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This video provides 20 helpful tips for playing Skyrim in Survival Mode, including ways to stay warm, gather food, and manage your inventory. It also covers strategies for dealing with diseases, finding beds, and utilizing the favorites list. Additionally, it suggests adopting a child and using a horse for increased mobility and carry weight.
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The speaker discusses 20 new player tips for playing Skyrim in survival mode, highlighting the introduction of challenging changes to gameplay and the importance of managing vitals such as cold, fatigue, and hunger.
Survival mode introduces challenging changes to gameplay and new features that make Skyrim a harsh wilderness.
Vitals like cold, fatigue, and hunger affect the character's health, Magicka, stamina, and skills, making it necessary to manage them.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of keeping warm, showcasing the effectiveness of fur armor with a high warmth rating compared to the base leather set.
Carry torches and make vegetable soup for survival in Skyrim
Carrying torches can slow the effects of cold when standing next to your follower
Vegetable soup is an easy and effective food source that passively restores health over 12 minutes
Fishing and hunting are also good ways to gather food in the game
Using the calm spell can make hunting easier.
In Survival Mode, it is recommended to make or buy a backpack to increase your carry weight.
Backpacks can be crafted with one corundum ingot and three to five leather.
Different variants of backpacks provide skill benefits such as increased bow damage, Magicka, lock picking, or stamina.
Keeping a bottle of honningbrew mead is useful for a dialogue option with revelers on the road, which can reward you with a charmed necklace increasing carrying capacity.
In Skyrim Survival Mode, players need to pay 100 gold to clear shrines, can buy a necklace of disease immunity in Solitude, and doing favors can provide access to free items and beds.
Clearing shrines in Survival Mode costs 100 gold each time.
In Solitude, players can buy a necklace of disease immunity for protection against vampirism.
Doing favors in Survival Mode can provide access to free items, beds, and housing.
There are many hidden beds and spots to sleep in Skyrim, even in the middle of nowhere.
Tips for surviving in Skyrim Anniversary Edition's Survival Mode
Use fire salts to make hot variants of certain foods, which increase warmth by 25 points for 5 minutes and restore 200 points of cold
Build a campsite in places like the Throat of the World to warm up and restore health quickly
Use the Favorites list for everything, including abilities, camping supplies, fishing rod, healing spells, weapons, potions, and food
Claim Golden Hills and set it up with a steward and farm hands to gather resources and make gold, which is more resource-intensive in Survival Mode.
00:03how's it going guys I'm Mike the gaming
00:05dad and welcome back to the channel
00:07a few months ago I did a video on my
00:09channel called 20 new player tips I wish
00:11I knew when I first started playing
00:12Skyrim as I wanted to share some of the
00:15things I'd learned over the years
00:16playing this game and I welcomed you all
00:18to share your tips in the comments and I
00:20really enjoyed reading though so thank
00:22you to everyone who shared theirs I'm
00:24almost at the end of the first chapter
00:25in my survival mode Let's play series
00:27where we are tackling the main campaign
00:29so I wanted to do a part two video where
00:32I give 20 new player tips I wish I knew
00:34when I first started playing survival
00:36mode some of this will be beginner
00:38focused so I expect most players to at
00:40least know some of this but hopefully
00:42you learned something new and it
00:44inspires some of you to start your own
00:45Survival Mode campaign
00:48so what is survival mode well survival
00:51mode introduces several challenging
00:53changes to gameplay and new gameplay
00:55features that turn Skyrim into a harsh
00:57cold Wilderness I won't go over all of
00:59these but the most telling of these are
01:01your vitals your character will feel the
01:04cold suffer from fatigue and get hungry
01:06just as you would you can see the
01:09effects of these here
01:10the cold range your health makes you
01:13move slower and some skills are harder
01:14to do
