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The video discusses three rules for texting girls: 1) Have a purpose for every text you send, 2) Don't send too many messages, and 3) Use response time strategically. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not playing games and having self-control in order to create genuine connections and turn numbers into actual dates.
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The video discusses the importance of texting in the dating game and provides three rules for successful texting.
Most of the dating game takes place on your phone in 2021.
Girls often play games and can get away with it, but guys can't.
One example is a guy asking a girl about her availability and getting a vague response.
Not texting a girl back can be a powerful message and make her realize her mistake.
When a girl tries to play games or sends a weird message, not replying is more powerful than crafting a response.
Girls are used to guys always replying, so not texting back puts them in their place and can make them more interested.
Having self-control and not sending a message back can make flaky girls come back and stop playing games.
The section discusses the importance of following basic texting rules when communicating with girls.
There are ground rules that every guy should follow when it comes to texting.
People often think they are special cases and don't follow the rules.
Breaking basic rules can lead to misunderstandings and communication issues.
The importance of having a purpose for every text you send to a girl.
Texting a girl less can yield better results.
Texting just for the sake of getting a response may not lead to desired outcomes.
Each text should have a specific purpose in mind.
Consider what the text will accomplish before sending it.
The purpose of texting is to remind her of the emotions, transition into a conversation, tease her, and set up a date.
Remind her of the emotions she had when you were talking.
Transition into a conversation by asking about her night.
Tease her to spice up the conversation.
Set up a date within two or three text messages.
00:03don't give up on me
00:23here you go thank you what is going on
00:27welcome to another video this is my
00:29first time ever trying
00:30an ice latte you guys know i like my hot
00:33two shots espresso on here cinnamon
00:35dolce it's cause it's hot out
00:37that's really good it tastes like a
00:38latte but it's cold
00:41there's something kind of dangerous
00:42about our new apartment we just moved
00:44into that i didn't realize like it's a
00:45serious safety hazard
00:47you can see this starbucks from our
00:49balcony and you guys know that
00:51 love starbucks it is very
00:55anyway speaking of women the year is now
00:582021 and the fact is that
01:00most of the dating game takes place on
01:02your phone like that's just how it is so
01:04even if you're
01:05killing it talking to girls and getting
01:06their numbers you're getting a lot of
01:07numbers off of dating apps
01:08if you don't know what to do after that
01:10you're going to consistently fail to
01:12numbers into actual dates which is why
01:14today i want to give y'all
01:16let's call it three laws for texting
01:18that if you implement these things i'm
01:20also going to give you some very
01:22text that you can send it's going to
01:24completely change the game for you
01:30so i think it's pretty accepted that
01:32like the most annoying part of texting
01:35is that girls like they play games they
01:37can do weird and get away with it
01:39but then if you try and play a game
01:41boom you got ghosted the girl didn't
01:42respond like this is true from my
01:45experience it's also from talking to
01:47guys in my coaching program just talking
01:48to my friends it seems like it's
01:50every dude struggles with so for example
01:52i was talking to a bro yesterday he was
01:53telling me about this girl he was
01:54texting where basically he asked her
01:57what days are you free this week she
01:58said tuesday or wednesday
02:00schedule's pretty open so he said all
02:02right awesome tuesday let's grab a
02:03coffee go for a walk in the park i know
02:05the perfect spot
02:06and then she got back to him and said
02:08something like uh actually i'll have to
02:10check my schedule i'm not sure
02:12he was like david what like what the
02:14 she literally told me she was free
02:16and then a message later she told me she
02:18doesn't know if she's free
02:19and he ended up messaging this girl back
02:21and forth for like another hour and then
02:22asking her again
02:23uh so how about tuesday and he got left
02:26on red so let me ask you a question bro
02:28what is the most
02:29powerful text message a girl can send
02:31you that after she sends it
02:33immediately you're like oh my god i
02:35really want this girl i want to text her
02:36more i want her to text me back more
02:39think about a second i'm gonna be honest
02:41it's actually a little bit of a trick
02:43the answer is when she does not reply to
02:44your last message like think back to the
02:46last time a girl didn't reply to your
02:48last message
02:48immediately your mind starts racing did
02:50i do something wrong what message can i
02:52send her next to get me to tech to get
02:53her to text me back
02:54like where do i go from here well you
02:56got to realize that the same thing works
02:58in reverse like when you don't text a
03:00girl back
03:01that's the most powerful message you can
03:03send and i'm not saying just
03:04to randomly not text girls back but i'm
03:06saying when a girl
03:08tries to play games with you and she
03:09sends some weird ass message like she
03:11did with my friend or maybe you know
03:12something happened to me before the day
03:14of a date
03:15girls would say something weird like oh
03:16let's actually go meet up with my
03:17friends here instead
03:18the only way you're going to let her
