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This video demonstrates how to unlock a T Mobile phone using the online tool at, which requires filling out a form with information such as device model and IMEI number, paying a $1 fee, and following the activation process. Once unlocked, the phone can be used with any carrier worldwide.
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You can unlock the network lock from your device using an online tool called Safe Unlocks.
Safe Unlocks does not require any software download or extension.
To start the unlocking process, go to the official website of Safe Unlocks.
The video demonstrates the process using a locked device with a SIM card that shows "No Sync" and "Emergency Calls Only".
To unlock your mobile device from any carrier, you need to fill out some information including your name, email, device model, and IMEI number.
The website provides a simple form to enter the required information.
The IMEI number can be found by dialing a specific code on your phone.
Make sure to double-check the entered information, especially the email and IMEI number, for successful unlocking.
There is a one-dollar fee required to sign up and unlock the device.
This section explains how to activate a T-Mobile network unlock code.
Scroll down to find a helpful tutorial.
Sign up for a membership and check your email for the unlock code.
Copy and paste the code to activate the order.
Click on the "Start Order" button to complete the process.
The process of unlocking a network does not require any codes or computer knowledge, it is done through the server and confirmed via email.
After receiving the confirmation email, any SIM card can be used in any country.
The email confirms that the device has been fully unlocked and can be used with any provider worldwide.
The video demonstrates testing the unlocked device with different SIM cards to show that it is no longer restricted to a specific network.
To remove the carrier lock or network lock, visit for easy steps.
00:00hey there people are you wondering how
00:01to get rid of the
00:03network lock from your device if you're
00:06wondering if this is a possibility the
00:08short answer is yes and this is thanks
00:11to safe unlocks dot com carry unlock
00:14tool this is an online tool that does
00:17not require you to download any type of
00:19extension software or to do anything
00:22really crazy so all right we're gonna
00:25get started and the first thing that you
00:28need to do is to go to official website but
00:32before we start this tutorial i brought
00:34this uh device
00:36your typical device from a usb carrier
00:41so we're gonna take just one random sim
00:44and i'm gonna show you that the phone is
00:47locked so i got the syncer here
00:50and i'm gonna enter it on the device so
00:52let's check it out it says no synchro
00:54now it has a synchro another network
00:58it's gonna take a while it's not gonna
01:00do anything well if you find it's locked
01:03to the carrier and it's not gonna work
01:06emergency calls only it tries to pick up
01:08some signal over here
01:10and if you know about this topic you
01:13know that this is not good news for use
01:17because this means that the phone is
01:18locked so i'm gonna solve it in just 10
01:21minutes i will do it together guys so
01:25i assume you're on the safe unlocks
01:26website you're gonna click after on
01:29services and the first option cure
01:32unlock now as you can see unlock your
01:34mobile device from any carrier in any
01:37country now you need to fill out some
01:39information you might be worried about
01:41that oh what kind of information do you
01:44need it's super simple name email device
01:46model and your imei number so let's go
01:49ahead and enter this information
01:52all right now i need to enter the device
01:55model on this case i'm gonna enter a
01:57samsung device because that's the one i
01:58have and i have to enter the imei number
02:01um well i'm gonna show you a really easy
02:05method it's gonna work on any device
02:06even on an iphone and you're gonna go to
02:09your keypad and you're gonna press the
02:11following after you press this press
02:13bound and you'll see that your imei
02:16number it's gonna be here
02:18you have to take this one
02:20and we're gonna enter it on the form so
02:23let's do it together
02:28alrighty i finished putting my imei
02:30number right there make sure all the
02:32information is correct especially the
02:34email and the imei number because this
02:37is gonna ensure the unlocking of your
02:39device so you need to set the one dollar
02:41fee to sign up and unlock my device and
02:44click on the proceed button
02:46now you'll be here on the order id page
02:50it's super simple and you'll need to get
02:52a membership id in order to activate it
02:54if you don't know how to do it simply
02:55scroll down and you'll see this neat
02:57help over here and there is this super
03:00helpful tutorial that it's only
03:02minute us is almost ready all you need
03:03your one
03:05to complete it is obtain a member hey
03:08make sure to watch the full tutorial
03:10because they will let you know what you
03:12need to do i'm just going to show you a
03:15little part of this another robot
03:17continued to sign up really easy
03:20so i need to well to design that process
03:22is down below i'm gonna show you this
03:24part so we'll see each other in just one
03:28okay guys i just made signing up for my
03:30membership id now i have to go to my
03:32email remember guys we used an email
03:35just a second ago you can see your
03:36network unlocked for your samsung it's
03:38ready this is great news uh but we don't
03:41need this email for your moment we need
03:43our membership id so let's wait a sec
03:46for that email on our inbox and you'll
03:49see how easy it is to activate your
03:54okay your membership id has been
03:56verified great news hey nick thank you
03:58for using safe unlocks your membership
04:00id it's ready
04:02so we'll copy this code over here enter
04:04here to continue membership
04:06identification and we'll paste it here
04:08if everything is correct if you did
04:10everything right you'll see the start
04:12order button right here and we simply
04:14have to click it to activate our order
04:16so we're gonna click on that and your
04:18order is now in progress this was really
04:20easy and the cool part about this
04:22process is that you don't need any type
04:23of code or you don't need to know about
04:26computers everything is done by the
04:28server so you we have you have to wait
04:31for a confirmation on your email and
04:34then you can use any sinker in any
04:38if there is not restrictions about this
04:40so let's wait for that confirmation
04:44all right network unlocked completed
04:46let's open this email thank you for
04:48using safe unlock your your device
04:50identified with the mba number 35 blah
04:52blah has been fully unlocked from the
04:54provider it is a full unlock and will
04:56allow you to use any provider worldwide
04:58this is great news but let's put it to
05:01the test because that what we do on this
05:04channel so we're gonna take the same sim
05:07i just had a second ago
05:08oh crap
05:10now we're going to enter the sim card
05:13and i'm going to show you
05:15so as you can see no synchro which is
05:17going to show not network now it um
05:20detected the synchronous network
05:22connection let's put it now another
05:24network connection and it's just well
05:26emergency calls only and now we'll see
05:29movie store which is the local provider
05:32that i wanted to use at the beginning of
05:34this tutorial
05:35you have it there guys if you want to
05:37remove the carry lock or network lock
05:40from your device don't forget to go to
05:44and you'll be able to do it in just a
05:46few steps see you again on the next
05:48tutorial bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I unlock my T Mobile phone?

You can unlock your T Mobile phone using the online tool at The process requires filling out a form with information such as device model and IMEI number, paying a $1 fee, and following the activation process.

2. What information is required to unlock a T Mobile phone at

To unlock a T Mobile phone at, you need to provide information such as the device model and IMEI number. Additionally, a $1 fee is required to complete the unlocking process.

3. Can I use a T Mobile phone with any carrier worldwide after unlocking it?

Yes, once unlocked, the T Mobile phone can be used with any carrier worldwide. This provides the flexibility to switch carriers as per your preference or when traveling internationally.

4. What is the process for unlocking a T Mobile phone at

The process for unlocking a T Mobile phone at involves filling out a form with details such as device model and IMEI number, paying a $1 fee, and following the activation process. Once completed, the phone is unlocked and ready to use with any carrier.

5. Is there a fee for unlocking a T Mobile phone at

Yes, a $1 fee is required to unlock a T Mobile phone using the online tool at This fee covers the unlocking service and ensures that the phone can be used with any carrier worldwide.

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