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The video showcases the first impression and setup process of the TV HQ 50-inch, including connecting to Wi-Fi and testing YouTube and digital TV channels. The reviewer is pleasantly surprised by the TV's performance and image quality.
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First impression of the TV HQ 50 inches and its control, battery and initial setup.
The TV HQ 50 inches comes with a simple and objective control.
The battery is easy to install and has a smooth side that should be placed on the spring.
The initial setup requires simple adjustments such as language, time zone, and wireless network connection.
The speaker tests a new TV and is impressed with its interface and speed while navigating YouTube.
The TV has a cool interface that shows various apps, including Netflix and Spotify.
The speaker tests the TV by downloading YouTube and is impressed with its speed and high-quality display.
The speaker searches for a video from their own channel and is pleased with the image quality.
An ad appears, but the speaker ignores it and continues exploring the TV's features.
The speaker is demonstrating how to connect a digital TV receiver to the TV and make a channel search.
The speaker shows the items that came with the TV, including a digital TV receiver and an extender cable.
They plan to connect the antenna to the TV for a channel search.
The speaker mentions technical adaptation due to the lack of an antenna.
They express the intention to find out how to remove a piece without pressing it.
The speaker is exploring the TV settings and trying out different options.
The speaker is trying to optimize the TV by using the assistant TV option.
They are testing the network and trying different methods of introduction and system recovery.
The speaker is exploring the different options in the settings menu, including time settings and adding accounts.
The video demonstrates how to set up digital TV on the HQ 50-inch TV.
The TV initially did not recognize the digital TV option.
After unplugging and plugging it in again, the digital TV option appeared.
The video shows the process of searching for TV programs through automatic search.
It took 4 minutes to complete the search and successfully catch some channels.
The speaker tests the YouTube and digital TV options on the 50-inch HQ TV and is impressed with the quality and speed.
The speaker clicks on the YouTube option at the bottom and it takes less than 10 seconds to open.
The videos flow very well on the TV.
The 50-inch HQ TV passed the test and surprised the speaker, just like the 32-inch one.
The speaker plans to review the TV again in a year.
00:01and that's it, our HQ TV is already
00:04mounted on the super stand, this is the
00:06control, the control is very objective without
00:10much fuss, let's go, first thing we have to
00:12put in a battery, look, there's only one
00:14bar, pull the bar, pull it
00:16up, control, there, battery always the
00:20smooth side here is on the spring, beauty
00:23And then the little beak is on the part where there is no
00:25spring placed, the control broke
00:29Turning on Our TV HQ for the first time
00:32lost the button already turned on our HQ
00:35Let me turn on our super light here
00:40for us being able to do it step by
00:41step, the
00:43first configuration of our super HQ
00:4750 inches is not a toy,
00:50our first HQ TV was the 32
00:54inches, right? For those who already know our
00:57channel, it's a video that was popular.
01:06Here you go, start defining,
01:08welcome to the use of the Smart screen, as it
01:11is a more pleasant contradiction,
01:13we need to make some simple adjustments,
01:14let's go, with the super control here,
01:17look, I'm just going to click on Ok, first,
01:20let's go to the Portuguese step by step, ok
01:26click Ok it's not going because it's not
01:29going so I'm going to click to the right, I
01:31clicked to the right, it was a question for
01:34me, then the time zone, I'm going to put
01:36São Paulo's São Paulo, if I'm not mistaken,
01:38now it's all of Brazil, right, the same
01:39time zone there, unless I think Mato
01:41Grosso, I think it's a business like that, it takes
01:43an hour to use the wireless network,
01:46yes, use the wireless network, after all, it's not
01:49connected to the cable network.
01:55-fi for us to see
01:58beauty I put the password on my wi-fi
02:00pressed down OK connect it will
02:04make the connection to our wi-fi, right
02:08Wonderful already gave a trace there signal
02:11let's continue here
02:14viewing guide Smart screen
02:18Choose your way to watch the
02:20television program or signal source
02:22and started to experience well the translation
02:25is not very good then no huh at the
02:27moment my TV is completely
02:30without cable it is only on power so
02:33let me see the what option does it have
02:36is it has the three HDMI and AV and the
02:40home page so I go to the home page
02:42because it has nothing Wow, what a cool
02:44interface huh
02:48Look how cool
02:50it shows Netflix here Even though I
02:53don't have it Spotify Facebook, of course
02:56I'm going to YouTube, right? After all,
02:58I have nothing here for now, I'm going to
03:01YouTube to see what's going to happen on
03:02that run and what an ugly screen there