03:20know that like that's not cool
03:22that's some weird you did is to not
03:24reply no message you craft up is going
03:26to be as powerful
03:27as you not replying julia come here a
03:30tell him tell them that i'm speaking
03:32facts here if a guy doesn't text you
03:33what do you think uh i'd immediately be
03:35checking my phone and being like what
03:37did i do wrong did i say something
03:39and we're just so used to guys always
03:41replying no matter what we say
03:43so it's putting us in our place but also
03:45it's gonna make us be like
03:47uh yeah actually i am free on tuesday
03:49because you want
03:50the girl to be like i messed up
03:52yeah man i can tell you from experience
03:53it's tough to do this and to not send
03:55something back because you're like oh
03:56but i need to tell her something
03:58have some self-control hold yourself
04:00back and i promise a lot of these
04:02cold leads these girls are getting a
04:03little flaky they're going to come right
04:05back and they're not going to play games
04:35gains baby bro
04:40gains bruh this leg day got me feeling a
04:43little crazy man
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04:47leg day like this
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05:16i'm trying to be fair here
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06:35what are you doing bro
06:36check it out when it comes to texting
06:49there's a few kind of like ground rules
06:51that every dude should follow and these
06:53are things that maybe aren't
06:54groundbreaking like i've probably gone
06:56over all of these in
06:57past videos even though maybe it's been
06:58a minute for some of them but as humans
07:00we have this problem
07:02that we're only able to see the world
07:03from our own lens and we only know our
07:05own experiences
07:07and it kind of makes us all think that
07:08we're special cases or you're
07:10you're a little unique snowflake you're
07:13and you know a lot of times when a guy
07:15shows me a string of texts
07:17and he's asking me like what went wrong
07:19here i'm like bro like
07:20like why you you clearly broke some of
07:22these really basic rules what's going
07:24it's like yeah but man like you wouldn't
07:26understand because i met this girl the
07:27office or men's girl the gym is a little
07:29different or this girl is different than
07:30other girls man or i'm not like other
07:32guys so
07:33i didn't think that would work for me
07:34there and to be fair i've broken these
07:36rules myself in the past
07:38like repeatedly because i also used to
07:40think i was a special case
07:41here are the rules though first of all
07:43response time if a girl is taking 30
07:45minutes to an hour to text you back on
07:47average you need to wait minimum 30
07:48minutes to get back to her if she's
07:50taking one to two hours you need to wait
07:51one hour minimum
07:53second of all is text length so if it on
07:55average her messages are just one
07:56or two lines of text you can't be over
07:58here sending novels you also got to keep
08:00it to just one
08:00or two lines of text three do not double
08:03text if you forgot to say something in
08:05the first text
08:06it's all right man don't send it take a
08:08breath don't send it
08:09last you want to use questions
08:11especially like the first few texts you
08:12send a girl into with a question to make
08:15easier for her to reply like bro if i
08:16was to ask you have you ever lost a girl
08:18because you texted her too much
08:20you can probably think of a few examples
08:22over the last few months i lost a lot of
08:23girls because i texted them too much you
08:25just get in this mindset like
08:26well if i just send one more message
08:28maybe she'll like me enough to go on a
08:29date with me
08:30if i was to ask you hi bro have you ever
08:32lost a girl because you didn't text her
08:35think about that you would be
08:37bullshitting me if you said that's
08:38happened to you in the past
08:39the fact is you are not special human
08:42emotions and attraction follows a very
08:43predictable sequence
08:45and texting a girl less is always going
08:47to give you better results
09:15and just like that little edge photo
09:17shoot complete the next launch coming
09:19soon guys like
09:20we have some serious fire we got
09:23some serious fire about to launch
09:28i don't think y'all ready for this stay
09:30tuned big shout out to justin over here
09:32with the dope angles man all day it's
09:35been good i can't wait for you guys to
09:36see this
09:36his camera is the same andrew making the
09:39edge look sexy i appreciate you bro
09:41what's good
09:41beast nation yeah absolutely super
09:44pumped be on the lookout for those
09:45clothing guys
09:46and dalton he's helped us out with a
09:47couple shoots now i appreciate him man
09:49yeah it's awesome getting to work with
09:50david and steve shoots for ed so i
09:52really appreciate him
10:00all right let me ask you a question bro
10:02why do you text girls
10:04seriously think about that a minute do
10:06you text them because
10:08you just want someone to talk to maybe
10:10you text them because
10:13you like having some female validation
10:15you know you like knowing that a girl is
10:16texting you back
10:18or maybe it's because you actually would
10:20like to meet up with her someday
10:22and hook up with her or maybe you want
10:24it to turn into something else
10:26i can tell you you know when i got to
10:28the point where i was actually
10:30getting girls numbers and texting them i
10:32was just so happy to have some female
10:35that i think i just enjoyed texting them
10:37just to get a response even though deep
10:39down i wanted to go on a date
10:40i used to do what i called texting for
10:43emojis where i just try and send you
10:44know clever
10:45teasing messages to girls so they text
10:47me back some lols and some emojis and
10:49guess what
10:50i was not i was not getting laid very
