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Andrew Tate recounts his experience of renting a convertible car and being told to return it to Geneva, but instead decides to return it to Luxembourg, potentially causing a confrontation with the rental company. He also discusses the expensive cost of living in Luxembourg and addresses rumors about his relationship with a girl. Finally, he mentions his involvement in a supercar rally and his dislike for being a passenger in cars.
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Andrew Tate talks about his brother stealing a car and his plan to return it to the rental company in Luxembourg.
Andrew rented a car from Geneva airport.
He was told that the convertible car must be returned to Geneva.
Andrew decided to return the car to Luxembourg instead.
He plans to hand the keys to the rental company in Luxembourg and walk out.
Andrew Tate shares his frustration with a car rental company and expresses his disregard for listening to women on the phone.
He mentions that the car rental company is a conglomerate with a wide reach.
Andrew refuses to listen to the woman on the phone, stating that he doesn't even listen to the women he has sex with.
He expresses his annoyance with the car rental company trying to control his life.
Andrew contemplates confronting the office and revealing that he stole the car but is returning it.
The speaker's brother spent a ridiculous amount of money on washing clothes at a laundromat in Luxembourg.
The brother took a taxi to the laundromat and back, spending 100 euros.
The total cost of washing the clothes was 218 euros.
The speaker mentions that his brother could have just bought new clothes instead.
The speaker talks about his expenses in Luxembourg and denies accusations about being with a girl.
Spent 6,000 euros in two days in Luxembourg.
Denies being with a girl, claims innocence.
States that the girl is in his hotel room having sex with him.
Mentions meeting the girl only twice and not sleeping with her.
The speaker discusses their participation in a supercar rally and their nervousness as a passenger.
The speaker mentions that they have had three serious car crashes in their life.
They express their dislike for sitting in cars as a passenger.
The speaker and Andrew decide to flip a coin at every stop to determine who drives.
00:02good shot there from tape
00:19a lot of people say girls love money and
00:20that's not entirely true
00:46luxembourg is a failed society
01:02today my brother stole a car he stole a
01:05car from switzerland and he made me
01:07drive it across two international
01:09borders to luxembourg and now i don't
01:11know what he's gonna do i didn't steal a
01:13car i rented a car from geneva airport
01:16and they told me that all the
01:17convertibles have to be returned to
01:19geneva cannot return them anywhere else
01:20in europe because they need the
01:21convertibles in switzerland i don't know
01:24why people to drive around the alps with
01:25the convertible so when i rented the car
01:27i told them i'd returned to the airport
01:28i decided to change i changed my mind
01:30and decided i had to come here to
01:31luxembourg i called six and told them i
01:33was gonna come to luxembourg they said
01:35that's not allowed i said well what
01:36happens if i do it they said you can't
01:38do that you have to return to geneva
01:40that's technically stealing it's not
01:42stealing the car if i give them the car
01:43back so i'm going to drive to sixth in
01:46luxembourg i'm going to hand them the
01:48keys i'm going to walk out
01:49and i can't get arrested stealing got
01:51the car i've given it back to the
01:52company perhaps in the wrong place
01:54but i still give it back to them
02:00if they arrest you i will laugh
02:04no one can do [ __ ] to me i'm the
02:05underboss of this holocaust i've seen
02:07you get arrested four times i'm an
02:09international criminal i've seen you go
02:11you'll get arrested plenty of times
02:12listen sixth [ __ ] rental car are like
02:16a conglomerate they're huge they've got
02:18from america to [ __ ] hong kong i've
02:20moved their car from geneva to
02:22luxembourg i'm sure they'll negotiate
02:24the situation and get it back [ __ ] them
02:27i [ __ ] tried to be reasonable on the
02:28phone said no i'm dropping off in
02:29luxembourg you can't you can't like
02:31[ __ ] i can do what the [ __ ] i want to
02:32listen to women well i don't listen
02:34listen i don't listen to the women i
02:36have sex with so why am i gonna listen
02:38to the woman on the phone
02:40some idiot
02:41on minimum wage trying to control my
02:43life you can be a 10 out of 10 beauty
02:45queen with big ass titties and you can't
02:47control my life i'm going to listen to
02:49the [ __ ]
02:50whoopee he won't even suck me off no
02:58i have a bad feeling that the
03:01office is in the airport
03:06it's an adventure at least now do we
03:08have anything in this car
03:10trying to hide from me for hiding the
03:13and reprimanding for about the scene
03:15come on
03:26what if we just put the keys in the key
03:28box and
03:31it's left option
03:33just feels like i want to confront them
03:35and tell them what i did
03:36look upstairs
03:38otherwise yeah
03:57he ran away
04:00kind of [ __ ] countries they're
04:03what if i landed and actually wanted to
04:04rent a [ __ ] car they knew i was about
04:06to tell them
04:08the reality of their own lives
04:13they knew i was about to tell them i
04:15stole your car from switzerland but i'm
04:16giving it to you so you can't call the
04:18police they should be open actually
04:21key box [ __ ] them
04:23you can't put the [ __ ] keys in the
04:26keyboard in the wrong country banned
04:28sixth from accessing money to my bank
04:30nobody business
04:46merry christmas
04:48thank you you're welcome
05:06regret making one of those
