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The video discusses the controversy surrounding a mixtape called Snuff R73, addressing rumors of child exploitation content and debunking them. It provides a detailed description of the mixtape, which includes graphic and disturbing footage of violence towards children. The video emphasizes that the mixtape is not as extreme as some rumors suggest but still contains disturbing content.
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The speaker addresses rumors of child exploitation in the Snuff R73 mixtape.
"CP" stands for "cheese pizza" which is slang for child pornography.
There are rumors of a three and a half hour version of the mixtape containing child exploitation, but there is no evidence to support this.
The speaker emphasizes that there is no child exploitation in the mixtape.
The video discusses the controversial mixtape "Necro Pedophilia" by the group Snuff R73.
The mixtape has become infamous recently for its disturbing content.
The video plans to review the mixtape and the MD Pro version.
The content of the mixtape involves sensitive and disturbing themes.
The speaker expresses a desire to stay away from "Ogre's collection" and focus on the review.
The section discusses the consequences of brain damage and shows disturbing images.
Brain damage is irreversible and cannot be fixed by stitching the brain back together.
A strange object is forcefully being inserted into a child's mouth.
A baby's intestines are protruding from its stomach while it is still alive and screaming.
Several photos of dead children with stab wounds are shown.
The video section describes a disturbing incident of a child being beaten by an adult with a metal dustpan.
The child's head was beaten 13 times consecutively.
Despite the severe beating, the child was not knocked out.
Passersby ignored the incident and continued walking.
The people inside a nearby shop eventually intervened and stopped the beating.
00:00and here we are snuff r73 this [ __ ] is
00:02talking about more than a kardashian
00:04controversy and every time it's brought
00:06it's the same old [ __ ] dribble do you
00:08have it have you seen it because if
00:10you've seen it and you have it can you
00:11send it to me can you send it to me like
00:12yo yeah i need to calm the [ __ ]
00:14down it's only a mixtape yeah i had like
00:16a whole bunch of seagulls and someone do
00:17a [ __ ] french fries y'all y'all be
00:19fighting and killing each other over it
00:21like relax you know i'm saying it's not
00:22that [ __ ] serious
00:24sit down put your proactive on you
00:26pimple-faced [ __ ] nerd
00:27and take your inhaler to the mouth you
00:29know what i'm saying y'all just be going
00:31over the top for this it's not that
00:34please now speaking of the word serious
00:37we got some very serious
00:38rumors uh that surround this mixtape and
00:41or plethora of mixtapes which are going
00:43to go in at about
00:44and the biggest rumor is that it has cp
00:47in it
00:47what does cp stand for cheese pizza what
00:50is cheese pizza slang for
00:52it's sling for a child very nice weather
00:55outside you got you know blue skies
00:57white clouds got a very nice looking sun
00:59some green grass
01:00pornography so you see what people made
01:03slang for it because a lot of people are
01:04uncomfortable with saying the two words
01:07me being one of those people you know
01:08what i'm saying because i would really
01:09like to preserve my youtube channel
01:12um so again there's none of that there's
01:13no child exploitation
01:15in that fashion on top of that there's
01:17also these rumors about this three and a
01:19half hour version that's out there with
01:20a whole bunch of you know child
01:22exploitation or cp in it
01:24and um there's just no evidence for it's
01:26just hearsay just i saw it
01:28and well i gotta tell you about it
01:31and it just blows my [ __ ] mind first
01:33things first
01:34why are people out there lying about
01:37seeing such a thing
01:39like if you didn't see it don't lie
01:41about seeing it and on top of that of
01:43everything to lie about seeing
01:45you're going around telling people that
01:47you've seen
01:48cp like what do you think happened
01:52what in your [ __ ] brain makes that
01:54make sense what do you think everybody
01:56thinks it's cool to watch that [ __ ]
01:58come on man yeah you get some cool
01:59points of watching children being put in
02:01very disgusting situations
02:03now you should just be taken outside and
02:05shot in the head
02:06twice it's it's not cool it's not
02:08[ __ ] funny it's not edgy
02:10it's really just [ __ ] ridiculous that
02:13people find that type of [ __ ] cool
02:14maybe you want that attention that you
02:16were never given as a child i really
02:18don't know i'm not a therapist i'm not
02:19gonna go ahead and [ __ ] diagnose you
02:21with something
02:22but seriously if you're one of those
02:23[ __ ] people it's not often i say some