10:53much at that time
10:54i was getting some emojis though this is
10:56probably the most important
10:58law that you're gonna learn in this
10:59video every single
11:02text you send a girl needs to have a
11:05purpose before you send a message stop
11:08for a second to ask yourself
11:10what is this text going to accomplish if
11:12you can't think of a good answer
11:14don't send it let's run through a little
11:16example so you can see what i'm talking
11:17about let's say i met a girl at the gym
11:20right when i get her number i'ma text
11:21her you know hey sarah it's david
11:23the purpose being now she knows
11:26who's texting her if you wait she might
11:28forget who's texting her
11:29i'd like to text her right away you know
11:31she might say hi then i get back home
11:33later that night and then i'm going to
11:35send her a text usually the first text i
11:37like to use
11:38callback humor so if we talked about
11:40cooking dinner i might say
11:41i'm struggling to make this guac any
11:44again the point being it's gonna call
11:47back something we talked about
11:48it's gonna remind her of the emotions
11:50she had when we were talking
11:52she might say lol don't forget the lime
11:56then i might say definitely forgot that
11:59how's your night going the purpose of
12:01this is i'm transitioning in
12:03to a conversation you know a lot of
12:05times in the past i'd make the mistake
12:07being like oh she texted me back about
12:09the guacamole and then i'd send like
12:11you know five more messages about
12:12guacamole and cooking but there was no
12:14purpose it was just a side track that
12:16would me
12:17anyway she might get back to me and say
12:20haha uneventful
12:21just chilling watching some grey's
12:22anatomy what about you
12:25then i might say oh no don't tell me
12:28you're one of those girls
12:30what's the purpose here the purpose is
12:33to tease her
12:34and you know push her away a little bit
12:35just to spice it up a little bit
12:37i might not even need to send this to be
12:39honest that's not that important of a
12:41maybe she'd say don't judge me and again
12:45rather than going on
12:46a tangent asking her about all the tv
12:48shows she likes in the movies she likes
12:50which there'd be no purpose
12:51for i'd say i'll let it slide this time
12:56do you want to hang out later this week
12:58and the purpose of that
13:00is the golden purpose move the
13:02conversation towards setting up the day
13:04you really don't need to wait more than
13:06two or three text messages to do this
13:08kind of like we talked to point two
13:10sending girls more text messages
13:12is a bad thing because inevitably the
13:14more messages you send a girl
13:16the less purposeful they're gonna become
13:18and the more you're gonna fall into the
13:19trap of just
13:20texting for emojis and texting for
13:22validation like seriously if you
13:23struggle to turn numbers into dates then
13:25go watch that conversation back because
13:27all the work you need to do you don't
13:29need to let a girl get to know you
13:31that's just an excuse that you're
13:32telling yourself because you're afraid
13:34to pull the trigger
13:35the whole point of the date is to get to
13:38know the girl if a girl ever tells you
13:39oh you know
13:40i kind of want to text more i don't i
13:41don't know you that good yet
13:44reply to her and say that's the whole
13:46point of the day silly
13:48and if she still pushes back after that
13:50or she doesn't respond
13:51chances are that girl was never gonna go
13:53on a date with you and you just saved
13:54yourself a bunch of time and frustration
13:56and that is all i got for this video i
13:59hope that that all made sense bro
14:02if you're still watching i appreciate
14:05hit the thumbs up button if you're new
14:07to the channel
14:08click subscribe and turn notifications
14:10on because i drop
14:11two new videos every single week and you
14:13do not want to miss them
14:15i will talk to all of y'all in the next
14:18stay beastly
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the three important rules for texting girls?

The three important rules for texting girls are: 1) Have a purpose for every text you send, 2) Don't send too many messages, and 3) Use response time strategically. These rules are essential for engaging in meaningful conversations and maintaining interest.

2. Why is it important to have a purpose for every text sent to a girl?

Having a purpose for every text sent to a girl is important because it shows intention and respect. It demonstrates that you value the conversation and are not just texting for the sake of it. This approach helps in building genuine connections and meaningful interactions.

3. How can one use response time strategically when texting girls?

Using response time strategically involves finding a balance between being responsive and not appearing too eager. It is important to maintain interest and engagement without coming across as too needy. By strategically managing response time, one can create a sense of excitement and anticipation in the conversation.

4. What is the impact of not playing games while texting girls?

Not playing games while texting girls has a positive impact on building genuine connections. It reflects honesty, authenticity, and self-control, which are attractive qualities. By being straightforward and genuine, one can create an environment of trust and openness, leading to more meaningful interactions.

5. How can one turn phone numbers into actual dates when texting girls?

Turning phone numbers into actual dates involves implementing the three texting rules effectively. By having a purpose for every text, maintaining a balanced approach to messaging, and using response time strategically, one can create enough interest and rapport to transition from texting to setting up in-person meetings.

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