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Tesla is rumored to be developing a self-sustaining electric yacht, powered by solar and hydroelectric energy. The concept design features adjustable interiors, stunning panoramic glass walls, a spa, and a futuristic lounge area. However, there is no official release date or confirmation from Elon Musk about the project.
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Tesla is considering the idea of creating an electric yacht.
Elon Musk mentioned that the Model S can float and function as a boat for short periods of time.
Musk believes that the concept of a water vehicle is in his mind.
Tesla's expansion into ocean exploration seems like the next logical step.
Tesla's self-sustaining Model Y yacht will be powered by solar and hydroelectric power, featuring an adjustable interior, two decks, two bedrooms, a Jacuzzi, spacious spa, dining room, and cabins.
The yacht will be self-sufficient and environmentally friendly, drawing power from solar and hydroelectric sources.
It will have an adjustable interior that can be expanded or contracted at the touch of a button.
The yacht will be 40 meters long with a sleek and futuristic design, resembling a squid from an aerial view.
The exterior design of the yacht is influenced by Tesla superchargers, combining red, white, and gray colors.
The Tesla yacht has a top deck with a bar and dancing area, a glass room with panoramic views, a sunken bar, and adjustable stools made of a unique material.
The top deck of the yacht has a bar and dancing area covered by a massive roof with LED lights.
The glass room on the upper deck offers a 360-degree view of the water below with panoramic glass walls and mosaic skylights.
The yacht features a sunken bar made of a unique material that can be shaped into any form desired.
The back shutter door can be lowered to turn the outdoor deck into an indoor Jacuzzi or pool room.
The Tesla Model Y Yacht features a luxurious interior, a captain's room without a physical wheel, a deck for water sports, and self-sustaining capabilities with solar panels and a turbine.
The interior of the yacht has a glossy black texture with sharp diagonal lines and a striking peacock wall.
The captain's room includes a control panel but lacks a physical wheel.
The back of the yacht has a deck for water sports and a lounging area with space for a pool or jacuzzi.
The yacht has self-sustaining capabilities with solar panels, two lithium batteries, and a turbine that turns waves into energy.
The Tesla Model Y Yacht embodies Tesla's principles and commitment to innovation and sustainability.
The yacht will be lightning fast and incredibly comfortable.
Elon Musk has had nothing to do with the project and has never publicly backed it.
There is no official release date for the yacht, but fans are eagerly anticipating its production.
The yacht is expected to have a luxury price tag, making it accessible only to affluent individuals.
00:00from SpaceX to neuralink the enigmatic
00:02Elon Musk has been part of some of the
00:04world's most notable inventions however
00:07you cannot deny that the company he's
00:09most synonymous with is Tesla with the
00:11energy Revolution happening in the world
00:13right now Tesla has chosen to be at the
00:15Forefront revolutionizing transport with
00:18their electric cars solar panels and now
00:20electric yacht if you've not been living
00:22under a rock you've probably heard of
00:24Tesla where there is a random mention in
00:27a conversation as part of a Twitter
00:28conversation or is the name of the
00:30famous inventor Nikola Tesla from where
00:32the company gets its name Tesla was
00:34created in 2003 by two men Martin
00:37Eberhard and Mark tarp Henning however
00:40in 2008 during the company's series a
00:42funding Elon Musk gave the company 6.5
00:45million dollars effectively making him
00:48the largest shareholder in the company
00:50and chairman of the board of directors
00:51Tesla is arguably one of the most
00:53popular brands and their market cap of
00:56more than 600 billion is a testament to
00:58that fact it also helped that their
01:00owner Elon Musk is swelled an
01:03interesting character to say the least
01:04but I didn't come to talk about Elon
01:06Musk or the market capitalization of
01:08Tesla today what brought me here is
01:10Tesla's super yacht idea this concept
01:13popping up isn't really surprising
01:15because as you can see in this video
01:16Tesla can Cruise a flooded tunnel with
01:19no problem at all Elon even commented on
01:21the video we deaf don't recommend this
01:23but Model S floats well enough to turn
01:26it into a boat for short periods of time
01:28thrust via wheel rotation and also in
01:302020 he said a Tesla works as a boat for
01:33short periods of time as an electric car
01:36has no intake or exhauster block and
01:38Battery Slash motor slash electronics
01:40are water sealed submarines are just
01:42underwater EVS so at the very least we
01:45can infer that the concept of a water
01:47vehicle is in his mind that's right
01:49Tesla is spreading its wings and
01:51entering the ocean and Open Seas for
01:53this futuristic company ocean
01:55exploration only seems like the next
01:57logical step and this yacht would become
01:59one of the world's first electric
02:01self-sustaining yacht model y now I want
02:04you to close your eyes and imagine
02:06cruising on a yacht that never needs
02:08fuel one that has an adjustable interior
02:11that can be expanded or contracted at
