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The video discusses how MagnatesMedia's YouTube channel was at risk of being deleted due to false copyright strikes filed by Alex Edson, who bought the channel Business Casual, leading to a legal battle and attempts to silence creators who spoke out against him. The YouTube community rallied together to support MagnatesMedia, leading to the resolution of the situation.
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The channel MagnatesMedia almost got permanently deleted due to false copyright strikes filed by a user named Alex Edson.
MagnatesMedia received an email from YouTube stating that their channel would be deleted in 7 days due to 3 copyright strikes.
Alex Edson filed the copyright strikes, claiming that MagnatesMedia used a few seconds of similar footage in their videos.
The footage in question was public domain images with basic animation applied, which Alex Edson did not own.
MagnatesMedia reached out to Alex Edson to resolve the issue, but received no response.
MagnatesMedia's videos were frozen due to copyright strikes filed by Alex Edson, even though the disputed footage was only a few seconds long and not identical.
The effects in MagnatesMedia's videos were different from Alex Edson's, even though they had a few similar seconds.
MagnatesMedia's editor recorded the editing timeline to prove that custom effects were created.
Alex Edson filed three copyright strikes, preventing MagnatesMedia from uploading any videos and threatening to terminate their channel.
Alex Edson, the owner of Business Casual YouTube channel, faced accusations of false flagging and shady practices while running MCN PowerTV.
Alex Edson purchased the Business Casual channel and ran the MCN PowerTV.
There were numerous accusations against him, including false flagging creators' videos and causing harm to partners.
Many partners and prior partners were afraid to speak up due to legal threats.
Accusations included disliking botting channels and making sexist remarks.
In this section, the video discusses the questionable actions of Alex Edson, including his attempt to copyright the color and font of a YouTube channel and his false claims against YouTube in a lawsuit.
Alex Edson purchased the YouTube channel Business Casual and allegedly wanted to copyright the color and font of the channel to sue others who used them.
He made false claims in a video about YouTube, including the suppression of his video and being part of a Russian conspiracy.
Alex Edson deletes any comments that question his statements.
Two options to resolve a strike: contact the claimant or file a counter notification, which is a serious legal process.
Filing a counter notification requires personal information and can lead to a lawsuit.
The claimant, Alex Edson, has a history of lawsuits and is described as a vexatious litigant.
Edson's business plan involves filing AI patents to sue others in the future.
Filing a counter notification could result in getting sued, which would be expensive and time-consuming.
Despite being urged to drop the strikes, Alex Edson filed false privacy claims against creators who spoke out, leading to YouTube not taking action but him attempting to silence others and erase his history.
Many people urged Alex to drop the strikes against other creators, but he didn't comply.
Alex began filing false privacy claims against creators who spoke out about the situation.
YouTube did not take action on Alex's false complaints due to the public outcry.
Alex attempted to silence critics by mass deleting comments and preventing new comments on his recent videos.
The incident caused lost revenue, stress, and issues with projects, but the support from the YouTube community saved the channel and led to YouTube actively looking into the situation.
The incident caused lost revenue, stress, and issues with projects.
The momentum of some videos, including the Carnegie video, was affected.
The support from the YouTube community was incredible and helped the story gain attention.
YouTube is now actively looking into the situation and may implement more protection to prevent similar incidents.
00:00I recently received an email from  YouTube to say that a user had  
00:03filed 3 copyright strikes against  my channel, and thus in 7 days,  
00:07my channel would be permanently  deleted. This meant all of my videos,  
00:11this channel I’ve spent years building, and my  entire livelihood was going to be taken away.
00:16Now for those who don’t know my name’s John, and  even though this channel is called MagnatesMedia,  
00:20I am not some big media company. I started  this channel by myself making very basic  
00:25videos talking to a camera, but over several  years I’ve gradually levelled up the videos  
00:29and now make mini business documentaries with  the help of a couple of great editors. But I’m  
00:33still just a guy with a YouTube channel, and  this is my full-time income that I’ve poured  
00:37years of work into, so the idea of everything just  being suddenly deleted was genuinely devastating.
