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The video discusses the TR3b Black Manta, a top secret anti-gravity spy plane that is triangle-shaped and can perform high-speed maneuvers undetectable on radar. It is believed to use an engine system that creates an anti-gravity field using highly pressurized mercury accelerated by nuclear energy.
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The TR3b Black Manta is a triangle-shaped, anti-gravity spy plane that uses highly pressurized mercury and nuclear energy to create a field of anti-gravity around the craft.
The design of the spy plane is triangle-shaped and seems like something out of a science fiction novel.
It can perform high g turns and is undetectable on radar.
The plane was developed from top secret Nazi research captured during World War II.
The plane uses highly pressurized mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to create a field of anti-gravity around the craft.
The section discusses the concept of anti-gravity technology and its historical background.
Anti-gravity aircraft use a propulsion system that generates high-energy plasma.
Operation Paperclip was a covert US project to gain leverage against the Soviet Union in the military technology race.
There have been numerous peer-reviewed research studies on anti-gravity technology conducted by respected agencies.
The TR-3B Black Manta is said to have conventional thrusters that enable it to perform rapid high-speed maneuvers.
The TR-3B Black Manta is a stealth spy plane with a reduced radar signature, making it ideal for stealth missions.
The TR-3B is designed to be a subsonic aircraft with a slight humming noise.
Its plasma generation significantly reduces its radar signature.
It has been associated with sightings of flying triangle aircraft over the Antelope Valley in southern California.
The TR3b Black Manta, a secret aircraft, was allegedly captured on video in 1994 and witnessed at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.
The aircraft had a different shape and sound compared to the F-117 stealth fighters.
There were allegations of a crash involving an unidentified twin-tail stealth fighter at Boscombe Down Airfield in England in 1994, possibly the TR-3B Black Manta.
The US and UK governments denied the covert event.
The TR-3B Black Manta was allegedly used in the Gulf War for laser designation purposes.
The sightings of black triangle planes, including the TR-3A, intensified from 1990 to 2004, according to the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS).
A patent has been issued for a triangle-shaped anti-gravity aircraft, resembling a UFO, with an inertia mass reduction device.
The patent was issued by the United States Patent Office to the United States Navy.
The alleged inventor of the patents is Salvador Caesar Powers, an American aerospace engineer and inventor.
The patent describes the craft's energy propulsion system and includes diagrams of the triangle-shaped aircraft.
00:04this is the video that you've been
00:06waiting for the one aircraft everyone
00:09has witnessed from air force to
00:11stargazers to historians and aviation
00:15triangle in shape this spy plane design
00:17seems like something out of a science
00:19fiction novel it can perform incredibly
00:22high g turns undetectable on radar and
00:25was developed from top secret nazi
00:28research captured from world war ii and
00:31believe it or not it would use an engine
00:34system that can only be described as
00:37anti-gravity magic
00:39prepare yourself for an impossible video
00:41on an impossible aircraft the
00:43anti-gravity tr-3b
00:46black manta
00:55this video could be dubbed deja vu time
00:58because it's a case of here we go again
01:01in fact this video could even have its
01:03own theme song namely here we go by
01:06swedish group stakabu a fun scar rap
01:10tune of the 1990s by the way the lead
01:13singer of that song went on to be the
01:15director of the award-winning 2019 hbo
01:18miniseries chernobyl hey don't say i
01:21only talk about aviation on this channel
01:24yep i've dived and dug deep and put
01:27together another instance of a mystery
01:29plane that the us military refuses to
01:32acknowledge and which for all intents
01:34and purposes simply doesn't exist
01:38you know one of those planes the fact
01:41that this one is also black and
01:42triangle-shaped puts it in the same
01:45league as another controversial plane
01:47that the us military says doesn't exist
01:50the aurora
01:52that one has its own video here on found
01:54and explained so check that out if you
01:56like so let's turn our attention to the
01:59tr3b black manta a triangle-shaped
02:02anti-gravity plane around which there
02:05has been much speculation like the
02:07aurora it deserves some attention
02:13so the question that is on your lips
02:16what is meant by anti-gravity in the
02:18case of the tr-3b black manta it means a
02:22craft that uses highly pressurized
02:24mercury accelerated by nuclear energy so
02:28the plasma is produced which in turn
02:31creates a field of anti-gravity around
02:33the craft it has an electromagnetic coil
02:36at the heart of its motive power system
02:39the result of which is electromagnetic
02:41drive that interacts with the higgs
02:43bison field at the quantum level
02:46heaty stuff indeed and definitely
02:48something that is probably not common
02:51knowledge or even really provable at
02:53this point
02:55so an anti-gravity aircraft doesn't use
02:57conventional turbine or rocket engine
03:00technology but instead a propulsion
03:02system that creates thrust by generating
03:05high energy plasma these aircraft are
03:08also referred to as flux liners
03:12as with many divergent aviation
03:14technologies anti-gravity technology
03:16dates back to the latter part and
03:18aftermath of world war ii and
