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There are concerns about CERN's Large Hadron Collider potentially causing the destruction of our universe and opening a gateway to a parallel reality according to a young prodigy named Max Laughlin. He theorizes that CERN's experiments may have fractured our universe and shifted humanity into a new parallel universe. However, experts remain skeptical and CERN assures the public of the safety of their operations.
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A young prodigy presents intriguing ideas about CERN's capabilities and the alleged exploitation of these capabilities by scientists to unlock a gateway to another realm.
Max Lawhen, a young prodigy, shares his story and ideas regarding CERN's capabilities.
Some individuals believe that CERN's Large Hadron Collider has unintentionally triggered the destruction of our universe and transported us to a parallel universe.
Physicists unveiled the discovery of three unconventional particles at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.
Concerns and speculations about the LHC generating a black hole have been present since its planning stages.
Max Laughlin, known as the world's smartest young mind, raises concerns about CERN and believes they have opened a portal, posing a threat to our existence.
Max Laughlin gained recognition for his insights into the workings of our world and how humans adapt.
He has documented his concerns in videos, particularly about the notion of a portal opened by researchers at CERN.
Max Laughlin is not only a thinker but also an inventor, showcasing his free energy machine at the age of 13.
Max suggests that experiments conducted by the Large Hadron Collider might have fractured our universe, leading to the existence of humanity in a parallel reality.
The experiments conducted by the Large Hadron Collider may have caused a fracture in our universe.
Max believes that there are an infinite number of parallel universes within our Multiverse.
CERN scientists may have detected an anomaly in the space-time Continuum and intervened to modify established events.
Max connects the idea of opening portals at CERN to the Mandela effect and suggests that the Large Hadron Collider played a role in shifting Humanity into a new universe.
The Mandela effect phenomenon and concerns about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are discussed.
The Mandela effect refers to the collective memory of events that did not actually occur.
The LHC has raised concerns about the creation of microscopic black holes and the possibility of generating strangelets.
Lawsuits have been filed against CERN due to concerns about public safety related to the LHC.
The video discusses that the theories about CERN causing harm are works of fiction and that the LHC is safe, while also mentioning the potential successor to the LHC, the Future Circular Collider (FCC).
Works of fiction, like Dan Brown's novel and the show Stranger Things, have portrayed CERN in a negative light, but they are not based on reality.
CERN's safety statement emphasizes that the LHC's energy levels are lower than those produced by nature itself.
The FCC is being considered as the successor to the LHC, with a feasibility study planned for 2028 and potential commissioning in the 2040s.
00:00a whiz kid with a very powerful idea Max
00:03lawhen shares his story in tonight's
00:12versus infinite parallel universe is
00:15constantly being created is literally
00:16flow of reality and time
00:19despite the overwhelming scientific
00:21evidence to the contrary a significant
00:23number of individuals harbored the
00:25belief that the researchers at CERN
00:27utilizing their Large Hadron Collider
00:29have unintentionally triggered the
00:31destruction of our own Universe
00:32subsequently transporting us to a
00:35parallel universe among these Believers
00:37is a young Prodigy often touted as the
00:40world's smartest child who has put
00:42forward some intriguing ideas regarding
00:44cern's capabilities and the alleged
00:46exploitation of these capabilities by
00:48scientists to unlock a gateway to
00:51another realm in this video we'll
00:53explore the arguments presented by This
00:55brilliant young mind and delve into the
00:57claimed mechanisms by which the machine
01:00was allegedly used to create a new
01:02portal let's delve into the details in
01:06July of the previous year at a sprawling
01:08underground facility located in meren
01:11Switzerland physicists unveiled the
01:13discovery of three unconventional
01:15particles previously unknown to the
01:17realm of science this groundbreaking
01:19achievement was made possible through
01:22the utilization of the world's largest
01:24circular arrangement of superconducting
01:26magnets commonly referred to as the
01:29Large Hadron Collider LHC despite the
01:32anticipation and some prior predictions
01:34hinting at the emergence of a portal on
01:37that particular date the unveiling of
01:39three new subatomic particles didn't
01:41quite align with these Fantastical
01:43expectations the Large Hadron Collider
01:46managed by the European Council for
01:48nuclear research CERN has been a subject
01:50of considerable Fascination and at times
01:53apprehension for quite some time even
01:56during the planning stages of the LHC
01:58there were concerns and speculations
02:00with certain scientists contemplating
02:03the possibility of it generating a black
02:05hole all this concern LED Italian
02:07physicist Francesco Calogero to pen an
02:11essay in 2000 titled might a laboratory