00:43The reason this was happening was  because of a guy called Alex Edson,  
00:46who bought the YouTube channel Business Casual.  One night he filed 3 copyright strikes against me,  
00:51claiming I’d used a couple of SECONDS of  similar footage. And I literally do mean  
00:56like 2 or 3 seconds he was claiming,  in videos that are 20 or even 50+  
00:59minutes long. These are videos that took  me and my small team 100s of hours to make.
01:04What’s crazier still, is the footage he  was claiming was literally public domain  
01:07images with a basic animation applied  - meaning he didn’t own these images.  
01:11You can see here the images he claimed  are available all over the internet.
01:15And not just that, my editor had  applied different effects to the images!
01:18And so when the first copyright strike came in and  I saw it was from another creator, I immediately  
01:23reached out to Alex thinking there must be a  mistake. I sent him an extremely friendly email  
01:27basically saying you have a great channel,  I’m so sorry if my editor has used something  
01:31similar that you’re not happy with - can we please  have a chat so we can work this out between us.
01:35Now at this point even though I didn’t think  I’d done anything wrong I wasn’t even really  
01:38sure what the issue was, and I didn’t  want any trouble or hard feelings so I  
01:42was more than happy to make changes  to my video or show him proof of my  
01:45editor’s work or anything else. I figured  we could surely sort this out between us.
01:49However, instead Alex Edson then spent the next  few hours going through all my other videos, so he  
01:55could find 2 other videos to file strikes against.  And to be clear, he wasn’t just trying to take my  
01:59ad revenue, filing 3 copyright strikes means a  channel gets terminated in 7 days. And Alex knew  
02:05that by filing the strikes in quick succession, I  wouldn’t even be able to post videos on my channel  
02:09anymore to tell people what was happening.  As if you have 3 strikes, you can’t upload.
02:13So, when I saw he’d filed even more strikes,  I sent another email to Alex asking why he  
02:19was doing this and if we could find a way  to resolve this amicably. Surely he didn’t  
02:23actually want to delete my entire channel  over a few seconds of similar footage, right?
02:27But the only response I ever got from Alex  Edson was one email in which he sent me this  
02:33photo of our two videos side by side. He  told me bluntly that my actions would not  
02:37be viewed favorably in federal court - in  other words, a veiled threat he would sue  
02:41me. And he then demanded an apology for what  he called “egregious and unlawful behavior”.
02:46Now, several of you have since pointed  out the reason he was demanding an  
02:49apology so forcefully is because he  could then weaponize that to file a  
02:53lawsuit against me. Because it turns out he  literally did that exact thing to another  
02:57channel before. In fact their apology  is literally his Twitter cover photo.
03:00But at this point, I forwarded the screenshot Alex  had sent me to my editor, who quickly responded  
03:05saying he’d never even heard of Business Casuals  channel - and my editor confirmed the image in  
03:10question was a public domain image. It’s a photo  from 1905 showing Carnegie’s steel mill as you  
03:15can see here. It’s also available here and here  and you get the idea. Basically Alex Edson does  
03:21not own the copyright for this image, or any  of the images he gave me copyright strikes for.
03:25But not just that, I then compared the couple  of seconds Alex claimed in my video and realised  
03:30it doesn’t even look the same as his video - my  editor has added custom effects like explosions,  
03:34flames, smoke and colour correction to  this public image. In the screenshot  
03:38Alex sent me he’s frozen our videos at the  1 second where they’re a little similar but  
03:42if you watch the video the effects are  completely different. And my editor even  
03:45recorded his editing timeline to prove  he created these custom effects himself.
03:50Plus, we are literally talking about  a couple of similar seconds in a video  
03:54that’s over 53 minutes in length, whereas his  video on the topic is only about 15 minutes.
03:58So I then contacted Alex again  and tried to explain all this,  
04:02but this time he just  completely ignored my message.
04:05Now, I want to clarify that if I or my  editors had literally just ripped several  
04:09minutes of footage from his videos, and simply  copied it into my own video with no edits,  
04:13I would at least understand the strikes. But that  is not the case at all. We are literally talking  
04:17about a couple of seconds of footage, that’s not  even identical, and involving images he doesn’t  
04:21own the rights to. And yet he had now filed 3  copyright strikes so I couldn’t upload any videos.
