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Steve Harvey's ex-wife, Mary, exposes his alleged abuse and claims that his current wife, Marjorie, trapped him into marriage. Mary reveals that Steve cheated on her throughout their marriage, but despite the infidelity, she stayed with him. She also shares how Steve allegedly mistreated their son and won sole custody in a legal battle.
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Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary reveals details about their relationship and how they met.
Marjorie is Steve's third wife, with his first wife being the mother of his twin daughters.
Steve pursued Mary while still legally married to his first wife.
Mary initially gave Steve her number out of politeness, but they eventually started a romantic relationship.
Steve was broke and struggling in his comedy career when they met, but Mary supported him through the hard times.
Marjorie allegedly trapped Steve Harvey into marriage and convinced him not to get a prenup, potentially allowing her to take half of his wealth.
Marjorie convinced Steve to adopt her three children from previous relationships.
Marjorie has a shady past, being investigated for her involvement in a drug ring.
She was married to a drug lord and linked to another drug dealer.
Steve Harvey's ex-wife accuses him of abuse and claims he turned their son against her.
Steve never paid her the divorce settlement money ordered by the court.
She alleges that Steve hit their son, leaving him beaten and bloodied.
Steve sued for sole custody and won, permanently separating their son from her.
He filed a motion to put a gag order on her, preventing her from talking about the case publicly.
00:00is Steve Harvey really a fraud there is
00:03some crazy drama in the Harvey household
00:05because Steve's ex-wife Mary just
00:08exposed him for lying to our faces for
00:11years and she's claiming that Steve is
00:13not the great guy that we think he is
00:15y'all aren't going to believe the tea
00:17she's spilling on Steve and his wife
00:19Marjorie so you better hold on to your
00:21edges because this is about to be one
00:23Wild Ride Now not many people know this
00:26but Marjorie is actually Steve's third
00:29wife because he was married to another
00:31woman before Mary and that's the mother
00:34of his twin daughters Brandy and Carly
00:36he met Mary in 1996 and he actively
00:39started pursuing her even though he was
00:41still legally married to his first wife
00:43Marsha at the time Mary was working at
00:45the counter of a cosmetic store and
00:47that's how she and Steve met he came
00:49into the store when she was working and
00:51they exchanged numbers at the time Mary
00:53didn't exactly have a romantic interest
00:54and she just gave him her number just to
00:56be polite but Steve pursued her heavily
00:59and she slowly started started to fall
01:00for his charms especially after he
01:03showed up to her work with a box of 100
01:05Hershey's kisses and a note saying I'd
01:08walk a thousand miles for your kisses
01:10Mary soon started a romantic
01:12relationship with Steve and for a while
01:14things were going great between them now
01:15before y'all start making comments about
01:17how she probably was after Steve's money
01:19how she was a gold digger let me remind
01:21y'all that Steve wasn't popular back
01:23then in fact she had to hold him down a
01:25couple of times because he was broke and
01:27was a struggling comedian who was trying
01:29to get his big break he was hopping from
01:31Club to club and Arena to Arena to
01:33perform in front of patrons at the club
01:35so he ain't have any gold to be dug but
01:38like I said Mary held him down through
01:40the hard times and she even gave him the
01:43spare key to her apartment in case he
01:44needed a place to crash his career
01:46slowly began to take off and more people
01:48were queuing to watch him perform
01:50because he was in high demand y'all know
01:52how they say behind every successful man
01:54is a woman well Mary was that woman for
01:57Steve and when he started to get a crazy
01:59level of Poppy Clarity she brought up
02:01the idea for him to start up his own
02:02club instead of performing at other
02:04clubs for just a cut of the fee now
02:07Steve was already popular but we all
02:09know that Fame don't always equal Rich
02:11because a lot of these celebs just be
02:13living fake lives for the gram anywho he
02:15didn't even have enough money to start
