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TANGO Chrome extension allows users to create step-by-step written guides in real-time by capturing actions on the Chrome browser, making it easy to review, edit, and share. It automatically records important actions as screenshots and descriptions without the need for video recording, and users can easily edit and personalize the guides. Users can add additional information, blur out sensitive information, and export the guides as PDF files.
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Tango Chrome extension automatically captures and creates written step-by-step guides in real time without the need for recording a video.
Tango captures screenshots, describes the action and includes the URL of the page being worked on.
The produced guide can be reviewed, edited, and personalized before being shared with teammates or exported as a PDF.
Tango is useful for creating onboarding guides, providing instructions to customers, sharing tips and tricks with colleagues, and creating standard operating procedures.
Tango is a free Google Chrome extension that can be installed from and requires signing up with a Google account or email.
Tango Chrome extension allows users to easily create step-by-step guides by capturing important actions on a website.
Open the desired Chrome window where you want to record the workflow.
Click on the Tango icon at the top right of the taskbar and select "Capture workflow."
Tango captures important actions on the website and creates a guide using screenshots and descriptions.
The toolbar on the left allows you to navigate through the steps, pause, undo, and delete actions.
The tutorial shows how to add steps to a guide using the Tango Chrome extension, including capturing steps from a Chrome window, adding additional information and modifying step positions.
To access web client settings, click on the plus sign to add a step and select "insert stat" to manually upload content and add a description.
If capturing steps outside of a Chrome window, import screenshots and edit them by adding additional information such as arrows and rectangles.
Modify step positions by dragging and dropping them in the left panel and add short descriptions to make instructions clearer.
Each step has a link to the page, but it can be removed if the URL is not relevant. The extension also provides the option to blur out sensitive information.
The video demonstrates how to add graphic elements and steps to a guide using the TANGO Chrome extension.
The video shows how to add a step number and update the guide.
The user adds a step to show how to activate polls in zoom webinars.
TANGO automatically zooms in on the relevant part of the screenshot.
The user can add rectangles, arrows, and text to the guide.
00:00this tool will just blow your mind and from now on  you'll use it every day to answer questions like:  
00:05can you show me how to add a new opportunity  in salesforce? how do i turn on polls in zoom  
00:09meetings? how can i order your best-selling  product? could you please show me how to  
00:13create a template in please  teach me how to post a job in linkedin?  
00:16what are the steps to import a picture into  zoom whiteboard? how do i open google doc?
00:23tango is the free chrome extension that  will allow you to create written how-to  
00:28step-by-step guides in real time and without the  need of recording a video. Tango automatically  
00:34captures the steps on your chrome browsers  as you do the work. it takes screenshots,  
00:38it describes the action and includes the  url of the page you're working on. by the  
00:43time you're done tango has already produced a  step-by-step written guide that you can review,  
00:48edit and personalize as you wish. once you're  happy with the result just share the guide with  
00:52your teammates or export the pdf to be included in  your learning management system. tango is perfect  
00:57if you have to create onboarding guides, provide  instructions to customers share tips and tricks  
01:02with your colleagues, to create standard operating  procedures. let's go install it and try it.
01:13tango is a free google chrome extension.  to install it let's go to  
01:19and then click on add to chrome. you'll  be taken to the chrome web store.  
01:24here just click on add to chrome. you can then  sign up for tango with your google account  
01:29or with email. when done, tango will ask you a  couple of simple questions. i'm not sure but i  
01:34don't think they're going to use your answer to  customize your tango experience they probably just  
01:38want to profile their users. anyway let's answer  the questions after which you'll be taken to your  
01:43tango home page that is called "my workflows".  here you'll be able to collect all your guides  
01:49tutorials however you want to call them. tango  calls them workflows. by default you'll find  
01:55two workflows that are already prepared for you.  these are the essential guides to learn how to pin  
02:00the chrome extension and how to capture your first  workflow. so let's see how tango works. to do that  
02:06i've taken a simple question from a colleague that  was: how do i activate the polls option in zoom?  
02:12instead of starting a zoom meeting, sharing  screen and showing him how to do that, or instead  
02:17of writing a step-by-step description in the  teams chat ,with tango i will just do it and the  
02:22tool will record the essential steps for me and  produce a guide that is there to stay and be sure  
02:28next time i get the same question from another  colleague. the first step is to open the chrome  
02:32window where you want to record the workflow.  so in my case i've opened the zoom web client.  
02:37if you've pinned tango to the taskbar you'll  find the icon at the top right click on it and  
02:42when ready just click on capture workflow. as the  message says now the capture has started. it's  
02:48important to notice that tango is not recording  a video, instead it will select the important  
02:53actions you're performing on the website and  will put together a guide made of screenshots and  
02:58descriptions. you don't have to worry too much if  you're hesitating on the page or if you're making  
03:03a mistake because at the end you'll be able to  edit your workflow. as the capture starts then  
03:08a simple toolbar will appear on the left. you'll  have a number indicating the step of the workflow,  
03:13then a green check icon confirming that tango  is capturing, a pause button an undo button  
03:19and a trash button, in case you want to start  your capture from the beginning. with the last  
03:23two arrows button you can move the toolbar to the  right or the left if, as in my case, it's covering  
03:28important content that you need to see. since  i'm actively working on the left part of the page  
03:34i'll move it to the right. i can move the mouse  on the page and tango will not record anything but  
