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The video explains how to play online and avoid being banned on a modified Nintendo Switch by creating a separate partition for hacking and offline gaming, while keeping the original partition for legitimate online gameplay. The method involves installing a chip and configuring the console to prevent detection by Nintendo. The video also emphasizes the importance of being cautious when downloading games and connecting to Wi-Fi.
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This section discusses how to hack and modify Nintendo Switch consoles, specifically the Jack Sparrow model.
The Jack Sparrow model is a modified Switch that runs homebrew applications and hacked video games.
The first models of the Switch can be easily hacked by putting files on the Micro SD card and connecting a wire.
The later models, such as the light and OLED versions, require opening the console and inserting a chip for modification.
This section of the video explains how to play online without the risk of being banned by Nintendo.
The speaker mentions using hacks and how to avoid being caught by Nintendo.
They mention using a chip in their Nintendo Switch Lite and provide a video tutorial on how to install it.
The speaker plans to make a tutorial on playing without the risk of being banned and mentions it will be pinned in the comments.
This section explains how to play online on the Nintendo Switch without the risk of being banned.
You can create an emulation and play separately from the original console to avoid being banned.
By configuring your Switch to run on a partition that is disconnected from any WiFi connection, you can play online without the risk of Nintendo banning you.
This method allows you to access Nintendo Shop, buy video games, and play online without the fear of being banned for having hacks.
The video discusses the risks of connecting to the internet on the Nintendo Switch and recommends using the hack partition without internet networks.
Installing games directly from the console can be risky since it opens up your Wi-Fi.
Downloading games from Nintendo servers is not recommended if you play online.
It is suggested to have the console always connected online if you care about online gaming.
If you don't care about online gaming, it is advised to use the hack partition without internet networks.
00:00Today I have to tell you something quite
00:03for all the people who have a
00:07Jack Sparrow model Nintendo Switch
00:10When I say Jack Sparrow model so that you
00:12don't understand it and are thinking what the
00:14hell is this man
00:16Jack Sparrow saying Yes, that is a switch that
00:19is modified that makes use of hacks
00:21that have a chip installed inside and
00:24you are running
00:26homebrew applications created by little people who
00:29are not Nintendo workers and
00:31video games of anything, that is, and
00:33today I have to mention that you
00:34can hack them, modify them, release them,
00:38paint all the Nintendo switch on
00:41this planet the ones that can be done
00:44better obviously and anyone can do it
00:46are the first models that
00:48went on sale okay
00:50since those models were prevented by a
00:52hardware failure and Nintendo can't
00:54do anything okay they can't cover it up in their
00:57lifetime That is already done and those consoles
00:59can be modified simply by putting
01:01some files on the Micro SD card,
01:03putting a piece of wire where
01:05the Joy with the right is and that's it.
01:07The console is already hacked and then in all the
01:11other models we are talking about
01:13the first ones. models but the second
01:15batch that they released in order to solve
01:17this problem, the light and OLED
01:19have to be installed, that is, modified with
01:21a chip, okay, you have to open the console
01:23and insert a chip, but the purpose of
01:26this video is for all those people who
01:28use hacks today I'll show you how to be able to
01:33play everything without the risk of
01:38being banned by Nintendo 99% okay, that is, how to
01:43prevent How to avoid being
01:47caught by Nintendo okay And it can be
01:52done quite decently, I'm
01:54using it on my Nintendo switch Lite since I
01:56released the console since I installed a
01:58chip, if you are interested in knowing what is
02:01needed and how to install the chip in
02:03your Nintendo switch Lite, I leave you a
02:06video in the description of this same
02:08video in the pinned comment, rather,
02:10the first comment
02:12that is pinned by is there. Above all
02:14okay you will see it if you go down you will see it and
02:17I have planned that they will already make my
02:20oled switch I hope that when I do it it won't
02:21load it and I can upload the tutorial okay I hope it does
02:23n't load it But
02:25well it can happen no
02:27and basically the video What you will
02:29also have pinned in the posted comment
02:31will be how to play without the risk of
02:35being banned, this, that video, that tutorial, you have
02:38to do it practically out of obligation,
02:40for example, when I released my
02:43switch at the beginning of Nintendo, if we
02:45are talking about 2017, late 2017,
02:48beginning. from 2018 when
02:52this method that you will see in the video to
02:54create an emulation and play completely
02:56separate from the sisnant did not exist and
03:01they banned me instantly and me and many
03:03more who got into the world of
03:06Switch Hack at the beginning Because you will see
03:09many channels that upload a lot but I
03:10was there from the beginning I lost a
03:13channel even making switch videos
03:14I am one of the puretas of 2017
03:18and many videos that I have not uploaded out of
03:20remorse to Nintendo No, but
03:24what I said, you have a
03:26super interesting video down there how to play
03:28perfectly without danger of banning
03:31tutorial from scratch which you will see
03:33completely How to do how to
03:35configure everything so that your switch
03:37can run on a partition that on the
03:40one hand On the one hand
03:41the totally original console free of
03:45hacks which you can access to
03:47Nintendo and Shop or continue buying
03:49video games play fortnite online or
03:52whatever the hell you do playing online without
03:54danger of Nintendo telling you to
03:57ban you because you have hacks no and then on the
03:59other hand being running okay on the other
04:02hand because your console with free hacks of
04:06prohibitions since you are not
04:09connected to any WiFi connection or
04:12anything, nor are you online, there is nothing,
04:14simply obviously
04:16you have to leave that partition completely offline
04:19download games from a PC diabline that's
04:21it you can take a little risk if
04:24you put it in the pirate partition Team
04:27foil and you want to install little shops
04:28to have your games directly from
04:30the console because there could be a
04:33little more danger there since you are
04:35connecting you are opening your wi-fi to
04:38Well, I know how to Download video games that
04:43really come on the servers of
04:44Nintendo And if you also play online, don't
04:48do it anymore, don't do it okay But well,
04:50everyone is free to do what they want
04:51so I'm not your father and I'm not going to
04:54tell you exactly not to do it But
04:55I at least recommend it yes You want
04:57your console to always have online. If
04:59you don't care about online, it's the same now. If
05:02you are a
05:03big online player and you want to go to the
05:06Shop to buy digital games or
05:08any nonsense, I recommend that you don't
05:11do anything. You always have the hack partition
05:13without internet networks.
05:16added internet and airplane mode activated
05:22So ​​nothing I hope you like these
05:24videos that I leave you If so then come
05:26here and leave a big super I like it
05:28people I would appreciate it very much and
05:30especially if you are not subscribed to the
05:32Channel you can do it If you have any
05:34suggestions for any video, any
05:36problem that you may have on your
05:38Nintendo switch, leave it in the
05:39comments and I will be happy to
05:41look at what I can do and bring something
05:43that might interest you. So nothing,
05:46the information is given that you have a
05:48Good morning and see you as always in the
05:50next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I play online and avoid being banned on a modified Nintendo Switch?

