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The video discusses the controversial life of Andressa Urach, a Brazilian celebrity known for her scandals, controversial actions, and constant reinventions; her trajectory includes involvement in reality shows, religious conversion, marriage, and adult content creation; the video provides a detailed account of her life and highlights the constant controversies surrounding her.
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This section of the video discusses the controversial life of Andressa Urach.
Andressa Urach is known for being one of the most controversial figures in Brazilian gossip.
She gained fame for her encounters with Cristiano Ronaldo and for appearing without panties on a TV show.
The speaker admires Andressa's determination to be publicly hated.
Andressa Urach's disturbing past includes being expelled from a reality show, almost dying from hydrogel complications, and sharing bizarre stories in her book.
Andressa Urach is known for being the best participant in reality shows.
She was expelled from a reality show after getting naked inside the farm.
Andressa almost died from complications related to hydrogel.
She shared a bizarre story involving herself and a dog in her book.
Andressa Urach's journey after leaving the Universal Church, including suing the church and her tumultuous personal life.
Andressa Urach sued the Universal Church to recover donations of 2 million reais.
She regretted giving her cars to the church, as she saw pastors and bishops enjoying luxurious vehicles.
After leaving the Universal Church, Andressa Urach sought a new church, got married, had a son, but then separated from her husband and went back to dancing in a nightclub while pregnant.
Less than a month later, Andressa Urach's husband resumed their marriage after the scandal.
Andressa Urach's son films and creates content for her, including sensual photos and videos, as he wants to pursue a career in photography.
Andressa's son, Arthur, is the one who films and creates content for his mother.
Arthur wants to become a photographer and sees filming his mother as a way to practice.
They view the sensual photos and videos as a job and not something to be ashamed of.
Some people criticize Andressa for involving her child in her content creation.
00:00Hello people speaking to you, it's me Michele,
00:02welcome here to another
00:04video on pewdiepie's favorite channel and
00:07today guys, what are we going to
00:08do today man, it's another video like that,
00:10history, right? Not exactly history, but about
00:12trajectory, right? We've already
00:14brought the trajectory of several
00:16iconic people here in this car, right? But today
00:17we're going to talk about one of the most
00:20controversial people in the Modern History of
00:22Brazilian Gossip who is legendary for
00:25me, she's legendary because anyone who
00:26knows knows that I love it I love it a
00:28person Geisy Arruda and Andressa is the
00:31most Arruda person that exists
00:35Andressa Urach had to run so that
00:37Mc pipoquinha could walk today So man, do you
00:40think of a person who would be
00:42impossible to make a film about her man
00:43because before the film even came out
00:45her life would already be completely
00:46different to talk about her becoming
00:48again then suddenly she talks like this
00:50now about Buddhist I became vegan and now
00:52my business is communism but
00:55honestly she is a person that I
00:56admire she has never produced anything
00:58other than controversy and I really admire
01:00people like that, man, for example, it's the
01:02girl from R$ 2, the mysterious gift
01:04to Martina, there, one, two, three,
01:08we made fun of her, but it's
01:10undeniable the determination she has in
01:13wanting to be publicly hated, man, it's
01:16incredible, Andressa, damn it,
01:18She became famous for giving it to
01:19Cristiano Ronaldo, who was once great,
01:20she went to Pânico at the height of Poderoso
01:22Castiga and showed herself without panties for
01:24him, I can see if she could do it
01:28in less than five minutes of this conversation of
01:30her having shown her prex, he has already
01:33started calling her a [ __ ] is saying
01:35that I'm nothing so you're kind of
01:40hurting me
01:41when I saw all of this for the first
01:43time when I saw this woman subject herself to
01:45this for the first time I thought OK she
01:47's different she's different she's
01:48that kind of chaos that the public likes
01:50man there's no way and in fact not only the
01:52public but specifically Rede
01:54Record with A Fazenda
01:56because I think she's a fake
01:59gossiper and manipulator and on the farm,
02:01right man, she's for me, right? I think
02:03for everyone, right? Along with this
02:05guy Becker, she was a historic participant, right man,
02:07what an example, she starred in a
02:09spit duel that because of that duel
02:12was banned
02:14because it really was a bit of a
02:16strange mess, man, calm down,
02:20people, calm down, please don't, and
02:23there's something else too, right, I'm like a fan
02:25right You know about reality shows for me
02:27she is without a doubt the best participant
02:29who knows how to justify voting in the history of
02:31all old shows man because this
02:33video here man is also
02:34a legendary video for me Andressa between
02:38Bárbara and Denise Who would you like it to
02:40stay on the farm and why
02:44honestly for me could you both go out, right?
02:47Because Bárbara is an example
02:48of live sex, even using ointment is bad
