of evil creature and for the
01:05Navarrese it could not be different These
01:08are known as Skin Walkers,
01:11Skin Walkers are described as
01:12human beings with wrinkled skin,
01:15glowing eyes and a mouth full of
01:17sharp teeth, in addition they have an
01:19animal part on their head, such as
01:22animal skin from a hunting animal or
01:25They even often wear a goat's skull
01:27on their heads, however, not all
01:30Chamans were benevolent, some of
01:32them had the habit of using
01:34human and animal remains to create
01:36instruments of black magic, these witches
01:42say they needed to perform a type
01:45of ritual that was never completely
01:57these wizards fed on
01:58Vital energy looking for a way to get closer to
02:01people to train their energy until
02:03they passed out then shelter in the
02:06forest where they are trapped
02:14come here But have you heard about
02:16shapeshifters in short they are creatures
02:18capable of exchanging skin take the form
02:20of any human allowing them to
02:22be anywhere without being
02:24detected now imagine if these
02:26creatures were not limited
02:28to just transforming into humans but
02:30also into animals scary isn't that
02:34exactly what a squirrel walker
02:38believe these beings that witches
02:40can transform themselves into animals to
02:42attract their prey,
03:00a very important detail that we
03:02managed to notice in this video is that
03:04Squirrel Walkers can also
03:05manipulate the minds of animals, in this case by
03:08placing Deer on the track to make
03:10the person stop and leave the car
03:12stops at the moment and an animal all crooked
03:15that perhaps functions
03:19a very interesting detail that these
03:21creatures often fail to
03:23transform Especially when
03:24shamans perform ritual
03:26incompletely or even when they
03:28make mistakes already As I told
03:30you previously The Ritual it
03:32is not as well known, so
03:35this can result in animals being deformed
03:37or acting strangely.
03:40Only when the ritual is performed
03:41perfectly does it become a
03:44complete and 100% effective Skin Walker.
03:47Often, Skin Walkers
03:49transform into people or animals
03:50close to It is at this moment that
03:53we can notice their
03:54strange and frightening behaviors, as shown
03:57in several videos that are appearing on the
04:01A terrifying detail is that the
04:03Chamans who have completed the complete ritual
04:05have the ability to transform
04:07into humanoid forms, which perhaps
04:09explains the existence of some legends
04:10about werewolves, since they
04:13really liked to transform into wolves, this
04:15powerful ability helps them to hunt
04:17their prey much more easily, you
04:28should not try to attack it or show
04:31that you are aware of its
04:32existence, because if the creature I realized
04:34that you are aware of its presence
04:37it can kill you
04:39immediately so you are not old
04:41your secret so the only option
04:44would be to run away from the creature an
04:47important detail is that the Indians did not
04:49really like to pronounce its name as they
04:51believe that it calls their attention and
04:53attracts them close to you, so it's
04:57always good to avoid,
04:58as the legend spread,
05:00many people began to be
05:01afraid of this creature and, of course, reports
05:04began to emerge and I'm going to tell
05:06you one of the most famous ones,
05:10the guy says that this it happened
05:12during his adolescence, he even
05:14lived with his parents, he
05:16vividly remembers reading emails on
05:18his laptop when he decided to smoke a
05:20cigarette, he couldn't do it inside
05:22the house because even though his mother knew
05:23he smoked, he hated cigarettes and the smell
05:25that they produced so he went to do
05:28it outside. He says that while he
05:30was finishing his cigarette in the darkness of the
05:31night he noticed that his neighbor, a
05:33boy called Ester, was staring at
05:35him intently from behind some trees,
05:38he was able to see him only thanks to the light
05:40of the neighbors he waved at him in the wind with his
05:43arm in the air but he didn't respond he
05:47just kept looking at him this
05:50situation really appeared very
05:54when the visual confrontation became Very
05:55uncomfortable for him He decides to
05:57look away and look elsewhere
05:59it was at that moment that he started to
06:02feel extremely bad, not exactly
06:04in terms of health. But a
06:06horrible feeling invaded his body, it was like
06:08when we are alone and we feel
06:10that feeling that someone has entered
06:13our environment or when someone is
06:15watching us, you know, you take that feeling and
06:18multiply it for 10 that's what he
06:20felt at that moment the young man states
06:23that He looked at Ester again and the
06:26surprise came now he was just
06:28a few meters away maybe 5
06:31meters from him his heart skipped a beat and
06:34as if that wasn't enough he reached out and
06:36stood up his arm in the air and began to
06:38wave in a clumsy mechanical way
06:39as if he was imitating
06:41a bad and very misunderstood way there
06:44was a human being
06:46someone who is strange to us and doesn't
06:49understand us at all maybe he
06:51was trying to reassure the
06:52teenager so that he felt
06:54safer but obviously it didn't work
06:57the boy panicked he started
07:00screaming and ran back to his
07:01own house the noise woke up his mother
07:04his stepfather was the one who
07:06managed to calm him down in this story He
07:09says he will always love that guy
07:11not only because he was a more
07:13authentic father to him than his
07:14biological father but because he was the only one who
07:17believed in him. It is worth mentioning that the
07:19next day when they asked his parents if
07:21their son had stayed
07:23up that night he said
07:25no, actually external was still
07:27sleeping in his parents' bed due to
07:29nightmares related to things he
07:31often heard in the forest, things
07:34like that maybe
07:40you were so remember the moment you
07:43see a person acting
07:45strangely or an animal that is close
07:48to you it could be a Skin Walker And if he
07:51is in his 100% form it is very
07:54difficult to know who he is these creatures
07:56could be praising us at any
07:58moment right now they can give it
08:00to your home you will never know so you can't be too
08:03careful I hope you
08:06have a great night and don't be
08:09visited by this creature because the
08:11damage is very dangerous I'm skols and I'll
08:16see you in the next video be safe
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are Skinwalkers capable of?

Skinwalkers are creatures capable of transforming into animals and humans, known for their frightening behaviors and ability to manipulate minds.

2. What is the concept explored in the video?

The video explores the concept of Skinwalkers, which are creatures capable of transforming into animals and humans, known for their frightening behaviors and ability to manipulate minds.

3. What are some stories and encounters with Skinwalkers?

The video shares stories and encounters with Skinwalkers, highlighting their dangerous nature and the importance of being cautious.

4. Why is it important to be cautious around Skinwalkers?

It is important to be cautious around Skinwalkers due to their dangerous nature and ability to manipulate minds, as highlighted in the video.

5. What behaviors are Skinwalkers known for?

Skinwalkers are known for their frightening behaviors and the video discusses their capability of transforming into animals and humans.

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