To play online and avoid being banned on a modified Nintendo Switch, you can create a separate partition for hacking and offline gaming while keeping the original partition for legitimate online gameplay. This method involves installing a chip and configuring the console to prevent detection by Nintendo.

2. What is the importance of creating a separate partition for hacking and offline gaming on a modified Nintendo Switch?

Creating a separate partition for hacking and offline gaming on a modified Nintendo Switch is important to prevent being banned while also maintaining the ability to play online legitimately. It helps in safeguarding the console and ensuring that the online gaming experience remains intact.

3. What are the precautions to be taken when downloading games for a modified Nintendo Switch?

When downloading games for a modified Nintendo Switch, it's important to be cautious and only download from reliable sources. Avoid downloading pirated or unauthorized games as they can lead to potential risks and compromise the security of the console.

4. How can I configure a modified Nintendo Switch to prevent detection by Nintendo?

To configure a modified Nintendo Switch to prevent detection by Nintendo, you can install a chip and follow specific instructions to ensure that the console operates discreetly without being detected during online gameplay. This helps in avoiding bans and safeguarding the gaming experience.

5. What is the significance of being cautious when connecting a modified Nintendo Switch to Wi-Fi?

Being cautious when connecting a modified Nintendo Switch to Wi-Fi is crucial to ensure that the console remains undetected and secure. It helps in avoiding potential risks of being banned and ensures a safe online gaming experience without any compromise to the console's integrity.

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