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This video is a guide for the TARAXIPPOS Scout rifle in Destiny 2, showcasing the PvE and PvP god rolls you should look out for in the Guardian Games event. It explains how to obtain the rifle and suggests perk combinations for optimal performance in both game modes. The explosive payload perk is highlighted as a desirable trait for PvE.
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This section of the video discusses the new Taraxippos Scout rifle in Destiny 2 and how to obtain it.
The Taraxippos Scout rifle is the first and only of its kind in the game.
To obtain the rifle, players need to complete the initial Guardian Games Quest given by Eva Levante.
Completing the Vanguard playlist Contender card will fulfill the requirements for the Best in Class quests.
The guaranteed drop from the quest line includes Zen moment, and either kill clip for PVP or explosive payload for PVE.
The video discusses the benefits of lighting all the beacons in the activity, which guarantees masterworked Scout rifles with multiple perks.
Lighting all the beacons grants a Platinum rating and rewards multiple Scout rifles.
The lighter Scout rifles have a higher chance of rolling with god perks.
The god roll recommendations include Hammer-forged or Smallbore for barrels, Accurized for PVP, and Appended or Alloy/Flare for reload.
Perks like No Distractions, Outlaw, Zen Moment, and Moving Target are suggested for the first main perk slot.
Keep Away, Kill Clip, Reload Encore, Focus Fury, Cascade Point, Hatchling, and Explosive Payload are mentioned as options for the second main perk column.
The recommended God roll for the Taraxippos Scout rifle in Destiny 2 includes the explosive payload and outlaw perks, along with the gut shot straight perk to improve body shot damage.
Explosive payload and outlaw combination is great for Scout rifles in PvE.
The Taraxippos can also roll with the Guardian Games origin trait, Classy Contender, which grants class ability energy on kills.
Gut shot straight is a valuable perk as it improves body shot damage and is the only perk that can be paired with explosive payload on the Taraxippos.
The theory is that gut shot straight may enhance the damage of explosive payload, potentially increasing damage for every shot.
The speaker discusses the desirable rolls for the TARAXIPPOS weapon in both PvP and PvE.
For PvP, the recommended rolls are Hammer forged plus acros for range, no distractions for flinch, Outlaw for strafe speed, and kill clip for increased power.
Cascade point is also an option for PvP, but it requires more setup.
For PvE, the explosive payload God roll is recommended, as the TARAXIPPOS is the only Scout rifle in Strand.
00:05what is up guys it's your boy Titans
00:08let's get this W caucus and today we are
00:12going to be showcasing the brand new
00:14taraxipus Scout rifle just now dropping
00:17from the new Guardian Games event that
00:20has just gone live within Destiny 2
00:22season of Defiance this is the first and
00:26only strand Scout rifle in the entire
00:30game right now so that is already a big
00:33motivating factor behind wanting to get
00:35this thing but in this video we're going
00:37to be showcasing the PVE and PVP God
00:40roles that you are going to want to look
00:43out for and so let's get started now
00:46first things first how do you actually
00:48get this thing well you're gonna get one
00:51drop guaranteed from following the
00:54initial Guardian Games Quest given out
00:56by Eva Levante so that's gonna be pretty
01:00simple you grab a class item then you
01:03have to grab a card I would recommend
01:05the Vanguard playlist Contender card
01:08that is going to let you complete
01:11basically just one of the playlist like
01:14strikes as you can see right here and
01:17you can get it done just within that and
01:20doing so will complete basically all the
01:22requirements for the Best in Class
01:25quests and then you talk to Zavala you
01:27talk to shocks and then as you can see
01:29you do get a guaranteed drop and you're
01:33guaranteed drop for doing this quest
01:35line is actually pretty good as you can
01:38see right here it comes with Zen moment
01:40to improve the accuracy and then either
01:42kill clip for PVP or explosive payload
01:46for PVE so honestly a lot of people
01:48could just stop right there however I do
01:51think we can do a bit better by the way
01:53if you want to get a lot of teraxipus's
01:57really really fast just do the
02:00competitive Guardian Games playlist as
02:02you can see right here it's basically a
02:04Nightfall with hypernet current and I
02:07just two manned it for gameplay for this
02:10video with the teraxipus and just super
02:13casually two Manning it got the Platinum
02:16rating which means we were able to light
02:18all of the beacons on the right side and
02:21guys look at how many Scout rifles you
02:24get if you're able to light all of these
02:26beacons for getting that Platinum rating
02:28like that is insane and the lighter ones
02:31will drop guaranteed masterworked and
02:35with multiple perks giving you an even
02:37higher chance for the god roll so
02:40absolutely uh try to do that now this is
02:43like once per account likely per week
02:46but still that's a lot for just one
02:49activity potentially
02:51but let's move on from there to the god
02:53rules firstly for the barrels well it's
02:56really up to you however because this is
02:58a lightweight frame it does lack a bit
03:00in range so something like Hammer forged
03:02is what I'm personally going for with
03:04smallborn not being bad either then in
03:07the next perk slot accurized amazing for
03:09PVP appended could be what you want for
03:12PVE but also even something like alloy
03:16or flare to improve the reload great in
03:19honestly both a then in the first main
03:21perk slot no distractions to reduce
03:24Flinch Outlaw to massively improve the
03:27reload speed for a Precision shot a Zen
03:29moment for accuracy fourth time's a
03:32charm for ammo back moving Target for
03:34strafe Speed a offhand strike is an
03:37interesting new one for hipfire got shot
03:39straight to improve uh body shot stuff
03:42now in the second main perk column we
03:45have a keep away which is actually
03:47pretty good with Scouts if you're
03:49engaging guys far away you got a bunch
03:51of benefits a kill clip to improve
03:53damage after a kill and reload Encore to
03:57improve various things Focus Fury to