02:25[ __ ] like this
02:26but go hang your [ __ ] self seriously
02:28it's not cool it's not funny you get no
02:30cool points here for doing [ __ ] like
02:32that and talking like that it's corny as
02:34[ __ ]
02:35it's ridiculous it's a grown ass man too
02:37and grown ass women i've seen it
02:39and i remember when i made a video
02:41saying that there was none of that there
02:42was this one [ __ ] chick that was like
02:44you're corny like
02:47she got mad that and she took offense
02:49that i debunked the fact that there's
02:50none of that in
02:51so now she can't get the little
02:52attention she got from her two little
02:54[ __ ] friends in a discord
02:56it's ridiculous um but that being said
02:59uh the title of this is um
03:02two words that you put together and it
03:05blows your [ __ ] mind
03:06and yes i said the title of this because
03:08the title this is not snuff r73
03:10because snuff r73 apparently is the name
03:13of the group that has made multiple
03:14mixtapes made a mixtape called snuff r73
03:17uh made a sequel to that and has made
03:19this 10 minute and 55 second one that
03:21has become very infamous as of recently
03:24um you know the one i was just 10
03:25minutes of dead children this is the one
03:27i'm talking about
03:28i'm going to go very in depth about it
03:30and the real title of it
03:31is necro pedophilia i remember when i
03:34said porn going i was like yo that's
03:36just like the two worst words put
03:37together like goku and vegeta diffusion
03:40and holy [ __ ]
03:41like no necrophiliac puts the words porn
03:43[ __ ]
03:44to absolute [ __ ] shame uh necro means
03:46to have to do with the corpse
03:48and pedophiliac means to have arousal
03:52children you put those two words
03:54together and in layman's terms
03:56it means to have a stimulation
03:59towards dead kids what the [ __ ]
04:03okay this is just
04:06all right so with that [ __ ] being said
04:08we're going to check out the iceberg
04:10over here i'm doing all i can to stay
04:12far far away from ogre's collection as
04:14you see i'm skipping it a little bit to
04:15kind of go to snuff on 73 get the win
04:17back myself since i took a hiatus
04:19and um we're going to go over this one
04:21we're going to go over the md pro
04:22version i'm going to try to knock out
04:23you know the whole entire ogre's
04:24collection as you can see everything is
04:26down there snuff r73 all the way at the
04:28last tier
04:34take that [ __ ] which you saw on ebay for
04:352.99 now i thought that being said you
04:37know it's a very constructive argument i
04:39just made by burping into my mic
04:40make sure you like and subscribe you
04:42know it took me a long time to actually
04:43get down to this
04:44and do a lot of research so it helps me
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04:48trying to get my win back in my sales
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05:06so i'm going to jump right into this
05:08okay because everybody wants to be very
05:10very vague about it
05:11i've seen it it includes dead kids okay
05:13yeah but what are all these clips and
05:14all that [ __ ] no one actually wants to
05:16get in depth and get gritty and get
05:18before i actually get very very dirty
05:20with this [ __ ] we're gonna give a little
05:21bit of a history lesson as i always do
05:23so apparently was made by snuffr73 that
05:26was the group who made it and they made
05:27this back in 2015.
05:29how do you come to that conclusion
05:30because the last clip inside this entire
05:32mixtape was recorded in 2015 it was that
05:34clip with that little kid
05:35you know with the dustpan and the broom
05:36and that dude comes out and just starts
05:38wailing on this [ __ ] like he
05:39owes him money
05:40uh that was uploaded in 2015 as the
05:43security camera shows
05:44so this has to be 2015 to 2016. i'm
05:47gonna go solid and say
05:482015 and my go solid pause you know what
05:50i'm saying i mean like that
05:52um now on top of this this has 21 clips
05:55seven of these clips actually being
05:57photos so i guess 14 clips but seven
05:59photos but i'm just gonna include it all
06:00together 21 clips
06:02and this is only 10 minutes and 55
06:04seconds long
06:05it's not a long watch you're not sitting
06:06there want to rip your [ __ ] eyes out
06:07like ogre's collection that's three
06:08hours a porn quarter three and a half
06:11it's nothing crazy like that we're not
06:13gonna do a white board because all this
06:15is gore you know what i'm saying just
06:16one clip that's violent which is an
06:18absolute last clip we're going to jump
06:19right into this we're going to get
06:20[ __ ] gritty we're going to get dirty
06:22we're going to get
06:22muddy we're going to get nasty like your
06:24mom's blue waffle [ __ ]
06:26and we're going to get right into the
06:27first clip so right here the first
06:29absolute clip that you see
06:30is a kid who got shot in the leg uh the