02:13the touch of a button a Sleek design and
02:16a futuristic Spa where you can relax as
02:18you Cruise across the Seven Seas ever
02:20since the first teas in 2017 Tesla has
02:23been keeping us on the edge of our seats
02:25with its highly anticipated super yacht
02:27which was rumored to have a jaw-dropping
02:29price tag of 700 million dollars but
02:32wait we're already in the 2020s so where
02:36is this super yacht speculation is that
02:38the super yacht will be powered by a
02:40combination of solar and hydroelectric
02:42power making it self-sufficient and
02:44environmentally friendly essentially
02:46this powerful machine would draw power
02:48from the skies and seas so what can we
02:51expect from this luxurious vessel the
02:53self-charging model Y super yacht will
02:55be a whopping 40 meters long
02:57approximately 131 feet long from an
03:00aerial view you can see that this yacht
03:02is built like a squid a smart idea to
03:05make the vehicle both futuristic
03:06practical and streamlined despite its
03:09massive appearance the model Y Yacht
03:11will only have two decks two bedrooms
03:13and a Jacuzzi with the lower deck being
03:15an open space perfect for throwing
03:17massive parties and if that's not enough
03:19there will also be a spacious Spa dining
03:21room and cabins designing concept
03:24vehicles for Tesla is not new and that's
03:26understandable given that in just 11
03:28years Tesla has become the top electric
03:30car selling company in the world
03:32surpassing many established and trusted
03:34car and tech companies the exterior of
03:37the boat was heavily influenced by Tesla
03:39superchargers combining beautiful strips
03:41of red stark white and gray on a mix of
03:44sharp and curved lines also the name
03:47seems to be derived from that of the
03:48Tesla Model Y which completed the four
03:51Tesla car models called sexy cars the
03:53model S model 3 Model X and model y Elon
03:57Musk sure is a fan of creative names
03:59from his car to his kids now back to the
04:01yacht content there are only two decks
04:03aboard the yacht but those two decks
04:05have some elements you won't find
04:07anywhere else the top deck boasts a bar
04:09and dancing area covered by a massive
04:11roof with hundreds of LED lights that
04:13glow at night upon reaching the upper
04:15deck of the yacht you'll discover the
04:17glass room where the real excitement
04:19occurs the Glass Room boasts panoramic
04:21glass walls that provide a 360 degree
04:24view of the water below overhead the
04:27ceiling features numerous tiny Windows
04:29creating a mosaic of skylights that
04:31resembles an art installation as you
04:33step inside you'll notice a sunken bar
04:36on the right which gives you the
04:37impression of being aboard a spaceship
04:39even though this is a Tesla yacht not a
04:41SpaceX spaceship the stools at the bar
04:43are made of a unique material that can
04:45be shaped into any form you desire
04:47enabling you to adjust them to your
04:49liking whether you want them taller
04:51shorter or more supportive this material
04:53is present throughout the upper deck
04:55including in the central Lounge area
04:57providing both a fantastic party trick
04:59and a comfortable place to relax and
05:02enjoy the stunning views trippy right
05:04this yacht has a back shutter door that
05:06can be lowered at the touch of a button
05:08to turn the outdoor deck into an indoor
05:10Jacuzzi or pool room it's perfect for
05:12when those winds are too strong or you
05:14find yourself in an annoying weather of
05:16any kind plus the shutter door features
05:18the coveted Tesla logo making it even
05:20cooler inside the yacht you can expect a
05:23circular bar a lounge suite and two beds
05:26the ship's lower deck consists mainly of
05:28one large living area at first glance
05:30the living area seems only to have
05:32curved seats against a window that looks
05:34out over the ocean but there are tables
05:36in the middle of the room at the touch
05:37of a button the tables spin out
05:39providing four chairs each for people to
05:42dine drink work or relax and when not in
05:45use they can be tucked away to provide
05:47room for whatever activities you have in
05:49mind a true ergonomic Marvel in the back
05:51corner of the living area two rooms are
05:54located in curved glass the spa room is
05:56equipped with two massage tables and
05:58while it may not be the most secluded
05:59area for massages it is still in elegant
06:02space the rim boasts beautiful patterns
06:05textures and colors with vertical and
06:07horizontal hardwood flooring the window
06:09area is adorned with curved lines
06:11providing guests with a prime relaxing
06:13spot the ceilings are finished with a
06:15glossy black texture and sharp diagonal
06:18lines adding to the luxurious Ambiance
06:20however the rims highlight is a stunning
06:22peacock wall that stands out boldly
06:25although to be honest it seems unlikely
06:27that Elon Musk would choose this
06:28striking feature the outer regions of
06:30the room including the ceiling are
06:32illuminated with LED lights that emit a
06:35modern and inviting Aura further
06:37enhancing the room's lines next we have
06:39the Captain's Room this room features a
06:41control panel but this isn't your
06:43conventional yacht because their designs
06:45don't appear to show a physical wheel
06:47you can use so no pretending you're a
06:49pirate or anything though there are no
06:51photos of the bedrooms there should be a