03:21specifically the covert u.s project
03:23known as operation paperclip
03:25the objective of operation paperclip was
03:28for the u.s to gain as much leverage
03:30against the soviet union in the military
03:33armaments technology race which is why
03:35the project was packed to the rafters
03:37with german scientists who were avowed
03:40members of the nazi party that means the
03:43u.s has been investigating anti-gravity
03:46technology for nearly 70 years
03:50there have also been a slew of confirmed
03:53peer-reviewed research studies regarding
03:55anti-gravity technology spanning some 60
03:59years conducted and published by
04:01respected agencies such as nasa the
04:04american institute of physics and the
04:07american institute of aeronautics and
04:09astronautics as well as the air force
04:11research laboratory
04:13it is the culmination of theories
04:16regarding gravitation quantum gravity
04:19and general relativity
04:21the latter is first put forward by
04:24albert einstein himself
04:26anti-gravity is of such huge interest to
04:29the military and scientists alike given
04:32that for example one could
04:33hypothetically reduce an aircraft's mass
04:37by using electromagnetic propulsion even
04:40down to zero
04:42little wonder that the likes of nasa the
04:44us air force and lockheed martin
04:46researchers have all invested in
04:48theoretical studies regarding the
04:50ability to alter inert mass
04:54according to experts the tr-3b black
04:57manta would use conventional thrusters
05:00located on the tips of the aircraft that
05:02would allow it to perform a dizzling
05:04number of rapid high speed maneuvers
05:07including perfect right angle turns and
05:10hyper acceleration
05:12it could even achieve this along all
05:15three axes as well
05:17remember the tr-3b was designed to be a
05:20subsonic stealth spy plane for one thing
05:23it's a very silent aircraft save for a
05:26slight humming noise
05:28an interesting byproduct of the plasma
05:30the tr-3b generates is that it
05:33significantly reduces the aircraft's
05:36radar signature thereby making it ideal
05:38for missions in which stealth is
05:41paramount this means that the tr-3b
05:44black manta could sneak into just about
05:46any airspace of any country and not be
05:49detected by its air traffic control or
05:52air defense systems this little black
05:54number has been associated with a number
05:57of reports of sightings of flying
05:59triangle aircraft over the antelope
06:01valley an area of desert in southern
06:04california much beloved by ufo watches
06:08it's also this desert area of california
06:10that draws people interested in covet
06:12black projects or black op military
06:15projects given its close proximity to
06:18several known military research and
06:20testing areas including edwards air
06:22force base and u.s air force plant 42
06:26the latter of which is a mere 60 miles
06:28or 97 kilometers from downtown los
06:31angeles in my humble opinion the united
06:34states air force must thank its lucky
06:36stars for ufo enthusiasts and believers
06:40of alien spacecraft after all as popular
06:43mechanics has written a number of
06:45reports of so-called black triangle ufos
06:48have probably been secret military
06:50aircraft in reality the tr-3b black
06:54manta could certainly be the type of
06:56black ops project typical of the us air
06:59force and navy the u2 spy plane of the
07:021950s the sr-71 jet of the 1980s and the
07:07present-day f-117a stealthcraft are just
07:10three examples of planes that the u.s
07:12air force denied existed for years all
07:16of which were first convertedly
07:18developed in nevada's infamous area 51
07:23and let's not forget that area 51 itself
07:26was only finally acknowledged by the us
07:28government when its most covert agency
07:31the cia did so on june 2013 courtesy of
07:36their freedom of information act
07:38requests filed eight years earlier
07:41so what about this proof allegations
07:44have swirled around the tr-3b black
07:47manta for years the bat as the tr-3b is
07:51sometimes affectionately known by black
07:53ops aviation researchers is hardly new
07:56in the covert sighting stakes steve
07:59douglas claims that he first captured
08:00the ultra secret aircraft on video in
08:031994. douglas had been used to tracking
08:06the likes of the once secret f-117
08:09stealth fighters but this new aircraft
08:11was shaped differently and had a
08:12different sound crackling over his
08:15military-grade radio scanner douglas had
08:18witnessed this strange aircraft at the
08:20white sands missile range in southern
08:22new mexico which is where the first
08:24atomic bomb was tested in july
08:271945 which makes it the perfect place to
08:29experiment with nuclear technologies
08:33speaking of 1994 there's also the
08:35strange event at boscom down airfield in
08:38wutsushi england that happened on
08:40september 26th of that year first
08:43reported in the uk's air force's monthly
08:45magazine it was alleged that a
08:47unidentified small twin tail stealth
08:50fighter crashed at the airfield at 11 pm
08:53that day
08:54allegations persist to this day that is
08:57possibly the tr-3b black manta had
09:00crashed there on that night in
09:01wiltershire a meal six miles or 9.5
09:04kilometers from stone edge itself not
09:08surprisingly the covert event was
09:10ferociously denied by the us and uk
09:13governments alike
09:15it's also been alleged that the aircraft
09:17was used in the gulf war to provide
09:19laser designation for lockheed f-117
09:22nighthawk bombers which would enable the
09:24use of laser-guided bombs
09:27the u.s air force of course flat out
09:29refutes this claim and a counter
09:31argument is that the black triangle
09:33planes such as the tr-3a have merely