05:10here we go
05:12key box
05:34did you miss me
05:42so today my brother got [ __ ] what he
05:44did was he thought he was clever and
05:46wanted to get a t-shirt and a pair of
05:48pants washed so he took a taxi to the
05:50laundromat yesterday dropped it off and
05:52the taxi back 100 euros 18 euros to get
05:55the clothes washed then did the same
05:57taxi run today
05:58218 euros to wash like 50 euros worth of
06:02clothes he could have just bought the
06:03[ __ ] clothes again it's ridiculous
06:04and he's not even ashamed of himself
06:06he's pretending it's a good thing
06:08terrible my brother's wrong
06:10luxembourg is actually officially the
06:12most expensive place i've ever been
06:14here's my taxi receipt it's 72 euro
06:17to go six kilometers which is about 10
06:20minutes to the laundromat it's 72 euro
06:23to come back and it was 18 euro to wash
06:25it and then i'd go collect it again
06:26which was 72 euro and 72 euro to come
06:28back so we can do that math will fluff
06:30my head what's 72 times four
06:32really 144 come on no 72 times two
06:35that's 72 times four 289 288 plus 20 so
06:39it's cost me 308 euros to wash a t-shirt
06:43and a pair of chargers that cost me
06:44maybe 40 euros
06:45not including the drinks we've had here
06:47the coffees
06:49uh we had dinner we didn't do anything
06:50extravagant but in total including hotel
06:52rooms i've spent 6 000 euros in two days
06:56in luxembourg just sleeping eating and
06:59washing some clothes you can accuse him
07:01of being with girls most of the time
07:03you're right but this time you're wrong
07:05this girl he did not see
07:08she told me that they are together
07:10because everyone wants to be with a tate
07:12it's normal every girl wants to be with
07:14the king
07:15but everyone yeah everyone oh not
07:17everyone she's acting bad while she's
07:19here in my hotel room having sex with me
07:21exactly just like so act off
07:24so last night it was all
07:32so no this girl he didn't do no he's
07:34innocent this girl now okay trust me
07:37thank you good
07:38i will never speak to you baby yeah it's
07:41[ __ ] right you're sorry there we go
07:44so do it mike
07:46i mean
07:47because i told you if i [ __ ] her i
07:48would say yeah i [ __ ] her up the ass
07:50upside down doggy style on the floor i
07:52would tell you everything i never [ __ ]
07:54her i met her twice proved it
07:57i said how many times do we meet only
07:58two she was i think yes ha ha but we
08:00didn't sleep i know 100 percent
08:03i said i know it too
08:08she's just mad though she's apologized
08:09but she's mad that she's wrong isn't
08:11that crazy
08:14mike mike told me he [ __ ] your mom
08:16sixth month yeah my mike told me he
08:19[ __ ] your mom
08:2120 years ago so he might be your dad
08:30i don't care what people say
08:32this is women that might be saying if
08:34you don't care
08:35no this is a lesson
08:37this is a lesson about women let me tell
08:38you if this girl said yes tristan you
08:41[ __ ] me she would be happy that she's
08:44i didn't [ __ ] her and she's angry
08:47because she's wrong she's angry i did
08:49not [ __ ] with this guy
08:51i don't know who's the answer this is
08:57okay next time you say did you [ __ ] this
08:58girl if i didn't i will [ __ ] them first
09:00and then then you're always right baby
09:02then you're always right yeah you're mad
09:05that i didn't [ __ ] her because you're
09:06wrong and i'm right is that how women
09:08are these people i'm glad our
09:09relationship does not have these
09:10problems because me and you we're
09:12we don't have none of these issues do we
09:17except for the pool about them being
09:20i don't want to be near you oh babies
09:24that's not what you do at night at night
09:25you know what she does
09:26she attacks me
09:28koala bears me
09:30i can't even move i can't even breathe
09:40the reason we're even in luxembourg in
09:41the first place is because this is where
09:43a supercar rally begins now every
09:46[ __ ] year andrew drags me on one of
09:47these stupid supercar rallies where we
09:49start in one city and go somewhere else
09:51in europe this one we've actually helped
09:54organize and ends in bucharest but if
09:56you don't know this about me i have had
09:58three serious car crashes in my life one
10:00almost killed me and one permanently
10:02injured my shoulder and finished my
10:04kickboxing career so i am a nervous
10:06passenger i [ __ ] hate sitting in cars
10:09when i'm not driving them myself so me
10:11and andrew have decided on this supercar
10:13rally that we're gonna flip a coin for
10:15who drives at every single stop i better
10:18be driving or i'm gonna be complaining a
10:20[ __ ] lot
11:09is a failed society
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1. What was Andrew Tate's experience of renting a convertible car?

Andrew Tate recounts his experience of renting a convertible car and being told to return it to Geneva, but instead decides to return it to Luxembourg, potentially causing a confrontation with the rental company.

2. What did Andrew Tate address regarding the expensive cost of living in Luxembourg?

Andrew Tate discusses the expensive cost of living in Luxembourg and shares his views on the topic.

3. What rumors did Andrew Tate address about his relationship with a girl?

Andrew Tate addresses rumors about his relationship with a girl and provides clarity on the matter.

4. What did Andrew Tate mention about his involvement in a supercar rally?

Andrew Tate mentions his involvement in a supercar rally and shares his experiences related to the event.

5. What does Andrew Tate mention about his dislike for being a passenger in cars?

Andrew Tate discusses his dislike for being a passenger in cars and shares his perspective on the topic.

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