01:15tiredness reduces your Magicka makes
01:18Magicka and stamina regen slower and
01:20Potions aren't as effective and hunger
01:22reduces your stamina makes you weaker
01:25with weapons and less effective using
01:27Shields and sneaking so it's quite
01:29debilitating you simply cannot ignore
01:32you'll see the effects of your overall
01:34stats on the skills tree as well I mean
01:36look at them all currently below 100
01:40this makes sleeping eating and keeping
01:42warm a necessity
01:45so what is the best way of keeping warm
01:47well you know that fur armor that you
01:50mostly ignore in the base game because
01:51it's weaker look at this
01:54this is a base leather set that I'm
01:56currently wearing it has a warmth rating
01:58of 71 and an armor rating of 58. let's
02:02just equip this first set for now the
02:04long sleeve version
02:06and see the armor rating has dropped
02:07from 58 to 50 but the warmth rating has
02:10nearly doubled to 131 so best Amber
02:14doesn't always necessarily mean the most
02:16suitable fur is your friend and you're
02:18going to want to keep a set on you at
02:19all times if you plan on going anywhere
02:22it's worth noting as well that some
02:24races have starting benefits and
02:26weaknesses to your warmth rating I'll
02:28cover this at the beginning of episode
02:29one of my let's play if you are
02:33I'll also mention that if you do want to
02:35get a full set of Furs the fur helmet
02:37often won't show up on Bandits and stuff
02:39but you can get this very early on in
02:41the game
02:42the location you want is this one White
02:44River Watch just east of Whiterun
02:51once you've dealt with the handful of
02:54Bandits near the entrance if you head
02:55inside and up this ladder and then just
02:57around here to the left you'll find the
02:59helmet on a table
03:07another good way of keeping warm is by
03:09carrying torches it's always good to
03:11make sure you have a couple of these and
03:13I also recommend giving one to your
03:15follower if you carry one and they carry
03:17one and you stand next to each other
03:19it'll help slow the effects of the cold
03:21as you wander the wilderness
03:23torches don't last long when you equip
03:25them it's about four minutes I think but
03:27the good thing is if you unequip them
03:29and re-equip them before that four
03:31minutes is up it starts to count down
03:34I also like the idea of carrying torches
03:36now it felt like before they were merely
03:39cosmetic whereas now they have an actual
03:40purpose in Skyrim
03:45so what about Hunger well obviously you
03:48need food to satisfy this and my advice
03:50would be don't be afraid to scavenge I
03:54go into full hunter-gatherer mode when
03:55playing Survival Skyrim the farms around
03:58whiterunner make a great spot for
04:00collecting a few vegetables
04:03there's a multitude of food to eat and
04:05recipes to cook in Skyrim but the
04:07Cornerstone should always be vegetable
04:09soup it's so easy to make yet it's hands
04:12down one off if not the best food source
04:14in Skyrim it's filling
04:17and most importantly it passively
04:19restores your health over 12 minutes and
04:21this is massive because one of the
04:23changes in survival mode is that your
04:25health doesn't regenerate you actually
04:27have to raise it either with magic a
04:29potion or food
04:31another excellent way of getting food is
04:33by fishing now I was skeptical of
04:35fishing at first when it was added into
04:37the game but now I absolutely love it it
04:40adds such a nice new level of immersion
04:42into a fantastic world so always carry a
04:44rod with you and look out for spots in
04:46the game where you can cast out
04:50some fishing spots may also have some
04:52pre-cart fish on them already which you
04:55can help yourself to like these salmon
04:57outside Riverwood
05:04if you do want to gather your own food
05:06rather than buy it then you are going to
05:08also want to go hunting I recommend
05:10using the calm spell if you do it makes
05:13hunting a lot easier unless you want the
05:15challenge of course I'll just
05:17demonstrate this now
05:19cast it on any prayer you are pursuing
05:21and it does what it says on the tin
05:22calms them down so they no longer flee
05:24from you and now you can make an easy
05:26kill and grab your pelts and meat
05:33again I like that hunting now feels like
05:36it has a tangible purpose beforehand it