09:36been confused with other less dramatic
09:38aircraft for example a geoscientist ben
09:42mcgee identified some black triangle
09:44craft as being border patrol drones
09:47fitted with infrared anti-collision or
09:49identification lights
09:51however the las vegas-based national
09:54institute of discovery science or nids
09:57has catalogued a number of black
09:59triangle plane sightings over a number
10:01of years and released a report in which
10:04it states that the sightings of the
10:06so-called flying triangles had
10:08intensified in the period of 1990 to
10:112004. it concluded that these multiple
10:14sightings were not keeping with previous
10:16covert operations by the department of
10:19for example they were often deployed
10:22over densely populated areas and
10:24highways the institute basically didn't
10:27know what to make of these sightings
10:29further triangle aircraft akin to the
10:32tr-3b black manta have been cited since
10:35then including one caught on camera by
10:38the texas base loredo paranormal
10:41research society in july 2012
10:44as well as triangle ufo looking aircraft
10:46filmed hovering over north east
10:48pennsylvania in late 2018
10:51but what if i told you that someone had
10:54taken out a patent on this aircraft
10:56design that's right officially in
11:03we now turn to the series of patents
11:06issued by the united states patent
11:08office or uspo to the united states navy
11:12collectively known as the us
11:14anti-gravity patents these were patents
11:17given to the navy for what look like a
11:19triangle-shaped aircraft akin to a ufo
11:22alien craft of law the alleged inventor
11:25of the patents is an elusive man known
11:27as salvador caesar powers an american
11:31aerospace engineer and inventor who now
11:33works for the us air force his 1999 phd
11:37thesis at case western reserve
11:39university was titled bubble generation
11:43under reduced gravity conditions for
11:45both coflow and cross flow
11:48so pace clearly had a background in
11:50gravity-related research
11:53one of the patents that he ended up
11:55lodging for the u.s navy was issued on
11:58december 4th 2018
12:01and was titled craft using an inertia
12:04mass reduction device
12:06like so many mysterious patents it
12:09actually makes for a delicious reading
12:12for example it's abstract stating that
12:14the patent is for the following a craft
12:17using an inertia mass reduction device
12:20comprised of an inner resident cavity
12:24an outer resident cavity and microwave
12:27emitters the electrically charged outer
12:31resident cavity wall and the
12:33electrically insulated inner resident
12:36cavity wall forms a resident cavity the
12:39microwave emitters create high frequency
12:42electromagnetic waves through the
12:44resident cavity causing the resident
12:46cavity to vibrate in an accelerated mode
12:49and create a local polarized vacuum
12:52outside of the outer resident cavity
12:56the patent essentially describes an
12:58anti-gravity aircraft and its diagrams
13:01as attached clearly show a sharp looking
13:04triangle-shaped craft looks uncannily
13:07like the archetypical ufo
13:10the opening description relating to the
13:12craft's energy propulsion system is
13:14equally fascinating as quoted verbatim
13:17here there are four known fundamental
13:19forces which control matter and
13:21therefore control energy the four known
13:24forces are the strong nuclear forces
13:26weak nuclear forces electromagnetic
13:28force and gravitational force
13:31in this hierarchy of forces the
13:33electromagnetic force is perfectly
13:36positioned to be able to manipulate the
13:38other three
13:39a stationary electric charge gives rise
13:42to an electric field while a moving
13:45charge generates both an electric and
13:47magnetic field hence the electromagnetic
13:51the patent further reads like an
13:53astrophysicist's fever dream mentioning
13:56things like quantum field theory hyper
13:59frequency graduational and hyper
14:01frequency vibrational
14:03electrodynamics the casimir effect the
14:06lamb shift and spontaneous emission to
14:10name only but a few
14:11so you're probably wondering does any of
14:14this even exist there are of course the
14:16inevitable allegations that the tr-3b
14:19was built by the military using
14:22extraterrestrial reverse engineer
14:24technology even forbes magazine moved in
14:272021 that maybe just maybe the patents
14:32issued to salvador caesar pays could be
14:35a cover for alien technology captured
14:37over the years by the us military but of
14:41that leap of judgement i think is best
14:43reserved for a different youtube channel
14:46that is a little bit more out there
14:49so what of the tr-3b black manta how far
14:53back does it go if at all does it have
14:56anything to do with those aforementioned
14:582018 patents issued to the us navy is it
15:02a plane is it a bird could it even be
15:06well i think it's just the united states
15:09air force messing with our heads yet
15:12some things will never change
15:14you should totally go right now and
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15:19if you jump on there today there are a
15:21whole bunch of quiz and other things
15:23that you can check out all involved
15:25about all of our videos here at found
15:27and explained i also want to give a very
15:30special thank you to my patreons without
15:33the support of these fine fellows and
15:36ladies i wouldn't be able to do the
15:38videos that you see here today and if
15:40you would like to join patreon you can
15:42see videos early give your own
15:44suggestions of topics to cover and speak
15:47directly with me through our private
15:50thank you again so much for watching and
15:53perhaps maybe the truth really is out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the TR3b Black Manta?