03:05was before, I didn't like it, let's go, I'm going to
03:08download it from YouTube
03:11and let's go see how it will flow on
03:13YouTube, apparently a very fast TV,
03:17the first impression, right,
03:20let's go and install it or do we have to click ok
03:23open, it's already installed very well
03:28Let's see what will happen with
03:30our YouTube At first Wow and she is
03:33high huh Let me lower the volume a little
03:37For copyright reasons I
03:40'm going to look for a video from our channel I'm going to
03:44put search here I
03:46'm going to look for the channel here online which is
03:49our channel
03:51Where are the lyrics I thought
04:00I'm almost talking to the guy for the owner
04:02of Belmiro's HQ there
04:05to sponsor us there because
04:08we are helping a lot in the company
04:21Who knows,
04:24send us the new 60-
04:26inch TV and we'll
04:28review it, and have you thought about how
04:31beautiful the channel is? be happy, huh, but
04:34in the meantime it helps us, just
04:39posted here this best
04:44a lot of it, let's go
04:46there just to see the quality, how to open
04:50such and such
04:52Boy, this video is just a joke, just the one with the
04:55nectarine here, the first video
04:57we Did you talk about this TV here, taking it out of the
05:01how to open the control, let's see here
05:04how to open the control
05:10then an ad appeared and for a change
05:15I'm going to ignore the ad
05:18boy, what's this image, boy,
05:21I loved it, I loved it, and how does the TV work
05:25if I wanted to? put it on the TV let's see
05:36nothing happens so I'm going to Exit
05:40Exit exit or skip the video let
05:43me see menu
05:45menu doesn't work anything you have to remove it
05:50let me see where I'm going to click
05:51then pmod S mod what is p Default mode
05:56is the default I'm also
05:59going to click on this again so I'm going to
06:01insist here on Waze
06:04until he understands that I want to get out
06:06of what is this RPG
06:10down here, it's not
06:13complicated, here, see, it was for
06:15appearing in the input is the option
06:17to change, right? I want another option. Even
06:21though I don't have anything connected to the TV,
06:23I still saw an important detail on this TV.
06:25Here, just turn the light back on. We can
06:27show you this.
06:29Look what came with it. a little
06:32box inside this box came
06:36this piece
06:39and this extender cable, I'm going to connect it,
06:50apparently it's a digital TV receiver,
06:55I'm going to use it
06:57to be able to connect it and as I don't have an
07:00antenna on hand, here I'm going to make a
07:03technical adaptation.
07:05I have an antenna here, let me know, I'm going to
07:09connect this antenna to this TV here in the
07:11house, just to do a
07:13channel search and we'll see what's going to
07:15happen, I'll be back with it turned on, I'll be
07:21back there, look at the bottom there, look
07:24If you notice it, you'll see that there's
07:27a little piece there, and it's dark. You can't
07:29see the piece I just
07:31showed, let's see if it will work now.
07:43find out later how to get it out
07:44without having to press this one, let's
07:48go now, I'm going to go
07:51up there
07:54HDMI such and such and such I'm going to press this
07:57again, nothing happened
08:02HDMI no signal let me see here so
08:07man it doesn't go into the menu But what the
08:10hell, display, nothing, aspects
08:17Oops, I pressed home, he accepted here and
08:22now let's go back to the
08:29Ixi menu, but then how am I going
08:30to put an antenna there
08:34Wait, I'm going to turn it off,
08:38there's an option here that I think will
08:39be cool for We can use
08:41assistant TV here, I
08:43'm going to click,
08:46what's going to happen is
08:50memory used
08:5267%, but I just turned on the TV, optimize,
08:56let's click to see, it looks like that
08:59little plane that appears on your cell phone when
09:00you're cleaning it.
09:02down here
09:06to test the network I'm
09:08not going to do this test No I want to
09:10get the TV
09:11start Auto app
09:14click Ok so we can see what
09:18off that's not it too
09:22come back
09:25I'm going to turn off the TV I'm
09:29going to make a move here on this train
09:33there will be a button to this thing works
09:37and let's call again
09:49Oops on the right there looks like some options there
09:51I saw the advantage so settings
09:57time settings common
10:03let's see what here
10:05method of introduction system recovery
10:10Teles Smart which is system recovery
10:14I'll ask for a password then no no I'm
10:16not going to do that, I'm not going to, I don't even want to know what it is
10:17now, the
10:19introduction method, let's see here, wow,
10:23something crazy happened here,
10:27boy, I'm having a ball with this thing
10:29here, is there no digital TV,
10:36add account, there's no need
10:38for that,
10:42let's see
10:44one more time down nothing media
10:47let's click to see
10:57it doesn't give me an option here oh da da da da
11:00da VGA I'm going to unplug it let's see
11:03what happens I unplugged it
11:07plugging it in again let's
11:09see if it will recognize this little piece
11:12who the theory is supposed to be
11:16is to be the
11:20digital TV of this TV
11:23Does this TV not have digital TV if there is