05:38was something I can't say I actively
05:40pursued maybe just to grab a pill every
05:42now and again but now it feels like it's
05:44rooted in the mechanics of the game
05:54one last point on Hunting if you want to
05:57get your hands on a lot of pelts early
05:58on head over to Green Spring Hollow
06:01which is west of Whiterun
06:03you'll need to kill a saber cat or bear
06:05here but at this location will be a
06:07hunter that has unfortunately been
06:08killed there's a load of pelts and meat
06:11here plus some ingredients gold and a
06:13chest worth picking as well
06:27survivor mode also Cuts your base carry
06:29away in half from 300 to 150 now I
06:33highly recommend you make yourself a
06:34backpack as early as possible or buy one
06:37it's up to you they're easy to make and
06:39we're taking one corundum Ingot and
06:42between three and five letters
06:44three levers do the standard backpacks
06:46four standard with a bed roll and then
06:48four does the backpacks with skill
06:50benefits and five does these with a bed
06:54the reform that increased skills the
06:56hunter variant raises bow damage by 10
06:58the Mage variant increases your Magicka
07:01by 20 points the thief variant makes
07:04lock picking 15 easier and the
07:06adventurer backpack increases your
07:08stamina by 20 points I'll make this last
07:12see here how my carry weight is 150 and
07:16this will jump to 225 when wearing this
07:18a necessity I feel for survival mode of
07:23when you first get to Riverwood you can
07:25talk to Gerda for a few free items one
07:28of the items I recommend picking up is
07:29the honningbrew Mead not to drink it now
07:32well not all of it at least keep one of
07:35these on you at all times
07:40if for whatever reason she doesn't have
07:42it you can get some more of this down at
07:44hotting Brew Meadery near Whiterun in
07:47this Barrel here you'll find a stack of
07:56now the reason why you want to keep hold
07:58of one of these is if you ever encounter
08:00the revelers on the road these are the
08:02three drunk Nords who will approach you
08:04on site and offer you a bottle of mead
08:13if you already have one on you you get
08:15another dialogue option here why only
08:18have one bottle when you can have two
08:27this good deed should not go unrewarded
08:30here take this
08:32select this and you get given a Charmed
08:34necklace and the revelers then depart
08:41the charm necklace increases your
08:42carrying capacity by 25 points you can
08:45either carry this and wear it if needed
08:47or disenchance it and learn the
08:49enchantment for yourself
08:52another effect of survival mode is it
08:54makes diseases more of a problem
08:55beforehand they just weren't an issue at
08:58all now there are more diseases and some
09:01come in three stages ranging from the
09:03first stage which progresses to severe
09:05and then finally to crippling and you
09:08aren't going to want this to happen
09:09trust me
09:10so keep an eye on your active effects
09:12from time to time
09:14and this means that you are likely going
09:15to want to carry a few of these on your
09:17possession as well just in case you
09:19contract something
09:22and this is because you can't simply
09:24pray a shrine to clear them all anymore
09:25it costs 100 gold at a time to do so in
09:28survival mode
09:34what you may want to do eventually
09:35though is your character levels and get
09:37stronger is head up to Solitude and go
09:39to radiant Raymond
09:41this isn't the only location by the way
09:43it's just a strong one as a selection it
09:45is usually pretty good here
09:46now what they may sell is a necklace of
09:49disease immunity and it's this one you
09:51want the 100 version not disease
09:53resistance which only gives 50 percent
09:56now I recommend this for any player who
09:58are survival mode switched on who is
10:00either going to be facing the Dawnguard
10:02questline or is planning on going to any
10:04location with vampires
10:06Contracting sanguine vampiris in Vampire
10:09layers just seems to happen so easily
10:11but wear this through these Dungeons and
10:13you're golden
10:14doing favors has always been beneficial
10:17in Skyrim some give you neat items oh
10:20heck maybe you just do them because you
10:21like being nice
10:23it's worthwhile doing in survival mode
10:24for a few reasons for example helping
10:27Sven off angle with our love triangle at
10:29the star will give you access to their