02:17his Club because projects like that be
02:19costing a whole lot of money but Mary
02:21being the lover girl that she was
02:22decided to invest in his club and she
02:25pooled her life savings of 250 000 into
02:29Steve's Club because she has so much
02:31faith in him she even helped out with
02:33the design interiors and other stuff for
02:35the club so not only did she put her
02:37money into it but she also put her sweat
02:39into it as well talk about the ultimate
02:42lover girl it was after this that Mary
02:44discovered that Steve was married with
02:46three whole kids imagine supporting your
02:49man for years and investing a quarter of
02:51a million dollars into his business then
02:54you find out that he had an entire
02:55family that he kept hidden from you ciao
02:58it would be my 13 freezer and for real
03:00but Steve managed to convince her that
03:02he was in the process of divorcing his
03:04first wife Marsha so Mary stayed they
03:07got married in 1996 and had their son
03:09Winton Harvey in 1997. but y'all know
03:12what they say once a chi is always a
03:15cheat and this was true in the case of
03:17Steve and Mary because Steve continued
03:19cheating on her for a large part of
03:21their marriage by this time Steve was
03:23getting even more popular and was
03:25starting to make real money so quite
03:27naturally women started to flock around
03:29him and he had one particular side piece
03:31that he kept for years a woman named
03:33Terry Smith and he seemed to be really
03:35into her y'all know how side pieces
03:37often have a crazy amount of audacity
03:40well Terry certainly had a lot of
03:43audacity and she even wrote a note to
03:45Mary informing her that she was having
03:47an affair with Steve Mary still stayed
03:49with Steve who continued his affair with
03:51Terry for nine years they eventually got
03:54divorced in 2005 and honestly it's
03:56nothing short of a miracle that the
03:58marriage even lasted that long to begin
04:00with five seconds after he and Mary
04:02filed for divorce he started dating
04:04Marjorie Bridges who later became
04:06Marjorie Harvey now people have always
04:08speculated that Steve had been cheating
04:10or married with Marjorie before they
04:12even divorced but the couple has always
04:14denied it in fact a lot of people
04:16believe that Marjorie actually trapped
04:18Steve into marriage because of how
04:19quickly they seem to move on after his
04:21divorce plus she somehow managed to
04:23convince Steve not to get a prenup
04:25before they got married which is just
04:27wild when you think about it because if
04:29things go south between them she could
04:31take up to half of everything he has
04:33Steve was already a millionaire when
04:35they got married so it's not like she
04:37could claim that she was with him from
04:38the bottom plus let's not get over the
04:41fact that she convinced Steve to adopt
04:42all three of her children that she had
04:44from previous relationships he gave them
04:46his last name provided for them and
04:48treated them like his own now sure Steve
04:50was a decent man for doing that but I
04:52don't think we give Marjorie enough
04:53credit for how much she was able to
04:55finesse Steve okay she was the OG
04:58Material Girl and now she's got Steve
05:01Trapp because he ain't going nowhere
05:03also Marjorie herself has a very shady
05:05pass Marjorie was under investigation in
05:08the 90s while she was married to drug
05:09lord Jim L Townsend who was indicted for
05:12attempting to buy 40 kilos of sugar if
05:14you know what I mean he was also
05:16sentenced to life in prison but only
05:18served 26 years after being granted a
05:20pardon by then President Barack Obama at
05:23the time the FBI also wanted Marjorie
05:25because they suspected that she played a
05:27role in the drug ring and authorities
05:29told Jim that his wife would be arrested
05:31as they had substantial evidence of her
05:33own illegal activities but her then
05:35husband Jim could a deal with the
05:36authorities to leave Marjorie out of it
05:38he took the fall because Marjorie was
05:40eight months pregnant with their second
05:41child Jason and he also said he feared
05:44their five-year-old daughter Morgan
05:45would be left without a mother if he
05:47didn't take a plea deal and guess what
05:49after Jim Marjorie was also linked to
05:51another drug dealer Donnell Woods who is
05:54the father of Lori and then there was