02:53for the fungus she's treating,
02:57like it's some business that you talk about
03:00like live things with her Go there and say, it's
03:05after all this, right, everyone
03:07thought about this child, this
03:08completely crazy woman, man, this woman
03:10here is only getting worse, right, man, because like,
03:12after she got naked inside the
03:15farm, she was expelled, I don't know what,
03:17man, load of [ __ ] dude then
03:18suddenly she had a problem with hydrogel
03:20where she almost died in fact there's the
03:22iconic scene of her in the hospital reading
03:23Edir Macedo's book, right, it
03:25was just that one right there It's guy
03:29transforming, right, into a faithful devotee of the
03:31universal church, right, she launched it the book,
03:32right, I died to live my underworld of fame,
03:35drugs and projection, right, where she tells the
03:38bizarre story that no one asked
03:40to know, right, involving her and a
03:43dog and that she was like herself, the day it
03:45was there that she developed the addiction,
03:47this was one of the most absurd things
03:49that someone could want to talk about in
03:50public, it's on and not just in public, right,
03:52she wrote it in the book, right? She thought, isn't
03:53there something that can't be missing from
03:55my story? This needs to be
03:56in my book, right? This was very much
03:57part of it. I'm connected And today, man,
04:00she treats it so naturally, man,
04:01I went to see her Stories about it and
04:03she answered as if it were a question
04:05about her putting too much pepper
04:07in her food Look at this, man, how
04:09absurd, man, the guy did it the question here
04:10is that obviously I'm going to censor it, I don't
04:13even want to let it, but look, pay attention to
04:15her answer naturally, not
04:18with any animal When it happened that
04:23No, it
04:24's not an animal, so if I were younger
04:27than her, like, she chose to answer this
04:31question Yes, yes, she looked through all
04:33the questions She's here, she has to give an
04:36update on my book, right,
04:39since her conversion, right, she was a
04:41pastor at Universal, right, she presented the
04:43General Balance Look at how to be faithful to
04:46Universal until it yields something, right,
04:48old man, She she also got married and lived a
04:50completely normal amazing life, you know, until
04:54suddenly she looks and talks, I kicked the [ __ ] out
04:56of telling myself and that's it, man,
04:59I've just not been to church for a while, then
05:02she appears again and says that
05:03Andressa Urach detonates the
05:05Universal Church took practically everything
05:07I had, I'm
05:09not satisfied because she did
05:11Andressa Urach sue the Universal Church
05:14to recover donations of 2 million
05:19that's it, old man, my car is a kwid
05:24You know right that it's the Way all my
05:27cars for the church I think the n
05:29armored Land Rover and 30 armored is
05:35Fluence anyway they were all my cars
05:38I ended up giving them to the church I regret it,
05:40right because today the pastors the bishops
05:43are there walking hard falling armored and
05:45I'm walking carefully And to finish
05:46right, she appeared in public talking like this,
05:48after leaving Universal, Andressa Urach
05:50asked for directions to a new church, I need
05:52God, so she went there, she got married
05:54again, right, she got married, she had a son and,
05:56apparently, it was like settling down, right, with
05:58her son and the what did she do this time
05:59pregnant Andressa Urach separates from her
06:02husband after nine months I'm not well
06:04three days later the news comes out pregnant
06:07Andressa Urach goes back to dancing in a
06:10nightclub oh my God and you guys [ __ ] up right you went crazy
06:13right this woman
06:15this woman here You've been looking for
06:17this woman's husband, you have to go to the police,
06:17you're dancing with the baby in your belly,
06:19what's the news
06:21that came out less than a month later?
06:23Andressa Urachi's husband resumes
06:25marriage after scandal, he
06:28stopped going to pick her up pregnant
06:30in the club there with the police and so on,
06:34show this, old man
06:39and my ex-husband is here in front of the
06:42door wanting I don't
06:46know what
06:48There are people who have very busy lives,
06:51no, that's not the case here, there's no way to say that she
06:52didn't see
06:54much more damn and from here man from
06:58here old man then she totally threw herself into
07:00sin for whoring she
07:02went to deprivation and what happens
07:04when a very famous woman goes to
07:06deprivation she herself says it here in an
07:07article she responds to Andressa said
07:09that she earns more than 40 thousand per month on the
07:11platforms and well, when a woman
07:13no longer cares about anything else, right, except
07:15to subscribe to an
07:16adult content platform and money, it's natural, right, that
07:18if they get into controversies,
07:21right? it's with the kinechã with the popcorn
07:23with Martina herself from the
07:25mysterious gift, as well as others, right, and Andressa
07:27Urach wouldn't be any different, right, man, it's just
07:29like Andressa Urach is a person who goes
07:31far in controversies, right, man, knowing that she
07:33was involved in controversies is the best
07:35way to get subscribers to
07:36pivas when she opens a box He
07:38asks the old man what she likes to
07:40answer how it was right with Tiago
07:43her ex-husband
07:44I fell in love with him