10:31home and they will allow you to take
10:33basic low value items if you want so
10:36these weapons you can all take and all
10:39this food here are yours if you want it
10:44you also get access to their bed so it's
10:46a great way of getting a place to sleep
10:48for free
10:51speaking of beds there are loads of ways
10:53of getting a place to lay your head down
10:54around Skyrim there's an abandoned house
10:57just outside of white run here
11:04and inside there's a partially hidden
11:06chest which doesn't contain much
11:08but you could deposit some stuff here
11:10for later if you needed
11:14there's also a bed here as well which
11:16you can use
11:17you'd be surprised how many little spots
11:19of a bedroom tucked away so don't panic
11:21if you find yourself in the middle of
11:22nowhere without a camp you might be
11:24close to a bed than you think
11:30when you get to one of the major cities
11:32I recommend chopping some wood it's good
11:34for a few reasons
11:36firstly if you sell it to the local end
11:39you'll get a small amount of gold and
11:41this counts as a favor similar to
11:43helping feignal before now you can take
11:46items of low value like with Sweet Roll
11:48terrible but it's actually quite amusing
11:51because now you could literally empty
11:52the entire in kitchen of all the food
11:59what is also good is you need to make
12:00camping supplies and these are an
12:03essential item in Skyrim for exploring
12:04the Wilds
12:08when you get to towns and cities I also
12:10recommend making a point of checking all
12:12the vendors for two items fire salts and
12:16and luckily for me Arcadia here has two
12:18of both of these
12:23salt is an essential item in Skyrim like
12:2690 of the food you make in Scout room
12:28needs it so if you have lots of meat to
12:30cook off you'll need salt
12:33now fire salts are useful as with these
12:35you can make hot variants of certain
12:36foods like a hot vegetable soup for
12:40the main difference with the hot version
12:41is it increases your warmth by 25 points
12:44for five minutes and restores 200 pints
12:47of cold now this can be a lifesaver in
12:49Winterhold trust me
12:52the throat of the world presents a
12:54problem in survival mode you have to
12:56come up here like three times at least
12:57in the main storyline and each time you
13:00either get a cut scene or in a long
13:01conversation with parthenax
13:04you'll then end up looking like this
13:05freezing cold and close to death oh
13:10well build a campsite up here
13:13it may not seem like it would work in
13:15real life but it does take a seat next
13:17to your fire and watch my healthier
13:26back up to normal in no time
13:29now I'm going to have a bite to eat and
13:31a quick nap
13:46and now my vitals are in tip top shape
13:48we're ready for another long monologue
13:50from parthenax
14:00this is more of an overall tip rather
14:02than just survival mode specific but use
14:04your favorites list for everything I'm
14:07guilty all the time of only using this
14:09for say a weapon and some spells that I
14:11cycle through but you can put everything
14:13in here right now I've got an ability my
14:17camping supplies my fishing rod a
14:20healing spell a bow my potions of cure
14:23disease and minor healing my ax and my
14:26vegetable soup it's like I'll never need
14:28to open up my items ever again
14:33I also recommend at some point claim
14:35Golden Hills and set it up with a
14:37steward Farm hands and all available
14:39buildings gold is very useful in
14:41survival mode as it's far more resource
14:45this place basically becomes a gold mine
14:47every time you pass there you can
14:49collect your profits good to see a
14:51familiar face so far from home
14:54very good sir
14:57and it's also great for Gathering
14:59resources it'll give you eggs honey milk
15:03plus any ingredients you have planted in
15:05the fields
15:09I feel like restoration magic is
15:11underrated it's always been strong in my
15:13eyes Paladin type characters are really
15:15strong builds but in survival mode
15:17because of the lack of health regen it
15:19becomes even stronger it's basically
15:21like a healing potion that doesn't weigh
15:24I also recommend some of the restoration
15:26perks as well these are among some of
15:29the best in the game
15:31avoid death is excellent although it's a
15:33very end game one
15:35I recommend recovery for anyone using