11:27no negative point
11:29because behind it in the inputs there is no
11:32digital TV option
11:34Oops, a TV option appeared there now
11:37I unplugged it and it came in, okay? Seeing there,
11:39let's click to see here,
11:41and that's just one detail, I
11:47clicked, you have to wait, look how
11:50the antenna is at the back,
11:52just to do a test, only then, I'll see
11:55what I'll do, I'll send it right, let's go, do you
11:58want to search for TV programs
11:59now? Ok, yes,
12:03let's see what it will find
12:04for us, type of TV
12:09antenna, cable, type of
12:12TV search, automatic search, Ok, let's see what
12:17it will find for us,
12:19a little patience now, details.
12:22Let's see how long it takes for LG to
12:24I have it here at home, that one didn't break
12:26the screen, it takes forever, let's
12:29see this one,
12:31I'm going to calculate the time here, now, okay,
12:36while she's searching, I'm going to pause it
12:38if it won't take too long
12:42Oops, it took 4 minutes of searching
12:48and it worked. Digital TV on HQ's 50-inch TV,
12:55well, it caught some channels and not others,
13:05but I can't keep showing it there
13:07for copyright reasons, I
13:09'm going to leave it on one channel here just so I
13:12can talk,
13:14man, he changes channels quickly, you know, I
13:16liked it,
13:19leave it I leave it here on the channel
13:21here in our region and I'm going to
13:24square the image there without sound, so there's
13:26no problem, but look at
13:29first glance, the top image is
13:32blank, on digital TV, good reception,
13:36changes channels quickly, look,
13:41without much frills So,
13:43cost-benefit is worth it, it's a 50-inch HQ TV, so
13:46now I'm going to come here at the
13:48input, let's see if he'll choose the
13:51water, he gave me an option at the input, so
13:54I'll come,
13:57oops, input, and if I wanted to go
14:01there again, no no no no no no on
14:04digital TV, not on YouTube,
14:07for example, here at the bottom there is the
14:09YouTube option, I clicked on it, it takes a
14:13while to open, it
14:18's a matter of less than 10 seconds, that's very
14:20cool, that's it, I simply put it beautifully and let's
14:26let's go for a walk here From the videos, it
14:28flows very well
14:31man, the 50-inch HQ TV passed the test and
14:36it surprised me too, just like the
14:3932-inch one, let's see how long it will
14:41last us, that's really cool, I'm
14:44making this video on the last day
14:45of 2022, but it It will air on
14:50January 1, 2023, so in a year I
14:53'll be here again to talk about
14:55this TV, great, you liked the video,
14:59just to give you an idea,
15:02we have a video here on the channel, do you
15:06want to watch TV HQ? Let me type it here, it
15:09's going to be one of the first ones he goes to
15:11get, which is 32 inches.
15:14We're still using it, it's not
15:16with me here as I said in the other video,
15:19it's with my goddaughter there
15:22but it's working, ok,
15:29there it is. You can see the first one there, I'm going to go
15:33to it
15:35just to show you
15:38that it's still working Look at the
15:40image quality, expensive and very fast,
15:41the TV, I really liked it,
15:45the video is produced after the advertisements, well you
15:47have to wait for the students to pass so there's
15:50not much to go on Run that,
15:53skip the ad, there's one more Hey,
15:57we're on YouTube YouTube, that's it, just
15:59send it to us guys and that's it,
16:02look at
16:04our video from TV HQ, let's see how it
16:07works, move forward, hold it
16:09tight, quick, quick Oh, it shows
16:13a cool, cool comic, very cool,
16:18great, this is the 32-inch TV,
16:22also from the comic,
16:25there, it's working,
16:27great, guys, you liked the video, give it a
16:30thumbs up, subscribe to the channel until the
16:32next video
16:34and thanks
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the TV HQ 50-inch video about?

The video showcases the first impression and setup process of the TV HQ 50-inch, including connecting to Wi-Fi and testing YouTube and digital TV channels. The reviewer is pleasantly surprised by the TV's performance and image quality.

2. How does the TV HQ 50-inch perform in terms of image quality?

The TV HQ 50-inch performs impressively in terms of image quality, as highlighted by the reviewer in the video. The image quality is a standout feature that pleasantly surprised the reviewer.

3. What are the connectivity options for the TV HQ 50-inch?

The TV HQ 50-inch offers seamless connectivity options including Wi-Fi, which is showcased in the video. The reviewer demonstrates the process of connecting to Wi-Fi, highlighting the user-friendly setup.

4. Does the TV HQ 50-inch support YouTube and digital TV channels?

Yes, the TV HQ 50-inch supports YouTube and digital TV channels, as demonstrated in the video. The reviewer tests both functionalities and provides positive feedback on the experience.

5. What was the reviewer's overall impression of the TV HQ 50-inch?

The reviewer's overall impression of the TV HQ 50-inch was highly positive, emphasizing the performance, image quality, and user-friendly setup process. The video captures the reviewer's pleasant surprise and satisfaction with the TV.

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