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Target has lost $10 billion in one week following a boycott over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing, as people are fed up with corporations pushing their agendas; Target's stock has dropped 12.5% and they have lost $9 billion in market cap. This is part of a larger trend where corporations are facing backlash for forcing certain agendas on people.
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Target has lost $10 billion in one week following a boycott over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing.
Target's stock price has plummeted from $160.96 to [unknown value] in one week.
The boycott is a result of people saying "enough is enough" in the culture war.
The video suggests that corporations are promoting certain agendas to win votes and support from minorities.
Target faces backlash and removes LGBTQ+ merchandise from stores ahead of Pride Month due to intense customer backlash.
Some customers confronted workers and tipped over displays in protest.
The CEO's remarks and the push for corporations to sign up for the ESG movement are believed to be the driving force behind this decision.
Threats and abuse towards staff have been reported, although they are not responsible for forcing the agenda.
Target CEO defends LGBTQ-friendly merchandise, while some customers are angry about Pride displays and satanic-themed clothing.
Target CEO Brian Cornell supports LGBTQ-friendly merchandise, stating it's the right thing for society.
Some customers are upset about Pride displays and threatening videos posted on social media.
Concerns raised about the inclusion of satanic-themed clothing in front of children.
Target declined to specify which items it was removing but acknowledged the backlash.
Target may suffer financially if conservatives boycott the store due to their perceived support of the LGBTQ+ community.
Conservative commentator Tommy Lawrence predicts Target's business will suffer in the same way Bud Light did, losing $20 billion in market capitalization.
Bud Light's sales have dropped for six consecutive weeks down 25% versus a year ago in the most recent week.
Target's support for the LGBTQ+ community is perceived by some as propaganda and for profit.
There are concerns that the LGBTQ+ community is being normalized to the point where it could lead to acceptance of inappropriate behavior.
00:00ladies and gentlemen it is happening
00:02Target is collapsing they have lost 10
00:04billion dollars just this week alone and
00:06this is a huge shift that's happening in
00:09the culture War right now people are
00:10saying enough is enough and also you may
00:12be wondering why are all corporations
00:15doing this at the same time well I'm
00:18gonna uncover why they're doing this all
00:19at the same time and also a new
00:22investing strategy well with one of
00:24these companies announced that they're
00:25going to promote these products just
00:27short it to zero because investors are
00:29voting with their wallets and they're
00:31saying enough is enough so everyone how
00:33much is Target going to crash how much
00:35is that stock going to crash well that's
00:36exactly what I want to cover in today's
00:38video so let's not waste any time let's
00:40get straight into the news the facts and
00:42the data look at this everyone Target
00:43loses 9 billion in one week following
00:46boycott over the lgbtq friendly kids
00:49clothing now I just want to say up front
00:50that I have nothing wrong with the lgbtq
00:53community and many gay lesbian friends I
00:55have Etc they're great people and
00:57they're not forcing this agenda on
00:59people but what we're seeing is the
01:01global Elites of hijacked this agenda
01:04they're using it to push their
01:05propaganda and they're using it to win
01:08votes by saying they're going to support
01:09all these minorities meanwhile how these
01:13minorities communities doing while
01:14they're doing worse than ever are they
01:16getting ahead no but they're using this
01:18community to say yes look how supportive
01:20we are over here meanwhile they're
01:21stripping your rights and privileges and
01:23your freedoms over there so a week ago
01:25Wednesday before the controversy erupted
01:27Target stock closed at
01:29160.96 a share given the big box chain a
01:32market capitalization of 74.3 billion
01:35they'll go to the stock price here
01:37everyone we can see it's crashed all the
01:38way down to
01:40140.75 that's down 12.5 percent just in
01:44one week and they've lost nine billion
01:47dollars in their market cap so we're
01:48starting to see this as a massive
01:49massive Trend we saw what happened with
01:51all these big companies uh promoting a
01:54certain person that you cannot even say
01:56otherwise your videos will get deleted
01:57or censored that if they start forcing
02:00this agenda on people people are saying
02:02enough is enough stop shoving it in my
02:04face right left front and center I'm
02:06sure like me many people don't care what