02:14experiment destroy planet Earth this
02:16essay initiated years of discussions
02:19ranging from the earnest to the
02:21Whimsical about the lhc's potential to
02:23pose a threat to humanity for instance
02:26in 2009 John Oliver featured a science
02:29teacher on The Daily Show who believed
02:31the LHC experiments had a one in two
02:34chance of producing a world-ending black
02:36hole nevertheless Oliver also
02:39interviewed genuine scientists from CERN
02:41Who provided a much more reassuring
02:43perspective though perhaps with less
02:45comedic Flair while there remains some
02:48uncertainty regarding the possibility of
02:50the LHC generating black holes that have
02:53yet to be observed the Earth continues
02:55to exist in 2011 two researchers
02:58proposed that many black holes
03:00gravitationally bind matter without
03:02significant absorption implying that
03:05these miniature black holes might exist
03:07harmlessly drifting without causing any
03:10disruption but now there's another
03:12individual expressing concerns about
03:14CERN and this person happens to be Max
03:17Laughlin renowned as the world's
03:19smartest young mind Max's perspective on
03:22the Large Hadron Collider has raised
03:24alarms among experts worldwide this
03:27exceptionally gifted young individual
03:29initially gained recognition for
03:31captivating the global audience with
03:33profound insights into the workings of
03:35our world and how humans adapt to the
03:37ever unfolding events in our universe
03:39however his current viewpoints Are Not
03:42Mere facts they are voiced as warnings
03:44the young Prodigy has documented his
03:47concerns in videos where he expounds
03:49upon his theories particularly the
03:51notion of a portal that he believes
03:53researchers at CERN have opened it's
03:56important to note that Max Laughlin is
03:58not only a thinker but also an inventor
04:01remarkably at the age of 13 He crafted a
04:04free energy machine showcasing this
04:06technology and elucidating how it could
04:09potentially revolutionize the way people
04:11live across the globe since then he has
04:14become renowned for his Keen
04:15observations of intriguing phenomena in
04:17our universe his areas of Interest delve
04:20into the Realms of our reality and the
04:22existence of parallel universes some of
04:25his hypotheses revolve around the idea
04:28that cern's experiments could pose a
04:30threat to the very fabric of our
04:32existence potentially ushering us into a
04:34parallel reality closely resembling our
04:37own this notion gains credibility due to
04:40previous experiments conducted by
04:42scientists at the European Organization
04:44for nuclear research these experiments
04:47primarily involve the use of the Large
04:49Hadron Collider a machine designed to
04:51break down subatomic particles and
04:53simulate conditions akin to the Big Bang
04:56according to Max the experiments
04:58conducted by the Large Hadron Collider
05:00might have fractured our universe
05:02leading to the existence of humanity in
05:04a parallel reality he elaborated on the
05:07concept that within our Multiverse there
05:09exists an infinite number of parallel
05:12universes each containing its own set of
05:14infinite realities he stated initially
05:17we had a single timeline but when the
05:19anomaly occurred during the experiment
05:21we were propelled into an infinite
05:23number of parallel universes this means
05:26that as we converse our reality
05:28constantly shifts from one Universe to
05:30another along this endless Continuum of
05:33universes representing our current state
05:35of existence Max suggested that CERN
05:38scientists might have detected this
05:40anomaly in the space-time Continuum and
05:43subsequently intervened to modify these
05:45established events this discovery
05:47challenges our conventional
05:48understanding of reality it alliance
05:51with reports that the European
05:52Organization for nuclear research is
05:55actively researching the creation of
05:56portals and alterations to establish
05:59connections between universes Max
06:01further connected these ideas about
06:03opening portals at CERN to the no
06:05version that we have neighboring
06:06universes drawing parallels with his
06:09concept of the Mandela effect Max
06:11Laughlin's Theory posits that the Large
06:13Hadron Collider played a pivotal role in
06:16shifting Humanity into a new universe
06:18this colossal particle accelerator
06:20constructed by the European Organization
06:23for nuclear research is housed in a
06:2517-Mile underground tunnel situated near
06:28the French and swiss borders descending
06:30approximately 165 to 575 feet below the
06:35surface its primary purpose is to
06:38collide two particle beams and then
06:40observe the resulting effects including
06:42the behavior of atoms molecules and the
06:45outcomes produced by the laws of physics
06:47regarding the Mandela effect Max
06:49expressed his belief in its existence
06:52the Mandela effect refers to a situation
06:55where a substantial number of
06:56individuals collectively remember a
06:59specific event occurring when in fact it
07:01did not take place this phenomenon
07:03aligns with Max's Theory the term
07:06Mandela effect was coined by Fiona
07:09Broome in 2009 who created a website to
07:12document her experiences with this
07:14peculiar phenomenon she recounted an
07:17incident where she discussed her
07:19memories of Nelson Mandela's death in
07:21the 1980s with others despite the fact
07:23that the former South African president