03:59improve damage for precision shots
04:01Cascade point to improve reload speed
04:04hatchling because this is strand which
04:07can be very good in certain strand
04:08builds and then explosive payload so
04:11explosive I do think is the best PVE
04:14perk by far it's going to give you 10 to
04:1815 bonus damage all the time it's going
04:21to provide part of the damage as
04:24explosive damage and that will have
04:25infinite range that is going to be the
04:27basis of our PVE God roll now what do
04:31you pair with that well probably just
04:34outlaw I mean this is a classic
04:36combination with Scout rifles Outlaw
04:39plus explosive we know that's great and
04:42so when you combine that with the fact
04:44that this can get classy Contender as
04:46the Guardian Games origin trait that
04:48gives you class ability energy on kills
04:51which is very good in PVE yeah you've
04:54got a great PVE Scout rifle God roll
04:57right there however you're also going to
05:00want to look out for gut shot straight
05:02and that's because this improves body
05:04shot damage and this is actually the
05:07first weapon in the game that can get
05:08gut shot straight plus explosive payload
05:11there are some other weapons that can
05:13get both of these perks but they're
05:15competing in the same column this again
05:17is the only one that can have both of
05:20them active at the same time on the same
05:23roll and the theory is that the way
05:26explosive payload Works part of your
05:29damage is set aside as explosive damage
05:32and this explosive damage is coded to
05:35not be Precision damage like if you get
05:37a Precision shot you'll see a Precision
05:39number pop up and then another white
05:42number pop-up and that's your explosive
05:44damage so wood gut shot straight improve
05:48the damage of your explosive damage
05:50because it coated as a body shot it very
05:53well might and that would mean that
05:56you're gonna get more damage for every
05:59shot either body shot or Precision shot
06:01because gut shot straight would be
06:03activating all the time for that
06:05explosive non-precision damage now
06:08unfortunately out of all the Scout rifle
06:11roles both myself and my teammate got
06:13neither of us got this combo so we
06:16weren't able to test it out but a
06:18hundred percent guys if you do get this
06:21combo to drop hold on to it because if
06:23it does increase damage all the time
06:25that is a big deal in PVE one of the
06:29main downsides of this being strand is
06:31that it does less damage than kinetic
06:33weapons this combo could do a great deal
06:35to offset that and even if it doesn't
06:38improve the damage again being literally
06:41the only weapon in the game that can get
06:43that roll it's still a very desirable
06:45thing to go after
06:47however moving on from there for the PVP
06:50God roll uh you really want stats so
06:53again Hammer forged plus acros is going
06:56to give you a ton of range right there
06:57combine that with no distractions for
07:01the Flinch you could just go with uh the
07:03classic Outlaw moving Target for strafe
07:06Speed is another interesting one and
07:09then probably you're just combining that
07:10with kill clip here and that's going to
07:13give you a pretty darn powerful weapon
07:16there is some thought to Cascade point
07:18because if you get Precision blows or
07:21final blows with another weapon right
07:23like you snipe someone or you kill
07:25someone with your special you whip out
07:26this weapon and it's going to be
07:28shooting very very fast uh and so you
07:31can absolutely like rip with Cascade
07:33Point active with that being said it
07:35does require a lot of setup you could
07:37just go the classic Outlaw plus kill
07:39clip route and that's not really gonna
07:41do you wrong but also guys keep in mind
07:44that a strand Scout rifle and being the
07:47only one doesn't matter as much in PvP I
07:51mean there's no strand surge in The
07:54Crucible right so definitely it does
07:56have a little bit more competition with
07:58every other lightweight frame Scout in
08:01the game whereas for PVE I think that
08:05God will the explosive payload God roll
08:07and the fact that it's the only Scout
08:10rifle in strand right now matters quite
08:12a bit more so that's definitely the role
08:14I'm leaning towards and what I'm
08:16personally looking for and so guys that
08:19is it for the video I hope you enjoyed
08:21and found this informative if you did
08:23please remember to help me out by simply
08:25rating and especially sharing this video
08:27if you guys want to see more Destiny 2
08:30content similar to this don't be afraid
08:32to slap that subscribe button if you
08:35want to get in touch with me and keep up
08:36to date with the latest Channel activity
08:39the best way is to follow me on Twitter
08:41at Rick cakis that is linked in the
08:43description down below again I hope you
08:45enjoyed the video and as always have a
08:47good day
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the TARAXIPPOS Scout rifle in Destiny 2?

The TARAXIPPOS Scout rifle is a featured weapon in Destiny 2, known for its performance in both PvE and PvP game modes. It is a sought-after rifle, especially during the Guardian Games event.

2. How can players obtain the TARAXIPPOS Scout rifle?

Players can obtain the TARAXIPPOS Scout rifle by participating in the Guardian Games event in Destiny 2. It is a reward for completing specific in-game challenges and activities during the event.

3. What are the recommended god rolls for the TARAXIPPOS Scout rifle in PvE?

For PvE, the TARAXIPPOS Scout rifle benefits from god rolls such as explosive payload, triple tap, and dragonfly. These perks enhance the rifle's performance in PvE activities, making it a desirable choice for Guardian Games.

4. What are the optimal perk combinations for the TARAXIPPOS Scout rifle in PvP?

In PvP, the TARAXIPPOS Scout rifle excels with perks like rapid-hit, kill clip, and snapshot sights. These combinations provide a competitive edge in PvP matches during the Guardian Games event.

5. Why is the explosive payload perk highlighted as desirable for PvE in Destiny 2?

The explosive payload perk is highlighted as desirable for PvE in Destiny 2 because it adds extra splash damage on impact, making it effective against various enemy types. It significantly improves the rifle's performance in PvE activities.

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