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The video compares four different t-shirt brands (Fresh Clean Tees, True Classic Tees, CUTS, and ESNTLS) to determine the most comfortable option, with the ESNTLS brand being the most comfortable and the Fresh Clean Tees coming in second. The ESNTLS shirts are priced at $30 each, while the Fresh Clean Tees are more affordable at $17 each.
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The video discusses the reviewer's decision to do an honest and unpaid review of four t-shirt companies.
The reviewer dislikes influencers being paid for scripted reviews.
The goal is to determine which t-shirt company offers the most comfortable t-shirt at what price point.
The reviewer prefers close-fitting t-shirts for better sweat-wicking and comfort.
Not all companies had sizes to accommodate everyone.
The reviewer compares the fit and sizing of t-shirts from CUTS and ESNTLS.
CUTS t-shirts are more form-fitting and snug in the sleeves.
The reviewer found the extra large CUTS t-shirt to be tight and uncomfortable.
ESNTLS t-shirts are also form-fitting and snug on the sleeves.
The reviewer mentions that the ESNTLS t-shirt feels heavier but fits okay in an extra large size.
A comparison of different t-shirt brands, including True Classic, Fresh Clean Tees, CUTS, and ESNTLS.
True Classic donates some profits to combat veteran homelessness.
Fresh Clean Tees offers regular and long body sizes, with the long body providing extra inches in the back and front.
The bag for Fresh Clean Tees is tricky to open and has a resealable feature.
The CUTS t-shirt has a soft fabric but an itchy tag in the back.
The ESNTLS t-shirts are mentioned briefly, but no specific details are provided.
00:00i found out that one of these four
00:01t-shirt companies reaches out to
00:03influencers to pay them to do good
00:06reviews if you've been following this
00:07channel for any length of time you'll
00:09know that for me that's a big no-no i
00:11don't like it because it causes people
00:13to buy stuff based off of scripted
00:15reviews and then sometimes waste money
00:17on products that aren't as good as they
00:19claim to be so i decided to do my own
00:21honest and unpaid review i've been
00:23seeing some videos comparing true
00:25classic teas versus fresh clean teas and
00:27videos comparing essentials versus cuts
00:30t-shirts but i haven't seen one
00:31comparing all four so here it is
00:41what's going on everybody i'm bill sweet
00:43and welcome to the dad bot i wear
00:45t-shirts every day under my dress shirts
00:47i see people on tv who just put on a
00:49dress shirt and wear it just fine but i
00:52sweat i won't make it two hours in a
00:53dress shirt without an undershirt now
00:55all of these companies claim that they
00:57have the most comfortable t-shirt so i
01:00wanted to find out what's really going
01:02on because all four can't be
01:04the most comfortable so i wanted to find
01:06out which one actually is the most
01:07comfortable and at what price point
01:09because some of these are quite pricey
01:11let's get started and for reference this
01:13is how i like my t-shirts to fit i
01:15normally wear an extra large tall
01:17because i'm over six foot tall and i
01:19prefer my t-shirts to be fairly close
01:20fitting but not too tight or too loose
01:23wearing them close fitting helps wick
01:25away sweat better and it keeps me
01:26comfortable and dry my goal was to
01:29purchase an extra large a 2xl an extra
01:32large tall and a 2xl tall for each one
01:35which i found out that not all of these
01:37companies had sizes to accommodate
01:39everyone i ordered all of these on the
01:41same day fresh clean teas arrived in
01:43four days essential arrived in five days
01:45cuts in true classic arrived in eight
01:47days does that mean that some of these
01:49t-shirts are better because they shipped
01:51faster no but i just wanted to let you
01:53know what kind of a time frame to expect
01:55these in cuts makes their t-shirts a
01:57little bit more form-fitting and a
01:58little bit more snug in the sleeves so i
02:00wasn't sure how well this was going to
02:02fit because i normally wear mine clothes
02:04fitting so i purchased an extra large
02:07and a 2xl they don't offer tall sizes at
02:10this point this is the cuts extra large
02:12it's really tight on me not comfortable
02:13at all and i had to take it off because
02:15i felt like a can of biscuits that just
02:17popped open in the heat this is the cuts
02:192xl it fits a little bit better still a
02:22bit tighter than i normally wear you
02:24might want to consider going one to two
02:25sizes up from what you normally wear
02:27with these i heard several people say
02:28that these were a bit snug on the biceps
02:31i'm not really a muscular guy but these
02:33were a little bit flush on my arms so a
02:353xl might fit me better and might have a
02:37little bit more room on the sleeves but
02:39they don't come in a 3xl the length was
02:42okay i would say that these would stay
02:44tucked in throughout the day especially
02:45with how tight it was
02:47for essentials they sell out fast i was
02:49very limited on the options that i had
02:51available to purchase i was only able to
02:53order an extra large that's it they
02:56don't have the options for anything
02:57larger than that and they don't offer
02:59tall sizes they also make these a little
03:01bit more form fitting and snug on the
03:03sleeves this shirt actually has a little
03:05bit of weight to it it feels almost like
03:07the weight of two shirts it doesn't feel