07:47he [ __ ] me really good
08:00I'm not going leave four minutes of her
08:03detailing why she likes
08:05her ex-husband's sex so much but they
08:06can't be together Because he doesn't like
08:07power he's very family but it doesn't make
08:10sense because he's very family but he
08:12met her because he hired her It's
08:17like a transvestite and a man at the same
08:20time, the three of them devouring each other,
08:24I haven't done it yet but I want to do it
08:27and let's see if suddenly the people who
08:31do it don't agree and for my
08:33privacy, this old thing is a machine,
08:37it's very good. very good man there's no
08:38way she must be she's becoming a millionaire
08:40these three devouring each other then it broke me
08:42a lot
08:45no I sent it yesterday in the group here that I
08:47even didn't even separate it here in the script, right man
08:49I ended up leaving it there in the group that she
08:51posted yesterday man I can't
08:53Masturbating doesn't help me at all and she,
08:55in the middle of the sushi restaurant,
08:59see, put your hand on your private part
09:03and make a circular motion very
09:07slowly, there
09:11's no way to turn off this woman who
09:13doesn't look like a guy and you don't do anything, dude, out of nowhere,
09:15another son of hers just came in in the
09:17middle of the story her son came into the
09:18middle of the story because simply what
09:20happened man I'm just going here
09:21Andressa's son Urachi says he's the one
09:23who films the content for his mother's unifes
09:26Arthur it's you who filmed and made his
09:29mother's and I'm really cool in the photos, right? Is
09:33it cool, man, like,
09:35after he said this here, they
09:36must have really gained a lot of
09:38subscribers from sick people today in itself, you
09:40know, but there are a lot of people criticizing her,
09:43when you put your child to keep
09:46recording you and so on, people who are playing,
09:48she is all unloved people, people,
09:50she has a character that the only thing
09:52she wants is to help her son in his own
09:54profession, in that same way, explain it here, oh,
09:56that answering store, that's what I
09:57liked. From her, she doesn't hide from CR, there
09:59's a problem with her, she
10:01will respond, you're not ashamed of
10:03your son recording your content.
10:05Her response and about Arthur recording some
10:08content, he's extremely
10:10professional because he wants to be a
10:12photographer, he's going to study for that.
10:14a profession I want to be a photographer I'm going
10:16to get my mother as a model here then she'll
10:18be naked
10:20on platforms or private spaces which are sensual photos and
10:26we see as a job so there
10:30's no way to see it as a job it's
10:31connected because like that the problem
10:33is always up where does this come from because for
10:35example this page here, people who
10:37had a questionable act posted a
10:39thing here, my stepfather takes
10:41photos and records videos for me for my
10:43mother, sometimes I film them too, and
10:47after everything is ready, you edit them and
10:48post them on platforms on platforms
10:50look and deprive yourself, as he says, then
10:52you will see the content of this woman, mother and
10:54daughter, two little dogs Ah, like that,
10:59levels, right, levels anyway, that's it for this video, I
11:02hope you liked it, I
11:03wanted to talk a little today,
11:05talk a little bit here about our
11:07assault, send them furache, I hope
11:08you liked it. No video
11:10you'll see here on YouTube will have
11:12her entire Story so summarized when
11:14you do, you'll have it here, okay man, I
11:16identify myself, I could do it, it's a biography
11:18of several people because I didn't hide
11:20anything relevant in her life, I
11:22could do series like that, I could have
11:23a real curiosity channel But I
11:26'm very lazy because I don't want to
11:27research about Elon like that, he
11:29's not the chubby guy there, by the way, one Dude, I'm
11:34not going to show it, in fact, leave it alone,
11:36go crush the owner of the Blazer, I'm
11:38trying to make friends with him like I
11:39'm doing now
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Andressa Urach?

Andressa Urach is a Brazilian celebrity known for her scandals, controversial actions, and constant reinventions. Her trajectory includes involvement in reality shows, religious conversion, marriage, and adult content creation.

2. What are some controversies surrounding Andressa Urach?

Some controversies surrounding Andressa Urach include her scandalous actions, controversial behavior, and frequent reinventions, which have led to public scrutiny and criticism.

3. How did Andressa Urach gain fame?

Andressa Urach gained fame through her involvement in reality shows, her scandalous actions, controversial behavior, religious conversion, marriage, and adult content creation, which have all contributed to her public image and recognition.

4. What is the public perception of Andressa Urach?

The public perception of Andressa Urach is mixed, with some admiring her boldness and reinventions, while others criticize her for her scandalous actions and controversial behavior.

5. How has Andressa Urach's life been marred by controversy?

Andressa Urach's life has been marred by controversy due to her scandalous actions, controversial behavior, frequent reinventions, and public scrutiny, all of which have contributed to the constant controversies surrounding her.

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