06:33leg is missing
06:34and the kid was also shot in the head so
06:36it's a dead kid
06:37it's not even like we're gonna work our
06:39ways up there someone picking their
06:41you know digging for some ear wax eating
06:43dog [ __ ]
06:44or one of the empty poops started out
06:46with like a dog vomiting in a woman's
06:48mouth and no
06:49we're jumping right into it you know
06:51what i'm saying we're not driving this
06:52and they're driving us around town and
06:54it's getting [ __ ] crazy right off the
06:57and again dead kid and that's
06:59practically the entire mixtape
07:01so then after that you see another kid
07:02who has um it's a giant leg
07:05gash i mean it looks fake almost i'm not
07:08even gonna hold you
07:09it looks like some [ __ ] at a party city
07:11like this kid was shot in the thigh
07:13and it looks so burnt that it looks fake
07:15it looks plasticky like someone like
07:17glazed it with something you know what
07:18i'm saying like it just does not look
07:20real it looks very um out of this world
07:23like cartoonish like it looks
07:25edited like some [ __ ] you know
07:27really bad hey i went to school for two
07:29weeks to learn how to edit things and
07:30looks like it was edited but you can
07:32tell it's real because it's from the
07:33middle east you know what i'm saying
07:34if i go outside today uh i walk down the
07:37street i live in new york
07:39i may get you know stopped or some dude
07:41may want to talk
07:42[ __ ] or try to stick me up but over the
07:44middle east you got [ __ ] tanks attack
07:47uavs [ __ ] torpedoes
07:50rocket launchers people doing drive-bys
07:52on camels it's [ __ ] crazy over there
07:54so you know this [ __ ] is authentic and
07:56it is real
07:57um then the next clip shows a kid you
07:59know flipping out they're wearing a
08:00green shirt
08:01it's a very lime green shirt they're
08:03just [ __ ] going awol uh they're
08:05covered in blood so
08:06i think they're going into shock uh
08:08after that then the audio starts those
08:09first couple of videos
08:11no audio but this one does have audio it
08:13shows a kid who got shot and leg and the
08:15bullets like stuck and you can see like
08:16it grazed
08:17and it got stuck to the rear end of
08:19their leg uh so there's that after that
08:21it shows um
08:23not many clips disturbing okay right off
08:25the jump so now that you know that this
08:27clip right here disturbed me a little
08:28bit it's really [ __ ] up clip
08:30it shows a baby wearing a diaper whose
08:33knee is completely missing
08:34on their right leg and their left leg is
08:37being held together to their hip
08:39by only a couple of tendons it's almost
08:41falling off this baby is
08:42wailing so [ __ ] loud that it echoes
08:45i mean this baby is screaming i could
08:48imagine why you know what i'm saying
08:54it's really [ __ ] bad okay it's just
08:56really bad after this the show is a
08:58brainless girl this is from md pulp i've
09:00seen in the md pope
09:01and this guy is holding a girl whose
09:05head looks like an open tomato can
09:07i mean all of this [ __ ] and above is
09:09empty you can look inside of her head it
09:11looks like one of those party bowls you
09:13[ __ ] put doritos in
09:14but it's empty there isn't nothing in
09:17there you can literally see her brain
09:19and they're carrying her in a car to
09:21drive her to a hospital
09:22to resuscitate her she has no brain
09:26this is not like oh man i can lose my
09:28whatever you call it
09:30appendix and live no you lose your brain
09:32you're dead you know if you damage your
09:33brain too much you're dead
09:35if you get punched in a face you can die
09:37you have no brain period
09:39there's no saving you you know what i'm
09:41saying and at a point in the video
09:42um this part actually got a lot of
09:45people talking whether or not she was
09:46still alive because she goes like
09:49even though she's dead but obviously
09:50it's involuntary you have no
09:52brain there's no such thing as i have no
09:54brain and i'm still you can't move
09:55you know what i'm saying receptors
09:57aren't there to send signals
09:58it's just involuntary movement just like
10:00when you kill a frog you put salt on its
10:02legs it moves
10:03but there's no brain there to tell it to
10:05move it's just involuntary movement
10:07um some people just apparently couldn't
10:09pass the third grade
10:10so never heard of an elementary school
10:12dropout but of course they'll flock here
10:14oh do you have it can you send me your
10:1673 well please i'm doing it for a
10:19science fair project
10:21[ __ ] idiots uh this shows a girl who
10:24tried to step up to allen iverson
10:26ankles broken i mean her ankles are all
10:28shattered there's blood everywhere
10:30her ankles just [ __ ] destroy they are
10:32done dada
10:34finished um after that you get another
10:37girl the doctor's holding her leg up
10:39why is he holding her leg up because