02:08these people do in their private life
02:10that's their life it's up to them but
02:13don't throw it in our face all day every
02:15day and also in front of our children
02:17now as a father of two young boys this
02:20hits very close to home for me so Target
02:22said on Tuesday was removing some items
02:24from the stores and making other changes
02:26to which lgbtq plus uh merchandise
02:29Nationwide ahead of pride month after
02:32intense backlash from some customers who
02:34confronted workers and tipped over
02:35display so this is people saying enough
02:38is enough people are starting to get
02:39outraged and the thing is you have to
02:42start to take a stand now people because
02:44it will keep on going if you give them
02:46an inch they will take a mile and
02:48they're always trying to test the
02:50population to see how much can they
02:52force on the people before people say
02:54enough is enough and take a stand and
02:56that's why I'm posting this video
02:57tagging stand right now I'm putting
02:59myself in the the risk of losing my
03:01Channel at losing subscribers losing
03:03support but there comes a time where you
03:05have to pay the price grow some
03:06co-owners and speak up since introducing
03:09this year's collection we've experienced
03:10threats impacting our team members sense
03:12of safety and well-being while at work
03:14now people there's no reason to threaten
03:16or get angry or abuse the staff it is
03:19not them forcing this agenda on people
03:21it's the CEO which has said some remarks
03:24that I think are absolutely crazy it's a
03:26global Elite it's the ESG movement
03:29that's really why these corporations are
03:31pushing this and that's why I've tried
03:33to warn people about this ESG
03:35environmental social and governance
03:37they're trying to force corporations to
03:39sign up for this and then what they do
03:41is they give them a score now this is
03:43kind of like a social credit score for
03:45major corporations they get a bad score
03:47while they're not going to get funding
03:49but I hope a time will come when they'll
03:51say look this ESG score isn't worth it
03:54because yes I may not be able to get
03:56credit but at least I won't go bankrupt
03:58given these volatile circumstances we
04:00are making adjustment to our plans
04:01including removing items that have been
04:03at the center of most significant
04:05confrontational Behavior again it was
04:07Rainbow clothing or whatever maybe fair
04:09enough but we're seeing some things that
04:11are absolutely sickening like tuck
04:13friendly underwear and satanic clothing
04:16as well Target said customers knocked
04:18down Pride displays at some stores angry
04:20approaching workers and posted
04:21threatening videos on social media from
04:23inside the stores well I think I found
04:25him everyone the right wing extremist
04:28economic ninja just kidding he did a
04:30great video covering this now again
04:32investors are not very happy at all but
04:34way to hear what Target CEO is saying so
04:36Target CEO Brian Cornell has defended
04:38the lgbtq friendly merchandise saying
04:41it's a right thing for society so this
04:43is what the global Elites are thinking
04:45they're thinking we need to force this
04:47on the children that are very
04:49susceptible you know I could tell my son
04:51that the sky is green and he'd probably
04:54believe me and it's absolutely sickening
04:55for example you can't buy alcohol
04:57cigarettes until you're 21 but you can
04:59take take these pills that ruin your
05:01hormones for life and have life-changing
05:04surgery that is irreversible I don't
05:06know about you but I made a lot of dumb
05:08decisions before I was 21 but
05:10unfortunately if for example a boy plays
05:13with a bit of makeup or plays with a
05:14doll well that's it he's a girl you need
05:16to put him on hormone therapy right now
05:18again as a father of two young boys this
05:20is very very worrying for me and I'm
05:22doing everything I can to monitor what
05:24they're watching online and also what
05:26the teachers are teaching them in school
05:27Target declined to specify Wednesday
05:29which items it was removing but among
05:31the ones that gun that most attention
05:32were tuck friendly woman whimsuits that
05:35allow trans women who have not had
05:36gender affirming operation to conceal
05:38their private parts but people one of
05:40the most concerning things I think is
05:42these satanic things they're putting in
05:44front of our children and for people
05:46that seem to not believe in God a lot of
05:48these Global Elites these Global
05:50Corporation leaders they sure do seem to
05:53believe in Satan so designs by a brella
05:55in a london-based company that designs
05:57and sells a cult and satanic theme LGBT
05:59Q Plus clothing and accessories has also
06:02created backlash Target confirmed that
06:04its movies Pride for merging Dice from
06:05the front of the stores to the back of
06:06swords in some southern stores after