04:26The message in my YouTube studio now simply said:  "Your YouTube channel will be terminated soon,  
04:31along with any associated channels, unless  you are able to resolve your strikes."  
04:35And I was given a 7 day countdown  before everything would be deleted.
04:39Obviously at this point, I was feeling  crushed by all this. But, I was also confused.
04:44Creators almost never file copyright  strikes against each other because they  
04:48know it can literally take  away someone’s livelihood.
04:50I mean for me personally I see lots  of people make similar videos to me  
04:54or even reuse parts of my content but if  I had an issue I’d always at least try to  
04:58speak to them first, I wouldn’t just go  to immediately deleting their channel.
05:01And so the fact Alex Edson had  filed 3 strikes in quick succession,  
05:04over a couple of seconds of footage, and the  fact he wasn’t willing to even discuss it,  
05:08all suggested he was intentionally trying  to get my channel deleted and silence me.
05:13I guess technically he must  view me as a competitor channel.
05:16Someone sent me this graph showing that his  channel was stagnating whilst mine had huge  
05:20momentum, and so they wondered if thats why  he chose now to target me. I don’t know. All  
05:24I do know is that I have almost 250 videos  I have spent years making, and only a small  
05:28fraction are on a similar topic to Business  Casual. Yes we’re both in the business niche,  
05:32but the majority of topics are totally different.  And even the videos that are on the same topic are  
05:37in different styles with different analysis.  Obviously if two creators make a video about  
05:41the same person, there will inevitably be  similarities or some of the same sources  
05:45or images used. But everyone’s entitled to make  videos on famous entrepreneurs if they want to.
05:50Because if we’re saying that just using the same  PUBLIC photo and applying a similar animation is  
05:54breaching copyright and worthy of channel  termination, it surely sets an extremely  
05:59dangerous precedent for all of YouTube.  It could have terrible consequences for  
06:02creators and fair use if people can just  delete other creator’s channels like that.
06:06Thankfully most creators would  never do something like this,  
06:09but it shows how easily the  copyright system can be weaponized.
06:12But anyway, at this point,  Alex Edson wasn’t responding,  
06:15I couldn’t post on my own channel because  of the 3 strikes, and I had a countdown of  
06:197 days before my channel was deleted. Fair  to say I was pretty stressed at this point.
06:24But I do wanna clarify 2 things: Firstly, this  was not YouTube’s fault. YouTube did not flag my  
06:29content as infringing on anyone’s copyright.  This is all because Alex Edson manually went  
06:33through all my content, found a couple of seconds  he thinks is similar to his video, and issued  
06:373 strikes so my channel gets deleted. And by law  YouTube has to comply with these takedown notices.  
06:42As a great creator Tom Scott once said, YouTube’s  copyright system isn’t broken, the world’s is.
06:48Secondly, I wanna stress the original creator  of Business Casual who actually made most of  
06:52the videos, is a guy called Jordan, and he  is not to blame for any of this. In fact  
06:55I’ve been able to chat with some of the other  people who worked on Business Casual’s videos  
06:59and they seem like great people who enjoy  making content, same as I do. But then Alex  
07:03Edson bought the channel. And in the last few  years, Alex has only posted one new video - and  
07:09that was an almost 2 hour video about how  he was suing YouTube and another channel.
07:12This was obviously worrying as it shows I  was dealing with someone who has a history  
07:16of repeatedly filing lawsuits. But I also thought  it was strange that given Alex had spent so much  
07:21money to buy this channel, why was he spending so  much time suing people instead of making content?
07:26And that’s when I decided to do a  little more research on Alex Edson,  
07:30and this is where things  start to get much crazier.
07:40A quick search of Alex Edson led me  to this comment from someone who once  
07:44worked on the Business Casual YouTube  channel, in which he stated Alex Edson,  
07:47did not create Business Casual. He purchased the  channel. And he also ran a MCN called PowerTV,  
07:52which if you do some digging into reveals some  super shady stuff. I get why he'd like to prop  
07:56himself up as some self-made YouTuber who just  likes to make videos, but he's far from it.
