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A 13-year-old named Thad is kidnapped and subjected to horrific abuse by a teenage boy named Joe, who enjoyed breaking bones. Thad manages to escape and survives, leading to the arrest and conviction of Joe for multiple crimes. Despite facing further danger, Thad testifies against Joe in court.
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Thad Phillips, a 13-year-old boy, gets kidnapped by a teenage boy from his neighborhood and taken to another house.
Thad's family had recently moved to a small and safe town in Wisconsin.
Thad was half asleep when he was picked up and carried away, assuming it was his dad.
He was taken to the home of one of his neighbors, where a large teenage boy told him to follow him inside.
The 13-year-old boy tries to befriend his captor in hopes of avoiding further harm.
Thad tries to call his parents, but Joe had cut off the phone cord as a cruel joke.
Thad acts friendly towards Joe to protect himself.
Joe carries Thad upstairs and breaks his left leg.
Thad stops fighting back after Joe threatens to break his back or neck.
Joe shows Thad his collection of leg braces, bandages, and white socks.
Thad, a 13-year-old boy, plans his escape from the house of the Bonebreaker Killer, crawling up the staircase and dragging himself down the stairs using his arms.
Thad realizes there is another phone in the house, giving him a chance to call for help.
Despite being in extreme pain, Thad manages to make it to the kitchen doorway to hide from Joe, the Bonebreaker Killer.
Thad's parents start searching for him and file a missing person report.
Joe Clark confessed to killing multiple boys, including Chris Steiner, who went missing on July 4th, 1994.
Joe Clark admitted to his crimes and was waiting to take the life of another boy named Thad.
Chris Steiner's parents obtained the name Joseph or Joe Clark as a potential suspect.
The case went cold as there was no direct evidence linking Joe Clark to Chris Steiner's murder.
Thad, a 13-year-old survivor of the Bonebreaker Killer, managed to escape and call 911 for help.
Thad's dad crawled down the hallway and threw himself down the stairs to unlock the phone.
Thad dialed 911 calmly and collectedly, saving his own life.
Thad's injuries were severe, with almost every bone in his body broken.
Thad's testimony helped convict the Bonebreaker Killer and connect him to other victims.
00:03here it's
00:05meor what did your foot look like
00:10backwards he's kidnapped he's in Highway
00:14leg broken his
00:19ankle this is 13-year-old thadius
00:22Phillips he and his family had just
00:25moved to baru Wisconsin it was a small
00:28safe town where families could leave
00:30their doors open on warm summer nights
00:32or so they thought fad went through a
00:35living hell throughout a weekend in July
00:381995 when officers found him he was 2
00:42hours away from Death it was simply
00:45shocking he had survived so long what
00:48helped Thad keep his will to live how
00:51did he manage to escape the House of
00:53Horrors and who was the monster behind
00:55it all we'll explore these questions and
00:58many more in today's video but be warned
01:01some very graphic details
01:04ahead on July 14th 1995 thadius Phillips
01:09his parents Connie and Donald and his
01:11sister arrived in beraru Wisconsin it
01:14was going to be a peaceful life the
01:16family thought the kids could play
01:17outside and make friends in this
01:19community of young families and young
01:21teens so 2 weeks later the Phillips were
01:24enjoying a hot summer evening by
01:26watching a TV show all four of them Thad
01:28and his sister felt asleep on the sofa
01:30and their parents let them rest as they
01:32went into a different room a few hours
01:34later fad was picked up and carried away
01:38half asleep he assumed it was his dad
01:40carrying him into his bedroom and I
01:42opened up my eyes a little bit and I'm
01:44being carried through the my D in our
01:46new house end up it's nothing really new
01:50to me because my mom and dad carried me
01:52to bed when I'd fall asleep before but
01:54Thad was being carried outside then into
01:57another house when he opened his eyes a
02:00minute later he was outside the home of
02:02one of his neighbors a large teenage boy
02:05put him down and told him to follow him
02:07inside if he would have been any older
02:09Thad thinks he would have made a run for
02:11it but the boy was just a few years
02:13older than him albe at several feet and
02:15pounds larger so as if through a trance
02:19dad just followed him indoors I don't
02:21know explain that I can't explain that I
02:24don't know what I was thinking I don't
02:25know why the boy seemed to be home alone
02:28but his home looked like any teenager's
02:30home a bit messy but filled with posters
02:33car models and snacks also the boy just
02:36seemed like he wanted a friends being
02:38the nicest guy in the world talking
02:40about models and baseball cards and
02:42football cards and that's what I was
02:44into at the time half a mile away from
02:47thad's home this boy introduced himself