The TR3b Black Manta is a top secret anti-gravity spy plane that is triangle-shaped and can perform high-speed maneuvers undetectable on radar. It is believed to use an engine system that creates an anti-gravity field using highly pressurized mercury accelerated by nuclear energy.

2. How does the TR3b Black Manta achieve its anti-gravity capabilities?

The TR3b Black Manta is rumored to achieve its anti-gravity capabilities through an engine system that uses highly pressurized mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to create an anti-gravity field, allowing it to perform high-speed maneuvers undetectable on radar.

3. What are the characteristics of the TR3b Black Manta spy plane?

The TR3b Black Manta spy plane is known for its triangle shape, high-speed maneuvers that are undetectable on radar, and its top secret anti-gravity technology which is believed to be powered by an engine system using highly pressurized mercury accelerated by nuclear energy.

4. Is the TR3b Black Manta spy plane confirmed to exist?

The existence of the TR3b Black Manta spy plane has not been officially confirmed, but it has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories and speculations due to its reported capabilities and alleged sightings.

5. What are the rumored capabilities of the TR3b Black Manta spy plane?

The TR3b Black Manta is rumored to have the capability to perform high-speed maneuvers undetectable on radar, operate using anti-gravity technology, and have a triangular shape, making it a subject of interest and speculation among aviation enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists.

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