08:01So I did some research and verified Alex  Edson did indeed run an MCN called PowerTV,  
08:05and that there were a staggering  number of accusations against him.
08:08For example there’s an old tweet from  Keemstar saying “PowerTV a YouTube  
08:12MCN thats false flagging a creator who made a  video exposing their network for being shady.”
08:16In other words someone called the network  out and then Alex Edson false flagged their  
08:20video to get it taken down. But then just take  a look at the replies underneath this one tweet:
08:24“the guy Alex that runs it is a dirt bag  that f****d me over when I was with them”
08:28I wasn't even in this guy's  network and I've seen this  
08:30guy's wrongdoings. @Kevin_MMP issue  is one of many this guy has caused!
08:34this is just scratching the surface.  alot of partners & prior partners  
08:37are scared to speak up due to legal threats
08:39this is probably the least he's  done, he's done so many other things
08:42powerTV is so shady, worst MCN out there.
08:44I have a feeling he dislike botted my channel  after he realized I recorded some sexist remarks.
08:49I think I could gather at minimum  a dozen people to testify against  
08:52this guy. Crappy sexist third party network
08:54He tried to ruin the life of a 17yr old artist  that did not want to re-partner with them.
08:58Their also screwing me over.  Told me a bunch of stuff to  
09:00sign a long contract and not doing any of it
09:02there's so much more shady stuff going on in the  network! I have no clue how he gets away with it…
09:02I was in their network... for a month. They  definitely were shady to say the least.
09:05If you look into this in detail, you will  find the most unbelievable stories...
09:09And this was literally just from one  twitter thread. There was so much more.
09:12Like this tweet from a creator who said he  lost his YouTube channel because of Alex  
09:16Edson, and that Alex then blatantly  deleted all the promises he’d made.
09:19Under that someone commented  that Alex used to try and get  
09:22other people to false flag creators videos  and file fraudulent reports against them.
09:26They also said they used to be head  of his recruitment and brought on  
09:29some big clients for Alex but then didnt get paid
09:31And indeed Alex did have  some big clients - he used  
09:34to be Jake Paul’s manager early in his career.
09:36But then there were also other Screenshots showing  
09:38Alex Edson had threatened to take down  other people’s channels in the past.
09:41As well as allegations that Alex had made creators  in his network lose access to various Youtube  
09:45features if they tried to speak out against how  abusive his network was. All whilst taking the  
09:50majority of their earnings and trapping them in  predatory contracts they couldn’t get out of.
09:53Now, Whilst Alex got most of the  videos taken down that criticized him,  
09:57some of these videos speaking out are  still public, and you can see there  
10:00are quite a few creators whose  lives Alex has tried to ruin.
10:03For example there was TagAnimationz, the 17  year old who tried to speak out against Alex,  
10:07but then Alex threatened to  get him banned from PayPal,  
10:09email his employer best buy to get him  fired, and place a IC3 police report on him.
10:14There’s also claims Alex Edson aggressively  requested PowerTV's thumbnail designer (a  
10:18minor) to sign a contract with a $250,000  breach of exclusivity penalty if he decided  
10:24to partner with another network ever + a 2  year notice period. After the minor refused,  
10:26Alex [allegedly] requested a refund  of all prior payments to him by filing  
10:30PayPal chargebacks to try and rip him  off for the work he’d already done.
10:34I then discovered a series made by  a creator called Upper Echelon where  
10:37he’d looked into Alex Edson in more detail.  For example he discovered how after PowerTV,  
10:41Alex ran a company called Mailtag, which  has loads of reviews saying it was a  
10:45scam as customers couldn’t cancel their  subscriptions and kept getting charged.
11:23Alex then sold the company to two other  people. And there’s articles out there  
11:26about what happened, but here’s one summary:  Ben and Joe thought they had found the perfect  
11:30acquisition target in Turns out they  spent 6-figures on a nightmare of a Software as a  
11:36Service Company. It all started when the ex CEO of  the acquired company forgot to pay his stripper…
11:40And yes, the story is as crazy as it sounds.