10:40it's only being held by a string of
10:42skin he's holding it like this like he's
10:45holding a
10:46fat ass blunt okay like a big ass
10:49and there's only a string of skin
10:50holding that [ __ ] together and another
10:52doctor's just like in the background you
10:54know taking out gauze he's like one two
10:56right on top of it like it's being held
10:58by a string of skin i'm pretty sure just
11:00placing gauze on it is not gonna help
11:02you know you're gonna need a lot more
11:03than that [ __ ]
11:04that's all he's doing just puts two
11:05gauze on it and the camera zooms up and
11:07you see that her shirt says
11:09luck pretty [ __ ] ironic now isn't it
11:14uh after that you see another kid who
11:16was shot um
11:17kid has a very fat eye as well and they
11:20just keep on
11:21oh take that [ __ ] what you saw ebay for
11:25putting girls on the kid's eye and
11:26that's about it then it shows a kid
11:29who's getting oxygen in their mouth and
11:32then the camera pans over and you see
11:33that the kid has no back of the skull
11:35with their brain
11:37spilling out of their head
11:41i i don't know what country this [ __ ] is
11:43happening in
11:44but they need to send them a [ __ ]
11:46book which is basic biology
11:48no brain damage brain you're dead
11:52okay there's no such thing as i'm living
11:54with half my brain that just leaked
11:56out of my head that was exploded into
11:57meat chunks what did they stitch your
11:59brain back the [ __ ] together
12:00it doesn't work like that you're done
12:03you know saying if your brain is missing
12:05you're done it allows me that one smart
12:07ass well it depends on the parts of your
12:08brain yeah the back of your brain you're
12:10done you know
12:10see it's finished it's finished um there
12:14shows this other kid where they have
12:15some alien object and they're putting it
12:16into his mouth it's like a flashlight
12:18with a handle that looks like um
12:20it's just a weirder [ __ ] i've never seen
12:21something like this before they keep on
12:22trying to jam it into the kid's mouth
12:24uh for whatever [ __ ] reason i guess
12:26they're trying to see you know his
12:27dental work even though the kids like
12:28completely mutilated from whatever
12:31um then they show another they show a
12:35the baby's intestines are spilling out
12:37of its stomach
12:38and it's alive screaming
12:41yeah that's real [ __ ] right there um
12:44then after that just shows a whole bunch
12:46of people working on
12:47you know another kid that's [ __ ] up
12:49then it you know proceeds to show seven
12:51photos in a row
12:52of dead children i remember the first
12:54one was like had a whole bunch of stab
12:56wounds it's just a whole bunch of kids
12:57of established shots to death
12:58nothing you know crazy that stood out
13:01and then the absolute last video slash
13:03last clip it shows this
13:06i'm sorry for laughing it's like a
13:08five-year-old outside of a china shop
13:12he's like sweeping the sidewalk who the
13:15[ __ ] sweeps the sidewalk who sends a kid
13:17out there
13:19it's like you wouldn't expect some guy
13:21to whoop its ass and just beat the [ __ ]
13:22out of it but what if he you know
13:24kidnapped the kid you know what i'm
13:25saying that that to me
13:26you'd never leave a kid on supervised
13:28especially if it's your own so this kid
13:29is out there
13:30five four six years old very young kid
13:33and he he has a dustpan and it's a metal
13:37one and he's you know
13:38sweeping the sidewalk whatever the [ __ ]
13:40that's gonna accomplish
13:41and this grown-ass dude just walks up
13:44and starts
13:44beating the [ __ ] [ __ ] out of this kid
13:48he owed him money and when this kid
13:50falls over
13:51he starts stomping on his skull like
13:53someone lit a bag of dog [ __ ] on his
13:55porch like he's just stomping on and
13:57stomping on it and just
13:58keeps on going he stomps the kid like 12
14:00times in the face like
14:02three of those thoughts like one of
14:03those ones they land perfectly on the
14:05um then he grabs the dustpan and starts
14:08beating him like a [ __ ] pinata until
14:10the dustpan breaks
14:12then he starts hitting the kid with a
14:14pole of the dustpan
14:16and this kid is still conscious so this
14:17is one tough bastard okay
14:20this kid is tough made of something else
14:22or maybe this guy's weak as [ __ ] it is
14:24china um let's just be [ __ ] honest
14:27chinese people are not built like
14:29american people okay
14:30you can look at the stats oh man that's
14:33very whatever insert word here
14:36dog your average height is like five
14:37foot five five foot six we're all like
14:39ten six foot two hundred pound americans
14:42you know we do a little bit more [ __ ]
14:45you know and if you stomp on a
14:47four-year-old's head
14:4813 times consecutively beat him in the
14:51head with a metal dust pan
14:52proceed to smack him with the pull of
14:54the dustpan and he's not even knocked