07:25did not pass away in prison during that
07:28decade he passed away in 2013.
07:31astonishingly many people shared her
07:33Vivid Recollections remembering detailed
07:36television coverage of his death and
07:38even a speech by his widow the
07:40widespread phenomenon is known as the
07:42Mandela effect and lends support to Max
07:45Laughlin's idea that we currently
07:47inhabit an alternative extension of our
07:49universe and that's not all in the past
07:52there have been attempts albeit
07:54unsuccessful ones to file lawsuits
07:56against CERN due to concerns about
07:58Public Safety indicating an underlying
08:01apprehension regarding the potential
08:02side effects of utilizing this
08:04groundbreaking technology the primary
08:07apprehensions surrounding the use of the
08:09Large Hadron Collider pertain to the
08:11creation of microscopic black holes as
08:13discussed above and the concept of
08:16Strange Matter the concern regarding
08:18black holes is rather straightforward
08:20one of the lhc's objectives is to
08:22replicate tiny black holes that could
08:24provide insights into the origins of the
08:27universe through the study of The Big
08:28Bang on a superficial level this might
08:31sound alarming to individuals without
08:33technical expertise the second concern
08:36revolves around the possibility that
08:39high energy experiments conducted at the
08:41LHC could generate strangelets a
08:44hypothetical substance composed of
08:46Strange Matter capable of affecting the
08:48composition of other Earthly materials
08:50it's worth noting that Strange Matter is
08:53currently a theoretical concept that has
08:56not been observed in outer space where
08:58high energy particles are naturally
08:59occurring and interacting so should we
09:02genuinely be concerned about any
09:04catastrophic events occurring as a
09:06result of the Large Hadron Collider over
09:08the years people have fueled fears about
09:10the LHC both in real life and through
09:12works of fiction for instance Dan
09:15Brown's 2000 novel Angels and Demons
09:18featured CERN where the Illuminati aimed
09:20to steal antimatter to potentially harm
09:23the pope more recently the Netflix
09:25series stranger things Revisited the
09:28notion that our insatiable quest for
09:30knowledge and power might unleash
09:32malevolent forces From Another Dimension
09:34however it's essential to recognize that
09:37these are all works of fiction and many
09:39of the theories circulating on the
09:40internet fall into the same category if
09:43you find this perspective somewhat
09:45skeptical consider cerns reassuring
09:47safety statement the LHC can achieve an
09:50energy that no other particle
09:51accelerators have reached before but
09:54nature routinely produces higher
09:56energies in cosmic ray collisions
09:58whatever the LHC will do Nature has
10:01already done many times over during the
10:03lifetime of the earth and other s
10:05astronomical bodies in essence if there
10:07were any substantial risks associated
10:10with the LHC they would likely have
10:12manifested by now the LHC is projected
10:15to conclude its Mission around 2040 and
10:18the global particle physics Community is
10:20actively exploring options for its
10:22successor one of these potential
10:24successes is the future circular
10:26collider FCC envisioned to be situated
10:29within a tunnel approximately 91
10:31kilometers in circumference this tunnel
10:34would be located at depths ranging from
10:36100 to 400 meters and would Traverse
10:39areas in French and swiss territories
10:41passing beneath Lake Geneva the
10:44scientific significance of the FCC has
10:47received a validation from the European
10:49strategy for particle physics which was
10:52updated by the CERN member states in
10:542020. this strategy identified the FCC
10:57as the most viable candidate to replace
11:00the existing facilities consequently
11:02CERN has been entrusted by its
11:04membership guides with initiating a
11:06feasibility study for the FCC in 2028
11:10contingent on the findings of this study
11:12the member states will make decisions
11:14concerning the project as a whole
11:15including the prospects for
11:17commissioning the FCC in the 2040s
11:20we're eager to hear your thoughts on
11:22this matter in the comments section
11:23below and if you enjoyed this video
11:25please remember to subscribe for more
11:28engaging content thank you for tuning in
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is there a concern about CERN's Large Hadron Collider causing the destruction of our universe?

Yes, there are concerns about CERN's Large Hadron Collider potentially causing the destruction of our universe.

2. Who theorizes that CERN's experiments may have shifted humanity into a new parallel universe?

A young prodigy named Max Laughlin theorizes that CERN's experiments may have shifted humanity into a new parallel universe.

3. What is the name of the organization being mentioned in connection with the concerns about our universe's destruction?

The organization being mentioned in connection with the concerns is CERN, which operates the Large Hadron Collider.

4. Are experts skeptical about the theory proposed by Max Laughlin?

Yes, experts remain skeptical about the theory proposed by Max Laughlin regarding CERN's experiments.

5. What assurance does CERN provide to the public regarding the safety of their operations?

CERN assures the public of the safety of their operations despite the concerns raised about their experiments.

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