02:49as Joe and told Thad he was getting
02:51ready to throw a party he said the names
02:54of a few other boys who Thad already
02:56knew knowing they would soon be at Joe's
02:58house too Thad even got a little excited
03:01however Joe asked Dad if he wanted to
03:03see his card collection upstairs that
03:06followed and everything changed we were
03:09sitting on his bed he was sitting next
03:11to me and just all of a sudden he stood
03:14up Joe grabbed Thad with all his might
03:17and threw him on the bed again then he
03:19grabbed his right foot and twisted it
03:21backward Thad was in a State of Shock he
03:24was barely coming to terms with what had
03:26just happened but he was very much aware
03:29that he needed to get home so as Joe
03:32pulled back and started mumbling to
03:34himself Thad ran downstairs and headed
03:36toward the front door at this point he
03:38felt more shock than pain and didn't
03:40realize he wouldn't get very far with a
03:42broken ankle kind of looked away and as
03:44soon as he looked away I got up and ran
03:46as fast as I could down the stairs can't
03:49run very fast broken ankle but I got
03:51down the stairs and threw his living
03:52room into the kitchen before he finally
03:55caught up with me and got behind me and
03:58put me in a hole Dr me back back in his
04:00living room Joe broke thad's femur and
04:04hipbone and poor Thad passed out when he
04:07woke up again Joe was sitting next to
04:09him on the couch now he wanted to be
04:11friends again Dad was scared and
04:14confused he asked Joe why he would do
04:17something like this to him it wasn't
04:18personal Joe explained he just really
04:20liked breaking bones he enjoyed breaking
04:23bones he enjoyed the sound of breaking
04:25bones he talked as if he had no choice
04:27but to snatch kids from their homes and
04:29subject them to this he showed no
04:31empathy toward Thad and he didn't feel
04:33his pain he was his toy
04:36now Joe told Thad to get some sleep but
04:39how could you sleep through the pain of
04:41a broken hip also Thad was not your
04:44average 13-year-old kid he never
04:46wallowed in his pain his only thought
04:49was survival dad is a pretty
04:51straightforward kid and he didn't want
04:53to die so he was willing to do what it
04:56would take so as Joe was not around Thad
04:59be and studying every corner of the
05:01house that he could see from the sofa he
05:03was looking for weapons phones and
05:06anything that could help him Escape
05:08apart from moldy leftovers and piles of
05:10dirty clothes though there was nothing
05:12in sight then he tried to get off the
05:14couch and only then did the pain truly
05:18kick in Shivers went through his body as
05:20he was left paralyzed with unspeakable
05:22pain for the entirety of the night while
05:25Joe slept upstairs fad didn't sleep for
05:271 second one part of him hoped that the
05:31terror was over a a little bit of Me
05:33Maybe thought that maybe he was going to
05:35let me go that next morning but that was
05:39never his intention I was pretty much
05:40where there was people like that in the
05:43world I just didn't think they'd live
05:45half a mile away from me yeah that's a
05:48really disturbing thought the next
05:51morning Thad asked Joe if he could call
05:53his parents to his surprise Joe said
05:55sure and even handed him the phone as
05:58Thad dialed their number number and held
06:00the phone close to his ear expecting it
06:02to ring he heard Joe laughing in the
06:04background he'd cut off the cord if you
06:07thought Joe couldn't get more evil but
06:09Dad was so intent on Surviving the
06:12ordeal that he didn't even express his
06:14anger he acted as if Joe's so-called
06:16joke was funny and tried to befriend him
06:19that's exactly what I was trying to do
06:21is to talk to him um maybe kind of be
06:23friends with him so he wouldn't want to
06:24hurt me no more I was just hoping to
06:26hear knock on the door it'd be my dad at
06:29the door but that never happened for 2
06:32hours they watched TV together then just
06:35as the day before Joe stood up and
06:37looked at Thad with a manic enraged look
06:41he picked him up and carried him
06:42upstairs then he did to his left leg
06:44what he'd done to his right one before
06:47Dad felt adrenaline before anything so
06:49he got up and fought back punched him in
06:52the back and he turned around and put a
06:55pillow over my face and told me that if
06:56I didn't stop fighting he's going to
06:59break break my back or my neck so from
07:01that point on Thad didn't fight back
07:03anymore he decided to do what he was
07:05told and he kept thinking of ways to
07:07escape that
07:09place aftering both his legs to Pieces
07:13Joe then sat down next to Thad just as
07:15he'd presented his baseball card
07:17collection he now wanted to show Thad
07:19another collection he had leg braces
07:22bandages and piles of white socks
07:24stuffed in his drawers he explained that
07:27he loved fixing bones after break them
07:30there was some childlike almost uh
07:34fascination with making him right so
07:37then he could just again continue to do