11:43But then it seems that using the  money from PowerTV and MailTag,  
11:47Alex Edson bought the YouTube channel Business  Casual for just under a million dollars. And  
11:51people have claimed he wanted to copyright  the colour and font of the channel so he could  
11:55later sue people who used them. I guess since  he’d made a big loss on buying the channel,  
11:59he was looking for other ways to monetize  it instead of actually making content.
12:04He then tried to sue YouTube,  and made a video about it.
12:07However I spoke with several copyright  lawyers during this whole ordeal,  
12:10and they told me his video was full of lies.
12:13Firstly there was some just blatantly wrong  information. Like he made a big deal of how  
12:17a channel had digitally erased his watermark,  but the watermark wasn’t part of the video,  
12:21it’s just the standard overlay YouTube add to the  video player, it’s not part of the actual video.
12:26Secondly, he claimed YouTube were suppressing  his video to silence him despite the fact  
12:30the video got widely pushed in people’s  recommendations, got over 2.2 million views,  
12:34and is literally the 13th most viewed video  the channel has ever posted - despite being  
12:38the most recent video. But Alex tried to  make out like YouTube had some kind of  
12:42shadow campaign against him. And that anyone who  questioned him was part of this shadow campaign.
12:46Thirdly, he created some narrative  about how YouTube is part of some  
12:49Russian conspiracy - even though YouTube has been  
12:51issuing various sanctions against Russia  like blocking state funded media channels.
12:55Honestly there were so many things  in this video that people had issues  
12:58with - but you wouldn’t know that if  you looked at the comments. Because  
13:02Alex Edson mass deletes any comments  that remotely question anything he says.
13:06This twitter user summed it up by  saving Alex recently made a flawed  
13:10video where he makes a big deal out  of a news channel using a few short  
13:13clips of their footage. The issue however is  that Business Casual is actively censoring  
13:17criticism in the comments of their video.  After noticing some comments disappearing,  
13:20I set up a script to monitor the comments  section. And Alex has deleted thousands of  
13:24comments expressing perfectly fair criticism  and rebuttals of things he said in the video.
13:28I later found out Alex even has a block on his own  
13:31name in his comments section so nobody  can post anything about his dark past.
13:35But for example on his video about suing YouTube  a lot of people pointed out that the way Alex is  
13:39weaponizing the copyright system is dangerous for  creators. Several argued he was shilling for even  
13:44more draconian copyright laws - the exact opposite  of what most creators want. In fact Alex Edson’s  
13:49lawyer even argued in court that YouTube should  automatically just delete someone’s channel if  
13:54someone files 3 strikes against them, without  that user being able to even defend themselves.
13:58Now I later found out Alex Edson’s own  lawyers fired him as a client - which shows  
14:02even the lawyers were sceptical  of what Alex was pushing for.
14:05But to summarize: Alex Edson clearly  has a history of threatening and filing  
14:09lawsuits, and there’s a whole host of  allegations about ripping off creators,  
14:12censoring anyone who remotely questions  him, and false flagging other channels.
14:16Which brings us back to my situation. As  I now had a pretty big decision to make.
14:26There are only 2 ways to  resolve a copyright strike.
14:29Number 1. Contact the person who made  the strike and ask them to retract it.
14:33Number 2. File a counter notification.  But this is more serious than it sounds.  
14:37A counter notification means you have to fill  out an official form with your full legal name,  
14:41address, and phone number and this gets  sent to the claimant. YouTube make it  
14:45very clear by signing this form  you’re beginning a legal process,  
14:48and the information you submit can be  used to file a lawsuit against you.
14:52In other words, your info goes to the claimant  and they then decide whether to sue you.
14:56Now you might be thinking, of course just  file the counter notifications. We’re talking  
14:59about a couple of seconds of footage, what  creator would possibly sue someone over that?
15:03Well, we know for a fact Alex Edson would. He has  a history of lawsuits and taking down channels.
15:08If I’d been dealing with any other creator I  wouldn’t have hesitated, but these were not  
15:12normal circumstances. The copyright lawyers  I spoke with said Alex could be described as  
15:16a vexatious litigant, someone who repeatedly uses  the legal system with seemingly malicious intent.