14:56the [ __ ] out
14:57then that just goes to show and this was
14:58a big chinese person okay
15:00it's like a yao ming [ __ ] if he
15:03couldn't do the job
15:04no one else was doing the job okay i'm
15:06just saying we are some big
15:08mean americans in comparison and there's
15:11people just strolling by like oh huh
15:13look at this isn't this crazy haha and
15:16they just keep walking down like
15:17nothing's [ __ ] happening
15:19and they're just ignoring it like they
15:20look at it and they don't address it
15:22and then the people after this like 10
15:2410-minute beat down then the people
15:26inside that shop come out and they break
15:28it up
15:29um and the kids are uh picking his head
15:31up all [ __ ] up
15:32and i guess the father finally tackles
15:35the perpetrator
15:36and to the ground and like holding him
15:38there after you know watching him walk
15:40away because you know they pushed him
15:41away then he's walking away they look at
15:42the kid and look at him and look at the
15:43kid and look at him and look at him and
15:45they do that like six times and then
15:46they decide to grab him and stop him
15:48uh what was the intention for that i
15:50don't know i don't know what the
15:51intentions were
15:52all i know is that kid got his ass
15:53whooped uh possibly for no reason just
15:55crazy people
15:57who so what that [ __ ] being said that is
15:59the 10 minute and 55 seconds snuff r73
16:02in depth that's all the clips and photos
16:03that's all that there is
16:05nothing crazy nothing else blow your
16:09you know you're not going to sit down
16:10and [ __ ] explode into confetti
16:13you're fine you're okay and so all the
16:15people like hey
16:16can you send it to me shut the [ __ ] up
16:20so hopefully the topic is done i'm also
16:22going to do a review on the md pope type
16:24of version
16:24um which that is another version they
16:26made like a very similar version of md
16:29um that i think actually came up before
16:31this i wouldn't be surprised based on
16:33the clips that are inside that
16:34now do i rank this at the absolute
16:36bottom tier yeah i do
16:39i think this is tier eight worthy
16:40exactly teary now i think md pope is
16:43um but this is tier eight this is up
16:45there with heidi throws fathers
16:47um and all that other [ __ ] that i said
16:49are um today worthy
16:51uh you know even though the other movies
16:53that are more gore
16:54and that are longer but it's the whole
16:56entire fact that this was solely
16:57surrounded by you know
16:58uh children being killed and it's just
17:01crazy man it's [ __ ] absurd
17:04it's crazy it blows my mind that
17:06something like this is actually out
17:08uh so hopefully all the rumors are dead
17:10put the rest
17:11and i'm gonna go ahead and actually
17:12follow with the ogre's collection and
17:13kind of ping pong back and forth between
17:15this and that
17:16with all that [ __ ] being said i'm your
17:17puerto rican prince straight out of new
17:20your boy called raven i'ma catch y'all
17:21to [ __ ] later y'all have a great one
17:23make sure you like and subscribe comment
17:24down below what the [ __ ] you thought and
17:26comment down below um some of the stupid
17:28[ __ ] you heard people say about some of
17:29these mixtapes oh it has this and that
17:31this mixtape has a picture of the green
17:33goblin's anus
17:34being [ __ ] by spider-man you know just
17:36the dumb [ __ ] people make up
17:38comment down that below i'ma catch y'all
17:40the [ __ ] later
17:41see you on my discord peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What controversy is surrounding the mixtape Snuff R73?

The controversy surrounding the mixtape Snuff R73 involves rumors of child exploitation content. These rumors have caused significant concern and debate.

2. What is the detailed description of the mixtape Snuff R73?

The mixtape Snuff R73 includes graphic and disturbing footage of violence towards children. It is known for its extreme and unsettling content.

3. Is the mixtape Snuff R73 as extreme as some rumors suggest?

The mixtape Snuff R73 is not as extreme as some rumors suggest, but it still contains disturbing content. The video provides a detailed analysis to debunk exaggerated claims about its extreme nature.

4. What are the main points addressed in the video discussing Snuff R73?

The video addresses the controversy and addresses rumors of child exploitation content associated with the mixtape Snuff R73. It provides a detailed description of the mixtape and emphasizes that it is not as extreme as some rumors suggest.

5. How does the video debunk the rumors related to the mixtape Snuff R73?

The video debunks the rumors related to the mixtape Snuff R73 by providing a detailed analysis and evidence to counter exaggerated claims about its content. It aims to provide a more accurate understanding of the mixtape.

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