15:41regeneration is essential for anyone
15:43using restoration magic and respite is
15:46strong for any character
15:54you may also want to adopt a child when
15:56in survival mode it can be quite a
15:58wholesome experience anyway but it gives
16:00you a nice perk as well
16:02you don't need to do this via the
16:04orphanage in Jim rifton this is just
16:06where I did it
16:14children and decide who you'd like to
16:17once you've made a decision I'll collect
16:19their things and be sure they make it
16:21over to your house
16:23and once a child is at home with you you
16:25actually get a new Sleeping bonus
16:29see here I now have Father's Love as
16:32well as lovers comfort from having a
16:33spouse and what fathers our Mother's
16:36Love does is it increases the potency of
16:38healing spells and potions by 25 for
16:41eight hours and this is a really useful
16:43perk to be able to pick up
16:47I haven't actually done this on my
16:48let's play but it's worthwhile getting a
16:51you can do this either by taming a wild
16:53horse you can pick up a map from a
16:55stable or you can buy a horse directly
16:58from them as shown here
17:00you've got the deal
17:02it's the one with the saddle
17:04horses not only help you get around
17:06Skyrim I haven't actually mentioned yet
17:08fast travel is disabled although you
17:11probably already knew that
17:13but they also provide you with valuable
17:14carry away if you can't run due to
17:16carrying too much you can walk at normal
17:18speed when on a horse
17:22and probably the best horse in the game
17:24though is arvak who you can get in the
17:26soul can
17:27having our back means you have a seat at
17:29your fingertips if you ever need one
17:31without running the risk of leaving a
17:33real horse somewhere or running off to
17:35attack some Bandits and getting itself
17:36killed as my horses seem to love getting
17:39involved in fights
17:44and my last tip is talk to everyone and
17:47get all quests especially when in major
17:49cities because you can't fast travel
17:51once you leave City Falkreath it's
17:54likely going to be a while before you
17:56are back again
17:57if you have loads of quests available as
17:59shown here it's likely that you can tick
18:02off lots of stages in one particular
18:04area at a time
18:05and this is going to save you a lot of
18:07time in the long run rather than going
18:09backwards and forwards all the time
18:11as you can see on my map here in some of
18:13the major holes there are lots of quest
18:15markers available all in one place so
18:18Whiterun has three
18:19Winterhold has four
18:22and Riften has maybe five or six here so
18:25it makes a lot of sense to box
18:26everything off in one area before you
18:28move on
18:30and that's my list of 20 tips I wish I
18:32knew when I first started survival mode
18:34I hope this has helped you or maybe
18:36inspired you to give it a go for the
18:38first time I'm Mike the gaming dad and
18:40I'll see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are some helpful tips for playing Skyrim in Survival Mode?

Some helpful tips for playing Skyrim in Survival Mode include ways to stay warm, gather food, and manage your inventory. It also covers strategies for dealing with diseases, finding beds, and utilizing the favorites list.

2. How can I stay warm while playing Skyrim in Survival Mode?

To stay warm while playing Skyrim in Survival Mode, you can build a fire, find shelter, or wear warm clothing. Keeping a close eye on your temperature is essential to surviving in the cold environment.

3. What strategies can I use to gather food in Skyrim Survival Mode?

In Skyrim Survival Mode, you can gather food by hunting, fishing, or foraging for ingredients. It's important to keep a supply of food to maintain your character's energy and health.

4. How do I manage my inventory effectively in Skyrim Survival Mode?

Managing your inventory effectively in Skyrim Survival Mode involves prioritizing essential items, storing excess inventory in a safe location, and being mindful of the weight of your equipment and supplies.

5. What are the benefits of adopting a child and using a horse in Skyrim Survival Mode?

Adopting a child in Skyrim Survival Mode provides a home with additional benefits and companionship, while using a horse allows increased mobility and carry weight capacity for transporting supplies and equipment.

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