15:21You see, some other creators had discovered  that Alex Edson’s entire business plan right now  
15:26is filing loads of AI patents. Not because he’s  planning on making anything with the patents,  
15:31but so that if in future someone  else vaguely infringes on one  
15:33of them accidentally when they’re making  something actually useful, Alex can sue them.
15:37And so basically if I filed a counter  notification against the strikes,  
15:41I knew there was a real possibility  of getting sued given Alex’s history.
15:44Now I’m sure some of you are thinking  well what's so bad about that? You  
15:48can win the lawsuit and even counter  sue him. Because obviously I’ve lost  
15:51a lot of revenue and momentum on my  channel because of what’s happened.
15:53But here’s the problem: the lawsuit would  likely be in New York, and I spoke with  
15:58some New York copyright lawyers and the  average price is around $1000 per hour.
16:02Not just that, but everyone told me  the same thing: the legal process  
16:05is insanely slow. A copyright case  can literally take multiple years,  
16:09so you’re easily looking at hundreds of thousands  of dollars of legal fees to defend yourself.
16:13I realize that sounds insane,  and believe me, I agree.
16:16But I actually spoke with some creators  going through legal battles right now,  
16:19and they all said how time consuming, stressful  and mentally taxing it is. Unlike Alex I don’t  
16:24wanna spend all my time dealing with  legal proceedings, I wanna make content.
16:28So for those wondering why I was so  against legal action, that’s why.
16:31However I had already repeatedly tried  option 1 of privately contacting Alex  
16:35and trying to resolve this quietly between  the two of us, and he’d shown no interest.
16:39So it was either file the counter notification  and risk years of legal action, or have my  
16:44channel and entire livelihood deleted.  So I filed the counter notification.
16:47But here’s the other problem: because Alex  had deliberately filed 3 copyright strikes,  
16:52it seemed like if he did file legal action within  10 US business days, YouTube would uphold the  
16:56strikes and my channel would be banned until I  resolved them in court - which could take years.
17:01So at this point, I realized I had  to go public and share what was  
17:04happening. I really didn’t want to, I have  no interest in being part of internet drama,  
17:08but this was my livelihood at stake and  Alex was still completely ignoring me.
17:11Unfortunately I’d been very naïve as  pretty much all my audience was on YouTube,  
17:15where I couldn’t post videos because of the  strikes. So even though I had around 950,000  
17:20subscribers, I’d not advertised my other social  media accounts, and I had barely 1000 followers.
17:24But with no other choice, I made a twitter  thread and a community tab post explaining  
17:28the situation, and just had to hope  for the best that someone could help.
17:32And then, something quite incredible happened.
17:34The amount of support I received was  genuinely not something I ever expected.  
17:39My Twitter threads explaining the situation  went viral, thousands of you reached out with  
17:43kind messages and suggestions, and soon many  other creators were making videos on what  
17:47was happening. And this just snowballed until  some of the biggest creators on the platform  
17:51were coming out to support me and help get  YouTube’s attention about what Alex was doing.
17:54Not just that, but this opened the floodgates  for more allegations about Alex Edson. I’m not  
17:59exaggerating when I tell you a shocking amount of  people privately reached out with claims against  
18:03Alex, and in almost all cases they mentioned  they’d not spoken out publicly as he’d threatened  
18:08them with lawsuits or worse. But countless  people sent me screenshots, and proof of ways  
18:13Alex had in some way ripped them off or lied to  them. It seems PowerTV MCN had a lot of victims.
18:19But here’s what’s really interesting  about this. Everyone was pretty much  
18:22saying the same thing to Alex: deleting  another creator’s channel over a few  
18:26seconds of similar footage is  crazy, just drop the strikes.
18:28And I’d made it really clear to Alex in my  twitter thread I just wanted to move on from  
18:32all this. And so as an olive branch, I  even offered to Alex that if in future  
18:35I ever cover another similar topic to Business  Casual, I’d send him my script and sources and  
18:39editing files before putting it live, just so  he had peace of mind nothing was infringing.
18:43And so I really hoped he’d drop the strikes  and we’d all move on with our lives.
18:47But he didn’t.
