💫 Summary is a free tool that helps with rewriting text and avoiding plagiarism by changing the wording and order of words in the text, increasing productivity in article writing.
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The video introduces a tool called for rewriting text and avoiding plagiarism.
00:00 is a tool that helps with rewriting text.
It allows you to check for plagiarism.
You can paste the text into the tool and click on "rewrite" to generate a rewritten version.
The example shows how the tool rewrites a paragraph about Wikipedia.
This section discusses the importance of avoiding content duplication and introduces a free tool called Tuxedo to increase productivity in article creation.
Content duplication can negatively impact website ranking on Google.
Tuxedo is a free tool that helps in rewriting and modifying text to create unique content.
Creating unique and authorial texts increases the relevance and productivity of articles.
00:00Hey guys, a very top tool
00:02here for you to use for
00:04productivity when writing
00:07your article, it's called a tuxedo, okay, so I'm going to
00:10share my screen here.
00:18you take a portion
00:21of text that is an inspiration you know
00:23that you cannot duplicate control c
00:25control V in that text but this is a
00:28tool that helps you with that let's
00:30suppose here let's go here to the
00:31Wikipedia website but we have one here
00:36and give a text here about
00:38Wikipedia itself Wikipedia such and such let's
00:40just take this first paragraph here
00:43it's good in the tuxedo go to esmogym. Then
00:47you either have an option here and even check for
00:50plagiarism, anyway, you can rewrite a
00:54text with other words. You won't
00:56paste the text here and then click
00:58on rewrite.
01:06right, it's not the proper name of
01:08a tool, it doesn't change, right, like
01:10what it asks for, it has changed, but look at
01:13Wikipedia, it's a collaborative encyclopedia project,
01:15even the first one, here
01:18this is the text that I copied, right, now
01:20let's see how it wrote here,
01:22Wikipedia is a collaborative multilingual encyclopedia project,
01:27it's multilingual and it was
01:30here later, right?
01:43justice and another there for agreement the
01:46meaning becomes more interesting but
01:49look how cool it is a
01:51free tool they created the intention of rewriting
01:54things even the guys comment here
01:57that it is not a person who should rewrite
01:59the text but rather a robot, right because the
02:01task that
02:03we don't need to waste time
02:05on it there is something very
02:08important in relation to duplication of
02:09content fixing the control c control V
02:12in the text Google can cross it the
02:15algorithm identifies with this text it is
02:17duplicated so only website it cannot have
02:20content duplicated you can take a
02:22text from another website readapt it you
02:25can modify it you can change the order
02:29of the words and it will be
02:32aggregated content then only then content from
02:34a website yours comes out the website then the website see the
02:37website well you you go the content of the
02:40site here talks about the ones I put in B it's
02:42a Google knows that there are many
02:44people talking about the subject itself
02:46What you can't do is have complicity control
02:48c control V copy Ok but if your site
02:51bita site copied this content but
02:53changed it in a way that is not a piece of
02:56writing that is plagiarized it needs to be copied,
02:59right duplicated, so you created content that
03:02aggregates that subject, that's really
03:05cool, the more the authorial texts
03:09you wanted, the more relevance it will
03:11have from now on, okay, so I would like
03:13present to you the tool
03:14called tuxedo tuxedo tip I
03:16free for your use to increase
03:19productivity by creating your articles
03:20so up to you guys
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is is a free tool that helps with rewriting text and avoiding plagiarism by changing the wording and order of words in the text. It increases productivity in article writing by providing alternative versions of the same content without duplicating the original text.

2. How can benefit content creators? can benefit content creators by assisting in rewriting text to avoid plagiarism and creating unique content. It saves time and effort by providing alternative wordings, making the content creation process more efficient.

3. What makes different from other rewriting tools? stands out from other rewriting tools by focusing on changing the wording and order of words in the text, effectively preventing plagiarism. It offers a free, user-friendly solution for article writing needs, enhancing productivity for content creators.

4. Why is important for SEO? is important for SEO as it helps in generating unique content, which is crucial for ranking higher in search engine results. By avoiding plagiarism and creating original text, it contributes to improving the website's visibility and attracting more organic traffic.

5. How does enhance article writing productivity? enhances article writing productivity by offering a tool that efficiently rewrites text, enabling content creators to produce multiple unique versions without duplicating the original content. This promotes creativity and saves time in creating diverse articles.

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