07:39torture he had that forgive the term
07:43captive audience for as long as he
07:45wanted the fun is in making him
07:48dysfunctional again so Joe put Thad in
07:50the leg braces and wrapped several socks
07:53around his feet spending minutes with
07:55each sock obsessing over it being
07:57perfect imagine how disturbing this must
08:00have been for poor Thad throughout the
08:03day Joe switched between fixing and
08:05hurting Thad in the evening he announced
08:07he'd be going out and left Thad on his
08:10bed upstairs but before Joe left Thad
08:13heard him speaking to someone down
08:15downstairs he listened closely was
08:17someone else inside the home or was Joe
08:19on the phone he was on the phone this
08:22meant that there was another phone in
08:24the house apart from the one with the
08:26cut cord this was his only chance at
08:29Freedom Joe knew it was risky to leave
08:31Thad home alone but he had a plan before
08:34he left Saturday night he made sure that
08:38he busted me up pretty good so that uh I
08:41wouldn't try to leave however Joe never
08:44suspected just how intent Thad was on
08:47Surviving when he heard the front door
08:49close behind Joe Thad began his plan he
08:52crawled out of bed and dragged his body
08:54up the staircase his legs weren't
08:56working his only hope were his two
08:59hurting arms when he tried to slide down
09:01the stairs with his legs first that
09:03passed out from pain so when he woke up
09:06he realized there was only one way to do
09:08it myself down the stairs and I dragged
09:10myself in the living room and just took
09:12I don't know how many hours it took but
09:14I kept passing didn't know didn't know
09:16it's impossible to imagine such pain if
09:19you've never been through it fad made it
09:20to the kitchen doorway when Joe returned
09:23home with his girlfriend thinking be
09:25smart you know don't make him mad so I'm
09:27laying there and I'm listening I'm being
09:29quiet as hell poor Thad was paralyzed
09:34with pain and fear hidden behind the
09:36door all the while listening to Joe
09:39flirt and smooch with a girl after the
09:42girl left Joe found Thad hiding behind
09:45the doorway if things could get any
09:47worse for Thad they did that
09:51night you might be thinking at this
09:53point that has been missing for 24 hours
09:56wasn't anyone looking for him yes they
09:58were as as soon as that was gone his
10:00parents realized someone had taken him
10:02or at least convinced him to go out with
10:05them Connie and Donald got into their
10:07car and started driving through the town
10:09then they exited the town and drove
10:10around it hoping to see their son or at
10:13least a clue pointing them to him
10:14ironically they never thought to check
10:16door too down their street we we drove
10:19around and looked around we went out to
10:20the river and I searched the fairgrounds
10:23just never thought to check house to
10:25house cuz we didn't know any of the
10:28neighbors right close so if I would have
10:31I I would have probably found him before
10:32he was hurt as bad as he was on Saturday
10:36evening Connie and Donald filed a
10:38missing person report the officers
10:40visited the Phillips home and looked for
10:42evidence of Foul Play they found nothing
10:45so they just told the family to stay
10:46close to the phone in case they made any
10:48breakthroughs just couldn't believe it
10:50was going on what what's going on I
10:52didn't know what to
10:54think I just wanted to hear from him the
10:56next morning Joe woke that up with
10:59Promises of punishment for trying to
11:01escape the night before he's jumping on
11:03my legs with his knees and I was just
11:05trying to talk to him to keep him away
11:07from me one of thad's questions for Joe
11:09that day is if he'd done this to anyone
11:12before Joe was convinced Thad would die
11:15that weekend so he proudly confessed
11:17that he'd taken the lives of a few boys
11:19before this was in line with an ongoing
11:22investigation at the time in July 1994
11:25one year prior a 14-year-old boy named
11:27Chris Steiner went missing he'd gone to
11:29bed early on the 4th of July weekend his
11:31dad saw him asleep and closed his
11:33bedroom door but just an hour or two
11:35later someone took him from his bed the
11:38following morning Chris's parents called
11:40911 realizing he was nowhere in or
11:43around the house the officers noted that
11:45the usually locked patio door was open
11:48and Chris's window screen was cut up the
11:50muddy Footprints in their yard were
11:52larger than Chris's 2 clearly this was
11:54an abduction case but for about a week
11:57the detectives found nothing on on July
11:5910th however tragic news reached Chris's
12:02family um we found a body floating
12:04partially submerged it was immediately
12:06apparent that the the body was in very
12:09poor condition um it was an advanced
12:12state of decomposition officers had to
12:14find Chris's killer fast and try their
12:16best to put the small town of 11,000
12:19people at rest but the only name that
12:21came up was obtained by Chris's parents