18:48Instead, Alex Edson began filing  false privacy claims against every  
18:52single creator who spoke out about the situation.
18:54Just to highlight how insane this is, most  of these creators had literally just shown  
18:58the public Business Casual YouTube channel page.  Something which anyone can see by typing in the  
19:03words Business Casual. And yet Alex Edson  was now false flagging all these videos to  
19:07try and get their content deleted, just because  they’d shown a picture of his youtube channel.
19:10Thankfully at this point because  so many people had spoken out,  
19:13YouTube did not listen to Alex’s false  complaints and the videos are still up.
19:17But it’s crazy to me that he was still just  trying to silence other creators so blatantly.
19:21And of course he was once again mass  deleting comments that called him  
19:24out - although there were too  many comments to keep up with  
19:26so he eventually just set it so no new  comments show up on his recent videos.
19:30He also began trying to scrub the  internet of some of his history.
19:33One of the funniest examples of this is that  Upper Echelon screen recorded a community tab  
19:37post he’d made where Alex claimed he’d donated all  the money he won from one of his lawsuits to drop  
19:41grenades on Russian soldiers. Except Upper Echelon  found out he’d never even received the money from  
19:46that lawsuit, and so Alex’s claim about how much  he was donating was likely completely made up.  
19:50But as Upper Echelon was screen recording this,  he captured the moment Alex Edson deleted this  
19:55post. Literally showing in real time how Alex was  desperately trying to hide evidence of his lies.
20:00But still, even though I had amazing support,  clearly Alex wasn’t backing down as he still  
20:05didn’t drop the strikes. So let’s talk about the  current situation of where things are right now.
20:13But before I get into the latest update,  
20:15I have missed several sponsor deadlines  whilst I’ve been blocked from uploading.
20:18Thankfully though the awesome people over at  Shipstation have stuck with me through all this.  
20:22They’ve been big supporters of this channel for  a while now and just great people to work with,  
20:26and so I wanna quickly tell you all about  their awesome service, and how it can help you.
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20:47dashboard. So basically if you sell anything  online, like for example with Amazon, Shopify,  
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21:01So, worry less about the bottom line  when you save money with ShipStation.
21:05Go to today  and sign up for your FREE 60-day trial.
21:10That’s ship station dot com slash  magnates for 2 months completely free.
21:14After you’ve done that,  let’s get back to the video.
21:20Alex Edson had 10 days to file a lawsuit, and he  hasn’t, so I’m pleased to say it’s very good news:  
21:26MagnatesMedia lives on, and is not being deleted.
21:29However, the situation definitely isn’t perfect…  Alex Edson still hasn’t actually dropped the  
21:33strikes. 1 has now been removed by YouTube,  which means I can post videos as normal again.  
21:37But 2 strikes are still remaining - and I’ll  need to re-upload those videos he took down.
21:41The more annoying thing though is that  this whole incident has definitely caused  
21:45a lot of lost revenue, a lot of stress, a  lot of issues with projects that were in  
21:48place - and its also killed the momentum of  some of my videos - especially the Carnegie  
21:52video which had taken months to  make and I was really proud of.
21:55But hey, compared to losing everything which  looked like a real possibility at one point,  
21:58this is an absolutely huge win. And even though  this has been a nightmare, I’ve connected with  
22:03so many amazing creators as a result of all  this, so that’s definitely a nice silver lining.
22:07But I really wanna take a  minute just to say thank you.
22:09I know some people were praising YouTube for  saving my channel, but even though I love YouTube,  
22:14to be honest it wasn’t YouTube. The  credit goes to the Youtube community.
22:17The amount of support I received was genuinely  incredible, and I cant really put into words  
22:22how grateful I am to every single one of you  who sent messages, or tagged other creators  
22:26to get the word out. It was because of you that  this story got on the radar of bigger creators,  
22:31and I really believe it was because of all the  attention this got that Alex backed down from  
22:34his lawsuit threats. The way the community  rallied behind me on this was amazing.