03:39when i click on settings it will recognize i've  done an action and capture it as a workflows.  
03:45now the number in the toolbar has changed to two  indicating that tango is ready to record step two.  
03:51now i'll click on in meeting basic this is going  to be recorded as a new step then scroll down  
03:58and toggle the button meeting paul's quizzes  that's going to be recorded as step 4. i'm done,  
04:05to complete the capture i have to click on the  green button tango. now automatically creates the  
04:11workflow and present it. it only takes few seconds  and the workflow is ready. we can now edit it to  
04:17add information or change the instructions that  were automatically generated by tango. i start  
04:22by giving it a title and call it enable pulse in  zoom instead of go to my profile zoom. i prefer  
04:28calling this step open the zoom web client. step  number two looks good as well as step number three  
04:34and four. just one second if you like what you're  seeing please hit the subscribe button and like  
04:39this video back to the tutorial now. i realized  that i want to provide additional information on  
04:44how to access the web client settings to do that  just click on plus to add a step. there are two  
04:49options. the first one is insert stat and will  allow you to manually upload content and add a  
04:55description, the second one is capture steps  let's look into the first option and keep the  
05:01second one for later. zoom web client settings can  also be accessed by clicking on a hyperlink in the  
05:07desktop client tango can automatically  record steps only from a chrome window  
05:13so whatever happens outside of a chrome window  needs to be imported. so i'll take a screenshot of  
05:18the desktop client settings and upload this image  to create the new step by hovering over the image.  
05:24i can now click on the edit icon to add some  additional information. to make the instruction  
05:30clearer i'll use a red rectangle and insert an  arrow. it's actually better to have this new step  
05:36in the third position to change the position just  go to the left panel and drag and drop the step  
05:41as needed. let me slightly modify the text in step  i'll make the title concise and add more details  
05:48in the description. i will also add a short  description after the title now you can see  
05:52that at the bottom of each step there is a link  to page. tango records the url of the page you're  
05:58on and if you want it to appear on your guide  just leave it as is. for this guide it doesn't  
06:03make sense to provide the url to my profile  as each url will be different for each user so  
06:08i'll just remove the link for each step another  very useful tool is the possibility to blur out  
06:14part of your screenshot that contains sensitive  information that you don't want to share. i've  
06:19already blurred out my sensitive information in  post-production let me now show you how to do it  
06:24in tango. when producing a guide just go to your  screenshot click on the edit icon and then select  
06:29blur editor select the area that you want to blur  out click on apply and voila as simple as that.  
06:38i've now removed the blur that i inserted  in post-production and just left the blur  
06:42effect provided by tango. to make instructions  even clearer i will add some graphic elements  
06:47to the pictures. i will now add a step number  six just to confirm that the guide is complete.  
06:53but wait i've realized that the guide only  covers how to activate polls in zoom meetings.  
06:58i want to add a step to show how to activate polls  in zoom webinars. i will add a step after step 5  
07:05and this time choose capture steps tango will  ask me to select the chrome window where i want  
07:09to record the additional step so i'll choose the  zoom one i'll toggle webinar poles quizzes button  
07:15and that's done a new step has been created to  be noted that tango has automatically zoomed in  
07:21to what it thinks is the relevant part of the  screenshot. however if you wish you can zoom  
07:26out or zoom in to another area. let's add again  a rectangle an arrow and some text i'll update  
07:34the descriptions and that's it we can now preview  the workflow. to check out what the end user will  
07:40see users will be able to zoom in and out of each  screenshot as they wish. if you're happy with your  
07:46guide it's now time to share it and export it. you  can share it via email or with a link and you can  
07:52decide whether they'll only be able to view it  or edit it. you can copy the workflow into any  
07:58product that supports html or download a pdf file  that for example you can upload in your learning  
08:04management system. this tool is just great wait  .last second update. i was about to publish the  
08:09video when i received this email by tango first  of all announcing that the one number one product  
08:14of the week and i think that's well deserved, but  the key information here is that in the upcoming  
08:18weeks they will be releasing product updates  pricing plans and more goodies. they're also  
08:23reassuring that it will have a free version  similar to the one that i've shown you in my  
08:27video. that's definitely good news. i love this  tool and in the future i will make new videos  
08:31as soon as the release updates so make sure you  subscribe and stay tuned. what you can do for you  
08:36right now is to watch this next video to further  enhance your productivity and communication skills
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the TANGO Chrome extension used for?

The TANGO Chrome extension allows users to create step-by-step written guides in real-time by capturing actions on the Chrome browser, making it easy to review, edit, and share.

2. How does the TANGO Chrome extension capture actions on the browser?

The TANGO Chrome extension automatically records important actions as screenshots and descriptions without the need for video recording, simplifying the guide creation process.

3. What are some editing features available for the guides created using the TANGO Chrome extension?

Users can easily edit and personalize the guides created using the TANGO Chrome extension, such as adding additional information, blurring out sensitive information, and exporting the guides as PDF files.

4. What makes the TANGO Chrome extension an efficient tool for creating guides?

The TANGO Chrome extension streamlines the guide creation process by capturing actions in real-time and automatically converting them into written step-by-step guides, saving time and effort for users.

5. How can users benefit from using the TANGO Chrome extension for guide creation?

By utilizing the TANGO Chrome extension, users can easily create detailed and visually appealing guides for Chrome browser actions, enhancing collaboration and communication within their teams or with their audience.

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