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This video demonstrates how to change or install batteries in a Swiffer Wetjet easily by following the proper orientation and inserting four double A batteries into the battery compartment on the handle.
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This section explains how to change or install batteries in a Swiffer WetJet.
The battery compartment is located on the handle and is marked with a battery symbol.
By pulling out the attachment, the battery compartment is revealed.
The Swiffer WetJet requires four double A batteries, which are easy and inexpensive to replace.
The batteries should be inserted following the instructions for proper orientation.
To change or replace the batteries on the Swiffer Wetjet:
Load the batteries in the proper orientation.
Align the batteries back into the hole on the Wetjet.
Make sure the batteries are placed the right way around.
Press the button on the handle to confirm the batteries are working.
00:00i'm tom from do-it-yourself home
00:01automation and this is a look at how to
00:03change or install batteries in a swiffer
00:06so this is my swiffer wetjet the battery
00:08compartment is right on the handle here
00:09you can see it's marked with a little
00:11and i'm just gonna put my finger here
00:13and pull this uh
00:15attachment out and then this is where
00:17the batteries go in so you can follow
00:18the instructions here in terms of
00:21what the orientation for the battery
00:23should be but it's using
00:25four double a batteries pretty cheap
00:27pretty easy to replace
00:29and i'm just going to start to take
00:31these and i'm going to insert them
00:32in the proper orientation i'll just
00:35pause for a second to do that two-handed
00:37okay so i've got my batteries loaded up
00:39and i'm just going to flip this
00:41over again and i'm going to put it onto
00:44the wetjet here you just align these
00:46back into the hole
00:48make sure it's the right way around and
00:50then this is just going to pop back in
00:52and i can press the button on the handle
00:54you can hear the pumps working so my
00:56batteries are in and that's replaced
00:58and that's how to change or place the
01:01batteries on the swiffer web chat if you
01:03found this helpful in any way please
01:04subscribe to my channel really helps
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How do I change or install batteries in a Swiffer Wetjet?

To change or install batteries in a Swiffer Wetjet, you need to follow the proper orientation and insert four double A batteries into the battery compartment on the handle. Make sure to align the positive and negative ends of the batteries according to the markings inside the compartment.

2. What type of batteries does a Swiffer Wetjet use?

A Swiffer Wetjet uses four double A batteries. It's important to use high-quality alkaline batteries for optimal performance and longer usage.

3. Can I use rechargeable batteries in a Swiffer Wetjet?

Yes, you can use rechargeable double A batteries in a Swiffer Wetjet. Make sure the rechargeable batteries are fully charged before inserting them into the battery compartment.

4. What is the battery life of a Swiffer Wetjet?

The battery life of a Swiffer Wetjet depends on usage frequency and the type of batteries used. With high-quality alkaline batteries, the Swiffer Wetjet can last for several months under normal use.

5. Are there any tips to extend the battery life of a Swiffer Wetjet?

To extend the battery life of a Swiffer Wetjet, it's recommended to remove the batteries if the product will not be used for an extended period. Additionally, ensure the battery compartment is clean and free from any corrosion to maintain optimal battery performance.

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