22:38So to every single one of you who shared this  or helped in any way, I seriously can’t thank  
22:43you enough. I am not exaggerating when I say the  YouTube community saved my channel. Because until  
22:48this all went viral, YouTube had just given a  generic response about what copyright strikes  
22:52are. And look I totally get it, Youtube don’t  like to get involved in copyright disputes,  
22:56especially when Alex Edson is literally  trying to sue YouTube as well. But thanks  
23:00to all the attention this got, YouTube  is now actively looking into this,  
23:03and hopefully will put more protection in place to  stop this kind of thing happening to anyone again.
23:07I also wanna say a huge thanks to every creator  who made videos about this - so many awesome  
23:11channels that I’m a fan of myself posted about  this which was surreal - like Ludwig, penguinz0,  
23:16Scott Shafer, SomeOrdinaryGamers,  Markie, spat, sensitive society,  
23:20Scarce, Asmongold, Pyro, Alanah - and literally  so many more. I especially want to thank Upper  
23:25Echelon who had seen through Alex Edson’s lies  long before anyone else had made public videos  
23:29about him - honestly Upper Echelon’s thorough  research is brilliant and I’ll link to his  
23:33videos at the end of this if you want a more  indepth look at the evidence against Alex.
23:37But I also want to thank all the  creators who helped out in some  
23:39way or gave me advice - like James Jani,  Moon, Charlie Houpert, Spencer Cornelia,  
23:44and so many of you who were kind enough  to help and give recommendations.
23:46And also thanks as well for the memes  
23:49which provided some humour in  what was a pretty dark time.
23:51But finally, thank you to you right  now watching this. Without your  
23:55support I would not be here right now,  so seriously, it really does mean a lot.
23:59I am lucky that I had this level of support, as  some of the creators Alex Edson targeted in the  
24:03past didn’t and got silenced. Honestly, I could  make an hour long documentary going through the  
24:10allegations people have sent me about Alex,  and I know there are some bigger creators  
24:13who’ve got the evidence as well and want to  make videos about it, as it’s pretty wild.
24:16But as far as I’m concerned, as long as  Alex doesn’t come after my channel again,  
24:20or any other creators - I now want to draw  a line under all of this and just move on.
24:24Obviously if Alex does pursue legal action  or more strikes, I’ll be documenting it  
24:28every step of the way. And I’ll not only be  fighting it, but I’ll be doing what many of  
24:31you kindly suggested - which is a gofundme  so we can counter sue for all the damages,  
24:35and then use that money as a protection  fund for other creators in future.
24:38But my hope is that this is now the end of it, and  I can simply go back to making videos for you all.
24:43Whilst this has been very stressful  and caused a lot of problems,  
24:46overall this seems like a huge win not just  for my channel but for creators in general,  
24:51and really just shows the  power of the YouTube community.
24:53That said, this incident has made me  realise relying solely on YouTube is  
24:57not a wise move - so if you’d like to  follow me @magnatesmedia on twitter and  
25:01instagram I’m gonna try to post  more there as well from now on.
25:04But to summarize, my Carnegie video  is back up which you can watch here,  
25:08my channel seems to be ok again, and  I should have some new uploads for you  
25:12very soon. Thank you once again for your  support. I’ll see you next time. Cheers.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How was MagnatesMedia's YouTube channel at risk of being deleted?

MagnatesMedia's YouTube channel was at risk of being deleted due to false copyright strikes filed by Alex Edson, who bought the channel Business Casual, leading to a legal battle and attempts to silence creators who spoke out against him.

2. Who was responsible for the false copyright strikes on MagnatesMedia's YouTube channel?

Alex Edson, who bought the channel Business Casual, was responsible for the false copyright strikes on MagnatesMedia's YouTube channel.

3. What led to the resolution of the situation with MagnatesMedia's YouTube channel?

The YouTube community rallying together led to the resolution of the situation with MagnatesMedia's YouTube channel.

4. What legal battle was associated with MagnatesMedia's YouTube channel?

A legal battle ensued due to the false copyright strikes filed by Alex Edson, who bought the channel Business Casual, resulting in attempts to silence creators who spoke out against him.

5. How did the YouTube community support MagnatesMedia in the situation?

The YouTube community rallied together to support MagnatesMedia, which ultimately led to the resolution of the situation and the protection of the channel from being deleted.

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