05:56also rumors that Donnell happens to be
05:58Jimmy's cousin so for Mark surgery to
06:00move from Jimmy to Donnell that's just
06:02wild anywho Mary and Steve split he
06:06moved on with Marjorie and well things
06:08should have been okay right ain't wrong
06:10because they got into a crazy legal
06:12battle especially over custody of their
06:14son Winton who was a minor at the time
06:16Mary claimed that Steve was violent
06:18toward him and she claimed that the
06:19divorce left her ruined because she lost
06:21everything including her business her
06:24cars and she even got evicted from the
06:26home that she shared with Steve in the
06:28divorce even more Steve never paid her
06:30the divorce settlement money that she
06:32was ordered to by the court she also
06:34exposed Steve for allegedly hitting
06:36their son whenever he went over to Steve
06:38and marjorie's for visitation she
06:40claimed that Winton told her that Steve
06:42once punched him in the chest so hard
06:44that he got the wind knocked out of him
06:45she claimed that Winton once came back
06:47from Steve's Place beaten and bloodied
06:49and had bruises all over him it was so
06:52bad that Mary claimed that Winton
06:54couldn't pee for days she called the
06:56police who came over and took pictures
06:57as evidence but then they concluded that
07:00Steve wasn't a source of danger to the
07:02boy and they closed the investigation
07:03soon after that Steve sued for sole
07:06custody and won which means that went to
07:08now lived with him permanently and it
07:10was the end of the last times that she
07:12saw Winton because she claimed that
07:14Steve soon turned their son against her
07:16what's more he fouled a motion to put a
07:19gag order on Mary so she couldn't talk
07:21about the case publicly but he had no
07:23gag order meaning that he was free to
07:25talk about it as much as he liked which
07:26is just messed up someone commented
07:28based on the timelines and all the
07:30different information I've heard about
07:32Steve in his relationship history he
07:34clearly used Mary to come up and had no
07:36intentions of staying with her
07:37permanently he was still married to his
07:39first wife when he first met Marjorie
07:41and told her he was going to marry her
07:43one day and then he ended up marrying
07:45Mary first so that just tells me he was
07:47not in a place where Marjorie was
07:48willing to accept him or he didn't feel
07:50worthy of her at the time so he used
07:52Mary to come up another person said he
07:55did marry so terrible she never
07:57recovered emotionally from that trauma
07:59and this other person tweeted this is
08:01why I would never build a man up or
08:03invest in him heck to the no for me to
08:05then turn around and give the best to
08:07another woman no way in hell so what do
08:09you guys think do you guys think Steve
08:11did marry dirty or do you think she's
08:12just being the bitter ex let me know
08:14your thoughts and if you think this
08:16drama is messy just wait until you see
08:17the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the truth behind Steve Harvey's ex-wife, Mary, exposing his alleged abuse?

Mary claims that Steve Harvey abused her and their son, and she also reveals that Steve cheated on her throughout their marriage. She alleges that Steve mistreated their son and won sole custody in a legal battle.

2. How did Mary reveal that Steve cheated on her?

Mary exposes that Steve allegedly cheated on her throughout their marriage, despite the infidelity, she stayed with him. The revelation sheds light on the infidelity issues in their relationship.

3. What are the allegations made by Mary against Steve Harvey's current wife, Marjorie?

Mary claims that Steve's current wife, Marjorie, trapped him into marriage. The allegations raise questions about the dynamics of Steve's current marriage and the role of Marjorie.

4. How did Steve Harvey allegedly mistreat their son?

Mary reveals that Steve allegedly mistreated their son, which resulted in her winning sole custody in a legal battle. This sheds light on the family dynamics and the alleged mistreatment by Steve.

5. What impact does Mary's expose have on Steve Harvey's public image?

Mary's expose raises questions about Steve Harvey's behavior and treatment of his family, impacting his public image and reputation. It may lead to public scrutiny and discussions about Steve's personal life.

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