06:53captain's bedroom off the Captain's Room
06:55now let's take a look at the other sides
06:57of this marvelous water vehicle the back
06:59of the yacht has a small deck that sits
07:01very low against the water this area is
07:04a perfect launch point for water sports
07:05or even scuba diving a ladder is also
07:08located off the back providing easy
07:10access in and out of the ocean for those
07:12on board who prefer to relax the back
07:14deck features a lounging area as well as
07:17a space for a pool or jacuzzi this is
07:19the perfect spot to enjoy the sun and
07:21the Beautiful surroundings of exotic
07:23locations but what truly sets this yacht
07:25apart is its electric engine and
07:27self-sustaining capabilities at the very
07:30top of the ship there will be a solar
07:32panel that charges two lithium batteries
07:34at the same time a turbine will work at
07:36the bottom of the hull to turn waves
07:38into energy that can power the yacht in
07:40any situation where solar energy isn't
07:42enough this way the hybrid renewable
07:44energy model featuring the onboard
07:46battery and solar panel will ensure that
07:49the yacht will never run out of charge
07:51while the yacht is in motion or when the
07:53boat is docked and not in motion overall
07:55the Tesla Model Y Yacht is a concept
07:57that has gained a lot of attention and
07:59is down to change the way people think
08:01about luxury yacht this luxurious
08:03vehicle is not only cool but it also has
08:06a lot of the amenities you could dream
08:07of with the added benefit of being
08:09completely silent the sharp and Sleek
08:12exterior and spacious interior the model
08:14yacht embodies Tesla's principles and
08:17outside the box strategy regarding
08:19performance the model Y Yacht will be
08:21lightning fast and Incredibly
08:23comfortable this yacht is a testament to
08:25Tesla's commitment to Innovation
08:27sustainability and the ability to apply
08:30principles in exciting areas and who
08:32knows maybe one day we'll see the Tesla
08:34Model Y Yacht sailing the Seven Seas
08:36these renders of the yacht were created
08:38by Tesla designer Drew Prasad a senior
08:41designer at liquid Inc design who touted
08:43it as Tesla's next big thing he comments
08:46that the Tesla Model Y Yacht is all
08:48about exploration and when you look at
08:50what the yacht has to offer that's
08:51pretty easy to see but here's the kicker
08:54Elon Musk Tesla CEO has had nothing to
08:57do with the project and has never
08:58publicly backed it still fans are
09:00eagerly anticipating the project hoping
09:03that the company will back it and make
09:04it a reality I mean if Elon Musk can
09:06successfully send Rockets into space and
09:09create humanoid robots surely he can
09:11make the model Y super yacht happen
09:12right while there's still no official
09:15release date from Tesla one thing is for
09:17sure this super yacht price tag will
09:19make it a luxury item for only the most
09:21affluent individuals so if you're a fan
09:23of Tesla's Innovative and sustainable
09:25designs and can afford to splurge on a
09:27super yacht keep your eyes peeled for
09:29the model Y super yacht the next big
09:31thing in Ocean Travel as I've already
09:33mentioned this electric yacht could as
09:35well be a fever dream because there is
09:37no concrete proof that it started being
09:39produced but then again this is Elon
09:42Musk it could all be done underground
09:43with him surprising us one day and
09:45disrupting the market well Tesla is not
09:48the only business that's going green on
09:50the yacht there are businesses such as
09:51Alva yacht the Kevin Durant Will Smith
09:54and Sean Diddy back startup Arc boats
09:57and the Revolutionary solar-powered
09:59silent with these you can see that the
10:01concept of electric Yachts is fast
10:03growing and more sustainable forms of
10:05energy are being found so it's no
10:07surprise that Tesla is looking to be at
10:09the Forefront because if they're known
10:11for one thing it's being crazy
10:13Innovative thanks for watching click on
10:15the videos you see on your screens and
10:17I'll show you more crazy Tech stuff
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How is the self-sustaining electric yacht by Tesla powered?

The self-sustaining electric yacht by Tesla is powered by solar and hydroelectric energy, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

2. What are some key features of the concept design of Tesla's electric yacht?

The concept design of Tesla's electric yacht features adjustable interiors, stunning panoramic glass walls, a spa, and a futuristic lounge area, offering luxurious and innovative amenities.

3. Is there an official release date for Tesla's self-sustaining electric yacht?

As of now, there is no official release date announced for Tesla's self-sustaining electric yacht, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the potential launch.

4. Is the development of the self-sustaining electric yacht confirmed by Elon Musk?

There is no official confirmation from Elon Musk about the project, leaving room for speculation and interest in the innovative endeavor.

5. How does the self-sustaining electric yacht contribute to environmental sustainability?

The self-sustaining electric yacht contributes to environmental sustainability by utilizing renewable energy sources and advanced technology, setting a new standard for eco-friendly luxury marine transportation.

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