12:23after asking around Chris's school and
12:25their neighbors the name was Joseph or
12:28Joe Clark a local teenage bully he was
12:31violent and had a knack for targeting
12:33younger teenage boys but this wasn't
12:35enough for the officers to arrest him
12:37well here say nobody could give me
12:39something that uh directly stated that
12:42yeah they heard from Joe Clark directly
12:44that this is what he said so the case
12:46went cold by now that heard Joe say he'd
12:49taken Chris's life Joe was proud of his
12:52previous deeds and he was excited to
12:55take thad's life soon too but Joe was
12:58was also waiting for his girlfriend to
13:00come over that night and Thad knew this
13:02so as Joe was trying to attack him some
13:04more Thad stalled by claiming he could
13:07hear the girlfriend so I hear I can hear
13:10something I can hear something
13:11eventually Joe's girlfriend did come so
13:13Joe locked dad inside a closet at this
13:16point all the shattered bones in thad's
13:19legs were causing internal bleeding to
13:21build up within hours he could be gone
13:24as the pain got worse and worse Thad
13:27realized death was IM
13:29and this would be his last chance as
13:31survival so he looked around the closet
13:34and found an old electric guitar with
13:36whatever power he had left he smashed
13:39the guitar through the closet door
13:40busted a panel off the door and was able
13:43to unlock it Dad crawled down the
13:45hallway and threw himself down the
13:47stairs passing out repeatedly but
13:49refusing to give up finally he made it
13:51to the kitchen where he found the phone
13:53on the wall he tugged its cord and the
13:55phone fell down luckily the buttons were
13:57on the phone and Thad dialed 911 he was
14:01so calm and collected that I felt he was
14:05playing a prank better after J no just
14:09get you
14:15Canad right here it's
14:19me I can't believe the kid busted out of
14:21there can't believe he's still alive
14:23when the officers found that almost
14:26every bone in his body was broken he was
14:29swollen and his skin was Violet the
14:32paramedics concluded he had 1 or 2 hours
14:35left to live if he didn't get to the
14:37phone that night D was a superhero
14:39through and through the minute his
14:41parents met him in the hospital room he
14:43told them he wasn't the first victim
14:45they had to convict Joe for every life
14:48he'd taken at last Joe was officially
14:51connected to Chris Steiner's death and
14:53possibly other victims too thad's only
14:56wish was to get well soon so he could
14:58testify against Joe and what did your
15:00foot look like backwards Joe just stood
15:04there with a dumb look on his face his
15:06attorney went for an insanity defense
15:08and claimed Joe didn't remember anything
15:11but he wouldn't get away with it the
15:13prosecutor pulled out Joe's dirty school
15:15book from the evidence bag and read
15:17aloud were three sheets of paper there
15:20were three lists one was called get to
15:23know uh one was called can weit and one
15:27was called leg thing there were lists of
15:30boys on each of those Joe wanted to make
15:34a career out of this around this time he
15:36earned the chilling nickname Bone
15:38Breaker he was sentenced to life plus
15:41100 years in prison and Thad testified
15:44in both his trial and the trial of Chris
15:46Steiner shockingly just before Chris's
15:49trial fad was shot twice by 15-year-old
15:53Michael hubish a friend and neighbor of
15:56Joe's again fad survived and he carried
15:59on with Chris's trial people like Thad
16:01are rare his will to live was almost
16:04Supernatural and it was all due to his
16:07love for his family now he has his own
16:10family and the knowledge that he helped
16:12put a monster behind bars forever hey
16:15thanks for watching what are your
16:17thoughts on this case do you know of
16:18other similar stories leave a comment
16:20and don't forget to like And subscribe
16:23on to the next
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What happened to Thad in the Youtube video?

Thad, a 13-year-old, was kidnapped and subjected to horrific abuse by a teenage boy named Joe, who enjoyed breaking bones. Thad managed to escape and survive, leading to the arrest and conviction of Joe for multiple crimes.

2. Who was responsible for kidnapping Thad in the Youtube video?

A teenage boy named Joe was responsible for kidnapping and subjecting Thad to horrific abuse in the Youtube video.

3. How did Thad manage to survive in the Youtube video?

Thad managed to survive by escaping from his kidnapper, Joe, and eventually leading to Joe's arrest and conviction for multiple crimes.

4. What was the outcome of Joe's actions in the Youtube video?

The outcome of Joe's actions in the Youtube video was his arrest and conviction for multiple crimes, due to Thad's escape and testimony against him.

5. What did Thad do in the Youtube video to bring Joe to justice?

Thad testified against Joe in court, despite facing further danger, leading to Joe's arrest and conviction for multiple crimes in the Youtube video.

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