03:09heavier while wearing it this shirt fits
03:11okay at an extra large the fabric is
03:14actually really stretchy but i probably
03:16would need a 2xl to fit me the way that
03:18i like them the length is great without
03:20having the tall sizes the sleeves are
03:22flush but since it's such a stretchy
03:24material it doesn't feel constricting at
03:26all for true classic i ordered an extra
03:28large a 2xl a long body extra large and
03:31a long body to exhale the long body is
03:34the equivalent of a tall size
03:36they say that by purchasing from true
03:38classic some of the profits go to help
03:39combat veteran homelessness being a
03:42veteran myself i just wanted to put that
03:43out there because that's definitely
03:45something that's true to my heart
03:47i normally wear it extra large and the
03:48extra large as you can see fits
03:50perfectly the 2xl is a little bit more
03:52loose fitting than i prefer my
03:54undershirts to be but not by much both
03:56large and extra large fit just fine for
03:58they don't actually specify it on the
04:00shirt whether it's an extra body extra
04:03large or the regular size so i decided
04:06to measure them to see if there was a
04:07difference going from the regular to the
04:09long body gives about an extra four
04:11inches in the back and an extra two
04:12inches in the front for fresh clean tees
04:14i also ordered an extra large a two
04:16extra large a tall extra large and a
04:19tall two extra large
04:20first off the bag is a bit tricky to
04:22open be careful when you're opening it
04:24because if you need to return it for any
04:26reason they have used the same
04:28resealable bag they put a flyer in the
04:30bag to let you know this but by the time
04:32that you get to read the flyer you've
04:34already opened the bag it also says that
04:36some of their profits go towards ocean
04:38protection efforts and i love the ocean
04:40i love being in water so again great
04:43cause as well i've got the extra large
04:44on here and it's a little bit short for
04:46my liking
04:48this one here is the extra large tall
04:50and it fits a lot better i won't have
04:51any issues with it coming untucked the
04:532xl and the 2xl tall is a little bit
04:56loose but it's still within the sizing
04:58that i would wear under my dress shirts
05:00for the cuts t-shirt i will say that the
05:02fabric is nice it's very soft i don't
05:05really care much for this tag in the
05:07back it makes my neck itch i usually
05:09prefer tagless t-shirts so the
05:12essentials again i just want to point
05:14out like it's it's feels like the weight
05:16of two t-shirts but when you're wearing
05:17it you can't feel the extra weight and
05:19this one it absolutely feels great it's
05:22got the tagless in the back it just
05:24feels like a higher quality shirt when
05:26compared to the cuts t-shirt and again
05:29just look how stretchy this is
05:34the true classic these feel nice i
05:37wouldn't say that they're as nice as the
05:38essentials but it is absolutely a lot
05:40better than my normal t-shirts
05:42and then the fresh clean this this feels
05:45great i would say it feels as good as
05:47the cuts
05:48better than the true classic but not as
05:50good as the essentials the fabric is
05:51just so soft it's really breathable i
05:54did hear previously that there may be a
05:56tearaway tag
05:59right up here in the collar so that
06:02would show that it's rebranded but i've
06:04looked in all four of them i didn't see
06:06anything showing that there was ever a
06:09tearaway tag in there so
06:11maybe they changed their manufacturing
06:12process since then not really sure but
06:15yeah these don't have any signs that
06:17they're a rebranded t-shirt the cuts
06:19t-shirts are forty eight dollars each
06:22the essential t-shirts are thirty
06:23dollars each true classic are twenty two
06:26ninety nine dollars each and the fresh
06:28clean tees are seventeen dollars each
06:31okay so yeah the essentials they went
06:33hands down as the most comfortable at
06:35thirty dollars each if you can find them
06:37in your size in stock the fresh clean
06:40tees came in second as the most
06:42comfortable for about half the price so
06:44if you can find them in your size and
06:46you can afford it and are willing to
06:47spend the money then these essentials
06:48are absolutely amazing if thirty dollars
06:51per shirt is a little bit steep for you
06:53then try out the fresh clean t-shirts
06:55i'm not sure i'm going to be able to go
06:56back to my old generic t-shirts after
06:58wearing these i also compared 13
07:01different men's pouch underwear to find
07:03out which ones were the best check out
07:05that video right here and i'll see you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Which t-shirt brand is the most comfortable?

The ESNTLS brand is the most comfortable among the four t-shirt brands compared in the video.

2. What is the price of ESNTLS shirts?

The ESNTLS shirts are priced at $30 each, as mentioned in the video summary.

3. Which t-shirt brand comes in second in terms of comfort?

Fresh Clean Tees are the second most comfortable option among the four brands compared in the video.

4. What is the price of Fresh Clean Tees?

Fresh Clean Tees are priced at $17 each, making them a more affordable option compared to ESNTLS.

5. What are the brands compared in the video for t-shirts?

The video compares four different t-shirt brands - Fresh Clean Tees, True Classic Tees, CUTS, and ESNTLS.

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