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The video discusses the best early game build in Soulstone Survivors, focusing on the Chaos Golem and Shockwave Totem skills for high damage output. The build also emphasizes area modifiers, cooldown reduction, and health increase to survive against multiple Lords of the Void. The creator recommends using the Barbarian character and prioritizing these skills and modifiers for a strong start in the game.
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The best early game build in Soulstone Survivors is based on the Chaos Golem and Shockwave Totem skills.
This build is for beginners and doesn't require any runes.
The Barbarian is the recommended character for this build.
The Chaos Golem and Shockwave Totem skills are very effective in the early game, allowing players to complete runs quickly.
The speaker recommends focusing on cooldown, damage, and area modifiers for the best build in the early game of Soulstone Survivors.
Take modifiers that buff the Shockwave totem and the Chaos Golem.
Whirlwind and Shadow Bolt have lower damage compared to other abilities.
Bloodlust doesn't deal any damage.
Fire Shields did 671,000 damage.
Stomp did 6.4 million damage.
Poison bomb did 18.1 million damage.
Chaos bomb did 16.2 million damage.
Shockwave totem did 46.25 million damage.
Chaos Golem did 82.7 million damage.
XP modifier and pickup range are recommended for faster leveling up.
This section discusses the best early game build in Soulstone Survivors.
The recommended skills for damage output are Shockwave totem and Chaos Golem.
Blood Blast can be used to increase movement speed.
It is important to focus on area cast frequency, health increase, and max health to withstand the high damage from multiple Lords of the Void.
The build resulted in over 55,000 Soulstones in an early game start with a low-level Barbarian.
00:00welcome back to soulstone survivors in
00:02this video we are going through the best
00:04to build in the game and this build is
00:06based on two skills that you are going
00:09to obtain when you are playing this is
00:12nothing to do with runes this is an
00:13early game sort of beginner build but
00:16it's absolutely fantastic so I'm still
00:18using the Barbarian I've been going
00:20through the skill tree and just
00:22unlocking pretty much everything area
00:24modifiers extra Max Health more Health
00:28like obtained or regenerated when you
00:31break crystals or when you level up I've
00:34just been focusing on unlocking pretty
00:36much everything in the skill tree I'm
00:38not starting with the runes at the
00:39moment and I am also using the Barbarian
00:42the first starting character so when you
00:45jump into a game there are two skills
00:48that you are looking for one of them is
00:50the chaos Golem and the other one is the
00:52Shockwave totem these skills absolutely
00:56obliterate when it comes to the early
00:59game I went from last in maybe eight
01:02nine minutes to then complete in the
01:05mode in possibly 12 13 minutes so now
01:08completing the first run with curses on
01:10then going through to the next part
01:12where the Lords of the Void double up
01:14then going through to the next one where
01:16each time you get a lord of the Void
01:18spawn there are three laws of the Void
01:20each time so a single run went from
01:23maybe 12 minutes and that's game over to
01:25now 25 minutes plus dealing absolutely
01:28huge amounts of damage when you are
01:31lucky enough to get the chaos Golem and
01:33the Shockwave totem to pop up in your
01:35skill selection select them and then
01:37what you want to do is carry on
01:39progressing through every time you level
01:41up if you've got all six skills switch
01:44over to passives the other four skills
01:46aren't too important and the things you
01:49want to focus on are your area modifiers
01:51your damage being able to spawn more
01:54chaos Golems being able to have them
01:56take less damage or take more hits then
02:00with the shock waves item is going to be
02:02all about the damage something that
02:04might help you out a little bit as well
02:05is bloodlust it's not going to be
02:07anywhere near as important but that's
02:09going to increase your movement speed
02:10and when you get into the later stages
02:13whether it's two or three Lords of the
02:15Void on the screen at the same time
02:16there's going to be a lot of uh attacks
02:20coming in with big radiuses so you're
02:22going to need to be able to move out the
02:24way of them but I would mainly focus on
02:26I'd say your cost frequency so basically
02:30the cooldown I would then also focus on
02:32the damage and the area I wouldn't worry
02:34about multicast but I do take the
02:36modifiers that buff the Shockwave totem
02:39and the chaos Golem every single time
02:40they pop up on your screen the reason I
02:43say this is because Whirlwind I did
02:45switch out in this run that only did 81
02:48000 damage Shadow Bolt the same again
02:50but that did 95 000. bloodlust it
02:54doesn't deal any damage so that was on
02:56zero fire Shields did 671 000 there's
02:59more of a pass thing it's just some orbs
03:01that float around your body stomp did
03:036.4 million poison bombed at 18.1 chaos
03:07bomb did 16.2 Shockwave totem did 46 and
03:11a quarter million damage and Chaos
03:14Gollum did
03:1582.7 million the amount of damage these
03:19Golems do is insane another thing I'd
03:22also recommend is your XP modifier and
03:26your pickup range they both come on the
03:28same passive skill when you level up I'd
03:31highly recommend grabbing them because
03:32then you're picking up XP orbs from much
03:35further away and you're actually earning
03:37more XP so you're going to level up a
03:39lot faster and I ended this run at level
03:42136 and it was a little over half an
03:45hour but I picked up six of the red Soul
03:48Stones I got three of all the others so
03:51I managed to go through the entire first
03:53part where you've got one lord of the
03:54Void coming in each time then I cleared
03:57the second one and then I managed to
03:59take down all three of the first Lords
04:01of the Void in the Third Run
04:03unfortunately I didn't make it far
04:04enough I got slapped by something I
04:06weren't even aware of what hit me but
04:08this is with four curses on and this run
04:10ended with over 55 000 Soul stones and
04:14that for an early game start with my
04:17Barbarian being I think it was like
04:19level 16 or something at the time it
04:21weren't high at all this is an
04:23incredible early game build so Shockwave
04:25totem chaos Golem they are going to be
04:28the best for your damage output then the
04:30blood blast if you want to increase that
04:32movement speed and that is pretty much
04:34the early game build focus on those
04:36remember area cast frequency Health
04:39increase in Max Health as well because
04:41when you're facing two or three Lords of
04:43the Void at the same time they can slap
04:45you for over 100 damage each like hit so
04:47that was a look at the best early game
04:49build in Soul Stone survivors check out
04:52this video if you want to see other Soul
04:53Stone survivors on the channel I will
04:55see you in the next one I hope you guys
04:57enjoyed it thank you for watching
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the best early game build in Soulstone Survivors?

The best early game build in Soulstone Survivors focuses on the Chaos Golem and Shockwave Totem skills for high damage output. It also emphasizes area modifiers, cooldown reduction, and health increase to survive against multiple Lords of the Void.

2. Which character does the creator recommend using for the best early game build in Soulstone Survivors?

The creator recommends using the Barbarian character for the best early game build in Soulstone Survivors.

3. What skills and modifiers are prioritized for a strong start in the game according to the video?

For a strong start in the game, the video recommends prioritizing the Chaos Golem and Shockwave Totem skills, as well as area modifiers, cooldown reduction, and health increase to survive against multiple Lords of the Void.

4. How does the recommended build in Soulstone Survivors emphasize high damage output?

The recommended build in Soulstone Survivors emphasizes high damage output by focusing on skills like the Chaos Golem and Shockwave Totem, along with area modifiers, cooldown reduction, and health increase to effectively deal with enemies.

5. What is the key focus of the best early game build in Soulstone Survivors according to the video?

The key focus of the best early game build in Soulstone Survivors, as recommended in the video, is to achieve high damage output and survival against multiple Lords of the Void by prioritizing specific skills, modifiers, and character choice.

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