06:08confrontations and backlash from
06:10Shoppers in those areas so this is
06:12showing us everybody we have a tool we
06:15are finally winning a glancer global
06:16Elite's agenda and these corporations
06:18pushing these agendas that we don't
06:21believe in and the most powerful thing
06:22you can do is vote with your wallet
06:24because the only reason these
06:25corporations are doing this is because
06:27they think it's going to get them a
06:28higher ESG score and more funding but
06:30once they realize if they push this it's
06:31going to make them go bankrupt they're
06:33going to flip in a second if you think
06:35they're doing this because they really
06:36care about this community no they're
06:38using it for propaganda and for profit
06:40again this is some of the closing
06:41they're putting in stores which is
06:43absolutely sickening conservative
06:44commentator Tommy Lawrence said on
06:46Tuesday that Target is about to see its
06:47business suffer in the same way Bud
06:49Light did that's exactly where I run we
06:51all saw what happened with Bud Light
06:52they have lost about 20 billion dollars
06:54in market capitalization and they're
06:56practically giving things away for free
06:58now they said I think target really soon
07:00is about to find out what happens when
07:01conservatives shop or rather don't shop
07:03because they are about to get Bud
07:04lighted Bud Light has seen its sales
07:06drop for some six consecutive weeks down
07:0825 percent versus a year ago in the most
07:10recent week so I'm sure what you're
07:12wanting to know is okay why are they
07:13doing this if it does not make any
07:15business sense whatsoever and what is
07:18their real agenda well this is something
07:19that I've been wandering all along now
07:21what we're starting to see the latest
07:23propaganda that they're starting to push
07:25with this lgbtq plus Community is
07:28something very very disturbing they're
07:31starting to say well for example a male
07:33that's 40 years old well if he's in love
07:36with a 13 year old and they can send
07:38there's nothing wrong about it you know
07:40it's totally normal they're in love it's
07:42okay no people it's not okay and this is
07:45a prime example where you give them an
07:47inch they'll take a mile first it just
07:49starts with inch by inch you know for
07:51example you boil a frog by slowly
07:54turning up the heat if you turn up too
07:55high people gonna say well enough is
07:57enough because what's one thing the
07:59global leads can't buy with their
08:00billions that's right a relationship
08:02with a minor we all saw what came out of
08:05the Epstein Island and absolute Horror
08:07Stories We heard from there there was a
08:09conspiracy theory for many years but of
08:12course came out to be true well that's
08:14what I fear the most the global Elites
08:16trying to make it legal for adults to
08:18have relationships with minors but
08:20everyone what do you think about this
08:22let me know down below now for my lore
08:24viewers and subscribers to watching
08:25you're awesome thanks for watching I'll
08:27see you all in the next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why has Target lost $10 billion in one week?

Target has lost $10 billion in one week following a boycott over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing, as people are fed up with corporations pushing their agendas. This has led to a significant drop in Target's stock and market cap.

2. What is the reason behind the drop in Target's stock by 12.5%?

The main reason behind the 12.5% drop in Target's stock is the boycott over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing, which has caused people to express their frustration with corporations pushing specific agendas. This has contributed to the significant loss in market value for Target.

3. How much market cap has Target lost and why?

Target has lost $9 billion in market cap due to the backlash from the boycott over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing. The market cap loss is a result of people expressing their discontent with corporations imposing certain agendas, leading to a significant decline in Target's value.

4. What trend is Target's loss a part of?

Target's loss of $10 billion and the backlash over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing is part of a larger trend where corporations are facing resistance for forcing specific agendas on people. This trend reflects a growing sentiment of frustration among consumers towards corporate activism.

5. How has the backlash affected Target's financial position?

The backlash over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing has negatively impacted Target's financial position, resulting in a $10 billion loss and a 12.5% drop in stock value. Additionally, Target has incurred a substantial loss of $9 billion in market cap, signaling a significant financial setback for the company.

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